Monday, May 15, 2006
Poll: Clinton more honest than Bush
How bad has it gotten for President Bush? Bad enough that in the eyes of many Americans his predecessor, President Clinton, is looking better.

Our CNN poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, asked people to compare the last two Presidents.

Which President do people think did a better job on the economy? The public picked Clinton by a mile -- 63 to 26 percent. For many Americans, the 1990s were boom years. "When he was President," a woman told us, "My business did well and I made a lot of money. I kind of miss that."

Who related better to problems affecting ordinary Americans? No contest -- Clinton over Bush, 62 to 25 percent. Clinton felt your pain. Clinton also raised taxes. Bush cut taxes. Who wins on that one? Surprise! Clinton, 51 to 35 percent on taxes.

After 9/11, national security became Bush's strongest issue. And now? People think Clinton was better on national security by a nose -- 46 to 42 percent. What happened? One word: Iraq.

Now for a tough test -- character. The character issue was crucial for Bush, who campaigned in 2000 on this promise: "When I put my hand on the Bible, I will swear not only to uphold the laws of the land, I will swear to uphold the honor and dignity of the office to which I have been elected."

So which President do Americans now consider more honest and trustworthy -- the man who said, "I misled people, including even my wife," or the man who said, "If somebody did leak classified information, I'd like to know it and we'll take the appropriate action"? A close call, but slightly more people say Clinton -- 46 to 41 percent. That's right, by a narrow margin, the American public now considers Bill Clinton more honest than George W. Bush.

Could Clinton nostalgia be setting in? Many respondents said yes, citing the former president's "agenda for peace" and "more social programs for those in need." Others talked about the "Clinton nightmare," like the man who called Clinton a "womanizing, Elvis-loving, non-inhaling, truth-shading, abortion-protecting, gay-promoting, war-protesting, gun-hating baby boomer."

Clinton divided the country politically. So did Bush. Who do people think divided it more? The answer is Bush, by a big margin -- 59 to 27 percent. The public sees President Bush the same way they once saw President Clinton -- as a divider, not a uniter.
Posted By Bill Schneider, CNN Senior Political Analyst: 12:50 PM ET
Saying Clinton is more honest than Bush is like saying a burglar is more honest than an armed robber.

They're both criminals as far as I'm concerned, and both should be in jail.
Posted By Anonymous Bill W, Coatesville : 1:22 PM ET
Clinton's major problem was liking women, which in retrospect did not harm a single American, other than perhaps his own family! There is no evidence he lied to the American people about things that REALLY matter, like inventing reasons to take this country into a misguided and probably unnecessary war already costing us the lives of over 2,400 of our best and maimed and ruined the lives of thousands of others. There is no evidence that he willfully broke the law by illegally monitoring American's phone calls. There is no evidence that he felt he was above the law as Bush apparently does. One could go on and on, but it is no real surprise that Clinton rates higher in approval, and rightfully so, than Bush on all issues. Most other past presidents would probably likewise beat him on all issues. Well, probably not Tricky Dick, since Bush shares some of the same attributes with him!
Posted By Anonymous William Day, Richmond, VA : 1:28 PM ET
I didn't vote for nor like either president. I do agree with the current Bush popularity stats. However, let's remember that it was under Clinton's watch that the '93' terrorist bombing of the WTC, the terrorist bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, and the terrorist bombing of the USS Cole took place - and nothing of any note was done in retaliation for these acts. I am of the belief that the inaction of the previous administration made 9/11 possible. I just think that Clinton was more charismatic, more intelligent and a smoother liar than Bush and that's what helped edge him up in the polls. Take those attributes away and both of them are just a couple liars that have contributed extensive harm to our coutnry with their lies.
Posted By Anonymous Werner, Derry, NH : 1:33 PM ET
Bill Clinton would also beat George W. Bush in another category: Which president do you believe is more intelligent? That would be another "hands down" win for Mr. Clinton, who will continue to look better and better as the Bush administration continues to lie to, deceive and bring to the brink of financial ruin the American people.
Posted By Anonymous David Hubler, Annandale, VA : 1:44 PM ET
Pres. Clinton didn't set the country back to the Puritan era, didn't make Americans the most hated people on the globe, didn't have blood on his hands, didn't etc., etc. I'm glad the American people have finally caught on to Bush.
Posted By Anonymous Gypsy, an American in Mexico : 1:45 PM ET
Now, I even like Clinton over Bush. I despised Clinton, but now I have changed my tune. Even if Clinton did wiretap the american people, he was smart enough to cover it up because Clinton is a lawyer. Bush just does as he pleases because of the family he was born into. What makes my blood boil is the fact that after Katrina, the world came to our aid and Mr. Bush turned everyone down. That is going to come back to haunt him. There will be a time when this country needs help and the world will refuse to give it to us thanks to King George.
Posted By Anonymous Tracylyn, Detroit, MI : 1:48 PM ET
They didn't ask me... Clinton more honest than Bush..... hmmm I don't think so, Remember the women thing in the 1990's. Seems I remember someone in the White House lying numerous times to the public.
Posted By Anonymous David B. Kansas City, MO : 1:55 PM ET
How bad has it gotten for President Bush? Bad enough that in the eyes of many Americans his predecessor, President Clinton, is looking better.

