Thursday, February 23, 2006
What's your take on the Katrina report?
Looking for some light reading? The White House released a 228-page report today on what it learned from the response of the government and the private sector to Hurricane Katrina. The main news seems to be an admission that inexperienced disaster response managers and a lack of planning, discipline and leadership contributed to vast federal failures. What do you think?
Posted By "360" Producers: 11:33 AM ET
Two hundred and twenty eight pages to state the obvious. American taxpayer dollars at work. D'oh!!! What would we do without the massive bureaucracy in DC to tell us what went wrong? It still feels like we're in the Twilight Zone.
Posted By Anonymous Shannon, Charlottesville, VA : 11:49 AM ET
It doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks. The American people elected these guys and gave them the White House, both chambers of Congress and now the Supreme Court. Enjoy the most incompetent administration America has ever seen and watch our children pay the price for decades to come.
Posted By Anonymous R. Casey, Clayton, CA : 11:50 AM ET
Not one person has been fired despite the fact all sides admit common sense actions were not taken.

Why have these if no one is held personally responsible for their actions or the failure of their Departments?

And if they will not be held responsible, then why bother to do your job?
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Philadelphia PA : 11:51 AM ET
I'm just a little skeptical of any report which the white house itself would publish. If they are such experts on the topic, why was the response to Katrina such a mess?
Posted By Anonymous Maude, Nanuet, NY : 11:54 AM ET
I think that right now we should be concerned with helping people and rebuilding all of the communities that were destroyed, not playing the blame game.
Posted By Anonymous Trista Fayetteville, AR : 11:55 AM ET
We've got better things to read than this "Katrina Report".
Posted By Anonymous Jill S. San Jose CA : 11:56 AM ET
I have been watching this every day on CNN. I am shocked by our government. A natural disaster could happen anywhere in the country whether it be flod, tornado, etc....and it is frightening that we can't count on our ELECTED officials to do the right thing. Shame on our Senators, Congressmen, etc. They need to do their job at aiding the vicitms of the hurricanes. If they don't want to do the right thing, then they should step down from their positions.
Posted By Anonymous Robyn, Mason City, Iowa : 11:56 AM ET
The White House giving themselves a slap on the wrist is a joke. Those responible for the nightmare that was the response to hurricane Katrina will never be held accountable until an INDEPENDENT investigation is conducted.
Posted By Anonymous James, Tallahassee, Fl : 11:57 AM ET
The Bush Administration should not have been surprised by their sheer incompetence in their response to Katrina. They alone are responsible for the lack of experienced emergency response managers since they fired or drove Clinton era FEMA staff from those jobs and replaced them with political cronies with little or no experience in natural disaster responce. They foolishly downgraded FEMA from a cabinet level dept. to an also ran in the DHS.
Bush's lack of leadership, his total irresponsibility in his reaction to the storm, his callousness in his staged speach in New Orleans, and flying in volunteer firefighters for the sole purpose of a photo op backdrop during a tour of Mississippi
(hoping to sit on Trent Lott's reconstructed multi-million $ front porch) were clear evidence that he had no understanding of the extent of this disaster nor empathy for the victims of his Administration's bungling.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Strachan, Enfield, CT : 11:57 AM ET
we cannot expect any government to be prepared for all natual disasters. While we can be more organized peole who live in marms way cannot expect it. My worry is when CA has an earthquake I will have to pay for it even though I don't live there for that reason.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Cleveland Ohio : 11:58 AM ET
And so who appointed these inexperienced "leaders" that seem not to know even how to "coordinate" the help available?
Posted By Anonymous Sylvie Ithaca, NY : 11:59 AM ET
Why is everything this White House does centered around the military? Why can't the federal government augment local and state help in a disaster without resorting to the use of the Department of Defense?
Posted By Anonymous Mark Christian Somers, CT : 12:00 PM ET
FEMA should be ashamed of itself. As an emergency physician, supposedly on the front line of care in any disaster, I read this report with outrage. A recent Resident and Staff Physician recounted the horrific conditions that existed at a "triage" area on a freeway in New Orleans. The triage area was staffed by RESIDENTS with no medical resources other than what they could bring on their own. Federal agency helicopters continued to drop patients to them with no resources.

