Thursday, May 04, 2006
Did immigration rallies spur backlash?
For Phil Jones of Herndon, Virginia, the backlash against illegal immigration began last year when he took his teenage daughter to a convenience store near his home.

He says his car was mobbed by illegal immigrants looking for work as day laborers. He says they completely surrounded him and tried to climb into his car, and that when he indicated he was not hiring, they made obscene gestures at his daughter.

So when Jones heard that his town council in Herndon was going to establish a permanent hiring center for immigrants, including illegal immigrants, he began organizing opposition. And it worked.

On Tuesday, just one day after nationwide rallies against stricter immigration laws, Herndon voters tossed out the officials who supported the hiring center.

Across the nation, grassroots groups favoring stronger immigration controls and enforcement say they are benefiting from a backlash against illegal immigration after the pro-immigrant rallies earlier this week.

They say e-mails, phone calls, and even donations are on the rise, as legal American residents react to the demands that illegal immigrants be given amnesty and allowed to become citizens.

Since Jones began his campaign for tougher immigration policies, he says, his home has been egged and a pro-immigrant Web site posted his picture online, calling him a racist.

But Jones is not giving up the fight. He is convinced the immigrant rallies this week made many more Americans aware of what he sees as growing militancy among people who don't even have a right to be here.

He thinks the backlash has just begun. What do you think?
Posted By Tom Foreman, CNN Correspondent: 5:12 PM ET
Mr. Jones is a hero in our eyes; We all need to stand up against the invasion from Mexico. We are constantly told that it would not be possible to remove all the illegal aliens, If they were Taliban, would we remove them then?
Were voting for those who are against Amnesty.
Ken and Theresa
Pompano Beach, Florida
Posted By Anonymous Ken and Theresa Isham, Pompano Beach, Florida : 6:30 PM ET
I certainly did not enjoy seeing illegal immigrants and their supporters waving Mexican flags yet demanding amnesty. I immigrated legally from Asia and my advice to these folks is to get in line like the rest of us did.
Posted By Anonymous John O., Pleasanton, CA : 6:37 PM ET
"Backlash" connotates a negative reaction rather than the rallies being more of an awakening to the situation for the majority of people who may now step forward and get involved. There are many rational means to deal with the situation but we must be realistic. Undocumented workers who are filling a void should have an opportunity to earn citizenship but not step in line in front of those who are already in the country legally. We need to eliminate reliance on printed immigration documentation and establish a secured database of record that must be used by those providing services (healthcare providers, schools,...). With the cost of our war on terrorism we are not exactly in a position to be giving away free services. Let's not make this a political issue. Let's deal with it rationally and expeditiously. We have a lot going on in our world and this issue isn't that complex.
Posted By Anonymous I. Kapiski, Encinitas, CA : 6:38 PM ET
Jones is right, it's kind of like someone breaking into your house and demanding to become part of your family.
Posted By Anonymous Pato - oakland, CA : 6:40 PM ET
I hate to offer an uncharitable view, but it seems to me that Mr. Jones' experiences might reflect as much on his behavior toward hispanics and their inevitable response than anything about the GREAT HISPANIC threat.

I have lived among hispanics for years and have yet to have my daughter insulted, be carjacked by passing mobs of Mexicans, or had my home egged.

