Monday, March 27, 2006
Teen's discovery could save millions of lives
E. coli poisoning is a huge problem in Third World countries, mostly due to poor sanitation. Millions of kids die every year from the severe diarrhea it causes. There is no quick cure, because most available shots require refrigeration.

For years, scientists have been working to find what can kill E. coli. Well, finally, someone found it. It turns out there is a good bacteria in yogurt that secretes a protein that kills E. coli. We know this now because a very smart, hard-working researcher discovered the ripe old age of 13.

Serena Fasano, now 16 years old, earned a patent recently on her discovery, so we thought we'd interview her on "360." We learned Serena has spent countless hours of her free time in a lab and that she's very, very bright. She's also a normal high school kid with lots of friends. Yet, this "normal" kid's after-school activities could soon save the lives of millions of children.

What were you doing during your teen years? Actually, don't answer that. Better question is -- were you in a lab every day after school and on weekends looking for medical discoveries? Exactly.
Posted By Rob Marciano, CNN Weather Anchor: 2:22 PM ET
Maybe the cure for AIDS can be found in my orange juice!
Posted By Anonymous Tony, Rochester NY : 2:46 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous SUE HOOD QUINTON OK : 2:50 PM ET
Do we not need certian types of E Coli
as part of the normal flora in our
digestive tracts.

Only a very few E Coli strains are

So does this yogurt protien kill the E Coli we need to digest food ?
Posted By Anonymous Samprati Maurya, Spirit Lake IA : 2:51 PM ET
THAT is awesome. Thats what I love about kids with a curiosity and an environment that will promote that kind of exploration.
Posted By Anonymous Joey, Reston VA : 3:10 PM ET
I'm turning 16 tomorrow, and the only thing notable that I've ever done was blow a bubble the size of my head with gum.

I need to catch up to Serena fast.
Posted By Anonymous Molly, Coleville, CA : 3:10 PM ET
I applaud this teens tenacity for research, however my cynical side sees this as a one sided victory for Africans.

The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. Unless major oils reserves are discovered there, African will remain the poorest continent on Earth. I fear that the E. Coli deaths will simply be replaced by death from lack of food and water, AIDS, or civil war.

I'd like to hear about how the next generation is attempting to handle social issues as well as medical one.
Posted By Anonymous Bob - Akron, Ohio : 3:12 PM ET
The fact that yoghurt kills bad bacteria in the gut is well known in 3rd world countries. Living in Mexico for 18 years, with friends from India, we all knew over 25 years ago to take yoghurt for that. Also, you should take it after extensive use of antibiotics to reestablish beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Glad to see this get some exposure. It's time the US learns something that less technologically advanced people many places already know. I do not see how this could be patented, but the rest of the world deserves to know about it.
Posted By Anonymous Duane, Stroud, Oklahoma : 3:18 PM ET
Actually, during my teen years I was quite involved in all sorts of experimentation. None were earth-shaking enough to get a patent. In fact I'd bet a ton of money most everyone else was involved in these same experiments. Don't get bad ideas,now. Some things were as simple as learning to budget my own time and the definite relationship between cause and effect!
How marvelous to skip all the learning experiments and offer something the whole world can profit from. Hats off to these brilliant youngsters.
Posted By Anonymous Marie, Lredo TX : 3:25 PM ET
I can't wait until a preschooler solves or Nation's budget deficit; it's only a matter of time.
Posted By Anonymous jeff, new richmond wisconsin : 3:25 PM ET
You probably wouldn't want any "discoveries" I would've come up with in a lab as a teen,
Posted By Anonymous Rob, Washington, DC : 3:37 PM ET
When and how will Ms. Fasano's discovery be available to the masses?
Posted By Anonymous Carol, Frederick, MD : 3:44 PM ET
It's so wonderful to see someone my age doing such amazing things. She deffinatly deserves recognition for her life-saving discovery.
Posted By Anonymous Laura, Indianapolis, IN : 3:46 PM ET
Does the average 13 year old have access to a laboratory? What do her parents do? Is this a *real* story, or will it be debunked in a week? We are all anxiously awaiting answers to these questions.
Posted By Anonymous Tom Buff, Tampa, FL : 3:56 PM ET
Brilliant. I'm glad to see that some of the teenagers of America are still intellectually inclined
Posted By Anonymous Dan, Hastings MI : 4:01 PM ET
Wow. Now this is the type of teen that should be idolized, not the Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohans, etc.
Posted By Anonymous Jodi, Calgary, Alberta : 4:02 PM ET
This only shows the potential that Students my age have. Not only are we the next generation, but we are adapting into a world that is needy and requires much attention. Kudos to you Serena. You make this generation proud.

