Friday, February 03, 2006
Is the U.S.-Mexican border broken?
With the recent news about heroin implanted in the bellies of six puppies, allegedly by a drug cartel trying to smuggle drugs into the United States, we thought we'd take a closer look tonight at problems on the U.S.-Mexican border.

Last Sunday, I went to San Diego to tour a recently discovered tunnel likely built by a drug cartel. Tonight, we are going to air a special report -- Battle on the Border -- that looks at a host of border issues, including smuggling, immigration and drugs.

We'll take another look at the tunnel and the incredibly disturbing trafficking in children for prostitution. I crossed into Tijuana last Sunday and it didn't take very long to find children working as prostitutes.

There is an American law called the PROTECT Act, which allows American citizens to be prosecuted for traveling abroad with the intent to have sex with a minor. But in Mexico, it doesn't seem like police take child sexual abuse all that seriously.

In Tijuana, we were in an SUV shooting video in the Zona Rosa, the red light district, and the police pulled us over because they saw our camera. We had to say we were tourists just out videotaping, and the police demanded a bribe. It's difficult for U.S. authorities to investigate sex trafficking of children when Mexican police seem to turn a blind eye to what is happening right in front of their eyes.

I want to do a lot more on this problem in the months ahead, but tonight we begin with our Battle on the Border special report. I don't want to use this blog just to promote programming, but I hope you watch tonight, because I think it's an important story.

What do you think needs to be done along our southern border?
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 10:31 AM ET
These stories on the border are interesting, but they've been happening forever. I feel bad for the puppies and all, but it's a really common occurrence for animals to be used it that way. or people. unfotuantely, there's not a lot that can be done about these issues, there's too much money in the game. but hey, it's always good to see border stories in the national spotlight.
Posted By Anonymous nicole, el paso tx : 11:12 AM ET
I think it's great to take on this story, Anderson. It's been done before, but I hope you guys at AC360 do what you do best and look further into the problem, not just the actual problem. I think everyone knows there are problems with our borders (watch about 10 minutes of Lou Dobbs and he'll make it clear). But I have faith that you guys will take a deeper look to the problem, not just it's effects. I'm a 19 yr old hispanic male from New Mexico. I live about an hour away from the border and have seen first hand the problems. My aunt (she lives a couple hours away from me) said that in the middle of the night she can hear these people (immagrants) running through her field. She said it happens all the time. She has two young kids, and you could imagine how creepy it would be to think your kids are outside playing with strangers running through the fields avoiding Border Patrol. I get so tired of hearing latino's against border reform because they say it's racist. My hometown (in northern New Mexico) has been ruined with drugs, most of which come in from Mexico. There are so many problems crossing the border, not just people.

I look forward to the report tonight.

(glad to see you got an early start on the blog this morning. heh)
Posted By Anonymous Andres Martinez, Las Cruces New Mexico : 11:22 AM ET
Hey Anderson,
I love watching your show. I believe that the United States and Mexico should have more border patrol. It's hard to imagine that any humans could build a tunnel, like the one recently discovered, without going noticed. It seems like we are ignoring things right in front of our eyes. Thanks for taking the time to look Anderson, I wish more people would.
Posted By Anonymous Vickie, Harvest, AL : 11:23 AM ET
I am very concerned about trafficking in children for prostitution, but then the fundamental question is "what causes this conundrum?" I would not be surprised if economics problem is behind this issue. Are those children forced to earn money for living because they are deprived? Unless we address the root problem, a regulation like PROTECT ACT would not go that far.
Posted By Anonymous V. A. Churchill, Houston, TX : 11:25 AM ET

If you ever find a solution to these problems, make sure to let us know...honestly, there's so much corruption involved, I don't know if things can ever be restored.

And it's not just happening in Mexico. Go to South America, where sex slavery may be even MORE common. You hear about these stories-they're nothing new-but they still come as a schock, don't they?

By the way, loved the report you did in San Diego...very interesting.
Posted By Anonymous Alexa, Raleigh, NC : 11:25 AM ET
We should have the same people patroling the border with mexico as we do with Canada. The Canadian border is very tight and they don't mess around either. It's too easy to get from Mexico to the US and vice versa. It is not that easy to get past the Canadian border or to go from Canada into the U.S. and it isn't because of the Superbowl either.
Posted By Anonymous TracyLyn Detroit,MI : 11:33 AM ET
Berlin Wall it, and a "shoot first policy.
Posted By Anonymous Shannon, Hammond, Louisisana : 11:35 AM ET
Just because this has been happening for a long time is not a reason to stop trying to do something to stop it! Without some kind of scrutiny it will only get worse! The damage being done to the innocent, (including PUPPIES) and not so innocent is horrendous, we have stop it or at least make it harder more difficult.

Open your eyes to corruption, it's everywhere, including religion, note headline, PASTOR SELLS CHURCH, that appeared recently in the Sacramento Bee! Turning a blind eye is what has allowed the problems we have now.

In the 40s and 50s, when I was a kid, everybody in the neighborhood knew everybody else. If I messed up, my folks were sure to hear about it, then I was really in trouble. NO was a powerful word! Now we live in our own little worlds, isolated by doors & fences, rarely venturing out, except to back out of our power-door garage to got to work or run an errand.

Get out, get involved, get educated! Somebody else is not going to do it for us!

Even voicing an opinion in a blog is better than nothing!
Posted By Anonymous M. K. Malone, Elk Grove, CA : 11:37 AM ET
The border isn't the problem. The problem is that employers want the low wage labor. That is what drives the whole thing. People want to work, and employers want to hire (lower wage workers).
Posted By Anonymous Eric, New York, NY : 11:38 AM ET
Hire the former East Germans to rebuild the wall along the border, only to keep people out, not in. They are trespassing by coming in illegally, so post signs saying trespassers will be shot and back it up.
Posted By Anonymous Dean Maloney, Ft. Meade, MD : 11:38 AM ET
I do not think that people see the severity of the problem with illegal immigration. At the level of the Federal Government, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, illegal immigrants cost us $10 billion a year. Something needs to be done to prevent this.
Posted By Anonymous Andrew Tallahassee, FL : 11:39 AM ET
I am a dentist who goes to Mexice to provide surgery to poor Mexicans. I have had the same problem with bribes. It's amazing that we go there to provide free care and get hasseled for money. Even the equipment we bring is denied entry. 3rd world with lots of corruption.
Posted By Anonymous Mitch Friedman : 11:39 AM ET
What is needed here is a solid guest-worker program. By reducing the number of migrant workers crossing the border without documention, the U.S. government can then put far more resources towards fighting drug infiltration, human trafficking, and the other horrific struggles that occur along the border.
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth, Phiadelphia, PA : 11:39 AM ET
While I'm sure this tunnel was built for all the wrong reasons, I wonder if there are desperate mothers in Mexico using this tunnel to get their children to safer ground.
Posted By Anonymous Jen, Red Lake, Ontario : 11:39 AM ET
Hi Anderson, Appreciate the stories about the Mexico border. It just seems like an "impossible" task to secure the border. I just recently saw a story on America's Most Wanted concerning the extensive corruption of the Mexican police department, which probably compounds the problems. Because of their low wages, they are on the "take" and willing to look the other way when it comes to enforcement of the law. I do believe a lot of things are ignored.

Keep up the good, informative work. Look forward to your show each night.
Posted By Anonymous Nadine, Pittsburgh, PA : 11:40 AM ET
In my opinion the US has no control over the borders. I live in a town where the industry brings the mexicans here by the bus load. I am sure many are illegal. We are also turning into the meth capitol of the world not just the "carpet capital". It seems the police blotter is bursting with hispanic names for drug arrest everyday.
It is really sad. I am all for people wanting the American way of life but it is so scary especially with knowing my young children will grow up here.
Posted By Anonymous Christy in GA : 11:40 AM ET
It's difficult for U.S. authorities to investigate sex trafficking of children when Mexican police seem to turn a blind eye to what is happening right in front of their eyes.

I think that there needs to be a top-down approach to the border and surrounding areas of Mexico. You can't single out the Mexican police and claim they are acting irresponsible. It is like that in the rest of Central and Latin America. There needs to be pressure from the administrations of each country, especially Mexico and the United States. If President Bush claims that we need to police the world, then we should start with our own neighbors. If you can't keep your neighbors happy and out of your backyard, then there is no way the foreign policy will work on other countries. We need to impose restrictions on the Mexican government in order for their administration to have an effect on the police and other authorities operating on or around the border.
Posted By Anonymous Mario, Herndon, VA : 11:40 AM ET

Of course, where there is demand for any product, there will exist supply. The drug running satisfies our desire for illicit drugs, so the root problem is here. Likewise, I have no doubt that the majority of child prostitutes satisfy the numerous 'sex tourists' from the U.S. Pointing the blame does not solve the problem, but neither do drug laws and like legislation.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, Ocala, Florida : 11:41 AM ET
I can honestly advise your readers and listeners that we have far more pressing concerns in this country than increased border presence (i.e. current war, health care, wage concerns, plant closings, impending job losses, etc..).
Posted By Anonymous Steven, Illinois : 11:41 AM ET
Unfortunately, this is not primarily a US problem to fix. It would be easy enough for us to build a wall/fence and actually police it (though we don't do that!) but as long as sex trafficking of children and general drug trade can be done openly with no fear of punishment then there is nothing we can do. This is something the world in general needs to take up as a cause and refuse to help the affected countries until they view these issues in the same light and do something to discourage these activities.

And Anderson - shame on your assistant for letting your BlackBerry die ;-) That should never ever happen ;-)
Posted By Anonymous Sandi, New York, NY : 11:41 AM ET
I am a dentist who goes to Mexice to provide surgery to poor Mexicans. I have had the same problem with bribes. It's amazing that we go there to provide free care and get hasseled for money. Even the equipment we bring is denied entry. 3rd world with lots of corruption.
Posted By Anonymous Mitch Friedman : 11:42 AM ET
Extortion, kidnapping, human smuggling, murder, forced family separations � these are terrible things that happen to people. They happen everyday here in the U.S.

They don't make the news headlines; rarely do they make the police blotter. With few of any legal methods to enter America, there are millions entering illegally, creating an underground criminal culture. If you doubt this, ask the border state residents. Once here the immigrants spread out, and along with them spreads the criminal culture.

This country received a gift in 1886 called the Statue of Liberty. We treasure this gift; we protect it from terrorists. It is a tremendous symbol of ideals.

My potential solution: Build a "Greater Wall" and combine this with allowing millions of legal Mexican immigrants. Literally move the Statue of Liberty to the Gulf of Mexico. We would have a much safer and prosperous country.
Posted By Anonymous Paul Krolowitz, Vestal, NY : 11:43 AM ET
What Border$
Posted By Anonymous Charles Griffing--Texas : 11:43 AM ET
post a few Marine sniper teams out there that would probably deter a few bad guys and also provide some good practice heh
Posted By Anonymous Tires of illegals in LA : 11:43 AM ET
I think we should extend the border all the way down to antartica,the new country would stretch from pole to pole and have control of the northern and southern atlantic and pacific oceans..we should think of America as a Europe..Africa.. the Asia thing, no one knows whe it is? Turkey? Asia? India Asia? where is it?
America is an Island
an Island Continent
let us make it so and the same protective laws could then applay across the land
thank you
salvador rosillo'06
Posted By Anonymous salvador rosillo,tribeca,nyc,ny : 11:43 AM ET
Why don't we allow the Mexicans who want to work to trade citizenships with the people on this country permanently on welfare? We can do a one for one swap and solve two problems at once.
Posted By Anonymous S, Midwest : 11:44 AM ET
I think we should put up a wall and treat our border just as any other country does thiers. Example Canada
will not allow anyone to cross their
border with a firearm or without proper passport, why are we expected to continue to allow illegal immigration into our country. Lord knows the terrorist groups are watching our television shows and how long before they get the idea to enter our country virtually undetected and with what?
Posted By Anonymous Lee Stephens, Leesburg, Ga. : 11:44 AM ET
Anderson, please take an angle on this story that is different than that of your colleague's (Dobbs) . . . he reports on this every night and, although I agree the border is an extremely serious and complex issue, I've tuned him out due to his constant "whining" about it.

A great angle would be to have a two hour "CNN Presents"- style story that looks at the issue from the U.S. Border Patrol's point-of-view and from that of the Mexican's.
Posted By Anonymous Paulo, Orlando, FL : 11:45 AM ET

This has been a concern for us for sometime now. It's seem like the tighter we make things the easier it is for people to get in. I'm lost on an answer to this question.
Posted By Anonymous Paul S., Los Angeles CA : 11:45 AM ET
The Mexican Army has been sending over armed, uniformed trrops for years to protect drug routes. All paid for by the cartel to Mexican officials. Post a few batallions of highly motivated Marines along these rural routes along the borders and there will be a mass reduction of immigrant and drug smuggling over a very short period of time. It wont take long for officials south of the border to start detering people from illegaly crossing borders. Keep in mind, they need votes to stay in office (and keep getting paid) and will protect the people who provide to them. Make it 'unprofitable' to help the cartel and immigrant smugglers and they will stop. It wont take long for word to spread that US MArines are protecting borders.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Atlanta GA : 11:46 AM ET

As you mentioned child prostitution, drug and human smuggling is a severe problem at our Southern Border. But I believe it's a 2 way problem, see you need consumer's(USA) for there to be producer's(MEXICO). So part of the root of the problem is here in our own country. About building a wall and shooting inmigrants, It's just the easiest choice, dumb and inhumane, I believe inmigration policies or treaties would be more appropiate. Also lot's of inmigrants from Central America use the Mexico-U.S. border as their crossing point. So another solution might be helping Mexico better patrol it's southern Border with Central America.
Posted By Anonymous Alex, San Diego, CA : 11:47 AM ET
A lot of this illegal activities wouln�t last without the american money to fuel them... Corruption in Mexico isn�t news to anyone, so it�s good to put a finger on it, but Americans are part of that problem too.
Posted By Anonymous Pablo, Monterrey, MX : 11:47 AM ET
Dear 360 Blog,

What came first? The Chicken or the Egg? The Demand for Drugs, Sex and Cheap Labor Workers or the Supply of them? These problems have existed for the last 50 years. Make one wonder if anybody cares. Do these 'controversal' articles bring the media rating ($$$) up?

Love and Peace,
Posted By Anonymous Arthur, Hayward, California : 11:47 AM ET
I am looking forward to watching tonight.! So many Mexicans have appeared all over our country in the last few years. Wherever I vacation (SC, MA, VA) I see Mexicans! If you go to our local food store on a Friday night, you will find a half dozen Mexicans in line wiring money to Mexico. Our nation is a nation of immigrants, but the impact on our schools and other areas is a real concern. Vincente Fox needs to fix the problems in his own country instead of encouraging the US to take more of his people. The ones arriving are of Indian descent. If there wasn't so much prejudice against them in Mexico, they would not be swarming here.
Posted By Anonymous Lorrie Topolin, New Hope, PA : 11:47 AM ET
What border.
It has been broken since 1981 when our government broke it for money.
Posted By Anonymous Arlin, St. Louis MO : 11:47 AM ET
Posted By Anonymous JON : 11:48 AM ET
As a New England transplant now living in New Mexico I never really batted an eye about board control before. I have lived in New Mexico for 13 years and have always heard people joke about how they may have family from Mexico who would come into America to work odd jobs and take the money back to Mexico for there family. How sad that these people joke about such a serious matter. We can not change Mexico and how things work there but America should realize that this is a serious issue and that this is not just a "boarder town" problem. How to fix the problem? This is a very good questions. How do you convince a person that is determined to support there family to stop coming to the "Land where dreams are made" If anyone can answer that I would like to hear.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel-Albuquerque, NM : 11:48 AM ET
I've lived in San Diego most of my life and it's never been a secret that the US/Mexico border has been "broken". Every year or so, somebody does a story on it, how it affects us, and what needs to be done about it. But the fact is, nothing has changed and nothing ever will until somebody decides that it's problematic enough to drop serious money into.
Posted By Anonymous Randall, San Diego CA : 11:48 AM ET
If not correct soon, a possible regional "civil war" may erupt.
Posted By Anonymous S Epperson Houston, Texas : 11:49 AM ET
Thank you for using your gifted talent to highlight many issues affecting children. I can not believe that people use/abuse children the way that they do. Please continue to try to protect children - they deserve to have a safe childhood where they are cared for and nurtured.
Posted By Anonymous Leigh, Columbus, OH : 11:49 AM ET
Posted By Anonymous DUCK SLC : 11:49 AM ET
There are only 2 options. Totally secure the border, which is a monumental task, or annex Mexico, which might sound far-fetched, unless you take the time to think about it seriously.

It should be no secret that the Mexican Government has zero interest in stopping any of the border trafficking, whether in people, drugs, or weapons.

Basically the third largest national product for the country, is money sent to Mexico by those illegally in the US. That is a strong incentive to allow such trafficking to continue.

On the other hand, since it seems that a high percentage of the people of Mexico, prefer the US economy to their own, perhaps it would simply be in everyone's best interst, to annex the country, and remove the border entirely.

Then we share the American Dream with the entire population of Mexico.......and collect income taxes from them.....which they currently don't pay in the US.
Posted By Anonymous Rick McDaniel, Lewisville, TX : 11:49 AM ET
Dear Mr Cooper,

The problem goes beyond law enforcement at the border. Building a wall, trying to catch the illegal immigrants, fighting drug smuggling are attempts to fight a battle impossible to win. The solutions have to be broader. I can think of:
- fight poverty. Our rich Western governemnts should pour money into programs that help poor countries to sustain themselves and their citizens economically. So far our countries govermnents (I am French, but the European countries are as much to blame as the US or Canada are) only think of getting wealthier themselves, at the cost of the lives and wellbeing of everyone else in the world.
- Promote and fund education all over the world. This gives tools for people to think for themselves and potentially get out of poverty.
- Make drugs legal in our rich countries. That would kill the drug cartels and the crime associated with it. And having drugs legal would be no different than having tobacco and alcohol legal.
-Fight corruption in our own countries and in other countries.
Now of course the only part where police action is absolutely necessary is of course to fight child prostitution which is so scandalous, sad and shamefull.
Well, one can only hope our governments might be responsible one day...

I am happy you are covering the border story tonight. I am really tired of the mom and child death story from Boston... who cares!!!??

Anyway, your news program is great. Keep up the good work, especially the "Keep them honest" part.

Posted By Anonymous FrenchinTexas, Houston, Texas : 11:50 AM ET

The problem will never change until our Federal government decides to actually do something. Until President Bush realizes that illegal immigration is not the same as legal immigration nothin will change.
Posted By Anonymous Cris, Marlton, NJ : 11:50 AM ET
Anderson, please include in your research what is happening all along the Texas border (Rio Grande Valley)concerning births at our hopitals by aliens on shopping visas, or 3-day tourist passes. I used to do work along the border. I noticed every weekend long lines outside the Hospital in Harlingen, TX. I finally asked a local, what was going on? He stated that the Mexican women come across the border, stand in line, and hope to go into labor. Our hospitals "have" to deliver the babies, at our expense, and then the babies are automatic citizens, giving the rest of the family and advantage to come into our country. I can't complain if it's legal, as a 3rd generation imigrant myself, but the fact that it continues year after year has to be wrong. You may want to spend a day at the check points on HWY's 281 & 77, and watch the truckloads of people jump out south of the check point and then jump the barbed wire fence and take the many trails past the checkpoint, just to get back on the trucks, in plain site of the border patrol. Don't go on a rainy day, as everyone knows, they aren't allowed to stop cars because of "safety" reasons. On those days, it's a free for all!!! Of course, there are high political folks, who would not want this exposed, either.
Posted By Anonymous Russell Shoemaker, Delray Beach, FL. : 11:50 AM ET
Illegals and drug dealers from Mexico hurt the people who come here through the proper channels to try to make a better life for themselves. We are not applying the resources necessary to stop this daily drain on our nation. The illegals take jobs, get benefits, have children that immediately become citizens, start up gangs, commit crimes costing the tax payers billions of dollars a year.

