Monday, May 01, 2006
Grandmother shakes her head at younger protesters
After waiting for hours in front of a nearly empty city hall in Los Angeles, the crowds arrived en masse shortly after 11 a.m. local time.

While there's no official crowd estimate, the line for the porta potties is beyond long, so we obviously have a big protest on our hands.

Before it got crowded here, I got to talk to Cecilia Mendez, a grandmother originally from Mexico. She came to this Los Angeles rally before it got moving, because her husband has a foot injury and can't walk the protest route.

We chatted together on the steps of city hall as we waited for the crowds. She's been a legal resident since 1985 and gave birth to two daughters in the United States.

Cecilia joined the rally because she wants people to come out of hiding. She thinks illegal immigrants who have been here working and contributing to society deserve a chance to live with the same rights as everyone else.

Cecilia came wearing white and waving an American flag. She said she hadn't protested since the days of Cesar Chavez, a Mexican-American labor activist and former leader of the United Farm Workers.

Just like any grandmother might, she shook her head at some of the younger protesters. In particular, she couldn't understand why someone would bring a Mexican flag to a rally in the United States.

As she put it: "I love this country. THIS is where we want to live ... to work."
Posted By Jen Rogers, CNN Correspondent: 5:08 PM ET

Posted By Anonymous SVEIN, PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. : 5:21 PM ET
I wish the mainstream media would quit calling these immigration rallies - they are illegal immigration rallies. That is a very important point that needs to be made. No one here is complaining about legal immigration - it's what this country was built on. What people are steamed about is illegal immigration, and the fact that it's created a climate in which employers can exploit people that are here illegally and subsequently NOT hire a naturalized or native US citizen to do the same job for a reasonable wage. Become a citizen and this country will welcome you with open arms.
Posted By Anonymous Eric, Denver CO : 5:37 PM ET
While it's true that the illegal immigrant does make a contribution to society and the economy for that matter, it is also true that they are also a severe strain on the economy as well. For instance, they use public services for which they pay no taxes to support. Our public schools are forced to hire Spanish speaking aids as more and more students do not speak English. This, too, costs the tax payer money. Of course, the illegal immigrant paid under the table doesn't feel this burden at all. Let me be clear, I have no problem with immigration to this country as long as the proper steps are taken to do so legally. It's immigration that has made this country what it is...unfortunately, it's what will make this county what it will be soon if we don't take steps to control the problem. I can only assume there is a reason these people are leaving their native county in droves. Could it be the economy? The lack of public services? Poverty? If we're not careful, they may be creating here the very problems they're running from.
Posted By Anonymous Ron Dethloff, Portland, OR : 5:38 PM ET
My ancestors came over from England, and became citizens the right way.
They did not come to take jobs away from other Americans, but to contribute. Nor did they demand as a right the Social Services that are meant for US citizens, many of whom are in dire need of them today.
I worked for Wal-Mart for many years and have heard the retoric for the last few of them that it was "Wal-Mart who was bringing down the wages for the average American" Now I believe that everyone realizes that it is acutally the illegal immigrant who will work for $5 an hour cash, who is bringing down the wages for the rest of us.
They are also costing the taxpayer millions of dollars, since the illegals cannot be denied state medicaid and welfare benefits.
I say shame on them for coming here illegally and not even trying to learn the language, shame on our government for even thinking of allowing them to stay and giving them benefits at taxpayer expense and even considering giving an 'illegal' the right to vote in our country, but the biggest shame goes out to us, the US legal citizen, who sits back and lets all this happen.

I say we need a day for all legal US citizens to protest and demand changes within our government and regain our country.
I believe it is way past time to let our Senators and Congressman know that they have failed us, failed this country and we will stand for it no more.
What say you?
Posted By Anonymous Theresa, Seattle WA : 5:42 PM ET
Ceasar Chavez, Che Guevara, and Unions are all prevelant at these protests.
The only thing missing from these protests are Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and flags with the hammer and sickle.

