Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Ivy League but illegal
Dan-el Padilla Peralta is a 21-year-old whiz kid: Highly honored for his academic achievements at Princeton University, fluent in five languages, a budding master in classical Greek and Latin. He is also an illegal immigrant.

His story is like something from a novel.

Dan-el was brought to America from the Domican Republic by his mother when he was only four years old. Their temporary visa ran out, but they stayed.

Dan-el started excelling at school, and when he was ready for college, Princeton was ready for him. His academic success, however, has brought him to a crossroads.

Oxford University wants him to come study in England, but as an illegal immigrant, if he goes, he can't legally come back. On the other hand, if he stays, he can't legally hold a job. So he has reported himself to authorities and is pleading for a chance to stay.

Supporters of strict immigration law enforcement say, for all his accomplishments, Dan-el was given an unfair advantage over other legal immigrants and he should not be given any breaks now. Supporters of Dan-el's appeal for a new visa say he did not choose to come here, has known no other home, and has worked hard to be the very kind of immigrant America wants.

Did he take a spot at Princeton that could have been awarded to a legal citizen? Absolutely. Has his American education given him a unique advantage from which to argue for citizenship? Probably.

But the big, unanswered question is this: What is the fair or right thing to do now that Dan-el is finally old enough to truly contribute to America with the education he has gained?
Posted By Tom Foreman, CNN Correspondent: 10:42 AM ET
The fair and right thing to do is to honor the country by honoring its citizens. He is not a citizen and should not have gotten the higher education in this country, which was at the expense of the citizens who built this country, fought for this country and live for this country. He took away opportunities for those who honor our nation state. Citizenship is not a commodity. The formation of a nation state is not commodity based. By arguing that he should stay and contribute based on what he has learned, at our expense, then that implies that our heritage is commodity based which is a contradiction of sovereignty.
Posted By Anonymous Patricia Knight, Falls Church, Virginia : 11:05 AM ET
There is nothing fair about Dan-el's situation. He didn't ask for it and yet he is the one that has to deal with it. I don't believe that children should be made to pay for their parents' mistake. Legislators need to deal with the fact that many people have been in the United States illegally for 10, 20 and 30 years. The government needs to take the blame and not rip apart people's lives just because the issue has now come into the light. It's too easy for people to say "he should not be given any breaks now". What has 4 year old Dan-el actually done?
Posted By Anonymous Nicki F., Calgary, Alberta : 11:07 AM ET
I honestly believe that on balance, they are contributing more than they are taking, making a net positive effect on our economy and our society.

