Thursday, February 02, 2006
Gay former NFL player tackles demons
Editor's note: CNN Correspondent Heidi Collins' interview with Roy Simmons airs tonight on "Anderson Cooper 360°" 10 p.m.-midnight ET.

When Roy Simmons walked in to the studio to sit down for our interview, the first thing I noticed was how big he was. Take one look at this former NFL offensive lineman and it becomes obvious pretty quickly that he played professional ball.

Then Simmons shook my hand. It was the gentlest handshake and kindest voice I'd heard in a while. Not quite what you'd expect from a guy who had knocked helmets for the New York Giants and went to the Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins in 1984.

The fact that Simmons says he is gay and was raped by a neighbor when he was 11 years old and now is H.I.V. positive...These also aren't things you'd expect.

Simmons told me about the secret of his homosexuality and how it had tortured him for his entire professional football career. He said that in the NFL you can be a wife-beater or a drug-dealer, but being gay...forget about it.

He said hiding his sexual orientation led to a powerful addiction to drugs and alcohol. He told me he was spending about one thousand dollars every day to support his habit. He said it was so bad he even snorted cocaine on the day he played in the Super Bowl.

Today, Simmons is trying to maintain a sober life. He sat down with me recently to talk about his new book, "Out of Bounds," for a report airing tonight. He says he'd like to help others stop keeping secrets.
Posted By Heidi Collins, CNN Correspondent: 3:08 PM ET
How sad...Why is there so much hatred and discrimination in this world? Are'nt we all human beings?
Posted By Anonymous Melanie, Lancaster, PA : 3:31 PM ET
It's interesting how keeping things locked up can lead to such despression and addiction. Roy Simmons' story is one you don't hear often enough.
Posted By Anonymous Molly, Coleville, CA : 3:37 PM ET
Football, brings out the best in men on a stategic level.... but seems to bring out the worst in men on a personal level. The majority of amature Football players I have known are jerks or robots when they are in "the zone".

Football is not a compassion builder.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Columbus, Ohio : 3:40 PM ET
This is why this world needs to let people be who they are and more accepting of people who are different - keeping scerets hurts everyone! Straights and non-straights!
Posted By Anonymous bob, Dallas, TX : 3:40 PM ET
I Corinthians 6:9
Posted By Anonymous J. dallas, Texas : 3:43 PM ET
You write "The fact that Simmons says he is gay and was raped by a neighbor when he was 11 years old and now is H.I.V. positive...These also aren't things you'd expect."

Did he get HIV because of the rape or did he get it later due to his own decision about how to practice safe sex? You need to be more clear
Posted By Anonymous Rich - Chicago, Il. : 3:46 PM ET
Certainly it can be a difficult thing to always have to be one way to the public and another (real) way in your private life. I had a friend who was gay and he put up a good front for others at work. The thing was when he finally told me, and I told him that I had always known it was as if you had cut the strings on a marionette, he completely relaxed. Nothing changed between us because he was still the same person, but he was so much more comfortable about himself and the lying that he felt he needed to do stopped. He was just a normal guy.
Sadly he died from AIDs 15 years ago, and I miss him.
Posted By Anonymous lillith, la jolla ca : 3:47 PM ET
I'm still never going to understand why sexual orientation matters so much. Looking forward to seeing the interview tonight on 360!
Posted By Anonymous Alex, Raleigh, NC : 3:49 PM ET
yes we are all human beings, melanie. some people choose not to allow themselves tolerance of others that differ from themselves. they are the same people who commit hate crimes. their life is their own punishment, i can't imagine what it must be like to constantly bemoan people's lifestyles. like they had a choice to be gay? i think not.
Posted By Anonymous Elizabeth, Muncy, PA : 3:51 PM ET
It's unfortunate that a human being in this day and age has to hid who he really is because of what other people think and will treat him. He played good football - it shouldn't matter what he does in his bedroom.
Posted By Anonymous Aleena Felts, Winston-Salem, NC : 3:51 PM ET
Mr. Simmons is very brave to come out...too bad it takes bravery to do that in today's world. Good for him!
Posted By Anonymous E. Karle, Notre Dame, IN : 3:52 PM ET
It is very sad. He is a talented athlete and human just like the rest of us. I understand that he was probably in a very tough position but hopefully now his voice can be heard for others lacking the courage to stand up for who they are and what they believe in.
Posted By Anonymous Beth, Orlando FL : 3:52 PM ET
we all have our closet "demons" we all need to look deep in side our selves before judging others
Posted By Anonymous steve, manassas va : 3:52 PM ET
I commend as he has made it this far in his life. Seems that the world is cruel and hardened and that ones can trust can steal it, starting the domino effect. What more can anyone say about his life that he has not already?
Do not judge, you do not bring in this world and you will not take him out.

Live in Peace
Posted By Anonymous A V - NYC : 3:52 PM ET
I am sad that he had to hide his sexual orientation, but at the same time I don't think that is an excuse for his drug abuse.
Posted By Anonymous ML, Michigan : 3:54 PM ET
I sure hope Mr. Simmon's can find some peace in this crazy world,he sure is one heck of a great football player
Posted By Anonymous Greg Brandt,Mcminnville, OR : 3:55 PM ET
Great point about the NFL allowing wife beaters and drug dealers. To me, these are the real "moral values" we all should be worrying about.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Gaithersburg MD : 3:55 PM ET
I find it somewhat disheartening, in a piece centered around prejudice, that so much effort seems to be taken to emphasize how surprising it is that this particular individual is gay, that he is HIV-positive, or that he was the victim of rape.

