Monday, March 06, 2006
Former employees allege racism at Allied Aviation
It was a source who first called me about this story, which focuses on an airline refueling company called Allied Aviation, one of the largest airline refuelers in the country. Chances are, when you look out the window of your airplane, Allied workers are refueling your aircraft.

When I first heard the details, I found them hard to believe. Several African-American and Latino workers at Allied's facility in Dallas allege they were subjected to racism by supervisors and colleagues and that upper management didn't do enough to stop it.

Eric Mitchell, a former employee, described how white workers and managers used a demeaning racial slur to describe blacks. He says his immediate supervisors did little to stop it. One day he went to work and saw his name, as well as the names of several other black employees, on something called the "n----- hit list." The list was written on a bathroom wall.

Mitchell was so concerned he reported it to police. But he said it was only after he and others complained to Allied's corporate headquarters that the company scheduled a sensitivity class.

I also spoke to Francisco Ochoa, who had put up with workers telling him to go back to "Mexico." The defining moment for him was when he walked into his manager's office and found a derogatory cartoon with him in it. He said it was titled: "Mexican gas chamber." Ochoa, who was battling cancer, tearfully explained how deeply it had hurt him.

When I caught up with Ochoa's former manager, the one who had the cartoon on his desk, he told me that while the cartoon probably should not have been on his desk, whoever drew it was "a good artist." He said Ochoa never complained to him about the cartoon.

Allied would not speak to us on camera about the allegations, but they did release a statement: "We deny that these individuals are the victims of any type of discrimination or retaliation....We have acted in good faith towards these individuals."

But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission conducted an investigation, and as a result, filed a federal suit against Allied Aviation. The EEOC says Allied did too little, too late to stop the racism at its facility. And, according to James Vagnini, a plaintiffs attorney, there are similar allegations at Allied facilities operating at JFK airport, Newark International and San Antonio.

I know full well that racism still exists in many parts of our society, despite the good intentions of most people, but the allegations in this case nevertheless are disturbing.
Posted By Jason Carroll, CNN Correspondent: 10:31 PM ET
When are people finally going to realize that we are all created equally and that skin color and nationality do not matter? No race is better than another-not now, not ever.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Durham NC : 11:00 PM ET
Yes, Racism is alive and well. Unfortunately, there are still many people in the world who refuse to accept the fact that we are all in this world to stay. Ignorance and fear will continue to keep people away from each other as long as they allow negativity to take root in their hearts.
Posted By Anonymous Nancy Maldonado Rocklin, California : 11:04 PM ET
Nothing is more precious to americans than there career choice. Harrassment in any form while we perform our duties on the job is detrimental to our phyical and mental health. The problem magnifies when supervisory personal are involved. That check feels pretty good in a employees hands on fridays and my hope is we all exam ourselves before we lay our heads of a nite and say "Did i treat my co-worker better than i treated myself today, if not do so tommorrow"
Posted By Anonymous Dave Winfield Quincy, Il : 11:20 PM ET
This types of race accusations have become generic and meaningless to me. I believe reverse racism against whites is by far a bigger problem in society right now than racism towards blacks or hispanics. I have heard things said by blacks in my old office in front of white people that would have white people fired and draw lawsuits if said by a white person. Listen to the anti white venom being spewed by black radio and the likes of nation of islam. THERE IS A HUGE DOUBLE STANDARD IN SOCIETY AND THE MEDIA HELPS PROPOGATE IT BY TURNING A BLIND EYE to hatred against whites by blacks, hispanics, etc. That is your real story.
Posted By Anonymous joe, chicago, il : 11:20 PM ET
Racism hurt. No matter how old you are or what position you hold. Racial slurs are the quickest way to cut a person down to size and make that person feel low and worthless. Without any regards to a person's standing as a citizen or his contribution to society, racial epithets make one feel dirty and violated.

