Thursday, May 25, 2006
Could Al Gore be the next Nixon?
Most Americans last saw Al Gore on December 13, 2000. That's when he ended his concession speech by saying, "And now, my friends, in a phrase I once addressed to others, it's time for me to go."

But look at Al Gore today. Magazines are running articles on "The Resurrection of Al Gore" (Wired) and "The Comeback Kid" (New York). His new movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," opened this week, and it's drawing good reviews: "A necessary film," writes A.O. Scott in The New York Times. For an Al Gore movie, that's a rave.

Could this be Al Gore's moment?

Since 2000, the former vice president has been traveling the world delivering lectures on the threat of global warming. More than a thousand lectures, in fact.

"I set myself a goal to communicate this real clearly," Gore says as the movie shows him trudging through airports, carrying his own bags. "The only way I know to do it is city by city, person by person, family by family."

He means it. At an advance screening in Washington last week, Gore was asked why his lectures had not gotten much press attention. "I deliberately kept them off the record," he said. "I wanted to preserve the intimacy of each occasion."

Hollywood producer Lawrence Bender saw Gore's talk and said to himself, this has got to be a movie. "We need to get millions of people to see it," Bender told CNN. "So we filmed him all around the world -- in China, all over the country, doing this presentation. It's truly phenomenal. It's going to blow your mind."

A lecture by Al Gore?

"The message is one that is serious and urgent and complicated," Gore said at the Sundance Film Festival in January. "They have made it entertaining and enjoyable and funny and really watchable."

How did they do that? By doing what Hollywood does best: Telling a story.

Director Davis Guggenheim said, "One of the things I wanted to do was tell his personal story, why he's so invested in this, why these facts and figures are so interesting to him." He added, "It all goes back to his life on the farm and tragedies in his family and the 2000 election. The process was very much an intimate storytelling experience."

The film includes the story of Gore's sister's death from lung cancer. "That's one of the ways you don't want to die," Gore says in the film. "The idea that we had been part of that economic pattern that produced the cigarettes that produced the cancer. It was so painful on so many levels. My father -- he had grown tobacco all his life. He stopped."

The filmmakers refuse to call it a "political" film, because they see the picture's message as unifying. Guggenheim said, "Gore frames it not as a political issue but as a moral issue, something we should all really think about no matter who we are."

Ok, but does President Bush plan to see it?

"Doubt it," Bush said. He explained, "We need to set aside whether or not greenhouse gases have been caused by mankind or because of natural effects and focus on the technologies that will enable us to live better and at the same time protect the environment."

These days, some Hollywood liberals have doubts about Hillary Clinton. Is she selling out? Can she be elected? Al Gore is emerging as their dark horse. After all, they say, he's been elected.

The Clinton legacy was something of a problem for Gore in 2000. A lot of Democrats believe Gore lost because he tried to distance himself from Bill Clinton. But you could also argue that Gore lost because he couldn't distance himself from Bill Clinton, even though he tried. That's why Gore put Joe Lieberman, Clinton's severest Democratic critic, on the ticket.

If Gore and Hillary Clinton were to run in 2008, both Democratic contenders could claim the Clinton legacy -- the former president's wife and his vice president. On the theory that a helpmate is closer than a running mate, Hillary would probably have the stronger claim. That could liberate Gore to run against Sen. Clinton from the left.

"He has a true vision," producer Bender told CNN. "He's strong. He doesn't equivocate. He's great on all the issues. He's passionate. He's funny, and he's grounded."


Well, Gore did appear on "Saturday Night Live" recently, where he pretended to be speaking as the president elected in 2000. "We have way too much gas," Gore said. "Gas is down to 19 cents a gallon, and the oil companies are hurting. I know that I am partly to blame by insisting that cars run on trash."

Gore calls himself a recovering politician, but adds, "There's a danger of a relapse." He said on NBC's "Today" show, "I'm not at the stage of my life where I'm going to say, 'Never in the rest of my life will I ever think about such a thing.'"

Talk about a smart marketing strategy: The film is coming out at the perfect moment. Millions of Americans are angry at President Bush and worried about energy.

The film is not overtly partisan, but few viewers will miss the visual cue after Gore says, "I was in politics for a long time. I'm proud of my service." The next shot shows the terrible devastation of Hurricane Katrina, an event some people believe hurt President Bush.

