Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Oprah on my mind
Ok, so I know I should blog earlier in the day, but I just got back from Washington, D.C., and due to my lack of organization, my BlackBerry wasn't charged, so I've been away from a computer all day. Needless to say, I arrived back in New York suffering from technology withdrawal. My hands were shaking, but now that they are dancing on the keyboard, the tremors have stopped. There are a lot of emails from viewers today about my appearance on Oprah yesterday. It was really cool to be on her program, and I actually spent part of today working on another story for her in Washington. Not sure when that will make it on air though.

Is it just me, or does the State of the Union feel like it was months ago already?
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 6:59 PM ET
Anderson - do you EVER sleep? I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy 360 and watch faithfully since Katrina - there is no other show that compares. Keep up the excellent work. Did you know you have quite the following in Canada as well?
Posted By Anonymous Valerie, Montreal, QC : 7:11 PM ET
No it is not just you the address does seem months ago.I can relate to you about the withdrawl when I had to go without the internet it was so hard for me.I watched you on Oprah yesterday you did a great job.
PS I am a huge fan of yours
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth Buckhannon WV : 7:11 PM ET
With my long day of running after my 18 month old, breakfast seems like a month ago.
You were great on Oprah.
I love her show. Hopefully they will re-air the one with you soon. I, of course got interrupted by the toddler in the house! At my house if you are not on an adventure with a blue dog or singing with the Wiggles there is not much chance I can watch ya.
Keep up the great work!
Posted By Anonymous Christy from GA : 7:14 PM ET
Anderson-you do an amazing job, you must spend most of your time on a plane!! You are the only reason my mom and I watch CNN-you totally rock!You are the best at what you do, not to mention the best looking.You were so cute on Oprah, you amaze me. Thanks so much.
Posted By Anonymous Ashley Mains, Richmond, VA : 7:16 PM ET
I enjoyed your interview with Oprah and have been watching your program since your heartfelt coverage of Katrina.

Could you please do a special on the drought in Kenya - it is devastating. In Kenya's Daily Nation there was an article about a woman in New Zealand who was wanting to donate dog food to the starving children in Kenya. This is a human interest story (the suffering from the drought) that should be witnessed by the world and not ignored.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Atwell, Seattle, WA. : 7:17 PM ET
It feels like years since we had an honest State of the Union address by a President who truly has the State of the Union's best interest at heart and not a private agenda.
Posted By Anonymous Bonomo, Costa Mesa, CA : 7:18 PM ET
Okay, you never sleep.
Posted By Anonymous Marla Gaspard, Kenner, LA : 7:19 PM ET
You were on Oprah?! Egads!! I had my own mini-crisis at work, therefore didn't make it home till way late! Thank the tv elves for re-runs!
What frequent flyer miles do you get?! LOL! Hope you've recovered from your techno-withdrawl! Keep up the fantastic work!! Love watching your 360 !!
Posted By Anonymous Kimberly, Edmonton AB Canada : 7:30 PM ET

About three months ago when I moved I was without a cell phone and the internet for a week! I was in bad shape. I was having false vibrations on my hip and such from lack of cell phone! You were great on the Big O Show yesterday, I Tivo'd it. You look better in HD though!
Posted By Anonymous Paul S. , Los Angeles CA : 7:32 PM ET
What are you going to do if they pull the plug on BlackBerries in the US?
You could move to Canada. CTV news really needs competition for CBC's George Stroumboulopoulos of The Hour.
You and 360 are what gets me watching CNN. When do you sleep?
Posted By Anonymous Barbara Wheeland, Montreal, QC : 7:33 PM ET
Yes, State of the Union seems to be long ago. What's on my mind now are those little children in Niger. I cried when I saw that portion of your report on the situation on Oprah's show. You touch us all, Mr. are the newsman for the people.
Posted By Anonymous Laura; Syracuse, NY : 7:35 PM ET
Last Night's State of the Union seemed so long that it consumed the months you suppose how long ago it happened.
Posted By Anonymous Kate Rogers, Atlanta, GA : 7:37 PM ET
Hi Anderson, Yesterday on the Oprah Show you were extraordinary like always! and you are always unbelivable! I go to sleep after midnight just when 360 finishes.
Good Luck everywhere in life!
Posted By Anonymous Kamal from NYC : 7:37 PM ET
Anderson, just wanted to say there is not a news story I'm not interested in watching if you're the one reporting. You show so much compassion on the stories you report. Also wanted to say I saw you on Oprah and on Regis and Kelly and thought you were great. It was so nice to see your sense of humor shine as well as your reporting does. What a funny, caring, compassionate person you are!
Posted By Anonymous Angie, Asheville, NC : 7:39 PM ET
Needless to say, I arrived back in New York suffering from technology withdrawal.
Sounds like you're one of the people (myself included) that Verlyn Klinkenborg wrote about in the 1/29 NYT Op-Ed piece "No Messages on This Server"...but fortunately I do not (yet) own a Crackberry...
Posted By Anonymous Susan...NYC : 7:40 PM ET
Awesome job on Oprah, and this is a very cool blog, by the way.

I've admired your reporting since World News Now.

Thanks for keeping them honest.
Posted By Anonymous Kate Straccia, Pittsburgh, PA : 7:45 PM ET
i don't like oprah. I know this is certainly a controversial statement, but her show is nothing but distraction. She teaches us to be content with the mediocre lives we live. She pretends to understand what the common person goes through, yet there are not many people in this world further from the common person than Oprah. If there is anyone who defends the way things are it is Oprah. Thanks Oprah, for distracting us from creating any real and meaningful social change. thanks for showcasing products that none of us can afford. Oprah, you sure do love commodities.
Posted By Anonymous maharg, burlington, vt : 7:48 PM ET
Bravo!! on all of your reporting, so much for it being a slower year.
Loved to see you do the Oprah show..Personally, I was wondering about sleep thing also. You are so driven.
Now to my question,would it be possible to explain to myself and I can't be the only one the difference between right/left winged?
I am a 57 yr. old boomer and still don't get it! I pride myself in keeping current with the news, but still don't get that aspect of reporting the right/left thing. Also, while you are at it, please explain the difference in Fatah, and Hummus...that's another "American mystery" to me as well. Thanks and keep up the fabulous genuine reporting.
Posted By Anonymous Lynne,Evansville Indiana : 7:51 PM ET
i wish the state of the union was months ago--at least then the horror of the bush administration would be that much closer to the end.
Posted By Anonymous maharg, burlington, vt : 7:51 PM ET
I hardly ever watch TV, but I happened to catch your appearance on Oprah. It must have been fate, because I was touched so deeply I immediately logged onto and made a donation. Your video changed how I view life, and I hope to make my donations on a regular basis. Thanks for showing us what life is like for those children in Niger. It opened my eyes.
Posted By Anonymous Mindy, Seattle, WA : 7:53 PM ET
Anderson- I first got hooked on your show when breaking to commercials you'd play snipets of "radio Clash" and "Marquee Moon" and was happy to see your meteoric rise as a result of your reports during Katrina. The report on Tijuana Mex. was sad and disturbing to see for someone who was born there, and though I haven't been there in 30 years it's sad to see things haven't changed much since I was a kid. Thank You for solid reporting.
Posted By Anonymous Luis Lopez, Atlantic Beach Fla. : 7:54 PM ET
Anderson, you do a great job. You show us what the world needs to see. It is a shame that we live in a world that can put people on the moon but we can't feed a hungry child.
Posted By Anonymous Shawn,Charleston SC : 7:55 PM ET

I've enjoyed the couple times I've seen you on Oprah, and I look forward to the next time.

On a completely random note, I'm curious as to where your first name came from. I have a cousin with the first name Anderson, and I know in his case it was a family name handed down from my grandmother's maiden name to my uncle's middle name, and now my cousin's first name. Is it something like that for you as well?
Posted By Anonymous Suzy, Glendale Heights, IL : 7:55 PM ET
Oprah is very popular. I'm having a hard time jumping on the bandwagon though. And please, do not do any more shows devoted to Oprah's interviews. There is too much real news to hear about.
Posted By Anonymous Abby, LA, CA : 7:55 PM ET
Months ago? I wish it had never happened! Listening to King George spew the same tired rhetoric about wiretapping and "the terrorists" was akin to sitting for a root canal. It actually hurt to listen to his lies and then watch the entire Republican side of the room stand up and cheer. Have they no shame? No scruples? No soul? And all of this while Cindy Sheehan was being booked and processed for exercising her First Amendment right to wear a t-shirt that had a simple message emblazened on the front. What's next? Mandatory jail time for an "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt? If that ever does happen, make sure you're standing next to the king and make your arrest really mean something.
Posted By Anonymous Don Goldberg, Bayside, NY : 7:56 PM ET
It really does feel like it happened a long time ago, which means thankfully we've moved on.

And you were terrific on Oprah, seeing the Niger story again had me in tears again.