The impetus to do good and succeed in this country is so great that at the illegal immigrant carry this inherent success oriented attitude to at least their next couple of generations. They know that they have no entitlements and would only work hard and fast to make something good of themselves and their families. This core value IS what made America great for 2 centuries and going!!
Posted By Anonymous Pete H Lindenhurst, IL : 11:11 AM ET
The type of immigrant America wants, absolutely. I am sure his contributions to society would be wonderful; however America's sovereignty was compromised in order to bring Dan-el to this point. Like it or not rules were broken, and the son/daughter of a long time tax paying family was more than likely bumped to let this "line jumper" into a prestigious college. You say it wasn't Dan-el's fault? Doesn't matter, Illegal is illegal. Unless America gets tough on it's laws, this will forever be a problem.
Yes my family came to the U.S. as immigrants, however they were not allowed in unless they had family or friends already in the U.S. legally to sponsor them. Why did this policy ever stop?
Posted By Anonymous Travis K. Milwaukee, WI : 11:17 AM ET
He needs to be deported with his mother and all the others who are here illegally, end of story.
Posted By Anonymous Donna, S Hampton, NH : 11:21 AM ET
Dan-el sounds like a brilliant young man. At four years old, he did not make the choice to come here, but he has obviously excelled and had great promise to become a benefit to society (probably more so than many legal American youths).
So, of course he should stay! Why should he be punished for doing the right thing his entire life?
Posted By Anonymous Christen, Charleston, SC : 11:22 AM ET
Where is his mom? Has she been deported. If we allow him to stay (even though it was his mom who brought him in illegally) how many others in the same circumstances will we allow to stay? Princeton should be made to give a U.S. citizen (whether natural or legal immigrant) a scholarship equal to what they gave Dan-el. Just curious I work at a University - we require documentation for immigrants - was he ever asked for documentation by Princeton?
Posted By Anonymous Sandy B, Xenia Ohio : 11:28 AM ET
How is he going to get to England without a passport? But if that's not a problem, he should take advantage of the Oxford education and then either stay there to work (England is a great country too) or get a legal visa to come back to the USA. So what's the problem?
Posted By Anonymous Margaret, Thousand Oaks CA : 11:28 AM ET
Deportation is the only solution to this. Why should he be given any leeway in this law? Are we going to allow people to ignore the law to different degrees based on their level of intelligence? The smarter you are the more you can do illegally. This isn't a real debate Tom, you are elevating a person to a status they do not deserve. He is a 21-year-old criminal who should be sent home.
If we begin to make excuses for people to break the law when will it stop, what other laws will people be able to break...this is a slippery slope, how long will we be able to turn our backs on justice before we fall off the proverbial cliff.
Posted By Anonymous Brant. Madison, Wisconsin : 11:33 AM ET
Dan-el has proven himself to be a first class citizen and first class American. He is the embodiment of the American dream and America is in dire need of people like him -- bright, hard working and educated. He should absolutely stay in this country. Isn't it what the American dream is about?
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, San Jose, California : 11:34 AM ET
If he is illegal, how did he even get into Princeton? Didn't he have to fill out the residence status on the application? Did Princeton accept him knowing that he's illegal?
It's true that it might seem very unfair to all the other citizens and legal immigrants to be missing out on their chances. But my question is, how many of us are smart enough or have this kind of academic achievements to take Dan-el's place in our society where we actually need smart, top notch people like him.
Also, when he got to this country, he didn't really have much of a choice as a four year old kid how he want to maintain his status here. Sounds to me like this is the only home that he knows of.
In my opinion, if he is willing to expose to the authority of his illegal status and go through the proper channel, he should get a fair chance of becoming a citizen. He should be granted a legal status for now and become a citizen in five years like every body else.
If he's selfish and think of his own well being than the contribution to this country, he would've left to Oxford and become someone there instead of here. But he seems to care about this country and to be here where he seems to think that he belonged to.
On the other hand, he could've came forward sooner. He should know better being as smart as he is. How come he only came forward when he actually came to a crossroad? He came forward only when he need to be able to leave and come back in the country without any problem.
How ever it'll turn out, I'll be following this story. Thanks for the interesting and thought provoking blog.

Posted By Anonymous May, Farmingdale, Long Island, N.Y. : 11:40 AM ET
Dan-el Padilla Peralta is an "illegal immigrant," and is in this country illegally.
However, he came to this country not by his own choice, but by his mother's choice, and America is the only home that he knows. If he gets deported, he would basically be going to a land that he is unfamiliar with. That said, it would only be appropriate for Dan-el to be granted an opportunity at full United States citizenship.
Posted By Anonymous Jared, Cambridge, MA : 11:42 AM ET
This young man was brought here very early in his life and excelled at the opportunities provided. He should be allowed to receive a Visa and work toward his citizenship. In America, we do not punish children for crimes their parents commit.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Youngstown, OH : 11:46 AM ET
We are a nation of laws, we all benefit greatly from this. He should be required to go through an application process, not fined because he was an involuntary minor immigrant. We need clear, fair guidelines that enable our nation to "approve" individuals who are already here that meet citizenship requirements, and send the undesireables back. If we make it as fair as possible with these guidelines, and make it law, we can ease the decision making process and keep out people who may not "contribute" or may actually threaten our country.
Let him stay (let him back in if he leaves), but make him "get in line" meantime.
Posted By Anonymous Brian Reilly, Hastings MN : 11:50 AM ET
Hi Tom,
There are exceptions to every RULE..One case at a time..I think since he had the courage to report himself and he's been here since he was four years old, then he's a text book exception..Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 11:54 AM ET
This young man is the victim of a criminal act committed by his mother. They should both be sent back to their home country and be permitted to apply for a visa just like anyone else. This young man obviously knew he was breaking the law, but chose to continue doing so for his own personal gain. Now he wants special treatment to take advantage of yet another opportunity. We either have laws and enforce them, or we have anarchy. It's time for Americans to choose.
Posted By Anonymous Mark A. Cocoa, FL : 11:55 AM ET
American universities pride themselves in having international students. The number of international students is something the admissions department can regurgitate in less than 10 seconds. Teenagers and adults alike across the globe try to attend an American university and this guy got into an excellent one. Did he ACTUALLY take a spot away from someone just because his mother brought him to the U.S. when he was 4? No! He could've attained that spot in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, France, India, or even Russia. It's Princeton. They're selective regardless of origin. If the U.S. deports him for being smart and turning himself in then its a true shame. America is his home.
Posted By Anonymous Jake, Indianapolis IN : 11:56 AM ET
Enough of these sob stories about illegals. For once why don't you do a story about the crimes many of these illegals have committed and not what a bunch of saints they are now. I am so tired having these stories thrown in my face about how we owe them something because one in thousands has made good. Give it a rest!
Posted By Anonymous Sandy, Dallas, Texas : 11:56 AM ET
He is an example of what an ideal student and citizen should be, for that reason I believe he should be granted citizenship.
Posted By Anonymous Sara, Miami, Florida : 12:04 PM ET
Situations like this should be decided on a case by case basis. In this case, Dan-el Padilla was only 4 years old when he illegally remained in the U.S. This young man is intelligent, he already has a first rate education, and he could be an asset to the United States.