Would Americans really elect a president who served eight years as vice president, then ran for president and failed, and then was out of power for eight years?

It worked for Richard Nixon, because the moment was right.
Posted By Bill Schneider, CNN Senior Political Analyst: 5:14 PM ET
The best thing that could happen would be for Gore to run with Clinton as V.P. There's no way, in this conservative age, that America would elect a woman as the next President of the United States of America. However, if Gore wins, which is very possible at this point if the Republican party continues to implode, then having a woman V.P. can open up a lot of opportunities. Also, back in 2000, Gore took such a conservative stance to distance himself from Clinton that he alienated many liberals. Clinton had a 73% approval rating during his impeachment, so while the religious right may have been whining, almost 3 quarters of the country backed Clinton. Now back in the spotlight, Gore is finally stepping up and sharing his real opinion and being completely outspoken, much to the disdain of all those Fox News pundits. Well, I guess there's still 2 years left, and a lot could change.
Posted By Anonymous Emma Russell, Downingtown, PA : 6:31 PM ET
Why not? Let's give the man a chance, see what he has to say. I wish all Americans would forget the party affiliation issue and let each man and woman show us how they plan to lead this country to unity and peace.
Posted By Anonymous Tina - Chicago IL : 6:36 PM ET
I voted for him in 2000 and I would vote for him again in a heartbeat. Gore / Clinton could get the Dem's the White House in 2008. I look forward to seeing his movie.
Posted By Anonymous Melina - Mesa, AZ : 6:37 PM ET
I am more than just a little excited about the prospect of Al Gore running for President. America needs to rally around someone to turn this country around. While I like Hillary Clinton, I know people who hate her with the intensity that I hate Bush. Hillary would just keep the country divided. Al Gore could be just the one who could get elected.
Posted By Anonymous Cathy, Minneapolis, Minnesota : 6:54 PM ET
One thing Al Gore has going for him, regardless of 'momentum' and 'moments' - he was right. He was right in '92 when he wrote Earth in the Balance and we're starting to see the effects of ignoring him today.

I don't think anyone can seriously argue that he would have been a WORSE President that the joker currently getting us in deeper and deeper in the mire. There's every reason to believe he would have been better than many of our more historic presidents because... he understands how inter-related things interact.

But no, people chose the guy they're rather have a beer with because... Gore wore brown suits? I couldn't believe there were really people that shallow until I saw it with my own eyes. People, think. Do you really want your drinking buddies to have life-or-death control over your kids in the military? Our national security? the economy? If so, you hang out at much more intellectually high-powered bar than most.

Let's stop choosing our presidents according to who makes us feel less intellectually inferior and start picking ones that actually understand the issues, m'kay? We tried to make do with a dummy once, and I don't think we could survive as a nation, perhaps even as a species, if we pick another one.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 7:01 PM ET
I'm not sure if I was Al Gore I would appreciate being considered another Nixon. As I recall things didn't turn out well for Nixon and I'm not sure things would turn out well for Gore if he were President. He is a nice enough fellow in a wooden sort of way. But, there is something laying just beneath the surface that makes me think he is struggling to "keep it all together", I had the same feeling about Richard Nixon in 1964 and in 1968.