We need to increase border security not only to stop illegal aliens, but to keep our country safe from terrorist groups. We need to pay our officers better and give them better equipment to match what these people obtain from black markets. It's ridiculous that we pay people who play sports millions of dollars to play games, yet people who put their lives on the line daily barely make enough to stay ahead of the poverty level.
Posted By Anonymous Penny , Trinity, AL : 11:51 AM ET
Anderson, The border situation is a national disgrace. As usual the reason for the lack of a rational approach is is money and politics. Both our political parties are resonsible for this. They lack the political will to do the right thing. The democrats see the illegals as future democratic voters and the republicans view them as cheap labor. Meanwhile poor people and children are being victimized and our nations security is being placed at risk - what a disgrace.
Posted By Anonymous fred von Helms - stromville - NY : 11:51 AM ET
Here is what Washington DC will do about our southern border illegal immigration and drug trafficking.....blah...blah...blah!!! Nothing will change as usual
Posted By Anonymous Chuck VonCannon, Houston Texas : 11:52 AM ET
A pivitol subject, however I think that we all know that the right thing to do would be to quit the ongoing appeasement strategy and truly shut the borders down. A more interesting angle on the story would be to report on why all levels of the federal government refuse to take the appropriate steps to plug the massive leak that we have in our borders.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Crystal Lake, IL : 11:52 AM ET
The border needs much stronger guards to prevent these terrible things from happening. If we must, use the US military.
Posted By Anonymous Don, San Antonio, TX : 11:53 AM ET
DA - YES! How long it it going to take [Fall of the Nation] before this issue is properly addressed?

In the early 1990's after the wall fell in Belin Germany the US Army had an Armored Cav. Regiment (who used to fly the Eas/West communist border) that they did not know what to do with. How about putting them on the US/Mexico border [in 1990], but no, it is not politically correct. We better WAKE UP America!
Posted By Anonymous Rick - Texas. : 11:53 AM ET
Border, what border?

Yes, the border is broken. The effects of illegal immigration is not only felt in the arena of illegal drug trafficing. The hundreds of thousands of children of illegal aliens now flood already crowded and under funded schools in border states. State and Federal funds that could be used to educate American citizens are instead directed at catering to the ever growing needs of these students. If something is not done, education in these states will public only for those who can't afford private.
Posted By Anonymous James, El Campo, TX : 11:54 AM ET
The issue of the border cannot be solved unless all sectors of society are in accordance with the right of the U.S. to maintain its territorial integrity. i.e. no sanctuary cities, matriculas, and laws against police to inquire about U.S. residency. The U.S. must build the fence and pinch off key trafficking points with more border guards or millitary
Posted By Anonymous Robert Gural Yucca Valley, Ca. : 11:54 AM ET

One aspect of the border problem that hasn't been brought up is the "anchor baby" problem. Illegals come into this country just to have a child, and once they're here, they don't leave. Our government needs to close this loophole and cut these people off from claiming citizenship. That may slow down the infux of illegals coming into our country.
Posted By Anonymous Bill-Russellville, AR : 11:55 AM ET
Well darn Anderson!! Willingness to honestly address the problem needs to be done! Remember, in three and one-half years from 1942 to 1945 the USA built Hanford, Los Alamos and Oak Ridge, making atomic bombs to defeat Japan. Needless to say this was a projest of first impression using sliderules and mechanical calculators. The difference, other than the technology, is that then, we wanted to get the job done. Now we don't. The republicans pander to big business for illegal aliens for cheap labor; the dems pander for votes with the middle class getting caught in the middle. Build a fence and enforce the laws.
Posted By Anonymous Ted Frerking, Ossining, New York : 11:55 AM ET
I am in all in favor of the Bush's Administration's plan to build a high wall along the border with hi tech technology. Granted, I don't think it will completely solve the problem, but I think it will go a long way. Also, the problem isn't ever going to go away until Mexico cracks down on corruption and helps up police the border because lately, they've been handing out pamphlets explaining how to get across the border. Of course, fighting two wars and funding our huge deficit doesn't help funding for the border patrol either.
Posted By Anonymous Eric, Houston, TX : 11:55 AM ET
The Problem with the southern border is very complex, but it can be broken down into three key areas. First the continued control by the elite in Mexico and other Latin American Counties creates a tremendous gap between the rich and the poor and leads to desperation. Second U.S. businesses have become accustomed to the cheap labor of undocumented workers. Finally the U.S. government has chosen not to face the reality that the cultural, economic, and social differences between Latin America and the United States makes it necessary to have true border security.

The solution is complex as well, but the individual components need to be addressed in a realistic manner. It begins with border security and establishes clear parameters for immigration policy with our neighbors. No sovereign nation can ever allow the chaos that is on the southern border to continue. At the same time we must open up avenues for legal workers to come to the U.S. and create a climate where undocumented workers are removed from the economy at large. Finally, Latin American governments must learn that the U.S. is not the solution to all of their economic and social woes; a cultural change that reflects the needs of a modern society must be imposed on our trading partners.
Posted By Anonymous John Black, Winterville, NC : 11:56 AM ET
We all just better face the reality of the illegal immigration situation here in America. The problem is so way out of hand, so controversial, so sensitive, as to ever allow any one person to come up with a real solution. Even if Washington were to ever do anything of any real consequent it would cause nothing short of a war, either within US borders or along the border with Mexico. Let face facts. The borders are wide open now and they have been for a long time. A problem that should have been taken care of decades ago. Too late now. We might as well do it now, or we�ll certainty be doing it later, change all the signs to �Mexifornia�
The fact of the matter is as I see it, is that there are enough laws on the books right now that if they were respected and obeyed there would be no immigration problem. Putting more laws on the books is a moot point to say the lease. The illegal immigrants who come to the United States have no respect for the law and they never will. There is simply not enough man power and there never will be, to fully enforce the laws.
We all just better face the reality of the illegal immigration situation here in America. The problem is so way out of hand, so controversial, so sensitive, as to ever allow any one person to come up with a real solution. Even if Washington were to ever do anything of any real consequent it would cause nothing short of a war, either within US borders or along the border with Mexico. Let face facts. The borders are wide open now and they have been for a long time. A problem that should have been taken care of decades ago. Too late now. We might as well do it now, or we�ll certainty be doing it later, change all the signs to �Mexifornia�
The fact of the matter is as I see it, is that there are enough laws on the books right now that if they were respected and obeyed there would be no immigration problem. Putting more laws on the books is a moot point to say the lease. The illegal immigrants who come to the United States have no respect for the law and they never will. There is simply not enough man power and there never will be, to fully enforce the laws.
Posted By Anonymous CB San Francisco Ca : 11:56 AM ET
You think? Of course it is. I live in Texas. There is no border.
Posted By Anonymous MTinglin, Dallas, Texas : 11:56 AM ET
Child prostitution is horrible, bottom line. So is drug smuggling. We need to take a look at the savages that cross the border for their sex-capades. Absolutley horendous. I think anyone involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

A tunnel under the U.S.-Mexico border? Give me a break. Clearly someone is getting paid a lot of money to overlook some critical activity. If this illegal immigrant problem is costing our nation $10 billion a year, why has nothing been done about it? You can't cross over into Cananda without thinking you actually committed a crime even if your innocent. The same form of regulation and interrogation needs to be instated at the Mexican border ASAP or we will be fighting this problem forever. Not like we haven't been already!

Too much tax payer money goes to feeding and funding these illegal immigrants. Im tired of it!!!! I dont pay money to the government to overlook such a costly problem. We are fighting a war on terrorism but ignoring a war on drug smuggling, child prostitution and corruption.
Posted By Anonymous Andy - Buffalo : 11:56 AM ET

You need to be a "pit bull" on these border issues. Don't let go until you have accurately informed Americans of the magnitude and impact of all the border issues on our society. Is our government doing enough to control the borders and what is the Mexican government doing (if anything) to support border controls?
Posted By Anonymous Jim Willms : 11:56 AM ET
You just need to add a immigration category.

Create an unsactioned entry line at the border.

"Unsanctioned Entry" at the border. Anyone can come in. We take their name, give them an unsactioned entry card and send a bill to the government of Mexico for $25K / year for each year each individual is here.

No more people dying in the desert.

Posted By Anonymous JPR, PT City Ga : 11:56 AM ET
I am absolutely dismayed by our Federal Government's lack of response to our border problem. With millions of people coming across illegally, rampant drug running, tunnels, and a foreign military routinely violating our borders, you would think there would be some kind of response?? If this isn't a homeland security issue, what the heck is? I hope the governors along the border activate their national guard to protect their states. Maybe that would cause the Federal Gov't to react. You and Lou Dobbs are doing a good job getting this story out there, keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous John, Yonkers, NY : 11:57 AM ET
You talk like child prostitution is a problem foreign to the United States. Maybe you should do a piece on the the slave trade within the United States. It's not like people from NY have to drive to Mexico to have illegal sex with a minor. Why does everyone assume that the United States is so immune to such social ills? Perhaps people are happy with the bubble they live in and don't care to face the facts.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Smith, Denver Colorado : 11:57 AM ET
You show children being transported in trunk of cars. I think they need to inspect every vehicle crossing the boarder. Its terrible that children are being exploited like this. Let us know when you plan to have more on this. Know you will be "keeping them honest". This is what you do best.
Posted By Anonymous Jean, St. Charles, Mo : 11:57 AM ET
I think that journalists and concerned citizens are the only ones paying attention to the failed border security crisis, as the politicians in Washington have chosen to ignore it completely. I'm tired of writing to my elected officials just to have them dodge the issue of our broken, unsecured borders. NO ONE IN WASHINGTON IS LISTENING!
Posted By Anonymous Michael Amos, Sterling VA : 11:58 AM ET
Hi Anderson

I had an email buddy that sent drug awareness material to my elementary classes a few years ago who was a border patrol agent for many years. He told me that in Texas at that time agents were requried to sit on X's and allow the illegal aliens to go right around them. They even had hat's made up with the slogan, We sit on X's in Texas. Not only did the federal government seem to want the laborers to come in, it seemed to him that the drugs and drug dealers were welcome as well. This was BEFORE 9-11. I wonder if anything has changed there?
Posted By Anonymous Carol in TN : 11:58 AM ET
More needs to be done, all of the taxpayers agree, but none of our elected officials want to risk being labeled a racist or lose the (ever growing) hispanic support. Living in a boarder state, I can tell you this is a CRISIS -- more than half of the kids born here are to parents of illegals, crime and gang membership are soaring, literacy is dropping...we need the press to get ahold of this and not let go until something is done by our elected officials...
Posted By Anonymous Terry, Chandler, AZ : 11:59 AM ET
I live on the US/Mexican border and have spent extensive time in Mexico traveling and conducting business. the majority of Mexican people don't want to see a wall built because it will hinder their heroes intentions. yes Anderson, "HEROES"! The Robin Hood syndrome! Their attitude is, "let them drink and eat the poison! We don't care about those fools!" some attitude huh? Here's something that might help. Why doesn't someone with the resources take the time and effort to follow up on arrests and drug loads confiscated along the US/Mexican border? How about following up on the prosecution end of the whole trial? I believe that this will put some pressure on you! Do you dare to do this? It's daring and noble.

about the child prostitution stuff, the people doing that will see their judgement day.
Posted By Anonymous Xavier Lake Amistad Texas : 11:59 AM ET
I think we should build a fence along the entire southern border of the United States to keep illegal aliens out
Posted By Anonymous Scott Kashian, Chicago IL : 11:59 AM ET
I believe the American people need to take a close hard look at this situation. The reason these types of situations occur is because we participate in these activities. If Americans decided to boycott Mexico, especially Cancun, maybe the Mexican authorities would address the problems and issues. I've seen AMW's special on the americans who have disappeared across the border and the authorities who fail to search for these people. One father has been searching for his daughter for months. The authorities claim they don't have nay information but he found her car in an impound lot.
There is always a supply when there is a demand. The young prostitutes would not exist if americans did not cross the border for sex. We are the cause of this problem, we are the cause of the drug tunnels, the puppies and the carriers.
Money is the global language that everyone understands, stop the flow of the dollar from entering Mexico and you'll see a major cleanup of its corruption and problems.
Posted By Anonymous Andrew, Selden, New York : 12:00 PM ET
Impeach Bush and most of our problems will be solved!
Posted By Anonymous Tak Salt Lake City Utah : 12:00 PM ET
If the desire to reach the United States from Mexico is strong (as it always is) then not even a wall could stop individuals from fleeing because as we know, they will tunnel underground. The one true way to improve the border is to improve the Mexican economy. This does not mean increased aid, it means an increased committment to our southern neighbor. We can increase the border patrol but how many individuals will it take to control the border realistically. We cannot throw money towards Mexico and expect them to use it towards their failing system because they need a compus in their democratic government. Maybe with a compus we can direct their people not always to point it north.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Peterson, Plainview, Nebraska : 12:01 PM ET
Immigration laws don't work, it's obvious. Stopping the demand will stop the need for supply. If one is caught crossing the border for sex with a minor, strip him/her of their citizenship and send them back to Mexico. Legalize all drugs, make them prescription only and tax them through the roof. Problems solved. The wall is a good idea too.
Posted By Anonymous C.H. Florida : 12:01 PM ET
I live two blocks of the Mexican border. Once the sun goes down, the action begins. I always keep my doors locked and am afraid to leave my house after dark. I am a prisoner of my own home. Everytime I summoned Border Patrol for assistance they either showed up an hour later or never did, so I gave up. I just watch UDA's run through my alley and take cover in various houses. People who have been charged with harboring UDA's in my town have been sentenced to probation. Minuteman helps in the outskirts but the action is in town. The federal government is doing a lousy job of keeping UDA's out of our country. Our land is being taken over by illegal aliens and no one seems to care.
Posted By Anonymous Charlie, Naco, Arizona : 12:02 PM ET
a huge wall, please. We need to be firm and consistent with our policies.
Posted By Anonymous Shannon, Boston, Massachusetts : 12:03 PM ET
A few years ago there were several articles about what to do with hundreds of land mines recovered in Afghanistan. Why don't we put them to good use along the Mexican border?
Posted By Anonymous Houston, Tx : 12:04 PM ET

I don't know that there is a solution to this problem. The USA is a great place to live and work. Mexico, for many people, is not a great place to live and work. Until there are real consequences to illegally crossing our border, people will continue to cross. I suggest we impose a 5 year prison term for anyone caught in this country illegally. We can use these immigrant prisoners as laborers on the giant wall that other viewers have mentioned. But the only real solution is Mexican economic improvement, and that's not going to happen due to corruption.
Posted By Anonymous Russ, Frenchtown NJ : 12:04 PM ET
Exactly what you are doing. Bringing the issues out in the open for the people to react to.

"Have the courage to act instead of react." - Oliver Wendell Holmes
Posted By Anonymous Joi - Dallas, TX : 12:04 PM ET
We need to reduce the number of troops in Iraq, and have them patrol the border, on our own soil.
Posted By Anonymous Steve from Boston, MA : 12:04 PM ET
Bush has no concern for anything that doesn't affect him or one of his friends financially. He will send our troops half-away around the world to fight an illegal war to protect his interests; but something that affects the American citizens, within our own borders - he could care less. If we could get the Mexican military to smuggle oil into the country, then Bush would be all over it. Then God would tell him to attack Mexico.
Posted By Anonymous Cliff Michigan : 12:04 PM ET
If there was no demand for drugs in the USA, the illegal drug trafic from Mexico would not exists.

Americans have created this problem ; it is now up to them to stop it.
Posted By Anonymous Andre Langlois, Quebec City, QC : 12:04 PM ET
President Bush needs to get out orf the Mexican pres. pocket and close our borders! He is worried about wire taps tohear people talking but what about actual bodies coming across our borders. to me Pres. bush is condoning child prostitution & drugs by not closing the borders
Posted By Anonymous MLMiller, Columbia, SC : 12:04 PM ET
What do you think needs to be done along our southern border?

This is a question that continues to haunt our country and is complex and sordid in its existence. When I explore a problem, the first question I always ask is why does it occur? Vice has always been the most difficult crime to enforce as its very existence is due to an illicit need and is attractive to our most base instincts: sex, money and power.

Therefore, by its nature, difficult to legislate and enforce, but nevertheless, must continue to have laws against such vices because they are truly not victimless. I continue to believe that through broadcasting through journalism the truth regarding these crimes and their victims, involving our border, will bring force to the issue and an outcry as to demand better legislation and assistance to the victims.

There was a time in this country that being drunk and driving was "no big deal", but because of MADD and a mother's courage to go forth and bring the truth to the public, effective laws were created and enforced that have truly assisted with drunk driving deaths and a true awareness, understanding and medical assistance for alcoholism.

By continuing to practice the strength of journalism, finding the truth and dissemination of that truth, we will understand what types of laws need to be created and fitting support for the victims, and the people will demand as such.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.
Posted By Anonymous Nancy C., San Francisco, California : 12:06 PM ET
Our elected officals had better wake up. The american people are sick of you sitting on your hands. Do something about this or you are out. We don't want to live in Amexico. Our country is being invaded and ruined. Gather them up, bus them out. Build a wall and plant the military down there. Thank god for groups like the Minuteman. We need them now more than ever.
Posted By Anonymous Terri Foster, Reno Nevada : 12:06 PM ET
Maybe the answer to the corruption in these 3rd world countries is to execute the currupt policemen on site...if there isn't someone to take the bribe, no problem. Too many people give lip service to how a bad situation is to be dealt with, and many of the currupt people understand only one thing, "pure control and power." Maybe it is time for street justice to handle the problems that too many well-meaning people don't have the stomach for...
Posted By Anonymous B.W. Marien Fitchburg, MA : 12:07 PM ET

I am a student at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. I feel that many are quick to "solve" the problem by saying "close off the border, immigrants are hurting our country". My parents began their life here in the states as immigrants, and now, as legal citizens, they are still commited to their work--doing their best to put their three sons through college. For all those saying "close off the borders", their ancestors as well were immigrants. So why close off the opportunities to the "melting pot" of this generation. Sure, I agree that securing our borders is of great concern and should be a priority. But why penalize the people who are just trying to earn a better life for their families? Why not work on litigation that would ease the process of legal immigration. I feel that we should not only work on securing our borders to keep out the terrorists and drugs, but at the same time the U.S. needs to work on helping out those who are here pursuing the American dream.

Sticking with the border issues, you might want to look into doing a piece on Laredo/Nuevo Laredo. The violence that has erupted there in recent years is just beyond belief, and few Americans are aware of it. Last month alone, 22 murders were recorded. Rival drug cartels engulfed in a turf war have claimed the lives of many victims. Just yesterday, two federal police officers were shot at and injured just a block away from police headquarters.

As a full-time student, I am busy the majority of the time, but I do my best never to miss your pieces. When I do, I am sure to record them on my Media Center so I can watch them at a later time. Great reporting!

Orlando Castillo
Posted By Anonymous Orlando Castillo, San Antonio, Texas : 12:07 PM ET
The border near San Diego is operated by a private company, no? The only way to solve this issue is to have both governments fully involved. Mexico certainly has the ability to do so. The border patrol in southern Mexico is much more heavily guarded to prevent illegals from coming through.

ps. Love this site...
Posted By Anonymous Theresa, New York, NY : 12:08 PM ET
First of all, I think it's incredible people think that the U.S. government just found out until now about these tunnels. How long did it take to make those tunnels? How long were they in use? And the Border Patrol was never in the know? Seriously, get real people. The Border Patrol is full of corruption. The tunnels and drug trafficking are made possible because of the Border Patrol and of course, because of American drug use. Supply and demand, people. That also applies to child prostitution. If you talk to ANY Mexican in Tijuana, they will tell you clearly how Americans are the biggest contribution to their problems of corruption, drugs, prostitution, and the violence that naturally follows. American youth are the ones the go to Tijuana every weekend, get drunk, get drugged up, cause public disorder, and have to pay huge bribes to get out of jail. American tourists in general are the ones paying these corrupt policemen bribes. Mexicans are trying to stand up to these cops by not giving into the bribes and their gains against bribery are diminished when Americans cave in and pay these cops. Americans, NOT Mexicans, are the ones paying to be with the child prostitutes. I think it's about time we, as Americans, took some responsibility instead of just pointing the finger to Mexicans who, like us, don't want to live surrounded by drugs, prostitution, corruption, and violence.
Finally, let's get real about immigration. The person who posted the "fact" about how much illegal immigration costs this country conveniently forgot to post how much illegal immigration benefits this country. Illegal immigration sustains this country! Using California as an example - go to ANY restaurant, mall, supermarket, construction site, or simply go to any of our Cali farmland and guess who you'll see working day and night? Illegal immigrants! If they're lucky, they'll get paid below-minimum wage, without any benefits. so please, people, get real.
Posted By Anonymous Joanne, New York City, NY : 12:09 PM ET
Thank you Anderson for your BLOG and the upcoming show about our Border Control. Americans should be outraged over this issue - yet many are still clueless and not concerned to what's happening down there because its not in their backyard. Our President and Congress have done nothing to protect our borders or to stop this invasion because thier rich pals(lobbyist and big business campaign contributers) want CHEAP labor!!! Americans should unite and hold a peaceful "Hands across our Borders Demonstration from CA to FL" to send a message to Washington know they are NOT doing enough to stop Drugs, Terrorists, Illegal Immigrants from crossing into America. April 15, 2006 - TAX Day would be a Great day to demonstrate.
Posted By Anonymous Nikki, Bradenton, FL : 12:10 PM ET
Althought the problem with prostitution and abusing children is horrific, and many firms are taking advantage of migrants for cheap labor, this story seems far removed from what's been on my mind lately.

