Thursday, April 13, 2006
Five reasons Rumsfeld won't leave easily
Friends and foes alike know Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld does not easily bend. And they suggest at least five reasons why he's unlikely to bow under the current battering he's receiving.

1. It is not the Rumsfeld way -- He is tough and approaches his critics head-on. Here's Nixon's view from 30 years ago: "...At least Rummy is tough enough. He's a ruthless little bastard to be sure of that..."

2. Impact on the military -- The future of Iraq is uncertain, Osama bin Laden remains free, and Iran is rattling its saber. Some military analysts say Rumsfeld bears some blame, but others say Rumsfeld's removal would send a dangerous signal of weakness to enemies.

3. White House wants him to remain -- Through Afghanistan and Iraq, Rumsfeld has led this administration's signature initiative, the battle against global terrorism. The White House stands by him and expects the same in return. Here's Scott McCellan's take: "Secretary Rumsfeld is doing a great job overseeing two fronts on the global war on terrorism."

4. Politics -- Critics, such as Democratic Sen. Joe Biden, want Rumsfeld out. "It would energize American forces. It would energize the political environment. Yes, he should step down," Biden said. But this administration, Rumsfeld included, seems unshaken, almost oblivious to its political critics.

5. Personal conviction -- Rumsfeld says the war in Iraq is difficult, but he sees progress. And he thinks newsmakers and news reporters, who he says focus on the negative, are mistaken and defeatist. "The steady stream of errors all seem to be of a nature to inflame the situation and give heart to the terrorists," Rumsfeld said.

In sum, Rumsfeld has lost bureaucratic and political battles in the past, but it is not his nature to ever go down without a fight.
Posted By Tom Foreman, CNN Correspondent: 2:43 PM ET
Bush and Rumsfeld are in over their head. They needed to listen to Colin Powell and experienced generals and experts on Iraq. With their arrogance, they've made their bed, now it appears they're lying in it.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Withers, Macomb, ILL : 3:05 PM ET
I guess only time will tell. Its always easy to criticize when things are going badly. I do think the US government is notorious for not always using the soundest judgment in military matters. Lets be honest...if they had listened to Norman Schwarzkopf during Desert Storm when he said they should go to Baghdad and get Sadaam we wouldnt be where we are now would we? There seemed at the time too much concern about political correctness and what all of our allies would think if we invaded Baghdad. Now we are fighting an insurgency that didnt exist at the time. I think think the moral to this story is...Listen to the commanders who are there,get politics out of it and let the "boots on the ground" do their jobs.
Posted By Anonymous Lisa Jax FL : 3:22 PM ET
If I were the White House I'd want Rumsfeld to stay too, he's the political equivalent to a Patriot missile - good at intercepting and deflecting criticism of the war.
Posted By Anonymous Lori, Missoula, MT : 3:44 PM ET
You've characterized him reasonably. But the more pertinent question is, do you WANT Rumsfeld to quit? For the sake of me, my wife and future children, I sure as hell don't.
Posted By Anonymous Brian Castro, La Jolla California : 3:46 PM ET
It only sends a message of weakness if he's replaced by someone incompetent. If people are afraid of sending a wrong message or one of weakness by replacing people at the top, we would be stuck with the current ones till this conflict is resolved. A preceived message of weakness is a paranoid reaction to critizism. Replacing top leaders allows for a wave of new ideas and can strenghen, not weaken our position.

Because this administration is satisfied with the staus quo doesn't mean we should be. Flogging a horse that's tired in the middle of a stream won't get him to the other side. I read the story on CNN's home page about the number of Iraqis who are leaving Bagdad because it's so dangerous there. No matter how you want to spin the rhetoric, pro or con, life in Bagdad is not good.

If Rumsfeld is a true patriot, he would step aside and allow someone else to finish the job. If you don't know you're drowning, you won't reach out for a life preserver. The question is: who would replace him?Replacing him with someone like minded won't work.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Fairfield Iowa : 3:50 PM ET
Rumsfeld and Bush both have not been honest with themselves nor the American people about the reasoning for going to war, nor were they able to insure that we were prepared when we began the invasion.

The result .... spent money, spent lives, and lost credibility with the countries of the rest of the world.