No wonder Bush loves illegal immigrants so much, he is a Marxist himself!
Posted By Anonymous Robert, Kokomo, IN : 5:42 PM ET
I think illegals should have no rights, as they don't pay taxes. If they wish to be in America, they should go through the process like the others have. As for protestors not flying the American flag, they are not showing their desire to be in this country.
Posted By Anonymous sharon campbell bullhead city, az : 5:42 PM ET
Yes. WE AE WELL AWARE OF THIS FACT...and we will do it if need be. Just as many Japanese Americans who were considered the "enemy" went to war for this country. What kind of logic is that? Understand that most "immigrants" leave their country for a better life and they leave EVERYTHING behind, their family, friends and any loyalties to their country. Just because we are proud to be Mexicanos does not mean we are not also proud to be Americans...
Posted By Anonymous Monica, Norwalk, CA : 5:44 PM ET
I think it's okay to carry a Mexican flag to a protest rally and sing the national anthem in Spanish, as long as it's in Mexico protesting the conditions in that country and singing the Mexican national anthem
Posted By Anonymous Angie, St.Louis, MO : 5:44 PM ET
If immigrants are so eager to come here, do it the LEGAL way. Yes, America was founded by immigrants but we set American laws, and if you want to be an American you have to abide by American laws, not find ways to sneak in and get around them. And if you do come over here, legal or illegal, at least learn English, it is the official American language!
Posted By Anonymous Danny, Phoenix AZ : 5:45 PM ET
Thanks, Jen, Greg, Keith, Anderson, Brad and Allen (all today's CNN correspondents with blog postings re: the "A Day Without Immigrants" demonstrations across the county today. As you can see (well I can't see how many ##s of blog comment-response SUBMISSIONS you actually receive/get at CNN), the Immigration/Illegals/Southern Borders issue really "brings the blogs out"!!! It's such an emotion-laden, contentious issue. There is A LOT of negative feeling and hatred towards illegal immigrants, especially Mexicanos. But, as many earlier bloggers pointed out, are we really willing to pay LOTS MORE $$ for our produce and products if we "kick them all out"?!?! It's a COMPLEX ISSUE for sure. I just hope our government "gets it right" on this one, but, unfortunately, they WILL NOT BE ABLE TO. That's the "downside of diversity": lack of consensus, and you can never make a majority happy in this land anymore. Too many competing interests and agendas.
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Sacramento, CA : 5:45 PM ET
More power to anybody that wants to come to this country and work. More power to anybody that wants to come here and have a family.

As we all know, there are millions of immigrants putting forth a great effort to make a living not only for themselves but their families. It helps them and our economy. There's no denial.

I've been witnessing many people state how many of their own family and other immigrants love the U.S. and how they want to stay and be part of this country.


There is just something I'm not getting though. All I'm basically hearing is the leaders of this protest passing the word on to rise up. "That is to rise up show who we are. Show what we mean to this country. We have the right. We mean a lot to this country."

Ok, I agree. But let's take a step back and look at this from another angle. What about many of the people that are not citizens? The people that are not capable of speaking the English language? Would it not help them tremendously to learn the language? To learn the history? Most of all, to become a citizen?

Hello better jobs. Hello better pay. Hello better benefits. Hello better education.

Why have we not been hearing these leaders point them in this direction? Why has it taken something of this magnitude to bring the leaders out?

Posted By Anonymous Mike, Arlington, Texas : 5:47 PM ET
This "Day without Immigrants" should be followed swiftly with a "Day without Tolerance for Illegal Immigration". With equal zeal and orchestration, every single illegal immigrant should be identified, located, and deported.
All may then be welcomed to apply for re-entry, legally, in order to enjoy the benefits of living in the U.S.
Until today, I was generally willing to 'look the other way' if I knew or suspected someone was in this country illegally. After today.. I am absolutely certain I will report anyone I find.
Posted By Anonymous Gary, Memphis, TN : 5:50 PM ET
So get in line with the applicants before you. Wait your turn. You are not entitled to expedited Green Cards just because you busted the border. In Mexico you are a felon if you bust the Mexican border subject to immediate arrest.
Posted By Anonymous E. Spierer, Venice CA : 5:50 PM ET
I am 100% in favor of LEGAL immigration. Anyone who is here illegally (without having come through legal immigration channels) is a criminal. I didn't make them criminals, they did it when the crossed the border illegally.

Our country is being invaded and we are doing nothing about it. Consider this...

If I sneak into your spacious ranch home and live "in the shadows" for a while... perhaps I help feed the horses and maybe hoe the garden... then, one day, you notice I'm there and through conversation learn that I am there uninvited. What do you do? You can either invite me to stay or, because I have deceived you and taken advantage of your hospitality, you can ask me to leave. If I refuse to leave, you can call the police and charge me with breaking and entering or, at the least, trespassing. Now, when the police tell me to leave or go to jail, would I march around with a sign? Would I demand to stay since your house is so much nicer than the place I was living before and you've got lots of room?

