Monday, May 01, 2006
Minutemen build fence along southern border
I spent this past weekend along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Friday night, I went out with U.S. Border Patrol agents searching for illegal immigrants. Then, Saturday morning, I met up with a large group of Minutemen volunteers who planned to build a fence along a remote patch of border.

If you have been following the border debate, you no doubt know about the Minutemen. They are volunteers who patrol the border, hoping to deter and detect illegal immigrants. They don't try to apprehend border crossers themselves; they watch them cross and call the Border Patrol. Their critics call them vigilantes. They respond by saying they are vigilant.

I didn't really know what to expect when I went to meet the Minutemen. At 8 a.m. Saturday, about a hundred volunteers gathered in a trailer park near the border. They set out in a convoy of trucks and SUVs to a remote section of the border where they began to build a barbed-wire fence.

There is a fence along parts of the border, but it stops from time to time. So the Minutemen began drilling holes for posts and stringing barbed wire. They didn't know if they would be stopped by the Border Patrol, but the atmosphere was festive.

Those unable to actually work on the fence cooked hot dogs and served sodas in the desert heat. For many, it was the first time they'd volunteered for the Minutemen, and they seemed happy to be doing something.

I asked one woman why she was there, and she said this is one issue where she actually feels she can make a difference. She said she couldn't do anything about the deficit or gas prices, but she could stand on the border and "be the eyes and ears" helping the border patrol.

There is a lot of debate about the effectiveness of building a fence along the border, and the Minutemen constructing the fence on Saturday admit what they were doing was largely symbolic. But it was a start, they say. I think the imagery of American citizens standing on the border and building a fence with their own hands is pretty powerful, and I think this may be a new front in the battle on the border.

I'd be interested to know what you think. Should Americans take matters into their own hands and build fences along stretches of the border that don't have any fences? The land they were doing this on was owned by the federal government. Even if the fence is barbed-wire and doesn't really deter people from crossing, is it worth building to send a message to our leaders? Would you help to build a section of fence along the border?

Tonight on "360," we'll have more on the Minutemen's fence building operation.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 12:40 PM ET
It is definitely not fair in my opinion to have immigrants coming in with no documentation. We Americans are having to pay for their medical care, welfare, etc. If the government is not able to protect our borders then yes we should take it on ourselves. I am not against immigration because that's what this country is about---but legal immigration.
Posted By Anonymous jJones Winston Salem NC : 12:58 PM ET
Its is funny to note only a couple of generations ago the ancestors of those standing watch over the borders were illegal immigrants themselves. Who really is an American. Well maybee the American Indians need to start chasing everyone away.
Posted By Anonymous Michael T, Rochester Hills Michigan : 12:59 PM ET
I think it's awesome that these people are taking matters into their own hands. It's like that old saying, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Well what better way to show the government that we want our borders secure than to just build a dang wall ourselves. It's better than sitting around doing nothing.
Posted By Anonymous Courtney, Chagrin Falls, OH : 12:59 PM ET

As an American citizen, I do not think the Illegal Immigration coverage has been fair and balanced.

Only in America can a group of law braking citizens march and demand rights right under the spotlight of the law.

Today's rallies are a slap in the face to American citizens and a slap in the face to the legal documented people that are waiting in line and are following the rule of the law.

Undocumented people are taking the day off. That must mean that U.S. Customs Agents are taking the day off too?

American citizenship is a privilige and not a right. What happened to due process?

Thank you!
Posted By Anonymous M McLain, Brooklyn, New York : 1:00 PM ET
I am in full support of the minutemen along our country's border. They are doing more for our country than most of us by standing up for an ideal. I agree that barbed-wire fences will probably not deter that many from crossing our borders illegally but I like what they're standing for. I wish I could thank them personally for their efforts.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan, Raleigh, NC : 1:01 PM ET
Sure let these Americans build fence along a remote area of the border. It will not deter illegal immigrants crossing the border because they will find other ways to come into the US. Sure it does send a message. The only way you can stop people coming in this country illegaly to check IDs for everything we apply for (from warefare to housing etc.). Illegal immigrants are here because they can pretty much milk our system. They can do whatever they want and now they want their own rights. Give me a break.
Posted By Anonymous Al, Los Angeles : 1:01 PM ET
I feel anyone who comes to America should do it legally and if not they can stay out. Everyone wants our freedom so what is wrong with being part of the solution (working and paying taxes) instead of part of the problem (collecting welfare). I realize illegal aliens do jobs a lot of Americans don't like but when someone is on welfare they should be told they will take what is offered to offset their welfare and/or get off welfare. Our country is turning into a free ride for the rest of the world, when will our government, both state and federal find their backbones and start working the unpopular politic issues? Is that really to much to ask?

No we don't need another Berlin Wall in the U.S. but maybe that is what is takes to put a stop to people coming to the states and not contributing and business people reaping the benefits.
Posted By Anonymous Cindy, Fairfax, VA : 1:03 PM ET
not a fence a 20 foot high wall would be better
Posted By Anonymous roger young bloomfield new jersey : 1:03 PM ET
If these people had their way 150 years ago, there'd be none of us Europeans, blacks, asians or Latin Americans ever living in the US....just WASP decendants of the Mayflower and offspring of Davey Crockett...these crackpots know nothing about American history and should be stopped...
Posted By Anonymous Ray, New Rochelle, NY : 1:03 PM ET
Yes, they should build a fence, even if only symbolic. The protests today are only symbolic as well, there will be no meaningful impact on our economy.

I'm one of those who has immigration experience. Years of paperwork, examinations by doctors, fingerprints, and a lot of money to submit applications and have translated documents notarized. That someone can come here and demand equal rights to what my tax dollars are paying for is absolutely disgusting. The thought that our elected leaders will give it to them is worse.

The regardless of what our leaders decide to do in the future, one thing is certain: right NOW they can do something to stop the influx if they want to. That's what the minutemen are about, and I congratulate them for pressing the issue. We can deal with the illegals already here later.
Posted By Anonymous Fred Haab, Lilburn, GA : 1:04 PM ET
Go Minutemen go!!!! Keep on building. Thank God there are some American's fighting back.
Posted By Anonymous Robin Baumgartner Florida : 1:04 PM ET
If they are building a fence on privately owned property, then nothing can be done to stop them, however, building a fence on Federal property, that's another matter.

A fence sends a message-but it takes someone with an open mind to understand what that message is, and it's not a postive one.
Posted By Anonymous scott Jeffery, Tucson, AZ : 1:05 PM ET
Yes. They should try to build the fence on Federal property. The message needs to be sent to both the Federal Government and the illeglas who have no regard for our laws - "Americans will not sit by and watch our country be invaded by peoples from foreign countries."

Please remember that this issue is not an immigration issue. It is an illegal immigration issue.
Posted By Anonymous Larry H., Phoniex, AZ : 1:05 PM ET
If the government will not do anything and the AMERICAN people have to that is a shame and disgrace. But at least the AMERICANS are doing sometthing to let the Government know that we do not like the INVASION on out country and esprcially Changing the words to OUR national anthem!! GOD Bless our America and to the immigrants that came here and did it legal and obey our laws and Fight for Our country as American citizens!
Posted By Anonymous Linda Wyatt Eden NC : 1:06 PM ET
yes im all for it, our government sure is hell isnt doing anything about it. Eventually it will come down to us the common American to root out this evil that is illegal immigration. god bless AMERICA!
Posted By Anonymous Russ, dallas, tx : 1:06 PM ET
I think that if the Government won't do anything about our joke of a "border" then the citizens should.

Hopefully it will send a message, here the tax payers are taking it upon themselves to do something that our taxes dollars should be doing.