How could a government this size be so blind, deaf and mute. I have served my country in the Navy and am ashamed that these RESIDENTS and their patients were left to fend for themselves. Our president says not to worry about foreign powers occupying our ports. Should another terrorist disaster occur, we will be ill prepared and this administration will again point finger. In the words of a christian song writer, you should not be pointing fingers unless you are pointing at the truth. The truth is, we are not prepared, we allow wholesale dumping of ill and dying patients to locations without resources and then refuse care from other nations and from other states. I am agast with this administration and its attitudes and can only comfort myself in that I did not vote for this president and do not support his policies or his asleep at the wheel mentality.
Posted By Anonymous CJ, Seattle, WA : 12:00 PM ET
I think it's a shame that this has gone on for this long. It's like the people in this country aren't happy with anything, unless there is someone to blame. I wish someone in Washington had the brains to admit that "WE", yes,, We as a country were just totaly OVERWHELMED. That's it , no matter what kind of excuse you try to make up, or dignified name you use. We were overwhelmed. If it happened today, things would only be different if the people in the affected area would pay attention to the warnings. Suck it up people, that's what the warnings are for. It's a shame this happened, true, but it's been a long time coming. Do better next time.
Posted By Anonymous Royce Parker, Salem, Oregon : 12:01 PM ET
This is the usual expected government report that investigates themself and comes up with scathing criticism calling themselves incompetent and wringing of hands about what can we do. Then everybody goes back to work and waits for the next crisis that will be handled exactly the same. Throw some more money at the problem, but keep all of the government employees on the payroll, that were incompetent before and will do the same again. This expected result would be the same no matter who is in the white house and no matter whether republican or democrat, it is all politics as usual.
As long as the majority of Americans wait on hand outs from Washington, they will keep getting the same treatment, promises and then failures to perform.
Posted By Anonymous TOM SPRINKLE, DALLAS, TEXAS : 12:01 PM ET
I've flipped through the report and read the first three chapters, and it actually looks like some real positive steps have been taken to remedy the problems outlined in Katrina. Let's just hope the recommendations become a reality.
Posted By Anonymous Ben, Harrisonburg, VA : 12:01 PM ET
Fema is a reactionary organization, that is what they are designed to be. After a disaster strikes they come in and try and clean up the mess. Whereas the local governments responsibilities lie in designing and implementing disaster strategy.
what this means is that it was a failure at the local level first, and then at the federal level, our entire government infrastructure screwed up, from top to bottom. I am fed up with the finger pointing; it is about time someone takes responsibility for their mistakes. I applaud the Federal Government for taking the lead.
Posted By Anonymous Nochum Jacksonville Beach FL : 12:01 PM ET
Clearly, the White House report has its eye on the fall elections. I think the report is dishonest and 100% political in nature. The report does not admit that the Bush Administration had ample warning to avoid at least part of the human suffering that is yet ongoing. It does not state that Homeland Security and FEMA are not properly managing the vast resources that are available now. The President vowed to rebuild the mosque destroyed in Iraq yesterday. We all heard him say the same for the Gulf Coast. Next year I'm sure that they both will still be in ruins.
Posted By Anonymous Reg Atlanta, Georgia : 12:01 PM ET
I just don't understand all the negative reporting concerning the Katrina response. President Bush did the best he could, appointing the former head of the International Arabian Horse Association to be his point man in the event of a national disaster. We owe Bush, Michael Brown and FEMA an apology. After all, I haven't heard of a single Arabian horse that was lost in the storm.
Posted By Anonymous Rich Barnes, Orland Park, Illinois : 12:02 PM ET
Hindsight is a virtue of government.