Get real! The illegals MUST go home and come back legally. Anything else is an insult to our country, our citizens, our laws and our way of life.
Posted By Anonymous Joan Lundholm, Flower Mound, TX : 5:50 PM ET
It is true that these illegal immigrants take up blue collar jobs that many Americans would have too much pride to accept. But then again hundreds of foreigners wait to legally come to this country so that they can have opportunities that the illegal immigrants are protesting for. Then why should people wait to be legalized, if they can just come here and work blue collar jobs, leading them to the same rights as U.S. citizens?
Posted By Anonymous Ria Kusre, Cincinnati OH : 5:51 PM ET
I would gladly welcome anyone who enters this country legally. But the illegal immigrants who say they want to live and work here also want the same protection and public services which, I beleive, the large majority don't pay taxes for. I've even heard of cases where some routinely come and work for a few months just so they can go back and live in relative luxury without working for the rest of the year. And it's great for someone to say they come to better their lives because of all the opportunities America offers but we're not the world's temp agency.
Posted By Anonymous Tim, San Diego, Ca : 5:52 PM ET
As a legal immigrant i would just like to say that yes, immigrants are important, but i had to work hard to just get my greencard. infact i applied for my greencard in 2000 and i have yet to recieve the final plastic. then after that who knows how many years i will have to wait till i get my citizenship. I've lived in america since 1992 and people who feel that illegals should be made citizens dont seem to understand how hard, how expensive, and how long the legal process is. If this type of legislation passes then people who broke this countrys laws will benifit while people like me who abide by the laws have to wait in perpetually never ending lines for citizenship. the message this sends out is that the immigration laws of this country dont matter, if amnesty is granted again like it was in 1986 then the illegal immigration problem will only grow since those wishing to enter this country will feel its cheeper, quicker and easer if they just walk across the border instead of following the rules set by the INS.
Posted By Anonymous Bharat, Marietta, G.A. : 5:52 PM ET
There is a distinct difference between America-loving legal hard-working immigrant workers like Cecilia and illegal immigrants. The key word here is illegal. You can paint any kind of pretty picture on it, talk about how they contribute to our society, how they only want whats better, etc.,etc., etc., but the fact remains that an illegal immigrant has BROKEN THE LAW by being here. Is it too much to expect that we enforce our own rules? A kindergartner knows that much.
Posted By Anonymous Bob- Mexia, TX : 5:52 PM ET
What's next? A protest and boycott to get amnesty for drug dealers? Ask any drug dealer why they sell drugs and they will more than likely tell you to make a living and feed their families. To me, if you break the law, you're a criminal.
Posted By Anonymous Greg, St, Louis MO : 5:54 PM ET
Sure - let's build a fence and become the Iron Curtain of America. Then we can prove to the world once again that we are the most arrogant, self-serving nation in the world. Did we learn nothing from the fall of communism? Walls won't insalate us from racism and ignorance. Where's the wall on the Canadian border? Oh - that's right - we have a temporary worker visa for Canadians!!
Posted By Anonymous Travis, New York, NY : 5:54 PM ET
This is crazy. I am a legal resident in the US. I came here legally,as a student.Had to work very hard too, it is not only the mexicans who work hard in this country.I stood in line to get my residency by following the law, that is why there are laws.Every country has laws, every country has borders.It is not necessary to re- make new laws. They should enforce the laws that are there regarding immigration. Once you cross that border, by climbing the walls, you have given up your rights because you are illegal.It is like going to someone's house without being invited. now you are claiming the same rights as the owner of the house? if they give automatic citizenship to illegals, we permanent residents who never broke a law, we shoud be granted automatic citizenship and rewarded on top of it.It is the government's fault. If the borders where secured, this would never have happened.
Posted By Anonymous Ami, Los Angeles CA : 5:55 PM ET
sigh. come onnn. they shouldn't be here, illegally at least. it's alright if they are here legally, but still, they're taking our jobs and causing Americans to sit at home and collect welfare every day. not a fun life.
Posted By Anonymous Bobby, Hanson, Massachusetts : 5:55 PM ET
If you want to live in America and work in America . . . then you must become and American. Bring another flag to my country and you are just another person from another country . . . not an American!
Posted By Anonymous Brian Richard, Fort Worth Texas : 5:56 PM ET
I am opposed to Illegal border jumpers and will not support any elected representative that does not do something to stop the illegal, drug running, terrorist and criminal invaders to our country. I am willing to pay more for produce for an American to do the labor at a reasonable wage. I do not believe the retoric that "jobs Americans won't take". Illegals will work cheaper, require no benefits, get welfare, get emergency Medical treatment free, overwhelm our services and form the core of "M" (the Mexican Mafia). Better to stop the flow and deport those that can be identified.
Posted By Anonymous Jose Macias, Whittier, California : 5:57 PM ET
Immigrants are not the problem, illegal immigrants are. These rallies only show how poor our border security really is. The protesters are not hurting the economy by taking a day off. They are hurting it by being paid under the table and milking the Government for all the free services they can. I say, don't just take a day off from work, take a few days off from milking American tax dollars for all they can. Then we will see not how much clout they have but how much the hurt the economy by being here illegally.
Posted By Anonymous Conner, Austin Texas : 6:04 PM ET
These people have some nerve, protesting in America, against America, about America, which is the very country they want to live in! They need to become American citizens before they should be able to reap our country's benefits! I can't get free health care! I can't get free food, or housing! and I WORK and PAY TAXES!! My grandparents were Italian immigrants, who became Amerian citizens and were proud to do so. Incidentally, nobody printed an election ballot in Italian for my grandparents.
Posted By Anonymous Paula Rice, Pueblo CO : 6:10 PM ET
Somehow, I believe it should be the US that determines how many immigrants, whether temporary or permanent, are allowed into the US. At present, we seem to be letting anybody else make that decision for us. And, at present, the US Government seems to be going along with that.