Isn't the assumption that people who belong to these categories look, talk, and act a certain way part of the problem in overcoming these bigotries?
Posted By Anonymous Phil, Brooklyn, NY : 3:55 PM ET
Sounds like someone looking to blame his problems on someone else. Or maby it is just some PR deal for his new book. Either way, would we be talking about this drug addict, aids victim if he wasn't gay?
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Dalton, GA : 3:55 PM ET
Gay people are not safe in this country. As demonstrated by the latest hate crime in MA.
Posted By Anonymous Frank Reynolds, Redington Beach, FL : 3:56 PM ET
It'll be a great day when being gay isn't even an issue worth writing about. I can't imagine what gay pro athletes go through in their everyday lives.
Posted By Anonymous Craig, Owen Sound, Ontario : 3:57 PM ET
That is sad, but I'm very happy to know that he is trying to sober up and get his life back together. I could never imagine what it would be like to go through everything that he has gone through, and I'm not even going to begin to pretend that I know the hardships he's faced and how to deal with them. I've not only gained respect for Then Simmons as a great athlete, but as a man, as well. My hat's off to him.
Posted By Anonymous Lull / Brunswick, Georgia : 3:59 PM ET
I would like to know if Heidi considered whether Simmons' hand-shake reflected the fact that he was aware of the fact that he was shaking a women's hand. Do most male football player's squeeze her hand (as though she were a man), or is it her suttle way of reinforcing the "limp-wristed" stereo-type? Perhaps she should talk about his shoes and fashion as well.
Posted By Anonymous Ron, Raleigh, NC : 3:59 PM ET
Yea, we are all human, but in that world ( football ) you got to be all man. There's no exceptions.
Posted By Anonymous Chicago : 4:02 PM ET
People would be much happier if they stop idolizing media figures. Look at Terry Bradshaw and his fight with depression. The man was steel personified, then went on television and broke down to what amounted to a spirit crushing, soul shattering admission that his demons had gotten the best of him most of his life.

The day after I saw that interview I saw a doctor and started a medication that has erased my anxiety, saved my marriage, and turned my life from despair to a tough-as-nails attitude that has granted me great success.

I'm off meds now and have corrective measures in place to keep me focused.

Had Bradshaw not been so selfless, I have no doubt I'd be homeless, divorced, and in despair so deep it would be nearly impossible to recover.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Simmons' story has the same effect on other guys that Terry's did on me!
Posted By Anonymous Nick Mattern, Sioux Falls, South Dakota : 4:03 PM ET
Sadly there's still so much religion-supported hatred in this world. We need to see it as it is, plain hatred, and recognize its ugly face before we can start dealing with the problems.
Posted By Anonymous IndieCanuck, Toronto, Canada : 4:03 PM ET
Homosexuality is simply self gratification of human depravity...we are not born with it as a's a lifestyle and sexual choice...period.
Posted By Anonymous Beau Michaels, New York ,New York : 4:04 PM ET
My husband being an advid Redskin fans for all his life, it does seem to amaze the both of us that Mr. Simmons had to go through such a rough patch in his life to achieve what my husband consideres "The American dream of playing professional football." As this subject now is going to raise questions within the NFL, I hope that others chose to come clean of their drug and alcohol addictions and rather try to lead a normal life as a gay or straight man. I begin to wonder when will this society stop the stereotype cast of "gay males can't play ball" to more of "wow, that man can play some football." Had Roy never have to be worried about such a typecast, perhaps he could have lived normally and without pursicution. Much simpathy to him for having to go through the ordeal of abuse but kudos to him for becoming the bigger person he is today and inspiration to others along the way!
Posted By Anonymous Renee Bustillos, Las Cruces, New Mexico : 4:04 PM ET
Being gay is a secret life for many people. It's so strange because whatever made us be this way, but we have to pretend and predict our lives as society keeps moving on. To many people are afraid to be real, but its stories like Roy Simmons that keep us alive.
Posted By Anonymous Blake Stamford, CT : 4:05 PM ET
I am a gay man who has been out for 20 years. It is a shame that in this country with so much growth and diversity that a gay/lesbian person is still looking for Civil Rights. What does it take for people to realize we are all HUMAN and DESERVE the same rights as the next person. It disgusts me everyday how our government is trying everything in their power to not give ALL people the same rights, but will gladly take my hard earned money. A change needs to come and needs to come soon.
Posted By Anonymous Rick, Florida : 4:07 PM ET
As a Football Fan, who cares if he is Gay or not. It is a sad country that we live in that people must endure any kind of retribution over sexual orientation. I cannot understand where people in the Unted States of America feel that they should determine the rights of others and how they are treated. This is not the county that I was raised to believe in.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, Palos Verdes, CA : 4:07 PM ET
I agree. How sad it is when a pro athlete can use and deal drugs, beat their wives and children, be an alcoholic, and break other various laws and be accepted. Now, if you're gay, you're looked down upon and not accepted as easily, if at all. I think it also depends on the sport and how they look. Some people have a harder time accepting a gay man who is muscular and plays a sport that is steretyped to be a "manly" sport. Not to mention the fact that I think a lot more men have a harder time accepting a gay man playing the sport that they LOVE to watch and may have been associated with as a child or younger adult.