Posted By Anonymous Josh, Colorado Springs Colorado : 4:04 PM ET
It's nice to know there are people like her in this world. We need more of them. I hope that she keeps it up, and is aware of the millions of lives she is saving. What a great story!
Posted By Anonymous Aimee, Alta Loma, CA : 4:11 PM ET
As a professional dog breeder who shows dogs we have known this for many years that Yougurt does this. We give yougurt to our dogs when they suffer from many bacterial infections in the stomach. We give it to puppies who are only days or wks old to help with bacterial infections in the stomachs also.
Posted By Anonymous JB, Clorado Springs, CO : 4:14 PM ET
The yogurt thing has been well known for quite awhile. This is why some countries used to feed such an adjusted mixture to newborns. Russia used to do this as a matter of medical policy with neonates. The good stuff in the yogurt saved any number of babies. Getting the news around the world to save more lives is excellent. And congratulations to Serena! Long may she reign!
Posted By Anonymous mageen, alexandria, va : 4:19 PM ET
...and some people think that the US is lacking in the sciences.
Posted By Anonymous Nathan, Fort Wayne, IN : 4:21 PM ET
The Surprising and shocking special Serena is stupendous, superior, superb, sparkling, skilled, super, stunning, startling, staggering, stupefying, and superlative young lady is simply splendid. Wow! Isn't she sweet!!
Posted By Anonymous Elsa Cal from Staten Island, NY : 4:21 PM ET
I hope this discovery that has been made will be given to the people who need it most. I truly hope that our government doesn't intefere with what could be considered the best breakthorugh for medical science since penicillin.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne Scott, Greensboro, NC : 4:52 PM ET
way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous jackie lucedale ms : 4:53 PM ET
I am happy it isn't 1 april yet otherwise I might now have believed it.

Needless to say that this is very impressive (and maybe embarrassing for other scientist like myself) that a 13 year old finds this. I was also quite the young investigator (at least I thoughed until now) but sadly enough no one ever let me 'play' with
E-coli bacteria...however this might have still been safer then the stuff I actually did get my hands on.
To comment on the fact that a protein kills bacteria. Its documented that there are proteins and peptides which can kill bacteria. Problem until now is that animal test show that most of these proteins or peptides are also harmfull to animal, not only to the bacteria. But if this bacteria is present in yogurt it might be non toxic to humans. Needless to say this only applies if this protein does not need to be injected into the blood stream. In the Blog I see a referrence to shots, if this protein needs to be injected that will present some additional problems, not at least the risk of very serious allergic reactions.
Posted By Anonymous Matthias, Boston, MA : 4:54 PM ET
Doesn't yogurt also require refrigeration?
Posted By Anonymous Susan, Rochester, NY : 4:58 PM ET
I commend Serena for her youthful industry, but unfortunately she did not have the basic information about E.coli. E.coli is normally present in everybody's intestine and is not pathologic. However the presence of E. coli in food or water shows that there is fecal contamination, and that associated pathogens may also be present. It is these associated pathogens and not the E. coli which need to be eradicated.
Posted By Anonymous Ernest Kopstein, Owings Mills, MD : 5:03 PM ET
This is a wonderful story that showcases young adults as intelligent, creative, and diligent people. Perhaps our youth need to be at the forefront in our growing science and technology industries because of their innovative approaches to our 'adult-world' issues...
Posted By Anonymous Frank, Anchorage AK : 5:07 PM ET
I can appreciate the effort of Serena (kudos to her) but this is NOT AT ALL A NEW DISCOVERY. The commoners in India especially the southern states on India was using diluted yogurts slighltly warmed with Turmeric as a cure for e.coli infections for 100s (if not thousands) of year.
Posted By Anonymous Andy, Pittsburgh, PA : 5:08 PM ET
Mr. Marciano,
When you were a teen were you in a lab everyday after school? Yeah that's what I thought.
Your point is understood loud and clear, she is a special teenage girl. However, you should realize that your reader's probably don't care to be slammed for being normal teenagers just so you can get your point across.
Chris Vasquez
Posted By Anonymous Chris Vasquez Dubuque, IA : 5:14 PM ET
Well, congratulations to the child who is making such an effort. I am from Pakistan, and it has always been standard procedure to eat yoghurt when one is suffering from diarrhea!
Posted By Anonymous Zia Sheikh, Dallas, TX : 5:27 PM ET
Yet another example of why we should invest educational resources in our gifted students.
We spend millions on the mentally disabled, who will not get better, and let bright students languish when they could be nurtured for the benefit of all.
Posted By Anonymous Sobac Retok, Manning, SC : 5:36 PM ET
Throughout the history of scientific discovery, the same pattern emerges - the most important discoveries, by the most important scientists, come early in their career. Whether it's age or the cynicism that inevitably with age, Serena fits the profile.
Posted By Anonymous Kim, Midland Michiga : 5:43 PM ET
Doesn't yogurt have to be refrigerated, too? If so, how does knowing this help Third World countries? If you don't have refrigeration for shots, you won't have it for yogurt.
Posted By Anonymous Brenda Fergen, Vermillion, South Dakota : 5:44 PM ET
Thank God for young inquisitive minds
and the determination to see something
through. Thank you for your hard work.
Posted By Anonymous Kay - Sonoma,CA : 5:45 PM ET
Who gave the E. coli bacteria to a 13 year-old to play with? Hope they don't give them H5N1!
Posted By Anonymous Chewbacca, Minneapolis MN : 5:47 PM ET
Now that's ammunition for my battle to keep my son focused on his studies. He may change the world!
Posted By Anonymous Nick, Williamsburg, VA : 5:49 PM ET
I hope that this normal child, who spent her normal childhood in a normal lab doing nothing else normal that normal children do, does not grow up and snap taking an automatic weapon into a crowded mall and avenge for her lost youth. Burn out is a serious thing! Where does she go from here?
Posted By Anonymous Sandy, Dallas, Texas : 5:51 PM ET
I wasn't in a lab at 13, but I'm in one right now (at age 28, as of Thursday), and I'm just beaming at the knowledge that the future generation of scientists has arrived!

