Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Democrats to Bush: Bring it on
Ok. The truth is I've been vacationing for nine days on a beach where the TV news is not spoken in a language I understand and the New York Times costs $11. (I said, no thanks, but I tried to read 'above the fold' stories while my sons ran around getting overpriced food in the local grocery store).

All by way of saying, usually I can return from a news-free vacation and find stories I'm pretty sure I read before I left. Nothing much changes, especially in politics. Except this time, there was something new.

Democrats seem ready to actually challenge President Bush on security issues.

For last night's show, I looked at the politics of the Iraq War. Despite the falling poll numbers on public views of and the president's handling of the war, it has been a political given that Democrats couldn't find a way to turn that to their advantage politically.

But stop the presses and consider Howard Dean's statement yesterday: "The president's chief advisor Karl Rove says he is going to run on security. Well, to quote a famous American, 'Bring it on.'"

For those of you who don't think Howard Dean speaks for Capitol Hill Democrats, I present to you Senator Harry Reid, whose office sent out a note to Democratic operatives, urging them to tell their bosses to use their holiday breaks to challenge the administration on homeland security, the treatment of veterans and the war in Iraq, with incompetence being the unifying theme of this challenge.

All that talk from Democrats about "the culture of corruption" seems to have been replaced by new buzz words -- "dangerously incompetent" or "amazingly incompetent" or the like, as long as they contain the word "incompetent."
Posted By Candy Crowley, CNN Political Correspondent: 2:44 PM ET
How the Democrats dropped the ball the last two elections still astounds me. Incompetent doesn't even begin to describe this administration's gross negligence.

I hope the Democrats can sustain a pre-campaign volley that remains factual and doesn't sink to mud slinging. Sadly there is more than enough objective evidence to advance their cause if Democrats truly embark on this stategy.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel, Philadelphia, PA : 3:16 PM ET
I don't trust Democrats to handle our national security. They have a lot of collective anger, but it's not directed at the terrorists, where it should be focused.
Posted By Anonymous Tina Chicago IL : 3:19 PM ET
"Bring it on" sounds tough but does not solve a single problem. The only thing the democrat leadership is focused on is regaining the majority where ever they can. Real leaders running the government today are trying not to politicalize the real issues in this country and in the middle east and they are getting killed in the polls because they don't push back harder than they are attacked by the left. Therefore the only message getting out is the left leaning nonsense, broad generalizations about Bush, Iraq and terrorism. The left is known more for discecting the carcuss of leadership decisions of others while explaining away their own bad decisions. No one in the leadership of the democratic party has ANY right to call Bush a liar.
Posted By Anonymous Don Davis Indianapolis IN : 3:22 PM ET
It is about time the media, the country and everyone started speaking up and against the most corrupt administration ever to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Go Howard, Go Harry and go every other Democrat or citizen with the courage to speak up against the Republican Corruption machine.
Posted By Anonymous TS, Cleveland Ohio : 3:27 PM ET
Its about time. Im a proud Democrat, and needless to say, Ive been wondering just WHEN the Dems were going to stand up and call out this administrations gross wrong-doings with this war. We need a strong voice to step forward and if that happens to be Dean, of whom I greatly repect, then I applaud him. The Democrats need to rediscover their backbones and stand up Bush and his cronies. Im sick of being the "polite" party...BRING IT ON!
Posted By Anonymous Kelly, Arcadia CA : 3:28 PM ET
All well and good, but unless the Democrats come up with a clear, viable, alternative strategy, they will not turn the tide decisively. Much of the work has been done by the Bush administration (incompetence), but the Dems seem unwilling or unable to craft and communicate a compelling counter-strategy. Mr. Dean's hollow assertions do nothing but continue the same old/same old banter of Harry Reid, et al.

Posted By Anonymous Jeffrey Babcock, Goodyear AZ : 3:28 PM ET
It's about time. I've been calling this administration "dangerously incompetent" for a couple of years now. I'm tired of the democrats being timid and ineffective. They need to stop listening to advisors that lose them election after election and start listening to the average American.