Look at it this way... you would have an easier time thinking that an interior decorator, a chef, a pro ice skater, a hairstylist or make up artist is gay. These are things that more woman tend to associate with. Therefore, you'd have an easier time accepting they're gay. A pro football player, basketball player, baseball player.. these are all sports that most men can associate themselves with. They are sports that men play against men. It's a lot harder to think that a man could be gay, because he's playing a game with other men - Muscular, fit, athletic men. I know there are gay men out there.. who are muscular, fit and athletic. I just think that society has a harder time accepting the gay men who are any of those.
Posted By Anonymous Holly, South Portland, ME : 4:08 PM ET
I happy Mr. Simmons has come to terms with his sexuality. Our so called civilized society has a way of ingraining hatred and ignorance without realizing the price gay and lesbian people have to pay. As in the case of Matthew Shepard, the price who paid the price with his life.
Posted By Anonymous Ralph Salinas : 4:09 PM ET
It's a shame we can't accept people for you they are as a person. What they do behind closed doors is no ones business not even our government.
Posted By Anonymous Dustin Kenneth, Bridgeport, CT : 4:09 PM ET
Please work on overcoming your sexuality issues. You are not born with it, its a lifestyle you choose.
Posted By Anonymous Frank, Scottsdale : 4:12 PM ET
Mr. Simmons is exploiting an old stereotype to promote his new book.
Posted By Anonymous cassine, atlanta,ga. : 4:12 PM ET
Its sad that he had to hide something like that for so long. I think what is worse is the fact that we, as Americans, are a little too accepting of something (homosexuality) that is completely wrong in the eyes of God.
Posted By Anonymous Chad, Dallas, Texas : 4:13 PM ET
I live in Maine and it took an act of God to get the antidiscrimination law to pass. I am straight but feel EVERYONE has the right to his/her own conviction and its a damn shame that people can not except all of us for who we are not what we profess or feel .
Posted By Anonymous pat lewiston me : 4:13 PM ET
Congratulations on embracing who God created you to be. Bibllical scholars are learning more and more about the interpretations of various scriptures once thought of as prohibiting homosexuality not to mean what we once thought. Our society has put a horrible stigma on something that was never intended to be used to marginalize people, and that is His word.

Good for you!!!!!!!!!1
Posted By Anonymous James Tola, Dunwoody, Ga. : 4:15 PM ET
I think it's great to have a figure to look up to in this world that has this same sexuality as I do. Coming out was hard enough, but being in the NFL and being gay has got to be incredibly difficult. However, it's very comforting to see how America is slowly starting to understand that homosexuality is out there, and that its not a choice. If it were, wouldn't Roy Simmons simply choose not to be homosexual? My point exactly. Thank you Roy for being the voice the gay community has been waiting for!
Posted By Anonymous Kyle, Austin TX : 4:16 PM ET
It's so encouraging to see another gay person coming to terms with their sexuality and no longer being afraid of other people knowing about it. Hopefully, it will be that much easier for other gay football players to be open about themselves as well as dispell the stereotype that gay people are not good at sports.
Posted By Anonymous Peter Moogk, Toronto, Ontario : 4:17 PM ET
Unfortunately it's not enough being a human being in this world. We are label fanatics and what ever doesn't fit into a certain label will be ridiculed and ostrocized. I hope that one day we will not have to hear stories such as Mr. Simmons or any other stories involving such hatred and ignorance.
Posted By Anonymous Donis, Ft Washington MD : 4:18 PM ET
At least he can face his life and recover peace and health. Living with secrets tarnishes all of our lives. All recovery is based on confronting truth, however painful it might be.

The moral standards are kind of crazy. The macho ideal - tough, philandering bad-boys get a pat on the head and countless second chances, regardless of how many lives they destroy.

I don't think it's ever a good idea to hold celebrities, athletes or politicians in such high esteem. They are human, fallible and face the same demons that we face. Sometimes they win, sometimes the lose -- just like us. No better, sometimes worse. Their temptations and choices are greater than ours so they are even more vulnerable.

I wish Mr. Simmons well. He's doing what he needs to do for himself and others.
Posted By Anonymous hassie/okc/ok : 4:22 PM ET
With the bravery of the likes of Roy Simmons, Martina Naratilova, Greg Louganis and other gay athletes who have had the courage to make their sexuality known, we learn that great strength and exceptional ability comes in many forms. To balance strength with grace is precisely the kind of role model the world needs to see more of, rather than repeating archaic and restrictive models that limits us all. More power to them!
Posted By Anonymous Barbara Bastian, Seaside, CA : 4:23 PM ET
When are we as a society going stop blurring the lines between one's sexuality and one's profession. What we do in the bedroom has nothing to do with how we perform our job in the real world.

It's a real sad commentary on our society when we think just because one is gay that this person desires you in a sexual. Think about it, do you look at everyone and desire them sexually?

I commend Roy for coming forward. We all can learn from his trials.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Ontario, Ca : 4:25 PM ET
I'm glad Mr. Simmons decided to make the heroic decision to come out. But I must say that I'm a bit disappointed if Mr. Simmons really said what Pat Robertson's 700 Club, said he did during an interview, namely that homosexuality is "really against God's will."