US Citizens should be demanding that our Government put in place some means of determining whether someone seeking employment is legally in the country.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Vernal, UT : 6:12 PM ET
And as I put it: "You broke our laws. We don't have to give you anything. Go the hell home and apply the RIGHT way and we can talk."
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Houston, TX : 6:12 PM ET
Ria Kusre...........not so true.

Where I work we had a maintenance team which had white, black, and hispanic.

Our company then brought in another CEO who began cutting cost everywhere imaginable. One way was by hiring a private company for our maintenance. Well, our own maintance was let go. Now? It's made up entirely of one hispanic(original lady) and the remainder are illegal immigrants. All but one can speak a word of English.

So no, your statement isn't true.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Arlington, Texas : 6:13 PM ET
First of all, someone needs to explain to the illegal immigrants it is our government and not yours. You are not in this country legally so you do not have the same rights. Legal immigrants earn these rights by following our laws to become citizens. As for the fact that you contribute to our economy, well you do. You contribute to the fact that wages in Arizona and other parts of the country are driven down because you are willing to work for less pay and under the table. So these big companies are losing money because you didn't go to work today. IF they had hired LEGAL workers, they would not have lost any money, oh but wait they would actually have to pay us. They are causing their own misery. To the person who said states have to give them aid, please see Arizona's Proposition 200 passed in 2004, you must now prove you are a citizen to receive assistance. Arizona was criticized for passing this. I also want to know why there is so much focus on the Spanish language? Why are my kids school forced to make accomodations for Spanish speaking students? We are not a bilingual nation, we speak English here. What about the immigrants (legal or otherwise) who speak other languages? Where is the emphasis on these kids? I am all for immigration and the pursuit of a better life, BUT it must be done LEGALLY. Jumping a fence in the desert does not earn anyone the right to be a citizen. My state can no longer manage the amount of illegal immigrants that live here now.
Posted By Anonymous Melina - Mesa, AZ : 6:13 PM ET
The U.S is not the only country with illegal immigrants. People should have the right to choose where they want to leave. They want to give their family a better life... it should not be a crime. They are not taking jobs away from other americans... they are doing what americans do want to do.
Posted By Anonymous Anne G, Los Angeles - CA : 6:15 PM ET
I wish that the media and the promoters of these "rallies" would call them what they really are..."A day without Illegal Immigrants" It doesn't make sense to me that they can actually take advantage of one of the freedoms that we Americans (either natural born or naturalized citizens) enjoy...The Right to Peaceful Protest! The illegal immigrants may well want to enjoy all of the freedoms and blessings that Liberty can bring but I say this...become a Legal American Citizen and then you can enjoy all of the blessings of liberty that ALL American Citizens enjoy!!!
Posted By Anonymous D. Anderson Sarasota, Florida : 6:15 PM ET
I have no problem with Mexican's being a part of this country and being here to work. My only problem is that if they are going to be here they should like the rest of us pay taxes on their wages if they expect to work here. It doesn't matter if they are Mexican, Canadian, or European; if they wish to live in the United States speaking English, carrying a work visa, and respecting our laws should be a given. They expect the same from Americans that go to work and live in their countries. The street goes both ways. You just need to drop the politcal agenda from it and make it about being fair to everyone not about ethnic background. You want welfare, you want food stamps, you want medicaid. You need to be part of the solution to pay for it not the problem of those who don't have their wages taxed or don't work at all and claim these benefits.