I don't know about any "backlash", but apart from the usual American nativist predjudices, its a problem that needs a reasoned solution not minutemen, half-truths and walls.
Posted By Anonymous Bob Jones, Denver, CO : 6:41 PM ET
The fact that people that broke our laws to get here now think they can DEMAND that we grant them amnesty and citizenship makes me very angry. This is the first time that I have been disturbed by all of this even though I live directly on the border. The country that they are leaving is so bad that they do not wish to stay there but then insist on flying the flag of the country and declaring allegiance to it.
Posted By Anonymous Dick Braun, El Paso, TX : 6:43 PM ET
I would agree with the statement that there is a backlash on the rise. These efforts have only brought to the forefront that the system needs to be fixed, and the solution isn't to give citizenship away. In the end it has unified the opposition to speak with one voice, and that voice is paid for by my tax dollars and communicated by my vote at the polls to oppose these efforts, and elect officials who agree to the same.
Posted By Anonymous Kirk Sibley, Portland, OR : 6:43 PM ET
I think Jones is motivated by racism and xenophobia. Its a convenient story about savages surrending his car and threatening his virginal daughter...please. Why has this 'debate' soley rested on illegals from Mexico? Are all 12 million from Mexico? Doubtful, I see thousands everyday in NY from Asia, Europe, Africa, Russia you name it. We should be looking at how Nafta has helped create this situation in both Mexico and the US. Let's start thinking about real solutions for working people in both countries instead of subscribing to racial fear mongering. But then again, Congress can't really be expected to THINK.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, New York, NY : 6:43 PM ET
The media is very quick to do stories about the difficulties that illegal immigrants face. What about what illegal immigrants cost the taxpaying U.S. citizens? They cost our healthcare system millions of dollars which cost us U.S. citizens higher healthcare cost! Decreased wages incertain trades due to companies hiring illegals for less money, lower property values & highter crime rates in areas with concentrations of illegal immigrants! Higher insurance for uninsured motorist, many of whom are illegal immigrants - especially isn southern states. The list goes on & on. Many of us Taxpaying Citizens are tired of hearing the crys to feel sorry for them while we pay!
Posted By Anonymous Greg E Riverside NJ : 6:45 PM ET
How is it that the Government can pick and choose which laws to enforce and which laws they will not enforce. The middle and lower income class of American citizens are being shreeded, by the rich and corporate hooligans. How dare you say that American citizens will not take certain jobs, that is a lie. For a decent livable wage, folks will work, not for slave labor and the creation of a peasant underclass. Let us reach out to the Countries of South America and help them to create a prosperous society so that these folks can go back home to there families and there homes. Every stone that is thrown into the pond creates a ripple that goes out and out and effects all other areas of the society. The American citizens are paying a price that no one can measure and our lives are not better off for having people come into this country illegally.
Posted By Anonymous Herb Smith, Main Town, CA : 6:45 PM ET
I commend his actions and encourage others to stand up for LEGAL immigration. Standing up for LEGAL immigration does NOT make someone a racist. When illegal immigrants demand rights which they do not possess they certainly undermine their position. The US is not against immigrants. We are all immigrants in one way or another. We simply want legal immigrants and we want people who have broken the law to be held accountable. The pressure illegal immigrants put on the work force and social services is unjust and it is about time legal citizens take action against them. What is wrong will abiding by the laws of the land?
Posted By Anonymous Michael. SLO, California (in Europe at the moment) : 6:46 PM ET
I believe legal immigration is one the wonderful aspects of the U.S., but illegal immigration isn't and there is definitely a tone of militancy and an air of entitlement with these rallies. Other laws that exist are upheld, why do we have some much leniency for those actively breaking the law and taking advantage of government perks that many legal citizens aren't even offered.
Posted By Anonymous Alex McCarroll, Los Angeles, CA. : 6:47 PM ET
My feeling has not changed,maybe solidified, but not changed. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, however,there is a process by which a person may make legal entry into our country. It badly needs to be updated, but the fact remains, anyone trying to bypass that process has no right to be here. I feel the people that hire these illegals are the most culpable for the present situation. At the same time our government has put it's head in the sand again as it does with any unpleasant issue until it becomes impossible to ignore. The backlash will be most profoundly felt at election time.
Posted By Anonymous C. Sowell,Brooklet, GA. : 6:48 PM ET
I find it dumbfounding that people who are breaking the law by living in a country illegaly can be brazen enough to demonstrate against their treatment. You are breaking the law, you can't be wrong and strong at the same time.
Posted By Anonymous Andrea, Montreal, Quebec : 6:48 PM ET
Good for Mr. Jones though it is a shame that he has been harrassed by those who feel otheriwse. I think these rallies that occurred have indeed sparked a backlash and this is the beginning. It is an outrage that these individuals come here illegally and then demand the same rights as US citizens native born or foriegn born. They need to start in their own countries if they want better standards of living for themselves.
Posted By Anonymous Kat, Lawrence, Kansas : 6:48 PM ET
Hmm...You guys started reporting on a backlash almost a week before the boycott and rallies even occured. Seems like this "backlash" is just wishful thinking on your part. I see nothing but progress for immigration reform.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, San Marcos TX : 6:48 PM ET
I truly hope so. They have starded coming into my city in the last couple of years. Our economy is down here. We don't need anymore people putting stress on our citizens. I'm behind Virgina and Arizona for standing up for their citizens. My wish is that Lou Dobbs run for president. We the American people would finally get what is best for us.He is the only one who truly speaks for us. Margaret,In
Posted By Anonymous Margaret Kokomo,In : 6:49 PM ET
The "We pay taxes too" placards carried around by the illegals should read "we divert tax money meant for needy legitimate citizens".The illegal immigrant's growing militancy has convinced me that enough is enough and we should be forcibly deporting all illegal immigrants.
Posted By Anonymous Jim Wilson, NY,NY : 6:50 PM ET
I think the rallies were a turning point for a lot of "legal" Americans. The backlash was being felt before the May 1st rallies and I beleive the sentiments of most Americans for tougher immigration laws will continue to grow as a result.