If Mr. Simmons really did say that, I would appreciate it if, in the future, he would keep his thoughts to himself rather than making it more difficult for people to "come out" in today's world. As long as people preceive homosexuality as being "aginst God's will," they will also preceive that they have license to beat and kill homosexuals. Being a homosexual myself, I know that: (1) I had no choice in this, it was the way God created me; (3) As a gay individual, life has been full of torment, as Mr. Simmons knows and (3) If God is not a cruel God he would not have created me this way to live in a life of torment. He would have wanted me to be who I am.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Arlington, VA : 4:27 PM ET
Good for him !! if you agree with the stats that somewhere between 3 and 10% of the population is gay then somewhere between 195 Million and 650 Million people on this planet of 6.5 Billion is gay. it's about time they don't have to hide anymore.
Posted By Anonymous Ed Chicago, IL : 4:29 PM ET
I wish Roy Simmons the very best. Players and fans alike are fooling themsevles if they think there are no gay players in the NFL. No man should be outed against his will, but it's time that any shame with being gay and an athlete be put aside.
Posted By Anonymous Jim Jackson, Columbus, OH : 4:29 PM ET
The fact that I am a heterosexual does not have one thing to do with who I am professionally, not one. My sexuality is part of my personal life - not my career. Most heterosexuals would tell you the same thing, yet we seem to have an unfortunate double- standard that does not allow homosexuals to keep their private lives separate from their professional lives, thus they end up hiding who they really are. It is a shame our society is so ignorant.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous in Ohio : 4:29 PM ET
A man to be pitied. I pray he can give up his lifestyle of sodomy.
Posted By Anonymous tim, dallas tx : 4:31 PM ET
Discrimination of any kind is wrong. Regardless of the "reasons". While I disagree with Homosexuality, that does not give me or anyone else a right to discrinate or show any manner of disrespect to someone who may feel differently.
Posted By Anonymous Jason, Fayetteville,AR : 4:37 PM ET
I am agreeing with Jeff from Arlington, as I also saw and read the 700 Club posting. Is Mr. Simmons really an unshackled gay man, or rather has he just lept from the closet into Mr. Robertson's den of devils where they teach peopld to "forgive" themselves for this perceived sin. It's not clear from your headlines, and the distinction is very important to this reader.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, Boston MA : 4:37 PM ET
To the heartless person who put the Bible verse as a comment: why? Does this help Simmons? Are you without sin?

And to the person who asked if Simmons is HIV due to rape or unsafe sex: does it matter?

How about caring for another human being? Just let someone tell their story without judgment.
Posted By Anonymous Rita, Tulsa, OK : 4:40 PM ET
I saw the quick post from J. in Dallas, Texas. 1 Corinthians 6:9 states:

9Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? Be not deceived: Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind

in the King James Version.

I cannot know why J. in Dallas Texas posted this, but I can only assume that he or she has read an interpertation of the Bible that mentions homosexuals.

Just thought I'd point out that not every Bible states the same thing. And, since I'm NOT ashamed of my sexuality or my Christian beliefs, I think I'll include my full name.

God Bless
Posted By Anonymous Julie Totsch Racine, WI : 4:40 PM ET
It is so sad in this day and age that his story will probably not be heard, people will hear the word "gay" and not even listen to the rest. God go with you, Mr Simmons.
Posted By Anonymous Patricia Langdon, Seattle, WA : 4:40 PM ET
Jeff, God loves you very much. However, it is clearly stated in the Bible that homosexuality is against His will. Because of sin, we have an imperfect world with imperfect desires. I am a married man but I still am tempted by other women. I do not act on this temptation because it is not what God has called me to do. If I were to give into adultry, that would be against God's will, but his redemptive love would still be available to me.

The fact that people view themselves as being responsible to impose judgement on homosexuals through beating and killing is TERRIBLE. God has called us to love EVERYONE and never withold our love, as He never witholds love from us.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Chicago, IL : 4:41 PM ET
It is very difficult for me to accept anything that comes out of Pat Robertson's 700 Club as being either factual or even closely related to reality. That man is so narrow minded that he will distort and say anything that supports his point of view. To Mr. Simmons, good for you, it is too bad that it took that much courage to say who you are. It is also unfortunate that the leeches that provided the drugs took advantage of it.
Posted By Anonymous TG Houston, TX : 4:41 PM ET
Nice job, Roy Simmons. Sharing his life experiences and sexual orientation reflects a strength much greater than his muscles.
Posted By Anonymous Susan Chudwick, Ansonia, Connecticut : 4:43 PM ET
To Mr. I Corinthians 6:9