Let's deal with the problem at the border instead of dealing with it after the fact.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Norman, Rockville, Maryland : 1:06 PM ET
Absolutely! I am glad to see someone actually doing something versus sitting at home in front of their Plasma TV complaining about Bush.
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Philadelphia PA : 1:06 PM ET
I think it is great that they are doing something to fix the problem. They fill the void left by our government. It is time somebody started fixing the leaky faucet.
Posted By Anonymous Eric Goodrich Houston, Texas : 1:07 PM ET
Yes. I'd help build the fence. It seems to me that illegals are taking over the country. If we do the same thing,"demanding rights in Mexico", we will be in jail already. We should bill the Mexican government a barrel of oil for each illegal caught here. One stone hits two birds at the same time.
Posted By Anonymous Lih Monteith,Houston,Texas : 1:07 PM ET
I think that the building of a fence by these Minutemen is useful only in furthering a separation and unwelcome feeling between America and other nations. There is only so much that Americans can and should take as their own responsibility. Our government can handle things fine along the border without us; that is, only if they actually wanted to handle it.
Posted By Anonymous Jason, Sacramento, CA : 1:07 PM ET
Yes, if the President does not respond favorably to Chris Simcox' challenge with regard to May 25th, I would be proud to take vacation time from my job and volunteer to help the Minutemen to build a border fence. I will also donate money to help build a border fence.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Perry, Phoenix, Arizona : 1:07 PM ET
Clearly, this effort is nothing more than symbolic. The small amount of (penetrable mind-you) fences that are constructed are dwarfed by the hundreds of miles of boarder that are untouched. I personally don't know how I feel about the image of people tailgaiting out of the back of their pick-up trucks while building a fence to keep Central and South Americans out. I am by no stretch of the immagination a liberal (I am, in fact, a registered Republican), but have we so quickly forgotten this nations history of immigration and that 5th grade civics class lesson about the great "melting pot" nation we are?
Posted By Anonymous Adam, New York, NY : 1:07 PM ET
There simply can not be a big enough fence... Build it thirty feet high I say. Keep the illegals out at any cost. My only regret is that I can not be there to help build the fence.
Posted By Anonymous Nick, Boston, MA : 1:08 PM ET
I would gladly help them build a fence. Our government seems to be impotent on this issue.
Posted By Anonymous Dennis Bish, Palatine, IL : 1:09 PM ET
The question isn't whether we should be protecting our own country.

The question is why so many of our elected officials are refusing to do so.
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Houston, TX : 1:09 PM ET
I do not think that illegal activity is the answer. I do think that the symbolism is important and that we can make an important stand for a better border system. I would personally help build a fence along the border. I believe that all people should have an opportunity to live in the United States but to do so illegally, without regard for the law of the land? If a policeman stopped me on the street and said "show me your identification" I would be able to present it. Not so for the illegal immigrants. To those who wish to live or work in the US I say 'please come, but do it lawfully'.
Posted By Anonymous Marvin Bowen, Niles, MI : 1:09 PM ET
If our government chooses not to enforce our laws, then we have two options - first, fix the border using good old American labor and second, fire our government at the polls. Maybe the next 'regime' will actually work for the USA!
Posted By Anonymous Judith Shade, Hilton Head Island SC : 1:09 PM ET
I think it is time for Americans to take this situation seriously and to take action. No one ever brings up the potential harm that can happen having open borders that could possibly allow murders, rapists, child predators, not to mention terrorists to come over un-detected. Another angle to this story is one I heard over the radio today. Immigrants that come from other south american countries into Mexico, for example Honduras, are beat up, inprisoned, and immediatley exported back. How can Mexico expect the USA to be so tolerant of forgein born people, if they themselves are cruel to immigrants of other countries. I have no problems with immigrants coming to this country to work and make a living, but they must do it legally. My husband is a medical doctor from Nepal and he has followed every rule under the sun, but recently had his job terminated becasue he did not have his work permit reissued in time. (We are even currently still waiting). These illegal immigrants do not want to follow the rules and they expect to get a citizenship, that even my husband can't get (not to mention all the other legal immigrants) living here legally and paying taxes. That is why I commend this men and women who patrol the boarder. I say get some buses in Major cities that will transport those who want to voluenteer their time to help them build the fences, I would deffinantly be on that bus!
Posted By Anonymous Rachel Reuther, St. Louis, MO : 1:10 PM ET
I think Bush and our Congress should be shaming Pres. Fox of Mexico into admitting that he and his government don't care about their own people. Mexicans should be demonstrating in Mexico to get their own government to straighten out their corruption, and improve their own economy, which should be just as rich as ours, if they could become a clean, corruption-free and stable society. They have plenty of natural resources and tourism would boom if they could model their economy on ours. Vicente Fox hasn't shown any concern about dumping his poor on the U.S., and probably wants to get rid of them. If Bush wants to spend billions of our tax dollars on a foreign country, it should be one that would do US some good, like Mexico, not Iraq. The Arab Mideast will never have a stable democracy, because it's not their tradition. Our government never seems to learn that we can't force the rest of the world to overcome their ancient traditions. But Mexicans seem to want our traditions of hard work and fairly stable economy and human rights. So let's show them how to do it! And if Fox doesn't like it, Mexicans should vote him out and demonstrate in their own country for clean elections and a new President.
Posted By Anonymous Jean, Kansas City : 1:10 PM ET
What is going on in this country?

America is being held hostage by the numbers of Mexicans who have not had enough respect for the laws of our country, to apply for legal status in the same way our ancestors did.

It is an insult to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who had to endure the process of screening to insure the safety of this country. The current illegal aliens are being given free access simply because they have gotten away with it for so long.

That their " safety in numbers" approach should be allowed to threaten our economy and take precedence over our laws is totally unacceptable, and should not be tolerated.

Just as businesses that have gotten away with hiring illegal aliens for so long, should now be forced to deal with the consequences, so should illegal aliens. It is unconstitutional to have one set of laws for one, but not the other.

Why are we afraid to tell this story as it is, and stop dancing around the truth. These people that are being allowed to engage in criminal behavior. Period!
Posted By Anonymous gary cambra- Half Moon Bay, California : 1:10 PM ET
If it's left up to the american people to do the job of the federal government -then I certainly agree that Americans have the right to enforce our laws and defend our border from illegal entry. This is not an anti-immgration notion, this is simply about enforcing immigration policies that we as a people have voted on and enacted. It is my understanding that the federal government is in their own words "overwhelmed" by this issue. If this is the case, then i can't see snaything wrong with citizens taking action. Would I volunteer? Yes.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Columbus, OH : 1:10 PM ET
Perhaps they could use their time and money on necessities like funding for the local children's shelter or battered woman's shelters or perhaps for the homeless. It is sad really. I wish I lived close by - I would write up posters stating "these people are KKK" - funny how we can let every other race in (ie Japanese, Chinese, Canadians etc) but we hold a grudge against Mexicans. What happened to America being a melting pot... oh I'm sorry - No Mexican's allowed. Our Lord is truly looking down on us and waiting for us to come up with a better solution to our Economic issues than to start "banning the Mexican's"... who next? No Indonesians?
Posted By Anonymous Roberta, Round Rock, TX : 1:10 PM ET
My mother came to this country legally from Norway. She is still here on a valid green card, pays taxes and does not depend on welfare to survive. She gives back to this country as much as it gives to her. I don't think we should allow anyone in illegally and once they are here they should be able to contribute financially and socially to this country. They should learn our language and not depend on us to adapt to them.
Posted By Anonymous Hanna, Sioux City, IA : 1:11 PM ET
I think the Minutemen and the anti-immigration laws being forced down our throats need to be taken as two separate, but equally important components.

Minutemen try to 'assist' with the patrolling of the southern borders of the US, the immigration laws are applicable to ALL immigrants looking to come and/or stay in the USA: Mexicans, Central Americans, South Americans, Canadians, Caribbean Islanders, Europeans, Africans, Pacific Islanders, Asians, etc.

The sooner We (collectively- the people, pundits, politicians and panderers) stop referring to immigrants solely as Mexican/Latin nationals, the sooner we can talk about cumulative border safety and sensible immigration laws in terms of safety and conscience.
Posted By Anonymous Joshua M. Leisner, Brooklyn, NY : 1:11 PM ET
I believe the Minutmen's organization is a key group in getting the word out on what can be done peacfully. In a sense, immigration is only costing us more and more money. Putting more paid border patrol officers out will raise our taxes, and increase an already out of control national debt. Volunteers can do it as a sport. Fisherman sit for hours on a lake to catch a fish, so why not sit for hours on the border to catch 100's of illegal aliens.
Posted By Anonymous Brian T. Laursen, Fort Wayne, IN : 1:11 PM ET
Our lawmakers aren't doing anything, that's for sure. So I guess the people have to do it themselves.

The Republicans are all in favor of cheap labor and tax cuts for the wealthy - they don't care about the middle class. These people from Mexico are cheap workers for Tyson Foods, Walmart, and other big businesses. The Republicans want to bring in as manyas they can, along with skilled immigrants from India and China, too.