Mark Lukas
Walnut, CA
Posted By Anonymous Mark Lukas, Walnut, CA : 6:50 PM ET
I own a carpet and flooring store and have noticed an extreme upsurge in immigrant installations in the Northeast region and lack of quality in flooring installations. I get complaints from many customers that have gone to Home Depot for flooring. The primary complaints are the lack of quality and that the installers can't even speak English or answer their questions. I believe that is because Home Depot recently bought "Floors Incorporated" which is an installation shop that fosters and supports illegal immigrants as installers for flooring. Big business does this to get the cheapest labor rate for the highest profit all while compromising the quality of installation for customers. This is WRONG! I know that in Longbranch, New Jersey, the majority of the population is Brazilian and that hundreds of hardwood installers can be found there for dirt cheap labor prices. Why would I want to compromise the quality of my installations and happiness of my customers to save some money. I'll make more money in the future by doing the finest I can for my customers. Makes no sense but it is happening in the flooring business every day. Something needs to be done about it to put quality back into the flooring business and get paying customers what they deserve. I see illegal immigrants in almost every facet of business that I deal with.........and it's hurting the American workers. Just my two cents and thanks for your time.
Posted By Anonymous Brian, West Deptford, New Jersey : 6:51 PM ET
I don't know if there's any ORGANIZED backlash, but there were certainly a lot of native-born Americans like me who were greatly angered by these protests. The arrogance of these people is beyond the pale. People were carrying Mexican flags, for example, presumably to assert how great Mexico is. Well, if Mexico is so damned great, then GO HOME!

In all honesty, if I lived in some of these hopeless towns in such a godforsaken country run by corrupt officials and an oligarchy that snuffs out all hope of economic improvement for the average Mexican citizen, I'd give my life to get my wife and children across the border. But be that as it may, the US simply cannot continue to absorb unlimited numbers of immigrants. The point of these protests seems to be that the United States--alone among sovereign nations--is uniquely unallowed to restrict both the number and quality of immigrants it lets in. Apparently, if China, India or some other overpopulated country decided to deal with its excess population by filling up cargo ships with people and dumping them in US ports, we're just supposed to keep letting 'em in and letting 'em in without end. That's ridiculous. Like any other nation, we have a right to determine which foreign nationals will live here. If illegals don't like that, tough.
Posted By Anonymous Will, Richmond Virginia : 6:51 PM ET
I think he is right with protesting illegal immigrants coming, working, and staying in this country. I also think he is a racist if his reasoning for protesting against illegal immigrants was because he was mugged outside of a store. Sure some illegal immigrants are criminals and willing to do anything for money, even criminal activity such as robbing people; but certainly not all illegal immigrants are criminals & delinquents going around robbing people outside of stores. Because Herndon decided to organize community leaders in opposition to illegal immigrants does not make him a bad person, this makes him a concerned citizen with a desire to do better in his community. The fact that he choose to focus on his one bad experience with illegal immigrants makes him a racist.
Posted By Anonymous Jody, Belchertown, MA : 6:51 PM ET
Just a point; all day I kept hearing about "immigration rallies". I think the "illegal immigrants" are missing the point. We are all immigrants but most of us did it legally becoming citizens. Most that come here legally take the time to learn the language, pay their taxes, and become citizen. Even if you don't agree with what I am saying and you are pro-illegal immigration think about this, if its ok with the 8 to 12 million illegal's to stay and become citizens for free with no consequences, what about all the others to come from here on out? Do we just let anyone who wants to come to the US come? I think if anyone took the time to think about that thought they would realize that that train of thought would ruin this country in a very short time. It has to be controlled and monitored. A little at a time LEGALLY!
Posted By Anonymous James, Ventura, CA : 6:51 PM ET
I hope people understand the difference between illegal immigrants and immigrants. News media is dropping this "illegal" term when ever they want to -
Posted By Anonymous pinaki, Austin, TX : 6:51 PM ET
Not only do I agree, but I also think the rallies and no-immigrant day showed a lot of people that it is really no big deal if there are no illegal immigrants working in the US. North Carolina has a huge immigrant population and the only comments I heard were that there was less traffic on the way to and from work.