There are problems within our own inner cities that need to be investigated. For example, Philadelphia's homeless population has increased over the last few years, but the city had money to build a new stadium for professional sports teams. We have families living on the streets doing God knows what to get by--that's a tragedy.

What about the illiteracy rate in our own country--what can we do to solve that? What about the working poor who don't have medical insurance? What about single mothers who must work two and three jobs to get by? Those are the issues that I've been thinking about lately.
Posted By Anonymous Rachel Apanewicz, Philadelphia, PA : 12:10 PM ET
Let me first state that I am NOT a racist and NOT against immigration and I and NOT a protectionist. I thank you for taking on this critical issue to our nations security and welfare.

It is my strong belief that that U.S.-Mexican border needs to be secured for very important reasons. Sometime in the middle of 2005, the governors of Nevada and New Mexico declared states of emergency because of crimes and deteriorating consequences stemming from the flow of illegal immigration across the border. THIS WAS IGNORED by our federal government and the media gave it virtually no attention. This is a shame and embarrassment.

Not only is it Mexican crossing over the borders illegally, the occurrences of people from the middle-east and other parts of the world is increasing sharply. With radical terrorist bent on killing as many Americans as possible, this is a very serious threat that our federal government is choosing to ignore.

There have been recent reports surfacing about the Mexican military crossing our borders out-gunning and effectively chasing out the American law enforcement one the American side of the border. It is said that these activities are closely tied to running drugs into the U.S. The fact that a foreign military power is entering the U.S. and forcing American law enforcement to retreat is an astonishing embarrassment and a shame. This is also being ignored and played down as insignificant by our federal government.

Local school systems and hospitals are being financially overloaded by having to provide services according to the federal law. The resulting negative affects of these activities result in a degrading or inability to effectively provide these services to American citizens. This is a shame an this issue is being ignored by our federal government.

Guest worker programs, a smoke screen for amnesty, is NOT the answer. Further and even more outrageous, our own president went to Mexico and called his compatriots (the Minutemen) vigilantes. As Americans, people in American have the right, as set forth by our founding fathers, to take action when our government fails to do so.

Anderson, there are so many more issues and problems beyond what I have stated above that stem from our governments unwillingness to protect the our border and, in effect, American citizens that it is a shame. Hopefully, with good people and citizen like you and Lou Dobbs, more people in America will realize the impact of our governments negligence is having and vote better people into office. PLEASE, report this issue until it is resolved. I think it�s time for the American people to take back our country from the crooked politicians and crooked businesspeople.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, New York, NY : 12:10 PM ET
I suggest we put Bush, Cheney, and their unethical Washington cronies along with Pat Roberson into the tunnel and seal it up. America and the world would be much better off. One could only wonder if the Bush's domestic secret wire tapping and evesdropping program monitoring these comments from its citizens? Keep up the good reporting Anderson! We all appreciate it.!
Posted By Anonymous Greg, Watertown, NY : 12:10 PM ET
I think its a touchy issue. The diffrences between Mexico and the US are too stark in general.
I dont think the Mexicans are morally perverted.
Its so much of an clishee: they got many children and they sellem for sex.

In Tijuana many things are absurd especially when it comes to drugs. The street of the revolution is only left to be a big pharmacy.

Good I mean its a bit ridiculous to push the prostitution issue in the "there are many things you can worry about" corner.

Only thing I can say: the drug thing was more "obvious" too me.

But dont take my opinion as too important. It was just my impression.
Posted By Anonymous CCoaler Cologne Germany : 12:11 PM ET
As Lou Dobbs has repeatedly said, these immigrants are NOT here legally; they are here ILLEGALLY. And, when deported, many often return. Our Southern border needs to be closed--tightly. How about patrols with border guards and patrol dogs? some homeowners use dogs to protect their families and properties--so why not the immigration authorities?
Posted By Anonymous Ann -- Newton, IA : 12:11 PM ET
Build a wall or fence & add more security. This is an extremely serious issue. Our borders are wide open & Mexico is a corrupt government!
Posted By Anonymous Steve Somers, NY : 12:12 PM ET
Please focus hard on this important story -- it's shocking to realize how porous this border has become -- I've also heard reports of armed Mexican troops maybe police coming into the US over the border to enable drug traffickers and others to get across. We should be more outraged about this situation -- we need this important reporting. Thank-you for bringing attention to this situation.
Posted By Anonymous KP in NJ : 12:12 PM ET
I think that we have a much larger problem with the U.S / Mexican border then most people realize. Illeagal immgrants are coming into this country daily. Do you really think terroists don't know this? How easy would it be for them to just sneak in that way? But not only do we have illeagal immgrants and drugs crossing the border, but the Mexican military is making daily incursions into the U.S. The U.S governent knows this, but does nothing. Why? I personally think the U.S military should be deployed on the border. If that were to happen, allot of these issues would go away.
Posted By Anonymous Dan, Exton PA : 12:12 PM ET
ILLEGAL my dictonary the word illegal means against the law. I support a man or woman who wants to work to provide for their family. Our nation is built around the concept of legal imigration. Many of our ancestors came inthis country legally, some through Ellis Island. Every year approximately 250,000 Mexicans come in legally. What we do not need is to over burden local and state goverments. We also do not need criminals, drug smugglers, and of course terrorists coming in. I under the need and demand for labor, as long as it is controled. People who help illegals in my opinion are aiding and abetting. Take the politics out of the scenario and lets secure our borders for many reasons, none more important than national security.
Posted By Anonymous Pete Chaison- Savannan-Georgia : 12:13 PM ET
I think that what most people choose to forget when thinking about "Border Problems with Mexico" are the many people who wish to live in our country for the very reasons we choose not to leave our country - opportunity, employment, a better life, the nice house and SUV. Understanding that "Mexicans" wish to come to the US legally, and then making that a process difficult or only easy insofar as they can be pigeonholed into labor-intese jobs is key to this.

Also, the need to understand problems that affect the world, do affect the US (even if not directly). So, whether it's ACS workers neglegence and the deaths of many children in NYC or child prostitution in Mexico which seeps through to the US, these are all problems that need to not only be bribed away, but taken to heart and change enacted.

Furthermore, we all know how horrible drugs are in so many ways, but until the Wall St bankers, Washington aides, entertainment execs and middle-american housewives and everyone in between that make this country tick says that there isn't a demand, there will always be a drug problem at our borders. We may have D.A.R.E. programs in school, but I don't believe there are standing meetings every April at Trading House X that reminds people of their potential problems and how to cope.

Nor is there anyone but you and this show that tries to enlighten people beyond the brief images that flash before them. And for that I send my thanks to you, your team, and CNN.
Posted By Anonymous Bryan, New York City, NY : 12:13 PM ET
Close our borders. Add Border Patrol Agents. If anyone tries to cross over - .... they're called guns... we have many of them. When are we going to stop taking care of all of the world's problems and start taking care of our own! How many homeless, uneducated, unemployed do we have at home? How many people in the US die of AIDS, or homicide or a million other tragic endings? Focus on the US - let Mexico deal with Mexico - if the tables were turned - I highly doubt Mexico would be our Mother Teresa.
Posted By Anonymous Milena, Ft. Lauderdale, FL : 12:13 PM ET
i believe we need intense media coverage on the plight of child prostitutes-expose this to the world and thus shame the Mexican government into action.
Posted By Anonymous adriana lomeli lodi ca. : 12:14 PM ET
Border Security, what security.
I live in the middle of the U.S. in Kansas.
There use to be no mexicans here, now groups of men are everywhere.

DRug trafficing has gone up and there are mexican men on tv busted for drugs all the time now.

All the companies around here that have labor and construction jobs are hiring mexicans cheap.
The hourly wage has dropped to minimum wage from 15.00 an hour.

How about that for border security...............
Posted By Anonymous bryan overland park ks : 12:14 PM ET
The border problems are spiraling out of control. Wall the border, and use the Army to patrol it.
Posted By Anonymous BMiller, Tucson AZ : 12:14 PM ET
Yes, let's build the GREAT WALL of America. Tourists will eventually repay for the construction and we won't have to kill anyone. Since we'll have under ground motion sensors, we can also monitor tectonic plates motion. There would also be a direct road from TX to CA and highway patrol will be more likely to catch any attempt to cross illigaly.
Posted By Anonymous T, SC : 12:14 PM ET
I want to add that americans are the biggest part of the problem. If we shut down instead of fine businesses that hire illegals, there would be no jobs for illegals. If our federal, state, and local governements refused to take american tax dollars to feed, house, and provide medical services free of charge to illegal aliens then the illegals would not have a socialist network of support to rely on once they were in the United States (socialist because they do not contribute an equal amount from what they take. With these two "support systems" removed illegals would have little reason to come to the U.S.A. and would not find life easier here than they do in their own country.
Posted By Anonymous Matthew Garner, Winchester Virginia : 12:14 PM ET
Based on results, we have serious issues safe guarding our country's boarders. The problem is compounded by the eagerness of "American" businesses to hire the least expensive worker(s) regardless of the social and economic implications. YES, cheap labor is great for a particular company's bottom line, but it is a cancer for the nation as a whole!
Posted By Anonymous Michael Hensley, Salt Lake City Utah : 12:14 PM ET
We need real border enforcement. I think most Americans desire this. At the same time most Americans are aware of our status as past immigrants. The issue could be solved if either political party had a backbone.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Memphis TN : 12:14 PM ET
Back in the late 1970s the national college debate topic concerned illegal immigration from our southern border. I learned then about the costs and problems. I never believed that 30 years later we would have made no progress and that the problems would have gotten worse. The idea that we need illegal immigrants because they work cheaply and do jobs Americans will not reminds me of some of the justifications for slavery. Mexico is a third world country, with cops that take bribes (as you witnessed) and a system that does not work. We have to fix this ourselves with better (tighter) border security and a judicial system that treats those that come over illegally as criminals.
Posted By Anonymous Tom Arlington VA : 12:14 PM ET
The Mexican government should be notified that our continued participation in NAFTA is contingint upon their effort in resolving the border problems namely:

1 -- Promoting illegal immigration
2 -- Alien smuggling
3 -- Systemic corruption
4 -- Border violence
5 -- Drugs
6 -- Kidnapping

Substantial improvement in these areas will result in the United States participating in NAFTA. If the situation does not improve NAFTA will eliminated.
Posted By Anonymous Mark Couvillion, Baton Rouge, Louisiana : 12:15 PM ET
First off This and other problems with the corupt country of Mexico should make the USA restrict or stop all travel to mexico untill real progress is made. Second, we have the U.S. Army guarding the border of Korea. We had the Army guarding the border of West Germany. Why cant the U.S. military guard the U.S. border. When the border is crossed by military or para military thugs it is time to use the might of this country.
Posted By Anonymous Pat Upshaw------Alabama : 12:15 PM ET
Send the 82nd Airborne down there. Give them the OK to shoot anyone crossing the border, after all have been warned. Two weeks max, it stops......
Posted By Anonymous J Scales Findlay, Ohio : 12:15 PM ET
It is irresponsible to presume the government can legislate what is or not a crime, because it means that politics gets to decide what is or not a crime. Crime MUST stick to principle. Crime is when a person's body or property is violated. If there is no violated body or property, then authorizing police to violate others for doing one thing or another is a violation of principle.
Thus, violent drug users can be prosecuted, but nonviolent drug users can not be trampled upon. It is just way too easy for you to sell out other people's lives when it does not affect your own.
Posted By Anonymous Tyson, Washington D.C. : 12:15 PM ET
My grandfather, Dr. Bolivar J. Lloyd was an Assistant Surgeon General of the US a few years in the last century.
He was an epidemicolist and would be shocked at the insecurity of the border as he also had border duty (Mexican-Texas) during the Wilson Administration. He also spoke of ships arrived on the west coast with all but a skelton crew dead of bubonic plague.
WE MUST SECURE our borders and safeguard the life and health of American citizens.
Posted By Anonymous Nancy Lloyd CornerVirginia Beach Va. : 12:16 PM ET
What border???
Posted By Anonymous Morgan, Warner Robins, GA : 12:16 PM ET
The border should have been fixed along time ago. The majority of gangs in my area is mexican. And most of them are illegals. The schools get federal money for each illegal they have. In order to teach these kids they have to have another teacher in the room translating the material, and most of them show up when they feel like(mexican kids). They affect each and everyones pocket book, from car insurance, health insurance, welfare,etc. I'm tired of it. Someone says that they are here to do the jobs we don't want to and that is why some food prices are low, well, are health care has increased among other things. It's time to put a door up and stop them from coming in by using a little military might. Mexico is a corupt country and it's seeping into our country.
Posted By Anonymous Gary, Nampa Idaho : 12:16 PM ET
A lot of undercover racist comments in here. Even thought I do not support illegal immigration, we have to understand that people should have the right to find a better way to live, not just survive, that is what they are trying to do when the go to the states, they are working very hard and earning a living (of course I�m not referring to drug trafficking of prostitution). What would happen if in the future you as a USA citizen have the need to immigrate and find that the borders to other countries are closed for you and your family? It reminds me of that movie �the day after tomorrow��food for thought.
Posted By Anonymous Juliette, NY NY : 12:17 PM ET
All we do id talk,talk,talk about our broken boarders. There is no action or concern in Washington, what are we waiting for an attack launched from our Southern Boarder. Then the talking heads in Washington will have an investigiation in 10 non-partism committies and we stay at square one. Why does no one confront the president on this issue, where is the real security we live under a false sense of security and all we get from this Administration is Fear,fear, fear
Posted By Anonymous erik-new jersey : 12:17 PM ET
I know, let's kick all of the brown people past Panama and then blow up the isthmus. This way, we won't need a wall, we'll just be our own island. It's our manifest destiny. We'll leave behind the gays, the mexicans, the muslims, the French, the New Orleans people, everyone who lives north of Kentucky, the liberal media, and those who question Jesus and Ministers. Please! Americans need to realize that we create our own problems. I wonder how many Mexicans are buying mexican child prostitutes. I bet it's predominately Americans. In order to stay the "wealthiest" country around, we need the other half of this world to be poor. We create the poor--third world. If you want "freedom", "security", and "a freshly cut yard" then shut up and face the fact that we need these people. (And please, try to venture out of the south every now and again.)
Posted By Anonymous Chris, New Orleans, LA : 12:17 PM ET
Use our national guard at the boarders.
Posted By Anonymous pa cleveland ohio : 12:17 PM ET
I just moved from San Diego to Las Vegas. Something other than the usual procedures does need to be put in place. San Diego along the border is very dangerous. It is unnerving to have people run through your yard, in front of you driving down the street, running from border patrol. It may no be policatally correct but the people coming accross the border now as opposed the 80's and 90's are not here for work. They are coming here to create crime. Look at the crime statistics and incidences of violence and increased drug trafficing and you will see.
Posted By Anonymous Cathy, Las Vegas, NV : 12:17 PM ET
We, as a society, have created a permissive atmosphere wherein illegal immigration has been overlooked and condoned for years. Same thing with the drug trade - so many americans are users that this creates an american demand for those very drugs. When we, as a society stand united and say "enough is enough", then action will get true results. Right now, illegal immigrants captured by the Border Patrol face no penalty other than a ride back to the border. There is no deterrent in our current siutation. In South Texas, smugglers with 200 pounds of Marihuana very seldom get prison time - this is also a product of our permissive society. Those who post these blogs read - AND CARE - about thess issues. Unfortunately, we seem to be the minority view on many of these important matters.
Posted By Anonymous Larry M. Mission, Texas : 12:17 PM ET
We are so DUMB when it comes to our southern border!!It should be closed by the military,with deadly forse it need be,and keep it closed for ever.As it is now,it is costing billion of $ all uncalled for.WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
Posted By Anonymous Ray Houston Texas : 12:17 PM ET
I think it's time to start holding our governments - federal, state, and local, accountable for illegal immigration. That means President Bush, Hill members and down the line. It's obvious that DHS and responsible agencies are only giving lip service to fixing the problem. Accountability should mean whatever legal action it takes to enforce the law. If President Bush is permitting the massive border influx (seems to have increased substantially under his reign in particular), then the public has a right to have a president who defends our borders and protects us from invasions. That is a Presidential duty
and an act similar to treason if he cannot/will not take appropriate action. It's all the more serious when we have gone into massive debt and invations of privacy on account of national security but yet permit this obvious breach of security to exist.
Same for Governors, Hill members, local government officials. Maybe it's time for an independent commission to be established to seriously investigate all aspects of this immigration problem, who is helping to establish the underground railroad and who is benefiting.
Posted By Anonymous Patricia Knight, Falls Church, VA : 12:18 PM ET
Our National security is being sold to the highest bidder.
Corporations. Tax the very corporations using illegal help to get the money to protect the borders. The National Gaurd is there to do this. Reinstate the draft
and give these freeloaders a chance to become citizens by serving the country. This will free up the National Gaurd to do it's job at home.
No nation ever at a time of war has done so little to protect it's borders. At a time when terrorists are plotting a nuclear attack on this couintry , it's time to put the money spent on the space program into securing our borders. Anything less is an act of treason and our politicians should be held accountable. This should be Gonzales number one priority, not porn.
Posted By Anonymous Laurien DuTremble : 12:19 PM ET
I know that this will sound a bit archeaic but just build a large wall all along the border. Put down seismic mics that can pick up sounds underground as well to keep people from digging under the walls. I know it sounds a little "iron curtain-esque" but if everyone is so concerned about the trafficking of people and drugs then do something about it that works.
Posted By Anonymous George Ebarb, Houston TX : 12:19 PM ET
We should close the borders untill we can insure only thoes with leagle rights can enter the country. Illegals should be extracated, you know- illegality is criminal!
Posted By Anonymous Duane Frazier - Yakima, WA : 12:19 PM ET
Stop drugs from entering the US. Good luck, that's a hard one. As long as there is a market for drugs, the bad guys will find a way to get them in.

Stop illegal aliens from crossing the border, that is much easier to do and it does not require a wall. If the illegal immigrants can not earn a living when the get here, they will stop coming. Think about it. If they can not get any work, can not buy or rent a place to live, can not get a drivers license (North Carolina will give a driver's license to anyone, even give you the test in Spanish), what will they do. The US government should focus on those who employ illegal aliens, and put a stop to it. But some companies are making BIG money by using illegal aliens in the work place. And when BIG money is involved, it difficult to get the government to act. I best stop before I get in trouble.....
Posted By Anonymous Chaz, Raleigh, North Mexico(Carolina) : 12:19 PM ET
wall it.
Posted By Anonymous doug L : 12:20 PM ET
I think most Americans forget their history. There is no reason to upset with the great majority of these brothers and sisters from the south. It is obvious that our excesses give way to some of the problems. One side or the other is not inherently wrong, but there are elements all humanity which are inherently evil. This will always be the case, but is no cause for apathy. The best case scenario is one in which our goverment increases security significantly, increases legal immigration and enforces the very laws it already has. As much as the Right in this country talks about how the people flooding in are "good for the economy". These people who "employ" illegal immigrants at scant wages and fire good working Americans are criminals and they're pervasive. Law ENFORCEMENT in the U.S. must step up. I'm tired of seeing day workers getting picked up by rednecks at seven eleven. Okay...I'm done
Posted By Anonymous Jacob, Richmond VA : 12:20 PM ET
"Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States" said Porfirio D�az. Our national destinies, America and Mexico, have long been intertwined. In modern times, pollution, water, economics and rapid travel and telecommunications make our nations inseparable.