I like Al Gore and I agree with him on the environment, but I think he should focus on having a life outside of political office. That way he won't fall victim to his insecurities and come unravelled like Tricky Dick did.
Posted By Anonymous Sebastian Cabbage, Santa Barbara, Ca : 7:07 PM ET
Al Gore is a great American. The Republicans stole the election. A lot of people know that he is more than qualify to be President. I think that he will take care of his wife and not run again. America and the world could use a President Gore. He was a powerful Vice President over a time of great prosperity. It is our lost not his. He is respected and appreciated more now than eight years ago.
Posted By Anonymous Antonio Feliciano, Brooklyn, New York : 7:14 PM ET
The way that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are shifting around, apparently trying to please all of the people all of the time, 2008 may be Gore's year. I'd be glad to see him in the office. I'm tired of being ashamed to be an American, as I have been for the last six years.
Posted By Anonymous Gypsy, an American in Mexico : 7:32 PM ET
I don't think Gore would make a good president at all. He suffered from the same flip flopping problems that Kerry suffered from, and it is time for him to move on. If he wants to do something useful, he should help raise money for alternative fuel research, and put his money where is mouth is. Currently he spends way too much time on gas guzzling airplanes, and driving around in SUVs. He ought to take his own advice and completely stop his consumption of hydrocarbons, like he insist the rest of us do.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, RTP, NC : 7:34 PM ET
I am sure if I was Al Gore that I would not like to be compared to Nixon. Nixon was the worst President we as Americans have had, with the exception of Bush who is even more outlandish and completely out of touch with the American people, maybe even planet Earth! I believe what Al Gore is trying to acomplish to make Americans aware of global warming is a much needed lesson as I believe global warming is here to stay. Will President Bush see Gore's movie on global warming....not a chance! Bush is too busy destroying our environment in the name of Corporate America. Bush has set our environment back decades. Last I knew Bush was not even acknowledging global warming as a problem...DAH!
Posted By Anonymous Moe, Liverpool NY : 7:37 PM ET
Gore loses the election, goes into hiding, and reemerges with a mountain-man beard, and spewing the most vitriolic hyperbole in front of every camera he can find - he made himself a joke, and no matter what he does, he can't recover from that. A poll done in May of '06 showed Gore with an even lower approval rating than Bush! He's not even in office, and people are unhappy with him. He should stick to making far-fetched action films. Only thing he seems adept at.
Posted By Anonymous Patrick M, Brooklyn NY : 7:44 PM ET
To S.C. from Santa Barbara:

To compare Gore to Nixon, it is only in their recycling by virtue of time, their personalities otherwise are not comparable. Nixon would be more or less likened with our current president. Thin skinned and motivated more by power and politics than governance and policy. Notice how both "conservative" Republican presidents managed to graciously expand the welfare state mechanisms significantly during their time in office.
Posted By Anonymous Grant Miami, Fl : 7:46 PM ET
I think Al Gore would have a major advantage in the '08 election, one not shared by any present politician: Namely, Gore has little association with the decision to go to war in Iraq. Even some of the most liberal of Democrats have that blotch on their record.
Posted By Anonymous Charles, Sacramento : 7:49 PM ET
I think Al Gore has the potential to refresh our nation's political system. While I agree with his stance on the environment, he may face our current president's woes during his initial term (if he ran and was elected). This may bog him down with trying to fix our country rather than focusing on new initiatives to stablize our economy and reduce our 'footprint' in war-torn countries. Like Nixon? Not unless he has a scandal...
Posted By Anonymous Frank, Anchorage AK : 7:52 PM ET
Gore is not a scientist. We shouldn't be listening to a layperson explain science issues....Would you ask a politician for stock advice? Or to do your heart surgery?
Posted By Anonymous Brant, Madison, Wisconsin : 7:55 PM ET
Gore has the luxury of being one of the few political figures in America who has creidbility on Iraq. He voted in favor of Desert Storm when it was unfashionable to do so, and very correct to do so. And he opposed Bush War II when it was unfashionable, and very correct, to do so. He's not handicapped with a pro-war vote in the post 9/11 hysteria that got us into the mess we have there today.
Posted By Anonymous Paul Gore, Oakland, OR : 7:57 PM ET
Unfortunately I believed the Republican platform and voted straight ticket for the last 25 years - after Mr Bush I never will believe them and vote Republican again.

I would vote for Gore in a heart beat today.I regret he lost now. What a different world it might be and what a better country if he had won.