With all that said, I think most people do not dislike immigrants, it is that they just want to stop illegal immigration. Follow the rules and I believe most Americans will welcome you with open arms.
Posted By Anonymous Mark Matejka, Winston-Salem, NC : 6:51 PM ET
A huge backlash has begun. We who are here legally and vote are going to throw out those in office who offer any amnesty to illegal aliens. My family is not shopping in any business that supported the boycott. We drove around and checked out our favorite stores. I support aliens who line up and come here legally. The rest need to leave.
Posted By Anonymous Monte G. Euler, Mira Loma, CA : 6:52 PM ET
I gotta tell you...if traffic and crowds would be down like they were during last Monday's rallie, then shut the border down and send all illegals back. I got to work faster and with no worry of a car crash with someone who has no auto insurance that can't speak English...who would more than likely flee the scene anyway and make MY insurance rates go up.

Yes, this is harsh. But let me tell you something else...I work hard every day for every single dollar I am able to spend on things that I may or may not need. I am a legal US citizen. I pay taxes and contribute to the overall economy in a positive way. I don't break laws. I have never done any drugs.

I wasn't raised in a rich family, or a poor one. I made something of myself in a country that promotes postive thinking and rewards those who work hard. If I didn't like the way it is here, I would leave and go somewhere better.

Illegal immigrants should do the taxes, obey laws (this includes becoming LEGAL immigrants), don't use drugs, work hard (most already do work hard) and contribute to the greater good of the country that is allowing you to call it's soil "home". If not, back over the border for you.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, LA, CA...USA : 6:52 PM ET
Politicians are just that "Politicians." They'll even sell their mother for a vote.

If legal immigrants had the audacity to boycott schools, and cause loss of millions by jamming traffic and bycotting work, to support granting of amnesty to illegals... do we want more of that crap?

They are worse than the union.

Where has sensibility gone? Visit any area where these immigrants live and recognize the crime rate in those areas. I'm not prejudiced, but plain truth can't be painted otherwise.

Third world countries are full of them, and they have no respect for law and order. Neither do they embrace clean neighborhoods. Do we want more of the same?

Their rally has shown what's to come. Allowing 13 million more illegals is just going to make the rough law-less situation arrive sooner.
Posted By Anonymous Dr. Richard D. Bradent, Worcester, MA : 6:52 PM ET
I was a legal resident of the United States for 30 years, then I became an American citizen in 2003. Due to a misunderstanding, and a technical hitch, I had to go through the process twice, and pay twice. I am proud to be an American, but I absolutely do not understand why these illegal "immigrants", who are breaking the law by being here in the first place should be rewarded by citizenship. Do we really want citizens who think so little of the laws of the United States? Let them go through the process legally as I did.
Posted By Anonymous Wendy in Hickory, NC : 6:54 PM ET
I believe that we all as Americans owe it to our country to protect this land for decades and even centuries to come. For that we all need to help stop illegal immigration and those that support it. This is not a positive thing for our society.

The key word here being ILLEGAL. Is it ok for these people to break the laws that govern our nation before they are even a citizen while we as Americans are forced to abide by the laws of our country? We do not owe illegal immigrants anything! The times of political correctness need to be over. Let's be realistic about the corner we are backing ourselves into with this weakness in character of not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings. It's ridiculous and people are using it to their advantage against us.

I think our government is allowing too many people to believe and feel we even support the breaking of not only this law but many more and we are rotting from within because of it.

Who are these elected officials that are supposed to be protecting us and our land. Let's identify them and remove them from the positions of power they so blatantly disgrace with their weakness to do the right thing.

It's time for our leaders to start leading by example and doing the job they are sworn to do. And I think it is clear that the most important thing is to protect the values and way of life that so many died to create for the rest of us.