Dan Strosnider
Gainesville, FL
Posted By Anonymous Dan Strosnider-Gainesville, FL : 12:02 PM ET
I think that FEMA was handicapped by being under the auspices of Homeland Security, as well as the singular ineptness of Michael Brown. Any wet behind the ears, green rookie in any firehouse in the country could tell you what should have been done.
Posted By Anonymous Aoife McMurry, Gaithersburg, MD : 12:02 PM ET
I think they should stop talking and get more help to the areas down there that need it. The whole world is watching how our government is treating it's citizen in distress - which is not very good. I am very glad that CNN keeps reporting on the Katrina hurricane mess. Hopefully it will keep reminding people that help and donations will be needed for a very long time.
Posted By Anonymous Denise Janness, Detroit, Michigan : 12:04 PM ET
If we were in a parliamentary system the government would have already resigned in disgrace.
Posted By Anonymous Eugene Dubow, South Nyack, NY : 12:04 PM ET
Why Michael Chertoff still has a job I'll never know - oh, yeah: in this administration abject failure is the norm. "Heckuva Job Brownie" drew a salary long after the Katrina debacle and when he was let go it was too little too late. (Despite being a total failure, one gets the idea that he was to some degree scapegoated. It was after all Bush who neutered FEMA by folding it into Homeland Security.)From WMDs to Abu Ghraib all the way to Katrina, we have seen incompetence rewarded in this administration. We should expect the same old song and dance until we are rid of the bumblers and cronies this administration is comprised of.
Posted By Anonymous John Cochrane, Baldwin, NY : 12:06 PM ET
In one word "duh". I think we're still seeing the lack of planning, discipline and leadership and we're less than 100 days from hurricane season. As an assistant controller of a multi-million dollar company, this wouldn't be tolerated, I wouldn't have a job if I did what FEMA did. The waste of taxpayers dollars alone is staggering. I would love to be on the audit team and see exactly how much money was really wasted - we may never know. I'm sure there is a cover-up as they don't want the taxpayers to know exactly how much was wasted.

Since I live in an earthquake & forrest fire zone, I just hope, FEMA was learned from their mistakes as I may some day need them again. I'm not asking for them to be perfect, but a better response and a sense of compassion is needed.
Posted By Anonymous Wynona, San Diego, CA : 12:06 PM ET
The Katrina tragedy continues to this day. Victims are still without adequate housing or jobs . Our leaders debate in committee the blame game while our children suffer. I suppose Washington will feel secure knowing they have produced more paper to resolve the problem. Less talk, more action; that is what is needed. As a resident of the Gulf Coast I am certain the same inadequate response will occur this hurricane season as the previous 60 years of inept planning and execution. My suggestion: Hold all Congressional sessions in a Gulf Coast city (perhaps somewhere in Florida) during the months of June through November. I'm guessing the response would be significantly different. Don't you?
Posted By Anonymous Gene S., Houston TX : 12:07 PM ET
The Government, federal, state and local should quit blaming each other and spending money on determining who is at fault and the costs of compiling the reports and HELP THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous S. Lawson, Richmond, Virginia : 12:07 PM ET
The Constitution, particularly Article 1, Section 8, does not delegate to the Federal Government the power to engage in relief efforts. The Framers had the good sense to know activities like this were both beyond the competence level and the legitimate role of a central government.

In a nutshell: this report is crap because its premise is fundamentally anti-constitutional.
Posted By Anonymous Ken, Needham, MA : 12:09 PM ET
It is sad but the blame squarely should go to the leadership in the state and city.