Bill, you can't be this ignorant of recent history. To many people, Bill Clinton looked better than George Bush on the day Bush took office.

Bill Clinton was a popular President. He was popular during his impeachment. He was popular after his impeachment. Why does the media have so much trouble remembering that?

Did 9/11 erase too many brain cells? Bush was a divisive, unpopular figure when he came into office. 9/11 gave him an artificial popularity. If he had managed to lead, he might have been able to keep it. Unfortunately, he has always been the little, ineffective man many of us always suspected he was.

Now the fear is wearing off, and the media is shocked, SHOCKED to discover how disliked Bush is. He's disliked because he is not likable. He is petty, mean, vindictive, childish and cruel. How can you like someone like that?

And how can you, Bill Schneider, expect people to prefer that to an intelligent, empathetic, effective and open-hearted man who may have been a little too prone to like the ladies and to possibly shade the truth about it?

At least Bill Clinton didn't make torture a US policy.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 1:58 PM ET
Clinton was a so-so president. Bush is an incompetent president. It seems that most presidents find a way to bomb someone when their numbers go down. I am 33-years old, & there has not been a truly good president in my lifetime.
Posted By Anonymous Randy, Houston, TX : 1:59 PM ET
You gotta be kidding me, at least Bush isn't getting his kicks under the desk!
Posted By Anonymous Courtney, Chagrin Falls, OH : 2:01 PM ET
It's easy to say that Clinton was a smoother person, and a better liar. He also tried to do things that made sense, such as welfare reform, a reasonable tax policy that led to a surplus, and he presided over a booming economy. Will apologies in advance to all of your moralists, if I cheated on my wife, I would do my best to hide it too! That lie was nothing compared to the lies that come out of the White House today, whether they relate to a nuclear armed Iraq, or how extensive the NSA wiretapping program is (every month it turns out they are doing something that Bush said they weren't doing the month before), or how much the Medicare drug plan would cost, or whether someone in the administration was involved in leaking secret information about Plame (Bush authorized the leaks!). When you look at the magnitude of their lies, it is hard for me to think that somehow Bush is more "honest" than Clinton. Clinton was a weak man when it came to women; Bush is a dogmatic, hard-headed, cowboy who wants to tell the American people (and the rest of the world) what is right and wrong without anyone questioning him. He also is a man who completely ignores the reality that doesn't agree with him, whether it's the deficits, global warming, energy policy, or the fact that most Americans are actually fairly moderate people. I'll take Clinton by a country mile.
Posted By Anonymous Manoj Motwani, San Diego, CA : 2:05 PM ET
The warning signs of 9/11 were there with an August 6, 2001 presidential daily briefing, but he didn't move a muscle. He continued his vacation.

Bush was even warned by President Clinton that his biggest worry should be Bin Laden.

Remember, these words:

"I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees."

"Any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires -- a wiretap requires a court order. Nothing has changed, by the way. When we're talking about chasing down terrorists, we're talking about getting a court order before we do so."

Referring to Bin Laden, " So I don't know where he is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him."

And for fun... how about: "mobile biological weapons labs" or "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

It's sickening to see what Bush has gotten away with and this doesn't even scratch the surface.
Posted By Anonymous Gio, Orange Count,y, CA : 2:06 PM ET
President Bush is an idiot and a disgrace to this nation. I am embarrassed to call him my leader! Our country needs someone with a brain! Bring back Clinton!!!
Posted By Anonymous Jessica, New York : 2:07 PM ET
I believe the problem for Bush is not necessarily his fault, but the fault the the people he has surrounded himself with. When it appears as though the advisors are running the country and the President is clueless, naturally there is going to be a backlash.
Posted By Anonymous Kyle, Odenton MD : 2:07 PM ET
What do you mean Bush is doing "bad enough" that people prefer Clinton? Do you want to suggest that Clinton set some sort of bar for presidential badness? Please. George Bush's official misdeeds make Clinton's pecadillos look like overdue library books.