In this case, I think Dan-el should be given a break.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 12:09 PM ET
I think he should be given the opportunity apply for legal residence. He really had no choice in the matter about staying illegally in the US. It will serve no purpose to not allow him to stay.
Posted By Anonymous sanaay, Washington, DC : 12:17 PM ET
However we splice or dice it... In the long run, whether we like it or not, whether it is politically correct or not... this world will follow the survival of the fittest path.

Opportunity is there for people to grab it. I'd like to see our children get their sense of urgency and make these fail or succeed (almost life or death) decisions to successfully compete. Dan-el excelled and sadly bumped off a lesser qualified citizen ( legally right? maybe not...best for the us and the country in the long term? most probably).

Reality is, the whole world competes on unequal terms and in the end ... only the cream rises to the top. The nations that excel will prevail, survive and prosper. At the very least, some of our lazy, self-absorbed, instant gratification, spoiled rotten kids should listen up and take notice.

We NEED this country's workforce to be competitive and hungry (whever we can find them) lest we go the same way as the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
Posted By Anonymous B. Maier Chicago, IL : 12:27 PM ET
The fair and right thing to do would be find out how he and his mother lived? Welfare or working? If welfare make him work until he pays it back and then send them both back to their home country. If by working send them back now! Maybe with the free education he received in the US he can do some good for his home country. Oh yeah and the places that hired the illegal mother - shut em down!!
Posted By Anonymous Juli, Springfield, Illinois : 12:36 PM ET
Make him a citizen, send him to Oxford and pray that he comes back to contribute to our society.
Posted By Anonymous Marty, Melbourne Florida : 12:37 PM ET
I cannot believe you people spouting about how Dan-el broke the law and now he is a criminal. He was a 4 year old CHILD folks. Dan-el is an asset to our country and should be allowed to stay.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Wentzville, Missouri : 12:42 PM ET
I totally agree with Sandy - lets hear about the Americans jobs going to these illegals, the wages that go down yearly as we become a third world nation. No good jobs, no decent health care etc....
Posted By Anonymous Juli Springfield, Illinois : 12:46 PM ET
So many mean-spirited comments! It is discouraging to see the level of hatred and racism implicit in these words, and the smug self-rightousness of so many Americans. We are a woefully ignorant country.
Posted By Anonymous Holly Keck, Pillow. PA : 3:31 PM ET
How has this kid worked any less than a middle class, American-born teenager? How is it his fault he was born in another country and brought here? This is a global economy, and will only become moreso, so even if you send him back to his home country, he will still take your job when it is outsourced (only they'll pay him less, which reduces your wage as well, and we can't tax him for the education he's already gotten here.) We should encourage bright minds to be here, regardless of where they were born. We've already invested in him, we might as well reap the rewards.
Posted By Anonymous Robert, Austin TX : 3:31 PM ET
I have read the current Blogs.

I will forego my own feelings on the matter.