The people here get no consideration. This country has money for everybody else in the world except its own citizens.

Yeah, build a wall. Big a BIG wall. Like the Great Wall of China. I'll chip in.
Posted By Anonymous Bill W, Coatesville PA : 1:11 PM ET
Very smart of your government to start a debate on illegal immigration while it has a huge deficit problem, has been threatened with retaliation by a nuclear power and is in a war it is having a very difficult time winning that looks suspiciously like VietNam. Not saying that you should or shouldn't protect your own borders, this is clearly an internal matter, just saying that the discussion and furor it is creating, comes at a very... convenient time.
Posted By Anonymous Dave, Charlottetown, PE, Canada : 1:11 PM ET
The building of the fence is a great idea. Too bad it wasn't thought of sooner. I commend the people looking out for our great country. God Bless them.
Posted By Anonymous Mary Curl, Jackson, MI : 1:11 PM ET
Hell yeah I would, It seems nobody in the government cares. I would gladly volunteer. Why should we support imigrants who are illegal when we should be taking care of our own citizens who need help. The message we send is "Come to our country and we will give you money and jobs and anything else you want. Its pathetic.
Posted By Anonymous Rick, Warwick Rhode Island : 1:11 PM ET
I agree that building a fence is mostly symbolic, but I think it is necessary. You will not see us protesting out in the streets. The silent majority needs to send a message to our government that we want our borders protected.

As a silent majority, we do not want to seem hostile, but we are concerned about our rights as American citizens. I think the symbolic gesture of building a fence is a perfect way for Americans who are against illegal immigration and who want homeland security, to be heard.
Posted By Anonymous Tiffany, Washington DC : 1:11 PM ET
Yes, as a symbolic statement.
Posted By Anonymous Rick K. Santa Rosa, CA : 1:12 PM ET
I'm in favor of doing something about illegal's in this country. Making marches, demonstrations and "a day without a mexican" are a slap in the face of US Citizens. They don't pay taxes, many wave Mexican flags and don't speak english. I for one am sick and tired of my hard earned cash going to pay for their healthcare, their children's education and that takes away from other US Citizens that need that support from us. I think we should make an effort to send them back where they came from quickly. I have no problem with people who come legally. I welcome them with open arms, but send the law-breakers back NOW.
Posted By Anonymous Don Austin, Woodstock GA : 1:12 PM ET
I believe that allowing illegal immigrants amnesty, is a slap in the face of those who have taken the steps to immigrate legally. Legal immigrates contribute to the resources that help suport illegal immigrants. I would most definitely volunteer to help protect our borders from illegal crossing, human and drug smuggling by building fences wherever needed prefferably with permission from the owners of the land.
Posted By Anonymous Lynn Voris Omaha, NE : 1:12 PM ET
People keep refering to these illegals as "immigrants" They are not. Immigrants come to establish roots here and raise families. These illegals are here to work for a few years, send all of their money back to Mexico and leave.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, LI, NY : 1:12 PM ET
I've been to China twice and stood on the Great Wall. Let's say that the wall didn't keep the Mongols out yet China seemed to survive their "invasion." May I add that my parents are immigrants from China and Hong Kong, I am a Christian and fully support compassionate legislation to respond to a complex reality and allow immgrants like those in my family to live and work without fear to support their families and this nation
Posted By Anonymous Elena, Sant Barbara : 1:14 PM ET
I think it's wonderful that Americans are doing something constructive about ILLEGAL Immigration. The Congress is pitiful. We need to strengthen our laws and enforce them. Way to go Minutemen!!!
Posted By Anonymous Irma McCaffrey, Austin, TX : 1:14 PM ET
It frustrates me to hear the argument that because US law states undocumented immigration is illegal, those entering the country without documentation deserve to be treated like criminals or locked out of the country. There is no automatic correlation between what is legislated and what is morally right, as we can easily see when we look at the civil rights movement. Current immigration laws are unfair and hypocritical. The people building a fence along the Mexican border would likely be the same people that would cry murder over the dramatic rise in agricultural prices that would result from the sudden absence of immigrant labor. Immigrants are the backbone of our agricultural system. It is both immoral and hypocritical to enjoy the literal fruits of their labor, and deny them the basic dignity that we all take for granted. Those Americans building a cage to keep them out should be ashamed of themselves.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Schenone, Seattle WA : 1:15 PM ET
I agree with Michael T in that we were all immigrants and we did steal the lands from the Indians and from the mexicans for that matter. The Minutemen group polarize and make the situation worse. Such an organization furthers deeper hatred for those that just want to support their family. I'm not condoning illegal immigration. Although this may sound cliche, all i'm saying is to walk in the victims shoes. Imagine if that person is you. All you wanted to do was feed your family. There just people. Unless you believe your superior to other and you wouldn't be ready to have this happen to you then you shouldn't support the minutement project. America is built on diversity and equality. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. The miutemen project is unamerican
Posted By Anonymous Jeremy Lewis, Costa Mesa, California : 1:16 PM ET
I agree with the Minutemen's comment up to a point. The image of Americans standing on the boarder stringing barbed wire is "symbolic." It's a symbol of the fear, greed, and hypocrisy that's gripped this Nation in recent years. A symbol we can do without.
Posted By Anonymous J Wood, Long Beach California : 1:19 PM ET
Since congress and the President cannot inforce the United States laws, then it's time the citizens do. We need an entire new slat of lawmakers in the US senate and house. Defeat all of them in November.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Iowa City IA : 1:19 PM ET
The people crossing our border are breaking the law. Simple as that. What would happen if I was caught trying to sneak into another country?

These minutemen are not vigilates...they are patriots.

Also, todays protests are a farce. The illegals that are in attendance should be collected and deported. We are a country based on freedom, but you MUST follow the law. And illegals are breaking it.

And don't get me started on the Spanish "National Anthem" *shakes head in disgust.
Posted By Anonymous Joseph, New York, NY : 1:19 PM ET
I think it's great that these people are getting out and doing something, even if it is mostly symbolic. The most irritating thing about this whole "immigration" issue is the people who either can't or won't grasp the huge difference between illegal aliens and legal immigrants. I, and most Americans, have no problems with legal immigrants. We are all from legal immigrants. Our ancestors came here legally, and they learned the ENGLISH language and they adopted AMERICAN customs and culture. But when the illegals, by far mostly Hispanic (who largely refuse to adopt our language and culture), start protesting and demanding their "rights" as illegal aliens, I think it's outrageous (and so do my Congressman and Senators).
Posted By Anonymous brian, Cornish, NH : 1:19 PM ET
I am the son of first generation Americans and am a retired senior Air Force officer. I support an America that offers refuge to legal immigrants of all races. However, I do not support "illegal entry" into our country. Everyone understands that it will be neither easy or cheap - - but job #1 is to control our borders.
Posted By Anonymous Earl Westergom, Col USAF Ret, Glen Carbon, Il : 1:19 PM ET
I think it's great that U.S. citizens are finally doing something about the illegal entering of immigrants to America. Since our government doesn't seem to know how to get anything done, it is the power of the people that will prevail in the end. Most Americans do not want illegal immigrants living here. Let's keep them where they belong.
Posted By Anonymous Nate Aufrichtig Brooklyn, NY : 1:20 PM ET
It seems to me that much like the "War on Drugs" the effort to stop the flood of illegal immigration cannot be won by attempting to stop the SUPPLY of immigrants. As long as there is a DEMAND for a product or service, the supply will be provided somehow, by someone. By allowing untrained largley reactionary vigilanties to "patrol" the border and play a modern day game of cowboys and indians will no doubt serve only to hinder the efforts of the real life police and border patrol agents who work very hard against overwhelming odds to keep our borders safe, knowing all the while that it is an excercise in futility.
Posted By Anonymous Lindsey, Portland, OR : 1:20 PM ET
I join my fellow North Carolinians in outrage at the conduct of these illegal aliens. I use that term because I am the descendent of immigrants. My great-grandparents came here from Italy. They waited in line for their papers, they paid their taxes and the ONLY flag they ever waved in the streets of American was the AMERICAN flag.
These illegal aliens must be made to pay the consequences of their crimes. Would we allow burglars to march in the streets demanding their right to steal watches!?
The minuteman fence building is much more symbolic than pragmatic. It is unfortunate that the message they are sending has to be directed primarily at our own government rather than those who are breaking the law.
Posted By Anonymous Thomas, Mebane, NC : 1:20 PM ET
Some call the Minutemen misguided but I think your article points out something that not many other news reports touch on. This is something where the average American people can make an impact. I dont have a problem with migrant workers and we should have an open country embracing them. There is a process for registering and working here though, and those laws should be followed. Is it fair that all these people can simply run across the border and dodge the laws, taxes and still reap the benifits? What about the millions of other people in the world who want to come to the US and work but cant just run across the border because they are in Africa, Asia, Europe etc? I feel for anyone who cant support their family or lives in poverty but that is no reason to break the laws of a country. Sending this message back to these people in a peaceful way is the right thing to do. No one is out to hurt them, and everyone feels for their plight. What we are seeing is a country saying "enough allready" lets follow the rules before there is no USA to come to.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Austin TX : 1:20 PM ET
It appears that many Mexicans bon't have a handle on the true issue. Those that cross any country into another without the proper crossing of T's or dotting the I's of a country is violating that country's laws. Those that cross properly don't have a problem. All countries of the world have these laws and they are to be respected.
Assistance to secure the borders should be enforced by the Federal agencies, and National Guard units.
The National Guard should be here to protect our country. That is their primary reason; that is why they are called the National Guard. When this force breaks down we have prior service volunteers left behind to add to observe our borders. I'm glad their there. I just hope they continue their good judgement.
Posted By Anonymous Ed. Zimmerman, Jr. Las Vegas, NV : 1:20 PM ET
how about these minutemen "volunteer" to do the jobs illegal immigrants do around here ? Once there are no jobs for immigrants there will be no incentive for immigrants to come here either.