I appreciate that we all have personal, emotional reactions to our elected leaders, but at a certain point the facts have to be entered into the record. By all measures that matter, Bill Clinton was an excellent president. People's current (and growing) nostalgia for him is entirely rational, and not, as you suggest, some baffling psychological deviation.

Furthermore, Clinton did not divide the country politically. His rabid, conservative detractors were responsible for that (to wit: your "womanizing, Elvis-loving..." quote).

Finally, a word about taxes. Nobody enjoys paying them. But, again, it is not really a mystery (or a "surprise!") why people prefer Clinton's approach to taxes over Bush's. The truth about taxes, that anti-tax pundits never discuss, is that we get something back for the money we put in. What we get back is, in fact, far more than we could have afforded had we kept our tax dollars (add up the costs of, say, private garbage collection, schools, security, groundskeepers for parks, et cetera - I'd like to see someone pay for these items with their $46 tax cut). Anti-tax conservatives seem to understand this principle when they pay dues at their country clubs. I do respect your intellectual position of skepticism about government, but, please, for the good of all of us, keep the discussion honest. Your opinions simply are not facts.
Posted By Anonymous Zara Kublin, Seattle, WA : 2:13 PM ET
Clinton's bad decisions did not result in the deaths of almost 2500 young Americans.
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Marlton, NJ : 2:13 PM ET
Finally, the American public is becoming aware of the liar that Dubya is. And the fact that Clinton never lied about anything important. He did a truly dumb and smarmy thing, but it didn't affect his governing the country. He was one of our best presidents. Bush has killed 2400 of our children, gotten us out of surplus and billions in debt, & ruined our American image worldwide. He's broken the law and lied every day of his presidential life. If only he was sexy, more people might catch on.
Posted By Anonymous Margaret, Thousand Oaks CA : 2:19 PM ET
To say that Bill Clinton raised taxes and George Bush cut them is a misleading simplification, as the tax cuts Bush pushed through have benefited mostly large corporations and a few very wealthy individuals. You don't have to like Bill Clinton to dislike the Bush administration's management of our economy.
Posted By Anonymous Anne Sharp, Livonia, MI : 2:19 PM ET
If Bush lied, the lie must have been a very good one, since the vast majority of congress, including Democrats voted for the war in Iraq. Bush could never have escalated a war in the area without the approval of Congress. I doubt that Bush lied. Clinton on the other hand admitted to lying.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Mattaino, Winchester, VA : 2:19 PM ET
There is no comparison to be made. While Clinton's dishonesty was of a personal nature which should have remained between him and his wife, the dishonesty of George Bush is an assault on the entire nation. This was the administration which was supposed to bring honor and dignity back to the White House. George Bush has made a mockery of the laws of this nation and of the Presidency itself.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph Kowalski, North Huntingdon, PA : 2:20 PM ET
Regarding Werner (Derry NH)'s comment that no action was taken after the 93 WTC bombing:

On March 4, 1993 authorities announced the capture of one of the suspected bombing conspirators Mohammad Salameh. In May 1994 Mohammad Salameh, Nidal Ayyad, Mahmud Abouhalima and Ahmad Ajaj were each convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the World Trade Center bombing.

In October 1995, the militant Islamist and blind cleric Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman... was sentenced to life imprisonment for masterminding the bombing. Rahman, whose Islamic Group organization is believed to have had links to Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, was later convicted with a number of others of conspiracy charges to bomb several New York City landmarks (see New York City landmark bomb plot).... In all, ten militant Islamist conspirators - including Ramzi Yousef - were convicted for their part in the bombing and were given prison sentences of a maximum of 240 years each.

So under Clinton, ten conspirators captured and tried and convicted in under three years.

Under Bush? One man was tried and sentenced because he wasn't smart enough to catch his plane on time.

And where's Osama? Still on the run, five years later.