The only long-term solution to US-Mexico relations I can see is a North American Union like the EU in Europe.
Posted By Anonymous Jack Woehr (former Libertarian candidate for US Congress), Golden, Colorado : 12:20 PM ET
It amazing that we can spend hundreds of millions of dollars a day to protect other countries from Civil War and terrorists but we don't want to protect ourselves from an obvious problem with illegal immigration. There are so many holes in our borders that would not take a very smart or organized terrorist group to gain entry through Mexico. We need to push this issue to the forefront. We need to build a security wall on the entire border. We need to have the National Guard work with Border Patrol Agents and INS to provide better security. Putting all Politics aside something must be done quickly and forcefully.
Posted By Anonymous Nick Frederick, MD : 12:20 PM ET
How can we expect anything to be done about or borders when President Bush is pushing the Common North American Commumity agenda? What about the Social Security Totalization Agreement that the US signed with Mexico a few years ago? Interesting that when the President was trying to reform social security, he NEVER ONCE told the American people about THAT! This administration has NO INTENTION of stopping this invasion! President Bush should be impeached for treason against this country!
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth, Birmingham, AL : 12:21 PM ET
wall it.
Posted By Anonymous Doug Ledbetter--Kalamazoo, MI : 12:21 PM ET
I agree with the previous post. While I live in Dallas I'm originally a "border girl". I'm Mexican and have lived on both sides of the Juarez-El Paso border. Being the country south the United States has always been both a blessing and a curse for Mexico. Of course shows like yours and others here understandably focus on the effects of the drug trafficking to Americans. But I assure you, more Mexicans die, are taken advantage, and/or have their lives ruined by the drug traffic that those of Americans who mainly just are �consumers� in this underground economic model. Mexico is a country that has long struggled to emerge from its economic problems and cannot, in large part because it seems impossible to come from under the thumb of drug money. We are speaking of tremendous mounts of dollars finding their way into all levels of the Mexican government. Drug money is the fuel that keeps the corruption that you experienced in your visit alive and well. Good policemen are routinely intimidated or even killed if they refuse to take bribes. It's commonly known that police have to pay �dues� to their superiors too. These, like many other people in Mexico, are jaded individuals (now don�t get me wrong, I�m by no means justifying them, rather explaining the situation). These creates this atmosphere of callousness, its not just to child prostitution, reality is that everybody over there thinks none of the problems are solvable because the monster of corruption is so enormous. The same applies to the press. It is not uncommon to hear that a journalist has been murdered and people are not surprised. It�s just the way life is. I think it�s hard for Americans, who generally give their government the benefit of the doubt, what is truly like to live over there. I know many of your viewers probably don�t care and might be fine with the suggestion by one of the previous posts from Louisisana to build a �Berlin Wall� and an institute a �shoot first policy�. But the reality is that as long as there are people in the United States using their disposable income to consume drugs or pay for sex, etc. there will always be others (who see this as their only way out of poverty) who will find a way to satisfy this demand.
Posted By Anonymous Lily, Dallas, TX : 12:21 PM ET
We need to take a tougher stand with Mexico. The Mexican government is just as much responsible for all the illegal activity as the lawbreakers are.
Posted By Anonymous Rick, Canton,Ohio : 12:21 PM ET
The border needs to be sealed with a wall. Our country is at risk otherwise. The time to act is now
Posted By Anonymous Bernard Stevens, Northbrook Illinois : 12:22 PM ET
We have to realize that we are dependent on illegal immigrants from Mexico. An article I read somewhere else suggested that the produce industry in California would be destroyed if there were no Mexican immigrants to pick the crops, because the work is too hard for Americans to do, even for pretty decent money.
Yes, one grower said that he offered $9 per hour for workers to harvest his crops. He need 150 people. One showed up, but left before noon.
So we have to make a choice between shutting down the border, which would raise food prices and put a lot of small growers out of business, or finding some other way of dealing with the problem.
Posted By Anonymous Rory Starkweather, Cabool Missouri : 12:22 PM ET
I merely wish to close the border to the point where we control who comes across. That is all the "great wall " of China did.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Coleman, San Dimas, Ca. : 12:22 PM ET
It really should be like airport security down there. Every single vehicle, belonging, person, and shoe needs to be looked at before coming in. We do it at our airports; why not at our borders? I was down in Mexico last year for a mission trip with my church, and when we came in to Mexico (in a large 16-passenger van), they just waved us through. Going back into the U.S. from Mexico, the guy (Mexican customs official) simply poked his head inside the driver's window, took a quick look at everyone inside, and said "go ahead." Mind you we could have been carrying loads of weed and perhaps a couple of nervously-perspiring Mexicans contortioned behind the backseat amidst all of our belongings.
Posted By Anonymous Jill S. Rochester Hills, MI : 12:22 PM ET
I love all these comments! Especially the ignorant ones like the one from Lorrie Topolin of New Hope, PA. "Wherever I vacation I see Mexicans!" First of all, Mexicans aren't the only people who migrate into this country illegaly but ignorant people won't see the difference. The problem is not a "broken border". The BIG problem is our immigration policies and our demand for illegal immigrants. Many say illegal immigration cost this country millions. Well, they also produce $$$ millions more for this country. I am a first generation American. Born to immigrant parents who toiled the fields of this country for 20 years for meager pay. My parents helped build this country "illegaly". It was okay, then? It saddens me to read the ignorance in this blog. America, you want a solution? Start punishing the American industry that demands illegal immigrants and maybe you won't see "us" at your favorite vacation spot anymore!
Posted By Anonymous Irene, El Paso, Texas : 12:23 PM ET
Its time to not only fence the border but also firearms carrying troops. would be good to add an additional 2 weeks or so to basic training and rotate the greens there as a visual guard. Would provide training for the solder and many added eyes before sending them to AIT.
Posted By Anonymous thomas fletcher brooklyn ny : 12:23 PM ET
Anderson, first of all, thanks for covering this more in-depth than the typical 60-second sensationalistic news flash these issues so often become. Saying this is a real problem is an abused clich�. This is not only real, but destructive to Americans. I�ve heard politicians saying illegal immigrants are needed to fill jobs and help sustain our economy, that they are a valuable human resource that makes the American way of life work, so laws will go easy on them. This I�ve heard from first hand experience law officers in my home town. I�ve also heard the racist point of view, which I will give no credit to here. But the real facts are this: Illegal immigrants are just that�illegal. What is in place now is not working. So we need a short term and long term solution. Laws and international agreements are long term, due to the length of time it takes to decide and implement them. So what are our short-term solutions? It�s a war zone, so treat it as such. 12� concrete walls, barbed wire, motion sensors, guard towers, mine-fields, moats, and heavily armed Marines. It really angers me that Mexican soldiers are on our turf to protect drug smuggling. In literal terms that is an invasion against our sovereign state. I believe we should cancel all non-business, non-trade travel to Mexico until they at least begin cleansing their law enforcement. A loss of Billions of American tourist dollars for a few months should get their attention. We need to stop this disease before it becomes inoperable.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Anderson, Lenexa, KS : 12:24 PM ET
I will watch; I think it is important to. I wish people could come up with a good solution about the borders, but so far no one has. It's a challenging problem. Thank you for continuing to shed light on it and keeping people thinking and talking about it.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Colorado : 12:24 PM ET

A really, really, really big wall and more border patrols won't work. They'll find a way into our country illegally just like the old saying goes... where there is a will there is a way. Let Mexico & Canada merge into United States and greet China.
Posted By Anonymous Berry Sewell - Cochise, Arizona : 12:25 PM ET

I do hope you are successful. Maybe we should seriously consider to do what Isreal did--build a security wall. Doesn't our goverment have the responsibility to protect the citizens?
Posted By Anonymous Ron Flemington, NJ : 12:25 PM ET
The biggest problem in this case is the economic situation in the affected countries. In most cases it is catastrophic. The problem of human trafficking exists all over the world. Diplomatic relationships between countries like the US, Germany, Spain, France and affected countries like Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine are many times damaged if not destroyed due to this issue. Unfortunately, due to the �Big Business� aspect of human trafficking and sex crimes, elected officials and law officials due hardly anything or nothing to help solve the inhumane treatment of children and woman specifically.

Enhancing economic trade to better the living conditions in affected countries would be a great way to start but this is also a very �romantic� and slow approach. Controlling Dollars that flow into so called �non profit organizations� that state they exist to help this situation would also be very important. Many times they funds are misused by corrupted individuals.

I believe that de isolation of affected countries, strengthening punishment for sex crimes and trafficking and encouraging victims to speak out (protection for victims) is a possible answer to this problem.
Posted By Anonymous Katrina, Phila, PA : 12:25 PM ET
The border needs to be completely under control - period! Then we may choose to let workers in, or even allow all in who want to come but it must be by our choice, not by invasion.
Posted By Anonymous Patrick , Annapolis Md : 12:26 PM ET
Perhaps we should just annex the rest of Mexico as we have done with the southwest. Then, we as a country can address most of the problem in Mexico with U.S. economic solutions and clean out the corupt goverment there. All of those Mexican citizens would no longer be "illegals". Hmmmm....
Posted By Anonymous Harold - KC, MO : 12:28 PM ET
The Berlin wall didnt work very well at first until they started shooting the people who violated it. Maybe death is a deterint.
Posted By Anonymous Terry, G.R. MI. : 12:29 PM ET
But the Mexican military or Police are not involved! This is what we have been told by senior Mexican officials recently many other times. I suggest that there is a state of denial in high level Mexican government.
Posted By Anonymous JK, Saint Louis, MO : 12:29 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Mr. Bill, NEW BRITAIN, CONN. : 12:29 PM ET
From your report regarding the biribery issue, It is clear to me that the Mexican government has no interest in solving the illegal entry of their people to the US. If they aren't concerned with Child Sex Crimes, what makes every one think that they care about imigration? I wouldn't be surprised if the Mexican authorities get kick backs from every drug dealer smuggling into the US. If there is ever to be a solution, then the US will be as always responsible. There are millions of americans in low income class that could benefit from the jobs that are being taken by the immigrants. I would appreciate it as well since I am paying for their food and children through our ever elaborate government programs.
I think that there should be one day a week that immigration authorities sit outside Walmart and check for illegals. I gaurantee they will deport hundreds if not thousands in my area alone. Then, there will be jobs a plenty!
Posted By Anonymous Cristy, Scroggins TX : 12:29 PM ET
The U.S. needs to build a fence across the entire border, install cameras across the entire fence and the Federal Govn't needs a worker program for immigrants that want to work in the U.S. legally. These immigrants that are legal should pay wage tax like any other American worker. For health care, no illegal immigrant receives health care or schooling, the illegal should be sent back to their country for any treatment or schools. If there legal, no problem, but we must protect or borders and during the time of the fence being built (government call to action immediately)the army and National Guard units should be actively partrolling with border control agents.

Protect the citizens of the United States and welcome and immigrant that wants to work and live in the U.S.

Posted By Anonymous Ron Mosey, Orlando, Florida : 12:29 PM ET
All of the issues regarding the human toll are true but in addition to these dire social circumstances we also need to realize that the land surrounding the border is taking an ecological beating. As an avid outdoorsman in a borderstate I can tell you that the health of the land and the watchable wildlife is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Where there were once vast numbers of animals now only contains trash and human waste. I equate this to the old "canary in the coal mine" scenario
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Tucson AZ : 12:30 PM ET

I live about 7 miles from the border in San Diego County, CA. I'm a lawyer, and when I started out I was on a panel of lawyers providing 6th Amendment rights to indigent defendants in the U. S. District Court here. Most of my clients involved alien smuggling, one way or another--usually as the smuggelee! There are large criminal conspiracies involved, but one of the problems is the limited number of judges and courtrooms capable of hearing the trials and rendering just verdicts and sentences. A lot more attention should be paid to upgrading the judiciary in this area; improved law enforcement would then follow. Presently, so many are released on condition of nonreturn and then do return anyway. It's a rougher sentence the second time, but they know the odds of getting caught are in their favor. Capturing and punishing the large-scale conspiratorial racketeers would be a great improvement.
Posted By Anonymous Robert T. Gustafson, Attorney, National City, CA. : 12:30 PM ET

I believe that to begin solving the U.S.-Mexican border problems is for the Mexican Government to begin cleaning up its self from corruption. They are the disease that has passed dowm to politicians, city officials, and police who are involved in kidnappings, extortion, murders, and drug trafficking. Without a stable government, whos purpose is to seek and serve for the good of its citizens, Mexico will continue to be what it is.
Posted By Anonymous Rosendo Garcia, Winters, CA : 12:30 PM ET
What continues to baffle me are the inconsistencies we see from our government �regarding border policy. They continue to avoid an infectious situation occurring in �Mexico; yet deny freedom to humans seeking political asylum because the bridge they so �vigorously held onto was not connected to American soil only yards away. Where are �our priorities?�
Posted By Anonymous Dino - Florida Keys : 12:30 PM ET
Anderson, I live aproximatly 60 miles north of the border. Seeing how Fox's goverment encourages his people to sneak into the US and how local church groups provide maps showing water and Border Patrol sights is very disturbing.Since we know who the churchmembers are providing the maps are we should arrest them for aiding and abetting federal fugitives. If this was being done by any other country the president would have declared war, and we'd have troops on Mexican soil. Yet all you see around town is "Latino Pride" on every building. If Mexico is fantastic why are they all sneaking in here?
Posted By Anonymous Richard, Tucson AZ : 12:30 PM ET
Everyone knows we have a border problem. In my opinion it is the single issue I will use to cast my vote this year. Washington needs to get aggressive with our Mexican neighbor and clamp down on this problem.
One solution is to take away the incentives to work here. Fine employers for hiring illegals, seize illegal's assets and deport them. Sell their seized assets to pay for the cost of deportation. Cut off all aid to Mr. Fox's government until he puts economic policies in place to help his own people instead of shipping them here.
Here in Illinois our governor wants to give illegal's state subsudized 3% home mortgages. THis is crazy.
Washington needs to wake up and realize this is a serious problem
Posted By Anonymous Frank - Chicago Illinois : 12:30 PM ET
the fact of the matter is that illegal immigration is something the US simply CANNOT stop. A 1000 ft wall can be built, and immigrants will find a way to get here. When you see your children starving, you do whatever it takes to feed them. It is that determination that drives people to come to the US. I garantee anyone here would do the same, if the US's economy ever put them in the same sutuation. As far as the drug problem is concerned, the US will not stop it for one reason, MONEY!!
This nation depends on drug traffic to maintain the economic status it has. All the anti-drug ads on TV are just ike the anti-smoking ads. The advertise drugs. An as far as prostitution goes, there needs to be demand in order for supplies to exist. As long as there are perverted Americans that feel the need to have sex with minors, there will be a supply of them. An for alll those people that say "shoot first" here is my comment:

"Do not add to your nation's ignorance with your prejudice thoughts. This country does not need to be humiliated any more. It has been humiliated enough with actors and wrestlers as governors, as well as presidents who lie"
Posted By Anonymous Jose, Hackensack NJ : 12:31 PM ET
When was the border ever not broken? A very tall and strong fence or wall needs to be erected along its entire length. Although, I realize that is not feasable, I believe that would be only thing that works.
Posted By Anonymous J. P., Norfolk, Va. : 12:31 PM ET
SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By Anonymous DE in Indiana : 12:31 PM ET
Anderson - Has the U.S.-Mexican border ever been secure? The influx of ridiculously cheap Mexican labor is crucial to the survival of the U.S. economy. Besides.... does anyone honestly believe that a chain link fence and some barb wire will do the trick? Get real!
Posted By Anonymous J. Todsen, St. Petersburg, Fl : 12:31 PM ET
The United States has become the welfare state for Mexico's indigent. There are many consequences to the argument that "they work jobs that no one else in the U.S. will."

In L.A. County, we've gone from 20 plus emergency rooms to around 10 in the past few years due to uninsured, illegal immigrants using the ER for basic treatment. The illegal immigrants manipulate hospital policy of not refusing anyone has created an unbearable financial burden. Additionally, they transport diseases into the U.S that have been irradiated in the United States for years.

With regards to education, the school system is being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants, the high school drop out rate in L.A. County is over 50%. What is the quality of education the children of legitimate tax paying citizens receive?

Insurance fraud is on the rise in the form of workers comp., vehicle accidents, etc. An employer frequently cannot determine if an I.D. is valid. The perpetrator will file a WC claim within weeks of employment then return to Mexico to live off the benefits, or more frequently, start the process over with another employer and another identity, drawing benefits from multiple claims.

I would prefer to see a wall between countries with patrolled enforcement and controlled immigration. A program on cable (History Channel ?) recently documented a program in Texas during the 1950�s created by local immigration authorities called �Operation Wetback�. Apparently the wall and enforcement immediately reduced illegal crossings and smuggling by over 75%. So it can work. Additionally, the wall and increased enforcement will prevent the unnecessary smuggling deaths, not to mention the reduction of violent crime perpetrated by Mexican nationals running back & forth across the border.

Once the flow across the border is stopped, the corrupt Mexican government will have to come to the realization that they are responsible for their citizenry and economy, possibly looking to other means of commerce other than relying on drugs as their gross national product.
Posted By Anonymous Randall G. Los Angeles, CA : 12:32 PM ET
The flood of illegal immigrants is putting a severe strain on our social services. How many of them do you think actually pay taxes? It's a "supply & demand" issue...too many greedy U.S. employers are willing to hire them in order to line their own pockets. Shut off the jobs and you'll shut off the immigration. I live in Houston and I can tell you that over the last 20 years the city has taken a serious nosedive due to the overcrowding resulting from illegal immigration: more traffic, more crime, etc. If we keep this pace up, I'd give it another 10-20 years before our city looks like another poverty-stricken border town. I'm also offended that our society feels we need to welcome these people with open arms: signs, billboard, commercials, etc. are now being presented in Spanish. We have to "press 1 for English". We're now even requiring our schools to teach Spanish to our children so we can communicate with these people better. Whatever happened to immigrants actually having to LEARN English in order to successfully integrate into our society?
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Houston TX : 12:32 PM ET
I've given up on the rhetoric.

Here's what we can do today:

1. Fine employers who hire illegals, escalate the fine every time they're caught.

2. More border walls - walls have been very effective where they have already been installed.

If the federal government won't do it, I'm sure the border states will start on their own, and soon - after all, they're the ones paying the cost of illegal immigration.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, Charlotte, NC : 12:33 PM ET
the first thing we can do is legalize drugs and spend the money devoted to the "war on drugs" on helping people overcome their social problems and drug habits. legal importation of the innocous drug marajuana will dramatically reduce the need to dig tunnels under the border which can be used for any variety ov illegal activities. the next thing we need to do is establish military posts every half mile or so along the border and build a real fence to prevent mexicos military from intimidating the local law enforcement and to prevent the human smuggeling.
Posted By Anonymous David Sschuetz, Hatfield PA : 12:33 PM ET
I'm not sure what should be done, or what can be done, but I hope that the show will not do what it usually does. Meaning, covering a story for a couple of weeks, then completely drop it. Can we say Niger?
Posted By Anonymous Abby, St. Louis, MO : 12:33 PM ET
First, I am not hispanic and Gainesville, GA is a long way from the border but it is only a matter of time before hispanics will be the majority here. Mexcian police are not alone with blind eyes. I see hisoanics here driving with no license plates on the vehicles nearly everytime I go out. I have known some of these hispanics and some rely on other people to have their utilities turned on because they have no Social Security number or drivers license. The hispanics take jobs because they work for cash, don't pay taxes like I do except sales tax. They work cheap partly because of the workers being paid in cash. One thing the police did see here was the largest cocaine bust in Hall Co history at a hispanic warehouse. I think the illegal hisoanics should be hauled to the border and dropped off and anyone returning face a prison term in Mexico vs our prisions. Our government should force Mexico to do it or close the border permanently. Talk of a fence our a wall, bull, put watch towers with guns in them. The infared motion sensing type.
Posted By Anonymous Don in Gainesville, GA : 12:33 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous KONI, HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA : 12:34 PM ET
The 'pro-wall' crowd is dreaming. People will tunnel, enter through canada or come to the US on our beaches.

The US should open more legal avenues to immigration. The illegals come here, but often only want to earn money, and return to their countries.

By making it more dangerous and expensive for them to cross the border, the US encourages them to put down roots and stay once they are here.

If we had legal avenues to allow people to come here, work for awhile, and return to their countries, we'd probably have fewer people putting down permanent roots here. And we'd certainly have better information on who is here, and why.

MANY groups of people are completely excluded from legal avenues of immigration - so they come here illegally and stay, because there are no legal avenues available to them.

Open more legal avenues to address this, and we'd have better control over who is here, and for how long.

The demand for immigrant labor is high. Immigrants help our economy - and we are a nation of immigrants. We should recognize that we have too few legal avenues of immigration, and that is the source of the 'problem.'