And I have to know how it felt when she said you were the reason she watches CNN - what an honor!
Posted By Anonymous Courtney, Chagrin Falls, OH : 7:58 PM ET
I loved your appearance on Oprah. The Niger story is always emotional to me. I'm from South eastern Afrika and I know exactly what its like. I wanna thank U for not forgetting about us on your show every once in a while.I know a lot of people from home feel the same way I do about you , we only have no means of saying it loud. But please know you are very appreciated! Please one day consider to work as UN secretary General and the world will be better.
Posted By Anonymous Subira Pontiac Michigan : 7:58 PM ET
After watching you on Oprah yesterday about the starving children in Africa, it is hard to relate to the State of Union....SUCH A WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY.
Posted By Anonymous Patti, Onalaska, WI : 7:58 PM ET
Anderson, I honestly can say that if there was any one person who I was convinced was a robot, it is you. Not only do you appear on CNN at least 6 hours a day, but you are always somehow either on other channels I watch or showing up on the programs of other CNN anchors.
Posted By Anonymous Dan Flitman, Denville, New Jersey : 7:59 PM ET
I honestly don't know how you manage to do it...two nights ago you were covering the tunnel story in San Diego and last night, Washington...You don't ever sleep, do you?
Posted By Anonymous Alexa, Raleigh, NC : 8:01 PM ET
The charge had nothing to do with the Blackberry not working. Join the club!
Posted By Anonymous Kevin Doty, Orange County, CA : 8:06 PM ET

Oprah was not on your mind only today. It was also on the minds of NY's #1 Hit Music Station Z100 (Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo). They mentioned your story on the radio this morning and commented on how deeply touched they were -- just as I was.

We need people like you with a "heart" to tell these stories......
Posted By Anonymous Vicki Palumbo, Long Island, NY : 8:08 PM ET
Wait. A news reporter who posts a comment that could have been from a normal person. Thank you sir!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 8:09 PM ET
Anderson! You are incredible!! You never stop going!!

I had to tape the Oprah episode and can't wait to watch it tomorrow.

2 more hours till 360!!
Posted By Anonymous Carrie Manchester, NH : 8:12 PM ET
Anderson over exposed or overworked? Or possibly a workaholic. Anyway, don't quite doing what you do because it is magnificent.

State of the Union address? What state of the union address?
Posted By Anonymous Rachel, Albuquerque, NM : 8:12 PM ET
Don't know how you keep up, with the schedule you keep. You did a great job on the tunnel story. Going from one side of this country to the other and being on t.v. off and on for 5 hrs. had to be exhausting.
Enjoyed you on Oprah. Seeing you with all that dark hair was something.
Definately understand your withdrawls. My cable was down yesterday and I was lost.
Get some rest and see you soon at the helm of 360.
Posted By Anonymous JC St. Charles, Mo. : 8:13 PM ET
Maybe the true heroes, the ones we also need to support, are journalists like Anderson Cooper who are not forced to go into difficult situations but instead choose to travel to places of great despair so that the rest of the world can stand and take notice. Anderson, as a Louisiana native and former resident of Kenya as a Peace Corps volunteer, I thank you for your continued stories on the Gulf Coast, Africa, and other places that desperately need the attention of our leaders. Know that you are reaching people and that your work is far more important to us than you may realize.
Posted By Anonymous Shauntelle Lopinto, Philadelphia : 8:16 PM ET
Happy Wednesday!
I watched you on Oprah yesterday. You were very engaging. I find that you deliver the news not just as facts but as stories that affect every person in the world. Even if we are not directly affected by a story we will all be indirectly affected at some point.
It is refreshing to watch a journalist who truly cares about the people in the story and not just the story.
The State Of the Union does feel like it was months ago, but after listening to all of the commentary, it makes me wish it was primary season up here! Now that is a season for stories!
Posted By Anonymous Liz P. New Hampshire : 8:17 PM ET
There's nothing in my mind cooler and more awesome than meeting and, oh my, talking with Oprah- on TV. Woe is the Oprah envy I feel.

And to jump on the other comments, you and Dr. Gupta don't sleep- or you're awake when you do.
Posted By Anonymous Molly, Coleville, CA : 8:18 PM ET
It seems like only yesterday...wait it was ONLY yesterday! I think everyone across the U.S feel as if it has been months since the SotU. Your appearance on Oprah was amazing, and the story on Niger always brings the tears out.

Keep up the great work!
Posted By Anonymous Rita Rodriguez, Plainview, Texas : 8:24 PM ET
This country have had its fair share of media reporters and correspondents but you are by far one of the most interesting man in National Television. Intelligent, bright and oh my !! super handsome. Have never seen a better looking man with beautiful silver hair on television.

I love watching your reports and watch your shows every evenings.

kuddos good looking !
Posted By Anonymous V.Veliz from Louisiana : 8:25 PM ET
Perhaps 360 should do a piece on "technology withdrawal" because I certainly suffer from it and apparently others do too.

I admire Oprah Winfrey but I stopped watching her show once I discovered 360 (when it was in its old time slot) so the only time I watch her now is when Anderson is a guest and I'm glad to hear he'll be making another appearance.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 8:25 PM ET
I have been watching you since Katrina. I also watch 360.You are by far the best anchor/reporter in the business. I watched you on Oprah yesterday, you did a great job. I love to watch the stories you do on kids. I can see from your reporting that you really like children. I can tell that you really love your job, and thanks for keeping them honest and never letting stories be forgotten. You are a sweet man who I have the most respect for. Keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Terrie Ford Colonial Heights,VA : 8:28 PM ET know you are the guy that we look to in order to really see what is happening in the world on a daily basis....we wait for your time on cnn to hear your daily represent me and my family and what really matters to most americans ......sooo much happens everyday in the world every day... and we look to see how you sift through it all and bring us the important issues ....i am soo happy that your passion is to tell the true stroy of the day to day life of the world....thank you....susan granowitz,
Posted By Anonymous susan graonowitz, scottsdale, arizona : 8:32 PM ET

I have become a fan of yours over the past year. Your interview with Oprah was great. It was fun to see you in the younger years, although Oprah is right! You are ageless. You seemed very relaxed and at ease. Can't wait to check out your show tonight on 360.

P.S. This is my first Blog. What fun.
Posted By Anonymous Randall, Aliso Viejo, CA : 8:37 PM ET
The "shaking hands" thing you describe, that's why they call it Crackberry....
Posted By Anonymous Kellie, Minneapolis, MN : 8:38 PM ET
What State of the Union?
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Washington, DC : 8:43 PM ET
Yeah, the State of the Union is already history and most people probably don't even remember anymore what Bush said or what points he tried to least to me nothing he said seemed worth to remember.

Anderson, I always like seeing you on Oprah; actually I became an 'Oprah Watcher' thanks to you.
Man, do you ever rest? You seem to be relentless - but then again, all the hard work that you do put in, you do for all the viewers, most importantly for all the loyal AC360 watchers.

Keep up the good work and ratings with slowly but constantly go up...mark my words!
Posted By Anonymous Elke, New York : 8:50 PM ET
We are recently discussing nutrition problems in the peripheral counties in one of my classes and the video on Oprah yesterday really put it into perspective what a huge problem this is today. My professor told us that it would cost $13 billion per year to provide basic health and nutrition for the peripheral countries and that Europeans and Americans spend that much on pet food a year. I just find this fact astonishing. It just shows that this problem can be solved. You did a great job at the Sago mine! Keep up the good work!
Posted By Anonymous Rachel Coffman, Charleston W. Va. : 8:51 PM ET
I feel like alot of the "main" journalists today are not living up to the name they have made for themselves or for the channel they are on excpet for you. You have done it. We are living in the most political and cultural turbulent times that the world has seen in 30 years and no one except for you seems to notice the opportunities there are to discover, document, and present it to the world. Barbara Walters, Greta, Chris, Paula, etc. Everyone is wasting theirs and the viewers time by interviewing celebrities and basing their national show every night on a small town rapists i. It does not open our eyes to anything new. Save it for "E" or the 10 o'clock news AND GET SERIOUS.
Posted By Anonymous Maryanna, Atlanta, Ga. : 8:54 PM ET

Yes, the SOTU has already been forgotten. Thank God. I don't know how you journalists get through it. You don't have the luxury of drinking games and unrelenting snarking.

I loved you on Oprah yesterday. It blows my mind that in that old footage you were only a few years younger than I am now. You looked so young!

Your reports from Niger were the first time I realized that you were different than normal anchors. Prior to that I used to flip back and forth between 360 and Hardball everyday, but after my new found respect for you my finger was on the remote a lot less. At the time I had no idea there was a famine in Niger and as a news junkie it made me ashamed. BTW, I'm completely cured of my Hardball watching now.

I second poster Lee Atwell's request regarding Kenya. And please do more follow ups on Darfur too. I really liked when you had Nicholas Kristoff on. His columns are heartbreaking.