Let's remember that!
Posted By Anonymous TonyC, Los Angeles, CA : 2:20 PM ET
Clinton lied when the country decided to get involved in his personal life. Bush lies about political issues... Why aren't we trying to impeach Bush?
Posted By Anonymous Dan, NY, NY : 2:22 PM ET
Of course there is Clinton nostalgia; he lied about his sex life, so what? Who hasn't? It is time for halfway intelligent Americans to filter their news from as unbiased sources as is available and filter it though a logical mind. We are in a quagmire militarily, economically, ethically and I fear for us, not from the "Evil Doers" across the pond but from the Evil Doers within our government and in our population that supports them.
We as a country have never been so angry, violent, deceived, bigoted, fearful, uninformed and all of us are victims of this administration whether we want to admit it or not.
I am so sick of hearing that everything that this administration has messed up somehow gets back to Clinton. Take off the blinders folks and face the truth. I long for the return of the Clinton Administration days when the worst thing they could get on our president was a sex scandal.
Posted By Anonymous Judye San Diego California : 2:23 PM ET
Finally this seems to be sinking in for most people. Clinton lied about extra-marital sex. He didn't inhale. Bush promised not to nation build. He believed in a permanent soveriegn state for the Palestinians. He declared victory Iraq. He confabulated data on weapons of mass distruction. His administration led us to believe oil would pay for the Iraq incursion. The only thing he has done that he promised while campoaigning and not done a 360 on (sorry about that)is cutting taxes. Yet he's not a waffler. Clinton comitted purgury aabout his sex life. Its no wonder the Republicans are worried about the Democrats taking back the House and Senate.
Posted By Anonymous Marty, Melbourne Florida : 2:33 PM ET
Bill Clinton was a wonderful president and I still can't believe people got so angry over a little oral sex. Half the men in this country would do the same thing Clinton did if the opportunity presented itself, which doesn't make it right. It makes him human.

I could have lived my whole life happily without knowing what went on in the Oval Office on the nights Monica stopped by. It was none of my business and it was none of yours, either.

