Friday, May 05, 2006
Polls show Republicans in peril
Is it 1994 again?

That's the question people keep asking those of us who keep an eye on the polls. You remember 1994: Newt Gingrich, the Contract with America, the Republican Revolution. That was the last time angry voters rose up and overthrew the majority party in Congress. Then, it was the Democrats who lost. Now, it's the Republicans in peril.

The answer is that it sure looks a lot like 1994 in the polls. The latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll shows Congress with a 25 percent job-approval rating. That's the lowest rating for Congress since -- gulp -- 1994.

Even though President Bush is not on the ballot this fall, midterm elections typically are strongly influenced by a president's popularity -- or unpopularity, in the case of President Clinton in 1994. Clinton's job rating at this time in 1994? Forty-eight percent. President Bush's latest job rating? Thirty-three percent. Double gulp.

Democrats need a net gain of six Senate seats and 15 House seats to retake control of Congress. It's hard to see that happening if you look at the Senate and House races one by one. But national polls suggest a rising tide of voter anger captured by the ancient political maxim, "Throw the bums out!" And a majority of incumbents -- that is to say, the "bums" -- happen to be Republicans this time around.

What are people angry about? Congress can't pass immigration reform. It can't pass a budget. It can't even control its own spending. Ethics? Don't get us started: Lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham have pled guilty to various offences; Rep. Tom DeLay faces charges; and now Rep. William Jefferson, a Democrat, is under investigation.

Can Congress do something about gas prices? Why, yes. The Senate Republican leadership proposed a $100 rebate for all Americans. That proposal got laughed off the agenda. It has become this year's symbol of an out-of-touch Congress, just as the Terri Schiavo case was last year.

Republicans console themselves by repeating the mantra, "All politics is local." Which is true, except when it's not true. It was not true in 1994. And maybe not this year, either.
Posted By Bill Schneider, CNN Senior Political Analyst: 6:41 PM ET
Throw the bums out.

It is time for a change.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 6:56 PM ET
The people who tend to answer polls are unemployed, college-age, left-leaning activists. Of course they are naysayers to anything the current administration does. Those of us out WORKING hard don't have time to answer the phone for polls! And, we know that the economy is very strong.
Posted By Anonymous Tina - Chicago IL : 7:04 PM ET
Now with Goss resigning, with Hookergate (or WatergateGate) about to explode into the mainstream media, it's hard to envision anything that could pull the GOP out of the nosedive.

Bet the White House is praying for another terrorist attack. What? you think they're too altruistic, too 'public spirited', too concerned for the welfare of the country, to wish for such a thing? It is to laugh.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 7:11 PM ET
You must ask yourself - who is answering these "polls?"
The facts are:
-Home ownership is at an all-time high
-Inflation is in check
-The stock market is very strong
-Unemployment is 4.7 percent-lower then the 60s,70s,80s and 90s!
-Interest rates have stayed pretty low
Those of us out here WORKING - not answering polls- give credit and thanks to Mr. Bush for our very strong financial stability.
Posted By Anonymous Tina - Chicago IL : 7:13 PM ET
Just wait till Tina loses her job, then she won't be soo reluctant to assume that those of us answering poll questions, don't have jobs because we don't want them, but we don't have jobs because the economy won't support them.
Posted By Anonymous Drew, Cincinnati OH : 7:26 PM ET
Power corrupts and absolutely power (i.e. control of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government) corrupts absolutely. It's an old adage, but one that certainly applies to the Republicans right now.

It doesn't help that the necons believe they have a mandate not from man but from their version of God. That often leads one to believe anything they do in the name of that mandate is good and they fail to see the innate hubris of it all.
Posted By Anonymous liz, Montgomery, AL : 7:27 PM ET
The Republican-led Congress since 2000 has worked the fewest days in history (same with Pres. Bush); haven't passed any groundbreaking legislation; have consistently raised the debt ceiling and spent taxpayer money without any restraint; been plagued by corruption and scandal; refused to provide oversight on the executive branch, and continually refuse to tackle the tough issues like ethics reform, immigration, tax code reform, etc.
Posted By Anonymous Gardner Waterberry, Phoenix AZ : 7:28 PM ET
The steady movement of the country to the right since 1994 has at last shown a sign of wavering. Should we expect a mass migration of voters to liberal idealogies? Of course not, many of the democratic candidates support conservative idealogies and are practically indestinguishable from their republican counterparts.