Leviticus 19:18
Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, New YOrk : 4:43 PM ET
I agree with Jeff from Arlington. Homosexuality occurs in all aspects of nature, why not homo sapiens also? And we all to readily forget that the Bible was written by men. Good luck to Jeff and to others fighting to live a happy life.
Posted By Anonymous Sharon, Sauk City, WI : 4:44 PM ET
Beyond scriptures and condemnation from fellow man, people who use God against Gays are judging people...If Gays are going to hell, they will see the judging "Christians" there. So sad that God's love has suddenly come with labels and finger pointing. People are people and judgement is God's. To him that is without sin, cast the first stone.
Posted By Anonymous J.G. Richmond,VA : 4:45 PM ET
To J in Dallas: Glad to see that you read the Bible. Did you happen to come across that one verse in there that says, "Judge not lest ye be judged" yet? It's kind of easy to miss if you're not looking for it.
Posted By Anonymous T.M., Detroit, MI : 4:45 PM ET
Good for you Mr. Simmons, it takes courage to do what you did. Do not let the righteous bible thumpers get you down, they usually have more skeltons in their "closet" than the rest of us.
Posted By Anonymous Katie, Los Angeles, Ca : 4:45 PM ET
The great thing is that you do not have to live a life of tourment any longer. Jesus Christ can free you from your sin, just as he did for Roy Simmons. Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, and no one gets to the father except through Him.
Posted By Anonymous Mark, Pittsburg, PA : 4:46 PM ET
After reading the comments I don't know if I feel sorrier for Mr. Simmons or some of the writers. As a gay male, I have also experienced torment, especially living in the deep South. But I am not at all living a tormented life. I have surrounded myself with wonderful friends and co-workers that see me a s a hard working, fun loving guy, not just a gay male. As to safe sex, I would wonder how long Mr. Simmons has been positive. In the early days of AIDS, safe sex was not thought about as we didn't even know what caused the disease. Thank you Mr. Simmons for being honest. Hopefully, it'll open the doors we need to be opened for more brave souls like you.
Posted By Anonymous David, Memphis, TN : 4:46 PM ET
J. from Dallas.

Here is your I Corinthians 6:9.

Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor boy prostitutes nor sodomites

This is not talking about a gay lifestyle, it's discussing morals. Two different topics.

You can be a moral gay person. Do you think just because you are straight that you are automatically moral??? You fall under the same scripture!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Chicago Illinois : 4:46 PM ET
The argument that you should be allowed to be who you are because thats the way God created you is pretty weak. What about rapists? Murderers? Pyro Maniacs? Anyone who does anything against the laws of the Bible can use that same argument..."I should be allowed to rape as this is how God created me", try a stronger argument next time, think it through.
Posted By Anonymous Tyler, Castlegar, CANADA : 4:47 PM ET
I don't care if he's gay. I don't care if he hurt. Everyone hurts one way or another. What I do care about is when minority groups are given additional protection over the majority.
Example: A female friend of mine was lied too. Her husband and his family lead a life denouncing homosexuals and lesbians. Then after having a child with him he decides he can't resist his homosexual desires. They divorce and now their child must live in both lives. Their child must watch her Dad kiss, hug, cuddle etc. with his lover. It's fraud what he did. He took away her choice of raising their child in a straight correct environment. We need laws that protect the children and the straight people. How would you feel about that?
I don't go around bashing gays, but I do believe in protecting straight peoples choices.
Posted By Anonymous Jay, Lafayette, Indiana : 4:47 PM ET
Jeff, homosexuality IS NOT that way God made you. He made you to be able to procreate, and moreso, in His image (see Genesis). If you want true healing from homosexuality, seek God. He is the true healer, and you will be healed
Posted By Anonymous B, davis, ca : 4:48 PM ET
In life we experience hardship and we have choices. In my opinion, Roy Simmons made a choice to live this destructive lifestyle. Coming out now, during the superbowl, is a mere publicity stunt to help boost book sales.
Posted By Anonymous Lavel, Memphis, TN. : 4:48 PM ET
Mr. Simmons says that hiding his sexual orientation led to substance abuse. In that case, countless thousands of people living in the closet in the U.S. would be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Mr. Simmons chose to use alcohol and drugs daily to deal with his issue, it is not a by product of undercover homosexuality.
Posted By Anonymous r., los angeles, ca : 4:49 PM ET
A pity that even here in this blog that there are some that can't see past their own religion and look at the man and his life.

I don't know if Mr. Simmons will read these but if he does I'd like him to know that I have the utmost respect for him. And very little respect for those that hate because a 2000 year old religion told them to.

I know many religious people (myself included) that keep an open mind about things that are different from themselves.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin, San Diego, CA : 4:49 PM ET
God did not create you as gay, it is your choice. Read the bible and you will see it is against God.
Posted By Anonymous Ed, KC MO : 4:51 PM ET
In all his seeking he still not found or acknoleged the fact that is has and will never find fulfillment untill he submits his life to Christ!

When sin is present in ones life it drive a person further than they want to go, keeping them longer then they want to say, and cost them more than they want to pay!

