Monday, April 10, 2006
Arizona officer: Illegal immigrants akin to burglars
As of this writing, I'm standing among the tens of thousands of people who took to the streets in Phoenix today to demonstrate for immigration. Because of the size of the crowd, there is a heavy police presence. But one of those standing guard isn't here of his own choosing.

His name is Sean Pearce, and he's a deputy with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. In late 2004, he was shot by an illegal alien while executing a search warrant on a murder suspect.

There's no doubt about where he stands on the issue of illegal immigration. "We have laws that you need to enforce, and if you don't abide by those me it's no different if you're burglar," Pearce said.

He's not the only one with that last name to feel that way. His father, Russell Pearce, is a state representative who is one of the loudest voices in the state when it comes to illegal immigration. His son's shooting has made the issue even more personal to him.

Nonetheless, Deputy Pearce must do his job, even if that job involves standing guard to protect a crowd that includes some illegal immigrants, the very people he says are causing many of the state's problems.
Posted By Dan Simon, CNN Correspondent: 7:30 PM ET
one incident of violence does not stand for millions of peace loving immigrants who just work for their families ,being a cop he should know that better !
Posted By Anonymous ria fern albany ga : 7:46 PM ET
Illegals are bulgars, they're stealing American jobs and tax dollars. The media loves to report on the millions of illegals protesting in the streets but they ignor the billions of tax dollars hard working Americans have to fork over to support these people.

11 million low wage workers with no health insurance are a drain on the American tax payer and the media is too politically correct to report that.
Posted By Anonymous Kathleen Simi Valley, CA : 7:56 PM ET
The USA had better wake up or we are not going to have a country. We had better get out of Iraq and put our troops on our borders!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Roger Denkert : 8:00 PM ET
Why do some people get to break the law and others don"t. The only difference between a citizen an a criminal is a citizen obeys the law. GO HOME AND COME BACK LEGAL.
Posted By Anonymous cecil Austin, TEXAS : 8:01 PM ET
Pay our taxes, abide by our laws, then you can stay.
Posted By Anonymous Ashley, Jacksonville, FL : 8:02 PM ET
So long as there is an economic disparity between close neighbors such as the US and Mexico there will always be illegal immigration. No change to the law and no amount of enforcement can be effective. This seems to be a common and reoccurring misconception of American policy.
Posted By Anonymous Manchester, NH : 8:06 PM ET
Every person in this country needs to be aware that if there is this many people here illegaly. It should should show everyone that it is still very easy to get in this country for anyone. This should be alarming since we are supposed to have secure borders to prevent terrorists???
Posted By Anonymous Mark Albuquerque, NM : 8:14 PM ET
Illeagal immigration is a crime. If we give amnesty to the approximate 11 Million illegals then the whole world is invited to follow. Doesn't our constitution state the government is supposed to protect our sovereign borders? I will vote out any politician that grants citizenship to these people. Maybe it's time we start some anti-immigration rallies. Lou Dobbs, keep up the good work on this topic.
Posted By Anonymous Keith, Andover, MA : 8:14 PM ET
I would attend a protest rally FOR legal immigration, if someone organizes it. Our economy is out of wack because it's the middle class that gets hurt when the illegals are hired by the companies instead of providing jobs for citizens. We are left frustrated and vulnerable. I can't believe the amount of taxes I pay for entitlement programs for people who aren't even supposed to be here.
Posted By Anonymous Robert, Howell,MI : 8:16 PM ET
I have such mixed feelings about the immigration issue. On one hand I see many immigrant families contributing to the economics of our country, and on the other hand the law is the law. If we didn't have laws there would be chaos". But there is one issue that I don't hear discussed by any of the "government officials"or pundits, and that is the "why." Why are immigrants risking their lives and the lives of their families to come to America in such numbers? The answer is easy, quality of life. The immigrants are coming to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Why not. Isn't that a desire for all people on the planet. The economics of countries, such as Mexico, need to improve so that its people don't have to risk life and limb to have a decent life. Let's help these countries figure ways to provide for their people. Another thing, I'd be very interested to hear what Mr. Vincente Fox has to say about the immigration situation between our countries.
Posted By Anonymous Donna M. Minneapolis, Mn. : 8:24 PM ET
We have laws. Illegal is not a word that means discrimination. Illegal is an action where someone breaks the law. The last time I checked, breaking the law was unacceptable in our society. We invest in law enforcement, public schools, health care, bi-lingual government forms and other government services that cost us millions of tax dollars. Its very expensive to ignore this situation. We need to secure our borders. This is only an issue in 2006 because as a society we chose not to deal with it over the last sixteen years. Let's figure out a solution and let's commit to dealing with it in 2006.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer Small, Philadelphia, PA : 8:25 PM ET
Deputy Pierce had one bad encounter with one "undocumented immigrant" the same way a person might be mugged in the street , you can not hate every one for what one person did. Deputy Pierce must overcome his biggotry in blaiming all immigrants. Essential contributions that Immigrants are making for his state and this country are far more important than what a few racist demagouges in power hold gainst undocumented immigrants. We are a force to be reckoned with.
Posted By Anonymous Osmel Fernandez Miami Beach, Fl. : 8:25 PM ET
I agree 100% we are a nation of laws. If anyone wants to come to this country it must be done legally.
Posted By Anonymous David Bella Vista Arkansas : 8:26 PM ET
Sean's views makes sense to me. The REAL problem with the illegals is that they are not documented and are less likely to be traced even if they commit big crimes. Remember I am not talking about just the Mexicans here. There are basically millions of ILLEGAL Immigrants here from other countries who are living and working TALL and are easily getting diluted in the community and escape from being noticed because they speak English well although they are living here illegally for years without paying taxes and without taking over other social responsibilities although are probably using the resources more than a citizen would because they KNOW how to exploit the system.
Posted By Anonymous Raj , Minniapolis MN : 8:27 PM ET
Personally, I am extremely angry that this country even permits individuals from foreign countries, and who are here illegally, to march and protest because we want them to follow the rules and the law. We should NOT permit any "guest worker" permits in any form or fashion. Send them back to their country of origin and let them apply for legal entry to America. How dare they yell, scream, march and protest in our country....when they should not be here in the first place! Illegals to home!!
Posted By Anonymous Julian Anderson, Jacksonville, Florida : 8:27 PM ET
Wouldn't it be easier to enforce immigration laws by going after businesses who hire illegal immigrants, rather than by raiding homes and breaking up families? If there is no work, they will stop coming in such large numbers. Also, we should put pressure on Mexico and help them rebuild their own country. These are sensible, humane policies which are unfortunately not being proposed.
Posted By Anonymous Adam, Los Angeles, CA : 8:29 PM ET
If I knew that Mr. Pearce was a racist, does that mean that all police are, it doesn't. Similiarly, just because an illegal imigrant commits a crime, it doesn't mean that he or she is representative of the entire 'illegal' immigrant population. Perhaps if the Pearces and others stopped to consider why people are so deparate to come to this country, and how Westerns' actions contribute to the immigration problems, they would gain a better understanding...and even sympathy, for these hard working AMERICANS.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, New Bern, NC : 8:32 PM ET
This item sounds like another story out of the movie "Crash." This time the bad guy ends up doing good: The intolerant cop having to take care of those he despises.
Please lets make it clear that that story is the exception of the rule -- immigrants are far from shooters of cops or anybody else for that matter.
Posted By Anonymous Peter, New York, NY : 8:39 PM ET
It's a simple fact for ALL undocumented immigrants...THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY. This makes them all CRIMINALS. WHY would anyone with that status be entitled to ANY benefits we US citizens have?