To poster Dan Flitman, I wondered the same thing. I even emailed 360 to inquire about Anderson's possible robotness, but, alas, no reply. Anyway, I believe Anderson is the real deal. But Blitzer? He's totally a robot.
Posted By Anonymous Stacy, St. Louis, MO : 8:57 PM ET
Anderson, you are an outstanding reporter, I watch you most evenings, and I agree with the other comments made that you must never sleep! I did miss the Oprah show which I watch on occasion but would like to add a comment that as someone long removed from her 30-and-40-something-soccer-mom audience (been there and done that), Oprah has far too much power and influence over the American public. It would be interesting to see a CNN show about THAT! However, I don't think it will ever happen - for the very reasons stated above.
Posted By Anonymous Kansas City, Missouri : 8:59 PM ET
The reason that State of the Union looked familiar--It has been running for more than fours years as an infomercial on 16 different channels between Midnight and 8 a.m.
Posted By Anonymous Louie, Tujunga, CA. : 9:04 PM ET
I honestly don't think you should worry about your blogging habits. We all know you are a busy man who should probably get some sleep!

I also want to mention that I don't even think I would have cared about the State of the Union address if it wasn't for you. I'm a new fan (I started watching during the Sago Mine coverage) and you really got me interested in the news. Now, I'm a CNN junkie. I watch The Situation Room (all three hours) and AC360 every day!
Posted By Anonymous Courtney, Greenville, SC : 9:11 PM ET
Somewhere to plug in....It seems today that we are all looking for someone where to plug in our cell phone, BlackBerry, MP3 player, Digital Camera, PDA, or notebook, have I missed your favorite device.

Now I have two power strips in the house; one of them dedicated to the the items I carry each day as a Technology Warrior. Now I have to carry a pager because my cell phone ran out of juice one day and "gasp" someone had to try and find me in our office building. One would have never imagined the national emergency that occured when you can't reach somone on their cell phone.

Regarding your time warp, it could be that the State of the Union feels like a month ago if you are traveling under AC 360 time.
Posted By Anonymous Lillith, La Jolla, CA : 9:14 PM ET

So when are you going to turn the tables on Oprah and have her on 360?

How about a few articles in her magazine?
Posted By Anonymous Along comes Jones-Chicago, IL : 9:15 PM ET
AC, I know this is a frivolous trivial question: You seem to be a person who travels light. So the question is, did you take your suit with you to San Diego and then back across the country to D.C. or do you just keep a suit on standby in D.C.? I love the blog of course.
Posted By Anonymous Annabelle Echo, Chicago, IL : 9:16 PM ET
For me, it seems like years ago. I listed to the State of the Union on the radio as I was repatriating myself to New Orleans. I was still 200 miles away as the President spoke of my homeneighborhoods , and was shocked by how he had to say. Today, I have driven through devastated neighborhoods, interacted with a population of desperate and frustrated people, paid double what basic provisions cost in Florida, and feel like I've entered another world. I am shocked we only warranted a brief mention, and one of those simply implied it was our fault we were in such a mess. I have paid taxes, and more of those taxes went to the federal government than the state or the city. The President should called on his opposition to the Baker bill for that reason, and if he feels our state and local politicians are too corrupt. If the politicians are corrupt, does that not obligate him to act on the behalf of the honest tax paying citizens of New Orleans more, not less? Isn't that why the Justice Department exists?

Please forgive my rant...but my tolerance for political pagaents has dropped to nill after returning to the city to see such anxiety on every face, such chaos...and a dawning realization that we are on our own. Well, we were promised politics of personal responsibility.
Posted By Anonymous Cele Ferry, New Orleans, LA : 9:16 PM ET
Plight of children, women, human beings in general is a constant struggle faced not only by African countries, but many parts of Asia as well. Nobody seems to care until the situation deteriorates so badly, that it almost seems irreparable. We live in a developed country, and sometimes our domestic "concerns" seem so inconsequential to what other people around the world have to face on a daily basis. =/
Posted By Anonymous Anjali Kanojia, Houston TX : 9:18 PM ET
Anderson, I don't know if you actually read these things, but just wanted to let you know I really enjoy watching all of your stories across the globe (though they must all be really draining, physically and emotionally!) You inspired me to get into journalism, even though I don't think I could ever be as energetic as you are. Thanks for your commitment!
Posted By Anonymous Beth, Windsor, ON : 9:19 PM ET
I enjoy watching every afternoon on 360, and when you appear on Oprah. You latest appearance is now in the "Keep Until I Delete" portion of my TiVO.

P.S. If it isn't reported on 360, it didn't happen! ;0)
Posted By Anonymous Julie, Charlotte, NC : 9:22 PM ET
Anderson, caught you on Oprah coz I was home sick with the crud. What a great way to brighten up my day--my two favorite people on the same show. I enjoy her magazines and your "Detail" magazine articles(from your 360 site). Both of you have such high emotional IQ; your passion and compassion balanced with a sense of humor is much appreciated.

BTW, I sent an email to 360 yesterday (got an automated response)asking you to consider visiting Purvis, MS. I drove there a few days ago and saw miles of FEMA trailers just sitting there. I thought your "keeping them honest" may help some folks in Mississippi get their much needed trailers; just like how you successfully did so for the folks in NO.
Posted By Anonymous Evelyn, Hattiesburg, MS : 9:29 PM ET

You are an amazing reporter and I wanted to be a reporter ever since I can remember and you really inspire me. You were great on Oprah yesterday and it was fascinating watching how calm you were like Oprah said.
It was very touching watching those poor children in Africa. And it made me feel very fortunate and it also made me understand what is going on in the world. Like you said its like another planet. Keep up the great work!

Posted By Anonymous Vicki (Livingston, NJ) : 9:36 PM ET
At least Oprah uses all her power and influence for good. I don't think she's hurting anyone by trying to help them better themselves, those who don't want or need her advice can certainly tune her out, but there appears to be many people who appreciate what she does.

Anderson is the best and the two hours I spend watching AC360 flies by. I'm really looking forward to reading "Dispatches from the Edge".
Posted By Anonymous Fay : 9:39 PM ET
I truly enjoyed the report on the starving children on Niger that appeared on Oprah yesterday. It was obvious that the words were not only brilliantly put together, but also very heartfelt, which I'm sure means a lot to each and every one of your fans who took the time to sit down and watch the program, including myself. I'm proud to admit that after hearing your ongoing reports on the hardships that many children face everyday, I grow more and more concerned and interested in such current events, and I contemplate the food that I throw away everyday and the leftovers that I leave to rot in the fridge, knowing that they might make some sort of difference in the world (possibly).

Also, it was great to see that under the busy reporter, there is a real person. .. although I do agree with everyone else - even though I love your blog, you should spend some good time sawing logs every now and then!
Posted By Anonymous Kathryn Lim, Brunswick, Georgia : 9:43 PM ET
I have made AC360 fans out of everyone in my office! I was at work yesterday when you were on Oprah, but my coworkers who were not otherwise occupied all watched you! They keep telling me how earnest and real you are. I am so impressed by your abilities that I can't stop singing your praises. Thanks for making it enjoyable to watch the news!
Posted By Anonymous Jen, Raleigh NC : 9:48 PM ET
I am surprised a professional would find more interest in Oprah than in the State of the Union. The president spent more than half his time on the state of Iraq, perhaps you could have chose to speak about that rather than Oprah. You are a news anchor aren't you? Forget your technology shortfalls, forget about Oprah, we have a president speaking of Iraq and the war on terror for more than one half of his time on a "state of the union" (for you liberals, that means the state of our country) address. Let's concentrate on bringing our country back together. Let's talk about tax reform. Let's talk about social security. Let's talk about our economy. Oprah? Oprah is entertainment. Perhaps for the mainstream public, so is the state of the union. Entertainment.
Posted By Anonymous Rob - Jacksonville, FL : 9:49 PM ET
I will have to say, that was one of the worst speeches with little or no direction I have ever heard from a President. Granted, I am only old enough to remember back to Regan, but still it was pointless. This coming from someone who voted for Bush twice no less... Yes, I should be ashamed of myself, but then again, I look at my other options and think to myself, at least I voted.