I remember when a State of the Union address was worth listening to. These days I would rather regrout my bath tub than listen to our beady-eyed, bumbling, illiterate fool of a president try to form a grammatically correct sentence.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Baltimore, MD : 2:34 PM ET
First of all, let me state for the record I consider myself an independent. I don't prescribe to any party's rhetoric...I make up my own mind about the issues and the candidates. I have voted for Republican and Democratic candidates in the past. With that said, I would like to comment on the latest opinion polls comparing Clinton and Bush. Let's all remember that the current administration was given the opportunity to investigate intelligence regarding 9/11 terrorist activity and chose to ignore or dismiss it. And just where did Clinton do "extensive harm", other than to his family relationships? All I know is that when he was president, this country was prospering, gas was relatively cheap (Clinton is not a former oil man, how ironic), the economy was booming, the federal budget was balanced, and we were at peace, consequently the 2,400 Americans killed in this fiasco in Iraq were still alive. It seems to me that a sexual dalliance pales in comparison to the current administration's blunders and far-reaching consequences. And for those who call Clinton a draft-dodger, may I remind them that G.W. Bush never fought in a war, nor did Cheney, who applied for and received five draft deferments. Yes, Clinton raised taxes, but we also didn't have the trillion dollar deficit we do now. I also have to people really think the debacle of the government's response to Katrina would have been the same had Clinton been in office? I think not. The awful truth is that Bush sold this country a bill of goods, people bought it (TWICE) and now we are paying the price. Even die-hard conservatives I know, who were Bush supporters from the get go, are disillusioned with him. Based on what I have read (from many different sources, not just from one or two), I believe Bush and his cronies lied about WMD's in Iraq, used 9/11 as an excuse to go after Saddam Hussein (as they continue to use 9/11 as an excuse for clearly breaking the law), and are pandering to the rich and allowing the middle class to shoulder the burden for their incompetence in handling the economy and other domestic affairs. Let's all remember that Nixon was nearly impeached for doing EXACTLY what the Bush administration has admitted to doing...illegal wiretapping. And now we have the revelation of the gathering of private phone records. All, of course, with 9/11 as an excuse. I could go on, but I think I've made my point. It is my opinion that George W. Bush is THE most incompetent, isolated, head-buried-in-the-sand president in this country's history. Maybe, just maybe, the people in this country are finally waking up to that.
Posted By Anonymous Katherine, New Bern, NC : 2:34 PM ET
Lets see one lied about oral sex. The other lies about WMD's, leaks, spying, tax cuts for those that need them, education, just to name those so far...
Hmm which one is worse!
Posted By Anonymous Joe Anchorage AK : 2:43 PM ET
I think many people find it easier to really target Bush more than Clinton now is simply that Clinton has been out of office for what, 6 years now? The old wounds got a chance to heal - while Bush is in the middle of his basket of lies right now. Clinton has had time to let people move on.
Posted By Anonymous Milena, Ft. Lauderdale, FL : 2:43 PM ET
Only in CNN polls.......I think they are at the same level on popularity, but believe me Clinton Its not even close to Bush in honesty. Vinny
Posted By Anonymous Vinny Concepcion, Fayetteville, NC : 2:55 PM ET
It does not matter who is in the White House they will be scrutinized because everyone thinks they can do a better job than the other. Most people are just "ARM CHAIR" Quarterbacks. They are same people that would run if they were called on to serve this country or want media attention. As we know the only way to get media attention is to have something negative to say!!!! I believe President Bush is doing the best he can to protect our country. I have served in Desert Storm and most recently in Operation Iraqi Freedom One and I still work full time for the military. Yes, I would have rather stayed at home at spent time with my family; however, I believe that President Bush is doing the right thing and taking the fight to the enemy. Can anyone in America honestly say they don't lie? Parents lie to their children to protect them. So by comparison, what is the difference? President Bush do what you must to protect my children and our way of life. I say to all those people who hate President Bush. Answer the call and do something for your country and community and not your self.
Posted By Anonymous SFC Hiram Couch, Baxter Springs, Kansas : 2:57 PM ET
politics tend to ebb and flow.Bush seems to only ebb.Iraq is the reason.Overall it is hard to imagine that Bush will not be considered one of the worst presidents in history
Posted By Anonymous george phoenix arizona : 3:04 PM ET
Hopefully, history will record that "W"'s most significant attribute is his dishonesty. I believe those that said people underestimate him were correct. I underestimated that his lack of intelligence and his arrogance could be surpassed by his untruthfullness.
Posted By Anonymous John Lubeck Livermore, CA : 3:05 PM ET
Propaganda has been called "the art of making people vote and act against their own best interests." The Bush propaganda machine is failing; most Americans realize they were better off under Clinton. As long as the lowest 80% of the population sees their living standard stagnate or decline while the upper 5% enjoy large increases, Americans will not be convinced they are "better off".
Posted By Anonymous J T Marsh, Jackson MS : 3:06 PM ET
Clinton is a liar. Bush is a criminal liar. Any questions?
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Detroit MI : 3:09 PM ET
Derry you are wrong in te statement that nothing was done in the case of the WTC bombing. Right now we have Rockmhan in the supermax dention center in Colo. Also we did send two pershing missles attacks against the Sudan in reponse to the attack and information that Bin Laden was in the area.
As for the poll. It is edvident that the president lied to lead us into the war with Iraq for his own self-satisfing purpose. I will give bush one cudo and that was the afganstan fight. But he has turned surplus into deficit and sent market climbs in to downward spirials.
My question is who are 26% that have given Mr. Bush favorable rating?
Posted By Anonymous friedel, scottsdale, az : 3:14 PM ET
If Bush "lied" about Iraq, then Clinton did too. We were NOT at peace with Iraq in the 90's. This is an excerpt from a Clinton 1998 speech.

"Saddam (Hussein) must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms, poison gas or biological weapons,"

"Earlier today I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces," Clinton said.

"Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors," said Clinton.

Clinton also stated that, while other countries also had weapons of mass destruction, Hussein is in a different category because he has used such weapons against his own people and against his neighbors.

This is cut and paste from a transcript of Clinton's explanation of why he bombed Iraq.
Posted By Anonymous Jim Philadelphia PA : 3:19 PM ET
I cannot conceive of a worse President than this arrogant mental midget that we have in office now. How sad that he has taken this country down so far in just a few short years. And even sadder is the fact that many refuse to acknowledge his incompetence.
Posted By Anonymous Denise , Destin, Florida : 3:24 PM ET
It's all relative.

Clinton and Bush served under very different hsitorical and economic circumstances. Some of their making; some not. Only the long view of history will really tell.

Who will come next, and what will he, or she, do with the situation they inherit? To a large extent how they will be perceived will depend on how things that are not really under control or the president or congress perform; like oil prices, or the economy.

Somewhere between Clinton and Bush is a place most Americans would like to be. Like it or not they both have their strengths and weaknessess.