If this were corporate America or anywhere else other than Washington, both would have been long gone by now .... fired by their boses .... the American public.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Foley, AL : 3:52 PM ET
Bush says Rumsfeld is doing a great job. If I remember correctly Bush thought Brown was doing a great Job in New Orleans. We need to find out what great means to Bush
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Murphy, North Carolina : 3:56 PM ET
Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Bush have liberated 50 million Iraqi people from fascist oppreesors in two years, and have enabled Iraq to hold its first free election. The insurgents pose a heavier problem, but when the going gets tough, do we want the world to see Americans bailing out? Quaking in our boots?
Posted By Anonymous Tina Chicago IL : 4:02 PM ET
A mess. That's the only way to describe what has happened over the last few years. People will read history books years from now and wonder why the American people ever bought into any of this, giving the people in charge the authority to do whatever they wanted and get away with screwing up royalty under the excuse of the "terrorist threat". Disagree with them and you're unpatriotic. Do you want another 9/11? Of course not, so pass the patriot act and let me tap your phone. Why we went to war with Iraq instead of going to Afganistan to find Osama? Who knows. Iran now has more nuclear technology than Iraq. Great intelligence. Yet all we do about that is some diplomatic disapproval through UN. Yea, they're listening. Maybe they realize all our troops are a little tied up at the moment. Like I said, a MESS. Forget about Rumsfield, impeach Bush.
Posted By Anonymous Dan, NY, NY : 4:28 PM ET
I think Nixon described him perfectly, which is why he will stay. He's found his litter mates after all these years.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Thorne, Escondido, CA : 4:30 PM ET
As we face a world situation that could require an increase in military might or natural disasters that could require the military to provide rescue serves, I look at the deterioration of the military in strength and deployment with Rummy running the penta-puppets and the Sen. Warner armed services committee and I shutter.

I am thankful for those who have kept the faith and stayed on mission.

The reasons why Rummy won't resign are the very reasons that he should.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista, ar : 4:31 PM ET
The REAL top five reasons Rumsfield won't leave easily.

1. Arrogance
2. Arrogance
3. Arrogance
4. Arrogance
5. Arrogance
Posted By Anonymous Paige B., Austin, TX : 4:39 PM ET
Rummy and Bush have freed 50 million people? How many Iraqis have been killed since this war started?

Elections? That was a huge joke. They haven't reached any kind of agreement yet on running the country.

Constant fighting between the Shiites and the Sunnis. People blown up by the dozens everyday.

What a great idea - let's invade Iraq and stop terrorism.
Posted By Anonymous Maureen, Easton, MD : 4:44 PM ET
My husband left for Iraq in July of 2004 without the ceramic plates that made his bulletproof vest effective. He drove around in a humvee with nothing but a canvas top over his head. He thought he was going to have to go to a military surplus store and buy his own backpack because they were out of them until less than a week before he left. Rumsfeld says we have to fight a war with "The military we have, not the military we wish we had." That's a good thought if we go into a war with no warning. But this was well after it had started, and there had been PLENTY of time to ensure that the troops were prepared by the time my husband left. Fortunately, he came back safely. Not everyone was that lucky. Someone needs to be held responsible for the problems that have been so common in this war. If not Rumsfeld, then who?
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, Jacksonville NC : 4:45 PM ET
It seems to me that Rumsfeld and Bush are negligent in motivating their miltary field commanders to comprehensively engage the enemy and bring events to a head, militarily. They are too paranoid about killing more civilians, starving out the insurgents by attacking their supply lines, and destroying cities and infrastructure. You cannot get it done without doing these things, at this point. Failing to disarm the civilian population was a major mistake during the initial invasion. Most of these weapons could have been confiscated earlier since they were in mosques and supply sheds.