The democrats are the opposition party and I for one want them to oppose the trainwreck currently leading this country. I stand behind people like Howard Dean, Russ Feingold, and John Conyers: dems with guts. They are what this country needs right now.
Posted By Anonymous Stacy St. Louis, MO : 3:28 PM ET
A nice thought, but as Mr. Feingold observed, most of the Democrats in office prefer running with their tail between their legs than challenge Bush on security. Or, at least challenge him when he openly admits to breaking the law. Instead, they'll probably try to find mistakes, instead of saying "Look, War on Terror is a farce. It's a term for a 'war without end', and we shouldn't use it for justifying certain actions for all eternity - so let's call it an organized crime fight - one where it's funded by ideals instead of illegal profits - and then we can have our civil liberties while still being touch on terrorists." Of course, that doesn't fit too well within a 5 second sound bite for the attention deficient, so we will just here "Well, Bush can't plan more than 5 minute ahead!" rather than going up against the *real* issues.

Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.
Posted By Anonymous John Hummel, San Diego, CA : 3:31 PM ET
I've wondered what took the Democrats so long to come up with something unifying. To me, a simple question that they should have started a while back is What have the Republicans done for us as a whole? We, who have to be constantly educated by this administration so we can come around to their way of thinking. What has the Republican led admin, House and Congress done for us? Tax breaks for the rich that Bush wants to make permanant. Got us into a war, lowered our standing in the world. Allowed our manufacturing jobs to go overseas along with other jobs. Replaced those jobs with lower paying jobs. Made it more difficult for people who need to file for bankrupcy because of job loss or medical issues. Allowed illegal immigration to get out of hand. Allowed this country to be sold to foreign companies bit by bit. Took a surplus and turned it into a 9 trillion dollar deficeit that our kids and grandkids will have to deal with. Put into place laws like No Child Left Behind just to cut their budgets, tell us how important our troops are and then cut the VA Admin budget so they can't get the care they need when they come home from Iraq. I could go on and I know there's real support for what this admin has done, but if you sit back and take a long hard look at how life has been in the USA for the last 5 years for everyone, not just yourselves, and ask yourself that question, What have this admin done for me, if you can honestly say a lot, then good for you. But I think a lot of us can honestly say, nothing. Nothing for the middle class and certainly nothing for the lower class. Can the Democrats do better? Don't know, but I pray someone can before it's too late.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Fairfield Iowa : 3:31 PM ET
Until Clinton did his deed in the White House with Monica, I did not really consider myself Republican or Democrat. But after that, well I am so definately a Republican and support our President 100%. My son is in the Navy, Brother in the Marines, Nephew in the Marines. While I love them with all of my heart, I feel that they do what they need to do. My faith is in GOD'S hands. AND YES, I SAID GOD!!!!!. Personally, all this complaining about Bush being incompetent is Bull. Why is it that when any Democrat does something wrong, we turn our heads and make excuses? But if it is a Republican, well, lets put it on CNN and front pages of all the papers. WE all live in this country and never will really agree, but we are helping the Terrorist by always and I mean always, complaining about our Commander and Chief. We do more damage to ourselves that who cares about the people from other countries that dont like us. Granted Bush has made some mistakes, but which President has not? Which Senator has not? Get real!!! You need to live in the real world people. INCOMPETENT? that is you whom sits on your butt and complains about everything without even really thinking of the harm you are doing to us by always being negative.
Posted By Anonymous Rosie Caruthers, Tolar, Texas : 3:31 PM ET
Although I'm glad to see that the Dem's have finally mustered a unifying theme against the President and his political fumbles; I'm still amazed how long it has taken the Dems to jump at the oppertunity. But it sounds a lot like Michael Moore. He knows all the problems of this country, just cannot offer any better suggestions on how to fix them.
EXCEPT going to war and changing the reasoning every 100 days is not a viable plan as the President has chosen.
Posted By Anonymous Gabe, San Diego CA : 3:32 PM ET
Welcome back, Candy. I think the Dems should definitely NOT drop the "culture of corruption" attack angle--there's been too much Republican "falling from grace" this past couple of years. Although the public's memory may be "short" sometimes, the culture of coruption angle is just too good not to be used against some of those jerks and crooks in the Elephants' corner!! They (the Dems) can still also use other attack angles and strategies as well. Modern/current career politicians and politics in general make me ill--it's embarrassing to me the way Capitol Hill (and ALL state legislatures, etc.) acts. I'm ashamed to be an American...
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Sacramento, CA : 3:33 PM ET
Bring it on Bush. First you lost allies, and half of this nation. Now it is about a quarter that still believes you ... and I have a feeling that most just because of pride and embarrassment to admit that they were wrong. Democrats already won 08. It is up to Bush to decide what margin of this victory is going to be. If last 6 years are of any indication, Bush, through his actions, will probably ensure that this victory may actually be a land slight. How about another banner or 'freedom fries'? There is such a thing as credibility issue, and the scaring tactics (9/11) may nto work this time.
Posted By Anonymous Shamick Gaworski, Lexington, KY : 3:33 PM ET
Democrats smell blood. The Republicans have been bleeding from their own wounds... WMD lies; allowing insurgents to gain in Iraq and losing world cooperation through imperialist arrogance; being blow away by Katrina; engery prices only held slightly in check by a mild winter; trade and budget deficits swelling. I think maybe the Republicans are toast in 06 and 08. Things could be so screwed-up they the Republicans want to lose power for a while.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Wilson, Columbus, Ohio : 3:38 PM ET
very funny stuff.. you gotta just love the dems..
Posted By Anonymous JB, Staten Island NY : 3:42 PM ET
I couldn't agree more with the Dems plan. Other than what took so long. This administration has shown itself to be downright amazing in its incompetence. I'm trying to think of the last thing they got right. 9/11, IRAQ, WMD's, Katerina, Warrantless Wiretapping, Education Reform, Torture, Prescription Drugs, Hunting, Oil Prices, Tax Cuts (Astronomical Deficits)......still thinking. Oh yea, how's that right to a pre-emptive War doctrine sitting with North Korea now. Not so good either (and they have Nukes). IRAN nuff said.