Why are we so easily giving ourselves away? Have we grown complacent? Yes, I believe we have.
Posted By Anonymous Rich - Los Angeles, CA : 6:54 PM ET
This guy is right on. This people don't have the right to be here and should be deported.
Posted By Anonymous Philip Baker, Denton, Texas : 6:55 PM ET
I hope there is a major backlash. Those who entered this country illegally and now claim that because they are here they have a right to stay is outrageous. I have written my members of Congress twice in my life. The 2nd time was this week to tell them to vote against anything that gives these people any kind of shortcut to citizenship or work permits. Send them all home now. I'll pay the $10 for a pound of grapes.
Posted By Anonymous Blake Ortner, Stafford, Virginia : 6:55 PM ET
Yes there will be a backlash, and it is primarily the fault of the toadying lickspittles in the media. You throw it up in our faces that the illegals are exactly like the legal immigrants in some pathetic attempt to generate pity for a bunch of criminals. The fact of the matter is that real immigrants have the COURAGE to do it legally. Unfortunately courage and integrity are in as short a supply among the illegals and their supporters as they are among the main stream media.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne in Yuma, AZ : 6:55 PM ET
I must agree with Mr. Jones. This country was & continues to be founded on immigrants who LEGALLY entered this country. In CA, an argument might be made for the cost of supporting illegals possibly outweighing the benefit of paying them low wages for work most others would pass up... For example, every child born here is our responsibility, and a burden on our legal tax-payers, not to mention the cost of monitoring the border, deportation, etc. & wouldn't it be in a Mexican immigrant's best interest to be properly documented so they could earn a fairer wage? Wouldn't that acheive at least part of the goal of the late Cesar Chavez? One possible solution might be to ease the immigration process from Mexico, a neighboring country that posses little real threat to our National Security, and without who's help our economy would likely suffer. But I feel they must be documented, taxed and accounted for. And what about trying to help Mexico itself in stabilizing its own economy and social programs so there isn't a constant exodus over the border? Once again, this issue isn't as black and white (no pun intended) as the Bush administration would wish it (and about every other serious issue facing our country) to be. iFeliz Cinco de Mayo!
Posted By Anonymous Ben, Santa Cruz, CA : 6:55 PM ET
One thing I have noticed is people are hopping on the immigrant bandwagon because they are unaware and probably not well read on the subject. The government (I used that loosely) is attempting to curb illegal immigrants not the ones who are here legally and abide by the rules - one thing to note that hasn't been brought up - some of the terrorists who crashed the planes on 9/11 were illegal in this country.... hhhmmm stiffer penalties for illegal immigrants I am totally for - send em back unless they want to learn our language and follow our rules - this is the land of opportunity - the illegal immigrants do not have the same rights as legal immigrants - every one of those who did not go to work that day - needs to be fired and sent home.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Chattanooga, TN : 6:56 PM ET
I think that the demonstrations will backfire in a very large way. In Southern California, reports indicated that without the protesters:
There were 20% fewer kids in school.
5% lower traffic, resulting in much faster commute times.

Explain to me the part where this is not a benefit to me and my children? Why would I not want there to be tougher immigration laws? I don't feel obligated to pay for schooling, health care, and increased insurance premiums due to people who should not be in the country in the first place. If the worst that happens is I have to mow my 20x20 lawn myself, I can live with that.
Posted By Anonymous Eric in Burbank, CA : 6:56 PM ET
It is very unfortunate that such an incident occurred to Mr. Jones and his daughter, however, that does not give him the right to generalize that type of behavior to all illegal immigrants.

If people were to ban or hate a certain population, based on a few individuals, we would have protest groups agains Caucasians, African Americans, etc. There have been many instances in my life where I have been harrassed by Caucasians. One specific example occurred in San Francisco, where I was yelled at and harrassed by a Caucasian homeless male. Should I start my own organization against them claiming that all homeless Caucasian males are belligerent, lazy people who would rather beg for money than work for it?

I think Mr. Jones is forgetting, or possibly choosing to ignore, the part of American history where it states that this country was founded on immigrants, from all backgrounds.