I hear that in many, if not most, cities its the so called illegals who pickup garbage, clean offices and do the "manly" labor intensive why cant the minutemen do these jobs instead of making fences ?
Posted By Anonymous sMier, San Francisco CA : 1:20 PM ET
Hello! As only a second-generation American myself (all four grandparents were born in either Irland or Germany) and with many 4th and 5th generation friends who are of Asian, African, or Latimp descent, I agree with Michael T from Michigan. Yes, it should be done legally, but look at the way many of our white, European ancestors did things when they "immigrated" to America. I am really most interested in our Native-American neighbors' oppinions about this.
Posted By Anonymous Barb K, North Liberty, IA : 1:20 PM ET

Posted By Anonymous Vladimir Strela, Rapid City,SD : 1:20 PM ET
It's about time! This country is too concerned with being "PC", and worrying what the minority will think or feel. These people are law breakers and illegal! Aliens are a drain on our society financially, and if their own country will not dissaude them from jumping or borders, then we have th right to. Cheers for those Americans down there protecting our borders and interets!
Posted By Anonymous Philip S, Boston, MA : 1:20 PM ET
No, it's a lot of effort for no gain. We need to fix legislation, and enforce the laws we have. We also need to spend efforts with Mexico to help them keep their people in there own land. The immigrants come here for a better way of life. If they could get it at home... well you know the rest.

I heard a school teacher this morning saying that the teacher/student ratio would improve today, which is a real measurement for where tax dollars are going. If we spent that much in helping to improve Mexico, part of the problem would go away.
Posted By Anonymous Jean, Salt Lake City, UT : 1:21 PM ET
The political protitutes that claim to be on the side of law and order but do nothing to uphold the immigration laws of this country are making ordinary citizens do the work that should have been done already. A prostitue is a person that sells their body, mind, soul, or integrity for financial gain and Washington full of them. I am tired of hearing the same song and dance about studies and polls that can all be interpreted in any direction and will assist the Minutemen in anyway
that is legal.
Posted By Anonymous D.J. Martin Orange county, California : 1:24 PM ET
You can be assured I'd help builod a fence. I've already had more than enough of the immigrant debate that is going to tear this country apart eventually. The Government has done little to nothing about this problem for years. Something has got to be done. This country has laws to govern who and when people are into the country and how to become a citizen. It should not be a free pass for those south of the border.
Posted By Anonymous Thom, Beaufort, SC : 1:24 PM ET
it is good to see Americans taking action on the border. Americans are not protesting immigration, but rather ILLEGAL immigration. We are tired of hearing from our president that we should be grateful for these illegal aliens as they are doing work us lazy americans would not dare take on. As a mother of two teenage boys who would love to work the summer in landscaping or contracting I take exception to that comment. Remember when young kids took jobs in summer resort hotels? When is the last time you saw a candy striper? Instead the only job my kids can get is in the fast food industry which will not hire illegal aliens (amazing isn't it that they somehow figure out which ones are legal)
Posted By Anonymous Ellen, Old Bridge, NJ : 1:26 PM ET
I am proud that we live in a country that has laws that protect the rights of everyone within it's borders. The country should exercise it's own right to protect it's border. But that should be done by duly authorized officials. Not people taking the law into their own hands. Where do they stop? Police can be held accountable for their actions. Can the Minutemen? Instead of building an illegal fence why do something legal? Boycott businesses that use illegal labor. We all can join in that effort.
Posted By Anonymous John Sullivan, Fairfax VA : 1:27 PM ET
After watching 10 million illegal foreign nationals protest today, I would be gald to assist. Where do I send my fence building donation?
Posted By Anonymous David, Atlanta : 1:31 PM ET
You bet I would. The politicians won't do anything. A combination of private citizens building a fence using there own money should get an or otherwise.
Posted By Anonymous Ed, Albuquerque,NM : 1:33 PM ET
YES the border is so important! If all we can do is take matters into our own hands, then do it we must. Not just because of immigrants, but for national security. When will Washington
wake up and see the urgency to do this.
God forbid it's to late already.
Posted By Anonymous TJ Billings, Naples, Fl. : 1:35 PM ET
The question of whether our current body of law regarding immigration is fair or wise is open to debate. But meanwhile, we do have laws in place and the law should be either enforced or changed. I don't like our current immigration policies but I applaud anyone who wants to donate a fence in order to protect a border which federal law says is not to be crossed. Anyone who has a problem with what the Minutemen are doing should take it up with Congress. Not with these patriotic volunteers.
Posted By Anonymous Jackson Landers, Charlottesville, VA : 1:35 PM ET
Yes I would help becausee I live in an area where you can no longer get a job unless you go through a temp agency due to the illegal aliens being available for cheap labor. Something must be done and quickly.
Posted By Anonymous Terry Wofford Calhoun, Ga : 1:35 PM ET
All that is needed for tyranny to triumph is for good men to do nothing. These good people are doing something. I for one feel guilty and ashamed that I am not standing there beside them.
Posted By Anonymous Stewart, Oshkosh Wisconsin : 1:43 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

We do agree with the building of the border fence. This is an important message to our political leadership that the American people demand their attention to secure our borders.

Thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Wyn, Boulder, Colorado : 1:56 PM ET
What a beautiful day it is without immigrants. Less traffic on the streets. They should have them more often. I say send them all back. Let's get AMERICA back on track. "GOD BLESS AMERICA" land of the free-WOW, I feel like singing. The nerve of those, those, immigrants to make a mexican version of the AMERICAN ANTHEM. They should really be a law. I say (along with millions of other AMERICANS) send them all back. Who needs them. I certainly don't. I honestly think the UNITED STATES would be much cleaner (literally). They are sucking up the welfare system. Where do I start and finish w/this topic. Stop me. I am like a kid in a candy store with lots of opinions and statements. Get rid of them!!! NOW!!!
Posted By Anonymous Mason, Huntington Park, Ca : 2:05 PM ET
I wish that I was out there giving them a hand. It is ashame that our Government has put them in this situation where they have to use there spare time to build fences to protect the country.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Mauck, Stafford, VA. : 2:09 PM ET
I not only think it is a strong symbollic message but these people should get military pay...they are doing work to secure our borders.

I would like to see some of the money we are spending on extra police at these rallies and purchase concrete for a more formidable wall to be built.
Posted By Anonymous Rusty D Massachusetts : 2:10 PM ET
I think that as long as the minutemen refrain from violence against those crossing the border, they can be nothing but a good thing. The government does not have enough manpower and equipment deployed to protect the entire border so who is left to do it but the citizens themselves. Well there is the army, but they seem to be just a little tied up right now. To those that are protesting border security measures, they need to realize that few countries tolerate the porosity of their borders like the United States has. It is not just an imigration issue but one of security and law enforcement.