But the course that will be taken is what the politicians think will benefit them the most whether legal or illegal they will only do that which benefits them.
Posted By Anonymous dthomas, Minneapolis, MN : 3:37 PM ET
My daughter (a straight "A" high school student) recently received a scholarship for a 3 week advancement placement course at a local college, before she could accept we had to provide 5 proofs of instate residency eventhough I have owned my home and have been domiciled in the state for the last 13 years. It seems very unlikely that this is the first time that Mr. Dan-el Padilla Peralta has misrepresented his legal status to interested parties. I am a widow, fortunate enough to have two brillant children who may need financial help someday if they go to college, and I doubt that help will be there if schlorships and financial aid are free game to "outstanding" students from around the globe. As a legal citizen of this country it hurts to see money that I have contributed into this system go to the children of people that I know were willing to lie and cheat for financial advancement. As long as our society continuals to reward those willing to lie and cheat their way to the top this country will continue to be corrupted by greedy politicians (Bill Jefferson), shortsighted business leaders (Enron exec), and wealthy elites (Jack Abramoff) to our complete destruction and permanent status a third world (rate)country.
Posted By Anonymous C. Long, Las Vegas NV : 3:47 PM ET
If he is that smart,Let him go to school.Legal or illegal.It is time for Americans to loosen up,he could be good for this country.I'm an American Veteran who works in Europe every year,we sometimes look foolish from a different perspective.Such as across the big pond!Live and let live,PLEASE?
Posted By Anonymous Dennis Schulz Murray,KY 42071 : 3:53 PM ET
He should definitely stay. He has a shining example of what immigrants can do for this country.
Posted By Anonymous Jeannie Niles San Diego, California : 3:53 PM ET
I think it's unfair to label this young man as a criminal. Maybe our vocabulary needs changing. You can't lump him in the same category as murderers, rapists, drug dealers and the like. He's received benefits from being in this country, his education and determination is proof that he would be a contributing member to society. Has he shown that he's taken necessary steps to become a legal citizen? I don't think we're given enough information to make a judgement on his character...nor do we have the right to do so.
Posted By Anonymous Tracy, Honolulu, HI : 3:57 PM ET
Any kid that achieves at this level should be given a pass and allowed to stay. We benefit enormously by giving people like this a place to live and contribute.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Campbell, Pearl River, NY : 3:58 PM ET
Dan-el has something to contribute to society. With plunging test scores across the US why are we squandering this young man's intellectual capital by sending him elsewhere? Moreover, he has proven what's best about America by rising from poverty to a prestigious education thereby showing the American dream still exists. Now, all of these people want to send him back. It's unethical for the US which has looked the other way for so many years while it has enjoyed the fruits of cheap immigrant labor (literally and figuratively) to suddenly decide they were never invited in the first place.
Posted By Anonymous John, Atlanta : 4:10 PM ET
We are all so lucky we were born legal citizens of the United States. The US prides itself on rewarding those who make the most out of the opportunities provided to them. This young man clearly made more of his opportunities than 99.9% of Americans have made out of theirs. He should be rewarded accordingly, with citizenship.
Posted By Anonymous Nick Milwaukee, WI : 4:17 PM ET
I'm just still befuddled as to how Dan-el got through public schools and Princeton without being a citizen. Did he have forged social security documents? Or did he apply to Princeton as a citizen of the Dominican Republic? Either way, he had to lie to get as far as he did. We have more than enough smart liars in the US. Maybe it would be best for he and his mom to go back where they came from.

How can people lie, cheat & steal with impunity, and then not expect repercussions? Are American laws really so shallow & unenforceable that there is even a question regarding this young man's status?

It boggles the mind.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 4:24 PM ET
It is ridiculous to speak of this young man as a criminal. When he entered the country he was not old enough to form criminal intent. He is an exceptional young man, and bids fair to make substantial contributions to American society. Why would we turn him away? If he is willing to pledge his allegiance to the United States, on what reasonable ground would we ask him to go elsewhere? We would be well advised to make =more= exceptions, not fewer, for accomplished individuals willing to help us advance our society. God save us from ourselves if we want to deport unusually talented, hard working and ambitious people based on their "illegal" actions as four year olds.
Posted By Anonymous Forrest Rhoads, St. Paul, MN : 4:25 PM ET