I know because I was at the receiving end of it at school when I was young. What surprises me is that it is happening at this level and in the 21st century, no less.
Posted By Anonymous John N., Lawrenceville, GA : 11:53 PM ET
I am a Psychologist by training(two different Doctoral programs) and have spent over 30 years working in Information Technology in many large corporations, governmental agencies and academic settings. Racism, as described by Allied's victims, is pervasive, sometimes subtle, sometimes disgustingly open. I am willing to share particulars if anyone is interested in fighting this ignorance and blight on the American experience.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Whitehurst, Atlanta, Georgia : 11:54 PM ET
The numbers of stories describing racial discrimination seem to be increasing rather than declining as they should. What is even worse is that it appears that, more often than not, the story resides in the Land of the Free. If you feel that you have something to offer the world because you have a particular skin color or because you are from a particular place in the world, then you are horribly wrong. The United States used to be viewed as the most progressive country in the world insofar as social, cultural, economic and a host of other issues were concerned. That was because the spirit of the people was focused on making the world a better place. They believed that the people could make it better, not that the country made them better. It is now viewed as a country of immature, close-minded extremists who have no sense of propriety. We have given up all rights to voice our opinion toward the world on matters external to the U.S. because we cannot even take care of ourselves. If you want to make a difference, learn about another race, another culture, another view other than your own. Try to understand them and you will have a better chance to learn to understand yourself. If you do not understand this concept, then you are destined to live a very narrow, uninteresting life.
Posted By Anonymous William Slifko, USN (ret), Tokyo, Japan : 12:06 AM ET
Is there any expectation that minorities can thrive in a hostile environment like this? This is an excellent example of why affirmative action is needed in the workplace.
Posted By Anonymous Linda White, Pasadena, CA : 12:14 AM ET
It is too bad that only one side of the story is being reported here. Do a complete, full and unbiased investigation here and you will realize that the "victims" are willing perpetrators of racist acts. It is overly simple to scream racism when things don't go the way you want them to. Yes, I worked in this industry and saw this "racism" too much.
Posted By Anonymous Aaron, Atlanta Georgia : 12:37 AM ET
Thank you so much for doing stories like this - the evil that is racism must be dragged into the light where it can be seen for what it is. You made the world a better place by giving voice to the victims and exposing those that commit these crimes. Thank you for this story - good job!
Posted By Anonymous patricia - Columbus, Ohio : 1:33 AM ET
I smell a class action looming...
Posted By Anonymous Joy, Folsom CA : 2:10 AM ET
Yes, these allegations are a concern. Racism is a real part of life and will forever be amongst the uneducated/ignorant peoples of any culture. That's the reality. Another reality is education. Complain all you want to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the ACLU, both will argue your case just the same. Or take it into your own hands, educate those you feel are racist towards you. Do it by getting to know them. Call them on their remarks. I live in Japan and here too racism exists towards me, a foreigner. When I hear things like "stupid foreigner" I thank them for recognizing me, and they quickly hold their tongue at my knowledge of the japanese language. When i was living in Chile I got spat at five times because I was a blonde, obvious American. I told them i was a student in their country and they were my best teachers. They cowered everytime I called them on it, in their language. Racism towards all races is common all over the world, the same is true when a white boy goes to an authentic Mexican restaurant in little mexico; we get sneared at until we fluently start a conversation in Spanish with another customer or a staff member. Taking that extra moment to address the person in their native tongue, and literally call them on it may do you more good than calling the cops and becoming the "Whining" foreigner who needs to reinforce Equal Opportunities in order to get ahead or even just get his point of offense across. Most people would be very embarrassed to be thought of as a racist amongst their society, so I'll say it again, call them on it, in language they will understand, which may be a honkey version of English and not the polite stuff you study at home to be considered a member of America's elite.
Posted By Anonymous Nathan, Santa Rosa California. Now in Japan. : 2:31 AM ET
It's really sad. I'm 48 years old. I grew up in inner city Chicago and now reside in the surburbs of Atlanta. The really sad part about this whole story is, I'm not at all surprised. Anyone that's a minority knows that racism is "Alive and well in America". The worst part is trying to explain that sad fact to my 11 & 7 yr old children.
Posted By Anonymous MikeB, Atlanta, GA : 2:33 AM ET
Racism? Boo-hoo. Americans of the majority persuasion are discriminated against on a daily basis and it's all perfectly legal. It's called "Affirmative Action". You want to see worst perpetrators of discrimination against the majority? Look up the word "Journalist"
Posted By Anonymous Rod Venger Colorado Springs, Colorado. : 3:17 AM ET
The politics of fear and hate are everywhere. From the politicos and the pulpit. Diversity has been used to divide in order to conquer. It won't get any better with cuts in entitlements, increase in "illegal immigration", outsourcing, failure to contol gangs, illegal and legal drug abuse and job insecurity. Dysfunctional is the norm as the population bomb goes off on an earth with finite resources. So, we get gated communities, name calling, turf battles from the streets to the jails and the Ninth Ward. The worst is if you been a victim of sexual, racial or religious harrassment taking a complaint to HR will only get another harrasser.
Posted By Anonymous linda, bella vista, ar : 3:43 AM ET
Well, this kind of racisim doesn't just exists in the blue color world. It also exists in the white color world in the Fortune 500 companies. Comments were made about the religous heritage of jews not realizing that I was part jewish, my collegues throught it was a okay to make jokes about our vendors....
Posted By Anonymous Adam, hartford, ct : 5:23 AM ET
it is amazing to me we continue to only read about racisum towards the blacks and Mexicans. Everyday there is something which offends each and everyone of us. We brush it off and continue to live and work. It will never end with these groups.
Signed; just tired
Posted By Anonymous Mike, San Clemente, CA : 5:43 AM ET
I feel for Mr Ochoa, not only for the racist cartoon, but because my own father was treated badly by the company he worked for while he was battling cancer a few years ago.