This is not to say that the United States should remove the immigrants already here or stop those comming in legally. Those are seperate issues. If these citizens want to fulfill the same role of protection the country that their forefathers have, then they have every right as long as they don't break the law by resorting to violence or ilegal detention.
Posted By Anonymous Brandon O. Eubanks, Columbia SC : 2:19 PM ET
All that futile energy spent to constuct a fence across land that once belonged to Mexico.
Wasted time spent,by able bodied men and women trying to "protect" the border while countless citizens of the USA need food clothing and shelter.A helping hand,a hot dog...
Why not go to New Orleans and build houses!
Where is humanity's compassion??!!
Posted By Anonymous P. Flynn : 2:19 PM ET
I think instead of a fence along the border we should build a moat and fill it with alligators. I think we need to make it known in Mexico that we do not want these illegal immigrants here. Follow the law if you want to live in the U.S. I've heard a lot of them say they are not criminals but can't realize they broke our law. How can they want to live here if they do not want to follow our laws and learn out language. Enough is enough. I'm all for closing the borders and keep the undesirables out. After all, these are uneducated and unskilled people.

Bush claims to be protecting us from terrorist buy fighting the war with Iraq. The best way to protect us from terrorist is to close the borders and keep them out. Illegal immigrants in the U.S have no rights. Why should we let them tell us what to do. This is our country. I do not feel we need them here. The companies who employ them are only interested in cheap labor to make more profits. What will happen in a few years when they begin to organize?
Posted By Anonymous M. Aten. Clearfield, UT : 2:23 PM ET
I am an immigrant. This country has rules. No one should come in and think that they should violate the laws of this country.Illegals have to follow the rules of this country like everyone else. This is why our economy is going to "Hell in a handbasket." It's time this country put their feet down and set some ground rules that all have to abide by. No wonder our security and social services are threatened day in and day out. No other country in the world is as liberal as we are. It's time to stop this nonsense and set up a standard. Additionally no one should get citizenship until they have a basic understanding of the English langiage - that in itself should be a pre-requisite to permanency in this country!
Posted By Anonymous Joyce, West Orange, New Jersey : 2:54 PM ET
This discussion is all very interesting, and for me, the bottom line is based on two concerns, violation of our laws and that without secure borders we have no safe haven for anyone, citizen or non-citizen.

Security is not focused on race, color or creed. Security is for everyone.

People come to this country for many reasons, including jobs, laws that protect them and a secure living environment. Laws are structured to apply to everyone and no exceptions should be made for those who have entered this country illegally, and have stayed here in spite of their illegal status. Again, laws apply to all, regardless of race, color or creed. It is simply a matter of obeying the very laws that are meant to protect all citizens and those that are in our country legally.

I think it is safe to conclude that the majority knew they were making the decision to come to this country illegally. It is unfortunate that those who have entered our country illegally now must face paying the price for their decision. But it was their choice, and no one else can be blamed for their choice.
Posted By Anonymous Emerson, Montague, California : 2:56 PM ET
Yes we should take a stand against illegal aliens. My family came here from Ireland in 1860 and worked, served in its wars and earned their way to citizenship. If these illegals want to have the rights and benefits of Americans, perhaps they should join our Armed Forces first and earn their citizenship too. Climbing over a fence doesn't hack it!
Posted By Anonymous George Michael Lowell, Fairfield, CT : 3:03 PM ET
This is our country. We can let the government speak for us. Or we can remind the world that our government is for the people by the people, not some separate and distance orginazation. We govern ourselves. As a nation, we don't want more people crossing our borders illegaly. The minutemen show the world that the CITIZENS of this country are committed to our borders security.

As US Citizens, may we all be as committed to the values and spirit of this country as they are.
Posted By Anonymous Katrina, Tucson, AZ : 3:04 PM ET
This is completely ridiculous. Our country needs illegal immigrants. Like it or not, most illegal aliens perform important jobs that many would not take. Citizens who take this kind of thing in to their own hands need to be put in jail. If it isn't your land don't put a fence on it!
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Goldvein Virginia : 3:06 PM ET
Somehow I don't find the idea of building a fence with a bunch of xenophobic Barney Fife wannabes a very appealing sort of volunteer work. I think I'd rather clean up a park, cut the grass in a cemetery, do an adult literacy class ... in fact just about anything seems more productive than this nonsense.
Posted By Anonymous Larry Johnson Atlanta GA : 3:08 PM ET
I am a proud Mexican American that just served 24 years and seven months in the USAF, a fully retired veteran. I am certain that my opinion will be critized by the very Hispanics that I live amongst. Out of frustration with the local pay as an aspiring carpenter in a town just twenty miles north of Mexico I joined the USAF. I experienced first hand what it's like to compete against documented workers from Mexico. All this guys ever talked about was their grand homes that they owned in Mexico and their new trucks that they drove around in, they lived on the lavish side. Who knows how many countless others were undocumented. After working 40 hours per week my take home pay was 100.00 with some change. I rented a one bedroom apartment duplex with my wife and a borrowed car from my parents. I did not qualify for any government assistance. To me it is no longer about competing for the same jobs or the low wages that you get paid by competing against documented and undocumented, but it is all about following the laws that this great nation of ours was built upon. I say no to legalizing the current illegals in this country, that is why they are called laws to abide by.
Posted By Anonymous Noel Beltran, Altus Ok : 3:09 PM ET
I don't understand as to why the illegals don't understand that by coming here illegally they put themselves in this situation. I am tired of American companies not being sanctioned or fined by our flaccid government. We've got more americans distracted by idiotic and inmaterial topics, like Tom Cruise and his baby or movie (we could be talking about the samething), and I don't want to see either. Immigrants are the backbone of this country, but hell, they came over here legally, didn't they. Perhaps the first settlers didn't, and yes, we now know what the American Indian went through, the invaders are here. The American Indians tried to be nice, and they got shafted. I would rather be helping our blacks, american indians than with the illegal presence here.

The Spanish, and mexican people are good people, I understand their plight about wanting a better life. Obviously, their own country is more flaccid than our own. But, I am sure Vicente Fox doesn't care, because we are rebuilding mexico through the constant monies that are being wired there. I didn't even get to vote on it. I guess being an American Citizen doesn't mean anything anymore. We allow dual citizenship just to have slave labor, meanwhile our Americans have no jobs. It is a lie that Americans are lazy and that the illegals are doing jobs that we don't want to do. That is a lie. Our jobs are being undercut because of these companies not being sanctioned or fined. They are the true security risk, because they are destroying us from within.
Posted By Anonymous Jayne, Lost Angeles, Califoreigner : 3:09 PM ET
How totally sad. It has been said hundreds of times and I will say it again, this country was built on immigrant labor. The only people who are not immigrants are the native American indians. Unfortunately they have been ousted from society. The same society that wants to build a wall detering the very same people that contiually build this strong nation. Get rid of immigrants and you have nothing left except dirt. I don't care if you were born here. Your ancestors are probably from England, Ireland, Sweden, etc. So far from America that you of all people have the least rights to be here. You that want to build the walls. Give me a break. No matter what you do, no matter what you say and how many weenies you roast, immigrants are here to stay.
Posted By Anonymous Rosalinda Sanchez : 3:11 PM ET
With African and native american ancestry I wish there had been minutemen to to stop the holocuat of slavery and the annihilation of native peples. It is too bad there was no one to bulid walls then.
Posted By Anonymous Heidi Thaw Wichita KS : 3:12 PM ET
Although I cannot walk (as a stroke victim that uses an electric wheel chair), I fully agree with the idea of STANDING UP for an important issue like this one. I hope others feel the same way in such strength that it MAKES A DIFFERENCE.
Posted By Anonymous Alan Gregory, West Palm Beach, Florida : 3:12 PM ET
I am an immigrant myself from India. I came to this country the legal way. I married a green card holder who had finnished a PHD from NY. After we got married it would take 2 years for me to get a visa to enter the U.S.
My husband took a break in his career and came back to India and when my visa was ready , he returned back only to find that it took 6 long months to get a job. He sacrified his career so we could be together after we were married.
I do not think illegals should be given amnesty.Because then the thousands of people who wait and come legally have it so unfair. I pray the leaders of this great nation will have much wisdom to do the right thing .
Posted By Anonymous Susan K ,Greenville.SC : 3:16 PM ET
After they finish the fence on the Mexican border, are they going to go to Canada to build a wall along that border? Why no concern for the French Candian au pairs sneaking across the border to work in Boston and Manhattan?