Posted By Anonymous Noel, Fayetteville, NC : 6:15 PM ET
This country is the greatest country in the world because it was built by immigrants who wanted a better and free life. I came here when I was 13 years old. Now, I am about to graduate with my MBA. How can anybody tell me that I am a criminal because I seeked a better life for me and my family?
Posted By Anonymous Norma A., Lubbock- TX : 7:00 PM ET
For those Americans on unemployment and walfare. Go work the fields, clean toilet seats, and work the highways. Then we can talk about who is taking your jobs. Stop collecting that easy money.
Posted By Anonymous Claudia Houston, TX : 7:02 PM ET
Actually, many illegal immigrants get fake social security numbers that will allow them to work here in the U.S., mainly in restaurants, construction, and farm operations. Illegeal immigrants pay into social security and never collect the benefits. Most illegals are of a working age, and go back to Mexico when they retire. Maybe if you knew an illegal immigrant, you might know more about the issues.
Posted By Anonymous Chris , Chicago, IL : 7:03 PM ET
I love the fact that there are school age children using this as an excuse to skip school. I'll be more impressed when they join the protests on a weekend instead of during school hours.
Posted By Anonymous Julie, Seattle, WA : 7:03 PM ET
A College Professor in Salinas,CA once labeled me as a sellout. It was in a chicano history class at Hartnell college. A sellout because I enjoyed surfing, I spoke english with my parents, mainly because I was "assimilating". I disagreed then and I disagree now. No it isn't wrong to be proud to be a Mexican, but we are in the United States, the country that gives everyone the right to do what they want, including these protests and rallies. It only makes sense to wave the American Flag. I am of Mexican dissent, in fact both my parents were born in Mexico. They both are citizens now. I myself wear the American Flag on my right shoulder everyday, as I am stationed in Iraq fighting for my country.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Buenrostro, Baquba, Iraq : 7:04 PM ET
I am writing because I don't think a lot of people have the full understanding of what some of the illegals have to deal with. I live in a place where illegals are necessary for the economy. These people work for very low wages because they want to take care of their families, whether the families are here or in their native country. Most Americans would laugh, or live off the government,if they had to work for $5.oo/hr. A lot of illegals do this for their families and yet people treat them like they are not important. Also, there are a lot of illegals who pay taxes and never get their money back because employers with hold these monies and find an illegal way to keep it themselves. Besides that, when an illegal trys to apply for an ITIN the IRS will not give them one unless the application is filed with a W-2. So, if the government or the people of the US want these illegals to pay taxes they should stop giving them the run around and take the blame themselves instead of putting it off on the people who just want to make a better life for their families. The way I look at it, illegal or not, they are still people and they have to live one way or another. I am an American, and my husband is not. The INS process is long and hard but my children have just as much right to live a happy life as anyone else. Think about what you would do to feed your children or take care of your sick mother. I commend these people for showing such a strong work ethic and strong family values.
Posted By Anonymous S.Gaspar, W. Jefferson, NC : 7:07 PM ET
"And if you do come over here, legal or illegal, at least learn English, it is the official American language!"