You never hear the whinning and complaints from Florida any year, any time. Our State plans, our Governor is on top if it all the time. Take lessons!!
Posted By Anonymous Fran Murray, Jacksonville, FL : 12:10 PM ET
Let me get this straight, the President said on national television that he will take full responsibility for the failed response, so we spent how many tax dollars to find out who to point a finger at. Please.
Posted By Anonymous Wyatt M. Faixfax, VA : 12:11 PM ET
I believe the Katrina Report revealed nothing new to the American people that didn't already play out before our eyes. It should now be clear to the American people that our country is in trouble like never before - and we have incompetent leaders at the helm.
Homeland Security (in my opinion) is a post-911 empire set up by the Bush Administration that is long on promises and vision but fall very short on delivery. The consolidation of other agencies (such as FEMA) did NOT help the situation.
Lessons learned? What's that? American doesn't learn lessons...we are prone to only teaching them. In view of the current performance after Hurricane Katrina, I have very bleak hope that anything will get better. This conflict in Iraq is sucking the country dry of financial assets and young citizens' lives. You have a shoot-from-the-hip presidency and a volatile cabinet (an unprecedented combination). We have failing airlines, out-sourced jobs vs rising health care and energy costs. Finally, and in the most capitalistic logic, THOSE WHO HAVE NO FINANCIAL WORRIES OR LIVE IN PRISTINE CONDITIONS COMPARED TO THOSE VICTIMIZED BY HURRICANE KATRINA HAVE THE NERVE TO ANNOUNCE THINGS WILL GET BETTER. To that I would say, "GOD BLESS AMERICA(??)
Posted By Anonymous J. R. Searcy, Atlanta, GA : 12:12 PM ET
I think the State and Local officials should get 90% of the blame. All you have to do is look at Florida. When a hurricane comes, the State and Local officials order an evacuation, and execute their evacuatin plans. People there follow directions, knowing hurricanes are serious!
Posted By Anonymous Jimmy, Falls Church, VA : 12:13 PM ET
I agree...At least this report is trying to fix things at the federal level without pointing fingers at anyone. Now thats professional and refreshing!
Lets see how they do at the local level...
Posted By Anonymous Betty Webster NY : 12:13 PM ET
Why are people referring to the Katrina failures in the past tense: "contributed to." It's not over, the recovery proceeds one inch at a time as the squalor continues for many victims and at last report, 80% of the dikes are not ready to face the imminent huricane season. Why is the incompetent Chertoff still in charge?
Posted By Anonymous F. Keith Senn, Bloomington, MN : 12:14 PM ET
Since when are 'vast federal failures' news, with the current administration. Seems more like an everyday occurrence to me.
Posted By Anonymous Phebe, Phoenix, AZ : 12:15 PM ET
Very simple. Our prez. keeps putting cronies in vital government positions, with no concern for little things like qualifications or experience. If you can run the government like a Banana Rupublic, why are you surprised at the results?
Posted By Anonymous Tim Sullivan, Tarpon Springs, Fl. : 12:15 PM ET
It sure doesn't feel like our United States are united anymore. I feel very ashamed of our government for not aiding our citizens during times of disaster. I was there volunteering in Biloxi in November. It appeared like there was very little activity. It makes my eyes tear up. It hurts. I blame gw for appointing people with no experience in the field. Thank God for the volunteers who are stepping up to the plate, thank God for churches sending in some help,....too bad its not near enough.
Posted By Anonymous Marilyn Albright, Jones Mills, PA : 12:15 PM ET
FEMA is a government organization which is run primarily by bureaucrats and as such, speed is not one of their primary qualities. Dealing with disasters should be given to someone who can react quickly and make on-the-spot decisions, such as the military.
Posted By Anonymous George Smigelski, Richmond, VA : 12:15 PM ET
Just finger pointing and noone really taking the blame.
If our government reacts so slowly to mother nature's terror, how are we to feel safe from a living, breathing, thinking terrorist?
Posted By Anonymous J. Quesinberry, Lewisville, NC : 12:16 PM ET
Unrealistic expectations are the real problem. If you are really prepared for every possible record breaking disaster, you're not dealing responsibly with the normal issues.
In almost any disastrous situation, there is someone whose input, if heeded, would appear to solve the problem; and every decision that turns out wrong has a human face attached to it. But 20-20 hindsight is an illusion. Whatever appears a better policy now, it did not appear so to some decision maker at the time.
Preparedness must be in the people. We must stop expecting the government to protect us from everything. A record breaking hit breaks more than records.
The media is a major contributor to the unrealistic expectations. Before the storm had abated, before any air traffic could reach the city, and while the emergency services still lacked working communications, the media were already screaming about a slow response.
Posted By Anonymous Stephen Klaber Cleveland Heights Ohio : 12:17 PM ET
because the report was prepared by the white house, the results were predictable: sugar-coating and cover-up.

want proof? who else besides "brownie" was removed? Even he resigned, when he should have been fired.
Posted By Anonymous mike lawr, detroit, michigan : 12:17 PM ET
During the early days of the Katrina disaster the Bush administration said there will be plenty of time to look into what went wrong and what went right, that first we need to deal with the emergency at hand. Six months later we have thousands of much needed trailers sitting empty. There are still Americans in need yet the whitehouse finds time to write a report about it. Mission accomplished, sound familiar?
Posted By Anonymous Gary A., Idyllwild California : 12:18 PM ET
So, I guess all the reporters who were able to get into the widespread areas affected by hurricane Katrina to report the progress of the storm and the aftermath must have more resouces and better planning than the federal government? I know the reporters were there because it was shown on tv.