I would rather have even one of the worst of the Clinton/Gore days over what we have now.
Posted By Anonymous Max West, Payson Arizona : 7:58 PM ET
All any intelligent person needs to do is compare what Al Gore has stood for these many years to the list of things this administration has messed up to see why we would have been better off, and could be better off, with Al Gore as President. I'm over 60 and have seen them come and go. I was a registered Republican for most of my voting years until they sold out America for their own personal greed. I'm ashamed in front of the other peoples of the world. I would vote for Al in a heartbeat. I just hope he runs. People are blind if they do not see this unselfish man of character.
Posted By Anonymous Richard Shumate, Eugene, Oregon : 7:59 PM ET
Al Gore is a man I deeply respect and admire -- and I'm a hardcore cynic. While this post has many valid points, I can't help but wonder what inspired the headline. The comparision to Nixon is deeply insulting to a man who has dedicated his life to such an honorable mission. The coincidence of number of years served in the Vice Presidency is hardly enough reason to put Nixon and Gore in the same headline. What's with the negative slant? Why stretch so far as to compare Gore to the US President memorable mostly for his criminal activity? The only thing Gore has ever been guilty of is a really cheesey shuffle paired with a white man's overbite. Compare him to nerds, sure, I can accept that -- but dishonest criminals? Not fair!
Posted By Anonymous Eileen Burke, Burlington, VT : 8:05 PM ET
AL Gore may well be the strength the Democrats need to win back the Whitehouse. Barring some totally unforseen circumstance, he already has my vote. Go Al, GO!
Posted By Anonymous Kevin, Phoenix, AZ : 8:10 PM ET
I voted for Al Gore in 2000 and would absolutely vote for him again in 2008, if he so chooses to run. I was one of thousands protesting in front of the Palm Beach County Courthouse begging the State of Florida for a recount in 2000 and will never forget that tragic time in our nation's history. Despite the rampant Republican propaganda machine that has plagued this country for the last six years which has tried to convince the masses that Mr. Bush won that election, he didn't. Mr. Gore did. I hope we all didn't forget that.

Mr. Gore is brilliant, which is what I want in a President. I have had enough of those with lukewarm intelligence running the show. It is an embarrassment. Also, Mr. Gore is compassionate, understands the way the world works, has foreign policy experience, served in the military, and is an expert in matters that should be at the top of this country's agenda.

We should all be so lucky if Mr. Gore runs.
Posted By Anonymous Stacey G, West Palm Beach : 8:17 PM ET
I don't see Hillary conceding the Presidency to Al Gore. The 73% approval rating WJC enjoyed during his impeachment was later debunked as there was no control group (you can't call DNC headquarters and ask---do you still like what he is doing!). I think Al Gore's time has come and gone. There are too many others waiting in the wings and I don't see Dean supporting Al Gore.
Posted By Anonymous Lou San Diego CA : 8:18 PM ET
Regarding the statement that Gore "failed" in his Presidential bid--please don't forget that there remains extremely strong evidence that Gore actually won the 2000 election.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Iowa City IA : 10:31 PM ET
I really liked this article. I think that Gore's "truth" could be just what we need, as Democrats, to regain power in the executive and legislative branches, despite who's name appears on the ballot for the 2008 election. Excellent move on Gore's part. I definitely plan on seeing An Inconvenient Truth, as should everyone.
Posted By Anonymous Lauren P., Fort Worth, Texas : 10:32 PM ET
"Would Americans really elect a president who served eight years as vice president, then ran for president and failed, and then was out of power for eight years?"


Six years ago, Al Gore Won our trust and he Won our voice - the Popular Vote, yet his Presidency, and our Voice, were overturned when the U.S. Supreme Court decided to "Bulldoze" the U.S. Constitution and insert itself into the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election, hence forth, dropping the biggest "Political Nuclear Option" this country has ever faced in it's democratic history, and now we are living in the "Political Nuclear Fallout" of that decision from our Highest Court in the land.

Their "Per Curiam" should've just stated one simple phrase: Alea iacta est - The die is cast.

The U.S. Senate should have exercised its Constitutional Judicial Authority, and impeached the Majority on the U.S. Supreme Court for such an outrageous and egotistical stunt.

Al Gore may have not invented the internet, but I guarantee you all, he would've read his P.D.B.'s.

Sorry if I seem a bit negative, but I do not rejoice in watching our country suffer as a result of a decision that was not our decision.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, San Diego, CA : 10:42 PM ET
To Brant of Madison WI.

Al Gore is not a scientist
and FDR was not an economist.
Posted By Anonymous K. Bryant Wadsworth, IL : 11:00 PM ET
Though I would like to see Hilary Clinton in the presidency, and I'm a male, I believe if she were up against, say, John McCain, she would lose. And John had my favor in 2000, but his courting of the right-wing base, evangelicals, he's making me nervous. Further more, the Democratic Party isn't taking to the idea of Hilary as their candidate, because she is too centered anymore. Only the democratic voters are mainly supportive. Al Gore should run on a third-party ticket, and Hilary Clinton should concede to wisdom, and further develop her political reputation rather than make a premature run for office. She should instead, tell the democratic party to go to hell and run as vice president with Al Gore on a third party ticket. Both are reputable, and Gore/Clinton ticket would, more than likely, comfortably win. Then, the republican party would be stuck in an almost evenly divided Congress with old-school democrats that don't seem to get the reality that they have lost touch with America's problems and have no good solutions. It would be poetic, and a positive development for American politics. After Gore makes the most of what is left after Bush's regime, Hilary should then try for the Presidency in 2016, I'm sure then she'd win.
Posted By Anonymous Richard, Bloomington IL : 11:23 PM ET
Why would we want Al Gore? Because he wrote a book and made a movie about the enviroment? Because he promotes a an enviromental lifestyle he doesn't live himself? Because he wants to stick us with higher taxes and leave us with the same dying economy Clinton did?