Similarly, in the political situation the administration has given insufficient consideration to the political views of the factions and the obstacles to forming a unity government. They have not traveled there and talked with the parties and asked what the problem is. They must force them into a political agreement and bluntly present them with the consequences of failure. What do they fear most? Having their nation partitioned. Tell them we will partition your country, carve out a Sunni section and merge it with Iran, a Shiite section and merge it with Saudi Arabia or mandated areas under the military jursdiction of foreign Arab countries. Carve out an independent Kurdistan in the North, this will annoy them and the Turks. Administer the oil wells separately and internationally and divy up the profits amoung the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. Tell them about a possible future with no government at all in Iraq and warring tribal groups similar to the anarchy that Lebanon has never recovered from. Do you want your country to end up as another Lebanon? You can curse America for bringing you there. It is part of their culture to delay, confuse, and run from responsibility because they know that Americans react in a cowardly fashion and pander to domestic constituents. Tell them that there will be a solution to Iraq but it is up to them whether or not the Iraq nation will survive when the solution is implemented. Partition must always be an option. This will get them motivated to cooperate and form a government.
Even ruthless Sadaam Hussein could not get them to cooperate through murder and torture. It not unreasonable to expect that we will not get anything done without coercion and even ruthless tactics. Tell them we do not have control over events. Chance is a factor.
Posted By Anonymous Gordon Smith, Eden Prairie, MN : 5:39 PM ET
It is quite apparent that the management aspects of planning, priorities, progress, control, and innovation seem to be absent from Mr. Rumsfeld and his immediate staff. now we have recent dialogue from retired Generals who served in Iraq that Mr. Rumsfeld is inadequate for the job. Mr. Rumsfeld should resign!
Posted By Anonymous Patrick Whalen, Landing NJ : 5:47 PM ET
J. Edgar Rumsfeld is a too powerful Washington fixture who will leave when and only when HE wants. The job front is the only thing he seems capable of "winning." But it helps when your boss is President Pinnochio.
Posted By Anonymous S. Exarhakis, Malverne, NY : 6:04 PM ET
A General in the Marine Corps used to be the last person to speak out on a
political matter however this is a military matter. Marines are taught first and foremost take care of your men!!!!These Generals are concerned for the well-being of our men and women in Iraq. General Pace's endorsement doesn't mean a thing, Rummie is his superior officer and General Pace is on active duty! He would never attack Rumsfeld if he wanted to keep his job and for that reason I do not have any respect for the man SEMPER FI.
Donald Rumsfeld's arrogance won't allow him to resign. If he really cared about this country and the U.S. military he would resign. To gamble at the tables in Vegas is ok, but not with our national security, or the lives of our soldiers. He hasn't been correct on anything that he has proposed. You would think after so many failures he would be a little humble and fade away quietly, but not so. He is a disgrace! Arrogance and ignorance is a dangerous combination. Donald Rumsfeld embraces both negative qualities and continues to drive the train full speed ahead without any brakes.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Provo, Utah : 6:36 PM ET
As Bill Gaffney correctly points out, it is the first, foremost and only job of a marine general to protect the well-being of the men and women who serve under him. That is EXACTLY why it is unconscionable to not speak out to remove the Secretary of Defense.
Posted By Anonymous John Lubeck Livermore, CA : 6:46 PM ET
Isn't it obvious by now that most Americans want this entire corrupt administration out?
Posted By Anonymous Mike Glass Richmond Virginia : 6:51 PM ET
Bush and Rumsfeld are the second coming of LBJ and McNamara. Hopefully Rumsfeld will go and a military man will take over the department of defense and thow out the draft dodging neocons who run it
Posted By Anonymous Chet Brewer, severna park, md : 7:11 PM ET
Would White House let him go when Rumsfeld is also part of their huge schemes? I think not. It seems that those who want Rumsfeld out need to be more tenacious.
Posted By Anonymous Jin, Seoul, s.Korea : 7:12 PM ET
Why would Rumsfeld leave? He didn't have any respect for the Generals' respective opinions before or during the war. Why would he listen to them now? It is painfully obvious that this administration wanted to go to war. When these men spoke up, they were just excluded from planning meetings. This administration didn't even listen to formerly close allied NATIONS (or the UN) for that matter. A couple of dusty old war hero's don't mean a thing to a bunch of draft dodgers. This administration thinks we are all suckers, and in a way we are. They lie to our faces, and when they are caught they lie some more untill they get something to stick (e.g. yellow cake, WMD, wire tapping...).
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Indianapolis IN : 7:19 PM ET
Bush and Rumsfeld are so out of touch with the average America. They have no idea what any of us want or need. They only care about saving face after leading us into a war we should have never started. They're both stubborn and could care less what any other person or country thinks. Left up to them we will "invade" Iran too. They need to get grip before everyone ends up hating America, including our current allies. They've made no in roads into catching the "real" terrorists behind 9/11 and we are in even more risk now than we were then. Way to go!