I think the biggest disappointment is the lack of respect for the people of the Gulf Coast, the President mentioned the poverty that was once the situation in New Orleans - but now that no one lives there, is that really the point?!?! how can you help poverty in an area if those people no longer have a place to live in the first place?? AS a NYer, I can only compare the devastation of the Gulf Coast to that of 9/11, why were we able to clean up that no questions asked, money, equipment, assistance no problem. Yes, no one lived within the towers, but people did lived and worked around them. These Americans have to live among what looks like a lincoln log project gone bad. The families of 9/11 got money, emotional counseling etc. why not set up a fund like the twin towers fund - call it the Gulf Fund? I know five people killed on 9/11, all of the families received MILLIONS - yes, Millions of dollars and the people of the gulf, have gotten NOTHING. I am not saying make them millionaires, there really is no need for that but can't we give them something to help put their lives back together and to help pay the mortgage for a home that no longer exists?
Posted By Anonymous maureen LB, NY : 9:54 PM ET
I have to say, I am a huge fan. So big a fan that I got my mother to start watching the show when I'm not around. My mother called me to let me know you were on oprah and I was let down to know that the show had already aired.
I hope to see a repeat and keep up all the amazing work you do. Take care.
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie, Tucson, Arizona : 9:56 PM ET
Anderson, I enjoy your show and admire your continued attention to the coastal hurricane victims. I'd like to see more stories regarding poverty in America and the shrinking middle class. I don't watch Oprah (she has way too much influence), but did like your light hearted co-hosting of "Live with Regis & Kelly". Keep up the good work and stay on the tough stories.
Posted By Anonymous Jeanette Cooper, Charleston, WV : 10:03 PM ET
Sorry, but Oprah is definitely not on my mind. I don't watch her on television; AC360 provides excellent reporting as well as eye candy for the masses.Besides, the salt-and-pepper hair works for you, Anderson.
Posted By Anonymous Angie, St.Louis, MO : 10:07 PM ET
Your Niger report is my favorite without undermining your fervent reports on Katrina. I told my friends that I am jealous of Angelina Jolie. No, no, not because she is Brad Pitt's inamorata! Because she's been working with Prof. Jeff Sachs (love his book The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time). Yes, let's make poverty history. I think you and other reporters play a crucial role in increasing people's awareness (and then influence the policy makers!) on this critical issue.
Posted By Anonymous Tzarina, Houston, Texas : 10:11 PM ET
My Lord Anderson, do you ever sleep?

I watched you on Oprah yesterday. I thought the whole show was well done. It broke my heart all over again to watch the Sago Mine Tragedy and how it affected you so deeply. And I cannot say enough about your piece on Niger. It is a truly moving piece of work because you put your whole heart into that story.

You are so thought-provoking. Its so refreshing to have a journalist open his heart to his audience as you do.

Thank you and keep up the great work! And get some rest Man! Catch up on the 24!
Posted By Anonymous Sheryn, NJ : 10:14 PM ET
Hi Anderson, I enjoy watching 360 every nite.I like the "keeping it honest" section of 360 a lot.The world needs reporters like u who have a very humanistic approach to world's problems.Keep up good work. Glad you are blogging, its just wonderful to see the everyday busy life of a journalist/reporter through ur blog entries. Makes me realise how hard you all work traveling all over the world to bring us stories and news of things happening in the world as we sit in our living rooms while you are somewhere at the place where tragedies or tsunamis happen risking ur lives. Thank u for doing that and my prayers are with u to keep u safe whereever u go. Hope u get lot of rest too. There is so much happening in the world today that yesterdays news seems old. And there is always something new to report every hour , the world forever changing and keeping us busy and entertained.Wish you some relaxing days ahead.
Posted By Anonymous cerebralbirdie, Indianapolis, Indiana : 10:17 PM ET
HUGE Fan. I am 25 years old old. I can not tell you how huge a fan I am. I watch you EVERY day. YOU DO AN INCREDIBLE JOB!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:22 PM ET

Love your show, and thanks for taking the time to blog for us. Just curious - your IMDB bio says you don't drink hot drinks...why?
Posted By Anonymous Molly, New York, NY : 10:35 PM ET
I always enjoy your reports. Glad to see you on Oprah as well, bringing the news to a broader crowd who might otherwise not see 360. Which, by the way, rocks. Grown-up news without the fuddy-duddy anchors.
Posted By Anonymous Jay, Tucson, Arizona : 10:41 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
Yes, it does feel like it's been a long,long,time since the State of the Union..In fact it's taken soooo long to read all your fan mail comments that I think it's March..isn't it? Great comments..It's always nice to know you're appreciated..And it's obvious that you are..Congrats.P.S. Stay humble..Jeopardy Champ..Stay humble..Keep up the excellent work..Take Care BYE
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann, Buellton,Calif. : 10:51 PM ET
I enjoy your news show - its the only one that i watch regularly. The results you have gotten with the "Keep Them Honest" segment have been great.
The Gulf Coast will need all available help for a long time.
I am sure you will be one of the heros
remembered for the relief efforts.
--- and i also wonder when you sleep!
thanks - diane
Posted By Anonymous diane, houston,tx : 11:07 PM ET
I thought your were great in Oprah,although i would like to see you in her show as a guest not as a journalist. Anyways I love your show, i've been a fan of yours for three years now. I love your show and i hope it is doing and will keep doing great.

P.S. how many blue shirts do you own? you always seem to be wearing either a light blue or a dark blue; anyways just something i was thinking when you were on Oprah on Wed., because the last show you wore the dark blue one.
Posted By Anonymous Martina Gonzalez, Brownsville, Texas : 11:14 PM ET
THAT's what news reporting is ALL about. Thank you for your honesty! You don't actually read all the messages do you? No wonder your BB died. Bandwidth deprivation can be devastating - with the amount of posts you receive, you should carry a backup PDA! Keep up the good work!
Posted By Anonymous Antigone, Vienna, VA : 11:14 PM ET
Wow! You really don't sleep, do you? Your appearance on Oprah was so touching and really insightful. My mother faked a doctor's appointment so that she could tape the show. (I was mentoring at a local elementary school.) Thank you so much for your coverage of the stories that really matter and for continuing to "keep them honest." I hope that CNN will continue to let you travel and to tell the stories of the people who otherwise would have no voice. Thank you for all you do.
Posted By Anonymous Kim, Lancaster, PA : 11:17 PM ET
Anderson Cooper, you are the man.
Posted By Anonymous Trey Copeland, Bowling Green, Ky : 11:31 PM ET
Agreed. Same old rhetoric I suppose...
Posted By Anonymous Joshua, Chicago, Iliniois : 11:45 PM ET
Sorry I missed you on Oprah, I'm sure you were great, you always are! The State of the Union was a collasal waste of time, no wonder it seems like forever ago! Thanks for all you do!
Posted By Anonymous Jackattack-Olmsted Twp., Ohio : 11:45 PM ET
You are always cool!!
Thank you! may not post it. I just want to say it to you.
Posted By Anonymous Baktygul, Almaty, Kazakhstan. : 11:58 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous SANDY WEAVER, CHARLESTON, SC : 12:06 AM ET
I think the State of the Union was about 45 minutes too long. Your time on Oprah was outstanding! Those stories should tug on everyone's hearts. I know they tugged on mine. I'm going computer and AC360 free for a week. Thank goodness for Tivo. I hope this blog site is still up and running when I get back from vacation! Have a great week!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy Chicago, Il : 12:10 AM ET

I'm amazed at the schedule you keep yet stil you look refreshed and ready to dig into the next story every day. I would totally agree with your comment that the State of the Union seems so far gone already and I agree with your State of the Union Oscar pics . . . very fierce.
Posted By Anonymous Zac Branstool, Columbus, Ohio : 12:13 AM ET
Yeah that whole state of the union thing from the leader of our country? SNOOZE! Who cares?! Oprah!!!!!!!!

Ahh, hard journalism!
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Austin TX : 12:28 AM ET
I have watched your show frequently the past couple of years. I started watching faithfully when Katrina struck. The dedication you had and still have to "keep them honest" is admirable.

Your appearance on Oprah yesterday was wonderful. It touched me so much. I wish you had been on there the entire hour.

The compassionate heart you have for people, who are suffering, is enormous. The stories about the children in Niger made me cry.

You really care about people and their struggles and tragedies. You do make a difference. Don't ever give up.

We all miss you when you're not on 360, but we know you need time off too! Get some rest!! Love the purple tie!!

I look forward to your next stories on 360.
Posted By Anonymous Wanda, Nashville, TN : 12:33 AM ET
Oh Anderson, you little monkey! I was once without internet for a WHOLE DAY myself. That is a long time for a junkie like me. I couldn't even check my email! I was told that it could be out for up to 3 days! Yes, I understand that that is not very long. A week is longer, or a month. BUT, it was horrible nonetheless. It was a fate worse than the State of the Union! I hope that I'm not being too overly dramatic. Hey, I guess this is like my own State of the Union address!

As for the sleep thing: How do you stay SO delectable when it is quite apparent that you probably do not sleep often? If I get less than 7 hours of sleep, well, we won't get into that. Anyway, I as well saw you on Oprah, and of course was absolutely impressed as always.

I am always inspired by your work, and incredible talents. You, Anderson, have this special brand of journallistic magic that no one else has. And quit blushing, it's true. You have this incredible ability to bring out the importance of the story that you are covering. You are REAL and HONEST. As a complete news junkie since conception, an a CNN junkie since I was 10, I appreciate that.