The geeks are coming out!! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
(Sorry about that - we don't get out much...)

Great job, Serena. Keep it up, kiddo. Best of luck to you.
Posted By Anonymous AM, Piscataway, NJ : 6:03 PM ET
The kids are alright.
Posted By Anonymous Al -- San Mateo, California : 6:15 PM ET
Wow! I cant believe it, When I was 13 all I wanted to discover was a video game trick.
This discovery proves a few things.
1. She did not work for money
2. She didnt go to college and see what she did.
3. She worked on HER free time.

Secret sentence:
The goverment(not just the US), rich capitalists, rich corporations, college geeks etc.. CAN DISCOVER SOMETHING TO CURE AIDS/CANCER!

No money? screw you! they dont care about you.
Posted By Anonymous Huevo Cabren, Houston TX : 6:19 PM ET
Way to go kid, the scientific community needs excited young people to take the place of us old folks. However, I would like to address several issues brought up by other users. First, E. coli, a member of the normal gut flora is not a major contributor to digestion. In fact E. coli causes many problems as a member of normal gut flora. First and foremost, it often finds itself traveling to places it shouldn't be and causes local infections; the one you are probably most familiar with is a urinary tract infection. Also, as far as yogurt being refrigerated, this shouldn't be a problem since it must be fermented for several days at around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It would seem that fermenting milk in a third world setting would be much simpler than importing vaccines that must be refrigerated in transit as well as in storage. Just an FYI, yogurt is believed to have been discovered some 4500 years ago by the Turkish. It is my understanding that the turkish didn't have any form of refrigeration in that day.
Posted By Anonymous Andrew, Indianapolis, IN : 6:19 PM ET
The fact that the discovery was patented reveals the focus of current research on commercial exploitation. If this is good or bad is subject to debate. Other life saving discoveries were simply published into the public domain (i.e. monoclonal antibodies). Some argue that patenting discoveries is the only way to encourage the investment needed for mass production.
Posted By Anonymous Emilio, Madison, WI : 6:23 PM ET
She did much more than discover that yogurt kills E. Coli. She apparently isolated the responsible protein. Here is a quote from a UPI article.
"A 16-year-old Glenelg, Md., high school student has received a patent for a protein that reportedly might help fight one of the world's deadliest diseases. Serena Fasano, a junior at Glenelg High School, told the Baltimore Sun the patent officially is owned by the University of Maryland, but she will be allowed to name it... The teenager spent three years researching the protein, part of that time at the University of Maryland's School of Medicine where her father is the director of the Mucosal Biology Research Center, the Sun reported Wednesday.