Posted By Anonymous Lisa, Tampa Florida : 7:29 PM ET
Has anyone noticed that Bush has surrounded himself with the same crooks of the Nixon administration and we all know what happened November is just around the corner and all this crap that Bush and his cronies have jamed down our throat will come to a quick end along with his presidency
Posted By Anonymous John Naples Fl : 7:34 PM ET
Isolationism is not going to work. People seem to think that if we just ignore them, they'll leave us alone. The problem is, they won't. It is populist to say "no blood for oil" and all that stuff, but the reality is that the people in that area of the world have been fighting like this for millenia. What's changed is technology, technology which has given them the ability to extend their squabbles beyond their formerly limited theater. The majority of Americans I believe really don't care what religion that people in that area of the world want to practice. The majority of Americans likely just want three things: People to be free and treated as equals, for the people to have an economic future and a chance for a decent life, and for us to not be attacked just because we have the first two things and they currently don't. Of course, making everyone over there free, equal, and with a chance at a decent life removes certain people's power from them, which they don't like, so it becomes a violent version of those that have vs. those that have not and a struggle to retain power through violence and fear. It is a saddening example of the bad side of humanity.
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Roanoke VA : 7:39 PM ET
A country deserves the government it gets. We as Americans only have ourselves to blame for the mess that we're in.
Posted By Anonymous Nathaniel C. Las Vegas : 7:42 PM ET
The reason Rumsfeld isn't going anywhere is a simple one. When he was "planning" the invasion of Iraq, Bush was in the same room, rubbing his hands with glee. Bush can't get rid of Rummy because both of them are equally responsible for the chaos in Iraq. If Bush lays any blame at Rumsfeld's feet, he also has to lay blame at his own.
Posted By Anonymous Tammie, Clemson SC : 7:42 PM ET
I disagree with General Batiste. He believes the Americans have not sacrified enough. One does not need to shed blood to sacrifice. We are sacrificing our children's future with this unnecessary war. We are paying much too much in taxes and mortgaging our future.
The war is wrong and we should leave Irag before anymore unnecessary American deaths occur.
I am unashamed of this opinion.
Posted By Anonymous Robet Wright, Santa Barbara, CA : 7:45 PM ET
You would think that spending an entire career in the armed forces would have taught these generals something, that is-"shut up and get the job done!". Every member of the armed forces, from private to general, should have that drilled into them from the first day of boot camp. Unfortunately with CNN and politicians running this conflict, we cannot fight this war the way we did a generation or so ago, that is to completely destroy the enemys' will and ability to fight. Instead of completely crushing (i.e."carpet bombing" Germany, firebombing Japan) an enemy, we are giving our opponents the Dr. Spock treatment, and that leads the world to understand that the U.S. military is as useless as the United Nations. President Bush has shown he's got the balls, maybe the generals need to go find theirs before we get anything useful out of them.
Posted By Anonymous Tom Jones, Medford Oregon : 7:51 PM ET
It is very telling that so many Marine General Officers like Zinni and Newbold, both of whom are very intelligent and respected strong leaders, would step up and criticize Rummy. Marines are usually very loyal and rarely criticize DoD leadership. The mistakes and violations of basic offensive combat tenets that Rummy made in Iraq wouldn't be made by the newest 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps. In hindsight the views of, former Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Shinseki was correct and nothing that General Pace says now can change that fact. We need to get rid of the arrogant Rummy and bring some real leadership to the Pentagon.
Posted By Anonymous G.I. Warrick, Honolulu, HI : 7:51 PM ET
mr rumsfeld does have a tough decision of determining what's just needed to win a war at the least expense/cost. a lot of generals are complaining because they don't seem to get ALL that they have requested. probably, mr rumsfeld may have had the generals approval if he just becomes a rubber stamp approving whatever the generals asked for... but that of course would cost the american taxpayers a lot of money. i think mr rumsfeld is just made a scapegoat for all the grumbling generals in their own failures.
Posted By Anonymous kenneth pacheco, davao : 8:00 PM ET
Rumsfeld and the rest of the bushco* cabal will go down in history as the undoing of a formerly great country. We, the citizens of the United States, will pay dearly for GENERATIONS for the neocon madness. Rumsfeld belongs in prison, along with the rest of his cohorts. "...liberated Iraq.."? please, keep the psuedo-patriotic drivel to yourself.
Posted By Anonymous JDOlsen, Auburn, WA : 8:06 PM ET
Whatever problem America is facing is America's problem. It is neither Bush's nor Rumsfeld's problem, it is "America's problem" and that is the only way these problems are going to be solved. It is time for all Americans including Bush and Rumsfeld to recognize this.