I will be praying for him because I know God can deliver him for this sin.
Posted By Anonymous Antoine Draines, Warner Robins GA : 4:51 PM ET
He was on Sirius's "The Howard Stern Show" a few weeks ago and it was a very compelling interview. Not something you would expect to hear from a "burley lineman." All the same a very sad story with many twists and turns..and not all of them for the best. It is very refreshing to hear someone speak out though against something that should easily accepted. Why someone's sexual orientation has anything to do with how someone does their job is beyond me
Posted By Anonymous Mike Dallas TX : 4:51 PM ET
WOW, you never know. That is why we should always treat others as we want to be treated!! ALL are human!!
Posted By Anonymous Joe Harris, Estero, FL : 4:52 PM ET
Thanks for addressing this issue, I have been in sports settings most of my life and would have to say that it is like this, you can't be gay and play a sport with a lot of interaction with other players....keep up the good work CNN!
Posted By Anonymous Gavin, Memphis : 4:53 PM ET
As a gay Christian who is a recovered alcoholic, all I can say is our hardships can help others. Congrats to Simmons for taking a step to demonstrate what God can do in your life, if you let Him.
Posted By Anonymous J. C. Dallas, TX : 4:53 PM ET
I was not surprised to see that someone reading this story & posting a comment had indeed quoted the Bible here. These people really ought to wake up and stop making judgements on people based on an ancient text which has absolutely no place in modern society. Get with the programme!
Posted By Anonymous Andrew, Valparaiso IN : 4:53 PM ET
I can really appreciate anyone who stands against harsh aggression/convention. I'm not gay, but I'm the oldest of six in a Palestinian family, and I married a Jew. Therefore, I know a little bit about going against the odds. Many say that my decisions are against God's will. However, in any case and/or circumstance, such a claim is all a matter of interpretation. Thus, for any of us mortals to claim knowledge of what God says, is comical, yet sad in the way it effects many of us. Bravo Mr. Simmons.
Posted By Anonymous Chip, Fort Hood, Texas : 4:54 PM ET
Im a 35 yr old male, and I too was sexually abused. Ive lived my life in fear that I might someday be told I have the HIV virus. My last test, in 2003 was negative, but I have been plagued with self hatred ever since, always thinking is was my fault. Ive recently entered therapy, Im extremely optimistic. Best of luck Mr Simmons, your not alone.
Posted By Anonymous Friend - New York, NY : 4:55 PM ET
Brave? Not really. He can't be that brave if he hid his sexual preference for all of those years and had to resort to drug abuse. Resorting to drugs and hiding is no bravery at all. In fact, I would say it was very cowardly. Now, we call him brave v/c he tells about it 15 years later.
Posted By Anonymous Steve/Ocean Springs, MS : 4:55 PM ET
To Jeff, it is against God's will to be gay, just as it's against His will to beat and kill homosexuals. I am absolutely against discrimination and blanket hatred of a particular group for a superficial difference, but I'm also against acceptance of what sins as normal and ok.

It's not about what's damnable about a person, it's more about recognizing problems and addressing them.

To Mr. Simmons, his story is incredibly heart felt and endearing. I absolutely applaud him for his desire and fight to improve his life.
Posted By Anonymous Martin, Cerritos, CA : 4:55 PM ET
In response to J in Dallas, try this one:

Leviticus 11:10

Will you be setting up obscenely-monied Grand Old Pharisee organizations dedicated solely to lobbying for "Christian" laws against the eating of shrimp, lobster, and crawfish in every corner of the United States? Will you also be shaming those who eat these "abominations" to hide themselves? Will a politician's views on shellfish be the singular driving force behind your vote every election day?

After all, shellfish are also called an "abomination" in Hebrew law. At least demonstrate basic competency and common sense by being *consistent* - lest you be a hypocrite with no integrity in your beliefs.
Posted By Anonymous Patti, Dallas, Texas : 4:56 PM ET
I applaud that you are even willing to cover this, in a culture that is shuns the homosexual community, sterotypes and degrades these Americans, I could see how this could be ignored...and furthermore, I think an even more interesting story in light of the superbowl, would be the culture of professional football players...someone to expose the violence, drug-use and apparent discrimination that Mr. Simmons speaks so candidly about...while we should admire football players for their skill and talent, we should place them in a context of reality, more boys should look up to real men...not hyper-real figures of our american ideologies
Posted By Anonymous carleigh, asheville nc : 4:57 PM ET
I Corinthians 6:9?
Who wants to go to a kingdom of God where those people of true beauty in our society are shunned and looked down upon.
Drug dealers, rapists, wife-beaters. These are the people being idolized by our children. But when a man stifles his true identity for what he sees as the best interest of his fellow man, that is not only a virtue few could live up to, but a synbol of what is blinding this country from making any real progress. Not two minutes after you talk about the life of one man, someone has to remind us that according to a book written 30 years after the death of some dude, this person is not just in the white euro-centric God's eyes. Instead of honoring this man's sacrifice for his fellow man, we are all reduced by this trite interjection of discrimination.
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Washington DC : 4:57 PM ET
Re: I Corinthians 6:9

A man who admits, battles, and overcomes his demons is a hero to all. Who you have sex with does NOT make one a man, but rather the content of his character and the strength of his convictions.

This is a man to be proud of and have great sympathy for. Next time, be sure to read ALL of your Bible, not just Pat Robertson's talking points.

"let he who is without sin, cast the first stone"
Posted By Anonymous Monica, Pittsburgh, PA : 4:57 PM ET
Hate the Sin not the Sinner!
Posted By Anonymous John, Chesapeake, VA : 4:57 PM ET
Yup, even big tough football players are human beings, too.
Posted By Anonymous Rob, Eden Prairie, MN : 4:57 PM ET
Isn't it time that we force organized athletics to face the unruly discrimination that is fundamental to its "supposed" team-buildaing characteristics? ALL those who wish to play should be welcome -- and should be welcomed to me open about who they are. We are human beings who need compassion and comfort to perform at our best capabilities!!!
Posted By Anonymous Gregory, Queens, NY : 4:58 PM ET
Hey, don't blame football! Blame the ultramacho trappings and societal expectations that go along with the men's game. I play for a women's football team and we never have a problem with "gay" versus "straight". We're all just teammates!
Posted By Anonymous Steph, Manchester NH : 4:59 PM ET
"I Corinthians 6:9

Posted By J. dallas, Texas : 3:43 PM"

Uh huh. Try John 8:7.
Posted By Anonymous J., Bethesda, MD : 5:01 PM ET
1Corithians 6:9-10: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God." (Emphasis ours
Posted By Anonymous Anne, Forest City, NC : 5:01 PM ET
Being gay in the NFL is just not accepted in today's age. It isn't right how players should have to hide their sexuality. They should be able to be true to themselves as well as others. I wish it was as easy to come out of the closet in the NFL as it was for me without the spotlight pointed on me.
Posted By Anonymous Brent Barringer, Auburn Alabama : 5:01 PM ET
RE: need to be more clear.