I think 2008 will be Al Gore's year...Al Gore's year to loose to Mitt Romney.
Posted By Anonymous Jason Bonham, Chicago IL : 11:27 PM ET
I do think that Al Gore can complete a major comeback by winning the presidency in 08. He is showing us all something he never displayed in the past, the real Al Gore. His popularity is growing with every day and as a democrat eagerly awaiting the 08 elections, I would vote for Gore over Hillary.
Posted By Anonymous Tray Hayes, Mount Airy NC : 11:41 PM ET
I think Al Gore is just what this country needs. Enough partisan politics. Its time for the country to unite and stop being red and blue.
Posted By Anonymous Alon W Manhattan, NY : 11:44 PM ET
Perfect + Aura = Gore & Obama in 2008.

Hilary should be in there somewhere because she is smart and experienced with the Washington merry-go-round, but she should get behind the suggested ticket where she could really help us all.
Posted By Anonymous ScaiacS, Oakland, CA : 11:47 PM ET
Why would anyone who even likes Al Gore a wee bit wish the presidency on him? Imagine trying to clean up THIS mess?! I say keep W in there forever, like in Bill Murray's movie, Groundhog Day.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Grass Valley, CA : 11:50 PM ET
Not the next Nixon--
1. Nixon was evil, Gore is a nice guy
2. Nixon had so many enemies, he had to keep a list. Gore can keep the names in his head.
3. No new Gore
Posted By Anonymous Holly Glaser, Seattle Wa : 11:59 PM ET
I think Gore would need to find a fresh resonance on the campaign with speeches on other issues this fall in addition to Global Warming. The party esablishment(with the possible exception of Howard Dean) won't move beyond their disdain for the idea unless they see wave of support for it.
Posted By Anonymous Douglas Paul McFarling : 12:05 AM ET
Since 2000, Al Gore's credibility, both as a former politician and statesman, has only grown. He is a proud liberal, a living reminder to all that this country was built on liberal ideas. Al Gore is the only credible liberal democratic leader who can truly galvanize and unite all the democrats. Al Gore for 2008? Why not? He is simply the right man at the right time and for all the right reasons.
Posted By Anonymous Louie Limosnero, Hillsborough, NJ : 12:09 AM ET
Why is it so difficult for you people to write anything about Gore without being critical? Resist the temptation to be dismissive, and inform yourself. You owe it to the people you misinformed in 2000.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Albuquerque, NM : 12:19 AM ET
Al Gore isn't going to be the man to win back the White House. At least not in his current state. 2 years is a long time and a lot can happen between now and then, but if Gore is really going to make a bid for the White House he is going to need something stronger to stand on than the environment and gas prices.
Don't get me wrong, W has got to go, and I'm not to thrilled about another 4 years of republican presidency, but can Gore really pull it together? Last time around a few brown suits and a monotone voice was able to do him in, now he is gonna have to answer to those ridiculous photos of "Old-Man-River" beards and frumpy shirts.
America needs a president that can bring our enemies back to the table and bring our allies back to our side. While Gore definately has the international credibility to command respect, I doubt he has much credit left where it counts (Florida and Ohio). Lets face it, the American voters can be a shallow group of people, and while there are some serious problems out there right now, Gore just doesn't have a low enough IQ to really connect with the people.
Posted By Anonymous Darren, Portland Oregon : 12:22 AM ET
That's funny. Don't bet on it. (-:
Posted By Anonymous Tom J - Waldorf, MD : 12:23 AM ET
We should Re-elect Gore in 2008. Gore would be good for this country...he would be good for the world. He is an expert on global warming and the environment as a whole and that is something that I think is an even greater risk to us then Iraq. We have been led down a path the last 6 years that is good for minorities...and by that I mean the rich. The majority of people in this country are middle class or poor and Al Gore will respond to the attacks that the Bush regime has led on the middle class in the country. Al Gore will lead us down the right path and repair our country that Bush just had to break. Al Gore will fight for us in this country were we so desperately need help.
He will also help the world achieve the goals it so needs to reach. Don�t forget Al Gore was the one in the Clinton administration that had the real Foreign policy expertise. He will keep us safe from others who chose to harm us. Al Gore not Sen. Clinton who is a sell out and more for the rich then she wants anyone to know. She has a record that shows a lack of consistency. One minute she is a Cubs fan the next a Yankees fan...Can she really be trusted. I am 25 and I don�t know about Nixon but I do know Al Gore is the best person for this job. He will get my vote...I encourage you all to look into his platform from 6 years ago...look at his record and the things he has done for this country and I know you will want to vote for him as well...just make sure you don�t leave any of those "chads" hanging...if we still use them anymore.
Posted By Anonymous Damien Corrieri, Ames, Iowa : 12:44 AM ET
Lou from San Diego said: "... I don't see Dean supporting Al Gore."