The protein she discovered -- a component of yogurt -- seems to eradicate E.coli 042, the leading cause of diarrhea that kills 6 million people annually, mostly children in Third World nations."
Posted By Anonymous Ken Sacks, Pittsburgh, PA : 6:29 PM ET
As a professional scientist, I find this kind of disinformation misleading and unfortunate. I have worked with E. Coli for a long time, and there are plenty of things that can kill the bacteria -- chiefly antibiotics. That's not the issue when you are talking about sepsis or meningitis or whatever. The issue is that in killing the bacteria, it releases the toxin Lipopolysaccharide into the human system causing mass inflammation and cell death. So, unless we find something that can deal with the accompanying toxins, I am not sure what medical or scientific relevance this has. It's good too see young people interested in microbiology. We have much to learn.
Posted By Anonymous Scott, New Orleans, LA : 6:38 PM ET
I thought that eating yogurt to help ease digestion was common knowledge. Whenever my stomach is cranky I eat it even though I don't really like the taste. I do like the greek cucumber yogurt sauce though. I think certain kinds of cheese are also good for easing stomach ailments.
Posted By Anonymous Annabelle Echo, Chicago IL : 6:48 PM ET
how can a 13 year old find out more info on E.coli than all of the adult and professional scientists?I know the are so SMARTER!It won't be a surprise if another kid finds a cure for cancer...until then,kids will continue to prove that not all of us are wasting our time with t.v. and etc.
Posted By Anonymous Kendal Purdom Ontario,California : 6:48 PM ET
i hope this will change the views of other teens who critisize others for being on track with what will help America!
Posted By Anonymous fg newyork,newyork : 6:53 PM ET
Wow a young teenager finds a cure, and scientist in our country can't. Perhaps she should be teaching them something...
Posted By Anonymous Nic Spring, TX : 7:12 PM ET
this needs way more publicity. I'm sick of boring do-nothing useless celeb's like Paris Hilton......get this person on air. Encourage this sort of thing...and while you at it, pass the yogurt.
Posted By Anonymous Linda Marlborough, Ma : 7:21 PM ET
Oh, come on Rob Marciano, get real - and what, may I ask were YOU doing when you were thirteen? Okay so this girl discovered something wonderful, thanks to God, but do you really need to try to humiliate everyone who spent his teens like a normal kid?
Posted By Anonymous Michael Safdiah, New York NY : 7:58 PM ET
I know this special girl!
Posted By Anonymous Bill Maryland : 9:22 PM ET
I grew up in the Middle East from the mid 70's till the mid 80's.
Is this the reason why Arab Bedouins serve you Yoghurt with most of the meat dishes, Mansafs's? Whether it was roast lamb/goat/ kibbeh, it was there, plain, or salted.
When somebody had an "upset " stomach, we got served " aryan" , yoghurt mixed with water and salt. Or garlic if you asked for worked all the time.

I live in the US now, and for some reason I feel more comfortable in offering Cucumber salad prepared with organic plain Yoghurt. I guess it is in our genes.
Good for the young girl, I am proud of her discovery.
Posted By Anonymous Camilla Hussein-Scott, Coconut Creek, Florida : 9:25 PM ET
Maybe if MY 13 year old could get her head out of and off the IM for a bit, she could do something worthwhile for civilization too! (sigh...)
Posted By Anonymous hsc, Framingham,MA : 9:30 PM ET
this Serena girl must be an absolutely genius. I mean honestly, who discovers a protein this young? she is an inspiration to all of us and should be payed lots of lots of money. CONGRATS!!
Posted By Anonymous Gretchen Goldenfinkleman, Mexico City NM : 9:32 PM ET
SERENA FASANO is one of my best friends, and she is one of the smartest girls i kno. we sit together in chemistry and take college level world history but this project she has been working on is amazing and she deserves all of the credit for her hard work. serena <3 u girl. weve been through it all... congrats!
Posted By Anonymous Kristen Keravich, Glenelg MD : 9:32 PM ET
shes not only smart and talented but shes BEAUTIFUL too! Since when do you get the brains and the looks! Apparently Serena Fasano does! :)
Posted By Anonymous Caroline Bowman, Glenelg, MD : 9:49 PM ET
Kids ARE amazing these days, just take Kendal Purdom from Ontario, California right above you for example. " are so SMARTER!"