If he wants to help the economy of this country, or the current state of affairs, look towards our adminstration and the policies being set forth, instead of using innocent, hard working individuals as scapegoats.
Posted By Anonymous Melissa Rivera, Philadelphia, PA : 6:56 PM ET
In Los Angeles on Monday it was a day without Anti-Americans, and we saw L.A. for what it could be. Traffic was down, missing especially were the rude humungous SUV drivers. Also absent were illegal street vendors leaving trash all over, no day-laborers to harass you on every corner. The only business to suffer were the ones who supported this "demonstration for the right to break the law"! Hell, they can stay home every day, better still, they can all go HOME! Yes, this country was built on immigrants, but LEGAL ones, just like my Father and Grandparents were.
Posted By Anonymous mike, los angeles,ca : 6:56 PM ET
I agree. There is strong unification of people against "illegal" immigrants and that feeling is growing. In general, Americans are in favor of legal immigration but not illegal immigrants who tax our system and give very little back to the communities they have infultrated.
Posted By Anonymous Jay, San Francisco, CA : 6:56 PM ET
Illegal Immigrants have been misled by the size of their group into thinking that they have leverage. What most don't have, is the ability to vote. That is where the power is, to sway the politicians. When the silent majority gets off it's collective butt and tells the Politicians what the majority wants, the game will be over. 20 or thirty million immigrants versus 300 million tax paying, voting citizens, guess who wins. I think the silent majority wants a secure border, a process for immigrants to become citizens that makes them register, learn english, learn about America, and pay taxes. There should be NO drastic short cuts is this process. They must prove they want to be and can be good law abiding citizens. Americans favor immigration but dislike being dictated too by those who have no right to say anything. The silent majority is begining to wake up on this issue.
Posted By Anonymous Stan Watts Daytona Beach Florida : 6:56 PM ET
It took my wife and myself 3 years to get the green card in late 70's and
another 5 years to become the citizen of this great country.
The system exists, they just have to follow like every body else.
Back then, we did not have rallies,
what did they try to accomplish? by force?
Posted By Anonymous Charles Chen, Draper, UT : 6:56 PM ET
Heck yes,

As a Democrat, I was on the fence about this issue. Now that these people are demanding that we Americans give them Amnesty when they broke the law, seems crazy. Now I believe that we need maybe a wall, but at least no guestworker plan as well and Amnesty of any sort. My only problem is who do I vote for? Democrats that want open border and think that Citizenship should be sold on EBay for $2000 dollars. Or Republicans that want to get tough (Beside Bush and a few others) at the expense of High spending and crazy free trade bills that hurt American.

Right now, I guess I will vote Republican to secure our border, then in 2008 or 2010 votes Democrat to clean up trading problems.

To bad Democrats can't get on the right side of big issues.
Posted By Anonymous David, Louisville, KY : 6:56 PM ET
Yes, we Americans are frankly a little tired of seeing citizens of another country complain and protest about our country in our own country.
Posted By Anonymous Don, El Paso, TX : 6:56 PM ET
Good for him and I hope more people stand up for what's right. I have no problem with people coming to our country for a better life if they do it LEGALLY. These ILLEGAL immigrants have no right to demand anything other than a ride back to Mexico.
Posted By Anonymous Dwayne, Atlanta GA : 6:57 PM ET
I think he's dead on. I just don't get which part of "Illegal" people don't understand. Like or not, they broke our law, period. I just don't see any way you can get around that very simple fact.
Posted By Anonymous Keith, Anchorage AK : 6:57 PM ET
I think it definately hurts their cause when you turn on the news and see people chanting in Spanish and carrying Mexican flags. On one hand, they are saying they want to be a part of the United States, yet they carry Mexican flags and chant in Spanish. Something doesn't add up.
Posted By Anonymous Brandon Austin, TX : 6:57 PM ET
The use of the word "backlash" is just another example of the craziness of modern American politics. To fight a war on ANYTHING--terrorism, national security, crime, etc--a successful war against the intellectual nihilism known as political correctness must be waged. This "backlash" is just a re-assertion of what every honest, hard-working American knows--the emphasis should be placed on the word "illegal", NOT "immigrant".

There's no advocacy group for common-sense, hardworking Americans, and it's their voices that need to be heeded. They comprise both the moderate and much of the ideological mainstreams of both parties.

However, illegal immigration is the ultimate case AGAINST bi-partisanship, as both political parties have found it in their best interests to sell out the values of the United States. The Democrats want amnesty so that as citizens, illegal immigrants will reward them at the polls, and the GOP wants an inexhaustible supply of cheap labor that is virtually powerless to organize.