The real advice to Dems is speak up about anything really. Something. Just name it, this administration has been an utter failure in everyway.

The only thing more incompetent than this administration has been the silence and willing participation of Congress.
Posted By Anonymous Jay Reed, Binghamton, NY : 3:42 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Scott Burlington ky : 3:44 PM ET
The Democrats gave up on the "culture of corruption" talk when it was discovered that they took even more money from questionable sources than the GOP.

Now they have moved on to their next fraud, trying to convince the American people that they are tough on defense. Democrats talk a big game, but when someone calls their bluff they run and hide like a bunch of scared schoolgirls. The Democrats who want to run on a campaign of security are the same ones who opposed the President's use of the NSA to listen to terrorists phone calls. Democrats are a bunch of sissies when it comes to national defense and the American people will see right through their propaganda.
Posted By Anonymous Ian, Carrollton, TX : 3:45 PM ET
The bottom line is this America.

The home political sytem is severely flawed and corrupt!

The current 2 party system needs to be scrapped and start a new. There needs to be campaign finance reform now.

These career politicians/law makers, on average, are making at least 6 figure incomes, not including what they get from lobbyists and special interest groups. Our representatives from the President on down should be paid the median income of the country,state and district they represent. Only then they would have the average citizen's best interests in mind!
Posted By Anonymous Josh, Saint Paul MN. : 3:48 PM ET
Stunningly incompetent; fanatical utopian disaster
Posted By Anonymous TPaine, San Rafael, CA : 3:49 PM ET
Well, it's no surprise that the Democrats are showing up at the 11th hour, after all the difficult decisions have been made and the hard work has been done, to cast aside the hard realities of life and warfare for the hope of a political cheap win. I hope they choke on it! - and HARD!
Posted By Anonymous Michael Fountain Hills, Arizona : 3:49 PM ET
Well the dems seem to Not be able to recall anything.The lame duck dad gets a aircraft carrier named after him.Then this one cant do anything the first four years?And somehow WE re-elect him for four more years of much the same?In a few years you wont be able to find 10 people who voted for Bush.But the dems cant jump on it?Makes you wonder when they will think hey jobs (besides walmart).Maybe REAL reform,.Someone who cares about JOE AMERICAN that would be refreshing.
Posted By Anonymous R.Fuller,Columbia,T.N. : 3:53 PM ET
The Democrats have finally found the one perfect word that describes the president!
Posted By Anonymous Stephen, Ann Arbor MI : 3:56 PM ET
I am a twenty-four year old liberal Democrat in one of the reddest states in the Union, and I can say with both confidence and regret that fortitude and effectiveness seems obsolete within my party. With one or two exceptions, congressional Democrats are, quite simply, spineless cowards. So afraid of being deemed "unpatriotic," they have virtually embraced a policy of appeasement of the Bush administration. Talk is cheap, whether it comes from President Bush or from Sen. Reid, who is rattling a saber everyone knows he will never dare to use.
Posted By Anonymous Edward Novak Phoenix, AZ : 4:00 PM ET
Quite honestly, I have not understood why the Democrats are so afraid to confront Bush and his cronies. They have nothing to lose since they control nothing!? Throw haymakers and maybe one will connect.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, Ocala, Florida : 4:01 PM ET
"...Democrats couldn't find a way to turn that to their advantage politically." that's because they have NO strategy on protecting our country. I'd *NEVER* place the security of our country in their hands as long as I have the right to vote.
Posted By Anonymous Alan, Austin, TX : 4:02 PM ET