I wish the Minutemen/women would volunteer as a mentor for a child, or in a hospice, in their own kids school -- someplace that really needs help.

I find the fence building racist and xenophobic and upsetting.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 3:18 PM ET
I think the Minutemen are driving the nail straight into the wood. Each of us as lawful US citizens have a personal responsibility to police our government to ensure it accurately reflects the will of the people. I have never conducted a scientific study, but all the polls I happen to read decisively demonstrate the majority of US citizens want our borders secure and they want illegal aliens removed from our country. Like most every American of today, my family too immigrated to this great land, but they did it legaly and with the intent assimilate into the US culture; not to create burden and confusion by forcing multiple cultures to live side by side. I support the Minutemen and the grassroots example they are setting for our lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Having been inspired by the Minutemen I will have to take time this evening to find how I can volunteer one day of each month protecting MY border until the government sees to all of its responsibilities.
Posted By Anonymous Charles R., Brea California : 3:20 PM ET
Everyone in this country decends from Immigrants, unless they are American Indian. I highly doubt the ancestors of the people building the fence had to climb over anything to sneak into the country....why now??
Posted By Anonymous Kirby Crum, Boston, MA : 4:02 PM ET
I am an immigrant in the United States who came in legally 12 years ago. We have been paying taxes since the day we got here. However, up until this day, I have yet to receive my residency nor am I even close to receiving it. It's such a long process and it costs money. I came here when I was only 7 years old from Montreal, Canada with my parents who are originally from El Salvador.
Now I just wanted to add the fact that not very long ago, El Salvador went throgh a tremendous civil war that destroyed the economy for THE PEOPLE not the government. Thousands were murdered by the government and all along the United States was right behind the Salvadorian government aiding them in so many different ways.
El Salvador would have never been able to kill so many people and to take so much money away from the people without the help of the United States.
Today the country is a nest for poverty, unemployment, and violence. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, even teachers cannot find jobs in their own fields.
(My father was #2 in his graduating class at UCA and he is an electrical engineer and my mother is an accountant who completed 3 years of medical school also at UCA but they were forced to leave due to the violence of the war in the 80s).
Now why is it fair that the United States was able to just walk into El Salvador in the 70s and 80s and help destroy its people's futures? Was that legal? And today, when these people come over here because they have nothing to put on their tables for dinner for their families, they are not only called criminals but people say it's "disgusting," "shameful," and so on.
I think it's "shameful" that the US takes it always upon itself to go into different countries to do whatever they want and many years later, when the new generations have nothing left to work with in their own countries, come here because it's their only hope.
That is unfair.

I, however, do wish they someday are able to secure the borders because I'm sick and tired of seeing this problem and I wish these people would realize that all the suffering they go through here, sometimes just isn't worth it.
However, I don't think building a wall will deter them from coming in, the same way if abortion were ruled out women would still be getting them.
It's just not that simple.
However, if they're using it as a symbol, then go right ahead.
Posted By Anonymous Sandra, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. : 4:23 PM ET
It is indeed symbolic, we've established that...however, why do you use a lock on your door? Surely, someone can breach that security. But you still send the message that it is off-limits.
Why is it that we generally do not have problems with Canadians crossing the border for jobs? Hmmm...what's the advantage? that pay better than those in their own country? Maybe when those business who employ illegal aliens stop providing those jobs, it will no longer be advantageous for them to enter. We indeed have a problem that's much greater than what those fences fix, but it is time we all start establishing our own fences. Where will we draw our lines? What issues are great enough that someone will take a stand?
Posted By Anonymous Brad, Moville, IA : 4:25 PM ET
Who can blame people from poor countries wanting to have a better life? I think the main source of our immigration problems is that countries (such as Mexico) are not giving its people a better life.
Posted By Anonymous Mark, San Francisco CA : 5:05 PM ET
I think it is important for this nation's leaders to take note of what the American people are trying to tell them. The leaders in Washington are steeped in politics and trying to garner the Latino vote. That is self serving and is not why they were elected to office. They are there to carry out the wishes of their respective constituents while maintaining the minorities voice (read: a republic). Follow the due process of law and come down on illegal immigrants and more importantly, on those that also break the law and hire them.
Posted By Anonymous Karl, Phoenix, AZ : 5:09 PM ET
Me personally, I'm not sure we can do solve the problem. As I'm sure many have already stated we would need Mexican support in order to slow down the flow of immigrants and that doesn't look like it's coming anytime soon.

This whole issue is putting the people in the middle of a political debate. It's nice to think about and it's good conversation for the dinner table, but to the Mexican who needs more money and resources to support his family it's all up in the ivory tower. They're the ones stuck with the half decisions we Americans make.

It's a complicated issue with many facets and shades of gray. I don't know what the answer is, but like any issue involving people, the solutions we have are less than satisfying. I just hope we can find humane ways to handle it in the short term while thinking of solutions for the long term.
Posted By Anonymous Marisol, Aurora, Colorado : 5:16 PM ET
Illegal immigrants is not a big issue to me. I mean yea its bad when someone crosses over to our country and takes jobs from rightful citizens but on the other hand the majority of them are crossing over to work for a higher rate of pay to send to their families back home. They are just looking for a better economy and American can suffice that craving. As for building fences though, i think it i a great idea. I hear that our Border Patrols are lacking in numbers and very lax on actually capturing illegals. So i tihnk if they people volunteer their time and efforts into building fences to deter people from comming into our country then Im all for it.
Posted By Anonymous Justin, Charlotte, NC : 5:18 PM ET
Absolutely I would help. Enough of this problem. Apparently our local, state and federal governments cannot control the borders. May be it will take the hard working LEGAL AMERICANS to protect our Country and save it from ruin.
Posted By Anonymous Danielle (Coarsegold, CA) : 5:21 PM ET
Being an American, born and raised in South Florida, I was the minority to the Cuban and other South American populations. I was treated like a second class citizen because I did not speak spanish in a heavily populated hispanic area. I have battled my own tendency toward prejudice for many years and have come up with this belief.
My grandfather came to this country from Eastern Europe through Elis Island during WWII. He spoke no english. He became a legal citizen, learned the language, built a buisness, and retired a semi-wealthy man. This fact from my own family has taught me one thing. When you seek a better opportunity for yourself (and/or family) in another country, you must RESPECT the rules and laws of that country. Illegal immigrants are lawbreaking persons inthe country. Millions of people migrate to the US legally every day, work hard to become legal, and work hard to become productive members of their new American society. As a nation, we must hold illegal immigrants accountable for their illigal activity. How else are we to have a nation built on standards, morals, and sound government?
Posted By Anonymous Susanne Cohen, Kent, Washington : 5:40 PM ET
Heck yes! The peoples in Latin America need to learn the American lesson. The greatest period of prosperity in America was not the Industrial Revolution but, the demand for fair compensation which the unions delivered through blood, sweat and tears. I wonder how many people today know of the working conditions prior to the unions? The government manipulated the Supreme court into castrating the unions and we are still seeing the early results of that. Workers in Latin America need to fight the same battle before any prosperity will come to them. Just as we will have to learn the lesson over again. As long as they can come here there will be no prosperity in their native economies. They must demand fair economic treatment at home, not here!
Posted By Anonymous Norm, Jensen Beach FL : 5:43 PM ET
Hot dogs and fence raising parties aren't any stronger an effort than I've seen congress put forth on this issue. The original Minutemen stood guard to protect this country from tyranny. Now the Minuteman stands for an ideal to force more suffering on men driven by privation to cross the desert in hopes for a decent life.
Posted By Anonymous Daryl Watson, Mason, TX : 5:49 PM ET
Let's get down to basics and view the situation from only ONE perspective ...LEGAL vs. ILLEGAL! I think we should've checked the Green Card and Citizenship of EVERYONE that was protesting....and then use their "valuable labor" to build their new homes...JAILHOUSES! Either it's LEGAL or it's ILLEGAL!! My Great Grandfather and his wife are rolling in their Citizen's grave right now!
Posted By Anonymous Ted Cherochak, Jessup, PA : 5:55 PM ET
There is a need for a guest worker program. That is not the issure. The real issue is how many more illegal immigrants the US can support with jobs and social services. Where will the jobs come from for all the children of the millions of illegal immigrants. Sure your Dad built my house but my Dad pays for your education, medical and much more!
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Indian Trail NC : 5:56 PM ET
I would volunteer and pay for my own airline ticket. Why should immigrants be allowed preferential treatment? Why are Americans paying the price to accomodate only Spanish speaking immigrants? Why not Italian, French or any of the other languages of the pioneers who actually made America what it is today? Send them back and make them enter legally. No group of people should have that much power.
Posted By Anonymous Lynn, West Haven, CT : 5:58 PM ET
Minuteman have my 110% support. Great job guys!!!