"Did he take a spot at Princeton that could have been awarded to a legal citizen? Absolutely"

This is certainly new to me. I had no idea that you had to be a citzen on the United States to attend Princeton.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan , NY, NY : 4:38 PM ET
Breaking the law is breaking the law is breaking the law, period.
Are we saying give every illegal immigrant an apptitude test and if they pass they get a free pass??? Not on my dime!
Posted By Anonymous SAJ, Charlotte, NC : 4:45 PM ET
What we'd also like to know is: did "Dan-El" get into Princeton on the basis of affirmative action? Would he have even been accepted had it not been for his ethnicity? Is he receiving any scholarships?

Additionally, I recall having to state that I was a citizen of the United States when I applied for college. Did "Dan-El" lie about this?

You have to love a country that allows people to enter illegally, reap all of the benefits of a First World existence, and yet when all is said and done Dan-El and his ilk still present themselves as the "victims."
Posted By Anonymous Roger, Aspen, CO : 4:55 PM ET
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name,Mother of Exiles.
From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame,
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
by Emma Lazarus, New York City, 1883
Posted By Anonymous DColeman Phoenix, AZ : 5:13 PM ET
Cool. So it's okay to break the law as long as your story makes for an 'inspirational' made for TV movie later on, right?

Regardless, I must agree. Its truly heartbreaking that this young man is going to have to go all the way to such an awful country as England, and attend such a horrible school as Oxford, for free, and -THEN- have go through all that bother that is our legal method immigration (it could take weeks!), if he wishes to return for anything other then an extended visit of three to six months.

Why, such an ordeal is the very essence of heroes, and all 'true' Americans should weep at this young saint's plight of hardship!
Posted By Anonymous Anthony -Morgontan, GA : 5:15 PM ET
Dan-el obviously has a very good mind. With the US loosing its edge in most academic areas, we can hardly afford to loose him.
Posted By Anonymous Karl, Jackson, Mississippi : 5:22 PM ET
There is such a thing as a statute of limitations for most crimes (though not for murder.) Mr. Peralta has suffered enough, and earned his citizenship through a much more difficult passage than I ever did: I chose the right parents. And what job might he take from someone born in this country, a professorship in Latin and Greek? Believe me, there aren't a lot of applicants for that.

The vast majority of illegal immigrants to this country are hard-working people who contribute a great deal. Let 'em in. There can be many ways of earning citizenship.
Posted By Anonymous David Derbes, Chicago, IL : 5:24 PM ET
Did he take a spot at Princeton that could have gone to a citizen? Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Truth is, Princeton is a private institution and despite what some believe, they can enroll whomever they want.

What is fair and right? Dan-el did not illegally enter this country, his mother did. He was 4; not a big difference from being naturally born to me.

I don't know how much value the ability to speak classical Greek or Latin is in American society today, but I bet it's a lot more than what some of our more "outstanding" citizens have contributed. Where would we be without tobacco, fast-food, and nuclear war-heads?
Posted By Anonymous Mick, Advance, NC : 5:24 PM ET
Sorry, don't care. This is a simple issue made complicated by fools. You should NEVER be rewarded for committing a crime. Ignorance is no defense. That is the same thing as not arresting a bank robber because it took you five years to find him and when you did he was doing great things with the money.
Posted By Anonymous Jamie, Boston MA : 5:28 PM ET
You are quoating Dan-el as an example of very talented, successful, productive person, Princeton and Oxford wanted. Why was he given a spot in Princeton and not to a slightly less talented legal immigrant or U.S. citizen? It is the educational system that is corrupt and did not follow the laws.

For every Dan-el, there are thousands or millions of illegal immigrants, either less fortunate or did not make it. What would you tell the people who want all of these illegal immigrants including criminals to be legalised.