Wow, just wow. Talk about your self-contradicting statements.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Afganistan : 10:03 PM ET
I am 49 years old, and in my childhood days back in Romania doctors would always tell you to eat yogurt when you got a bad bout of diarrhea, "just in case", so this is an old remedy, just not scientifically questioned until now. Kudos to the teen researcher! I'm now an RN working for Emory U. in Atlanta, GA - perhaps I should start questioning some of the old country's remedies such as this one, and we could all live better one day... I do believe that there's very little (if any) in the realm of knowledge that's absolutely "new under the sun"!
Posted By Anonymous RUXANDRA TOCITU, ATLANTA, GA : 10:38 PM ET
These questions beg to be asked. It appears that the medical research people have known about this E. coli killer for three years now. Why hasn't anything been publicly said? When will the FDA release it for general use? Will it be in pill form, injections, liquids, at what price? Will this mean that those infected will have to eat a ton of yogurt to get well? Will poorer people be able to afford it or is it going to be affordable only for the upper classes and the rich?
Posted By Anonymous Blackrose Grwd SC : 11:02 PM ET
At that age, I was learning how to play a musical instrument. Granted, I didn't take that all the way to playing with a large symphony orchestra, however I'd like to think that if I'm not one of the people that could change a child's life by introducing them to music, I could pass on that talent to my daughters and hope for them to do so. I can't argue with this particular scientific discovery, but I'd like to see more stories about other teens that do their part to change our world, no matter what their particular interest or field of study.
Posted By Anonymous Angela, Tampa FL : 11:23 PM ET
That is amazing. Good for her, I admire her hard work and dedication. I guess that article in Time about America not having enough scientists, might have missed this one.
Posted By Anonymous Cynthia Ramirez, Edinburg Texas : 11:46 PM ET
That's one clever teen! I'm going to pull out more information on this...very cool!
Posted By Anonymous Mohammad Shihabi, Los Angeles CA : 12:13 AM ET
When I was her age I was wondering if I could ever get on American Bandstand.
Posted By Anonymous Margot Marie Bronski, Phoenix, AZ : 1:40 AM ET
As heartwarming as this all is, I wonder what the names of the grad-student/post-doc and professor who were really responsible for this research are. When high school kids come into academic labs, their hands are held through every step. It is a great experience for the young student, of course, but to pretend these kids are significantly responsible for the discovery is silly.
Posted By Anonymous E. Abbey, Page, AZ : 1:40 AM ET
Most 13 year olds do not have access to a lab. I'm a college student in a research one university, and it was hard enough for me when I was a second year undergraduate with a 4.0 GPA to get into a lab. The youngest people I've ever seen work in a lab are 18 year olds who just graduated highschool, and they always get in through grants given to the lab that are designed specifically for under-represented minority students only.

I'll preface this by saying that I sincerely hope she was given the opportunities to have a regular childhood with plenty of time to have fun, socialize, etc. Anyway, it seems that unless this child had two scientists as parents, this would be highly unlikely. Now, however, this discovery is definitely useful, assuming that it does neutralize the various toxins excreted by E. Coli in addition to killing the bacteria. It is, however, exemplary of the various health benefits inherent to yogurt.
Posted By Anonymous I L, Tucson, AZ : 4:13 AM ET
I'm surprised that medical institutions are taking this seriously as most low-cost health remedies are kept out of the public debate for fear that it might be effective and result in a loss of revenues for drug companies.

It is a shame that a little girl has to find what big powerful institutions can't. Perhaps curious children would do better with the other serious conditions such as cancer than many of the narrow-minded oncologists we have now.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Lowy, 6/155 Rajadamri Road, Bangkok Thailand : 4:15 AM ET
So how does this new "Activa" yogurt with the added strain of Bifidus size up in comparison to regular yogurt with the Lactobacillus in combating pathogenic E. coli?