As to the people marching today, where are the INS agents when you needed them?

We'll not be blackmailed by these lawless illegals!
Posted By Anonymous Lee Dallas, TX : 6:04 PM ET
If Mexico was a better place to live, then its citizens would not be leaving in droves for the most convenient exit, the United States. Same for the other Central and South American countries. Despite NAFTA and CAFTA, economic conditions haven't improved enough to convince folks to stay home. So what's wrong with the "governments" of these countries? The logical place to start is the home nations of these people who are poor, hopeless and desperate. Why aren't those governments being held accountable?
Posted By Anonymous Shannon, Charlottesville, VA : 6:08 PM ET
I'm amazed, i know americans are some of the dumbest people in the world (just look at are global education scores where almost last). But it didnt realy hit home, how much, tell i read the overwhelming ingnorance being posted by people about this topic.
It doesnt matter if you want to remember or not, or didnt pay attention in history class, but we are all lineage of immigrants. You cant just decode one day that weve always been here and that we didnt blatantly rob the Mexicans and native Americans of there land. And you argue that they come into our country illegaly.
for heavans sake, more power to the immigrants illegal or not. they put about 10 times more back into our economy then they take out but no one ever mentions that, only what benifits there argument. just try to debate a minuteman they'll iether break out and cry or run from you.
but ignorance is bliss right, thats the american way. if we believe it long enough basic human rights wont truly matter anymore.
Posted By Anonymous JD, Olympia Wa : 7:01 PM ET
100% Support.

When my family came to the United States, they did it legally. Why can't everyone else? Land of the free does not mean you get everything for free. Freedom comes with a price and these ILLEGAL, UNDOCUMENTED people are not American and yes, breaking the very laws which men and women fight for on a daily basis for us to have. We are a nation of freedoms that have been hard fought far. It makes me sick that people think they have some lofty, God-given right to be here and no pay the consequences of doing so. I don't care if you are Mexican, Swedish, English, Filipino or Australian - the law is the law and these volunteers are doing more than our Government would ever do. They are looking out for OUR BEST interests.

I am sick and tired of paying higher taxes so these people can be entitled to the same healthcare and American benefits that I have. Why should I work so hard?

And fly the AMERICAN FLAG if this is the country you want to be in - Common sense should tell you this would make a bolder statement. But, since you can't seem to find your way to INS, perhaps finding an American Flag has proven just as difficult.
Posted By Anonymous Adam, Yorkville, Illinois : 7:02 PM ET
I urge all Americans to call your senators and reps in the congress. If Americans stand up and say "NO" they won't be able to force the guestworker and amenesty issue! Remember, it's our government! As far as building a fence on GOVERNMENT LAND...that's OUR government that is not doing their job! It's the American people's land! I THINK THEY SHOULD BUILD IT TWENTY FEET HIGH WITH BARBED WIRE AT THE TOP. They have no right to come to our country and protest for rights! What rights? They don't have the right to be here just because they want to be!
Posted By Anonymous Marie Parsons, Clemmons, NC : 7:08 PM ET
As a former Border Patrol officer and husband of a legal immigrant, I am amazed that our goverment would even consider this guest worker plan leading to legalized citizenship. This is NOT right to those who waited in line. Let those who are here illegally line up with the proper documents and wait their turn. Meanwhile No benefits without proper forms of legality.
Posted By Anonymous Glenn Hemet, CA : 7:27 PM ET
Why is it considered 'historic' when illegal immigrants protest to demand citizenship, but when citizens build a fence in protest, they are labeled as 'nuts' or 'vigilantes'? When did citizens lose our right to speak freely?

Go Minutemen!
Posted By Anonymous Terry, Chandler, Arizona : 7:31 PM ET
I'd think we are (OVER)due a detailed explanation of exactly what the White House has in the works this minute to reign in the rampant influx of illegal immigrants. I'm hearing that they agree something needs to be done- but WHAT??? I don't think many have a problem with people legally coming here -1/2 of us wouldn't be here today if someone in our family didn't cross the big pond- but a government that doesn't set the expectations of respect & adherance to the rules, regulations & constitutional beliefs we have as a country may as well put down the welcome mat and open the flood gates.
Posted By Anonymous Ang Wayne, NJ : 9:03 PM ET
Build a fence, our goverment can't uphold our laws. Remember which Congressmen and Sentors wimped out next time you vote.

Illegal immigrants can not vote!

Why are our public officals so afraid to stand up and do what is right.
Posted By Anonymous terri, White Pine, TN : 9:08 PM ET
This is blackmail, pure and simple and I sure hope politicians stand up for what they truly believe and not just to get votes. Anyone who allows immigrants to break laws is themselves breaking laws.
Posted By Anonymous Tina Chgo IL : 9:11 PM ET
Although I am a Canadian citizen, I do have relatives living in the US. My aunt has to decide every month - do I buy groceries or do I pay for medication. Jobs, housing, and from what I understand, medical care is being provided to illegal immigrants, even before the needs of the average American are being met. I say once all the basic needs (and them some) are met for every American citizen, then let the immigrants in. If I were an American citizen, or could afford to take the time off, I would be down there building that fence right along side of them.
Posted By Anonymous Jane Ogden, Ottawa, Canada : 9:28 PM ET
Come on! Do any of you know how long the border is? If a wall was ever to be built across the border, the only that are going to available to build it, are guess who? Illegal undocumented immigrants. The majority of americans can't even mow their own lawn but yet there're going to volunteer to build a fence, good luck. The native americans sure made everyone else assimilate, oh wait we didn't let them. Their homeland security department was failing when they let all those european illegal immigrants. Everyone should open up a history textbook. Is America, sorry I mean the United States affraid of a new face? The cycle of immigration has changed the face of the U.S. since 1776, there is nothing to fear. I support the minutemen, I just ask them to educate themselves, and kill that large labor demand. We should be more worried about the billions of tons of illegal drugs entering the U.S. Last week a medium-sized passenger jet was intercepted by the mexican military, five tons of cocaine were headed directly to the U.S. from Venezuela. Lets not forget about the War in Iraq and Osama Bin Laden. Most importantly the immigrants that are risking their lives for this beautiful country as we speak.
Posted By Anonymous Ray, Chicago IL : 2:31 AM ET
Who is practically rebuilding New Orleans?

Plus we need USA, Canada, and Mexico to compete in the world market...
Posted By Anonymous Francisco, Houston,TX : 3:36 AM ET
Wow, I'm very suprised and shocked that most of the replies to this article are serious. I'm a Canadian who lives and works legally in Europe, and I am the descendant of German Immigrants who moved to North America in the 1950's, so I do understand what it feels like to be on both sides of the immigration issue. What really appauled me was the fact that people want to place a 20 foot wall on certain parts of the border, very much like the Berlin wall in my opinion. In a world that is moving towards destabalizing national borders, especially in the European community, why do people still believe you need to build a moat accross your land to keep out the "enemy". Maybe these people (I bet they are almost all WASP's) have forgotten that only a very miniscule population in North America are not Immigrants.
Posted By Anonymous Christopher Hastings, Luxembourg City Luxembourg : 4:32 AM ET
I do not think the press coverage of the immigration issue has been fair and balanced and a lot more could be done by the press to present both sides equally. This blog to allow comments from viewers/readers is a good thing also.

Now that all these people are demonstrating the Feds really ought to know just where some of the millions of illegals are to round them up. I think it is pathetic that the government is intending to actually require passports for crossing the Canadian border all the while 10 million illegals walk across the southern border with Mexico. Just where is the real problem here and whose priorities are screwed up!