Didn't these same Democrats vote to give this incompetent President the power to start and go to war in Iraq? I think the Democratic Party is in dissaray along with the Republican Party. None of these people have a clue on winning the war in Iraq since, neither people in both political parties have worn the nation's military uniforms so this explains the reason why we are bog down in a civil war in I Iraq. Also, Generals should be planning war strategies for victory not seen on television given their two cents about politics such as General Abizaid(CENTCOM) on the port deal that
has nothing to do with his capacity as head of CENTCOM. I do not think Democrats has a clear message on security. It is too bad that Howard Dean is head of a confused party.
Posted By Anonymous Stewart Basnight, Mill Creek Washington : 4:04 PM ET
Are there any supporters of this administration's policies, except those religious fanatics that seem to think faith is the same as reality?

I include our clueless leader, GW when I speak of fanatics. With all the comments from former Generals who fought in Iraq to the elected leaders who are supposed to be running the country by now that have stated Iraq has developed into a Civil War, how can you argue different unless you are living in a fantasy world?
I believe I speak for most moderates in this country and some of those old school Republicans (you know, the ones that believe in fiscal responsibility and smaller government?) when I say, enough of the dance. Call a duck a duck and keep calling a duck a duck until Cheney tries to shoot you.
Posted By Anonymous John Mooseles, Renton, WA : 4:10 PM ET
It's good to finally hear the democrats can get on the same page and use a unified message. The GOP used organized key messaging to clobber Kerry in the presidential election - from painting him as a pessimist, to a flip flopper, from Rush Limbaugh to W himself, they all used the same buzz words and the democrats couldn't seem to unite to combat it. Finally, the dems are waking up when the messaging ammo is endlessly plentiful.
Posted By Anonymous Ian Greene, Greensboro, NC : 4:13 PM ET
A nifty sound bite, but still doesn't address the Dem's long standing problem of having no coherent message and/or sound alternative.
Posted By Anonymous Alan, Los Angeles, CA : 4:20 PM ET
The war of wards; isn't that the art of politics? Both political groups have experts to tell them what words to use, when to use them and how often. Words like corruption and incompetent are harsh, but make an even bigger impact when coupled with dangerously and amazingly. When talking with others about this blog they seem to feel that word wars are political suicide in the end. I for one am tired of the dangerously incompetent amazingly corrupt game of politics.
Posted By Anonymous Cheryl Welch, Raleigh NC : 4:21 PM ET
Only Senator Russell Feingold has shown true leadership when it comes to trying to deal with the Whitehouse incompetence. Perhaps the Democrats could learn from the Republicans in there ability to deflect incompetence with spin and deceit. Democrats must find a way to speak with much more unity if they ever want to confront the Presidents dangerously incompetent leadership. If the Democrats can't speak with unity now then that is amazingly incompetent on there part.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne Alan Law Bible Hill, Nova Scotia : 4:25 PM ET
"Dangerously Incompetent" is one of the nicest things I have had to say about Bush and his cronies. It is way way past time for this administration to, putting it nicely, walk into the sunset. I believe Bush should have been impeached a while back! It will take a long time for America to get back on her feet after all the years of Republican abuse. So, I say, "Bring It On" Democrats!!!!! The American people need and deserve good leadership.
Posted By Anonymous Moe, Liverpool NY : 4:28 PM ET
When you look at who is the worst of two evils I will always pick the Republicans. I don't trust the Democrats on matters of national security and hold them to blame for the failure to combat terrorism during the 90's and because of this failure 9/11.