The idea that a wall will keep illegals out is pure folly.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, San Francisco CA : 12:34 PM ET
Hopefully some form of action will stem from this report as it's long overdue. It's amazing that with all of our worries abroad we neglect to protect our own border. I have seen advertisements on TV recruiting for the Boarder Patrol so maybe we'll get more bodies out there.
Posted By Anonymous Dan, Marquette MI : 12:35 PM ET
The non-existent border with Mexico is one of many many problem that our defunct and corrupt government in Washington refuses to address. We have no borders, and we have no goverment.
Posted By Anonymous Dan Cobb, Portland, OR : 12:35 PM ET
There are so many problems with are border with Mexico that have been there for decades thats impossible to tackle all of them. Even a wall will not solve the problem. There has to be an across the board understanding and more importantly political will (Republicans and Democrats) and alot of money to back the immigration programs that if you are here ilegally you will be returned to your country. Its not just Mexico. Colombians, Dominicans, Nigerians rule the drug trade and we are the market. If a middle easterner wants to come in to the country the easiest way is via the Southwest border. Good Luck America
Posted By Anonymous James Red Bank, NJ : 12:36 PM ET
We need a strategic redeployment of Border Patrol Agents. Get them off those "X's". Make them mobile again. The smugglers are fluid and adapt to change yet too many BP units are staked to the ground by a management who would have you believe that low apprehensions equal low illegal crossings. It's the classic head in the sand syndrome
Posted By Anonymous Dan Lilly Vancouver, BC : 12:36 PM ET
Pull or national guard troops back home where they should be. Place one every 1/4 mile along the border with a six pack and a bucket of 30-round clips .... Problem solved ..
Posted By Anonymous Noel, Portland Oregon : 12:36 PM ET
This is a very complex problem, which will not be solved by the proposed wall along the border. The increasing lawlessness among "coyotes", has lead to running gun battles on the highways and hostage taking among the immigrants. In addition, illegal border crossings take the lives of hundreds of people each year. Comprehesive economic development in Mexico would be a good start, however there is a great deal of interest on both sides of the border in the status quo.
Posted By Anonymous Leslie Tucson, AZ : 12:37 PM ET
Well I'm not against immigration but I am against illegal immigration. Everyone is always talking about broken health care, broken education etc. Do some research on how much these hospitals, and schools loose and end up charging more because illeagal immigrants are getting free health care, and going to the schools. we need to STOP turning a blind eye to this problem. Bono (U2) wants more money for the poor and aids, I want less money going out to the world and more for home. Build a wall, put steel in the ground to protect from tunnels etc. in africa and these other coutries that we give money aid to, STOP doing it, if you keep giving the fish for free to these people, instead of teaching him how to fish for himself we will never stop, and they will never be better off for themselves. Please please please, do the research on out schools and medical how much is lost and why it's costing more for citizens. if your born here to illegal immigrants then you are here illegally too. get out, apply and come back legally and melt into the melting pot like everyone else...!
75% of the MS13 gang members who were arrested last year were illegal. hhmm doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what we need to do.
Posted By Anonymous Dennis, Merrimack, NH : 12:37 PM ET
The Mexican Mafia is alive and working on the evil side of life. Bush has turned his head the other way when it comes to the WAR ON THE BORDERS. Bush is evil!
Posted By Anonymous Don, Redondo Beach CA : 12:37 PM ET
We'll if you want your McDonalds meal to cost $8.99 and a complete "Kaos" in Los Angeles (not like it is already one), San Fransisco, Chicago, etc. then close the borders and kick all the low wage and hard working Mexicans back to their country, lets see if you find any fast food restaurant open, and that gentleman would only be the begining.
Posted By Anonymous Jerome Alton, Miami, FL : 12:38 PM ET
I currently live in Tijuana and work and attend SDSU in San Diego. I have grown up commuting between both countries for most of my life and have witnessed many of the problems mentioned in this blog. While I do feel its good to have conversation about these issues I think it'll just blow away after a few weeks. You'll see the news pick this up and then politicians will jump in and in the end nothing much will get done. These problems won't go away any time soon when you have poverty and corruption south of the border and a market for illegal drugs north of the border fueling the dollars that cause this corruption. Both sides of the border have blame in this whole thing but neither side has the �cojones� to do what needs to be done.
Posted By Anonymous Roberto, Tijuana : 12:38 PM ET
Anderson, I have to say that I am impressed with your willingness to put a focus on socio-economic and criminal problems in Mexico in studying the border. I think this has been a major weakness in the "border analysis" of your CNN colleague, Lou Dobbs.

Yes, illegal immigration is a major problem, and it needs to be stopped but everything seems to revolve around the discussion of building a wall on the border, which won't do anything. In fact, a wall is a contradiction, the government chose to pass a free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada in the 90's which would basically eliminate trade barriers and would ease barriers from workers in these 3 markets being able to travel and work from country to country. At the same time, the government seeks to drastically close off these borders to a labor market that has been ingrained in American society since the 1910s.

We need to look at the dichotomy of the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico, from both sides, and see how that relationship affects migration patterns. Neither the U.S. gov't nor the Mexican government has done its job holding up the bargain of the free trade agreement and the redistribution of wealth. Mexican law enforcement is so rotten with corruption that neither Fox, nor Cabeza de Vaca will do anything other then tacitly acknowledging lawlessness in the Northern States. The narcos pay the cops and the people better, and what are they supposed to depend on.
Posted By Anonymous Carlos, Alhambra, CA : 12:38 PM ET
Thank you for your interesting stories on illegal trafficing of drugs and people across the US/Mexico border. Unfortunately, the problem will continue to be pervasive. Since the Colombian cartels involved Mexican cartels in the transhipment business, the border has become hotspot. Mexican cartels now move more than half of the narcotics bound for the US.

In this specific case, too much money is invollved to find an easy solution for the problem. Every time a significant bust is made, the retail cost of the drug rises. This creates a scenario where people are more apt to take a chance on drug running and dealing, as the risk/reward profile becomes much more attractive.

Additionally, recent pressures and arrests have fragmented the business into much smaller and more difficult to find groups.

The only solution is to find a balance where the demand for illegal drugs is lowered in the United States, and where the supply of drugs is allowed to rise, therefore lowering the cost of the drugs, and causing the various segments of the narco business to become less profitable and thereby reduce imports. Legalization is one way to accomplish this, however, that is unlikely to ever happen. Only through a strong drive to reduce demand and less pressure on trafficers, could a balance be reached.
Posted By Anonymous Edward, New York, NY : 12:38 PM ET
I'm a Mexican who lives in the US (legally) and works in the Mexican side, it is unbelievable the kind of things that happen in the town of Reynosa, murders, rapes, and kidnappings that go unreported because you can't trust the authorities, a drug kingping can show up in a restaurant or a club with his people, pay the tab of everyone in there and that the police can not arrest them (will not), almost every day you read in the paper of murders being commited all drug related, it saddens me that my country has come to this and that we can't hope for a better Mexico because the corruption goes all the way to the top.
Posted By Anonymous T.J. Reynosa, Mexico : 12:38 PM ET
We need our national guard patrolling the border. It seems to be a slap on the wrist or a hands off policy when it comes to this US government. Our country is being destroyed in front of our eyes and Bush will do nothing to protect us. This great nation used to be a melting pot and is now a divided nation; divided by languages, gangs, cultures, and drugs. I am all for the use of deadly force on the border. The president of Mexico is promoting this emmigration because in doing so he is helping his economy. If our country is to survive, we must stop this immigration and we must stop the immigration of people from countries that are adversarial to the US. Look what has happened because of the printing of a cartoon. Do we want these people in our country. And yes, they are coming thru our southern border. WAKE UP BUSH. YOUR POLICIES ARE LEADING TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS COUNTRY.
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Portland Oregon : 12:39 PM ET
Dear Anderson and Others,

The United States and Mexico share a single heritage, bisected by a towering political, topographic and economic border. Historically, the physical and cultural dividing line between the two nations has been porous. One need only glance at the words written on a map of our states to notice American borderlands have all either been part of Mexico at some time or either colonized by Americans after long periods of Mexican or Spanish occupation. To divide Americans from Mexicans is contrary to hundreds of years of shared history. True, deep corruption, squalor and danger lies to our south - but so do our partners - our cousins - in the great experiment of North American life. We must find a way to balance our differences in economics and freedoms such that the crossing of our national border is no more significant or problematic than the crossing of our state borders.
Posted By Anonymous Gabriel Bell, NYC : 12:39 PM ET
Many areas of Phoenix that used to be safe, are no longer considerations as commuting routes. The illegals stand on corners, harrass women with sexual insults, have anchor babies to remain here in this country, suck up our tax dollars in form of education and welfare benefits, and are nothing more than criminals snickering at our idea of civility. You keep your fingers crossed every morning on the way to work that one of them doesn't cause an accident, because you will be out of luck knowing full well they do not have valid car insurance let alone vehicular registration or identification. With NAFTA in place, there is no excuse for the illegal entry into our country. It seems likely that many wealthy business owners are in fear of the impact of THEIR economy if the cheap labor is deported. Let's have some tax consequences for those employing illegals (I mean what is the I-9 for anyway), step up deportation measures (if we house in prison, think of the expenditures!) and build a "Protect Americans from Crime" Wall around the scene, also known as the Mexican Border. There is no real stable benefit contributed by the illegals to our society, merely a drain on our resources. Keep in mind - they broke the law entering the US - no valid reason to harbor criminals, except for the continued lining of pockets. Frankly, I am intimidated by them, and do not appreciate paying for their existence in the US while they cannot be bothered with the remote possibility of learning our language (not supported by OUR tax dollars!) or even utilizing a few manners on occasion. I have been pushed while late term pregnant, yelled at and insulted if I have gone to businesses I no longer frequent. My husband is a police officer, and you wouldn't believe the number of fatal DUI's caused by illegals (w/o repurcussion) not to mention all the other crimes caused by this specific group of people. I have represented LEGAL immigrants in federal court, and know first hand that if someone truly wants to be an American, there is a way. Build a WALL!!
Posted By Anonymous R.C., Phoenix, Arizona : 12:39 PM ET
I am 24 years old and I have lived in San Diego all my life. Ever since I was 15 years old, I would go to TJ to hit up the clubs and the strip clubs. Of the 100+ times I have been there, I have been hasseled by one of the following: Police, Robbers, Pimps and prostitutes. The police has always been the worst. I can recall one time when I was about 17 and my buddies and I were all hanging out on the street smoking a cigarette and all the sudden a truck full of men pull up and grab my buddy and hog tie him, strip all his clothes off and throw him in the back of their truck. They were the police, but none were wearing uniforms. Scared us big time, but then we went from jail to jail looking for him and finally at like 7am we paid $800 to get him out of jail. That is just one of about 50 crazy stories I have of Mexico.
Posted By Anonymous Bradley, San Diego CA : 12:39 PM ET
Anderson...This seems to be a problem that our own government has been not taking seriously until of late. What about "Homeland Security" (what a joke)? If we had troops available, we could protect our own country instead of others. George Bush loves cheap labor, which has had a pronounced affect on our economy and labor. Of course he and his Republican counter parts have no concern for labor in this country unless it benifits companys that take advantage of this labor force (cash, no taxes, no benifits).

Whats more important to this country...Cheap Labor,the Latin Vote, or National Security?
Posted By Anonymous Mark Colegrove, New Jersey : 12:39 PM ET
Our borders must be protected by our military if we are to keep terrorists from slipping through to bring us a disaster bigger than 911.
Posted By Anonymous Barbara Cronin, Bethel, Ohio : 12:39 PM ET
Put up 15 foot high and 15 foot deep walls on the Mexican border. Start paying more for border patrol workers, so more will be willing to work.
Posted By Anonymous Luke Smith Indianapolis Indiana : 12:39 PM ET
Not just the border, but the system is broken. You can see by your comments and by the comments in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today regarding proposed state legislation to address the illegal immigration problem that this issue is causing a great deal of animosity in our Country even though most of us know that people cross the border for a chance at the life we all cherish. We are fighting to give the people of Iraq a better life, but seem to care very little about our neighbors.
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Lawrenceville GA : 12:39 PM ET
^^^ acting on the models of south african apartheid, the warsaw ghettos, and second-class-citizen wall in palestine...continues to be a ridiculous theme here...are we really that close-minded?
Posted By Anonymous Patrick, New York, NY : 12:40 PM ET
We need to stop illegal immigration, deport people already in this country illegally, and not allow a newborn child to automatically have American citizenship unless at least one of his/her parents are an American citizen. Anyone hiring someone in this country illegally should face between 2 and 5 years in prison.

Of course, every US citizen needs to understand the reasons for doing this:
1) People here illegally have broken at least one Federal law, if not also other Federal, state, and local laws. If they obviously don't have respect for one law, it can be expected that they would be more likely than most to not respect other laws. For example, most MS13 gang-members are in the USA illegally.

2) The jobs taken by illegal immigrants make it harder for citizens to find jobs or to see wage increases if they do have jobs. People in unions have a hard time winning wage increases when employers know they can just hire people here illegally who are willing to work for much less. (In case anyone is wondering, this is my feeling even though no one in my family is in a union, and I would likely see some higher prices for items I buy like fresh produce and hotel stays.) Think of all of the good-paying rebuilding jobs that would be available for the residents of New Orleans if large numbers of illegal workers weren't flooding the area with cheap labor.

3) The emergency medical system in this country is struggling even harder than it otherwise would be because of the need to take care of the people in this country illegally. Almost all people here illegally do not have health insurance and thus are less likely to have routine medical care to deal with problems early. When the problems suddenly become major, hospitals are required to provide care even though the individuals do not have health insurance to pay the bills. This results in everyone else paying higher costs for medical services to cover the cost of medical care for uninsured illegal immigrants.

4) Many, if not most, people in this country illegally do not speak English and thus put more of a financial strain on governments by making tax money be spent on bilingual government publications, bilingual education, etc.

5) It would reduce (but certainly not eliminate) the availability of illegal drugs and the tremendous burdens those drugs place on society.

To stop illegal immigration, I would:
1) Build a double-wall across our entire southern border since that is where most illegal entries are taking place currently.

2) Use our borders as a continual military exercize. Our military capabilities (except the Coast Guard) should be used to detect (only detect) anyone trying to enter the USA illegally. The military would then notify the US Border Patrol or Coast Guard to intercept and detain the people involved; unless the entry were being made by air or ocean - and then the Air Force or Navy could perform the interception.

3) The US Border Patrol and Coast Guard should receive much more funding to hire staff to detain and deport people entering or staying in the USA illegally.

4) Stiff financial penalties and jail time should be imposed on anyone hiring someone in the USA illegally - including Human Resources personel at large companies and business owners of small businesses. The federal government should provide a mechanism for businesses to verify a potential employee's hiring status.

5) There must be jail time for people who have entered the USA illegally multiple times.

Keep up the good work, AC. I'm a big fan of both you and CNN.
Posted By Anonymous C, Chicago, IL : 12:40 PM ET
With the revelations of incursions into the U.S. by Mexican millitary aiding smugglers, tunnels used for smuggling people and drugs, and the refusal of the Mexican government to do anything remotely effective to curb the flow of illegal Mexican immigrants into the country what needs to be done is simple really. Build a wall along the ENTIRE southern border and place some Army soldiers stationed at posts in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas along the wall to protect it. Their orders: Shoot on site. You implement this and I guarentee that the problem will be solved. On the flip side of's something that won't be done since we get a LARGE percentage of our oil from Latin American countries. Too bad the oil pimps are selling out the American people for less than a wet food stamp.
Posted By Anonymous Paul H. Los Angeles, CA : 12:41 PM ET
The problems that we see at our boarder with Mexico are driven by many factors. I think it would be great to isolate some of these factors on both sides of the boarder than are driving the problems and feature them on your program.
We need to have more attention brought to the subject in order to effect any meanful solutions.
Posted By Anonymous Jess San Jose,CA : 12:41 PM ET
Living in Arizona where the border is probably the most vulnerable, I have a good perspective on the problems. The only solution I can see is to use the military heavily across the border. The drug cartels are ruthless and will stop at nothing to smuggle people and drugs into the country. It is only a matter of time before they begin smuggling terrorist, bio/chemical weapons, or nukes into the US. This probably poses a bigger threat than terrorist abroad.
Posted By Anonymous Scott - Phoenix, AZ : 12:41 PM ET
Oh - I LOVE the land mine comment from Houston! GREAT idea! My city is so overran w/ illegals, it's now just another problem left to accept. It really burns my rear that I have to select ENGLISH or SPANISH - even to use an ATM. Now wait a minute... Should 'I' just accept this, and become one of the politically correct goody-2-shoes? Or maybe stand up for LEGAL citizens who come to America - AND LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH - in a nice costly legal battle of discrimination? All I can say is - WAKE UP, AMERICA! Stand UP for AMERICAN rights! Don't expect your neighbor to do it all. We have to become ONE nation under GOD!
Posted By Anonymous DE again : 12:43 PM ET
A wall and a minefield will take care of the issue. Immigration is a great thing to offer people, but it has to be done legally. I don't feel my tax dollars should be spent on healthcare, education, and shelter for illegal immigrants.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Kissimmee, FL : 12:43 PM ET
First off, thanks for everything you are out there doing. Between your efforts and those of Lou Dobbs I am certain the general awareness of this serious problem will be forced onto the table. I believe it's more of a core social battle that deters us from acting in most regards. We must secure our borders yet keep our principles of freedom and LEGAL immigration intact. Thanks Anderson, you rock!
Posted By Anonymous Steven Dowling Jr, Huntington Beach, California : 12:43 PM ET
How about a massive foreign aid program to help Mexico raise its economy, boost literacy, and stamp out corruption? It would be worth the money.

Of course Mexico would have to respond by cutting down drug and people smuggling and getting rid of corrupt police and bureaucrats.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Burlington, VT : 12:43 PM ET
i'm not even sure if the american people are still running our government. i think our back is broken in this country and we make ourselveles to vulnerable. (leaving ourselves wide open for problems small or big)
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Ventura, Ca. : 12:44 PM ET
I say if they want to be a part of this country put them in the front lines in Iraq and prove themselves and bring back our American troops that are citizens !
Posted By Anonymous Guadalupe, MI : 12:44 PM ET
I think the US should build a huge tunnel going to Mexico. When the illegals are picked up in US, simply and inexpensively, open the US side of the tunnel, throw them in, and lock it back up. They shouldn't have to processed, feed and shipped around. I have and fund my own home security system on my home; where is the homeland system, that I also fund, on the southern border?
Posted By Anonymous Greg - Carmel N.Y. : 12:45 PM ET
Bush doesn't care to change the border situation because that would mean that all those janitors and gardners at the white house would have to go back over the border. A civil war is about to explode on both America and Mexico. I'm from San Diego and feel the tension at the border. But rest assure Conservatives and Liberals don't. Thanks for the great commentary on the subject. keep up the good work.
Posted By Anonymous Nate St.John, San Diego, CA : 12:45 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous DAVID,MCALLEN ,TEXAS : 12:45 PM ET
I think we need to pull as many troops from Afghanistan and Iraq and put them directly on the US\Mexico border. We should locate all of the tunnels and shoot cave buster missiles into them with no warning. I'm tired of illegal aliens flocking into this country and destroying it. In my home state, in a span of about 4 months, 4 drunk illegal mexicans have killed several people by driving on the wrong side of major highways! At least one of them has been deported and made his way back into our country. In my opinion, illegal aliens are the biggest down fall of this country. This problem should be the presidents deepest concern.
Posted By Anonymous George, Charlotte NC : 12:45 PM ET
This is a perfect example of how badly flawed our Homeland Security is. How is it that so much emphasis is being placed on preventing terrorism with Bush's wiretap program, the Patriot Act and the Iraq war itself, while we've practically setup a welcome mat on our borders for anyone that wants to enter the states illegally? I just don't get it.
Posted By Anonymous Ramsey, New York, NY : 12:45 PM ET
The problem starts here in the USA with the demand for drugs. We need to make help available to people to get off drugs, provide for clinics where people can get the help they need, move the monies devoted to the drug war to drug education and assistance for getting off the drugs. Making them available under strict controls here will take the incentive and profit out of the illegal trade of drugs.
Posted By Anonymous Alice Bell, Redding, CA : 12:45 PM ET
I agree, the border does need to be protected against drugs and criminals entering the United States. The Berlin Wall idea sounds pretty good, but extremely costly. However, immigration laws should be eased as long as the proper backround checks on the people entering the country are being conducted. Unless you're 100% Native American, your ancesters were immigrants as well! Didnt they come here to give you the better life you have today?
Posted By Anonymous RS, Pennsylvania : 12:45 PM ET
Many more American lives are lost to drugs then to terrorism, why aren't we spending more on war on drugs? Because there is no money to make on selling guns in that war.