Until President Bush starts seeing things this way and admits to making mistakes we may never be able to devise viable solutions to these problems. This is not about him being right, we are beyond that. Is he?
Posted By Anonymous Augie, Boston MA : 8:55 PM ET
Give em hell, Rummy!
Posted By Anonymous Tom Morrow, Minneapolis, MN : 9:31 PM ET
We need Rummy to take care of Iran before he leaves. He's got my vote.
Posted By Anonymous Kirill, Ottawa, Ontario : 9:35 PM ET
Rumsfeld has offered his resignation more than once, most notably when the Abu Ghraib story broke. Bush did not accept any of the resignations, and insisted he stay on the job each time a resignation was offered. It's not correct that Rumsfeld wouldn't resign due to arrogance or similar reasons, it's more the case that the President has kept him on.
Posted By Anonymous Randy, Worchester, MA : 9:59 PM ET
So many Americans are sick of this Administration. It feels like a circus. Bush is always making little jokes like a clown. Who can take these people serious? Rumsfeld is always saying something like: I dont know when I dont know where but they are gonna attack. What a circus.
Posted By Anonymous Pat, Abilene TX : 10:05 PM ET
Your bias is showing. Rumsfled is hosenst in his dealing with the media and the troops. We need him in the war on terror, have you forgotton 9/11?
Posted By Anonymous Ed, Colorado Springs Colorado : 10:16 PM ET
The major problem it appears is the complaint that there wasn't and still 'not enought troops' in Iraq. The problem as I see it is Bush made a vow to the United States citizens that there would NOT be a draft. This was and still is a critical issue to the voting citizens. Rumsfield is sticking with Bush on this one, bringing our troop levels dangerously low and to the point of fighting the enemy at low troop levels,too many
tours for the current troops which in turn causes low morale and lower awareness of ones own safety.
Posted By Anonymous Thomas, Austintown, OH : 10:16 PM ET
If it isn't obvious by now how corrupt and deceitful this administration is, what it is going to take?? If you don't believe it, then I guess you believe cigarettes don't cause lung cancer!
Posted By Anonymous Rick Meeks Valencia, CA : 10:16 PM ET
I wouldn't lay all the blame of these allegations on Secretary Rumsfeld. As with all government agencies, advisors assist with the decision making and the various groups meet to discuss their own plans. What the American people want is the truth. Politicians often get a bad reputation as a group for not telling the truth. The current administration is validating this stereotype. All politicians are not bad people, those are the ones that should be leading our nation, not the ones that hide the truth.
Posted By Anonymous Scott Northcraft, Friendly, WV : 10:17 PM ET
Okay, fine.