Keep up the good work Anderson and CNN, and thank you.
Posted By Anonymous Danelle Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada : 12:46 AM ET
AC: It is time for you to be honest with yourself....really honest. Say it, "My name is Anderson, and I am a BBholic." That is the first step to recovery. I've been there...I know it's tough. Having spent five days in Maui, merely meters from one of Oprah's enclaves I might add, watching whales and the "green flash" along with the setting sun, it is interesting to note that few here, including the humpbacks, even knew there was a SOTU address. Well, I'm glad you got your techno fix as you do a darn good job with the tools you've been given. Meanwhile, I'm going back to the whales.
Posted By Anonymous Richard W. Johns, Orlando, Florida : 12:48 AM ET
I just want to give credit where credit is due, cooper you are great and one of the few trustworthy news men!
I think that it is great that when you ask a question you do not let anyone side step the answer!
I did not see you on Oprah, I can not stand her!!!
But you are a truly remarkable individual!
Keep up the good work!
Posted By Anonymous Melis SLC, UT : 12:53 AM ET
Anderson- I am a 57 year old boomer and I have been watching you since Katrina--don't know why I hadn't noticed you before this but anyway yesterday was the second time I had seen you on Oprah, you both are such an admiration. Your emotional reporting on starvation and dying children is really overwhelming and I know this is personal but consider it just a comment I can't believe you don't have children of you own, when I see you reporting about children it is totally heartwarming. I am a huge fan and just keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Laporte, Indiana : 12:58 AM ET
State of the Union Address??????The same thing can only be said so many times, but phrased differently.It was a joke, to say the least.
Posted By Anonymous B.J. Rio Rancho, N.M. : 1:05 AM ET

Oprah said she watches CNN because of you. I watched Oprah because of you.

Thank you for giving us the true story. I am looking forward to reading your book. The cover looks great!
Posted By Anonymous mira, gp, michigan : 1:08 AM ET
The S.O.S. speech only seems like it occurred a few months ago to you? You are indeed a kind gentleman!
Posted By Anonymous Mike F. Dallas, TX : 1:16 AM ET
I guess the big question of the night is do you ever sleep??? Love your coverage of news. Please keep them honest. Can't imagine US the so called richest country in the world is ignoring its own citizens in the gulf states. And yes it seems months ago on the state of the union. I am still trying to figure out what he said. Oh that's right not much.
Keep up the good work and you were great on Oprah. I had seen your Niger coverage before but still made an imapct.
Posted By Anonymous Marmar, San Francisco, CA : 1:35 AM ET

I saw you on Oprah yesterday, and was very moved by your stories. You have seen so much, and yet you don't let yourself get hardened to tragedy. What courage that takes. I started watching your show during Katrina... I was glued to CNN during that time, even though I live hundreds of miles away in the Midwest. Your reporting was, quite simply, THE BEST I have ever seen in the mainstream media... honest, heartfelt, and outraged. Thank you so much for being willing to wear your (very big!) heart on your sleeve: it makes the story that much more real and powerful. Thank you, too, for helping ordinary people tell their stories. To me, that makes you a hero. Thank you, too, for reminding us all what journalism *should* be about... telling people's stories, keeping the powers-that-be honest, and opening our eyes to the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful in our world.
Keep up your marvelous work, and keep "Keeping 'em honest"! You can be sure I'll be watching.
Posted By Anonymous Linnea Sommer, Bloomington, MN : 1:58 AM ET
I saw the Oprah episode in which you appeared, and I am only 23 so I don't recall much of Sarajevo, but I will say those sniper shots freaked me out and I wasn't even there. I couldn't even imagine being in your shoes at that time.. I think I would have to bring a lot of spare undergarmets. I am in Ontario, Canada and am a fan, America can always count on you to get the true story behind sensitive matters. Keep up the good work, be safe, God Bless from your neighbours to the north.
Posted By Anonymous Josh, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada : 2:29 AM ET
Dear Mr. Cooper,
Hi, i am one of your many admirer. I think it's amazing that you travel and investiage real issues around the world. thank you for keeping a wider perspective of life, to many of us viewers. Keep up with the great coverage. I have enjoyed watching you over the years.
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth, Lititz, Pa : 2:30 AM ET
Anderson, you are good at bringing desparately needed focus into various cause. I liked your piece on Africa and recent Katrina. I am from Nepal. My country needs an attention big time. I would think you might want to do some reporting on situation in Nepal.
Posted By Anonymous Rabin Acharya, Anchorage, Alaska : 2:34 AM ET
Hi, Anderson:
Many of my Democratic friends bypassed the "State of the Union" speech, but I forced myself to partake. I didn't think I'd survive the hour. In fact, it gave me indigestion. Literally! I had to take something to alleviate my internal distress. Speaking of internal distress, I've never felt such anger at a politician in my life. I found myself, alone in my living room, heckling him. (Shame on me; I pride myself in being a lady.) The President's address won't be history for me until I've thoroughly vented with my politically savvy friend, Janet, whom I met in the Wesley Clark '04 campaign, and my Democratic novice friend, Ellen, who depends on me for my perspective on the news (although she watches CNN before 9:00 PM religiously. She was so upset when you moved from 7 to 10 PM!). I get most of that news from you and CNN. But since the scandals broke in Washington in 2005, I've ceased being a CNN junkie (sorry!), and I've been GLUED to C-SPAN. Still, I try to watch you and Larry King as much as I can.
As so many of your other bloggers have noted, you are a unique talent in the industry. I was so impressed with your work--and compassion--while covering the Katrina story. Whatever you do, don't change. And for the sake of your viewers (and loved ones) who care about you, please don't go to Iraq and get seriously injured (or worse) like ABC anchor Bob Woodruff and his cameraman, Mr. Vogt. The world (and TV journalism)needs you. We can't afford to lose you. So please be careful. Sorry I've rambled on so. I'm a writer, and I was born with words and grammar in my head. Keep up your excellent work. (By the way, my 88-year-old friend, Elizabeth, thinks you're "'A' for adorable," one of her signature expressions.)
Cathie C.
Posted By Anonymous Cathie Calabro, Atlanta, GA : 3:08 AM ET
Hey Anderson, Well you know who this is and how I feel about you and your show. Thank you for this blog.
Posted By Anonymous Anthony Guiliano Allentown PA : 8:14 AM ET
Hey Anderson - this blog could be a great tool for you to use whenever you want to give 360 viewers a heads-up about your extra-curricular television appearances. That is, of course, as long as CNN doesn't mind. I think you will find there are many news fans interested in your perspectives beyond the 10 to Mid time slot. Speaking as a thirty-something individual, I have heard a lot of buzz about AC 360 from my thirty-something friends and colleagues. The general consenus is we have finally found a news program geared toward our generation.
Posted By Anonymous Christine, Canton, OH : 8:22 AM ET
Dear Anderson Cooper,
I think that you are the best correspondent, anchor, reporter on TV.
I enjoy watching you.
I come from Macedonia, the former Yugoslavia. I think you covered the war in Sarajevo. Keep up the good work and I will keep on watching.
Stephanie Kostovski
Real Estate Agent in Mendham, NJ
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie Kostovski, New Jersey : 8:42 AM ET
I like Cooper, his show and this blog. I do. But please, please, people, stop fawning all over him and how much he doesn't sleep and is all over the place. It gets a bit groopie-ish. You can do better. Thanks.
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Roswell, GA : 8:43 AM ET
Anderson Cooper~
For my first time commenting on a blog, I chose yours to do it on. I have been a huge fan of yours since Katrina. You were the only one who poured their heart and soul into the suffering's lives and i congradulate you for doing an outstanding job. My favorite part was when many news anchors back home asked you when you were coming back and you said you weren't sure because there was so much help that was needed in New Orleans you couldn't see yourself leaving right away. Said with such sincerity, I found it to be extremely touching. Thanks again for such an outstanding job you're doing and please keep it up!!! P.S. Good luck with your technical difficulties!!
Posted By Anonymous Jillian, Massapequa NY : 8:55 AM ET
Hey Anderson,
Joining the chorus of Canadian fans... I appreciated how you stuck to the story on Oprah and resisted her questions about your new-found fame. I think she and the rest of the media bring us enough celebrities stuff, what we really need is more professionals like you practicing a new kind of journalism, which is really back to the basics of the story is what matters. I watch AC360 everynight and even though your news isn't always relevant to us folks in Canada, it's nice to see the way you care about the stories and those who people them.
Posted By Anonymous Carla, Vancouver, Canada : 9:03 AM ET

You were brilliant on Oprah!

"About a 100 ft away there are shots being fired. i don't know if they're at me or not but..."

Absolutely priceless as was Oprah's reaction to the video segment!
Posted By Anonymous Joe Taylor, Fairfax, VA : 9:08 AM ET
I saw you on Oprah the other day. Great show! I am also a great fan and watch you nightly. Keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Brigitte, Casselberry FL : 9:09 AM ET
Hey, missed you on Oprah thanks to a technology malfunction, but I'm sure I can get a tape of it from somewhere!!I love 360 great show!!
Posted By Anonymous Magan, Buffalo NY : 9:16 AM ET
With any technology, you always have to have a back up plan - I think the key is not to invest so much of your effort into something that could fail in a moments notice. Have more control of your life and do not pocket gadgets control you.
Posted By Anonymous Andrew, Columbus Ohio : 9:20 AM ET
Anderson you are amazing. Everytime there is breaking news I ask my husband is Anderson there. It's your compassion for the people and their story. I loved watching you on Oprah. Thank you for sharing the story of the starving children in Africa. Its reporters like you that makes us take notice.