First of all, as head of the DNC, Howard Dean has to remain neutral on all of the Presidential candidates, so his support is not an issue. However, if you'll remember, towards the end of 2003, Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean for President over his own 2000 running mate, Joe Lieberman. It was Dean's highest-profile endorsement, and I can't imagine that if Dean weren't Chairman, that he wouldn't return the favor and endorse Gore.

Personally, I'm hoping for a Gore/Dean ticket in 2008.

Brant from Madison said: "Would you ask a politician for stock advice? Or to do your heart surgery?"

Well, Bill Frist, in addition to be the Senate Majority Leader, is also a heart surgeon. I wouldn't want him anywhere near my heart, but not for reasons relating to his ability as a surgeon. I also wouldn't want to take stock advice from him, seeing as he's under investigation by the SEC.

Howard Dean, though, was both a stock broker and a doctor. I'd take any advice he had to offer.
Posted By Anonymous michael, Northridge, CA : 12:47 AM ET
Nixon? Huh? Let's not forget that first and foremost, a comparison with "Nixon" conjures up the images of Watergate. No matter what kind of partisan you are, this is not a comparison applicable to Al Gore by any stretch.
Posted By Anonymous Carl Willis, Albuquerque, NM : 1:13 AM ET
Al Gore for President in 2008? In a heartbeat! I supported him in 2000 and thought that the election was stolen from him. Sure he was wooden and most likely his message was "too handled" but the fact is that America and the rest of the world has been bristling under the weight of Bush's incompetance, corruption and his simplistic lack of understanding of world affairs. Gore has been a dedicated, honest, competant and insightful legislator and vice president. Imagine what the world would be like today if Gore had taken the oath of office instead of Bush? Hillary has strength in the polls right now but so did Howard Dean just before the convention. Gore/Clinton is a winning ticket - especially when you look at the alternatives.
Posted By Anonymous Gary K - Brentwood, California : 1:15 AM ET
You are right, we should not compare Gore to Nixon. That is very insulting to Nixon. Al Gore is so out of touch with reality. Have you seen him at the MoveOn Dot Org rallies? Yelling and screaming. I was worried he was going to fall over. After some of his speeches over seas where he has ripped on our country, I consider him a Benedict Arnold. As a conservative (not a Republican), I hope he runs for President, because there is absolutely no way he wins. For the guy that said Nixon and Bush are the worse presidents of our life time, I have two words for you: Jimmy Carter. He was terrible, and please send him a message from the 46 states that voted him out of office in 1980, "no one cares what you think." The democrats will not win until they figure out what they stand for.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff; Jefferson City, MO : 1:20 AM ET
Wow, every comment is pro Gore..and you guys think FoxNews is biased. I wish everyone would quit insulting Nixon by comparing him to Al Gore. Ugh! Haven't we had enough of this guy and his far left lunacy?

Clinton & Gore in '08??