Lets say that Rummy decides to vacate his chair, and go into retirement.

Will that change anything in Iraq?


Will that make anyone feel better today or tomorrow?

Not really.

The damage is already done.

What's done is done, and we Voted in '04 to re-elect this "corruput administration" if fear that "The Boogy Man" was going to find some kind of "Death Ray" and point it at us.

If America wants ANYTHING to change in the near future, then I suggest that we all get off our rear-ends and VOTE FOR CHANGE THIS NOVEMBER!
Posted By Anonymous Chris, San Diego, CA : 10:22 PM ET
It is high time something happened. Whether it be Rummy leaving or cleaning house from the top down. My son is in the Army and he said things have changed since he first enlisted. He has been in for exactly 13 years. My son in law is over in Iraq and just got there. So many enlisted people are just plain getting out and so who is left? I don't care to hear the other side of the story tomorrow night.
The whole damn thing is a botched up mess. I am angry at being there in the first place without a plan.
I also wish that some news station would provide more of what goes on over there. Instead of sugar coating it or completely ignoring it.
Posted By Anonymous MeriAnn Marshalltown, Ia : 10:38 PM ET
Tom Foreman is not well-informed about Rumsfeld. He offered to resign twice during the Abu Ghraib scandal and would volunteer to resign again the second Bush raised the topic. Bush won't let Rumsfeld resign because it would be tantamount to admitting that the invasion and occupation have been a huge mistake.
Posted By Anonymous Ric Caric, Morehead, KY : 10:48 PM ET
In other words, Donald Rumsfeld is essentially the captain of the Titanic, and he's determined to steer the ship right through an iceberg just to prove a point, despite everyone else on board pleading him not to, because they know it's a bad idea. That's just terrific.
Posted By Anonymous Ian, Tucson, AZ : 10:59 PM ET
For these Generals to come forward en masse means that not only that they are fed up but also that the generals in the field are fed up. The President must fire Rumsfeld now or face greater consequences. The Generals of the people of the United States have politely asked for change. The USA is loosing some of its finest young men. The President must act or generals in the field will say no to Rumsfeld.
Posted By Anonymous paul malouf, Montreal Canada : 11:14 PM ET
I agree with the statement regarding arrogance as the top five reasons he won't quit. In the "real" world, we call them closed-minded or "pigheaded".
We all know that person who would cut off their nose to spite their face. I think it shows America as weak when we continue to put up with inept idiots deciding the fate of our nation.
Posted By Anonymous Kim U., Grand Rapids, MI : 11:32 PM ET
Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney, Rice, they all need to retire. They've failed our country in too many ways. Moreso than any other administration i can recall.

Until they start realizing mistakes and taking blame when they do things wrong, this will be a neverending quagmire. Hello, Vietnam #2
Posted By Anonymous Adam, 16, Myrtle Beach, SC : 1:33 AM ET
We live in scary times. If former generals speaking out do not help bring about change in this administration, then I do not know what will. Rumsfeld should resign and if he doesn't resign, he should be fired. Will it happen? I doubt it. What will it take for the American people to speak up and for most people in Congress, Republican and Democrats, to grow spines? This is serious folks and yet we do nothing. I've lost faith, I've lost hope.
Posted By Anonymous Candace Hoffmann, Sun City, AZ : 2:12 AM ET
The answer is in the initial posting -

" 'The steady stream of errors all seem to be of a nature to inflame the situation and give heart to the terrorists,' Rumsfeld said. "

Exactly. And the errors all stem from Rumsfeld's "leadership."
Posted By Anonymous Diana, Janesville, WI : 3:09 AM ET
I am glad our generals are finally speaking up. With Iran looming on the horizon as a possible third front, this is a "pre-emptive strike" to ensure this incompetent administration does not run off to start yet another war.

If these retired front-line generals did not speak up and this administration decides to start a third-front on Iran, I am fearful of what our military will do in order to return sanity to their civilian leadership.

That said, Rumsfeld's arrogance and lack of military experience is revealing in this Iraq venture. Anyone with experience in Vietnam or have paid attention to our military or have served can smell it even before it began.

Read the book by Tommy Frank and it is clear that the whole plan was for winning the battle of Baghdad quickly while ignoring the war. Any West Point cadet worth his or her salt might screw up the details but would do better strategically.

Just like Afghanistan, we ignored the border, ignored our supply lines, ignored occupation duty necessary to keep law and order, ignored all basic operational conduct that a normal competent army would execute when carrying out a mission of this type. All for the sake of entering Baghdad and taking the city.

Words cannot describe the deepest disgust I have for this man. His incompetence is putting our men and women in harm's way everyday.

If only Congress could put him on trial for incompetence and charge him with negligence. Simply resigning his position would be too easy but that may be all that we will get.
Posted By Anonymous Timothy, San Jose, CA. : 5:03 AM ET
About Rumsfeld's future ,the bottom line is George Bush want Rumsfeld to stay. Rumsfeld did submit his resignation twice during the prisoners abuse scandal ,but Bush refuse to let him go. Someone suggest fire Rumsfeld would help George Bush gain some creditability , but this is simply not what George Bush want to do.
Imagine If you were George Bush , you started an unjustified war, the pre-war intelligence gathering, the execution of the plan during the war ,and the grand domestic spy project so on, All these inner working of this White house is fill with all kinds of scandals and potential illegal deals. If it is between getting what Bush want in Iraq and the whole nation disappointing at the war. George Bush would care less about how the country feels about the war ,the fact that he doesn't read newspaper shows public opinion means next to nothing to him.