The Democrats have not provided any solutions, only complained about the President and the policies of his administration. At times I feel they are doing more to encourage our enemies than to support our troops on the ground.

Democrats need to come to grips with the fact that we are at war and get over their hatred of Bush. He'll be gone soon enough. Unfortunately, they don't have anyone to offer in my mind as a suitable replacement.
Posted By Anonymous Charles Cranford, Richmond Virginia : 4:29 PM ET
It is transparent that this is simply politics! Saying that the President is dangerously incompetent is not the same as offering up a cohesive strategy to exit Iraq or win the war on terror.

It is simply the Democrats trying to wedge a created issue for their gain, primarily in November. The Democrats are not concerned about the individual sacrifice (loss of life, limb, etc.) of the American soldier. They are interested in gaining power back, pure & simple.

We had a taste of Democratic governance during the Cliniton Administration. It redefined incompetence in an ever dangerous world.
Posted By Anonymous Ben, Irvine, Ca : 4:29 PM ET
I have been traveling to various Democratic meetings and conventions the past several months and met with literally thousands of Democrats at the grassroots level and I hear the same thing from every person I meet - where are our Democratic leaders? Why aren't they speaking on behalf of us who knew from the very beginning that this was an illegal war, are horrified by the illegal domestic spying program, are outraged by the growing deficit, etc., etc. The Democratic party (you and I) have been unified all along. Unfortunately our Democratic leaders haven't been listening to us. Maybe we need to scream a little louder!
Posted By Anonymous Lori, Los Angeles, California : 4:30 PM ET
Nice to see another Austinite on the comment list. His post is a perfect example of how the two political sides of this issue will NEVER compromise. I believe that Bush is thoroughly incompetent and should never have been allowed to be our president. How can the democrats do a worse job than him? Name a topic...the deficit, Katrina, the ports deal, Harriet Miers. When the previous poster said to "stop complaining..." is that your answer for illegal immigration? Is that your answer to failed foreign policies going forward? Your side is SO wrong it is not worth the energy to convince you, just sweep you aside and let you watch how we repair this country.
Posted By Anonymous Bret, Austin, TX : 4:31 PM ET
It is high time to stop the political mud slinging and do something solid so that America will not fail. Why not both the sides join together & "Bring in on" against,
1. Militant Islam,
2. Illiteracy
3. Immigration
4. Heartless CEOS & Corporations
5. Imports
before more vigilant and aggressive
regimes overtake us.
Divided: we are sure to fall.
May God bless America
Posted By Anonymous Michae, Chapel Hill, NC : 4:31 PM ET
For those of you who don't think Howard Dean speaks for Capitol Hill Democrats...

Oh, come on. Could it possibly just be the case that there is--dare I say it?--some actual overlap on what Dean as DNC chair and Reid as Senate minority leader see as a potentially fruitful plank to include in a platform looking forward to 2006 elections?

I'm sorry, but the contention that Dean speaks for congressional Dems (who, I'll concede, could themselves use some assistance in the speaking-up category imho) gives off more than a whiff of right-wing talking point.