I greatly admire Deupty Pearce's ability to set aside his anger and be able to do his job without bias. I'm sure protecting people that deserve to be arrested and deported is difficult, let alone protecting the very people that tried to kill him while attempting to enter the US illegally.
Posted By Anonymous Ben, Omaha NE : 8:43 PM ET
What a joke, these people broke our laws and now they say I have a right, give me a break, arrest them and deport them.

Because what about the people who followed the law, process, and waited their turn to come to America legally?

What do we say to this?

I know someone that it took them 18 years, yes that's right EIGHTEEN YEARS to get into America the legal way.

Now we allow this to happen? What a FARCE, DEPORT THEM ALL!
Posted By Anonymous Scott Richman, Kihei, Hawaii : 8:44 PM ET
These rallies are meaningless. Will our laws change if thousands of murderers, rapists, and perverts rally? Since when have citizens of other nations determined our laws? Things should be done decently and in order. Apply for citizenship. Go through the process. These cheaters are actually hurting our economy. How can an American contractor compete with the rock bottom prices that an illegal worker can ask? Lower his standard of living? Is that American?
The solution is to enforce our existing laws and to impose heavy fines on all who take advantage of the illegal immigrants.
Posted By Anonymous Chris W. New Orleans, La. : 8:45 PM ET
Pearce and his son are correct. As a US citizen if i violate federal law I'd be arrested and prosecuted and rightly so. Non-citizens (illegal immigrants) who break the US imigration lasw should be dealt with even more strictly. They should be punished under the law and deported, period. I can't believe there's even a debate going on regarding this matter!
Posted By Anonymous Steve Hamilton; Murray, Kentucky : 8:48 PM ET
I salute Mr. Pearse for being nice and forgiving. But if a burglar gets into someone's house, that burglar cannot just demand to the house owner and say:

"From now on, because I successfully broke into your house through my own ingenuity, I will be part of your family. I am now entitled to have a room here and eat what you eat or serve with your family."