Looks like 4 more years for the GOP!!
Posted By Anonymous Robert Bailey Wake Forest N.C. : 1:26 AM ET
Like or dislike the man, your headline appears to be a really cheap attempt to link him on a subconscious level to one of America's most hated historic figures. Isn't the story interesting enough without the sensationalism? If not, why did you write it? Was this personal politics shining through or are you really that thick? There is certainly no shortage of political figures worthy of slander for things they have actually done. Throw a stick and pick 50.
Posted By Anonymous Derek Bazanac, New Orleans, Louisiana : 1:29 AM ET
I saw this movie yesterday. Al Gore cares. He cares to spread this message of change for everyone on earth, not just Americans. He has deeply studied the patterns of our environment and knows more then most about this subject. He did not retire into seclusion. He is hitting the cities throughout the United States and the world with a passion and a message. I was so impressed to follow him through the airports as a normal citizen, seeing him drive, hopping out of a cabs, and most importantly showing up at campuses to talk about saving our planet. This is not some folklore he is talking about. He is well studied and well backed by the greatest scientists on earth. We must change some simple things about the way we live so our kids will have futures.

It was a sad part of the movie to replay the Florida 2000 election scandal. If only he would have been our president. How much better off we would be as americans. How many lives had been saved. Instead we have become occupiers of foreign lands. Sending missles and troops instead of hope. We have lost our unity and lost our respect throughout the world. If only Gore had won.

Would I vote for him now? Let's see. A man who speaks from his heart, genuinely cares for all people, knows more about the state of our environment then just about any man, knows politics so well he has been our vice president for 8 years. Would I vote for this man now? In a second! And with Hillary on the ticket i'd feel hope for our great country once again.
Posted By Anonymous Geoff Moore Los Angeles, Ca. : 1:54 AM ET
Is Al Gore funny? 2 years ago, I was working in a camera store in Los Angeles. This store always sees celebrities come in and out daily. A man came in to buy a camera, wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts with sneakers. Everybody in the store seemed to recognize this man, but we couldn't put a finger on it. Then it all dawn on everyone one like a balloon popping. It was Al Gore. Immediately, people did an impromtu "meet & greet". Mr. Gore didn't mind, and was more than happy to have his photo taken with the customers. (There were no shortage of cameras.) As he left, some of the employees noticed something was missing. Finally, we asked Mr. Gore, "where was his secret service escort?" He smiled pleasantly and chuckled. "Hey," he said, "I lost that election." With that, he waved good bye, and left. I'll vote for him.
Posted By Anonymous C. Chen, Los Angeles, CA. : 2:06 AM ET
With regards to the film, I believe that it is important for our leaders to consider the various mediums of knowledge transfer. It is obvious that the media has an impact on our viewpoints of life and the world. We know that media can be skewed to propagate different ideals. Thus, it is important for our society and the world to begin to carefully take note of these new mediums and the techniques involved in making them. I would bet that right now there is a 12-year-old kid with a MacBook Pro quietly learning the art of editing, filmmaking, and creating podcasts.

On the other issue of this blog about the next democratic presidential ticket; if Al Gore were to run for the presidency, I do not think that Gore should have either Clinton on his presidential ticket as a VP. There are too many internal political implications if this occurred. A Clinton in the Cabinet as Chief of Staff or Secretary of State is probably a better political move. If played correctly, the vibrant characteristics of John Edwards or even Howard Dean would better suit our national issues and would be a better options for VP.
Posted By Anonymous Muyiwa King, State College, PA : 2:21 AM ET
The Nixon comparison in this article was only meant to show that Nixon was able to bounce back and win it all after the closest election in our national history at that time, 1960 Kennedy Nixon. That's all the article means. No one is comparing Gore's qualities to Nixon's paranoia and downfall. Gore's time is now or never. We can right the wrong done in 2000 by voting for Gore if he runs. Remember people, Nixon came back 8 years after having been defeated and his "comeback" was the thing that most impressed the world including those in China. That's what the article is comparing and it's right on!
Posted By Anonymous Josh, West Palm Beach Florida : 2:23 AM ET
Good grief ; please spare us this bit of stupidity on the part of Gore and the clueless democrats!
Posted By Anonymous Archie Holoubeck Kearney Nebraska : 12:08 PM ET
Al Gore should be two years into his second term in office right now.
Posted By Anonymous Erik Manzankowski, Portland, Oregon : 12:20 PM ET
Maybe it is time to elect a president who truly loves the country, and who is actively involved in making sure the earth actually has a future.
Al Gore is a very intelligent man with a big heart and a dream to make the world a better place. I admire that.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 12:37 PM ET
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