Yes! This is making mockery of U.S. laws. Would you agree to make selected smart people like Dan-el citizens? A better idea! Be humanitarian, scrap the immigration completely and make USA free for all! Do not penalize citizens and immigrants who worked so hard be legal, because of your generosity to illegals. People lost years of family life and creers, becuse they followed the laws and left USA when they should have. This is the only country where children of illegals have equal opprtunity to live and study and now in a poltical position to be legals. Use your common sense!
Posted By Anonymous John Taylor, CHICAGO IL : 5:33 PM ET
It is the right of every human being to wish and work for a better life. That is what happened to Dan-el's mother. The United States allowed her to come with her son and there were no consequences in place for the mother. The son became a victim who continued to survive with resources that were available to him. Now the least he can do is be allowed to give back. The problem resides with the United States and their inability to control the mass migration of people to this country especially when they turn a blind eye and accept the migration of some people whereas others are not given the same ignored opportunity.
Posted By Anonymous Sakinah Abdulbaaqee, Atlanta, GA : 5:33 PM ET
Why is this still being discussed? Illegal immmigrant should equal "goodbye" in every single case, no exceptions. Why do people think there should be degrees of guilt when it comes to breaking the law? If this person is as intelligent as they would seem to be, they'll find a way to get it done legally in due time and in the meantime do just fine with themselves.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Meadville PA : 5:36 PM ET
My question is, "How did he pay for Princeton?" I hope he was NOT given a scholarship, especially a minority scholarship. As a minority who owes a heck of a lot of money for her higher education, I worry that good American citizens are having to take out student loans when illegal immigrants are getting a free ride. As far as his status as an illegal immigrant, he didn't have a choice at age 4. I think he should be sent back to where he originated and should wait in line for a visa or green card.
Posted By Anonymous cathy baxter, Coahuila, Mexico : 5:38 PM ET
To suggest that Dan-el should be deported is to suggest that we take the advantages he has had at our expense and throw them away.

He did not choose to come here; his parents did. He did not choose to outstay his visa; his parents did. He did choose to make the most of his situation, and in so doing made use of American institutions. By choices both his own and not his own, he became an Ivy Leaguer, and apparently a very good one. For the United States to throw away that education is foolishness. To cast away such a mind in times when we are struggling to find ways to remain competitive on the global economic stage is foolishness. To convert one of America's finest minds and trumpeters into a nay-sayer in a time when our image internationally is being battered is foolishness. But most of all: to cast out someone who is, in the most fundamental ways, most like what we would like to believe our country is, is total foolishness.

This man already embodies the American identity. This should certainly earn him the right to apply for citizenship. Let him stay and return to us what we have already invested in him.
Posted By Anonymous Grieg, Carbondale, Illinois : 5:43 PM ET
He is certainly what we would hope all illegal immigrants would become. However, allowing him to stay is inappropriate for many reasons.
For one, he is here illegally and the law is what it is. He has a fabulous opportunity in England. One that most American citizens will never even have. Take it and apply to come back legally.
Secondly, How fair is it to other illegal immigrants, with far less opportunity, that he be allowed to stay simply because he was blessed by the genetic lottery?

Either you are for sending them all back or you are for amnesty. Determining who is superior enough to bend the rules for while sending the underprivleged to the back of the line is deplorable.
Posted By Anonymous St, Seattle : 5:54 PM ET
Spoken like true american citizens,you want to send this boy to a country that he doesn't know.His mom may be at fault but not him, maybe it is because he is doing better than most american citizens .If there was a better candidate for princeton they would of chose them, he is not taking anybodys spot . And yes I am a american citizen
Posted By Anonymous Latonya,charleston,South carolina : 6:45 PM ET
By some of the comments american citizens are saying we dont care about anybody but ourself. show some compassion for other people
Posted By Anonymous sharon, lubbock, Texas : 6:50 PM ET
Wow, there are a lot of misguided comments above.

Private universities do not require proof of citizenship. Actually, I know an illegal immigrant that is, at this moment, attending a public (state) university out here -- she never had to provide proof of citizenship. Oh yeah, neither have I in my post-secondary schooling.

Also, K-12 schools do not require proof of citizenship. Quite the contrary.

So to suggest that Dan-El somehow repeatedly perpetuated fraud in these instances are speculation at best, and not legitimate arguments. Someone above referred to him as a 'smart liar' -- more speculation.

This man could have lied, obtained some fraudulent documents, etc., but has instead reported himself. Where is the dishonesty?

Also, I don't understand why it so hard to understand that he did not cross the border illegally. His mother did. Dan-El was TAKEN across the border illegally, and obviously can not be considered culpable for her actions.
Posted By Anonymous Ron, Los Angeles, CA : 6:52 PM ET
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