Characterize blithely the use of the word "incompetent" as mere buzzword if you must. Something about whether or not a shoe happens to fit comes to mind. What doesn't come to mind is any one pressing domestic or foreign policy matter that this administration has touched that hasn't gone putrescent as a result.
Posted By Anonymous Glen DiMicia, San Francisco, CA : 4:32 PM ET
Well it's about time someone stands up against Bush - his incompetence, corruption and general lack of concern is costing the American working class dearly!
Posted By Anonymous Natalie Koss Wooster Ohio : 4:33 PM ET
Didn't another failure of a Democrat say that before? "Bring it on" didn't work for Scary KerryStein and it won't work for Mr. Geography himself, Howard Dean.
Posted By Anonymous Ed from Chgo, IL. : 4:36 PM ET
The Republicans have constructed an almost inpenetrable grid of money, favors, and influence. Until average Americans wake up to the fact that we're being collectively screwed, the madness will continue. We're in a worse position now than the colonies were before the American Revolution of 1776.

Read the Declaration of Independence. It could be written today with very little change in the language. It is very much a pertinent document and should probably be looked at VERY closely by all Americans.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 4:36 PM ET
I would love to see the Democrats finally pull together with a cohesive plan and for once work together toward a common goal. After six years of the same failed policies and three years of a war that seems to be going nowhere, it is time for a change. As a first-time voter in the upcoming election I hope to see a ticket with candidates who have a real plan, beyond just bashing what this administration or this Congress have done or even failed to do. But, I have to admit, "dangerously incompetent" does sound pretty good. =)
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly Miller, Lancaster, PA : 4:40 PM ET
Bush has just shown how much of a coward he really is, and how much he is willing to risk more American casualties to save his own ass. There's no way he's going to risk an Iraqi implosion on his watch by removing US troops. To save his place in history, he'd rather his successor in office have to do it and then take all the blame for the consequences. What a worthless human being and embarrassment to this country he is.
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Denver CO : 4:41 PM ET
Our country may finally be waking up from a bad dream. The American people were lied to about reasons for going to war and for almost three years. the administration was essentially given a "get out of jail for free card" by most of the press on this issue. We've been lead to believe that there are terrorists around every cornor - no wonder the outcry about the ports deal. Its ironic that such a deal is exactly what we should have been fostering for improving our relations with moderate Arab cvountries.

We've seen gross incompetence - if not out right mismanagement - at almost all levels of this administration, and no one really willing to take responsibility for it. Our credibility around the world is almost non-existent. How can we stand for human rights given this administration's record of torture and extrordinary rendition?