Well, this is exactly what the illegals are crying out loud right now. And it would be sad if the Senate will give in to these illegals demand.
Posted By Anonymous Lina, Melbourne, Fl : 8:51 PM ET
Ok, so let me get this straight. The illegal immigrants come to America because they are unhappy with "Life" in their own country, then they protest about how they have a lack of "Rights" and demand change in how they are treated here all the while they are here illegally? Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? If you are unhappy protest in your own country for change. Don't go to another country illegally and demand their government to pander to your needs? Which begs me to ask. Why did they come here in the first place? How would Denmark (or any other country of choice) like it if I brought my family over and demanded free health care for my family and demanded that my kids be taught English, learn about American culture & History all while taught by an English speaking teacher? I will also need all government forms written in English and I want a Drivers License even though I do not know the rules of the road.
Posted By Anonymous Pete from Easton, PA : 9:02 PM ET
If our politicans know whats best for them, they had better listen to LEGAL American Citizens who are registered voters! And I would say the majority of these LEGAL Americans do not want ILLEGAL Immigrants here and the majority want to see our Border Security stronger than it is now! It should not matter how many thousands of ILLEGAL Immigrants protest. It is the voice and the votes of LEGAL American Citizens that better matter to our Politicans!!!
Posted By Anonymous Cheryl, Dodge Center, Minnesota : 9:05 PM ET
Well obviously Sean Pearce just hasn't learned how to compromise his principles yet. He is not alone in this, but the closer he gets to Washington, the more lonely he might feel. Perhaps he needs some school children from California who have never gone to bed hungry or worked a day in their lives, to explain to him why we must open our borders to the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free to shoot a police officer.
Posted By Anonymous Mark,Fort Myers FL : 9:24 PM ET
Hi Dan,
I hope we all can have this important debate without falling into a big pool of anger. We do need immigrants, we always have and always will. However, we do have laws and rules and we can't let every human that wants to come to America waltz right in. Hopefully, we can be civil and adult about finding a solution. There is a solution, and I think if we all turn down the volume we might find it..Pollyanna I'm not..But I have faith that we as Americans are capable of anything we put our open minds into solving. Take Care
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton, Calif. : 9:30 PM ET
Thank you Sean Pearce! These illegal immigrants are saying that they should be allowed to become citizens, as they are law abiding and hard workers. They are not law abiding, as they broke the law coming here illegally. Most of them continue to break the law by using fake social security numbers, or one belonging to friends. My wife waited 13 years to get her sisters here legally, but some people just run across the border and then expect to get all U.S. benefits. They have no insurance, so they use the county hospitals for medical needs, etc., then scream that they have a right to become citizens.

If I had my way, I would treat them in a "Humane" way. I would give them amnesty for one year. This would give them a chance to settle their affairs and then go home and await legal channels. After 1 year, all illegal aliens would be arrested and sent to jail for a year, then deported. This would also put a stop to those that are sent back, but return the next day.
Posted By Anonymous Tom Minewiser Cedar Park, Texas : 9:31 PM ET
I live in a border State, and nightly on the news the crimes being reported have the descriptions of the perpetrators as 'hispanic male'. These people come over the border and think that they can still do the same things here that they routinely get away with in their own country. The majority of them driving cars have no insurance, I could not get a flu shot last year, but they showed all the illegal mexicans with there babies standing in line hiding their faces being given what I could not get. Where is the justice in that. When you have over 6000 people a day coming over the border, then there is something wrong. Maybe we should all drive over to Mexico and protest over there, how long do you think we would last without being beaten or shot. If you want to be here, go thru the system, or stay home.
Posted By Anonymous effi, gilbert, az : 9:43 PM ET
Deputy Pierce did not have an encounter with an "undocumented immigrant". He had a police encounter with a illegal tresspasser. An individual that proved that the laws of this country meant nothing to him. The law allowing immigrants into this country legally meant nothing to him. The law of possesing a firearm legally meant nothing to him. Above all the respect for those sworn to uphold those laws meant nothing to him. Personnaly I don't see how someone who disregards the laws here can demand or should have the right to stay. How can these individuals have the love and respect of this country that they proclaim if they have no respect for our laws.
Posted By Anonymous Doug Buckeye AZ : 9:46 PM ET
That police officer was not protecting the immagrants, but was protecting us from them.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Wilson Winston- Salem North Carolina : 9:58 PM ET
Seal the borders with a wall, we send men to moon , and we are worried we cant build a wall that people cant get over or under. COME ON ~!!!