His situation had nothing to do with racism though - individuals in upper management were targeting members of staff who were due to retire in a few years, finding reasons - and in the case of my father, setting him up - to fire them so that they could save money (those who were fired lost their company pensions) and then replacing people they'd fired with people who would be paid less.

My father won and the company settled before the matter went to court, but by then the damage had been done - in the 4 months he'd been laid off work, he couldn't afford cancer treatments because his medical insurance had been cut off while he sorted out his job situation. The cancer came back with a vengeance and he died 6 months later.

I hope that the media will continue to highlight these kinds of stories so that other people in similar situations can gain knowledge about their rights as well as inspiration from those who have won their fights against large companies and be empowered by that.
Posted By Anonymous Nikky, London, UK : 6:29 AM ET
As an American of Mexican descent, in Texas it is rapidly going backwards. All Hispanics are looked at as threats to the established majority society. All Hispanics "should go back to Mexico". America preached that we should live the American dream, get educated and assimilate. Guess what? That is not what we hear in the schools, the back rooms of business and government. We are critized if we are uneducated and become a threat when we are educated. We are sought after to do the menial, labor intensive work and never trusted and seen as criminals because we speak a second language. The people that I know who are in a position to promote are called racist whenever they promote a Hispanic. Do you know how long we have been watching this from the sidelines? Most people just want to live their lives free of fear and retaliation. Most of us were born in the U.S. Our parents spoke to us about their struggles. Their struggles are becoming my children's struggles.
Posted By Anonymous Juan A. Lubbock, TX : 6:50 AM ET
It truly saddens me to read many of the comments left here. There is no excuse for racism whatsoever. Those that complain that there is no attention being paid towards reverse racism are clearly selfish, and most likely have racist feelings themselves. As far as I see it, your sentiments are incredibly foul. Racism as a whole should not exist. Those crying that reverse racism never gets coverage are indeed those desperate for self-pity. I feel for all those that were discriminated against here in this case. Nobody deserves what they went through.
Posted By Anonymous Shaun, Poughkeepsie, NY : 7:47 AM ET
My initial comments were based on the blog entry. I didn't realise that Mr Ochoa had died until I read the transcript of the show, so I hope that my comments were not inappropriate... my condolences to his loved ones.
Posted By Anonymous Nikky, London, UK : 7:56 AM ET
After reading the previous 18 comments it's interestesting to note only 2 comments didn't think of this type of behavior as being offensive. What does this say?

Any type of behavior in a business environment that causes an employee to be uncomfortable (unproductive) cannot be tolerated. I work in a business where all of the employees earn over $80,000 a year and the managers much more. I saw a manager fired for participating an insensitive religous joke. "He who has ears, let him hear".