Congress needs to put an immigration law into place that has some teeth to it, will actually discourage more illegals from crossing the border, and enforce it or enforce the laws we already have.

Today's rallies are a real slap in the face to the immigrants who have followed the law to enter this country and are waiting their turn in line.

As for the closings and walkouts why limit it to one day? Keep it going 24/7 from now on. When they realize just how much damage they are doing to themselves or their companies maybe they will understand they need us much more than we need them and quit whining so much.

American citizenship is a privilege to be earned and not a right.
Posted By Anonymous Dan Washington, Woodland, Maine : 7:05 AM ET
[quote]Only in America can a group of law braking citizens march and demand rights right under the spotlight of the law. [/quote]

Yes, isn't it wonderful that the First Ammendment applies to all?

By they way, the word is "breaking."
Posted By Anonymous Susan, Hudson FL : 7:20 AM ET
Everyone has such a gross interpretation of the role of immigrants in this country. You say that they come here and we pay for their welfare, their medical expences, etc. Really??? I'm curious to know how many immigrants you know. I know quite a few, and all are hard working people, who are here for a better life. We have enough people here who abuse the assistance program...maybe we should start throwing them out too...who will be left in this country? A bunch of stupid rednecks who have a God complex...
I didn't hear Spanish on the tapes from the cockpits on 9-11. They build our buildings, they don't ram planes into them. Maybe if we concentrated a little more on the border to our North, where the terrorists cross, then we could have saved lives and avoided war, but instead we want to throw out the people who contribute. BRILLIANCE AT IT'S BEST!
Posted By Anonymous Heather Hanes, Hope Mills, NC : 8:58 AM ET
Everyone deserves a chance to improve their lives, as long as its done in a manner which is both legal and fair to others. The marches and demonstrations yesterday by undocumented workers show how severe a problem we have.

We obviously need not worry about one terrorist getting into the us, but 70,000........
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Upper Peninsula Mihcigan : 9:24 AM ET
To all the whiners who say that its federal property and the minutement are breaking the law, HAH. If the illegals are breaking the law, then its up to us, who ARE the government to step in and do what we can. More power to them and I'll be down there this fall on my vacation helping! GO MINUTEMENT!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Bill Hadley, Franlin, WI : 11:51 AM ET
I understand that a country has the right to uphold it's immigration laws. I also understand that the people working and living in this country lack the proper documentation for their status to be legal. But the fact is that this country has been built by the hands and work of migrants coming here to search for a better way of life. This country was built by a group of men and women who came from a different country and decided to call themselves American. They were willing to fight and die for it. Today, people are doing the same thing against a government that has lost touch with those values. Walls never work. It's been proven in history over and over again. China and Berlin are prime examples.

I am ashamed at the attitude the Minutemen are taking on this issue. If these people were the patriots their name suggests, they would be fighting for the dream that our forefathers established here. It seems that the oceans that seperate them from the Old Country have also washed away the memory and meaning of these words:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
Posted By Anonymous Daniel Gonz�lez, Los Angeles CA : 2:30 PM ET
Finally, Americans are waking up and seeing the illegal immigration problem for what it really is. The protests are going to blow up on them (the protestors). As for the Minutemen, God Bless them. I'd like to see the government try and stop them from building fences. Local media says the BLM is looking into suing them for not getting a permit. How ironic that the worthless feds can find a way to go after legal citizens while letting illegals run rampant destroying our country. It is high time we take our country back from those morons. GO MINUTEMEN! Keep on building fences!
Posted By Anonymous Jose Garza, San Diego CA : 2:55 PM ET
I'm tired of hearing that people need to open a history book and see we are all illegal immigrants. These people should be the ones opening the history book and looking up a place called "Ellis Island" where immigrants came and became LEGAL US Citizens before entering the country. We must build a wall. China did and it is historic, beautiful and functional. Why can't we do the same?
Posted By Anonymous Dan P. Alexandria, VA : 3:14 PM ET
I think building a fence sends the right message, WE DON"T WANT YOU HERE.
The government needs to get the message and follow suit. There are way to many legal immigrants in the country that worked hard to get the status they have. It's a slap in the face to those people and all American citizens to just say, Give 11 million illegals a clean slate. Shore up our borders and fine the companies that hire the illegals.
Posted By Anonymous Brad, Farmington ILLinois : 3:15 PM ET
Mr. Mclain of Brooklyn, NY, you absolutely hit the nail on the head.
Doesnt anyone get it. May day was a day without the Illegal Immigrant. Why are we glorifying these people allowing them to protest wave their flags, while people who have come here legally are dealing with visa retrogression??
Posted By Anonymous Charles V, Forest Lake MN : 4:37 PM ET
This is all a cycle. People will go anywhere the conditions are better. Europeans went to Latin America in the 20th century because it was better than Europe.
Now it is the other way around and there is nothing you can do. Just accept it.
Should Latin America start sending the Europeans back?
Posted By Anonymous miami,miami,FL : 5:03 PM ET
My husband and I came here last year from the Netherlands, by choice. We made sure we knew the rules and regulations of this country and that we spoke the language of our HOST country and that we had legal jobs.
Although a poor economic situation did not force us to come here, we feel you still have to adjust yourself to the country you are in and that includes proper documentation.
Posted By Anonymous D. Utch Phoenix AZ : 5:30 PM ET
I believe that building a defensible border around our nations weak access points is necessary. However, that border needs to be open and made available for free travel to anyone who can pass whatever legal requirements are in place or put in place to make such passage possible and responsible.

Yes, we need walls along our border, but we also need to be very careful how we go about it. We must not present a locked border or we will be hearing Ronald Regan's words thrown back in our face. It is an important distinction. When Mr. Regan said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!", it was not the wall itself he was speaking of so much as it was the isolationist ideals and machinery that it represented.
Posted By Anonymous Gary, Indianapolis Indiana : 5:55 PM ET
Isn�t this how the west was won? With all seriousness, border control is cut so thin because all the money is being used by NSA watching them. God Bless the Minuteman for calling when they see a terrorist cross the boarder. Now, if we can audit these different sectors and see why there are so many cut backs, maybe we can bring the solutions to the table once and for all.

Have a wonderful day, and God Bless.
Posted By Anonymous Victoria Rum, Lenexa, KS : 9:09 PM ET
Thank you all for giving me one of the best evening of my life! After reading your comments of hate I got very emmotional and upset. I wrote my comment but I do not see it post it. That's OK. What matters now is that thanks to you I spend a wonderful evening with my neighbors. I live in a wonderful neighborhood, on my right side are Mary Jane and Gary, next to them is Mariola and Troy who are from the Phillipines, if you come to my left I have Amy and Rich, Mirza and Rana who are from India, and I can keep going with Teresa, Rebecca, Guadalupe which by the way are from Salvador, Mexico and Honduras, accross from us is Lou, a widow of 73 years, who has suffer a stroke, hipp replacement, etc. Yes, she is a Native she really truly is American. What an amazing woman! Every Thursday We (my daughters, husband, and I) do her lawn, take out her garbage can so it can be ready for Friday garbage pick up. When it snows we clean her driveway, when is raining / cold we take her mail. NO, we are not doing her lawn to take the job of any of you so call Americans, landscaping is not our businness. We do not take any pay from her. When we got together tonight I brought up all the nesty comments that I had read earlier. She hugged me and said: "They are afraid and have a great ignorance" and then said "God gave us the land, the land is for those who work it". Thank you, Lou. I work this land, I love this land, I do pay my taxes and I am not asking anyone for a free ride.
Minuteman - if you really love this country, why aren't you improving it? How about offering your time to those that need it? My family and I make sure that we volunteer from Monday thru Thursday at least a couple of hours each day. We go to center with special people, We read to the kids, play bingo with the is so much more should try it.
To Heather Hanes, Hope Mills, NC I am glad that some one else can see it.

Thank You all for your comments. When afterwards Rana and I went to our local J.J. Peppers store (which is own by Americans) we came in and they had the spanish radio station playing. I turned to Rana and said: "This is some of the fear Lou was refering to"
Don't understimate the buying power that 12 million illegals has.
Posted By Anonymous Raquel, Chicago, IL : 1:41 AM ET
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