Thank you Peace and Love
Posted By Anonymous Constance Richmond, Virginia : 9:24 AM ET
V monsters!! No mention of New Orleans? Why? because the govermennt
did such a dismal job? How about re-building efforts? Let's not forget that today the House passed some more cuts for the poor, elderly and students,while rewarding their fat cat friends.

Come on Americans-wake up and demand MUCH MORE of this administration!!
Posted By Anonymous Cyndy C, Tinton Falls, NJ : 9:34 AM ET
I was so impressed with your compassionate reporting
on Katrina, that I have been watching
360 faithfully - keep up the excellent
work. Good luck everywhere in life! &
Posted By Anonymous Estela Camacho, Staten Island, New York : 9:37 AM ET
Mr.Cooper dude you rock but you need a vaction. go to vegas and enjoy your self.

p.s. you did a great job on oprah
Posted By Anonymous Cruz, Utica New York : 9:45 AM ET

I take offense to your comment: "s it just me, or does the State of the Union feel like it was months ago already?"

I sense quite a degree of sarcasim in that phrase, and it offends me that you, along with, likely, the majority of our country, take no respect of the fact of Bush being "our" president, let alone, everything he's trying to do to make our country a better, safer, place in which for us to live, while protecting the values on which this country was founded.

You really should be ashamed of yourself, especially being a journalist.

A frustrated viewer..
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Westland, MI : 9:48 AM ET
The State of the Union was so publicized you would have actually thought something radical would have resulted from Bush's speech. I was supposed to watch the speech in order to write a paper for my toughest Poli Sci class yet, I was willing to take a lower grade in the long run after realizing that watching Emeril on the Food Network was much more entertaining.

By the way, would the Coopers Awards be a black tie affair?
Posted By Anonymous Ailyn Roque, Gainesville, FL : 9:48 AM ET
Anderson, you're right! I think the speech was just a waist of my time. I try to be optimistic every year and hope something better or different would come out of it, does not!
I have one question for you though: I like your stile and watch your show also, I think it's great and that you are leading a new age of journalism, my question is about your predecessor, what happened with Aaron Brown? I understand people live and others start...but what I don't understand is why didn't CNN announce it before he left? Or even after, just by respect to his audience and to a great journalist... I even looked for an announcement online, and there was none. I was confused for a while thinking that you were just replacing him during his vacation. After all that was news, what do you think? Thanks
Posted By Anonymous B. Galluccio, Harrison-NY : 9:52 AM ET
Have nothing but admiration for your reporting, whatever the subject is you show empathy and respect for people going through such tragic events. You are also very cute!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Jean, Tampa, Fl : 9:56 AM ET
Thought the ending of your appearance on Oprah's was a little bit formal. Why didn't you give her a nice hug instead of just a 'formal' handshaking? I think she deserves it.
Posted By Anonymous Katherine, Oak Park, IL : 9:59 AM ET
I was watching Oprah on Tuesday and I have to admit that it was a good program. I personally am not a big fan of reporters or journalists. However, I am always impressed by Anderson Cooper's reports. Watching his piece on the children that are starving, moved me to tears and beyond words. I just wanted to take the time to thank him for his work and honesty.
Posted By Anonymous Shannen LaFayette,GA : 10:04 AM ET
I appreciate the professionalism and genuineness of your work! Your energy and "everywhereness" is amazing. But do us a favor and avoid Oprah. She takes herself wayyyyy too seriously and I am already tired of hearing about Little Pieces
Posted By Anonymous Allen Wooster, OH : 10:09 AM ET
Mr. Cooper, don�t be too worried about the withdrawal, I have a blackberry, a sidekick and a wireless card on my laptop. If any of the go down I get tizzy, much less of they all went down. My suggestion is to get a universal charger; I have one that works for my NANO, my Crackberry and my laptop. You are a refreshing sight and sound on CNN. Keep up the good work.

How about wireless electricity?

Richie Etwaru
Posted By Anonymous Richie Etwaru, New York, NY : 10:15 AM ET
Anderson, God bless you. You're a breath of fresh air. And the son of Gloria Vanderbilt to boot. We all love you at home, including my two adolescent daughters. Having done journalism in my country of origin, I find myself reminscing about my own column as I read you along...Your style is refreshing, you will go places, my friend. Sorry I missed Oprah. Best regards!
Posted By Anonymous Sonia Read, Miami, Florida : 10:21 AM ET
Yes, I agree, the state of the union seems years ago already! But then they all do. We need a state of the union 'report card' to see what's actually been done and how well, and perhaps that would have a little more meaning.
Anderson you were wonderful on Oprah, thank God for Tivo! Keep up the good work finding those stories that get buried in the mix. Also, loved your stint pitching in for Regis! You were awesome! But please don't leave real news for daytime talk show, what would we do without you?? We all trust you so much, it would be a shame to lose you!!! Thanks for making news worth watching :)
Posted By Anonymous Amy Solis, Hyde Park, NY : 10:25 AM ET
I'm glad I watched the State of the Union address. I've added several new Bushisms to my list. It's the little things that make me happy. Missed you on Oprah but I know you two will be the new "Power Couple" of 2006. You can change the world.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Butler, PA : 10:27 AM ET
hey Anderson ...finally in your reporting we get a chance to breathe . you do not lack the enrgy or courage to report the real facts even that might hurt the picture of our so called political leaders , doing the job of a true journalist .

But 2 hours every night....i guess 1 hour would have been much more exciting...however i enjoy your show , your blog.....kudos
Posted By Anonymous Rupa Dhar , Boston ,MA : 10:31 AM ET
I don't have time to go through withdrawl from technology. I work at a dotcom company and part time for an electronics store. In fact, save me please from all the technology... I long for a hut somewhere in the wilderness. Er, that is, of course, as long as I have satellite to watch your wonderful show... and a computer to read your blog. Okay, nevermind. I need my technology. :P
Posted By Anonymous Margaret, Tacoma WA : 10:40 AM ET
I couldn't sit through SOTU, The Daily Show and Jon Stewart's hilarious send-up of George Bush has pretty much rendered it impossible for me to listen to the President without snickering...sorry if that sounds disrespectful, but it can't be helped now.

I've been watching AC360 since April 2004 and it's great to see that so many other people are finally catching on to Anderson's unique style of reporting.
Posted By Anonymous California girl : 10:42 AM ET
I agree with you Bob in Roswell, GA. The AC blog will not stay up and running if most of the posts are written like high-school love notes that should have hearts and flowers all over them. I think there are blog sights designed for people who are in love with Mr. Cooper. Please go there if you wish to gush over him.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous in NYC : 10:44 AM ET
I'm just laughing at how many people are asking Anderson if he ever sleeps. Leave the poor guy alone! Obviously he has great passion for what he does and we should be grateful - I haven't seen anyone else be so aggressive at exposing the failures in the Gulf Coast. But seriously, Anderson, I do hope you take time to relax every now and then. We can't have you burning out on us! With all the traveling you do, though, I have to ask: on your driver's license where it has your address, does it just say "The Earth"?

Sorry I missed your appearance on Oprah - I'm never home in the afternoon. I'm a grad student and therefore live under a pile of books and papers. It's fun.

As for the State of the Union address, I sort of fell asleep, but somehow I doubt I missed much. Besides, I got the highlights from CNN! It all seems like such a dance and a show anyway (pomp and pageantry, just like you said, Anderson)- I can't believe anyone ever takes his words so seriously. He's only going to say whatever will appeal to the biggest possible audience (although his brief mention of Katrina victims spoke volumes). If he wants to impress us he should do it more with actions and less with words.

Keep up the great work, Anderson. Love this blog, by the way. Great idea! Hope you continue it.
Posted By Anonymous Allison, Central Jersey : 10:44 AM ET
Can you explain why recent articles are now all about how the feds only seemed worried about the impact the potential blackberry shutdown will have on government workers? What about the rest of the businesses who rely on the darn things? A major reason why I only spend 10 hours in the office is because I know I can still use the crack-berry from the comfort of my couch. I've come to realize that is how companies claim they support a work-life balance!
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, Bethesda, MD : 10:49 AM ET
This comment is not relevant to Wednesday's blog but I would like my voice to be heard at CNN. Please, please, do a story on mine safety,comparing the safety procedures in this country with Canada and Australia. Seventy miners were trapped underground in Canada and all were saved. Sixteen miners in this country have died is one month. What is wrong with this picture? The country needs to know and understand the whole picture and then become outraged over big business and their lust for money over the safety of human beings. Look at the whole picture without bias. The media attention on this story is the "ONLY" thing that is going to affect change.
Posted By Anonymous Judy Stage Brooklyn Michigan : 10:51 AM ET
While I don't appreciate Oprah as much as I feel I do, I certainly appreciate your show. I tried watching the state of the union, but I much preferred your show the followed it. That's all I really needed to see to "understand" what Bush had to say. Watching the state of the union itself is not significant enough an activity. Thanks for all the work you's much appreciated!
Posted By Anonymous Katie, future journalist, Amherst, MA : 10:55 AM ET
just saw on cnn website that the us government may ask blackberry to continue service for governmental employees......yikes!!!! how WILL the government do without their toys??? well....maybe they can cope like the rest of the "non-governmental" employees these days that live in the real world -- the ones of us that Bush isn't concerned about.......shut off heat, don't take medicine and giggle at the fact that blackberry withdrawl gets this government to act.
Posted By Anonymous Lee Wesley, Orrville, OH : 11:07 AM ET
Anderson, I'm a huge fan of yours. You are one of the few journalists around who actually questions the people in authority. Your coverage of Katrina was not only informative but touching as well. Keep up the great work.
Posted By Anonymous Brad, East Meadow, New York : 11:11 AM ET
Anderson, you are wonderful. If only all the anchors looked like and reported like you, I wouldn't be able to tear myself away from the TV.
Posted By Anonymous Melissa, West Virginia : 11:16 AM ET
This entry made me laugh. I remember watching you on ABC's World News Now on the morning your co-anchor showed you a fansite that had been created in your honor. At the time, somewhere in the mid-90's, you called yourself computer illiterate. My, how times have changed!
Posted By Anonymous VoxyLady Chicago, IL : 11:18 AM ET
Can you believe that I asked for half a day off to watch OPRAH? Dont tell my boss!!!
I am glad I catched it a night ago watching 360.
Posted By Anonymous Jane, Toronto, ON : 11:24 AM ET
I didn't watch Oprah, may see if I can dig it up on BitTorrent.