Thanks to our "politically-correct" society that can't differentiate right from wrong, the latter is currently winning.
Posted By Anonymous Phil Creed, Canton, OH : 6:57 PM ET
I am NOT for any type of amnesty solution to correct this problem. To suggest that Mr. Jones is racist is absurd and ignorant. Are they not "illegal immigrants"? This is what we collectively get when we turn a blind eye to issues that need fixing.
Posted By Anonymous Christopher Neal, Los Angeles, CA : 6:58 PM ET
It is unfortunate that Mr. Jones had a bad experience with immigrant workers but that does not mean everyone is the same. Mr. Jones - I would like to know the struggles that your family went through when they came to this country. How quickly we forget that we are a nation of imimgrants.

Also, please bear in mind that the terrorist that attacked us on 9/11 where not from Latin America. Better yet, the bombing in Atlanta and Oklahoma were not done by immigrants. So let's stop overeacting about the issue especially when immigrants help us by doing jobs that neither our kids nor other US citizens refuse to do.
Posted By Anonymous Ben, Brooklyn, NY : 6:58 PM ET
I am a white 46 year old woman. I have been a life-long Republican. To see these illegals march in our streets and try to intimidate the American people has moved me off the fence and squarely into the NO-amnesty crowd. Can you believe that we have wrung our hands over issues like flag-burning and gay marriage when if fact we have been invaded by people who have NO right to be here.

The illegals have overplayed their hand and woke up the sleeping giant.

I have informed my representatives in congress (who I have never written to before) and told them I am a single-issue voter this fall. Homeland security is the issue and it starts at the borders. Anybody granting any kind of amnesty to illegals will not get my vote. I may end up with a Democratic congress this fall but at least with them, you know you're going to get screwed.

Grow a backbone Republicans. These illegals will not eventually vote for you anyway. And if you cower before them, you won't have my vote either.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Springfield, Missouri : 7:08 PM ET
I agree with Jones; not that we are "racist" we just want to make sure that American's remain having the quality of life that the "legal" immigrants have fought so hard to work for. With no borders; we would not have a country!
Posted By Anonymous Penny/ Lake Forest, CA : 7:08 PM ET

My wife and I were not against Hispanic workers but we are against those who are here illegally. We have plenty of work for legal immigrants (the rest of us). Those who want unfair wages for fair work (and employ people who will work for less than the going rate) are undermining the America that we have come to love and learn from. When I was teaching in the Republic of Georgia I saw workers standing on the side of the road all day waiting for work. I thought, "So this is the picture of the third-world of democracy." I see the same scene today in Houston and ask, "Are we becoming a third-world nation too?"
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 7:19 PM ET
I hope that the backfire will continue to the point that the American Goverment & companies the will abolish all there is in Spanish language. Whoever can stay in this country should learn English. Taking away rights off illeagal migrants will benefit the U.S. citizens. My son was born here on July 4th, and he never had what the illeagal have as far as health care or education etc.
Posted By Anonymous Ella Bronner, Sarasota, Fl : 7:24 PM ET
I do too! It going to be deep as time goes on
Posted By Anonymous Atlanta GA : 7:28 PM ET
I can only hope these rallies spur backlash! It has sickened me to watch these rallies on immigration reform. Immigration Reform? Why not just uphold the laws that are already in place? No matter how you look at it, being an illegal immigrant is just that�ILLEGAL. Giving 12 million people amnesty should not even be an option. The only option these people should be given is the option to cross back over that boarder the way they came. Oh I know now that I said that I am a racist right? Well not true. As a matter of fact my Grandfather was a Pilipino immigrant. So I am 100% behind LEGAL immigration. With that said would you like to know the first thing my Grandfather did? HE LEARNED TO SPEAK ENGLISH�imagine that! And he did this on his own! No classes were offered to teach him, he took it upon himself and did this with PRIDE. He did not make demands on the American government to teach his children in Pilipino, (he made them learn English), or sing OUR national anthem in his native tongue, he proudly learned to sign it in English. He worked, he paid taxes and he contributed to his community. I also work for a very big company that is VERY diversified and therefore I get the privilege of meeting ad getting to know people from all over the world. Many of whom would love to become an American citizen, but from what I understand 50% of all legal immigrants are from Mexico every year and the other 50% are from the many other people from other countries trying to obtain citizenship. (Please someone out there feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Right or wrong on that one there is already a LEGAL process for becoming an American citizen�so why is it that they are the only ones griping?
Posted By Anonymous Jami, Portland Oregon : 7:30 PM ET
This is nothing new. It only has more attention then normal because our country has elected a right-wing leadership, and one of the defining qualities of conservatives is their insular nature.