You can't legislate morality, but in a business environment you can control behavior. Allied, take control.
Posted By Anonymous Claude Reginald Rivers, Plant City Florida : 8:00 AM ET
It is really time that people stop complaining and get on with thier lives. Everybody has something to say about something. My thought is get over it. There are more important things in life.
Posted By Anonymous John Lewiston, Rochester NY : 8:20 AM ET
Have we established fully that the alleged acts of racism actually occurred? This is important. As a former supervisor at the VA, every employee who didn't get what they wanted filed an EEO action, on the direct advice and instruction of the AFGE union. Racism = Politics in the job negotiation. Most of the acts of "racism" were settled when a new and unneccessary job was created (at tax payer expense) for the "victim".
Posted By Anonymous Paul Augusta, Georgia : 8:24 AM ET
I am a white male in Atlanta, GA. I can't believe what I keep hearing about "Reverse Racism" by white people. That is the biggest joke!!! White males have power in this country so what blacks say in response to white racism is hardly significant to me in comparison because as a result you don't suffer as a white male nearly as much in consequence. I hate seeing this term "reverse racism" and don't even believe when people say this, that they honestly feel they are just as vulernable as blacks, hispanics, and even women as a minority. To me it sounds like an poor excuse to be a bigot.
Posted By Anonymous wrightc, Atlanta, GA : 8:31 AM ET
To abolish racism we need to look at the root cause of the problem. The racism eminates from ignorance of the understanding of the human species. The truth is that all humans are part of the same species therefore a person who thinks that he or she is in anyway superior than others is simply an illiterate. Some people possess university degrees bur still are illiterate as they do not change their thinking in acoord with the known truths. We must tune our thinking habits in accord with the known truths in order to create a world of equality, justice and fairness.
Posted By Anonymous Dr. Khalique Ahmed, Boca Raton, FL : 8:42 AM ET
Anybody who thinks racism is a thing in the past simply does not get it. I can assure you its alive and kicking. I was surprised a couple of years ago when I found out that my own Brother was a racist. Oh I knew he was Conservative in his views but racist? When he used the 'N' word for the first time in my presence, my eyes filled with tears. Since the 70's I had personally fought very hard for civil rights and equality for all and to learn that I had racist elements in my own family leaves me with a great deal of pain today.
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Douglasville, Georgia : 8:58 AM ET
Why do people stay in a situation that is bad for them? Where should people go if they do not feel right in a situation? I guess some people just like complaining for things to happen because that is how they are consturctive. To be or to leave that is the question.
Posted By Anonymous Jerry Peters, Philly PA : 9:08 AM ET
I wanted to say as a black american that it was wrong what happened to the employees at Allied Avaition and the people who done that to them will pay. I also look at it two ways though because as a young black male I hear black people use the N word all the time even in music, me personally I never say the word because I think it is stupid, because when a white person uses it blacks get mad. I really am mad at the blacks that use the N word for leisure and don't think about people like the Allied Aviation employees who are offended by the word because they know what it means racism. I really understand why white people get mad sometimes because even I do but white people got to stop doing racist things like this and just live with everybody. My ancestors were slaves for 400 years we should have Affirmative Action.
Posted By Anonymous Jermaine Pittsburgh, PA : 9:14 AM ET
I am the mother of a black child. He was adopted at two weeks old and is the love of my life. The kicker is that I am a single white female living in the south. Believe me, racism is alive and well. My son recently asked me why there are some people who call brown people bad names? After asking a few more questions I realized someone had called him a BAD name. It broke my heart to know that at 8 years old I could no longer shield him from the hate that lives in this world. We have faced many challenges along the way, but I must continue to believe that if you live your life for Love alone everything works out in the end. Loving those who hate us is a hard life lesson. I hope that my beautiful brown son will be as strong as the men in your story. That he will be able to stand up for himself and say this is wrong and still love those who hate him.
Posted By Anonymous Cheryl Welch, Raleigh NC : 9:19 AM ET
I have just about had it with white people who scream "reverse racism" whenever anyone claims to be the victim of a racially motivated attack. That is a sure sign of ignorance. I'm not surprised in the least that this happened because it is still happening in workplaces all over America...surely in front of and perhaps propagated by the same whites who whine about "reverse racism." Here are some facts: in America racial minorities are still underpaid in the same positions with the same amount of education and experience as their white counterparts. That's a fact. Until equality means equal pay, equal rights and equal treatment for ALL American citizens our country will struggle.
Posted By Anonymous T. Lewis Houston, TX : 9:20 AM ET
I've been fortunate enough as an hispanic American to experience the opportunities that usually have only been afforded to white Americans. You could call me a hybrid of sorts. I've found myself on both sides of the coin. I'm often confused for white, and often it's the opposite. I know what it's like to be called a c...... and a s..... Racism is a problem that comes from both sides. Here's the underlying issue however. Minorities do not control the capital interests in this country. Until minorities can grow as a community and live for self we'll continue to bring ourselves down. And as long as we have to deal with the subtle or direct racism of the majority we'll never succeed. I would consider the so-called double standard meaningless. Caucasians are not economically affected by the racial backfire of minorities. Therein lies the big difference. Racism coming from any race is unacceptable, but it's only truly effective against those at the bottom. And minorities are at the bottom.
Posted By Anonymous Jerry, Trumbull, CT : 9:30 AM ET
I am SO tired of the "Media" doing these types of stories. They are cheap shots. Racism exists in ALL nationalities. And, no one will ever Eradicate it. Oh, the poor Black and Mexican guys. Wa, Wa, Wa. The REAL story is the biggest, un-checked racism: Reverse Racism. I am a white, middle aged, white collar worker. I am a vistim of Reverse Racism every working day of my life. What the "Media" should report, but never does, because of Political Correctness, is that if you DON'T give a job to someone because of their race, that is racism. BUT, if you DO give a job to someone, because of their race, that is an equally unfair act of racism! Affirmative Action is one of the WORST laws EVER passed in this country. Bar none. I lived in California until a few years ago and we successfully passed an Anti-Affirmative Action law, to NOT discrinate against non-minorities. As far as I know, the law was NEVER implemented, even though it was the will of the majority. Why isn't THIS type of story every reported?
Posted By Anonymous Jack Tarasar, Fort Worth, Texas : 9:31 AM ET
I will always thank my mother for telling me, "Who would want to be color blind in such a colorful world?" As a result I learned that all people are deserving of respect, courtesy, and kindness until they, as an individual, give you a reason not to treat them that way. For her culture was a celebration not a difference.