I have found your reporting to be much more engaging than many who are just "talking heads" on the half dozen or so news programs I see during the week. I have to admit, I am somewhat of a news junkie...but considering I have some pretentions of journalism myself, I guess that is not unexpected.

Posted By Anonymous Farrell J. McGovern, Ottawa, ON : 11:24 AM ET
Good to have you back in town, AC. I won't ask about your thoughts on how Oprah handled the recent flak she got over the "non-fiction/fiction" memoir and how Nan Talese tried to act like a TV neophyte and proclaim she had been practically ambushed by the O staff.

Ah, show biz!
Posted By Anonymous Dr. Farrell, Englewood Cliffs, NJ : 11:27 AM ET
Double space between sentences. Otherwise, we will be able to tell your writing is not "post-grad' material". Also, why does media seem more and more entertainment and not objective "news" (e.g.-Oprah et al.)? Hearst would be proud, I Guess.
Ad Fidem,
John Howard-Milwaukee
Posted By Anonymous Milwaukee, Wi : 11:41 AM ET

I've been aware of who you are since you hosted "The Mole". You are much better suited to be reporting news. Your compassion for those who are suffering is obvious, both in your reporting and in your eyes. So many reporters just tell the story. You feel it.
Thank you for sharing your very personal story about your brother's suicide. That touched me very deeply and you have my sincere sympathy.
Keep up the great work. CNN is lucky to have you.
Posted By Anonymous J. L. Springfield, MO : 11:54 AM ET
Hi Anderson,
I heard you on The Peter Rosenberg Show on WJFK. You were great. I loved when you told Peter Rosenberg that he should not let public officials dictate what he can ask questions about. You said to ask and if they refuse to answer, let the listeners hear that. "These guys work for us."
Great advice. Hi to your mom. I read both her books. She is a courageous and good lady.
Posted By Anonymous Marco Ross, Washington, DC : 11:54 AM ET
I am amazed that a journalist at your high level is still willing to do the hard hitting stories that you do and goes the places that you do. It would be so easy for you to stand behind the camera from the studio and report, but you get it.
Posted By Anonymous Marie, NY New York : 12:01 PM ET
Anderson, thank you so much for you blog!

You are the reason I watch any t.v. Before you on 360, I only got news from internet and papers. Now I watch you everynight.

There was nothing memorable about the President's State of the Union Speech -- I have already forgotten it. I am so tired of all his forgotten, broken promises.

Thanks for all you do. Love the show, love your reporting, love the blog.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Boulder, Colorado : 12:07 PM ET
I'm not a huge Oprah fan, so I totally missed your segment. Any way to know if there's a rerun or a taping I can get? I'm upset that I missed it.
Posted By Anonymous Chrysa, Virginia : 12:09 PM ET
You have quite the following Mr. Cooper. I'd say 95% of this blog is female--made me laugh! Are you a journalist or the leader of a harem?
Posted By Anonymous K Morton, Wichita, KS : 12:12 PM ET
How is it you are in a different city every...hour?
I'm so upset I missed you on Oprah. My job insisted I couldn't take off just for the show. I'll catch a re-run. I love your show. You do amazing work. Please don't stop.
Posted By Anonymous Jackie Ramirez, NYC : 12:21 PM ET
The State of the Union address seems like so long ago because of its typical, boring, and very fatigued right-wing message. Enjoyed you on Oprah and I can totally relate on the technology withdrawal issue. Major carpal tunnel here :)
Posted By Anonymous B.Scatolakis, Trophy Club, TX : 12:22 PM ET
does anderson work and travel with the same camera crew?
Posted By Anonymous sue brown,rn-bradford,mass : 12:26 PM ET
A.C., You do a great job. I am hooked on 360, can't go to sleep until I have heard the show. You always seem so relaxed and at ease. I watched you on Oprah, (another show I am hooked on)and the story of starving children in Niger makes me feel ashamed about the stupid things in life I worry about.
Keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous ginger, colby , kansas : 12:30 PM ET
Hey Anderson, out of curiousity have you ever suffered from "Oprah withdrawl"?..I mean really, with all the press attention recently devoted to the prospect that she may have been duped for her precious endorsement and the national spotlight placed on her reaction beit anger,apology etc...does it ever behoove a journalist to ask such a media darling about something a little more consequencial and relavent to the world around us??
Posted By Anonymous Anthony Hinds, Minneapolis, MN : 12:32 PM ET
I really enjoy watching you on Oprah. With your new timeslot, I don't watch your show as often as I would like. I hope you continue to do her show, it makes up for lost time! It's easier to get a seat next to the president at his State of the Union speech, than it is to get a seat in Oprah's audience. Never the less, I hope to be in the audience the next time your on the show!
Posted By Anonymous Felissa, Chicago,IL : 12:42 PM ET
You must lead a charmed life if you consider a crisis to be no CrackBerry.
Posted By Anonymous Linda El Centro, CA : 12:44 PM ET
Love to Anderson from Woodstock, Ontario. I am hoping there is a rerun of the Oprah show soon as I missed it. Love 360 - watch it faithfully. You are amazingly human.
Posted By Anonymous D'Arcie , Woodstock, Ontario : 12:56 PM ET
Go back to hosting "The Mole". ABC needs you, Mole fans need you, neigh - AMERICA needs you...
Posted By Anonymous Mole Fan, New York, NY : 1:04 PM ET
Being away from the computer, blackberry or whatever technological device you own for a mere day does wonders for your psyche. Try it again some day soon-you realize that being "out of touch" can be exhilirating!!! Now...try the cell phone!!!
Love love love your show!
Posted By Anonymous Mimi Rosenblum, Philadelphia, PA : 1:14 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

You were great on Oprah. It was very emotional to see the piece on African children -- and that was just through my t.v. screen. I can't imagine what it must've been like for you.

Major kudos to you and your work, bringing to light important issues that may otherwise be overlooked.

Posted By Anonymous Nikki, Philadelphia, PA : 1:38 PM ET
I missed Oprah because the paper listed it as a rerun so I figured it was the one I'd seen before :-(

I don't care for the cult of Oprah, but would watch anytime you're on. I also didn't subject myself to the damaged goods 'president' providing more lip service to things he never intends to accomplish--well, except perptuating the Iraq war.

You're great!
Posted By Anonymous Dave Sumers, Tinley Park, Illinois : 1:45 PM ET
Wow this blog is a "love fest" for Anderson. I also think the blog is great. Now I know there are other "news junkies" out there besides me.

I believe the blog would be so much better served if the discussions were about politics and situations that effect us now and in the future. That's why I watch the show every evening!
Posted By Anonymous Trudi, St. Paul, MN : 1:45 PM ET
Know what you mean when you talk about those jitters. The way I desribe it though is "A drunk without a drink". That's right, it's an addiction, LOL. As far as the State of the Union goes, to me it seems as though it's turned into a mini series, LOL. Seems like since tuesday, every time I turn on the TV the president is making another speach. Keep up the good work George :-)
Posted By Anonymous VY-Lusby-MD : 1:47 PM ET
Do any men have comments? Just curious. Another female fan of AC!
Posted By Anonymous TO, Scotch Plains, NJ : 2:07 PM ET
re: OPRAH. Sometime back she had George Clooney on her show promoting "Good Night and Good Luck" and he noted an article in the NY Times which praised Ms. Winfrey as the modern version of Edward R. Murrow, using her clout, and ability to spotlight problems in order to effect social change. It seemed a fitting parallel. And the remark could be extended to Anderson Cooper as well.