Arrest the employers and individuals hiring them.

NO JOBS ---- They wont stay!!

States should pass minimum wage laws increasing all wages to at least $9 a hour, that a little over $18,000 a year, if they let you work full time.

Many people here in florida will pick strawberries and oranges. However , with the building of homes and development they now take the good construction jobs.

Wake up America!!! Vote out anyone that does not support arresting and crackdown of the people hiring these illegals.

I have a whole list of names to provide to the authorities. By the way im ignored when I tried to turn in the list to a cop. They dont have time or jursidiction. If i was drunk, id go to jail in a second.

Laws only apply to people who can afford the system, and pay to get out of jail, lawyers, etc...

Illegals what they have to give to law enforcement???

Money 101, Greed 101,

VOTE VOTE, send em to hell in November!!
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Zephyrhills, FL : 10:10 PM ET
I am very sorry that Mr. Pearce was shot. He was shot, however, by a criminal and his or her national origen or legal status is totaly irrelevant. Would Mr Pearce and his father be as outspoken if an altar boy had shot him. I certainly hope not, because all altar boys are not criminals
The burglary analogy is , in my opinion, nonsense. By the way while I favor amnisty for undocumented immigrants I do not endorse the legalization of criminals like the one who shot Mr. Pearce. That individual should be put in jail and deported after he serves his sentence.
Posted By Anonymous oscar palmer Pasadena Ca. : 10:21 PM ET
Mr. Dan Simon, what kind of "correspondent" are you that report one incident as if that one act was a whole instead of a separate and UNUSUAL incident. Are we to asses, by your account, that ALL Arizona officers think that illegal immigrants are akin to burglars? By the same reason NOT ALL illegal immigrants are burglars or shooters! On the contrary, if you were to consider the whole community of these people you'll see a group of hard workers who are also kind and honest. Please report sensibly and with compassion for ALL people.
Posted By Anonymous Peter Trevino, New York, NY : 10:24 PM ET
Officer Pearce speaks the truth. Despite the "success" of the days "protests", the truth remains that illegal immigrants are present in our country in direct violation of the law. The complete lack of respect for the legal system highlights the hypocrisy in the lives of those who now cry for rights and citizenship. The undocumented / illegal immigrant is a direct threat to the sovereignty of our nation. As citizens of other countries, they scoff at our laws and come illegally and now demand our rights. This is hypocrisy defined. The duty of all legal and true immigrants and voting citizens is in the opposition of those subverting our laws. Apathy is too costly; if the organizers of todays "protests" are successful, our government will become defunct and we will lose control of our own land.
Posted By Anonymous Benjamin, Phoenix, Arizona : 10:33 PM ET
11+ million illegal immigrants(according to CNN stats & facts)? How do they come to such a number? After all, these illegals don't stay in one spot long enough to be counted. Maybe it's 20 million. Maybe more. Who really knows?

Yes, lots of the illegal immigrants are hard working decent people. Many of them are working the jobs lazy americans feel are beneath them. Digging ditches, construction, picking fruit, etc. When they get paid they are sending American money back to their country to their families (at least in the county I work). America is losing the fight on so many fronts.

At least if we can document and screen these folks as they come in, we can stop the bad apples before they get in and disappear, like the one that shot Deputy Pearce. Let the good ones in to be documented and they can follow the path to be here legally. Once documented, they can pay their taxes too.
Posted By Anonymous Deputy Fennell, Sebring, FL : 10:46 PM ET
Giving illegal immigrants a method of further circumventing our LEGAL immigration process is a slap in the face to every American who immigrated to this country the RIGHT way and an even bigger slap in the face to those who have come to apply through legal channels and been turned away.

I find it funny that "mass deportation" is somehow unfeasible, but yet it somehow IS feasible to document, track, identify and keep tabs on these millions of people who have no ID cards, SS numbers, or any way of reasonably verifying their identities.

The other disturbing argument is the "the immigrants fill jobs that Americans don't want". Illegal immigrants filling ILLEGAL jobs just doesn't seem like a rational argument. If these so called unwanted jobs fell in the realm of legal, documented, at-leat-minimum-wage, on-the-books work, there would be plenty of Americans willing to take those jobs. For every company that "needs" these illegal workers, there are brother and sister companies who can somehow operate legally and make money.

