Tuesday, February 21, 2006
What Katrina stories are we missing?
We're heading to the Gulf Coast soon and want to hear what you're thinking about Katrina recovery and rebuilding efforts. Do you live in an area that's seen an influx of displaced Gulf Coast residents? Did they bring crime or goodwill with them? Have you witnessed situations where your tax dollars are being wasted? Is your government getting the job done? Send us your stories. And please make sure you let us know how to reach you.
Posted By "360" Producers: 9:03 AM ET
Did anyone notice on last night's story when the people at FEMA were being interviewed, in the background, all the FEMA staff members were sitting in what looked like those high back, Herman Miller Aeron $1,000.00+ mesh office chairs? (which would mean the government probably paid 3 times that for them). The FEMA spot went quickly, but I couldn't help notice this. Please review the story from last night and check out what's probably another waste of money by FEMA. What's wrong, are FEMA behinds too good to sit on a $100.00 office chair?
Posted By Anonymous M. Jones, Atlanta, GA : 11:49 AM ET
This story has alread been beaten like a bad dog. Move on to something new.
Posted By Anonymous Dan Lamont Jackson FL : 11:57 AM ET
My local Humane Society made two trips to the area to rescue Katrina dogs. No sooner had they gotten back, the dogs were adopted almost immediately. Locals donated many bags of dog food for the Katrina dogs. We all feel very proud to take care of the Katrina dogs. We would like the people to know that your dogs (gods) are very well cared for - and we all love them.
Posted By Anonymous Janice Brown, Rockland, Maine : 10:00 PM ET
Sometimes I feel those of us who left before the storm are ignored. Yes, I know it wasn't as bad for us but at the same time waiting, wondering, deciding you can't go home. There are tons of stories out there like mine. People who shuddered at the media image of our beloved city right after the storm. People who thought it would be a few days and end up finding out that there's no way for them to go back home. For me there is another story in how we are treated in our adopted cities. I think that yes, rigth after people were sympathetic and then you get a lot of people who tell you it's your fault. Where are those stories?
Posted By Anonymous Ana G.. Chicago : 12:23 PM ET
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