SUGGESTION: Why not send those two dudes on the road (Cooper and Clooney) -- a la James Agee and Walker Evans -- and document for a theatrical film or for nightly specials on CNN, more of what is going on in Bush World. I mention Clooney because he's quite obviously got a high socio-political I.Q. --and just imagine the ratings. ;-)
Posted By Anonymous Cara Houston, TX : 2:11 PM ET
Yes Anderson - we did exist before Blackberries and cell phones, etc, but it is amusing how caught we've become. I think of all the swirling around of information and I feel an urgency to find a hammock and read a book. On Niger - I read that the U.S. and Europe spend more money on pet food than is necessary -- and could feed all the hungry people in the world. Hey, I love dogs, but I believe we can all do better. Be at peace & go find a hammock.
Posted By Anonymous Stephanie H., Brooklyn NY : 2:24 PM ET
Given that it took the President 5 years to figure out that our dependence on Middle East oil might be a problem, I wouldn�t count on this administration ensuring that Katrina hit communities are rebuilt anytime soon.

So yes, the State of the Union seems so long ago because the messages it contained are conclusions most of us arrived at long before the President drafted this year's speech.
Posted By Anonymous D. Shifflett, Monterey, CA : 2:44 PM ET
Anderson, don't worry about the "state of the union" address. Once again, it was all about Iraq. We got an assurance that americans will continue to die in Iraq while Big Texas oil companies contiue to report RECORD profits. You were better off with Oprah.
Posted By Anonymous Ricardo in California : 2:47 PM ET
Your the reason I watch CNN also.
Since you never sleep, why not get your own AC360 station. I know alot of people would tune in.
Keep up the truth comming.
Posted By Anonymous Lorlei, Manhattan Beach. CA : 2:49 PM ET
Wednesdays show about Iran definately made me appreciate our freedom in the U.S. Also loved the "Coopers" awards by Tom Foreman. A informative show with a little humor thrown in. Good job Anderson.
Posted By Anonymous Jean, St. Charles, Mo : 3:09 PM ET

Please don't work so hard that you burn out your brains. We need you in top form to help save the world. You need to go somewhere and eat some blueberry pancakes and sit on a porch with the dog and Re-COOP.
So what can ordinary people do to help the situation? We need practical advice. I work at a major medical center and have been banging on doors for the past week trying to find out what medications the doctors in Niger and Pakistan need, as sometimes our institution will donate things. Nobody writes me back, and the UN website is a complicated hairball that would put a cat to shame. I'm sick of waiting around for governments, agencies, etc to do things. People are dying now and need help now. Help us ordinary people who have the good American helping spirit show these guys how it's done!
Posted By Anonymous Jill, Ann Arbor, MI : 3:11 PM ET
I would have loved to see you on Oprah, but alas, I was at work here in Times Square. I know what you mean about the State of the Union address -- it DOES seem to me like a month ago. Weird time warp going on. I think it's the Spring-like January weather we were having in NYC.
Posted By Anonymous Camille, NYC, NY : 3:14 PM ET
Anderson, I watched the State of the Union, and it seemed more of the same old same old. I sometimes feel like the powers that be are living in a box. How can the president say things are going as planned in Iraq when terrorist activities are increasing. Maybe if we would pull out the terrorist bombings would stop, since many of them are directed at the U.S.
Posted By Anonymous Jerry Moorman, Terre Haute, IN : 3:31 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
This is the second time that I have seen you on Oprah and both times your stories were very inspiring. Washington D.C is one of my favorite places so I am glad you have frequent reports from there. I'm a Food Journalist (originally from Trinidad)so hope to meet you soon (haha)!
Posted By Anonymous Marsha Fridie, Tallahassee Florida : 3:36 PM ET
NO ONE here (in Montr�al) shares the news and life's absurdities like Anderson does !!!

We would gladly welcome you as a new citizen.

P.S. We make yummy soup here also !!!
Posted By Anonymous Manon, Montr�al, Qu�bec : 3:41 PM ET
The SOTU seems so long ago because it's the same one we've been hearing for five years.
Posted By Anonymous Ames, New York, NY : 3:59 PM ET
How are you Mr. Cooper?

I saw you on the Oprah show as well and I must say I have a new-found respect for what reporters do. I never thought about it before, but you guys really do put your lives on the line and get to the heart of the matter in order to convey the truth to the american public. Thanks for being honest and revealing the truth, no matter what it may be.
Posted By Anonymous Quentin Murphy; Alexandria, VA : 4:20 PM ET
No, the State Of The Union Address is a very important function in the U.S., and it should be taken very seriously.

The President layed out or past, present, future for the country. It has not been months ago, if it has indeed only been 2 days ago.

This President is very specific. Very straight forward. Yes, he has to keep some things a little secret. The state of the union address shows that the president only has influence over congress, and yes he's responsible to enforce the laws congress passes.

Which is why the president gives the State of the Union Address on Capital Hill, he's barred from being on the hill. He has to invite congressmen to the White House or give a speech for them to know his visions, and ideas.

Much luv @ Anderson Cooper.

Posted By Anonymous iQon, St.Louis, MO. : 4:23 PM ET
I was too busy to watch the state of the Union address--I'll be laid off in a few months and I was trying to figure out how my family will survive yet another layoff (my husband was laid off twice last year). So much for the MBA's and the 30 years of student loans...
Posted By Anonymous Sharon, Greenville SC : 4:47 PM ET
Dear Anderson,
You have done an outstanding job since you joined the CNN, many people are watching CNN now because of you. Where have you been hiding those years? I don't usually watch Oprah but I did watch the day when you appeared on the show. It was very say not just watching the children but I could feel the pain and the helpless on your face. Thank you for giving us a change to meet those kids.
Believe it or not, you do have many fans here in Canada. Some people reconginze you as the 'grey hair' guy but we all know you because of the excellent work you have done.
Hey, get some sleep if you could...huh... have a wonderful day every day.
Posted By Anonymous Halina Cheng, Calgary, AB, Canada : 4:56 PM ET
Anderson, Anderson, Anderson...the appearance on Oprah hit me in a way that hasn't happened in some time. Not since I saw a pic of a live newborn wrapped in newspaper & thrown into a ditch on a busy Chinese street, being passed over with barely any recognition. That pic led us to adopt a baby girl from China a few years ago, w/ another on her way. We've been contemplating an Ethiopian adoption, as well & after your piece, I believe we will make that leap. It was incredibly heartwrenching to hear little Rashido whine with delight, comfort & pleads of "more" when the milk solution was spoonfed to God, I cannot imagine having been in your shoes witnessing this. My hat - and heart - off to you for the incredible work that you do. I love the spotlights you shine & the dignity with which you do. Well done.
Posted By Anonymous Stefanie R, Cincinnati, OH : 5:09 PM ET
It's nice to see Anderson away from the desk, and being on other peoples show (i.e. Letterman, Oprah etc...) going to various locations, across the pond etc... But doing your very own two-hour show bust is very difficult. And having tech withdrawal can't even think of it. Just going to ladies room, lunch or just taking a break (yeah right Alicia), or stuck in traffic I also start missing the computer. Just like everything else you get used to it. :-)
Posted By Anonymous alicia, parker, CO : 5:13 PM ET
The State of The Union does feel like it took place a long time ago. I don't know, maybe it's simply because all the major, relevant topics took place months ago and there's already been a lot of discussion over them.

Oh, and your Oprah appearance? It was great. Seeing some of that older footage was great too. You really haven't changed much; that is except for your memorable salt and pepper hair.
Posted By Anonymous Pooja, Iselin, NJ : 5:43 PM ET
I guess the State of the Union address was like Chinese food. An hour later and ... Perhaps GW should try a lower carb diet in his next speech.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin, Austin, TX : 6:24 PM ET
You were great on Oprah�s show. I was moved to tears by the story you did in Niger. I can�t even imagine what that was like to see people starving and dying especially children. I�m moved by your passion to get these stories told.

I just discovered the articles on the web site from Details magazine. Read all of them and you�re very open, honest and sometimes funny when writing about your personal and professional life experiences. I think you look better with the gray hair (sorry salt w/ pepper).

Loved you on Regis and Kelly! It was so cute seeing you as a fan when Kiefer Sutherland from 24 was a guest. I�m sure your life isn�t pathetic. You should co host more often because then your fans get to see another side of you.

I missed you on Jeopardy and New Years Eve on CNN (I was at a lame party).
Be sure to post on the blog when your next appearance(s) with be on Oprah,
Regis and Kelly, Jeopardy (or wherever) so I can be sure to watch!

Your compassion for the situation and people in your reports is inspiring. You would make a wonderful husband and especially a great father given the compassion you show for the children suffering in the world.

This is my first blog experience-do you ever reply to any particular comments?
Posted By Anonymous Jill Van Staveren, Grand Rapids, MI : 7:37 PM ET
I prefer it when you co-host Regis and Kelly...I do not watch Regis, but I like it when you co-host. I enjoyed your reports from West Virginia; your shock mirrored the country's. It was a real tragedy.
Posted By Anonymous Renee Orange, CA : 8:27 PM ET
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