Unfortunately the political climate in this country favors the extremes and by default that creates division. By playing to their respective "base" neither party will correct this...nor unfortunately do they care to.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Jacksonville, FL : 3:25 PM ET
I have it on my refrigerator door. "Which is worse..screwing an intern or screwing an entire country?"
It is patently clear that George W. Bush is an unbelievable liar who continues to lie to the American people at every turn. Why he has not been subjected to the same standards used to try to impeach Clinton is a mystery to me. All those god-fearing Christians out there would apparently allow him free rein to tap our phones, lead us into war, sack our treasury, reward his cronies, give tax breaks to the wealthiest, thumb his nose at oil price controls, pollute our rivers, drill and cut in our wilderness areas -- all of these arrogances permissable to these narrow-minded few given his support for their "moral imperatives"--gay bashing, banning all abortions and teaching 'intelligent design' as if it were science. We are getting exactly what we deserved for following such someone who was so obvious sub par from the moment he emerged unto the political scene.
Posted By Anonymous Monte Mathews, New York, NY : 3:25 PM ET
Clinton knew what he was doing ....he might have lied about having oral sex.....but nobody died because of it. The full extent of the graft and deception of the Bush administration will unfold over the next few years and I am sure that the small minority that still support him and his kind will be shocked at the full extent of his stupidty ....meanwhile, all of us that are responding in the negative towards Mr. Bush need to have our phones disconnected and our homes swept for bugging devices.........rock on....
Posted By Anonymous Jeff English, San Antonio, TX : 3:36 PM ET
I would take Clinton back as President in a microsecond. Bush's performance as President is an embarassment to the nation. January 20, 2009 cannot come fast enough for this American.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Orlando, FL : 3:38 PM ET
Lets see who did better with the economy, no brainer Clinton, eight years of growth. Who was more in tune with the problems of ordinary America, once again Clinton, but George was able to tell a fund raiser crowd while America considered them the top 10%, he considered them his base. Let's see Surplus, once again Clinton, but did you notice how after years of Republicans calling for the ouster of tax and spend Democrates that were driving up the deficiet it was a Democrate that created a budget with a surplus, lets see what has George done, last figure I saw said something about $23,000.00 on the back of each and every legal American. National Security, well Geroge HW deleted 6 Divsions from the Army, after the cold war, went into Iraq with stop lose orders in the pockets of the liberating forces, Bill deleted 2 Divisions, saw us through some Balkans issues, yes the World Trade Center had a truck bomb go off in a parking garage, there was the Cole and several other incidents "overseas", he took measured responses. George W., well when he was on vacation things seemed to run kinda smoothly after all the "W's" were replaced on the keyboards. Really did not do much of anything while California got raped with energy costs, said it was supply economics, later it was proven to be market manipulation. Trade Center's were destroyed, but that was Clintons fault as was every set back that occured for the first 5 years of his administration. So six years, two wars, an attack on American soil, FEMA in ruin along with most of the Gulf coast, bin Laden still on the loose, not so much as one reason for going into Iraq proven out, secret prisons, human rights abuses, secrety in government to the point where we are on the brink of a national crisis as we continue to wonder it checks and balances will ever work again. So yes I must say I am looking back with nostalgia for that "womanizing, Elvis-loving, non-inhaling, truth-shading, abortion-protecting, gay-promoting, war-protesting, gun-hating baby boomer." Beats the heck over what was apponted in 2000, and then elected 4 years later.
Posted By Anonymous J Cook White City Kansas : 3:40 PM ET
The only people who feel Clinton was worse than Bush are the evangelicals. Why? Because they seem to think it's a bigger "sin" to get a little oval office lovin' than it is to flat-out lie about the justifications to send 2400 of your coutrymen and women to their deaths. Backwards priorities and values? I think so!
Posted By Anonymous Jesse Watts, San Jose, CA : 3:41 PM ET
I agree with the comments of the majority, Bush has not been a President of the people or for the people. (Unless you count big business)
His interests have always been his own. Who is the bigger liar or the most popular is really not relevant at this point. I just wish we (Americans) could/would do something to stop him before it is too late..
Posted By Anonymous Lynda W. Port Jervis, NY : 3:44 PM ET
Anti-America Republicans are the dividers. Buah is the divider now and Republicans caused division while Clinton was president. Republicans hate America.
Posted By Anonymous Billy, Memphis, TN : 3:45 PM ET
Let's not forgot that we got to Clinton lying about his personal sex life from the Whitewater investigation. There is a huge difference between a President lying about his personal sex life and a President lying about mostly everything that affects Americans.

I am more than ecstatic that people are finally starting to wake up and blink off the hypnotic trance the Bush Administration seems to have put on the country. Obviously we wouldn't even be having these issues if the democratically elected president were sitting in office right now (why is it in this day and age we need to have an electoral college? Every other democratic nation elects their leaders from the popular vote - what does that say about Americans? That we can't think for ourselves? Apparently so.).