Yes bring it on - lets end this nightmare before its too late.
Posted By Anonymous Paul Monaco, Johnson City, TN : 4:43 PM ET
they have not stopped him in five years.will they do it now?
Posted By Anonymous jim baker-martville-n.y. : 4:43 PM ET
I applaud Sen Feingold and can only thank him for being our states rep. In my opinion though he is not using strong enough words. How about the words IMPEACH?? I find it hard to believe that Clinton could be charged with those words yet we can not find one single scrap of evidence to go after Bush with. How much more can this country take? The rest of the world hates us, our jobs are gone, gas prices are soaring, heating costs were at least twice what they were last year, medical costs are out the window, we are being robbed of billions of tax dollars (wheres all the money going?? Whose pockets are being lined?) The Bush administration needs to GO. As for the next election the Dems need to circle their wagons and come out with a strong campaign. They need to focus on REAL issues. Forget the "extra junk" - They need to focus on jobs, gas, the economy, the insanity of medical costs, perscript drug thievery, security etc. Then the people need to vote - NOT for who believes or does not believe in abortion, not based on what church someone belongs to. These issues have NOTHING to do with running the country! The Dems need someone strong who can give us back what we had before Bush and his cronies came into office. Someone to back to the basics and forget all those "extra issues" that can be handled by the states independently. I kinda liked cheap gas, jobs by the dozens, small businesses, extra money, etc - How about you?
Posted By Anonymous Anita, Superior, Wisconsin : 4:45 PM ET
when is Bush going to stop saying we are in Iraq to fight terrorism. The truth is we are fighting INSURGENTS. be they right or wrong, they are fighting on their own soil and therefore, we are fighting insurgents and NOT terrorists. These people are not killing or maiming Americans on our soil, but fighting on their soil. Why are we there Mr. Bush. You say until we win the war. Mr. Bush....definition please of "winning the war". thank you adrienne, Illinois land of Barak Obama
Posted By Anonymous Adrienne Hope, Skokie, IL : 4:46 PM ET
Someone in the democratic party needs to take off the gloves and take this administration head on. I want to see a national campaign where the TV spots feature this administration's own words from their own mouths then just stamp the words WRONG across their faces. For example:
Links between Saddam and Osama: WRONG
We'll be treated as liberators: WRONG
There's no Civl War there: WRONG
We'll restore dignity to the White House: WRONG
No one anticipated the breach of the levies: WRONG
We don't torture prisioners: Wrong
We honor the rights of Americans: WRONG
Then at the end of the spot, just the words. Let's get something RIGHT, Vote "Insert Democrat Name Here"!
Posted By Anonymous John, Kansas City Missouri : 4:46 PM ET
The latest Democratic "strategy" to win the White House--challenging the president where he is strongest--may or may not succeed. But it is probably good for the country, since it will force both parties to focus on how each will make America safer, which should have been a Democratic priority since 9-11. At least with Mr. Bush, we know that America will not be bullied and will not back down from any challenge.
Posted By Anonymous Jim McBride, Poway, California : 4:47 PM ET
Speaking on behalf of a lot of frustrated democrats, we of which have wondered where the Democratic leaders have been for five and a half years, it is about time that they unify against this presi-dunce. Now they need to unify and impeach him and the VP. They nearly make Nixon seem like a boy scout.
Posted By Anonymous Richard, Dumont NJ : 4:47 PM ET
Your title should have said, "Russ Feingold to Bush: Bring it On". Democrats , and I'm one of them, have no spine, no desire to win, no nothing. We all saw what happened with Russ's centure motion, the Democrats bending over backwards to renew the Patriot Act, and especially bended over backwards to not sign on to John Kerry's motion to fillibuster the Samuel Allito nomination. Democrats don't seem to want to do anything. Even Howard Dean is not his firebrand self the days. So pathetic.
Posted By Anonymous Sarah, Santa Monica, CA : 4:49 PM ET
The Democrats are going to challenge somebody on national security. Great. Hopefully they will spare the Bush admin. the measures they leveled against Islamic extremists in the wake of the U.S.S. Cole bombings, embassy bombings, the attempted-assasination of Pres Bush 41 by Saddam Hussein., etc. Wait a minute...
Posted By Anonymous JH, Raleigh, NC : 4:51 PM ET
Republicans keep screaming that Democrats don't have a strategy or plan to fix the giant mess they themselves created. That's like saying unless you can tell us how you plan to fix our incompetent efforts, we should all continue to accept 'more incompetence' as the republican strategy.

Good idea! You can't argue with stupidity so lets all just "stay the course".
Posted By Anonymous Cedric Gore, NYC, NY : 4:51 PM ET
If the Democrats could offer a single suggestion of what to do to better America and the world, I would love to listen. But if they are just going to complain for another 2 years, then I'll take Republicans for another 4, or even 8. It's true that both parties are going to need to go through some changes really soon if they want to do more than win elections. Democrats may win the next Presidential Election soley on President Bush's lack of popular support, but that will not be a true victory unless they can do any better. It's going to take more than Al Gore or John Kerry.
Posted By Anonymous Marc M, San Francisco, CA : 4:53 PM ET
Typiucal Democrat resonse. All hot air, and no substance. If the Dems don't come up with something better than Bush/Republican bashing, and actually come up with some IDEAS on how to address the issues our country is facing, they won't even gain any seats in November, much less the White House in '08.