Why were so many people left to fend for themselves? Why is so much storm debris and household garbage still laying on the ground six months after Katrina? Can't someone allocate funds for general cleanup? Isn't this a health hazard? Too many cooks in the kitchen and the stew still boiled over..........
Posted By Anonymous Patty, Montoursville, PA : 12:18 PM ET
I think that the issue should be why is the U.S. government involved with what should be wholly and completely a local issue. If you choose to live in an area with an inherent risk factor present. The U.S. government should not use tax payer dollars to rebuild after that risk presents itself.
Posted By Anonymous TDR, Tecumseh, MI : 12:19 PM ET
The report states the fact that the government was not prepared to handle the Katrina storm. However the facts have already inform us of the lack of management before this report was made public. As the information for this report was being assembled, a report should has been generated showing the time phase along with the funding cost of rebuilding these cities. A Shrine was destroyed in Iraq and we have already committed to the people that we(US) will help with the rebuilding of the Shrine. Where is the report that states how we will help our own who have no homes.
Posted By Anonymous Rev. Paul Johnson, San Antonio, Texas : 12:21 PM ET
Nobody seems to be dealing with the issue of personal responsibility. People were told to leave and did not. People stood around with signs proclaiming "Help Us". How about trying to help yourself first. Even at this late date many of the Katrina victims are complaining because the free ride is coming to an end. How long should we have to support these people, a year, two years, the rest of their lives. Did none of them have insurance? I am quite sure if my home burns down I will be on my own, and I will take care of myself, as I should.
Posted By Anonymous Larry, Wyandotte MI : 12:21 PM ET
Common sense: Seeing the huge size and type of hurricane (cat 5) headed toward you - in a place below sea level, the people should have left on their own and not HAVE to be told to get out of the way. The mayor should have taken precuations to remove people LONG before the hurricane arrived. Better SAFE than sorry. IF the mayor failed to do so then the governor should have had enough common sense to have taken precautions.
PS: perhaps they should have put Jeb Bush in charge since he has handled so many hurricane disasters.
Posted By Anonymous C Kelly, Belton, MO : 12:21 PM ET
It took 228 pages of rhetoric to come to that conclusion?! Why didn't they just ask the American people, we could have told them the same thing and saved them a lot of time and money, OUR money, to be exact!
Posted By Anonymous Phyllis Lancaster, PA : 12:22 PM ET
Who cares? People made up their minds about who was to blame, and why, not long after the storm hit (maybe even before). This report isn't likely to change anybody's mind. It's over, rebuild or move out, and get on with your life. What's done is done. We'll be more prepared next time, or at least maybe you'll listen and leave the next time a category 5 hurricane is headed your way.
Posted By Anonymous Nonya, Buford GA : 12:22 PM ET
Having worked for the government for 30 plus years, this is not surprising. What is surprising is that some people actually spoke up and took responsibility (although begrudgingly).
Posted By Anonymous Doug, Temecula, California : 12:23 PM ET
I could not agree more.It seems that if there had been better planning,maybe just maybe a lot more lives could have been saved.

Pauline Hardin
Posted By Anonymous Pauline Hardin Huntsville Alabama : 12:24 PM ET
I think the response by officials at all levels of government was woefully inadequate. Wasn�t anyone listening or watching reports warning of a strong hurricane with potential disastrous results? President Bush didn�t even bother to leave Texas for days after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Homeland Security officials claim they didn�t know about the levee breaks until the following day. Anyone and everyone following the developing story knew within hours on the day the levees broke.

It has become obvious that the leadership at FEMA and Homeland Security were inexperienced and should not have been in charge to begin with. The Homeland Security Secretary should be given his walking papers.

What does our lack of adequate planning and response to this disaster show the rest of the world? We seem to be able to get our military on the ground in other parts of the world after a disaster but cannot get them where needed in our own country? Perhaps our involvement in Iraq led to a lack of adequate troops to respond to Katrina? The current administration does not care about our own citizens with the same response and respect given to people in other parts of the world.