Other countries have facist parties and communist parties and the voters get a real choice. In America we can chose between republicans and 'republican light', democrats. The reason people are leaning away from republicans has nothing to do with idealogy, but rather that in the last 12 years the republicans have become as currupt as the democrats were in 1994. So for those of you who will hoo and haw about politics in this country, I salute you. I always admire the ability of people to ignore real issues and focus on irrelevancies like party affiliation. Political affiliation is little more than rooting for your favorite team.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Williams Lowell, MA : 7:35 PM ET
The comment that Tina of Chicago makes shows that Bush supporters are digging pretty close to the bottom of the barrel. The United States should have more Tinas to keep Bush and his cronies company in lalaland.
Posted By Anonymous Gypsy, an American in Mexico : 7:44 PM ET
The trouble is that many who want the bums thrown out are unhappy about the lack of border control and "amnesty" for illegals. So, the choice is DEMs who want amnesty and GOP (minus the Tancredo populists) who want amnesty retitled guest workers. Many are upset by Iraq so the choice is go with the flow GOP or the DEM's no plan.

So, the negative rating indicates in my mind a total disgust for the whole system that has evolved from the National Committees to the White House to the Congress to K Street.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista, ar : 7:46 PM ET
In response to Tina: Of course us "hard working" people are LOVING the economy.

Not only are you in denial, Tina, about who answers these polls, but your ignorance shows through with the fact that you think EVERYONE in this country who works is doing fine. My parents have been working their entire lives and they can barely keep up. And i do mean barely, with a $10,000 debt catching up to them, plus them helping with college and now gas prices. Yeah, lovely economy.
Posted By Anonymous Andres - Las Cruces, NM : 7:54 PM ET
If only all politics were local! Perhaps then we all wouldn't have to be concerned that our telephone calls and internet activities and peaceful protests are being monitored! Can we blame merely the Republican party for our ever-eroding civil liberties? The Democrats had their own direct hand in making the Patriot Act a reality. The President may authorize warrantless wiretaps and Kennedys may avoid sobriety tests after car accidents... When the few in Washington make the law and yet are themselves not subject to the law it seems almost nonsensical to believe that the Democrats can truly reclaim anything. Aren't these folks supposed to be representing the interests of their constituents? The everyday people are all but forgotten in Washington DC. Democrat or Republican, we should all be outraged.
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth Morgantown, WV : 7:54 PM ET
Excuse me Tina, but I happen to be a mid-30's, fully employed non-activist who has more than ample time to answer a brief email poll from Zogby - they're not all by phone. But I do agree with the "left-leaning" description - I'm sick to death of all the corruption and BS in Congress and the White House. Kick 'em out and let's get something accomplished other than becoming the laughingstock of the entire world.
Posted By Anonymous CC, Seattle, WA : 8:02 PM ET
If anyone has had a grand opportunity to show what they could do "if they only had the chance", it was the Republicans under Bush. Well, they blew it big time!! Whatever made them think they had all the answers?
The proof is in the pudding, and the Republican pudding is flat as a pancake!
Posted By Anonymous Susan, Sunnyvale CA : 8:20 PM ET
"-Home ownership is at an all-time high"

It is not called "ownership" until the mortgage is paid off.

"-Unemployment is 4.7 percent-lower then the 60s,70s,80s and 90s!"

Of course it is...when you no longer count all those still unemployed and no longer counted because they no longer receive "unemployment benefits".

"Those of us out here WORKING - not answering polls- give credit and thanks to Mr. Bush for our very strong financial stability."

Are you trying to imply that only the "unemployed" answer polls? NOT!
Posted By Anonymous Allen, San Antonio, TX : 9:00 PM ET
Great post! I am equally astounded that 1, the leadership turned a blind eye and eventrually joined in on these blatant offenses. and 2 - as a whole we continue to disenfranchise ourselves allowing such lame duck representation.
Posted By Anonymous Alexis Guillen, Miami, FL : 9:01 PM ET
If Gas was $1.27 a Gallon, would we all be as angry at our Government as we are now?

Sack Up Folks.

62,040,606 Republican Voters Voted for this President and his Republican Majority.

I'm one of the 59,028,109 that Voted for John Kerry.

I wonder what John Kerry must be thinking right now?

