Monday, May 01, 2006
Rallies leave small mark on Big Apple
In a sea of Hispanic faces at this rally in New York City, there is blond-haired Anna Cwiecek of Holland.

"I wanted to live here," she told me. The 21-year-old with a pierced eyebrow said she's been in New York ten months on a student visa studying english. She would like to stay to pursue a degree in international criminal justice.

More representative of the crowd are painters and construction and restaurant workers from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. They barely speak English, but using my broken Spanish, I can understand as they tell me they took the day off from work because they want to become U.S. citizens.

The main immigrant rally at Union Square has attracted perhaps 6,000 people, not quite enough to fill the entire square. In many New York neighborhoods, the day without immigrants did not generate boycotts at all.

So it was business as usual in this, the nation's business capital, even here in Union Square, where the regularly scheduled farmer's market had plenty of room for customers.

Scott Crosby, an "all natural" muffin and turnover salesman told me, "Sales are good."
Posted By Allan Chernoff, CNN Correspondent: 6:46 PM ET
If they are illegal they don't have any rights to protest. Get in a line like everybody else and come in to the coutry legally.
Posted By Anonymous East Windosor NJ : 7:05 PM ET
How Can Our Government Allow This Country To Get So Dependant On Illegal Aliens, I thought Bussiness where not allowed to Hire Illegals, why are they so dependant on them?
Posted By Anonymous Bruce Youngblood Sr 303 W Tever St Plant City FL 33563 : 7:07 PM ET
The New York immigrant community will have their day. This melting pot knows that it's better to work and continue and make constructive contribution to our daily lives. They are unconcerned (right now) with the myriad of voices and noises like these blogs, Lou Dobbs, Tancredo, Sensenbrenner, the Minutemen, Latino 'leaders' who slice and dice the words and labels 'illegal', immigrant rights, boycott, protest, Spanish Anthem, foreign flags and what not.

New York undocumented immigrants bled during the 9/11 attack, cleaned up the Twin Towers sites, and still go about their daily business helping the big Apple grow and prosper ... knowing in their hearts that the greatness of America, that they have come to know and love, will come to fore when push comes to shove.
Posted By Anonymous Raymond H. - Queens, NY : 7:59 PM ET
Looks like the Hispanic people are going to get Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, & California back. Along with Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware...

The short-sighted politicians think it will get them votes. What happens when they don't want white American running the country anymore?

We're all imigrants and the Native Americans must be having a great chuckle over this.
Posted By Anonymous Thomas S. WIlliam, Tokyo : 8:01 PM ET
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