This is all politics, if there were about a group of illegal pygmy immigrants who had no mass voting power in this country, they would have been deported long ago. And shame on these companies hiring the illegals... taking advantage of them, in the name of greed.
Posted By Anonymous Stan, Farmingville, NY : 10:49 PM ET
So what??? What does this have to do with anything regarding illegal immigration laws??? This is one person's story...the remainder 11,999,999 people are hard working good people!! It's just like anything else....there are few bad apples in every bunch!!
Posted By Anonymous cindy, simi valley : 10:57 PM ET
Everyone is missing the point. It is an expression of American capitalism that loves illegal immigrants for cheap labor. Foolish to believe that those in power really want to change the situation. It is more about border patrol for security and tracking illegal immigrants to get some tax revenue out of them so you can turn around and give tax cuts to the rich :)
HMMM 11 million people paying taxes to give say 1 million rich people their share! Looks like the american way to me.
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Portland Oregon : 10:58 PM ET
This article is just another sign of the racism that exists in a country that says "do as I say, not as I do". First of all, I'm sick and tired of people saying that they hate of all these illegals protesting. I marched, and I am a US citizen and I vote. I took over 50 citizens with me to march in support of the pro-immigration cause. For those of you who keep bringing up the tax issue, let it go!!! Illegal immigrants pay taxes too!!! The money in social security that YOU will retire on is their tax money! Call your local IRS office and ask about a (itin) number. Uncle Sam gives these out to illegal immigrants so that they can report taxes. "no taxation without representation?" that was good enough for your founders, but not for my people? I don't think so! Your founders were illegal immigrants too! The truth is that the only REAL AMERICANS ARE THE NATIVE AMERICANS!! they did not hand out any amnesty and did not give out green cards. your founders came, invaded their country, refused to follow their customs, refused to speak their language and exterminated the that sounds familar-isn't that what your complaints are?--except now your on the other end. The citizenship test is a joke-- over 90percent of "Americans" wouldn't pass it!!! If you want immigrants to be here legally then give them legal avenues to do so, no one should have to wait 5-20 years to get permission to come and work for slave wages. This country was made on the blood of the Native Americans, backs of the African Americans, and sweat and tears of immigrants, and YOU CAN LOVE THAT OR LEAVE IT!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Flavia, Dallas, Tx : 11:01 PM ET
I am a US citizen who chose to marry a foreigner. While living abroad with my husband, we decided to move back to the US. Because he is British, we had to get in line for his Visa. Although it was a long and expensive process (over 6 months and thousands), it never crossed our mind just to have him "overstay" a tourist visa. We should welcome immigrants who respect the process and our laws and who stand a reasonable chance of contributing to the good of society. However, no amnesty should be give to the others.
Posted By Anonymous Alison, Minneapolis, MN : 12:55 AM ET
I am a legal immigrant to the US and I am undergoing the process of becoming a citizen. It took me 10 years before I could apply for citizenship.
The Senate Bill on immigration goes too far in giving a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who arrived more than 2 years back. In other words, if I arrived in the US illegally 3 years back, I could be on the path to become a US Citizen. This will only encourage more illegal immigration. A broad amnesty as envisaged by the Senate bill would also make a mockery of existing legal immigration and visa laws.
Thank you
Posted By Anonymous Sri, Dallas,TX : 11:35 AM ET
I am a third generation Mexican-American. It is such a disgrace to hear the negative comments from the people of this country. The reason why we have 11 million + illegal immigrants in this country is because they want a better life for their family. Is that a crime? Why doesn't everyone step out of the little box they live in and try and put themselve's in someone else's situation. Mexico is a very corrupt country that does not care about their own people. That is the reason they all come here. I don't get it. People do not want Mexicans in this country, but yet go to any Mexican resteraunt here in St Louis and it is to the capacacity of Americans. The only solution to this everlasting problem is to apply a Worker's program and to have tighter borders. Immigrants take the jobs that Americans think they are too good for and that is the truth. People please wake up and look at the WHOLE picture. Stop being such cry baby's.
Posted By Anonymous Chrystal St Louis, Mo : 11:35 AM ET
I am a LEGAL Mexican- American citizen and i think that this country is forgetting what this country is all about, and what our history is! Our country was built upon immigrants! Also those of you saying that these immigrants are taking our jobs, what jobs are the taking??? The ones that we all would love to have where you are getting paid MINIMUM wage for ten times the amount of labor an AMERICAN citizen does in one day!!! And one more thing, those of you saying that we need to bring our troops home from Iraq and put them on our borders what is your problem!!!! You are sitting here complaining about how much tax dollars are going to these immigrants well is it realy going to cost less to have our American troops sitting on our borders ready to kill anyone trying to cross???? THINK ABOUT IT!!!!
Posted By Anonymous SGB, Ogden, Utah : 12:07 PM ET
WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!! Stop defending these law breaking ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. They are doing no good for our country. Do you know why we cant do without them now. Business owners got real greedy when they discovered that they can hire Mexicans/Cubans and all the other illegals to do the same work that our fathers and grandfathers did, but for far less money. Now Americans don't want those factory jobs, or the dishwashing jobs, or the hotel maid jobs, because illegals will do it for very little money and thats all the employers are willing to pay now.
Don't get me wrong. I am all for immigration. Jut do it the legal way. Like my grandparents did.
Oh and one other thing. Learn the damn language
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Belleville IL : 12:50 PM ET
I have no problem with people coming to the US legally. Yes it is true the there are jobs for both legal and illegal immigrants. That is an indication that the immigration system is extremely flawed. The immigration system needs to be fixed but the US government will be as innept as in all previous immigration reforms. The immigration process needs to be easier and faster and the laws need to be followed. If not then it doesn't matter what laws are changed it will end up as previous tries. We are trusting a government that has failed at almost every turn. Our only hope is for gridlock so they don't screw something else up.
It sickens me to see the politicians whoring themselves for votes instead of doing what is right. Our elected officials need to stop trying to make each other look bad and do what they were hired for, they are our employees.
As for Vicente Fox, what kind of president advocates the mass migration of his people to another country. He is just as corrupt as 90% of the other politicians in Mexico. In order to avert a revolution he forces his people to leave. The drug dealers may as well be running the country and may already be.
Posted By Anonymous Scott, Los Angeles, CA : 12:56 PM ET
I don't understand these attitudes at all. Whether you agree with immigration or not, this bill is dangerous for everyone. This bill will make it impossible for illegal immigrants to study in public schools and hold jobs. Do you think this will send them back? of course not. Instead of solving the problem, we will have 12 million unemployed and uneducated immigrants sitting around with nothing to do. Sound safe to you?
Posted By Anonymous Gabriel, Iowa City, IA : 1:09 PM ET
Good for Officer Pearce. After reading the other comments, I dont understand how one form of breaking the law is different from another. Pearce was not talking about legal immigrants, or people with any kind of non- expired visa. Intstead he was talking about people who are here illegally. Personally I want officers who respect the law and dont have the idea to make exceptions for "illegal" actions, what ever they may be.
Posted By Anonymous Nate, Los Angeles, CA : 1:11 PM ET
I understand why middle class america would want illegal immigrants to come here legally because it's the law and their taxes pay for healthcare and a few other social services made available to them. This is unfair to all of the working class workers and citizens because their tax money should work for them not for other people's benefits. But I think that deporting all illegal immigrants back to their home countries could adversely affect america's economy. I do not agree with the argument that illegal workers take jobs that should be for legal residents and american citizens. If anything illegal workers take the jobs that american citizens and legal resident aliens would not want to have. I mean think about it, are american citizens and legal resident aliens willing to work for minimum pay without benefits like health insurance or provision for 401k at fastfood chains or in the fields doing manual work?
Posted By Anonymous C, Los Angeles, Ca : 1:22 PM ET
My father immigrated legally to this country from Egypt. He wanted a better life too, and he worked hard to get it. He also worked LEGALLY, and eventually became a citizen. Of course wanting a better life is not a crime, and no one reasonable is arguing any such thing. But breaking the law, which illegal immigrants are doing, IS a crime, by definition. Period.