Thankfully, the media don't always spoonfeed the dolts... figure it out... he was 11 when he was raped... played in Super Bowl in 84... take into account when AIDS/HIV came onto scene... and life expectancy of AIDS patients, even with treatment. Chances are good, statistically that he didn't contract the virus until well into the 90s... but such conclusions require logical thought, for which "Rich" seems bereft of clue.
Posted By Anonymous B, Worcester MA : 5:01 PM ET
Jeff, you can only have it one way. Either be happy for Mr. Simmons for coming out or not. You want him to "keep his thoughts to himself"? Maybe some homosexuals/gays really know what God intended them for and are fighting to try and purge themselves of the gay tendencies they have. Is that so hard to believe? Don't judge him. I think it's awesome that someone has come out to say that they know they are struggling with it and trying to go back to the way that they know God inteneded him to be. To answer your #3, God isn't cruel, but we are sinful and spin everything he created into sin, including sex and relationships. Take another look at your life and see if you are living the way that's easiest or living a life for Christ and not for self. No one every said it would be easy. But I promise more treasures in Heaven for you if you seek Him.
Posted By Anonymous TM, Dallas, TX : 5:02 PM ET
As a Christian woman who was brought up to believe that being gay was a sin against God, I'm saddened to think that anyone should have to pretend to be something they're not in order to fit into society. I think life's so much harder on folks who are gay. Why in the world would anyone willingly choose to take on those challenges? Do I think being gay is a sin? That's not my decision to make. But it seems totally inconsistent that a loving God would not accept anyone based on their sexual orientation. God bless us all to be the best people we can be, whatever that might be.
Posted By Anonymous Erin, OC, CA : 5:02 PM ET
What about the poor gay football players? Does the sympathizing stop anywhere? I was homeless for a few months last year - so I understand that life isn't always easy. But as our society becomes more and more 'tolorant' - the more difficult it is to distiguish right from wrong. Fighter pilots in the military don't complain about being shot at - and football players shouldn't expect acceptance of a perverted definition of manhood. He made a choice to accept the pay for his work - he had the choice to leave for a more gay friendly environment if he so desired.
Posted By Anonymous Johnny, Alpharetta, GA : 5:02 PM ET
I'm actually very mixed in my reaction. From a sexual orientation perspective, no one should care.

I agree with another poster - did he get HIV from the rape, or from a subsequent sexual experience where he was unsafe?

I also agree with the poster who commented that sexual orientation (or sexual trauma) is no excuse for drug addiction.

It's pretty sad how the culture in our country - apparently even among the seemingly toughest of our football players - always ends up making excuses for people's negative choices. It's like we've become a nation of crybabies. I feel bad for Simmons, but the drug and alcohol addition, as well as any depression he might have felt, are his own fault and the result of how he internalized and acted upon the unfortunate things that happened to him.

I have friends who are recovered addicts, and also know two people who are HIV positive. Everyone has a sad story, and that's called life. Of course, not everyone has a high profile NFL career, so the majority of stories go unheard.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Norwalk CT : 5:03 PM ET
It's sad that we live in a society where homosexual or bisexual people don't have any people to look up to.

Most teenagers struggling with their sexuality don't have anywhere to go, so they start asking themselves, "What's wrong with me?" Nothing. But how would they know? The entertainment industry doesn't like their big stars to be gay. Of course any celebrity has the right to stay closeted which is perfectly fine, but I just hope that the next Brad Pitt or the next Jennifer Aniston will be gay, to show everybody that there's nothing wrong with being homosexual.
Posted By Anonymous Patrick, Los Angeles, CA : 5:03 PM ET
I sincerely hope Mr. Simmons can be at peace with himself now - hopefully one day people will be people and not lables.and if we're really lucky,will pay more attention to what the Bible says about Love than what it says about us judging one another (which it says not to do, by the way). My son is 45, one of the most loving, compassionate, generous persons on the planet, in spite of what he has undoubtedly endured as a gay male in the United States. I thank God every day that I was chosen to be his mother and that I have been given the privilege of being his friend, and watching his loving, positive, supportive influence on everyone around him. He is genuinely,truly loved by many and for that, I am most grateful.
Posted By Anonymous Jeanette, Charlottesville, VA : 5:04 PM ET
I have empathy for this man. We
ALL have fallen short in diffeerent ways and God forgives. So anyone can quote Bible scripture --but the greatest commandment is to LOVE the LORD your God and to LOVE your neighbor as yourself on these 2 commandments are written everything. People--take the board out of your own eyes and LOVE the way HE LOVES US!!!
Posted By Anonymous mike-Temple Texas : 5:04 PM ET
It's a sad story no doubt however his silence was his own decision.
Posted By Anonymous Kevin Philadelphia, PA : 5:05 PM ET
Denial. It is a safety mechanism for the inner self, but denial always comes with a price.