Perhaps something along the lines of:

"I told you so."
Posted By Anonymous Chris, San Diego, CA : 9:04 PM ET
Our econonmy is far from strong. We have an economy based on massive debt and as we all know, that debt eventually must be repaid or the whole thing collapses.

Republicans control both houses of Congress and the Presidency, and their rule has wreaked havoc on this nation.

Anything is better than what we have right now.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 9:20 PM ET
What I dont understand is if all of the hard working, house owning, blue blooded Americans are too busy with their jobs to answer polls, why do they have time for writting comments to the 360 blog?
Posted By Anonymous Stan, Port Richey Fl : 9:28 PM ET
If the Republican Party is at a standstill, then maybe it's time they stopped staring at the wreckage, and rolled their sleeves up to help!
Posted By Anonymous L.R., Wheeling, W.V. : 9:47 PM ET
This article shows me that the political season is well under way. Expect to see an increase in these anti-Bush tirades as the fall elections approach
Posted By Anonymous Mike Mulligan Tacoma, WA : 10:03 PM ET
I don't care if Al Sharpton is on the ticket, I'm voting Democrat right down the line in November. It's the ONLY way the folks in Washington will get the message -- we don't like the job you're doing.
Posted By Anonymous John G, Mount Arlington, NJ : 10:18 PM ET
The Republican party knows that it is in deep trouble with the polls and this upcoming elections...because the the country has found out their duplicity with the Iraq, Abramoff, V. Plame, WMD, Halliburton and Big Oil issues that it has to find a huge emotional catalyst to stay in power.

Enter Rep. Sensenbrenner, Tancredo, Sen. Kyl, Sessions, etc. and the crony media pundits, FOX, Lou Dobbs, O'Reilly, Limbaugh etc. fanning the fires and outrage that we see today about the illegals...

So there you go, vote Republican or else this country will be overun by Mexicans. BRILLIANT!
Posted By Anonymous Pete C. - Gurnee, IL : 10:21 PM ET
Here comes the great poll fraud again! I have never been polled and don't anyone who has been! Polls I fear are concocted, tweaked and manipulated to suit the purpose of the pollsters! The American media needs to get out of this shoddy attempt to spin politics in America but that would be to much to expect wouldn't it!
Posted By Anonymous Archie Holoubeck Jr. Kearney Nebraska : 10:21 PM ET
Tina, I've never answered a poll, either. But if I did answer one, I'd tell my philosophy on voting this election day: left, all the way. PS., I do have a job. What is yours, a speechwriter for George W. ((W, as in "who?")??

PS. You think the economy's "hot"? Come to West Virginia, we voted Republican last time, we won't be that stupid again!
Posted By Anonymous L.R., Wheeling, WV : 10:30 PM ET
The Republicans are in trouble because the highest leader not only of our nation, but of "their" party, not only withholds truth from the very people of whom he is supposed to be a government FOR and BY, but he does not even KNOW the character of the very people he has named into positions of importance. To top it off, the president and his "men" do whatever they can to undermine the very people who elected him into office and show that democracy in this country only goes so far. If he and his people are truly answering to the people for whom this government is for, then why is it that if someone has a differing opinion or heaven forbid REAL FACTS of the actions they have taken and voice such things they are removed from the premises? Such as with Sec. of Defense. What a FIASCO. If democracy is lying, covering facts up, changing the story and the rules as we go along, as well as being so bold as to claim the government to be YOURS instead of a government BY the PEOPLE, and FOR the PEOPLE how different is this administration from some of the third world countries governments? The best thing the Republicans can do is not shift or change around the white house staff or put a fresh face in front of the press. The best thing is to TRULY answer ALL the people whether the questions are easy or not. We ALL deserve answers about our government, domestic and foreign policies and the actions taken by our government whether we agree with them or not. We have elected them and therefore MADE them ACCOUNTABLE to US, THE PEOPLE. If they cannot be accountable to the people then BY the people they WILL see the results in the elections. It is that simple, why can't their answers be?
Posted By Anonymous Samantha, Abilene, KS. : 4:22 AM ET
Finally, people realize that the Republicans are out of touch. They are so wooried about themselves (rich folks and big business) that they never even discuss the middle class never mind the poor. The government is broken. When it takes over 1-1/2 years to get Medi-Cal in the state of California, AND you must file with Social Security to get it, even temporarily, the system is broken. I have paid taxes for over 30 years and they tell me I'm not worthy for insurance. Republicans really did a good job with taking care of their constitutants.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel (43), El Sobrante, CA : 5:57 AM ET
I love that when things go bad in our government it turns into a democrat or republucan debate. In fact it should NOT be! It is an inflation debate. It's a "let's looks at what our poor economy is headed to for REAL" debate. And no matter who's in control, with the deficit highest it's ever been and going, with spending being the only thing we see, I ask. How to pay for it? The worst thing our country did was get off the gold standard in the 70s. It is like pandoras box. How is it possible to reign in spending by individuals increasingly out of touch with what our country needs? Combine that with the aging Baby Boomer population, and I ask. How is my generation and the generations that follow, supposed to pay for all the spending happeneing now? You say our economy is good? Ha!
Posted By Anonymous Kate, Tampa, FL : 6:03 AM ET
Tina, of Chicago said:

You must ask yourself - who is answering these "polls?"
The facts are:
-Home ownership is at an all-time high
-Inflation is in check
-The stock market is very strong
-Unemployment is 4.7 percent-lower then the 60s,70s,80s and 90s!
-Interest rates have stayed pretty low
Those of us out here WORKING - not answering polls- give credit and thanks to Mr. Bush for our very strong financial stability.

As an American living in France, (don't jump to conclusions, we pay taxes in both in France and at home)I believe Tina paints an overly rosy portrait of America's economic and President Bush's overall performance.

Home Ownership:
Dark side: Foreclosures are also at an
all time high due primarily
to unexpected job loss.
Bright side: Pollsters have an easier
time finding respondents.

Stock Market:
Bright side: The DOW is almost back to
peak closing level in January,
Dark side: NASDQ

Bright side: 4.7% is virtual full
Dark side: Job increases in
agriculture and service
sectors are a poor
tradeoff for
manufacturing and
technical jobs lost to
the far East, India,
South Africa and Central
Realistic side: Unemployment % is
higher than in 2000 (B.
Clinton's final year in
office, as I recall).

Answering Polls: In he latest Fox News
opinion poll (2/5/06) 38%
approved of President
Bush's performance, 53%
dissaproved. Where did the
38% of
apparently 'WORKING'
people find the time to
answer the poll?
Are all 53% of the
dissatisfied respondents
unemployed leftists?

Giving Thanks:
Who do I thank for tossing habeas corpus and judicial approval requirements for government eavesdropping on American citizens?

Who shall I thank (as a WORKING American citizen) for the impending collapse of America's health care system and auto industry, bloated federal deicit, lack of an effective energy policy, skyrocketing tuition costs, and loss of American prestige and credibility abroad - to name a few?
Posted By Anonymous Mike - Belfort ,France by way of Grand Rapids, MI : 6:42 AM ET
Liberal Media Bias I'm sure.

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff and Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham have pled guilty to various offences; Rep. Tom DeLay faces charges; and now Rep. William Jefferson, a Democrat, is under investigation.

Great job CNN. Only one of these guys is identified by party- the Democrat. Only one of these guys it yet to hit the courtroom- the Democrat.

If the supposed media were to actually report full-truths, this election would leave ZERO Corrupticans in power.
Posted By Anonymous Chad, Columbus, Ohio : 8:34 AM ET
Tina from Chicago, do you fail to see the hypocrisy in your posts?!?! You must now count yourself among the "lazy nonworkers" taking time to post on AC 360-dont you have a job to go to, lololol!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Nathan, Junction City, Kansas : 9:13 AM ET
Those who claim that the American enconomy is good seem to be ignoring the fact that this nation is trillions of dollars in debt.
Posted By Anonymous DR, Brooklyn, NY : 9:32 AM ET
The two party system that we are tied to is killing this country.

As these parties have polarized against each other, the are of compromise and centrist thought is dying. As voters we are faced with picking one of two unappealing extremes.

Yes, I'm aware that we can vote 3rd party canidates. But until voters quit being beholden to one party, and open their eyes this is what we will be stuck with.
Posted By Anonymous Gavin, Jacksonville Fl : 10:06 AM ET

To me it seems that our politicians are still operating under the assumption that they know what is best for America. Instead, the Public today is widely informed about the problems America faces. We also recognize Washington's inability to articulate any response that benefits Working Class America. Those in power are surprised we are cognizant of our malaise despite their attempts to paint a prettier picture.