Free tip: quit whining about Bush and come up with some ideas of your own.
Posted By Anonymous Bobby, Austin, TX : 4:54 PM ET
I am a proud democrat. However the actions taken by the democrats today will soon be forgotten by the voters in November. The party is weak and growing ever weaker as time goes by. The republicans, though, distancing themselves from the President will remain in control of the house and senate b/c they remain unified in their actions with or against the President. My party just doesn't get it. The democrats need to admit to voting on the war, and they should refuse to support any funding initiatives for our troops and this war. If this is truely Bush's war and you are against it be brave and vote down additional funding don't hide behind false statements "I support the troops," and in the same breath say this war is illegal. Dems stop pandering for votes and stand for what you believe in. I will still support an honest candidate for office.
Posted By Anonymous Dale, Tampa, Fl : 4:55 PM ET
Take the extreme right and the extreme left out of the picture. These aren't true Republican's or Democrat's. We need the honest middle to step up and drive towards a better government. I hear �Republican� and I think "incompetent", I hear �Democrat� and I think "liberal wackos". Neither party seems to answer the question�

The Bush agenda needs to be stopped. It�s obvious to me they disregard our environment and security� Sell of natural park lands to fund schools? Loosen the emission standards so the US will use more gasoline? Ignore port security in comparison to airline security?

Isn�t there someone honest that can stand up and do what is right? We need to unify those in the middle. Democrats/Republicans� doesn�t matter. Let�s be responsible and open our eyes and address the concerns in the forefront. It�s not an �us vs. them� thing. Stop choosing the extreme...R or D� doesn�t matter. Green will never win, so they should pick a side.
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Littleton, CO : 6:47 PM ET
I've been a democrat for 20+ years, but for this upcoming election I will be registering as an independent. This has nothing to do with Bush or the Republicans, it has to do with the direction the ultra liberals who have hijacked the party, are taking it.
What does it say to moderates like myself, who I believe make up the majority of the party when you have a liberal idiot like Howard Dean in charge of the DNC. Every time he open's his mouth he embarrasses himself.

As a party we have no solutions to anything. Since the 04 election the Democratic plan has been to just oppose everything Bush says or does. Now, I'm no Bush fan by far, but I am convinced the if Bush had a press conference and said that the sky was blue, the liberals would immediately say that "He lied", and that it is actually teal, turquoise, etc.. Of course they would offer no facts or evidence to back this up.

My party today has no solution for the IRAQ war, for social security, for immigration, for anything. And look at the leadership. AL Gore, who I voted for, has been reduced to being a hired hitman to give anti Bush speeches when needed. He also went to Saudi Arabia told the Muslim world that the US was mistreating Muslim, offered no proof, and most importantly did this in a time of war. Inexcusable, Unforgivable.

John Kerry, I very, very reluctantly voted for him. But I was totally dismayed that this guy was the best we as a party could come up with. Polls should after the election that more people voted for him as and anti-Bush vote than as a pro-Kerry vote. That tells you something.

And just the hypocrisy. Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton etc. all gave speech where they acknowledge that Saddam had WMD's. But when we didn't find any not one of them said "I was wrong", it was all Bush lied. I know that the republicans are hypocrites too, but I don�t care about them. I care about my party and what their plan is.

So what�s next in 08. More of the status quo. More Rambling on about how bad the republicans are, all the while offering no new ideas or solutions to anything. Hillary for pres? She has just as much shady dealing, investigations, and unanswered questions in her background as Bush does.

To sum it up 2008 looks bleak, unless someone new emerges. But right now I have to agree with the words of Zell Miller, " I don�t feel that I have abandoned my party, I feel that my party has abandoned me."

God Bless America!!
Posted By Anonymous J. Rubio Savannah, Ga. : 6:50 PM ET
I laugh at the right when they say the dems are just attacking them ruthlessly. The repubs have been doing this for 5 years whenever a dem had anything to say, much less contructive critique. Have you ever listened to the white house correspondant? whenever anti administration comes up from the press they "dismiss" it as hogwash and we are supposed to have faith in them. Bs if you ask me. both sides are bad, but as stated earlier, the dems are the lesser of the two evils
Posted By Anonymous Adam, East lansing, MI : 6:51 PM ET
I like Candy Crowley, she is the best,.

Democrats and Republicans, dont stand a chance 2008, this American is going to run for President just on the plan to fix everything they havent or created. Tell the truth, do what America needs. There isnt a single politician in DC that is credible and will help any of us period.

Time to vote all of them out, replace with good young candidates who are not millionaires and hopefully are independents, at least independent thinking.

Needs of many out weigh the needs of 535.

God Blees our Country with new politicians!!
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Zephyrhills, FL : 7:34 PM ET
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