We should not be surprised that no progress has been made to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina based on the lack of response before and immediately following the hurricane.
Posted By Anonymous J.R. Grand Rapids, Michigan : 12:24 PM ET
The fact that our senators and representatives have failed to earn us the independent investigation we deserve is an absolute abomination. The reports filed by the culpable Bush White House and the false allibi Republican Congress certainly soften the political blow that would have been delivered from a fair and legitimate independent investigation.
Posted By Anonymous Eli, Philadelphia, PA : 12:24 PM ET
What bothers me the most about the report is that in it they say that the 24/7 news was painting the wrong picture to the american public. As and environmentalist by profession for them to say that environmental impact was not a "toxic soup" is irresponsible on their part. How can all that oil and the flooding of 5 superfund sites not create a toxic environment for anyone in the surrounding area????
Posted By Anonymous Rachel, Massena NY : 12:24 PM ET
The only thing that comes of these reports are pointed fingers and self-absolvence. How about a more effective plan. Hindsight is 20/20. And lets stop blaming the government for everything. Is there any self-responsibility anymore?
Posted By Anonymous Randy, Portland, Oregon : 12:24 PM ET
Florida and Texas get hit every year with hurricanes and those states seem to have adequate response. Katrina seems like an anomoly. I think La. state and local officials did not have their act together.
Posted By Anonymous J.Kaller, Tampa FL : 12:25 PM ET
First and foremost. What should be priority now is to produce an Emergency preparedness plan for each state. It is embarrassing that with all the technology and resources this country has, we weren't smart enough or prepared enough to protect our citizens from this disaster. Instead of concerning ourselves with which celebrity is sleeping with who, getting married/divorcing, or what the latest trend is in fashion or other material things. We must turn our focus on protecting our citizens. Let's focus on USA.
Posted By Anonymous Michele, Burbank, CA : 12:25 PM ET
I haven't even heard of an inquiry into where and what the local and state government failures were. I love the fact that everyone sees fit to comdemn FEMA. Maybe they could have responded better. But FEMA didn't let over 200-400 school buses get flooded when they could have been sent into the Ninth Ward to load up 2 days before Katrina hit. What exactly was NOLA's or the State of Louisiana's plan? Other than to wait on someone else. So much should have been done by the whining mayor and governor beforehand. FEMA isn't blameless, but they should be THIRD in line! If the federal government jumps the gun, then they are "trampling the states rights". If they wait for the state and local government to get of the dime and do something, then they are comdemned for a lack of response. For that matter, where was each and ever person in NOLA personal responsibility? One month later, when Rita threatened, I got my family prepared to evacuate. We made reservations six days before Rita finally turned northwesterly away from the Coastal bend. Seeing video of the Ninth ward, there sure seemed to be a bunch of flooded out cars! Wonder where they came from? The bottom line is there has to be personal responsibility in this country, not the "wait for someone else to make it happen" addtitude that is so pervasive in this country right now! All you whiners, quit waiting for "someone" to hand everything to you!
Posted By Anonymous Dave S. Corpus Christi, TX : 12:25 PM ET
It's obviously a very thorough report, however, in a week where the same Department of Homeland Security that began under this Administration and made very infamous and disastrous mistakes this past August under this Administration is now being asked to defend the Dubai Port Deal, it really doesn't matter that it's thorough. I don't know anyone who doesn't feel that it's more than worrisome whenever a massive, detailed report of "what went wrong" gets released and it doesn't recommend the removal of top staffers and Department secretaries in the Administration. How many gigantic reports about what went wrong are going to have to be written before the lawmakers in this country hold Bush, Cheney and his cabinet members responsible? Maybe they need to have a congressional panel on congressional reports. Anyway, no one should be asked to feel good about government reform or congressional recommendations for any sector of the US infrastructure until we know that the same people who made the mistakes in the first place promise that they won't be anywhere near the decision-making process that follows the release of the Katrina report.
Posted By Anonymous Zach, Philadelphia, PA : 12:26 PM ET
This report is really fascinating reading.A very thorough picture of the before, during and after of the hurricane.As I was reading through the "Lessons Learned" section I kept thinking how sad and also somewhat disturbing it is that there were so many of those lessons. I really hope we never have to see a report like this again.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer Durham, NC : 1:20 PM ET
Our president is an utter baffoon. I was saddened when he was elected in 2000. I was dumbfounded when he somehow secured a second term. What more can be said? We are rightfully international laughing stocks.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Chicago, IL : 1:23 PM ET
The last line in this report should say "we failed on our part but you (the residents who stayed in N.O.) failed on your part too". Sane and smart people would have left before the hurricane. Take some of the blame yourselves. Should the government take responsibility for my well being and property if I live in a flood plane? Should you help pay for me to live there? The less we rely upon government and other people's taxes for hand-outs and assistance the better off we, as a nation, will be. Its called taking accountability for ones actions including living in,and not leaving N.O. before disaster struck. Due to the location of N.O. it is only a matter of time before something like this happens again. Is it fair for U. S. citizens have to pay to rebuild again and again?
Posted By Anonymous Wayne Lander, Pocatello, ID : 3:04 PM ET
One of the main recommendations was a panel to cut through the red tape when a disaster occurs. Well of course you need a panel when the President won't leave his vacation and the Homeland Security Secretary is getting his status updates off the morning news. Those are the only people with the authority to cut through the red tape (unless you create a panel). Oh and good old Brownie gets blamed for not going higher up sooner. Of course they don't mention that the only higher-ups are the Homeland Security Secretary and the President of the United States, neither of whom apparently had time between cake cuttings and golf to miss breakfast and deal with the worst natural disaster to hit the US in modern times.
Posted By Anonymous Harrison, State College, PA : 10:34 PM ET
It is city and states responsiilty to be prepared and have the resources to manage disaster within its communities not the federal government. The federal government should only play a supporting role on request of the state. The local and state governments are at the location and, if they are doing there jobs, will have unique knowlege about the area and conditions affected by a disaster to manage disaster relief much more efficiently the the federal government.
Posted By Anonymous Karl Kaspirek, Riverview, Mi. : 8:53 AM ET
You are all ill-informed and uneducated. It was the job of local and state government to provide first response and subsequently ask the feds for help.