Encourage kids to explore and discover!
Posted By Anonymous Heather Orr, Lansing, MI : 8:17 AM ET
This is awesome. Now we don't have to spend $50 Billion finding a cure for this and can spend it on the next big thing that needs a solution, like Diabetes, Cancer, and Aids. I would gladly have my tax dollars funneled to to her and have her recruit some of her teenage friends to find the solutions to these diseases. Lord knows the solution would probably be found in something as dumb as a banana peel.

The one thing we know here is that the cure was published and not held back by pharmaceutical companies just so they can make money on all the supplies (diabetic testing). It's long been rumored a cure exists, but they make so much money on testing supplies that they won't release the cure to the public. Finally, it takes a 13-year old to show some integrity and slap all these other greedy people in the face.
Posted By Anonymous David, Rochester NY : 8:23 AM ET
If this has been around for hundreds of years, why is it such a big deal that a thirteen year old "discovered" this. As to the person who made the comment about "spending millions on the mentally disabled, who will not get any better" - shame on you. Do you not think that spending millions on bettering someone's life is much more well spent then say... WAR, POLITICS, RESEARCHING OF YOGURT! Get real, these "mentally disabled" humans need everything we can offer them just to have a chance at living somewhat of a normal life.
Posted By Anonymous Patricia, Toronto CANADA : 9:02 AM ET
The future looks bright after all.

Thanks for the good news.
Posted By Anonymous Liz, Montgomery, AL : 10:18 AM ET
WOW! That girl is amazing! I applaud her! She has a big and bright future ahead of her. I hope she keeps up the great work. She's going to help many many people.
Posted By Anonymous Mae Aldridge, Moberly, MO : 10:55 AM ET
While it's hard to tell from the four paragraphs of story, it sounds to me that the discovery was not that yogurt kills bacteria, but that Ms. Fasano found the protien resonsible for this feature. Potentially, this protien could be synthesized or harvested and used to saftly clean E Coli from where it shoudn't be.

I don't question whether the medicinal benefits of yogurt have been long known, but did we always know why and how it was beneficial? I believe this is where the utility of the discovery lies.
Posted By Anonymous DK, Worcester MA : 11:08 AM ET
Im from Maryland and ive been reading all about Serena lately in the News Papers. It seems that the paragraph about her work forgets to mention one very important thing. Serena found the SPECIFIC protein that has never been characterized before, that eradicates the growth of E.OLI 042!!!!!! E.coli 042 is an extremely pathogenic bacteria which happens to be ONE OF THE LEADING CAUSES of diarrheal diseases!!! I don't think any one understands the impact this protein could have on the six million people that are dying every year because of this! Yes some E.coli are essential, but E.Coli042 is extremely harmful! Serena has found a protein in a substance secreted by a probiotic (found in yogurt) that could stop this problem forever! And as for the heat stability, its not the yogurt that is heat stable, according to her research Serena has found that this protein can undergo heat and still have an extremely toxic effect on E.coli042. I suggest everyone google her name and really understand what her research implies. Shes not saying that yogurt helps, yes people have known that for years, she has found a novel protein that could cure one of the worlds deadliest diseases. Serena if you are reading this, you have and will continue to change the lives of people all around the world. Congratulations to you, you are an amazing young girl! I have been in the sciences for quiet a long time, and I have to say I look up to you. Congratulations.
Posted By Anonymous Alex, Baltimore MD : 1:00 PM ET
hey there! i know Serena and SHE IS A normal kid, shes probably one of the coolest girls I know. Everyone respects her cause shes got a huge passion for what she does, but outside of the lab shes just like any other teenager in the world. Shes the life of the party! She deserves every ounce of credit and recognition she is getting for years of determination and hard work! We all look up to her here in Maryland and know because of her amazing passion and personality she will be known world wide!
Posted By Anonymous Sara, Howard County MD : 1:05 PM ET
As Serena's two best friends, we could not be any more proud of her!!! We have watched all of Serena's hard work and can be the first ones to say that she 100% deserves all the praise she will get for this discovery. While we all were staying up at parties on Friday nights and sleeping in until noon on Saturday mornings, Serena was hard at work in the lab, helping to save lives. Talk about an inspiration!! Not only does Serena have an absolute gift for the sciences, but she also is one of the most compassionate people we know, and absolutely the best friend either of us could ask for!! Trust us, this is only the beginning! CONGRATS SERENA... KEEP IT UP!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Katie & Amanda, Glenelg, MD : 6:10 PM ET
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