The fact that we are at a near-historical level of disapproval with our government means that our government is also looking for issues to divide people, and immigration is a great one.

If 'Mr Jones' wants to express his political views and assemble with people of like perspectives, then good for him. That's his right as an American.

Immigration is a big issue for this country. People who choose to express their opinions over it should be encouraged to do so, as long as they express their opinion in a civil manner. Hopefully whatever dialogue arises from such expressions results in good reform policies.
Posted By Anonymous PD, Atlantic City, NJ : 2:12 PM ET
send all the illegals back.
use the military to close the border.

i for one, have called my senators. and joined the minuteman project.

i will do everything i can to save the united states of america!
Posted By Anonymous tim, : 6:15 PM ET
A hispanic woman stood on the capitol steps and shouted "We are taking our country back". And the crowd cheered. Sweet, huh?. That was on the day of the first rally here in Utah.

My husband is hispanic. He was born in the United States. He is a veteran who served during the Vietnam "conflict". He has worked and paid taxes since he was old enough to work and pay taxes. His family has been in the U.S. for over a century and he has a native american grandmother. He is very proud of his heritage. He is angry that the congress and senate of the U.S. will not stand up and enforce the laws of the country he was asked to die for. Also, he and his family had a lot to prove. They proved they were productive citizens. They overcame many prejudices. His statement is "these illegal aliens are putting all citizens of hispanic decent back to square one. They break the law, they are swift to use the system and the rest of us pay for it".

My husband and I are eager to join the Minutemen. We support their cause. We want to know where the ICE were when these rallies were happening. We support any grassroots effort to get American citizens in gear. Let's get real.

Are the "illegals" a benefit to the average American, really? Is most of this hype. If we did have to pay more for our lettuce would we care? Especially if we weren't supporting 11 million illegals with our taxes.

I'm tired of our current senators and congressmen who support any changes that aren't more severe - like making illegal entry to this country a felony.
I think they do not serve the American people. I think they serve themselves.
Let's vote 'em out!
Posted By Anonymous Ms. Lopez, Salt Lake City, Utah : 6:34 PM ET
These illegals are committing an act of war when they march thru our cities under foreign flags, I am done talking, I will not travel to Mexico, I will not purchase products made in Mexico, I avoid any person or business that I think may have employed illegals. I will vote for any politician who has the guts to call a felon a felon, and take action against them.
Posted By Anonymous Thomas Watkins, Gresham, Oregon : 7:14 PM ET
If you notice, the media doesn't say ILLEGAL immigrants, they only say immigrants. They are trying to stop people from realizing that these people are breaking the laws. OUR laws. We all need to get our country back, it's not a race issue, it's not discrimination, it is us United States citizens who are trying to fight this pour in to our country. We all need to stand together and stop these people before it's too late.
Posted By Anonymous Robin, Los Angeles, CA : 4:03 PM ET
I agree. We have personally been victims of burglary by illegal immigrants, have witnessed blatant shoplifting, and, as an employee in a medical facility, seen the bankruptcy caused by illegal immigrants demanding free medical care that we ourselves cannot receive. Illegal immigrants should never, never, never be granted citizenship and thereby never be given the privilege of the vote. Guest Worker programs if we must, but never citizenship. Signed, a legal Canadian immigrant who is now a citizen.
Posted By Anonymous Rosalind Richards, Tucson, AZ : 4:29 PM ET
They have taken over a large section of our city. It is not a good idea to go out after dark in some areas now, the stores are crowded with Mexican women and their hordes of Spanish babbling children, a dozen people are living in a small rental house and the proliferation of crime is alarming. Perhaps ICE should have dropped a net over some of these rallies and sorted the legal from the illegal when the opportunity presented itself.
Posted By Anonymous Linda J., Tulsa, OK. : 5:43 PM ET
The success of our country depends upon helping
newcomers assimilate into our society, and embrace our
common identity as Americans. Americans are bound together
by our shared ideals, an appreciation of our history,
respect for the flag we fly, and an ability to speak and
write the English language.
Posted By Anonymous Patrick, Rock Springs, WY : 6:10 PM ET
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