We protect our security by fighting wars oversees, there is a real war to be fought with criminals in this and neighboring country, but it looks like nobody really cares! We need media to talk more about this issues, may be then politicians will include them in their agenda.

Anderson, please do not make it a one day report, forgotten the next day, keep on talking about it.
Posted By Anonymous Tim Perelmutov, Naperville, ILL : 12:45 PM ET
Shut the Border for our Safety and our Children's. Mexico cannot be trusted.
Posted By Anonymous Maria, Lukin, TX : 12:46 PM ET
Mr Cooper,

I was discussing the autobiography of Fredrick Douglass with my daughter yesterday, and I was struck by his description of the plight of slaves who had escaped to the North before the Emancipation. His description of the lives of desparation and fear by these people is exactly the same as that of the millions of undocumented Mexicans in this country today.

It was a difficult conversation, as it was very hard to point to the difference between the two situations, and how the situation back in the 1850s was an unpardonable disaster, and the situation today is the best that can be done.

The situation is untenable. There will be hell to pay, and that right soon.
Posted By Anonymous Thad Beier, Los Angeles CA : 12:46 PM ET
In order to seal the border we would need something akin to a DMZ. As long as the Mexican people feel they will be better off in America and we don't have a completly militerized border with Mexico there is absolutly nothing you can do to stop any of the problems you list.
Posted By Anonymous Arthur Rowe, St Petersburg Florida : 12:46 PM ET
I think that it is a mistake to close the border down to everyone who wants to come here and work. Fact is Mexicans do jobs that many Ameicans think they are "too good" to do. If people in America were really motivated enough, there would be no unemployment. The issue is with illegal immigrants which create a problem of supply side economics, where the illegals can provide wages 15% to 20% lower because they are not being taxed, and the employers know that since they are illegal they can pay them sub-min wages. I say let them in if they can prove they are working and paying taxes, that will put them higher in my book than a US citezen sitting around collecting welfare. If they don't want to pay into the system, then they can try to cross illegally, and in that case we leave the Marine's down at the border, and set them to "Seek and Destroy" mode. It is nicer than Iraq, closer to home, and probably will do more to protect the country.
Posted By Anonymous Robert, San Francisco, CA : 12:47 PM ET
Why don,t we put all the illegal Mexicans to work building a "Great Wall" as in China, to keep them out
Posted By Anonymous Gary Miranda Sammamish, WA : 12:48 PM ET
The drug traffic is out of control. We need to make every effort to stop it. I mean EVERY effort. I believe the drug traffic does more damage than terrorism. America is at war with Mexicos drug cartel so we need to treat it as such and get the military involved. We need to make it so dangerous to try to bring drugs across that it is no longer worth it to them.
Posted By Anonymous Johnnie, San Diego CA : 12:48 PM ET
Its really easy for some of us to sit up here in the US on our home or work computers with our decent cars parked outside, kids in appropriate daycares and point fingers at what Mexicans are doing as what we see as wrong.

Go live in Mexico for a week and see how eager you are to come back. Better yet, go live there for the next 15 years and see how you feel about the 'build a bigger wall' and 'shoot first ask later.' Those are absolutely ludicrous statements made by comfortable, ignorant Americans. It is ridiculous. Can you imagine the desperate state of these people to send their kids out to prostitute or their loved ones cross dangerous terrain to earn a decent living? No you can't because you have not been there. And after these dangerous endeavors, most illegal immigrants live here under severally low paying jobs and live here in substandard conditions.

Also does the vast majority of people who are quick to cry, 'just immigrate legally' understand the immigration process? Is it unbelievably long and costly. A complete and utter terrible thing to go thru. I think there is a lot of reform that needs to be done to the BCIS. If there was a more reasonable process of immigration I am sure many would happily.

On a final note, unless any of us are from Native American decent, we are thus of immigrant decent.
Posted By Anonymous JS in Appleton, WI : 12:49 PM ET
Issue hunting licenses for the right to shoot border crossers. You would have no shortage of resources and if any drugs are siezed they get a reward of ten percent of the drug value. Think it is stupid? So was Vietnam run as a police action by poiticians instead of by the military as a war.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Leigh, West Chester PA : 12:50 PM ET
A porous border has implications beyond drug-smuggling, child trafficking, and illegal immigration. If all these things are happening on the scale you suggest, then we need serious funding of a Border Patrol to counter those problems and possible terrorist incursions. Give the border states extra federal funding to have their National Guards on patrol too. If Vicente Fox has a problem that he can't smuggle illegal laborers into the US so that they can send money back there to help their economy, TOO BAD. Jobs should go to legal workers who pay taxes.
Posted By Anonymous Morgan, Reynoldsburg, OH : 12:51 PM ET
Thanks Irene. You said what I was thinking but couldn't put into words.

Too many really ignorant people on here.

PS: We will not cut tourist travel b/c most resorts in MX are owned by American/European companies. It could work, but it won't happen.
Posted By Anonymous M from IL : 12:51 PM ET
Anderson, the problems you list have always been a problem. I live in El Paso, Texas where the Border Patrol and local law enforcement are working together to try and slow down criminal aliens. Yes, the person looking for a job is crossing also, but in this area the concern is drugs, human smuggling, and possible terrorists entering the country through an open border. The Border Patrol does a great job with their limited forces, and the Border Sheriff's Coalition is trying to help. Armed incursions and threats against law enforcement officers are the news here. Come to El Paso to see more, and speak with Sheriff Leo Samaniego about the problems.
Posted By Anonymous Jack, El Paso, Texas : 12:51 PM ET
Please bring up the anchor baby problem. Simply being born on US soil should not automatically grant the child or it's parents citizenship. Only legal immigration with high standards is acceptable to the vast majority of US citizens. The laws are already on the books but our Government is not enforcing the law as written. I think it is an intentional effort to lower the standrd of living on the middle class and lower class Americans for the advantage of the wealthy corporations.
Posted By Anonymous John, Des Plaines, IL : 12:51 PM ET
I have plenty of suggestions on how to secure our border, but here's the most important one. CHANGE THE PEOPLE IN OFFICE! Nothing will get down, if the people in the position to do it have opposing interests. This administration is solely interested in keeping big business happy.
Posted By Anonymous Lou- Framingham,MA : 12:51 PM ET
Close our border's until it is a priority with Mexico.
Posted By Anonymous Chuck Van wert, Ohio : 12:52 PM ET
Develop a technology such that of Google Earth, to scan for plantations. Mescaline-sensor radar. Wild thought but what would we be if not for those visioners such as Leonardo D'vinci, Oscar Wilde, Galileo, Julius Verne, etc. Sorry, I do not the hows but I would pay the tax. I guess it will be a much shorter term solution than waiting for those corruption-broken government systems to halt cocaine and marijuana mass production.
Posted By Anonymous Alan L, Minneapolis Minnesota. : 12:52 PM ET
The border problem must be fixed on this side, as the corruption within Mexico is too vast for us to expect any results to come from their Government. The cure won�t be simple, fast or easy but there are some helpful steps that can be taken. (1) Require that the United States is an �English only� country and stop facilitating foreign residents, either legal or illegal. (1) Make it so that children born in this country are citizens only if one of their parents is a citizen, (3) require that every automobile in the United States have current insurance and make the failure to have auto insurance a deportable crime.
Posted By Anonymous Lyle, Mesa Arizona : 12:52 PM ET
We have to secure our borders!!! It is out of control. The Mexican Government must clean up their Corruption within their government IMMEDIATELY. Bush should do something - force them to act. The Terrorist threat isn't coming for the Middle East by boat or by plane!!! It will be coming from Mexico. If Immigrants can sneak across the border from a LAWLESS country... can't the Terrorists(with "Jihad" on their minds) with a hell bent mission to destroy us do the same??? Wake up people --- Our Mexican border is the NATIONAL SECURITY RISK and the perfect openning for Terrorists!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Colorado : 12:52 PM ET
First off I would like to say I think We have a huge problem with illegal immigration. Dont get me wrong I have no problem with LEGAL immigration, but when illegal immigrants come into my country getting free health care, welfare, speeking no english i have a problem with that. You would think after what happened on 9/11 that our government would close our borders. By close i dont mean the way they are now. IS IT GOING TO TAKE ANOTHER 9/11 FOR OUR GOVERNMENT TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY?
Posted By Anonymous Wesley, Frederick MD : 12:53 PM ET
a strong barrier manned 24/7, most Americans would be willing to pay for it
Posted By Anonymous Wm. Kumrow,Greensburg PA : 12:53 PM ET
Mike Anderson's comments were great, so let me just add to them.

The reason for stopping illegal immigration is multi-fold, but the primary reason is and ought to be recognized as security. If the only people coming across the border were Mexicans looking to making a living, this would almost be a non-issue. But CNN and other news organizations have reported on an alarming percentage of non-Mexicans crossing the border, and that simply has to stop.

If George Bush were really interested in national security, closing the border would have been the first order of business, immediately followed by going after bin Laden until he was caught, not lying to Congress in order to waste our people's lives, money, and resources on nation building in Iraq.

I think that once we have the border secured, we should immediately follow up by making short term work visas easy to obtain.

In other words: "Sorry, our borders are closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience. We would simply love to have you come on in, and you still can -- just step over here, fill out these forms, and as soon as your background check is complete, you'll receive your temporary work visa. This visa is good for one crossing of the border only, and you must return and cross the border back into Mexico within the time period specified on the visa or law enforcement will treat you like an armed and dangerous terrorist. Thank you, and have a nice day."
Posted By Anonymous Todd Grigsby, Manteca, CA : 12:53 PM ET

Yesterday, Mr. Negroponte pointed that 90% of drugs commercialized in USA come from M�xico. We are talking about hundreds Tons.

In order to shut the problem, someone has to do something about the DEMAND of those hundreds of tons.

If USA stands as the main consumer of drugs in the world, and american society isn't capable of cutting the huge adiction problem they have, there will always be a market.

Same thing stands for child prostitution. I fully agree that corrupt mexican authorities have to do something about; but there allways will be american customers eager to find something.

Security concerns is a different story. Building a wall is a nonsense. Not a single terrorist from 9/11 crossed through Mexican border, actually one came from canada if I recall.

It is clear that when Mr. Bush looked for an enemy to become a hero at election times, Iraq made it good. Now he needs a new enemy for GOP to survive the next election; M�xico looks just fine.
Posted By Anonymous Xavier Tello, Mexico City : 12:53 PM ET
Nothing significant can be accomplished with Mexico until they get their own house in order. It does not surprise me they turn their heads on illegal activities in exchange for a greenback.
Posted By Anonymous Dave C, Mclean VA : 12:53 PM ET
Hi, Anderson!

Okay, it's a crazy idea but instead of making Puerto Rico our 51st state, what say we start annexing Mexican states along the border until Mr. Fox gets serious about working with us to control the traffic. Texas
is a wonderful state and I definitely think it could use some expansion. Each Mexican state we annex could become a county in Texas. The Mexican
people are no more happy about this than we are. Mr. Fox's hands are tied
by corrupt government and vicious drug gangs. So, we just give him some smaller territory to have to deal with until he can get it under control. Keep annexing until the size of Mexico is a territory that the Mexican government can handle or the Mexican government is working for the state of Texas. I am well assured that the Mexican people would LOVE to be living and working under the protection of U.S. laws. And, we could probably give Mr. Fox a raise if he were working as a Lt. Governor of Texas. Thanks, Anderson!
Posted By Anonymous Andy Thomas Wilmore, Ky : 12:54 PM ET
I think our border has to be protected better. We cannot allow drugs, prostitution, terrorists, etc. into our country. We seem to have the money for everything else except the American people
Posted By Anonymous Joyce, Severna Park, MD : 12:54 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Sonia, Lowell, MA : 12:55 PM ET
Anderson - What I think needs to be addressed isn't necessarily strengthening the border - which seems to be what most people will stop illegal immigration. What we need to realize is that the United States is complicit in keeping Mexico impoverished. Yes there are elements of their society and government which are corrupt (just like us!) but economic policy towards Mexico exacerbates the situation and gives us a good excuse to throw up more walls and racist platitudes as if that would solve anything. It is difficult for Mexicans who want to grow corn and other crops when the United States floods their markets with grain that severely undercuts their prices. It's so easy to look over walls at "them". But what about us? What could our country do so that illegal immigration isn't an attractive option?
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, Northfield, MN : 12:55 PM ET
Anderson, loved your report on the look at the tunnel from TJ to CA. You did the best in-depth report on the tunnel and it was very interesting. Can't wait to see more. If the citizens of the US only understood how much it is costing the taxpayers for the illegal immigrants to be in the US like for health care, etc., they would probably not believe it.
Posted By Anonymous Wynona, San Diego, CA : 12:55 PM ET
Crossing without permission does not happen by accident. These illegal aliens knowingly break our laws, Make this crime a felony. Also, why does Mexico guard its boarder with South America so strongly? (They carry automatic weapons, etc) The answer is clear: President Fox wants his #2 revenue source (Illegals sending money home) to continue. I live in California, and this is effecting the quality of bothe life and healthcare here. It is a huge issue.
Posted By Anonymous Rich, Rialto, CA : 12:56 PM ET
Where do you begin? Illegal sex trade, child-slave labor exploitation, drugs, drain on social programs & tax payer in general. Sure illegals may help keep the cost of fruit low and housekeep our hotels/businesses... but I refuse to believe these ar jobs that Americans will not do. Americans simply refuse to be exploited by Big Business at slave wages or no health benfits. Many Americans are domestic parasites on our social programs and need their coddling to stop. Build the wall and have our troops patrol it. The 10 billion that one reader mentioned as a drain to the tax payer is just the tip of the iceberg. What about the 14-17 billion in wages sent back over the border to the families in Mexico? Lets face it, Mexico is a 3rd world nation on our border intent on parasitically living off of the US and Big Business, consumers, and our politicians parasitically live off the backs of Mexican illegals. Another good idea would simply be to annex Mexico and make it the 51st state. Now we'd have a large oil supply, Big Business can expand southward, and overall development/enrichment would benefit us all. Maybe we should float that idea south of the border, I bet the support would be overwhelming!
Posted By Anonymous Leo, Colorado Springs, CO : 12:56 PM ET
Mexico is the Sodom and Gamorah of the North American Continent. Jorge Bush just today was speaking with the Govenor of New Mexico on national television. New Mexico businesses stated that they were going to give 100% of all new Nano Technology jobs to Mexicans so they could be better educated and ready to work in the new economy Jorge Bush has planned. The border is broken and in fact there is no border according to Jorge Bush. Illegals from Mexico have more rights, privlidges, and opportunities than legal tax paying citizens do. Mark my words thatthe US will soon become like England with illegals and their children taking all jobs, not hiring anyone but their own. They will push us into socialized medicine like they did in England and your kids will be jobless and roaming the streets like the hooligans of England. You can attribute that to Jorge Bush and Congress both. They want the American voters power to be diluted to the point that the only power and rights we have will be stripped by our politicians. The country is so divided with the mass influx of every nation of illegals that voters have no power. All because an administration wants illegals to take over the economy. Busch, Clinton and all the rest are at fault for this. Bush should be impeached for not enforcing our border laws and encouraging illegal immigartion. I will now implore my congressman Sam Johnson to start impeachment proceedings for Jorge Bush. This is the only isue I disagree with Bush on but it effects my childrens future and the expedites the fall of America into the UN.
Posted By Anonymous Keith Plano, Texas : 12:57 PM ET
Is it me or does it seem that people have been getting sicker as time go by? I don't understand why we are hearing so much of child abuse and the sick individuals that gets their jollies off of children. All I know is that I can't watch the news anymore because every other story is about children and how they are taken advantage of. It has made me and many others parinoid to let me child go out and ride his bike! What happened to the good old days when children could go outside and play? What happened is the media has completely scared the parents to death with these never ending stories. Please report about something good in the world every now and then.
Posted By Anonymous BB, Mission Viejo, CA : 12:57 PM ET
I overheard somebody were talking about this (Mexican Border), so I decided to check it out. There it is, all made sense that they were saying Americans are at its vulnerability. Human trafficking, Immigration (something to do with 9/11 thing) and etc etc. I understand the US are trying its best toprotect but the overwhelming system is like a swiss cheese. Big thick wall, more security, more police presence and such does cost but at what cost anyway? If you look at as a whole of whats goes on with America, you're missing a picture. No to mention what size of the picture, but the picture what you see depending on what you know. My picure is the size of the orginal Mona Lisa painting.
Posted By Anonymous D, Canada : 12:57 PM ET
Anderson, I enjoy your show and reporting. The problem with controlling the influx of illegal aliens from Mexico is that it is a symptom of the corruption in Government combined with the greed of politicians and big business. Until policy makers change course and take on a more bipartisan stand to protect the average American, all that will happen is more talk and spin. I have never experienced a more divisive time in American politics.
My heart goes out to those who come into our country seeking a better life. There is a way to legally accomplish this dream without violating the laws of our country. What a breath of fresh air it would be for someone in Washington to take a stand for average American.
As far as a solution, in addition to building walls and using the Guard in the way it was intended, you have to go after the money. That is the bottom line with most issues. You have to have severe fines and penalties for companies who hire illegals. I think a great place to start such a program would be the states ravaged by Katrina.
Posted By Anonymous S. LaDuke, Birmingham, Alabama : 12:58 PM ET
I don't know what could be done to stop immigration/drugs/smuggling across our borders. If we can't keep prisoners from escaping maximum security prisons, how can we stop anyone from crossing a border with only a fence as a deterrant?
Posted By Anonymous Stormdrane, McDonough GA : 12:58 PM ET

There is a definite problem with the borders. I think President Bush should take a more firm stand on the illegal immigrants that cross the border. All borders should be patroled at all times. Are we keeping them open so Osma and friends can sneak through? Or are we expecting him to fly in, like 9/11. Since we are spending so much money on security at our airports, don't you think it would be a smart move to protect our borders to keep strangers from walking in at anytime? Where's the common sense here?
Posted By Anonymous Janie Blevins, McDowell, Kentucky : 12:59 PM ET
As barbaric as it seems, I believe that it would be in the best interest of the U.S. to build a barrier wall along the U.S. / Mexico border all the way from the Pacific to the Gulf Coast and man it with U.S. military forces.
I live in an area that has become oversaturated with illegal Hispanics in recent years. They don't show us any respect or courtesy. Gang violence and drug traffiking are now an unfortunate daily event in this part of Virginia. I know that it sounds racist and prejudiced, but pick them up, implant them with an RFID for identification, send them back across the border. The illegals should solve the problems in their own countries, not bring their problems to the U.S.
Posted By Anonymous Duane Bennett, Weyers Cave, Virginia : 12:59 PM ET
Why isn't the Mexican government embarrassed? They encourage their poor to come to the U.S. illegally ... and essentially admit that they are impotent to take care of their own people .....
Posted By Anonymous Bri, Honolulu, HI : 12:59 PM ET
It appears that people are always looking for a scapegoat and their reasons are mostly regurgitation of some media-fed misconception. I am what you call an "illegal alien," yes I crossed the border and walked my way into the U.S. I have worked in different jobs, mostly those that cater to illegals such as myself. On pay day our checks are issued the same way yours are. I don't mean direcdt deposit of course, but in terms of amounts withheld. We use "fake" ids such as SSNs and at this time of the year we do not file income claims. Ignorance of the law frighten us. We are afraid of repercussions, so, to those who claim that we cost them this or that amount, what about the money we paid in taxes to provide for the services you use? The US cannot close the border, not because "my people" don't want them to but because "your people's" labor demands. Who else is going to grow and harvest, so cheaply I might add, the food you consume everyday? Not "your people." There is so much more to discuss but the slave driver is calling...
Posted By Anonymous illegal alien, currently in, Illinois : 12:59 PM ET
The border must be sealed from the Gulf to the Pacific and this idea of temporary worker ID's is an atrocity. I cannot comprehend how the Bush administration can be so gung-ho about anti-terroism abroad but so complacent right here in the homeleand. We need to elevate this to the same priority as Iraq - or better yet, lower the priority on Iraq down to the level of our other major domestic issues.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Novi Michigan : 12:59 PM ET
How about we use our vast military to guard our borders against terrorists and illegal activities bofore sending them abroad to do the same thing for other countries. The established government institutions thathave been unable to contain this can play a support role to the military.
Posted By Anonymous LW, Leesburg, VA : 1:00 PM ET
To all of you and Mr. Anderson;

The San Diego tunnel was a TUNNEL how is a the suggestion of a greater wall, something that is on ground where our border patrol is, going to stop what is going underground? As sad as it is, even drug users say it: "Make it legal, and we probably will stop using them(drugs)". Every single suggestion we make the drug dealers are reading as well and the problem is far, very very far more complex than we could ever imagine, not even the government can help that much when all this politicians get to their positions thanks to their advertisement coming from corruption. All that people that makes so much money just so they can use it on children trafficking and drugs and passing our governors their "commission" as a horrible thank you. I have watched over 50 hours of this topic in the last 10 years and it has always been the same, any progress? just for the immigrants, drug dealers and child sex abusers. The only ones that have made any progress in the last 10 years are these immigrants, child abusers and so on, that just keep outsmarting us, every time they are one step ahead. Where do we really have to take this issue to for it to be resolved? Is it in our own hands? I hate and i can't really say say how much i HATE these problems along with the illegal immigrants from Cuba that also enter Florida by the thousands every year and Florida is all about drugs and crime now, English? comes to be a foreign language in Miami.
Posted By Anonymous Cesar, Las Vegas, Nevada : 1:00 PM ET
You bet it is. Our immgration laws are being ignored and our government has turned its back on the citizens of this country who daily face the impact on their communities of millions of unskilled, illegal workers and their families. We are not the ones who hire them, we are the ones who watch our children's education fail, our neighborhoods turned into Third World slums and our taxpayer supported human services organizations and states facing bankrupcy while the profits of the businesses that benefit from their illegal labor prosper. The most cherished tradition of American culture is the middle class. Ignoring this invastion is destroying it.
Posted By Anonymous Judy McLaughlin, Simi Valley, CA : 1:01 PM ET
I am so sick and tired of hearing the word "racist". It is not racist. It is reality. Illegal immigrants are costing us a lot of money because the Mexican government is not doing there job. Why is it our problem. Vicente Fox needs to focus on his own country and keep his nose out of ours. Put the wall up.
Posted By Anonymous Maggie, California : 1:02 PM ET
Build a wall and close the border. That's the cheapest and easiest. Use the illegals that are here to build it and then put them on the other side and close the door.
Posted By Anonymous Pete Setian, Midlothian, TX : 1:02 PM ET
No, I don't believe that it is a question of whether the Borders are broken, but rather a question of Political Will to enforce US Law by the current Administration.