I consider all these protests on behalf of illegal immigration to be a slap in the face, a real insult, to those who have sought to gain citizenship by legal means. Some of those have not been granted what they desired, and were sent back home. How would you feel if you were one of them, watching the current situation unfold?
Posted By Anonymous Grace, Los Angeles, CA : 1:27 PM ET
why is this such an issue now, is it because hispanics can get a demonstration going at a moments notice when a bunch of "AMERICANS" sit around trying to figure out their lawnmowers,vacum cleaners,dishwashers,or figure out how their fruits and vegetables get to the grocery store, or heaven forbid you suddenly have to care for your own children and still deal with everyday household things, hmm no one complains then, it's not just big companies that use illegals i'm pretty sure some of those house workers that are serving some of those on capitol hill cause Mitzy can't clean the stove on her own with out leaving her glass of wine unattended oh no, can't have that can we. immigrants work the jobs that "AMERICANS" don't want to work, are too good to work or think it's so beneath them to do,if it weren't the case why don't we ever see so called "AMERICANS" in the kitchens, or mowing the lawn or cleaning the houses. they cost us? no our citizens that are here legally cost us unemploymnet, welfare, people havin 12 kids just to get a check and still claiming they can't get a job because there are none. history lesson people the borders sprang up around us, we were here already!!!
Posted By Anonymous marisa, austin, TEJAS : 1:43 PM ET
Why is it so hard for people to understand that the debate and the issue are about people entering this country ILLEGALLY!? It doesn't matter if they are 'hardworking, nice, law abiding people'. It doesn't matter that they are trying to better their way of life, or that you are married to one and have wonderful kids and they are a great parent. It doesn't matter what race they are. The cold hard facts are that illegal immigrants cost this country far more then they benefit it. Check the facts. See why so many hospitals in Florida and along the border towns in the soutwest are filing bankruptcy. See how much money is wasted on social services that DON'T go to American citizens because they are being partioned out to illegals. Those for amnesty and illegal immigrant rights (what a joke, they have no rights under our Constitution) constantly state that they are doing the jobs Americans won't. Do you know that for real or are you just spouting the rhetoric you hear on the major media outlets? Have you been to an unemployment office lately to see the AMERICANS who are searching for work and can't find any?? When the unemployment rate among able bodied Americans is 0% THEN you can make the argument that they do jobs Americans won't. Until then, they are stealing jobs. They are stealing social services. They are stealing American currency and sending it back to their country. They are not trying to assimilate into our culture. Plain and simple.
Open your eyes. This is an invasion. They burn our flag in the streets, pull our flag down and put up the flag of their home country on OUR soil and then demand that the government provide them with the same benefits that REAL citizens enjoy. If they want the benefits then they must legally join and adhere to the system that grants those benefits. The irony of it all, in the long run, they end up destroying the very social system that they are leaching off of.
Posted By Anonymous Nolan S. Phoenix, AZ : 2:16 PM ET
Dear President Bush:
I'm about to plan a little trip with my family and extended family, and
I would like to ask you to assist me. I'm going to walk across the
border from the U.S. into Mexico, and I need to make a few arrangements.
I know you can help with this.

I plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration
quotas and laws. I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do

So, would you mind telling your buddy, President Vicente Fox, that I'm
on my way over? Please let him know that I will be expecting the

1. Free medical care for my entire family.

2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might
need, whether I use them or not.

3. All government forms need to be printed in English.

4. I want my kids to be taught by English-speaking teachers.

5. Schools need to include classes on American culture and history.

6. I want my kids to see the American flag flying on the top of the flag
pole at their school with the Mexican flag flying lower down.

7. Please plan to feed my kids at school for both breakfast and lunch.

8. I will need a local Mexican driver's license so I can get easy access
to government services.

9. I do not plan to have any car insurance, and I won't make any effort
to learn local traffic laws.

10. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo
from Pres. Fox to leave me alone, please be sure that all police
officers speak English.

11. I plan to fly th e U.S. flag from my house top, put flag decals on my
car, and have a gigantic celebration on July 4th. I do not want any
complaints or negative comments from the locals.

12. I would also like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, and
don't enforce any labor laws or tax laws.

13. Please tell all the people in the country to be extremely nice and
never say a critical word about me, or about the strain I might place on
the economy.

I know this is an easy request because you already do all these things
for all the people who come to the U.S. from Mexico. I am sure that
Pres. Fox won't mind returning the favor if you ask him nicely.

However, if he gives you any trouble, just invite him to go quail
hunting with your V.P.

Thank you so much for your kind help.

A tax paying AMERICAN

Illegals GO Home!!!
Posted By Anonymous Shelly, Albuquerque, NM : 2:34 PM ET
How many illegals fill our prison system? They are bringing their corruption into our country! How many are deported and turn around and come right back? Worried about Social Security? Eliminate the welfare that is given to illegals and thier extended families! Why not place land mines along the border instead of erecting a wall? Perhaps that would keep them out!
Posted By Anonymous Jasmine, Albuquerque, NM : 2:49 PM ET
The lamest pro-immigration argument I've heard so far is "They just want a better life for their children!" That is such a pile of horse hockey, with that logic we should legalize bankrobbing to show compassion for the "poor bank robbers who just want a better life for their children."

If illegal immigrants truely want a better life for their children, then they should stay home and fix up their own corrupt, backwards country instead of invading ours and bringing down our standard of living.

The bit about "reconquista" is complete nonsense too; ask any Cherokee, Sioux or Cheyenne, and they'll tell you that the tribes who previously owned the American soil are completely different from the tribes that owned the Mexican soil. Saying that illegals should be given citizenship because part of the US was once part of Mexico makes about as much sense as saying that all of Europe belongs to Greece because it was once part of the Hellenic empire.