All George Bush wants is to push the war of Iraq as far as possible and hope some kind of miracle would happen ,hopefully Iraq would turn out became a success story. In fact that is the only thing that can redeem his presidency. The situation in Iraq is so bad, firing Rumsfeld simply wouldn't make any difference anymore. Look at the last days of the Vietnam War, in those days the White house wasn't interested in winning the war, they were only trying to make a bad situation look better. The same thing is going to happen very soon. Why fire Rumsfeld when you know there is no chance to win the war. At least Rumsfeld is good for stone walling the press. And Rumsfeld is loyal to Bush. Most importantly Bush really need Rumsfeld to help to take the some of the heat of the mishandling of the war. Rumsfeld is also the right person that Bush can trust with his secret.

When the situation is so bad,how could George Bush afford to let Rumsfeld go ?
Posted By Anonymous Ken Lee Victoria .B.C. Canada : 7:36 AM ET
The obstinate man (Rumsfeld) is obviously too arrogant and prideful to do what is in the best interest of the United States Armed Forces. The continued mismanagement of the Iraq invasion discourages top military leaders, as well as the American public. Can you imagine how the men and women deployed overseas feel?
Posted By Anonymous C. Horne Orlando, Florida : 8:38 AM ET
6. He is unemployable!
Posted By Anonymous Marva, Columbus, OH : 11:48 AM ET
We need Rummy to take care of Iran before he leaves. He's got my vote.

Posted By Kirill, Ottawa, Ontario : 9:35 PM

Since when do citizens of Ottawa, Ontario vote in U.S. elections?
Posted By Anonymous Marva, Columbus, OH : 11:53 AM ET
Rumsfeld too arrogant to resign? He's already swallowed his pride twice and tried to resign! Bush, who is better acquinted with the role he's playing than than the newspapers, obviously wants him to stay. Yea, it may be a political move, but don't try to say Rumsfeld is still there because of his pride.
Posted By Anonymous David Hinckley, Provo, UT : 11:58 AM ET
You don't change a winning team!!!
Posted By Anonymous Henry B., Arlington, VA : 1:05 PM ET
Rumsfield won't quit because he likes his job. Bush won't fire him because Bush is afraid of what Rumsfield will say if he does. It sounds to me like Rumsfield may be more ruthless than Bush expected. If Richard Nixon thought he was ruthless--my goodness!!!
In any case I wouldn't my child to have to work under his administration.
Posted By Anonymous Ann Hotz, Columbus, Ohio : 2:06 PM ET
It's inconceivable that the ignorance, imperiousness, and deceit of Bush and his inner circle were not evident to more voters in the last election. If, in fact, a key reason for our invasion of Iraq was "to bring freedom and democracy to the people of Iraq," how long before our young men and women die needlessly in other nations, heroic victims of yet more arrogant, ill-conceived "missions" launched by the Bush Administration?
Posted By Anonymous Joan, Great Neck, NY : 2:07 PM ET
I think the writer that said "Rummy" and Bush were both in the same room when war decisions were made may have hit on why Runsfeld won't leave and Bush won"let him. They both know what the other has done and neither one want's the other to be free to talk as others have done after leaving office. Remember, you keep your friends close, but, you keep your enemies closer. Bess Cannon
Posted By Anonymous Bess Cannon, Grandin, MO : 2:20 PM ET
Anyone that has been in the military understands that officers can't speak out against the civilian leadership while serving in uniform. It is a violation of the UCMJ. Any dissent can not be made public. That's why these comments are coming out now.
Posted By Anonymous Barry C, Honolulu, HI : 3:55 PM ET
Even though I'm 100% sure nobody in the administration cares what I think, I'll just one thing. Secretary Rumsfeld, I am an Army Veteran of the 1st Persian Gulf War. Your office is to do what is best for the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines in the best interests of the United States of America. Sir, it would be in the best interests of our servicemembers for you to step aside honorably. Let somebody else do something about this situation and maybe that last act of leadership on your part will be just sufficient that history doesn't remember you for being the only Secretary of Defense to get us beat twice: Vietnam and now, Iraq. Again, all my respects.
Posted By Anonymous James Whedbee, M.Ed., U.S. Army Veteran, Kansas City, MO : 4:55 PM ET
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