We cannot have an "Open" Borders Policy and effectively close the Borders to Criminals and Terrorists.
Posted By Anonymous Bob Hise, Garland, Texas : 1:02 PM ET
The idea of an unfortified border is a noble one, and clearly it has worked to the joint benefit of the U.S. and Canada. Perhaps, at one time, it was equally noble in the case of the U.S.-Mexican border, but not any longer.

Even if illegal immigration wasn't a problem, smuggling and drug trafficking clearly is. We can complain about Mexico's failure to do their part to stop it, but in truth it's not their problem, it's our problem, and we can't expect a poor country like Mexico to solve our problems for us.

Americans need to reach a meeting of minds about the issue of illegal immigration, guest workers, or whatever other label anyone applies to it. Then we have to demand our government act accordingly.
Posted By Anonymous H. Cihak, Alexandria, VA : 1:02 PM ET
The border should be barricaded off to prevent unauthorized entry. Because of the current situation, I would use troops to patrol it and enforce laws.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Lakemoor, Illinois : 1:03 PM ET
Having lived in Mexico for the last seven years (I'm a US citizen) it seems to me that we have the laws to protect the border from illegal immigration. The problem is a lack of political will, by either US political party, to enforce those laws. I lived and worked in Mexico legally, paying good money to keep my documents updated. Mexicans who want to live and work here have legal channels through which to do so. Laws should be enforced, or rewritten.

Additionally, when the Mexican government, led by Vicente Fox, demands 'humane' treatment of illegal Mexicans in the US (just code words for 'open borders') our government should remind them of the way they treat illegals from Central America who cross Mexico to enter the US illegally. Many are found dead after having had all their money stolen or extorted.

No simple answers to this complex problem, but a good start is to simply enforce the laws alreay on the books. We, as US citizens, will have to be prepared when the flow of illegals finally stops. It will hurt economically, but only temporarily. Eventually US citizens and legal aliens will fill in the positions left vacant by the illegals.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Tulsa OK : 1:03 PM ET
As a Marine that is getting ready to work on the border, I think that the wall is a good idea. I know that there are problems in Mexico, but it is my job to protect the nation of the United States not Mexico. I have been overseas and protected the nation from all kinds of enemies, both foriegn and domestic, and I see this as another way to protect the law abiding citizens of the U.S. from Illeagal Imigration and drug cartels that want to sell there poison here. I can not think of a better way to spend my summer than protecting my family from this menace to our society and our economy
Posted By Anonymous Somewhere, Illinois : 1:03 PM ET
According to Gibbon in "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire", the Roman Empire was not defeated in any one major battle; rather, it sort of evaporated under the weight of uncontrolled "gold rush" immigration from poorer provinces. Does anybody see any parallel here?
Posted By Anonymous Art Ballard, Montgomery Texas : 1:03 PM ET
The situation is horrendous! The cost of housing in California is out of control! Crime is rampant. Everybody is into drugs and all kinds of deviant behaviour. I understand both sides. The solution is simple for all involved. But, all are not involved. Rich businessmen and politicians in the USA are fueling all of this. They reap the profits. They even pay the Mexican government to cause the oppression which will drive the immigrants north to work for slave labor - so, the rich businessman can get richer. The drug cartels have only taken advantage of the situation for their own gain and they make their payoffs as well. It's beyond hope until American citizens start voting out of office every single politician who will not act on this matter. Every one! Nobody ever gets re-elected until this deal is handled. We need workers, yes. We have legal means of making that happen. We can offer more. Longer work permits for example. We can give citizenship to those who stay out of trouble for a period of years. But, those who cause trouble or violate the agreement's that they have made must go. After these inmates are released from our prisons - they need to go back to wherever they come from. And, a real wall with real security that means real business - must be built! But, none of this will ever happen because the American people are not prepared to deal with their own corrupt politicians and the greed that they have sponsored.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Los Angeles, California : 1:03 PM ET
I am a white male and live in Tucson Arizona. I deal with the "Border Issues" just living within 50 miles of the border. Living my entire life here I can say America has a lack of cause and effect understanding. We want cheap goods and services, which hard working illegals provide. All these people want to do is work. Want to see criminal activity? Lets go to the demand which is good ole' suburban USA. That is where the demand is for these drugs and cheap goods and services. Amazing how people can hire illegal maids and then complain about our borders. Americans want their cake and abilty to eat it, all the time. Stop the demand for drugs and cheap labor and you solve the "Border Problem". WASP should try to live a day in Mexico, they would be running north in the desert along side many others looking for work.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Foltz Tucson Arizona : 1:04 PM ET
As a legal immigrant to the US I have very little tolerance for those crossing the border illegally. Instead of side-stepping the issue with creative terms like "undocumented" instead of illegal, or "immigrant's rights", the Federal Govt should concentrate on stopping the flow of illegals crossing the US/Mexico border.

Allowing illigals to obtain driving privileges or giving temporary amnesty for illegals is reprehensible. I think we can all admit that this problem is out of control, but actions like this send the wrong message to would-be border jumpers.
Posted By Anonymous JAA, Chicago IL : 1:04 PM ET
The US-Mexican Boarder needs more agents, plain and simple. With the defense budget announced to be raised by 5%, why cant congress give even 10% of that raise the Feds that protect America - with all the money that is spent on drug enforcement INSIDE the US, isnt it obvious that more security is needed up front? This issue runs deeper than money, but an aggressive fiscal policy would be the first big step in the right direction since the creation of the DEA.
Posted By Anonymous Buck, Washington DC. : 1:04 PM ET
It's Bad. Would other countries allow this kind of pourous border during a time when terrorism threatens its major cities and when they are are at war? Here in Los Angles, the flood of illegals is straining our emergency services and hospitals to the point where they are shutting emergency rooms down. And that's just the start. L.A. is NOT prepared for attack, or another major quake like the Northridge Earthquake. Our country is not secure. Violence in the streets here is often reflective of culture clashes and cartel influences. Our country is not secure, nor is our way of life. Bush's policies have contributed to and sped up the process of degradation of our country. We need a president who can secure our borders first. Fix our economy. Make us an independent nation again. Driver's licenses to illegals? What the heck is that really about? To secure a larger voting pool? Aren't there systems in place for entering this country that could be streamlined, repaired, used, and enforced?
Posted By Anonymous DNW, LOS ANGELES, CA : 1:04 PM ET
Our border not ever going to end...ever....unless..WE stop blaming each other's countries and demand our something....and those minuteman people...they are just wasting their time....and most of them are just racists pigs anyway...
Posted By Anonymous ex illegall - now successful american : 1:06 PM ET
Our open borders not only damage our financial health, but leave us open to a constant stream of terrorists. Until such time as the consequences of coming into the U.S. illegally are severe, nothing will change.
Posted By Anonymous Reynolds, Louisvlle KY : 1:06 PM ET
Build an electric fence!
Posted By Anonymous David Beaumont Tx : 1:06 PM ET
The question "Is the U.S.-Mexican border broken?" is a bit misleading. The border itself is as it has always been, there. A thin line dividing one territory from another. Sadly there are hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing it annualy. I sympathise with those who brave the heat and elements to make their way to this great country, but their needs to be some method of regulating the flow. Without some method of regulating and more importantly, screening them, all our efforts to safeguard the people against terrorism will be for naught.
Posted By Anonymous Vaughn Carney, Baton Rouge-Louisiana : 1:06 PM ET
Bush has no concern for anything that doesn't affect him or one of his friends financially. He will send our troops half-away around the world to fight an illegal war to protect his interests - but something that affects American citizens within our own borders - he could care less. If we could get the Mexican military to smuggle oil into the country - then he would be all over it. Then God would tell him to attack Mexico.

Thanks for shedding light on the subject.
Posted By Anonymous Cliff St Clair,Mich : 1:06 PM ET
The Administration is going to great lengths to ignore our border problems. It makes one wonder why we are not invading Mexico instead of Iraq
Posted By Anonymous Victor Johnson , Mount Dora Florida : 1:07 PM ET
Is the Border Broken..

What's that's slogan on the Harley Davidson T-shirts?

"If I have to explain it, You would not understand"
Posted By Anonymous Steve Johnson Olympia Washington : 1:07 PM ET
It is what you make it....
Borders included....
Posted By Anonymous raphael miami, fl : 1:08 PM ET
There is only one way to fix our broken borders. We must deny illegal immigrants and their children ANY benefits of US citizenship. As the list of benefits provided to them grows, so does their illegal behavior. The law requires us to give undocumented immigrant children a free public education and citizenship to those born in this country. Several states now give in-state tuition to illegal aliens. Pressure to provide them with driver's licenses is growing. If we do NOT reward their illegal behavior, they will stay home. People should immigrate legally before reaping the benefits of citizenship. Our country's strength lies in its diversity of citizenship. But we should be a nation of lawful immigrants, not illegal aliens.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, San Antonio, Texas : 1:08 PM ET
Anderson-- thank you for your excellent reporting.

1. We need a wall put up on our border which provides meaningful deterrence to border crossers. This is expensive, but it must be done.

2. We need summary, INS-run procedures for returning all illegal immigrants which include discontinuance of the use and availability of "Permisos" or other procedures which protract or undermine the process of repatriation. Allegations of mishandling or violations of repatriation procedures by the INS should result in penalties for those individuals involved and revisions to the system, but not awards to illegal immigrants or their attorneys, nor reprieves from repatriation beyond a reasonable time required to gather a complete statement of the facts.

3. Public services should not, under any circumstances, be made available to illegal immigrants or their children other than emergency care as a part of the repatriation process.

4. Large employers who repeatedly and systematically hire illegal immigrants in this country should be significantly fined for repeat violations, and investigations should be aggressively conducted to locate and publicly identify violators.
Posted By Anonymous Chris-- Miami, Florida : 1:08 PM ET
Hey...Where have all you people been ? Back when I was a teenager in So. California, all we heard on the news was Mexicans streaming across the border. This was in 1953! Our government did very little then and they are not doing anything now.
Even if the U.S. were to put every uniformed service personnel on the borders, don't you think that it's "too little, too late"
Hate to tell you...but a couple of million horses have ALREADY gotten out of the barn.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Medford, Oregon : 1:08 PM ET
Irene, El Paso, Texas, Thank you for speaking up, yes it's not just mexicans, it's many countries, and we do need to fix the immigrations problems with procedures, 20 years ago, I'm sure your parents wen they did come illegally had a different mind set, like everyone else they want a better life for them and their children. I agree but, now there is a major difference between now and 20 years ago too, wouldn't you agree? I have a idea, lets take the people getting a welfare check, and point them to the jobs that the illegal workers are doing. They will work hard for a paycheck, and they will want to get off welfare and get better education to get a better job, to get a better life, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES IN THIS COUNTRY. build the wall, fix the procedures on how to come legally. Oh and BTW, we need more then a WALL too, we need to fix the vacation VISAs that people come on and never leave. MASS was trying to pass a law for giving illegal immigrants local resident status so they pay less money for college, hhmm something about illegal and passing a LAW to help them, doesn't sit right...
Posted By Anonymous dennis, merrimack, NH. : 1:09 PM ET
The U.S. needs to realize that the open and unprotected border (chain link fence) we have with Mexico is a serious liability. There are too many news reports about drug traffic and alleged chases involving what appears to be heavily armed Mexican soldiers on the U.S. side of the border. If someone can drive a HumVee full of (insert your favorite drug here) or smuggle people in to this country, what�s going to stop someone from transporting a nuclear device or radioactive material across the same border? This isn�t a negative statement about Mexico or it�s people. We could be having the same issues on the Canadian border as well. It�s something we need to think about though.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Roanoke Va. : 1:09 PM ET
Make Mexico our 51st state-with so many Mexicans illegally entering the U.S., let's take the U.S. to them. Also, the southern border of Mexico would be a much smaller borderline to patrol than our current southern border.
In regards to the rampant corruption of Mexican police that I keep reading about and viewing in media reports, it seems that Mexican citizens would welcome U.S. law enforcement if Mexico became our 51st state.
Posted By Anonymous Debra Choate Fort Smith, Arkansas : 1:10 PM ET
I live in North San Diego County. Our Borders are completely broken and our government does NOTHING to protect American citizens. The hispanic community is LOUD, and scream racism, but they ARE the gangs, they are the graffiti and I work in construction and they ARE the illegal immigrants in this part of the country. They have no respect for America, Americans or our values.
Posted By Anonymous Janie, Escondido, CA : 1:10 PM ET
The problem with americans is that most of us think we are the world leaders whe in fact we are the worlds disgrace.We do nothing but impose our views on the rest of the world telling them what they should believe in and how they should govern themselves.We do this the whole time when we cannot even control our own borders.We should get our own house in order before we tell other how to run theirs.
You want to stop the problem with the borders build a wall and make it possible for those who want to come here and be productive people who want jobs but make it so they are not able to collect social benefits till they have been here long enough to prove that they really want to be here to improve theemslves and not to take advantage of a welfare system.
Posted By Anonymous Jerry, Seattle Washington : 1:11 PM ET
Face it - it is broken. Even the Border patrol says they can't stop it. This has been going on now for how many years? Has it been stopped? It's like trying to stop the drug trade out of South America. You can slow one road, but more spring up. It will never end.
Posted By Anonymous Chris Hickory, NC : 1:12 PM ET
Nothing ... until the President, Congress, terrorists, and drug smugglers make it an issue. All seem content to just not address it right now. The first two turn their back on it, the second two are happy. 2 to 2 is a tie.
Posted By Anonymous Jim Pimentel Roseburg Oregon : 1:12 PM ET
A Strong message must be sent to the Drug Smugglers and the Ones Trafficing human beings...

"Mr. Bush, This should be your main priorty - Stop looking for wars, you have one right next door!".
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Denver CO : 1:12 PM ET
Good afternoon Mr. Cooper,
Our border situation with Mexico is more screwed up than anyone can imagine. Just this past weekend I was at my ranch which spans a few miles of riverfront. During the short time I was there I witnessed the crossing of 5 illegal aliens (who escaped capture by the Border Patrol even though I called their exact location in--BP got within 50 yards of them). Minutes later a Mexican citizen also fired shots into the U. S. side with a semi-automatic rifle. Had I done something like that it would have turned into an international incident.

Incidents such as the one I described above happen on a daily basis down here. There have also been numerous murders and kidnappings on both sides of the border. It's not uncommon to hear of RPGs and grenades used in attacks.

While working for the govt. some years ago I saw our lack of action in our anti-terrorism efforts and knew that one day we would pay for it. I have the same feeling now with the border situation down here. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think I will be.
Posted By Anonymous Willy Laredo, TX : 1:13 PM ET
Building The Great Wall it won't make any difference for inmigrant. Poverty does not have passport.
Posted By Anonymous Jose Gonzales, Washington DC : 1:13 PM ET
I was born in Mexico and became a US citizen a while ago. I've seen this story from the Mexicans perspective and its fairly rough. You get mistreated at the border, and once u get here u r not normally welcomed. Somehow the dream that the US is a land of dreams for immigrants is no longer true. Althought the drug problem should be treated seriously and erradicated. Most immigrants are good people trying to make a living and trying to be better than they are. I think those two issues should be treated separately.
On the issue of immigrants costing millions of dollars. I think that could be turned around by realizing they also make millions more. The issue of outsourcing comes to mind. If the US business can bring people from other countries to work here, why not bring Mexicans willing to work on the same basis. Seems like other countries have more opportunities like those than Mexico. As americans I feel we have become so used to our good like that we have forgotten how we got here. No matter how well we think we are doing, we need to continue working on the same principles and hard work that got us here. We should be more sympathetic to those that are trying to do the same.
Posted By Anonymous Cesar Bustamante, Virginia Beach, VA : 1:14 PM ET
I think our Government needs to do a lot more than it is doing currentyl to thighten the US Mexico borders. Also states such as California, Utah, etc need to start enforcing federal immigration laws instead of turning a blind eye to it.
Posted By Anonymous Nick Pagoulatos. Salt Lake City, Utah : 1:14 PM ET
Why are we so obsessed with the Mexican border?
Anderson will you every do a more prevalent story on huge influx from people from the middle ease into this country. In New Jersey Middle Eastern people are now the biggest minorities. They use falsify paper to enter the country.

Another border that is broken is done by big companies. When you call for big companies like AOL, Dell etc you get speak to people in US hostile counties, like Pakistan, Indonesia etc and these people have all your personal and financial data-

These borders is more broken then the Mexican border. Why do we single out and harass these people. They work, they don�t hate us, They dont want to terrorize or bomb us. leave them alone reform the immigration for these people.
Posted By Anonymous Bob , NY, NY : 1:15 PM ET
I don't have issues with accepting folks from other countries who want to either work or imigrate here. These folks will pay taxes, and contribute to the great melting pot that is America.
I DO have problems with criminals who sneak across the border to avail themselves of the riches of this country without contributing it, sucking the money out of the system intended for legal residents.
Our security is also threatened...
Some very hard decisions need to be made on this issue, and I think that the solution should be almost Draconian in nature. We cannot have illegals freely crossing into this country, and we certainly can't allow drug runners, who appear to be protected by Mexican army soldiers, to operate through our borders. This could be considered an act of war.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Benson, Spokane WA : 1:15 PM ET
It's amazing to me that in the land of the free, we focus more on people that steal a slice of pizza, yet overlook those that steal a child's innocence. As a mother of a six year old this human trafficking issue makes me sick to my stomach, as a human being it makes me furious. We have a government so concerned with righting everything wrong in the world elsewhere, but right across the border, children are being raped, molested, prostituted out, and no one gives a damn. If we can try and clean up Iraq, why not Mexico? This whole border control issue has gotten to a boiling point. The U.S. continues to be very lax on the issue of both border control/security and child protection laws. President Bush even refused to voice the word "illegal" immigrants in his recent televised speech. They are more concerned with securing votes for the upcoming elections and don't want to alienate Latino voters, so they keep mum on these kind of issues when they know they should speak up and take some action. Vincente Fox should be ashamed of himself. What kind of President allows corruption and this severe level of child abuse among other things go on in his county, unchallenged? All he cares about are the illegal immigrants in the U.S. who send home billions of dollars a year, tax free to Mexico. He was even willing to give them a map on how to break the law and enter the U.S. In my opinion, the U.S. should re-shift their focus from Iraq and get rid of Fox and all the corruption going on in Mexico. And they could start with cleaning up the borders, foregoing any Guestworker program and focus on how to fix the leadership in Mexico first. Mexico has had a serial murderer/rapist for more than a dozen years. The cases have never been solved - just more and more women and children disappear, are kidnapped and murdered and the cops just turn a blind eye. Mexico can definetly do better and it may just be up to the U.S. to make them do so. Although at this point, this issue and Mexico in general does not appear to be on this administrations radar. We need to get tougher on child protection laws everywhere. Our children are not even safe anymore. Times have really changed.
Posted By Anonymous Tonia, Los Angeles : 1:16 PM ET
99% of immigrants are only seeking better lives for themselves and our immigration policy should allow productive, well-intentioned immigrants to stay. But those with criminal convictions or who commit crimes here should be on the first bus back. What most people don't understand is that 'illegal' immigrants are not eligible for most public benefits, and most states have enacted similar laws to prevent 'illegals' from collecting entitlements. Most nativists (American know-nothings) just assume they are 'taking our jobs' or 'living off our taxes,' but those Americans are dead wrong. If you are concerned about losing your job or diminishing wages, stay in school. Only people without high school diplomas are actually in competition with most immigrants. Immigrants are a supplement to our new economy, not a threat. Ask any legitimate economist.