P.S. Don't be so hard on Tina, she is perfectly correct when you are in the top income bracket. She see's things a little differently then the folks here on the ground.
Posted By Anonymous Jimi, DeKalb, Illinois : 10:58 AM ET
I'm with CC. Tina, you have your head in the sand and water in your ears. Speak for yourself only and not for the millions of us who are answering polls who work, have families and cars and gas bills and electric bills and mortgages and everything else that comes with being in an automated society. I'm willing to bet that your ignorance is probably propped up by right-wing conservatism, denial of our dire environmental concerns, the big gas-guzzling Suburban you no doubt drive and religious fanaticism too. That's how your kind usually leans. And it will be to your detriment. Good luck with your horrible attitude.
Posted By Anonymous Kathleen S. Furman, Houston, Texas : 12:03 PM ET
"Republicans in peril", I sure hope so at this point in time. If I never see another Republican administration in my life time, it will be too soon. I agree, THROW THE BUMS OUT!
Posted By Anonymous Moe, Liverpool NY : 8:57 PM ET
I think most Americans are tired of feeling misled, or worse, and are sick of elected officials who define "win" in terms of which political party gets the upper hand. There simply is too few authentic "statesmen" and "stateswomen" who can put aside the partisan wrangling long enough to genuinely seek to address real problems like national security, gas prices, healthcare, immigration, deficit spending, etc. I'm mad enough about the way this administration has conducted itself and the impact that has upon the political process and the level of distrust it creates. But I am really upset at the negative impact that the past several years will have upon my children as they grow up - paying off our borrowed public funds, unable to travel safely internationally because of the world's view toward the US, mistrusting government at every turn, etc.
I've spent 40+ years believing my high school civics class that government could, should, and does help people who most need it. I don't know if I believe that anymore. My faith in our government has been stolen, and I want someone to bring it back. To me, that perhaps is what is most unforgiveable about what the Bush folks have done to me.

BTW, a special note to Tina: I have an excellent job with excellent pay, and fit most "Conservative" demographics - some of us still see some responsibility to help those who are not as fortunate. Hopefully, you will never need that help.
Posted By Anonymous G Harris, Birmingham, AL : 12:42 AM ET
If Tina thinks this economy is in such great shape because people like her are working hard, this military retiree thinks she should go over and work on the Iraqi situation. They need people like her there and we need fewer people like her in our country who seem to be capable of seeing only what they want to see. Does she read the news or only the headlines? Get a life.
Posted By Anonymous William Slifko, Tokyo : 1:40 AM ET
Throw all the bums out, this present administration has done nothing for the American people. It has taken a long long time for the American people to finally realize that this present adminstration is one the most corrupt administrations that was ever elected to office. Republicans in Peril? Most of them should be locked up for the abuse they have laid on the American people. Don't worry Mr. Schneider I do not expect to see this blog actually printed/acknowledged....I like telling it as it is, hate the term "politically correct"...just another term for not telling the truth!
Posted By Anonymous Moe, Liverpool NY : 4:25 AM ET
All Politicians are in Peril, none of them do what the american people want. They are so Greedy and so concerned with there Crooked politics that this country and going down hill and they are sending it there. They have /Sold out America
Posted By Anonymous Dan, Houston Texas : 7:12 AM ET
Theodore Roosevelt said it best about the position of President of the United States. That's right George W, you have only a "position" that was given to you by the people, this is not a God ordained "right" and you are not above the law or censure.

"The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else."

"Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star", 149
May 7, 1918
Posted By Anonymous Stephani - Las Vegas, NV : 2:46 PM ET
The nasty attitudes of many of the people who left comments really disgust me. Show some respect, people. (And I'm a 19 year old in college!) Also, I find it quite amusing that many people say President Bush is a blumbering idiot, then blame him for the state of the economy. While we all know the president has some affect, there is a lot more to the problem.

Also, it seems pretty clear that the country is about ready for a shift to the left. Looking at the political history of our country, we have a tendency to veer to the left for about thirty years, then back to the right. Even though I am a conservative, I can see that the United States could use left-shift, which is a little overdue.
Posted By Anonymous Amy, Flagstaff, AZ : 3:48 PM ET
The Republican Party SHOULD be in "peril". Have the Democrats participated in some of the problems.... of course; but we (the U.S.) are presently under the leadership of Republicans (President and Congress), who have led us down a deep, dark path that will be difficult to find our way back from.