They did none of those things.

New Orleans and the state of LA in general has been a corrupt, incompetant welfare state for decades. What they are VERY good at is passing the blame on to other people.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin ONeill, Danbury CT : 1:18 PM ET
You do not have a right to blame government officials if you did not excercise your right to VOTE for our government officials. In my view the people who cannot legally vote and the citizens that voted are the only ones who have that right.
Posted By Anonymous Javier, Washington, D.C. : 1:20 PM ET
Blame Blame Blame Blame crying and belly aching. Too much blaming not enough action. Past is the past you learn from it and go on. Actions speak louder than words. Would the media and other LOUDMOUTHS be this boisterous toward our president if Bill Clinton or John Kerry was president. I DON'T THINK SO
Posted By Anonymous Virgil E, Irvine, Kentucky : 1:50 PM ET
President Bush and company should be forced to relocate The White House to Pass Christian, Bay St. Louis or the 9th district in NOLA. Let's see how well they'd manage in a tent city. I'll bet you'd see some action from FEMA pretty fast. This situatiion is simply an ongoing disgrace replete with incompetence, lack of compassion and caring. But let's remember, these folks are not really his base. The Carlyle Group and his wealthy cronies are. We are up to 295B for a war we cannot sustain or win., but only a pittance for our own suffering people. How do these guys sleep at night?
Posted By Anonymous Marilyn Knight, Ridgefield CT : 2:27 PM ET
There are some wise comments here. The State and local Governments are 90% at fault in LA. The Presedent declared a State of Emergency BEFORE the storm hit. This gave the State and Local Govt a blank check to get things in place, however, my strong feelings are this; it is not the responsibility of the federal government to pay for personal loss. They are responsible for assising in establishing the infrastructure IE; levies,bridges, local, state, fed government and in some instaces health care. I believe the rest is up to people like you and me to stop spending all our effort on placing blame and doing more physical action. I have been to MS with donations and plan on more trips. I have seen the devistation first hand. I wonder if most of those who are pointing thier fingers have seen the over 100,000 squre miles of devistation. Our Feds have shelled out alot of money, too much for New Orleans, flood insurance is for people in flood zones. I have insurance but don't have flood insurance (I don't live below sea level on the coast) I understand I have to bite the bullet if I get flooded.
Posted By Anonymous Roland Sylvester, Ga : 9:34 AM ET
Why is it that the media keeps acting like these people are owed something? They chose to live there, they were told to get out, they didn't..... I guess it's only news worthy if you can sensationalize and blame.
Posted By Anonymous Ralph, New Orleans : 9:36 AM ET
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