It is a shame more children do not receive that life affirming message. All people are more alike than they are different with the same hopes and dreams for themselves and their children.
Posted By Anonymous Janet White, Washington : 9:36 AM ET
I don't see a racial discrimination here...probably a racial joke. We all make racial jokes all the time.!!
Even blacks have racial jokes against whites or hispanics.
Posted By Anonymous Jay, Dallas, Texas. : 9:40 AM ET
What is the the blood color of every person in this world??? RED! It does not matter if you are white, black, brown, orange or blue...We all bleed in RED!
Posted By Anonymous Alma, Arlington TX : 9:48 AM ET
Some people are stuck in time and this country will never grow until we can respect each other. One wonders why so many other countries hate us Americans when we can't even get along, respect or love each other. I'm sure God who has no prejudice is looking down on us shaking his head in shame.
Posted By Anonymous cheryl, Steubenville, OH : 10:04 AM ET
For those of you caucasians who feel like your being discriminated against all the time - Ask yourself when was the first time you saw a kidnapped black, hispanic or asian little girl broadcasted all over the news? There was a young hispanic girl kidnapped here in Houston a few years ago and it was NEVER had the news coverage as compared to white little girls. Yes Racism is still alive, so look in the mirror!
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Houston, Texas : 10:08 AM ET
While racial discrimination is wrong regardless of the race of the perpetrator or the victim, the people writing in to say that "reverse racism" is a problem of equal or greater weight in this country are off base.
I think that they are basing this on their own personal experience and not looking at the context in which it occurs. This is America, in which blacks and Hispanics are minorities and disproportionately disadvantaged.
The perception that it is white people who are the ones who are truly discriminated against and disenfranchised is apparently a rather widespread one, so perhaps this should be addressed in further discussions of racism in America. The lack of open communication about people's feelings about race in America and their reason for those feelings is helping to perpetuate this cycle of racial animosity.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, New York, NY : 10:08 AM ET
To Joe from Chicago:

I grew up in Richmond, VA, a city that is majority-minority. I attended public schools in the city from my first day of school until my graduation day. I am white. Did I experience racism? Of course I did. Years of being called "stupid little white girl", (4th-8th grade, mostly), of having teachers accuse me of being racist for not getting along with one black classmate (when I was the only white child in the class), etc., have taught me that racism exists in everyone. What I refuse to believe is that racism perpetuated against me is any more important, or any more of a problem, than racism against someone else. Racism is a problem no matter who is doing the hating.
Posted By Anonymous Katie, Philadelphia, PA : 10:20 AM ET
Discrimination occurs world wide. It is an age old issue that will plague the earth until the end. This occurs because there are many who are human and many of those humans are not educated enough about sharing their lives with others who are different from 'their' norm. Education in America could improve the awareness in the younger generations about all cultures, encouraging required foreign language classes consistently through out schooling and community activities that bring the different cultures together, not separating them based on the "uniqueness of their culture"... is a few good ideas to expand on across the land. Sadly yes we have made progress, but America is a very young country and is ever changing, culturally. It will take time and patience and understanding, above all education and love.