I'd be happy if the US just adopted an immigration policy that was identical to Mexico's Immigration policy; in Mexico, illegal aliens cannot own property, attend school or start a business. If that's good for Mexico, then it should be good for the US too.
Posted By Anonymous Scott, Irvine, CA : 2:50 PM ET
I cannot even believe this is an issue. ILLEGAL immigrants, operative word being ILLEGAL. Meaning "against the law". Meaning I am tired of hearing how all of these immigrants are marching on American streets demanding American rights. ARE YOU AMERICAN??? If the answer is no, then you do not deserve those rights. Do it legally, then you get those great American rights. I am in total support of legal immigration. I am totally against coming into my country ILLEGALLY and demanding rights from legal Americans. Do it right people.
Posted By Anonymous April, Peoria, Illinois : 4:39 PM ET
There is no issue here---DEPORTATION is the only answer. Yes, we almost all came from immigration but we are at WAR and have no need for ILLEGALS in this country.
Posted By Anonymous Dave, Greenwood SC : 11:26 AM ET
Illegal immigrants work, and work. That is not a crime, being too good to take a job for 7$ per hour, then filing for unemployment is a crime!!!! People you need to get out of your perfect bubbles and really see what is out there. Who are the real criminals? Who is really taking advantage of the system? And let�s look at crime rates, not just one individual that shot a policeman
Posted By Anonymous Andrea, Charleston SC. Legal immigrant serving in the armed forces. : 12:14 PM ET
Personnally I believe that all "illegals" are law abiding citizens. They all have passports or visas to be here, they all have their own social security number to get a job. They all pay taxes in their own names and file their annual income taxes just like the rest of us. They have their own driver's liscense and insurance to get to work. They all work hard and don't use public assistance paid for by taxpayers so the real taxpayers aren't left out.

I also believe that they were willing to risk their lives to come to this country. Imagine what a difference they could have made in Mexico if 12 million were willing to risk their lives to fix their own country.
Posted By Anonymous Doug Buckeye, AZ : 12:23 PM ET
Unfortunately there are bad people in every crowd, but for the most part these people just want the right to work and provide for their families like anyone would and to generalize these people by the actions of a few bad eggs is ludicrous and preposterous.
Posted By Anonymous G. Garcia, Heflin Alabama : 12:54 PM ET
Any Politicians Lisening out there ? Or TV stations that want viewers ?
I never watch FOX ( To UNFAIR and UNBalanced ).

If you want to be elected or have viewers you better not stand for Ammnesty for Illegal immigration.

Look at the ratio of Americans who oppose Ammnesty on this blog and others. They all look about 75% Against Ammnesty.And lean towards tougher border controls and inforcvement of our current LAWS.

I believe this Problem is going to effect more Americans and will be a higher priority than IRAQ.

If you want to be popular with your American public its time to take a
stand. "THE BUCK STOPS HERE FOR AMERICANS ".Democrat or Republican you better be PRO-American!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Jim,Stockton CA. : 12:54 PM ET
Are you kidding me?! People who are leagally trying to obtain citizenship are having to wait years, and that needs to be fixed. But we don't fix it by letting the millions of people who decided to bypass the system get grandfatherd in! I'm proud that America has citizens from practically every country in the world. Those who are here illegally are NOT Americans. I don't care if you are a hard-working,law-abiding person. If you chose to come here and bypass the laws set up for immigration then you are undermining the whole idea of a free America. I don't get it! Why is this even an issue!?
Posted By Anonymous Alison St. Louis, MO : 1:34 PM ET
I wish people would cite their sources of where they get these anti-immigrant bashing. As a college student, we cite sources on a number of things for credibility. I only wish everybody else would do the same thing. Oh I DO NOT KNOW ONE SINGLE ILLEGAL WHO BENEFITS FROM WELFARE, MEDICARE ETC.. THANK YOU
Posted By Anonymous Allen U. A., Indianapolis, IN : 1:47 PM ET
I am a U.S. soldier. My wife of 18 years is from Germany. She has been there by my side through several deployments. She has given more to this nation than any illegal immigrant marching for legal status or reform. She and I pay hundreds of dollars every few years to renew her green card. Do you think she would get a break on the price of that new card? No. We pay full price everytime. And we do it so she can stay here legally. It really ticks me off to see these individuals protesting the enforcement of laws that have been in effect for years and that they have ignored for years. These people bring nothing but strain on our resources. We should build our own Berlin Wall and enforce it as harshly as the Mexicans enforce it on their southern boarder. I am fine with immigration, but do it LEGALLY like every other law abiding immigrant that came before them.
Posted By Anonymous D. Crawford Ft Sill, OK : 9:40 PM ET
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