The Republicans, in particular the Bush Administration, LED the push for war in Iraq - ignoring any signs that maybe the intelligence community wasn't sure of their own information. The cost of this foolhardy war will impact the financial stability of this country for many years to come... it's all on borrowed money that we and our kids will somehow have to find ways to cough up.

The actions of the administration have done more to damage the US reputation in the world community than any administration I've seen. Even our strongest allies are on the edge of bailing on us.

Long term health of this county is going to depend on our ability to invest in ourselves through improved education for our children and establishing stronger allies in the world community. We are heading in the drastically wrong direction and it all starts at the top... I only wish it were 2008 because I cringe to think how much more damage Bush & his cronies can do in 2 more years... at least if the Democrats can take control of Congress we might get to a point where nothing can get done in Washington.... which is a whole lot better than getting all the WRONG things done there!
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Corvallis, Oregon : 6:51 PM ET
Tina, I'm sorry but I'll join the masses in disagreement with you. There are more serious issues that the GOP needs to tend to but are instead wasting time trying to get permission to tap my conversations, among other redundant issue. What we need is a leadership that will make a change to benefit the common people and not only the top, wealthy few. One that isn't too proud to deny itself the $10,000 raise plus for each of it's members in order to raise the minimum wages so that our less econimically previlaged can afford their means to work, and one that in being mindfull of her people is willing to deny her members the $10,000+ raises in pay and diverting that money to be used for the good fo the poeple. One that taxes the weathly as equally as the middle and lowerclass masses. One of integrity, who's deeds don't cause her shame when brought to light. (Oh- tell me I didn't hear an Amen.) Too bad, we do not live in a just world, and truth and integrity are a hard find these days.
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Columbia VA : 7:16 PM ET
I am looking forward to CNN's coverage of election results in November. As for Tina's opinions, I am wondering if anyone actually CARED to ask her in a poll about her opinion. The generalization she refers to those who answers polls seems to be only a figment of her own imagination. Since the economy is so good, why not take a vacation to open up your mind.
Posted By Anonymous Angie, St. Louis, MO : 7:42 PM ET
Will anything change? While on Meet The Press Nancy Pelosi wouldn't commit to anything, repeatedly hedging until Tim Russert's persistence on lobby money got her to respond "we could do that" in regard to stopping it. She did say without any pressure (paraphrase) that subpoena power would be used to investigate issues that needed to be investigated. So we get another congress that won't reform on campaign funding and that divides itself in an attack defend mode. No thanks. Too bad we don't have a third choice.
Posted By Anonymous Marty, Melbourne Florida : 8:37 AM ET
Opinion is a beautiful thing...a right each one of us has and we have the right to express it because of freedom. Just because Tina believes a certain way doesn't mean she is wrong...she chooses to view the subject in a different way than some of the others who responded to this blog. If you believe that it is truly time for a change then get out and express your opinion and vote for the person you believe to be the best candidate for it for President, Senator, Mayor, and so forth. I hope that any elected official can work with others regardless of the party line and I hope they will continue to make this nation the best in the world. I hope each and every one of you will make intelligent and informed decisions from now on when it comes to electing officials for office. And if your candidate does not win, please support those in office and help give them feedback on how to do things better...remember, they work for each and every one of us and they have the responsibility to hear us out.
Posted By Anonymous FB, Del Rio, Texas : 8:42 AM ET
I'm 36, very well employed and have plenty of time to answer polls. I believe the low approval ratings come from folks like me that want a stronger economy, more folks back to work and a government that concentrates on domestic policies.

The unemployment rate does not count people whose benefits have expired so the actual rate of unemployed persons may be much higher than 4.7%. However, if I was unemployed and my government seemed to favor policies that allow outsourcing I would be motivated to vote for anyone but the current administration or their party.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Youngstown, OH : 11:26 AM ET
When is Congress NOT out of touch?
Posted By Anonymous SE, Glendale Heights, IL : 11:28 AM ET
Its going to be a well deserved tidal wave against incompetence, massive debts, the lack of concern about the poor, Katrina incompetence, the illegal war that is costing us billions and the high gas that is going to push us into recession. ITs going to be 94 all over again, except its going to be the Republicans that get the boot, and deservedly so.
Posted By Anonymous sandy, erie, ks : 2:50 PM ET
I sincerely hope that the Republicans really are in peril..out with the old and in with the is time to bring on a Democratic majority and lets fix some of the problems..............I can't wait.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff English, San Antonio, TX : 3:45 PM ET
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