A common misconception - there is NO offical American language. Nowhere in this country is there a law stating that English is the official language of the United States. It's the one most commonly spoke, yes, but there's nothing "official" about it.
Posted By Anonymous Leslie, Austin, TX : 7:29 PM ET
Ironically, here in the US illegal migrants can go out of street and air their side! In the US embassy elsewhere around the globe, you are being incriminated to be a potential illegal migrant and denied entry into this country! People are being denied entry into the country even if they have presented valid reasons to come and visit our country. Why doesn`t the government start reforming the screening process of the entry in the country? Remove all the illegal migrants and hasten the application of those people who have pending petition to be US migrants! It makes sense, does it?
Posted By Anonymous Beth, San Francisco, CA : 7:31 PM ET
Americans are wholly ignorant of historical factors and economic conditions that have existed in those countries, which have created the present situation. Instead of blaming immigrants, take a look at why corporations are willing to exploit cheap labor and why the government does nothing to prevent this. Unfair trade practices have also caused this situation. America is a young country and has so much to learn. We are humans and I feel such hate coming from those who call themselves "decent" Americans.
Posted By Anonymous Fred, Chicago, IL : 7:34 PM ET
I would like to welcome all people illegal or legal who work hard to be a part of this society to my country. And ask those illegal or legal who are drug dealers, who misuse welfare, who use the corporate stucture to embezzle others' hard earned salary to please leave my country.

Although Mexicans are a part of the illegal immigrants we are talking about they should not be singled out as many are from other countries. Many of you are using Mexicans to describe illegal immigrants this is unfairly giving Mexicans a bad name. I am sorry to all that have been effected by this inapporpiate word.

And finally people from Mexico, Peru, Guatamala, Hondurus, etc are all Americans as they also live in the "Americas" therefore have the same right as us from the U.S.A. to be called American.

Please use your words careful and think about what gives you the right to have the extraoridnary opportunities that we have in the U.S.A more than anyone else does.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Rochester, MN : 8:57 PM ET
There are alot of correct statemnts in this blog. The problem is the fact that the people behind these rallies are putting the "immigrant reform bill" into wrong context. The bill has alot to do with the illegals in this country, not hte ones that are here legally. Most of the mexican children cannot even comprehend this fact due to they were born here and are US citizans. I know several people where I work who have spouses who are naturalized citizans and they give no sympathy to these illegals who are using our resources and not paying for them, where we as total tax payers have to pay for them.
Posted By Anonymous John, Seattle, Wa : 9:01 PM ET
THANK YOU !!! Finally someone else sees the flags from "Homelands abroad" as sending some mixed signals ! If America is the place you call home and the place you find worth fighting for then shouldn't that be the flag you are flying?
Posted By Anonymous Chase , Clifton Park ,New york : 2:49 AM ET
I am so tired of the argument that "they should come here legally." We are a nation of immigrants. The only reason that people were considered "legal" immigrants 100 years ago is that Congress had not yet passed laws to label people "illegal."

Legal immigration is now severely restricted. We do not give people a path to citizenship, so they are forced to break the law. If you needed to feed your family and you lived in a country with very little opportunity, you would do the same.

The demonstrators want the right to live, work and pay taxes in the US. We should welcome them, not label them as criminals. This country is facing a labor shortage. Baby boomers are aging and our debt is exploding. If illegal immigration is a problem, then the solution is to allow far more legal immigration so that hardworking immigrants can provide for their families, while contributing to our economy.

First generation immigrants have kept this country vibrant and economically strong. They *create* many of the jobs that they supposedly "take." Do you think that the guy selling oranges by the side of the road for 12 hours is "taking" someone's job? Is someone stopping you from selling oranges at the side of the road? The entrepeneurial spirit and willingness to work shown by immigrants is what made this country great. Stop blaming immigrants and start appreciating them. They are the future of our country.
Posted By Anonymous Cliff, Los Angeles, CA : 5:45 AM ET
Do you people not realize how much money we would lose if these illegal immigrants were all kicked out? Political, my ass.
Posted By Anonymous Alyssia, Columbia SC : 9:16 AM ET
Back in 1951 my father applied for a green card. He waited in line until 1954 when he got it. 2 years later my mom and I got our green cards. I graduated from McAllen High School in 1960 without the help of bilingual education. In 1962 I joined the Navy and got out in 1965. I stayed in the reserves until 1989 with the rank of chief petty officer. Every day I give thanks for being able to live in this wonderful country. I will always wave the American flag, never the flag of the country where I was born. I would encourage all those people at these rallies to do the same. Be proud of this country!
Posted By Anonymous tony gonzalez, mcallen, tx, 78501 : 6:44 PM ET
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