And building a wall along the entire border is not only completely counterintuitive, it is a waste. Let's focus on developing better technology that could detect and prevent the crossings. Who knows, maybe it will be affordable soon to have some sort of motion detection system you can lay along the border for a fraction of the cost of building a wall. Building walls is not how America does things, that's way to East German...let's be more creative and reasonable.
Posted By Anonymous David, New Haven : 1:17 PM ET
It is about time CNN had some coverage of the war going on at our own border. For daily coverage read the Dallas Morning News.
Posted By Anonymous Dave P. Ardmore, Ok. : 1:17 PM ET
There is not really the U.S. can do along the border. Except to add more border patrols. What can be done is instead of wasting billions of dollars in resource in the middle east, the gov't can learn and help the mexican economy. Mexico is rich in resources and they should know how to maximize the use if them. If the U.S. really wants to be effective against immigration, they should work with Mexico to help them understand and gain their potential. In turn by creating more jobs in Mexico, the migration to the U.S. will be limited.

Until then, there will always be migration to the north.
Posted By Anonymous Eric Jurado, Santa Ana , California : 1:17 PM ET
We were warned 30 years ago to protect our borders-- and we didn't--now, 12 million illegal mexicans, and billions in cost to the American people-- But, here's my suggestion:
Posted By Anonymous Mae Teron, Camarillo, CA : 1:18 PM ET
The U.S. government hands over millions upon millions of the American peoples dollars to Mexico as an agreement of some kind. Everytime someone is caught (any nationality) sneaking across the border our government should hold back money from the Mexican government, say $50,000 or $100,000 per head. Maybe that would inspire the Mexican government not to intice illegal border crossing.
Posted By Anonymous JoAnn, Miami Beach, Florida : 1:19 PM ET
there is no border, espceially when people just walk across it..
nothing the u.s govr can do about it..
Unless they spend the money to build fences
Posted By Anonymous bob,tuskalusa,in. : 1:19 PM ET
1. build a wall 2. set up sensors to detect tunnelling/breaking 3. set up rapid response force (Natl Guard) to capture any intruders crossing the border. 4. Treat this as an invasion/attack on the US.
Posted By Anonymous Bill Hastings, Waleska, GA : 1:20 PM ET
Too much focus is being put on our airports and not on our southern border!
Terrorists are not lazy, we know they don't mind walking.

Look at Bora Bora!

Posted By Anonymous Kirk Dalton, Ga. : 1:21 PM ET
If the government is serious about this issue they should build the Great Wall of Mexico. We should be more aggressive in returning illegals to their homeland. There are areas in Atlanta where day laborors are waiting for people to stop by and pick them up. How difficult is it to round them up and return them to the border? It would be good practice for the next hurricane evacuation. It is sad when areas in the metro-Atlanta are named Gwinnexico, after a metro county where many illeagals live. I guess it is all economics. My house was built in the USA, but built by illegal Mexicans.
Posted By Anonymous Fred, Atlanta GA : 1:22 PM ET
It's typical that the last blogger, Juliette, considers there's n underlying racist tone in some of the comments, which is ridiculous! Typical left-wing, can't solve the problem, blame it on racism hype. I wonder if she realises she gives away a portion of her paycheck for every illegal mother having babies across the border everyday? where's the racism in the destruction of our economy? If you love them so much, take your bleeding heart down to the border and help out your "Anti-Racist cause"...:)
Posted By Anonymous Joe Demis, Clearwater, FL : 1:22 PM ET
We should BUILD A WALL. An expensive wall with all of the techno bells.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Kalispell Montana : 1:22 PM ET
The border that allows unmonitored and uncontrolled access, unless that border is declared 'open', is broken. The United States of America has not declared its borders to be open and free from control and tens of thousands of people from all over the world take advantage of our lack of diligence and enforcement.
Posted By Anonymous Clay, Madison, AL : 1:24 PM ET
With this administration we have now don't expect very much to change. There are way too many rich companies using these people for cheap labor, and they, not the voters have the ear of the President.
Posted By Anonymous Billy Adams, Reagan, TX : 1:26 PM ET
The border needs to be closed. Mexicans do not help with any of the problems and none of them can be trusted. Americans say we need them to do the work others won't do - well the government needs to stop all the help of the lazy people in America that are also draining our country dry and have them do the work. For the illegals that are all ready in the country stop helping them. No education for free, no medical for free, nothing and maybe they will go home!!! What does it take to make American government to think? We complain about the illegals and the borders but we continue to pave the way for them. Wake up America
Posted By Anonymous Vickie, Texas : 1:26 PM ET
We need to stop this fooling around with this border, our politicians are playing OUR "safety" game. If we need to place troops there, than do it. Mexico is not our friend, they are proving it everyday.
Posted By Anonymous Dorothy...Charlotte, NC : 1:28 PM ET
It appears that our elected leaders have forgotten about their country. They don't even mentioned that there is a problem. This is by far the worst presidency that I've witness in my lefetime. We have become the butt of jokes worldwide. It's like the leaders have their heads in the sand.
Posted By Anonymous David Randolph, Thousand Oaks, CA : 1:30 PM ET
I believe the government should spend more money on building up a defense at the border. If the government can spend tens of billions of dollars on wars overseas to "protect" us from terrorist, then why cannot they spend a few billion dollars to strengthen the border? A wall should be built across the border with flood lights and cameras placed on top of the wall that are connected to solar panels attached to them to save power usage. With the flood lights and cameras, a small crew can sit and monitor the screens. If an immigrant is spotted, the crew can drive to the area and stop the immigrant. Next, I dont know how accurate it will be, holes dug down to a certain depth and spaced out a certain distance will be placed along the border with sensors in the hole that can detect tunnels being dug. I know this will be expensive, but we know the government has the money to spend.
Posted By Anonymous John Arms, Jr., Toledo Ohio : 1:30 PM ET
It seems to me that if we could help Mexico become a stable place were people want to live and do business, we'd take a lot of stress off our borders. People don't start out life corrupt, they just sometimes end up that way when legitimacy isn't an option.
Posted By Anonymous Nathan - Philadelphia, PA : 1:33 PM ET
stop the corrupt officials bribing innocent people.. I too had to pay a bride to a border custom official and his "BOSS"... as long as they are allowed to do this nothing will change in the way they turn their backs!!
Posted By Anonymous Jewel, Canada : 1:34 PM ET
Border broken! It never was fixed. Immigrants crossing the border for a better life in the US has been happening for as long as I can remember and I am 44 years old. Who could blame them? Every Mexican government in my 44 years has been made up of thieves who steal from the mexican people. Vincente Fox is no different. You can clearly tell from the comments of mexican government offcials after this latest gun battle between american law enforcement and mexican soldiers/bandits/drug runners that they are clearly boobs,buffoons and can do nothing to govern the country.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff Higgins Pflugerville, Texas : 1:35 PM ET
It's funny that people will in the same post claim that the border situation is allowing terrorists to enter, and then suggest that we should have a system that is more terrifying to the Mexicans. What is it exactly that terrorists do?

Similarly, it is amusing that people complain about how the Mexicans are costing us however much they are, and then make the observation the the politicians are corrupt and only care about money. All the while, finding no problem with the idea of keeping a potential illigal immigrant in perpetual hardship in order to keep us from having to pay higher taxes.

And then the sooo "no nonsense" attitude of "well, as far as I know, Illigal is against the law." As it turns out people make the laws, and they are quite capable of being wrong. Just like people with similar attitudes will complain about how they can't buy alcohol at cetain times...

What people seem so prone to misundarstanding is that the real difference between Mexicans and Americans is that Mexicans are from Mexico. And Americans are from America. And that doesn't have any significance whatsoever in the grand scheme of things.
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Austin Texas : 1:36 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous Mike Hudson Carson City, Nevada : 1:36 PM ET
Border should be completely and permanently sealed. Immigrants should be returned to Mexico immediately. Mexico should be fined heavily for each immigrant who crosses the border.
Posted By Anonymous G. King, Boson, MA : 1:37 PM ET
We have a mix of issues here: some internal to Mexico and some about the border. Focusing just on the border, it is clearly broken. With my own eyes I saw a group of young men jump the fence at Nogales. Our government could stop this if it had the will to do so. At the same time, I want to point out that great numbers of people in Mexico follow the legal procedures. Last year I stayed at a hotel across the street from the American Embassy in Mexico City, and saw that every morning there would be five hundred to a thousand people waiting in line for processing. I happen to think that immigration is good for us, but a system that tolerates illegal crossing is unfair to the honest people, while admitting the dishonest and perhaps worse.
Posted By Anonymous Edison, Mankato MN : 1:38 PM ET
The border isnt broken, it never was fixed.
What do you think the american people would be more outraged over, paying $10.00 dollars for a head of lettuce or securing our border. What the american people dont understand is lettuce might be cheap but when you dont have a job everything is exspensive.
Posted By Anonymous peter martin Simpsonville S.C. : 1:38 PM ET
This problem will never be sufficently addressed as long as businesses continue to rely on undocumented cheap labor. CNN just last week had a story about a potential division in the GOP between those who want to tighten immigration and business interests who oppose this.

We as a nation are of split minds on this subject. Sure, we want to stop illegal immigrants. However we also want cheap milk and produce.
Posted By Anonymous Scott, El Paso, Tx : 1:38 PM ET
If we "fix" the welfare problem, illegal immigrants wouldn't want to be here. Quit letting people ride the welfare system - yes, in a few cases, it may be necessary, but I think only for handicapped and elderly. Anyone capable of working should have to work, then they would have to take those jobs that the illegals try to slip into (ie. farm hands). Then, there would be no jobs for the illegals to get and therefore the desire to cross the border would be reduced.
Posted By Anonymous Jennifer, Hopkinsville, KY : 1:40 PM ET
The problems at the border are multiple, but I believe drug trafficking is the #1 problem. It leads to violence, corruption, and the destruction of all institutions (all three branches of government, at the local, state and federal level both in Mexico and the US). How to solve the problem? Get rid of the demand, that's not new! What would be new would be for the leadership of this country (from the US President down to local government leaders) to wage a SUBSTANTIAL campaign with the objectives of:

1) Making every American aware that their drug consumption habits lead to the death and suffering of many innocent people in both sides of the border. Maybe when drug users begin to associate their drug use with child prostitution and other similar horrific crimes, maybe they will they start to diminish their consumption.

2) Making Americans aware that their tax money would be better used for almost any project other than for chasing drug criminals--if only there were no drug users financing those criminals! If drug users would stop using drugs (as they are the first link in the drug trade which leads to criminal activity), money that is spent in funding the pursuit of drug-related criminal activity instead could be used for other projects.

3) Criminalize drug consumption, as those who use drugs are criminal by association, as they help finance the drug gangs and drug mafia that is ruining the US-Mexico border.
Posted By Anonymous Erik C., New York, NY : 1:40 PM ET
Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution.

"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion"

Would the founding fathers have regarded 12 million illegal aliens an invasion?

Every day that our borders are violated and our sovereignty is assaulted our President, our Senators and Congressmen have failed to uphold one of the most basic promises that our founders made in this document and therefore violated their oaths of office and deserve to be prosecuted.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Fullerton CA : 1:40 PM ET
The drugs and corruption of Mexico has killed more Americans than any terrorists in the Middle East. It's time to treat the problem to the South for what it is. A serious danger to our national security. Our limited resources must be allocated appropriately.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff M., Austi, Texas : 1:40 PM ET
I think it is imperatove that our Federal Government to get involved is sealing our borders with Mexico. Mexico seems to not want to play any part in their own country. Why are Mexican's doing whatever it takes to get in this country? Mexico needs to start improving their own country. It seems that any Mexican official/politican pretends their problems are not that bad, when in fact, they are.
Posted By Anonymous Megan, Chicago, Illionos : 1:41 PM ET

The US government states there are 2-4 million illegal immigrants in this country try more like 20-40 million.

They cost us billions of taxpayer dollars every year. Police, Firemen,Jails,Hospitals, etc.etc..

Our government chooses to do nothing. Why
Posted By Anonymous DGC Almaden Valley CA : 1:41 PM ET
Uhhh...yeah. It's like a dam with holes of water coming out.
Posted By Anonymous BDB Newark Airport, NJ : 1:41 PM ET
Mexico is a beautiful Country. It's a shame that the most corrupt area is the entire border region with the US. That implies that the source of the illicit activity (drugs, prostitution, smuggling) would be coming from the US. Until our government decides to confront the issue of drugs and find a reasonable solution such as legalization or at the minimum, more controlled distribution we will continue to see puppies (and HUMANS) being killed
Posted By Anonymous Nathan, San Jose CA : 1:43 PM ET
It's simple, CLOSE THE BORDER!!!
Posted By Anonymous Denny, Flint Michigan : 3:02 PM ET
Hey there Cooper. Hope the show is great. You've touched on a very delicate subject to me. I'm a Mexican national living in the US, I work in Seattle and I have always admired this country because it's a country of immigrants.
I've browsed the comments quiet a bit and they go from the sensible (guest worker programs, immigration reform, etc) to the utterly ignorant (close the border, shoot people, more soldiers, etc). I guess it's really hard for people in the US to understand, but modern day Mexicans coming to the USA are the Irish, Italians, Poles, Greeks, Chineese and others of last century that arrived in New York, San Francisco and other parts of America seeking a better life. Period. They have no intention of destroying the US or threatening the people. It's just a historical circumstance that back then all you had to do was sign on a piece of paper, not have any visible disease and you were a "legal" immigrant. Nowadays it's much, much harder. Looks like the descendants of all those immigrants now feel they are much more entitled to the benefits of America because they got got here first. It's very sad. I'd like to see what the reaction of immigrants at Ellis Island would have been back in 1850 if they would have tried to turn their boat back after hearing the INS said they needed to put their name on a list and wait 10 years for a response like they do now. I can just bet that ilegal immigration and the "broken border" problem would have happened much earlier. It's just a shame that people blame immigrants for the problems they are facing and ignore reality. Do the math people, immigrants from Mexico alone (like me) pay BILLIONS into your Social Security and Medicare programs that we will likely never use, some because they are not here legally. Are Mexicans the largest racial group that is unemployed? No. Are Mexicans the highest racial group on welfare? No.
We come to this country to WORK, not live off you.
I believe it's a historic irony that were seeing the EXACT same complaints from people todat that many americans had about the Irish, Italians, Greeks, Poles and Chineese late in the 19th century. If we forget history, you WILL repeat it, you HAVE.
Also, the reason there are jobs here is because a)Business wants cheap labor (bad wages and zero benefits) and b)People want to pay less for goods. If you really want to stop illegal immigration then ONLY shop at places that hire US-only workers, which pretty much means no fast food, no Wal Mart, no groceris, no produce, etc. People forget to thank migrant workers for keeping prices low (or making bosses richer). That's a fact, not my opinion.
Lastly, I'd like for people to imagine that Canada was doing real well economically, and that for the same job you did in the comfort of your home here in the US you would get paid TEN TIMES the amount if you moved up north... wouldn't that make Canada a bit more attractive? You might even think of breaking a few laws. People in the US breaking laws for profit? Unheard of, I know. I bet it would be attractive for at least 0.5% of your population (which is what Mexico sends over each year approx, probably less).
I think I have gotten a bit more combative towards the end here, but I hope I'm getting my point across: Mexicans are immigrants that happen to have a pretty bad deal compared to those in the 19th century, so stop treating them like they are less than that, unless your ethnicity is native american, your ancestors got here the exact same way, they saw opportunity and went for it, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, if they would have faced the same red tape immigrants face now I wager they would have tried to come here anyway, but I'll let you look into your hearts and find out if that's true.
Any solution to the immigration problem has to take into account REALITY, not some populist mumbo-jumbo your anti-immigrant politicians and pundits put into your heads.
This nation was made great by immigrants, that's a fact.
Cooper, I've gone into a rant here, I appologize, but some sense had to be injected here. I hope the show is great.
Posted By Anonymous Gustavo Mu�oz Castro, Seattle : 7:04 PM ET
It is sad to see how narrow the view of the average American has become.
1) The puppies found with drugs were found in Colombia, not Mexico.
2) The reason powerful drug cartels exist, is because Americans consume enormous amounts of drugs, how many of you have tried pot? Well whatever you paid helped kill people in Mexico (and the some of the few neurons you have). Stop consumption and I can assure you, supply will stop, its basic economics.
3) As long a there is such a difference in wealth and income, as well as the enormous subsidies that the US govt gives to farmers (which dump produce in Mexico, and drive Mexican farmers out of work)immigrants will continue to come, from Mexico, and elsewhere. You can build a wall, a moat, jails, kill, arrest, whatever...just look at history.
Posted By Anonymous A, Boston, MA : 8:07 PM ET
You lied to the police. That is a crime. It's okay because they were Mexicans.

Your hypocrisy is noted.
Posted By Anonymous Juan from Miami, FL : 8:11 PM ET
I posted this yesterday but I think my computer screwed up and it didn't go through:

Juan in FL-

First of all, what would you have done in such a dangerous setting with such corrupt officials?

And second, Anderson was there to help innocent children and show the world what's happening along the border, so that we can do something to help them, and fight drug smuggling. He is a kind and compassionate person, and his amazing and successful work (have you even read his latest post?) is very important and should be appreciated, not undermined with petty insults.
Posted By Anonymous Courtney, Chagrin Falls, OH : 4:09 PM ET
Area 51 has the security and the patrols that nobody can penetrate. If the government really wanted, they would have created the same security along the southern border. On the other hand, China and Russia share a border which is completely fenced off and well-guarded, and it is longer than the US-Mexico's (3705 km vs. 3141 km). So, it is very doable.
Posted By Anonymous Brad, Chicago : 6:20 PM ET
May seem funny, but let it be known that anyone caught crossing the border illegally, will be transported to Alaska (pending prior agreement with the Alaskan government). There, they will be put to work with no pay, and freeze their butts off..I'm sure coming from Mexico, the last place they would want to be is in a very cold climate...They would remain there for a specified length of time and the U.S. government would bill the Mexican government for the handling and shipping. The Alaskan government would have a workforce for special projects, not to take away jobs from regular citizens...

What ever happened to the meaning of the word: Illegal.

Mexico is responsible for providing its impoverished citizens as is the United States for it's citizens..Is that so difficult for the Mexican Government to understand, or do they just not care? Or care enough.
Posted By Anonymous John Phillip, Dana Point, Ca.92629 : 8:38 PM ET
Hey Anderson

I have read some pretty harsh comments on this blog. I feel sorry for the every day people of Mexico. I think we should find a way to help our neighbors. We are a big part of the problem as well.

I love what you do and enjoy watching you make a difference.
Posted By Anonymous Sue, Forest Falls, Ca. : 11:29 PM ET
I have talked with people such as Bush supporters and haters. The people who support Bush say that illegal crossings of the US/Mexico border started way before he got into office. While this may true the fact is George Bush incuraged mexicans to illegaly cross our borders. Why do you think that he cutting thier funds along with all of the other funds. To put it in his and everyone elses pockets on the hill. George dont care about anyone or anything. If you dont believe this this you must be as nieve as he is.
Posted By Anonymous Eric, Keyser, WV : 1:33 AM ET
Build a wall along the border? No...dig a deep canal with high banks that extends all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, and wide enough to discourage any crossings. They do have a lack of water problem down there, don't they?
Posted By Anonymous LaVone, Versailles,Ky : 4:24 PM ET
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