My impathy is for anyone, of any ethnicity and gender including Anglo-Saxon white males. Everyone is discriminated regardless of what popular belief is some more than others. Yes there is a glass ceiling!

"Be better to others than you are to yourself."
Posted By Anonymous Holly Pensacola, Fl : 10:37 AM ET
This piece shows that racism is not a shadow of the past as many people still believe. Thank you for not only discussing how corporate America is continually denying accusations of racism, but how this denial is affecting (and even killing, as in the case of Mr. Ochoa) everyday people by allowing the cycle to continue. The tears of these individuals spoke on behalf an entire citizenry that has been struggling to be treated with respect and equality for years. Oppression is commonplace in America, unfortunately, and will not cease until we publicly condemn acts of hatred and those who perpetrate them. Racism may not always occur as blatantly as in the Allied Aviation case, but its currents run through every societal institution, such as the way certain students are prematurely tagged as unsuccessful in our schools based on the color of their skin. Subtle racism that is unknowingly carved in to everyday opinions and operations is not any less poisonous to progress than the overt acts we saw on this show. By continuing to air shows like yours that expose the ludicrousness and hypocrisy of intolerance -- the process of rooting out institutional racism might finally begin.
Posted By Anonymous EmilyC, Atlanta, GA : 10:56 AM ET
DISCRIMINATION EXISTS IN ALL FORMS. I'm an educated white female with a strong southern accent. I've lived in different states and different countries, personally experiencing several types of discrimination from my nationality to the color of my skin to the accent I speak with. I think the key here is for people (all over the world) to stop being so judgemental and treat others the way they'd like to be treated.
GOD, bless us all....because we sure need it!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Sharon Tampa, FL : 11:22 AM ET
Such behavior is reprehensible and companies which do not stop it and punish thoise who do it are themselves at fault for 'enabling' such a sour corporate culture.

What really steams me, however, is similar HARASSMENT by white employees against other white employees which is completely ignored and allowed to continue. HARASSMENT is HARASSMENT, regardless if it is white, black or sexual. IT SHOULD STOP. Companies and educational institutions which allow such demeaning and destructive socail culture to flourish need to wake up and fix their problems.
Posted By Anonymous J M Hughes - Charleston, IL : 11:27 AM ET
For all of you who claim "reverse racism", maybe you need to think about the real pervasive form of affirmative action in this country. It's called "White Privilege". Look it up on the web. There's a lot written about it, but some of you already know lots about it--you benefit from it everyday.
Posted By Anonymous Paige B, Dallas, TX : 11:46 AM ET
Why in this day and age is racism so pervasive? It is the same reason all moral injustices prevail. The majority do not hold the few accountable. I come from a racially mixed extended family, and I hate racism (reverse racism is an oxymoron, it doesnt matter who it comes from). The problem is when I let people I know, or even friends get away with racist jokes or comments. We all do this, whatever color you are. Blacks don't tell their buddies off when I get called a cracker or something. I too often don't rebuke my coworkers for an off colored joke. If we the majority who hate racism don't stop it, it will just continue to spread. If you don't take a stand against something it tells our children that it's acceptable. And being ugly to someone who is being racist ISN'T going to help, call them on it as someone who is concerned about the issue, not as an "I'm better then you". I believe this is the only way to beat racism, not laws, not brow beating.
Posted By Anonymous Kyle, Hattiesburg MS : 12:43 PM ET
This is disturbing. I think we have to accept that despite the good intentions of most people, there will always be bad apples in society. But it is very important that we send a clear message to these bad apples. It's time to grow up.
Posted By Anonymous Vishal, Houston, TX : 1:04 PM ET
Ok..since they didn't put my last post on here I'll try a much shorter one. What happened to those people was wrong and definetely needs to be dealt with. But, I don't agree with what some of ya'll are calling racist. Just because someone makes jokes about another race etc. If that's the case most of your entertainers are racist but we continue to eat them all up. All of you reading this post are racist also. None of you can tell me that you have never made fun of somebody or something before. Hmmm..maybe racism isn't the real issue here...just bad taste and poor judgement. You think?
Posted By Anonymous Ian, Rockledge, Florida : 2:10 PM ET
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