Hopefully those Americans who voted for Bush and his supporters will "wake up" come November 2006 and start to get our country rolling back on the right track. I don't think we can handle two more years of exclusive Republican control over the Executive and Legislative branches of our country.

I know Bill Clinton can never be President again, but hopefully there will be another Clinton in the White House soon enough.
Posted By Anonymous Cheri, Columbia, SC : 3:51 PM ET
How refreshing to read people's comments sharing my sentiments exactly regarding Dubya. I don't understand, though, why it took some people that I know SO long to see the light. This was all predictable back in 2000. I wonder if George Senior is ashamed and what debates go on behind closed doors. He can't possibly approve of the job his son has done. We can all only hang on tight until the reins change hands, and hope the damage is not irreparable.
Posted By Anonymous Theresa Rose, St Paul, MN : 3:52 PM ET
I wish Bush only lied about sex
Posted By Anonymous michael robinson , Illinois : 3:56 PM ET
I believe that Clinton was just a smoother character of liar, and had a competent staff to cover up his misdeeds better. Bush got us into a war, sure, but under Clinton, the world's terrorists were emboldened by a president who would pay to quash discontent. When he took the step to enter Somalia, he turned and ran after a chopper was shot down. World leader? We have not had relations with Iran since the hostage crisis, and it took the election of a President who would act to get them back, rather than one who would ask for them back.
It was easy to remember prosperity under Clinton, the internet was booming, when it crashed it wasn't Clinton, so how is the prosperity his legacy. Presidents don't make the economy boom. Clinton also confessed that his Surplus was a product of "massaging numbers" on debt, and his surplus was artificial. Enron, anyone? Bush is no genius, but it does not take a genius lawyer from Arkansas to know to tell the truth, under oath, in court. It takes a change in politics, from "keep your job", to "Do your job!" Now we voters have to do ours.
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Carmel, NY : 3:57 PM ET
I think the statement first presented by a woman who cited the prosperity of the 90's "she misses", tells it all. For if she's missing the current economic boom, it's perception only. However, the majority polled by the mainstream media imagine America is in a recession; despite economic numbers rivaling (and in some cases surpassing) the best years of the '90's.

As we say, the first rule of Marketing is that "a product is an image". Polls mean little more than a reflection of that image the public digests. The solid economic story has been one that the media has supressed intentionally...for example, praising Clinton for low unemployment numbers while ignoring Bush's. In fact, can anyone think of ONE issue that CNN has painted positively upon Bush? Nope. Nada. What you are seeing, is a journalism corps corrupted by an idealism that has morphed their ethics into blantant advocacy. It's no surprise that polls reflect the concept the media instructs and relentlessly conditions.
But, let's revisit Bush's image a decade hence when the material CNN chooses to omit (like official documents from Saddam's regime that now vindicate war---or that it's Joe Wilson that lied about Niger uranium); becomes central to the research historian's view!
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Sandy Springs, GA : 3:57 PM ET
The Clinton/Bush comparison is a no-brainer! I'd feel much, much better [in every category] if Clinton were president right this very minute. Now I gotta say I wouldn't want to be married to him, but I would welcome him back to the oval office in a heatbeat!
Posted By Anonymous Carol Sjoberg, Corsicana, TX : 3:59 PM ET
Bush has been systematicly dismanteling America from day one. I don't know what he has against this country and its citizens, but if you didn't know he was one of us, you'd think he was on Vincente Fox's payroll as well as big corporations, and China's payroll.

He should be impeached. He hasn't followed one law he swore to uphold yet. He thinks laws should be made up as you go along and the way he gets what he wants is to pull out the fear card of 911. He and his cronies think we are fools and we are because we don't insist that this administration be held accountable for their actions. The Rep. spin masters are trying once again to scare their base into voting Republican in Nov with the threat that the Democrats would hold hearings to start the impeachment process. If this had been Clinton who had done what Bush has been doing, you can be certain the Republicans would have had Clinton impeached and thrown out of office by now.

Bush isn't even close to being in the same circle as Bill Clinton. GW has made a mockery of the White House around the world and to we, the people.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Fairfield Iowa : 4:02 PM ET
What it really comes down to is there will always be people that like and dislike any president.
Thats why we vote.....
Posted By Anonymous Brian S Freedom Pa. : 4:03 PM ET
I've always believed Clinton was basically honest--for a politician. He lied about a private matter, not anything of national import. What was done to Clinton & this country by the rabid wing of the Republican party was a disgrace. Now we have a president who is truly deceptive and the negative consequences will be felt for many years after he leaves office.
Posted By Anonymous Susan, Little Rock AR : 4:08 PM ET
I read through every response. The Bush defenders are from places like Ohio and Missouri, while the more cerebral answers are from the coasts. Really nothing has changed, but I will say even the Red Staters I know have been second guessing Bush lately, which is a first. But seriously, can you imagine if Clinton screwed up even 1/10 as bad as Bush has on a litany of issues, you know and I know he would be crucified. How Bush has coasted this long is beyond me. At least people are starting to wake up.
Posted By Anonymous CD - San Diego, CA : 4:08 PM ET
Perhaps the most telling thing about this survey is that we saw value in comparing Bush and Clinton. Are we really that desperate? No one would ever think of comparing either to Lincoln or say Roosevelt. Maybe the only way to make such a contest interesting was to pick Presidents who were in the same "league" and had comparable performances.
Posted By Anonymous Ralph Frid, Placentia California : 4:08 PM ET
Lets remember that this country is getting more and more information and more into the president's buisiness than in the past. Look at JFK. He reportly had women in and out of the white house all the time.. Nobody cared. Clinton does something thats human by giving in to his sex desire, and a bunch of people get mad, and do an impeachment.. Polls have shown that most of the country doesnt care what Clinton did in his private life.

However both presidents were great presidents (JFK and Clinton), I'm not comparing them to each other.

Now, look at Bush. His father started the invasion in Iraq due to Iraq invading Saudi Arabia. Then when his father pulled out, alot of Iraqi's hopes for their regime to be over thrown were crushed.

Bottom line, the son (Bush Jr, current president) basically finished what his father started. Clinton was wise enough to not meddle in other countries's affairs by invading them like Bush Jr did in Iraq.

So far the only good thing that has came out of this - so far - is that the people of Iraq can live knowing that Saddam is going through a trial.

However, the terrorists are making it just as bad as when Saddam was in power - except with Saddam you knew who to avoid.. With the terrorists, a bomb can go off anywhere, and you dont know who to avoid.

Afghanstan is still undetermined, because it doesnt have a true democracy set in place yet.

WMD's.. Where?

Bush JR has basically made nearly every mistake in the book.. Saying that Iraq had WMD's without further confirming it and doing extensive diplomacy before invading.. Gotten us stuck in managing Iraq.. Gotten alot more countries hating America..

I can go on and on, but its not worth it.

Also this reminds me of another thing that occured. A lady posted on LiveJournal her views on Bush, and she was visited by the secret service to make sure that she wasnt some kind of militant terrorist planning to assasinate our president. Such things were unheard of under Clinton.

Enough said.
Posted By Anonymous Noah, Rochester NY : 4:32 PM ET
Wow, those are some simply ASTONISHING poll results!

It's astonishing that so many people can know so little about what they are talking about.

Clinton performed more poorly than Bush in every respect, and on every single issue, from the economy, to national defense, to character.

I always found it difficult to believe those surveys that said that most Americans are so ill informed they could not, for example, pick out Iraq on a world map or correctly name our form of government.

I guess I can no longer doubt that that many people could be that ill informed or that misinformed.

This CNN survey is proof positive that far too many people let the liberal media do their thinking for them.
Posted By Anonymous Michael, Las Vegas, Nevada : 4:35 PM ET
Illegal immigrant costs should be tracked and deducted from any foreign aid being sent to the home country.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Bower, Reno, Nevada : 6:13 PM ET
hey, Mike from Nev, take off those rose -colored glasses. I`m from Texas, and even Texans are sick of this conniving bunch...
Hey,wait a minute...are you...Jeff Gannon ?
Posted By Anonymous tim abbott,austin,texas : 7:35 PM ET
For those peole who are taking this subject philosophically (Mike from Nevada, et al) I suggest that if you are not appalled, you are not paying attention.
Posted By Anonymous Margaret, Thousand Oaks, CA : 2:08 PM ET
So glad I stumbled on your site Mr Anderson. These must be the real people that are not allowed to have a voice.
Posted By Anonymous evbrown, balto, md : 5:41 PM ET
It is nice to see that Americans are finally getting angry. I remember well staying up late on Election night 2000. I remember how sick I felt as I realized that Bush was going to win... somehow. Living in South America since Bush was re-elected has left me feeling that Americans were perfectly okay with what has been going on. I am glad to see that I was wrong. Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Posted By Anonymous Justin Cedar Falls, IA : 8:17 PM ET
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