When will America "come out" of its state of denial. Gay people are all around. Your neighbors, your brothers, your sisters, your parents, your NFL players. There are gay people mixed in everywhere, mostly under the radar of the heterosexual "denial". Fear and hate can only be conquered when everyone, including political leaders, quit living in a state of denial.
Posted By Anonymous Gary Hughes, Nashville, Tn : 5:05 PM ET
A question I've never heard pondered, at least publicly, is why being a homosexual is seemingly the worst of sins. As mentioned there have been professional athletes have been involved with and forgiven for everything from assault, murder, rape, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence yet it is still forbidden to be gay. Why?
Posted By Anonymous Liz, Montgomery, AL : 5:05 PM ET
And i suppose that Frank chose to be heterosexual too? How do you claim to understand something you have not experienced?
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Denver Colorado : 5:05 PM ET
Some secrets are worth keeping secrets.
Posted By Anonymous Maurice, Baton Rouge, LA : 5:06 PM ET
The Corinthians verse was out of line. These were the words of Paul not Jesus. I doubt Jesus would shun a gay person or any person.
Posted By Anonymous BLH, Dallas, TX : 5:06 PM ET
God did not create gay, it was a conscious decision that you made. God gave us the free will to right from wrong. It's unfortunate that have difficulty in distinguishing one from the other.
Posted By Anonymous Waleed, Kent, OH : 5:06 PM ET
My friend Steve was gay and was a real cuddly bear, I miss him.
Posted By Anonymous Ben, Boston : 5:06 PM ET
Fighting these demons certainly do and can lead to addiction. I have fought this demon, a gay man, for over 20 years and fully understand what Mr. Simmons has experienced. Unfortunately in our community it is ok to be gay but don't talk about it or express your feelings!!!. His talking will only help younger gay men to realize what happens when you supress these feelings, thoughts, etc.
Posted By Anonymous Kent, Traverse City, MI : 5:07 PM ET
"Sexual Orientation" is important both religiously and politically because of the harm it causes. Look at the suffering he has endured for his sexuality. The compassionate Christian does not delight in his suffering nor delight in condemning him. My heart goes out to him. What a steep cost to pay. What this story does is bring to light another person struggling in sin with no hope for recovery. Tolerance does nothing for this man. A pat on the back will do nothing to bring him out of the depths of addiction and depression. Loving him enough to say, "Enough!" will do something. I do not tolerate my children playing in the street, even if in the moment it is the most fun and exciting thing they have done. Why? Because I love them enough to say no.
Posted By Anonymous Nick, Lawrence, Kansas : 5:07 PM ET
The guy who quoted Corinthians is an ignorant bumbler. You want to know what a sodomite is? Read the bible: "49 This was the sin of your sister Sodom: pride, lots of bread, and the careless ease that she and her satellites had. She did not support the poor and those in need." -Ezekiel 16 - Sure seems like a lot of pride coming from the religious among us, not to mention those fat preachers on TV (lots of bread), and the fact that you exhibit no compassion for someone who is obviously suffering (She did not support... those in need).
Posted By Anonymous Adam, Chicago, IL : 5:07 PM ET
God did not create anyone to be gay, any more than he created anyone to be adulterers, fornicators, thieves or addicts. Its a choice. I do not believe that hiding his orientation "made" Mr. Simmons an addict, but it was merely a choice that he made. It is time to own up to our own choices. My mistakes in life are mine and are not the fault of others.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Greenville, SC : 5:07 PM ET

While certainly an issue, your sexual orientation is not nearly as troubling as your complete misunderstanding of the nature of God.

God loves you and wants you to be happy -- but thta doesn't mean He agrees with all of your choices.

There's undoubtedly a good church very near your home. Go there, meet some people, talk to them about God. You'll find them to be very caring, again, even if they don't agree with your choices.
Posted By Anonymous Bill -- Oswego, Il : 5:08 PM ET
One of the best and bravest men I ever knew was gay. No one who soldiered with him cared.

Posted By Anonymous George Goodson, LtCol, USMC, Ret, Dunwoody, GA : 5:08 PM ET
What the heck is Frank talking about - being gay is not a choice. Neither is being straight. You are who you are born as and how you live with that is your challenge.

I am straight but that comment of Franks really ticked me off for some reason!
Posted By Anonymous Liz, Chicago : 5:09 PM ET
That was a good example used about being able to be a wife beater or drug dealer in the NFL, but God forbid if you are gay.

Nothing more needs to be said to know that something is wrong when an example such as this is used regarding this subject.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff Conway, Antioch, CA : 5:09 PM ET
God did not create anyone as a homosexual, obviously if you believe this we are talking about two different Gods. God does not create people to be gay, people can change from being gay to straight, I have known people who have done this, thus yes, you do have a choice in it.
Posted By Anonymous Drew, Tyler, Texas : 5:09 PM ET
Hey, J. Dallas, Texas - "Judge not lest you be judged." Luke 6:37. Your hateful preaching is what causes atrocities like this to happen in the first place. Tolerance and acceptance breed love and peace. I'd rather believe in that.
Posted By Anonymous Elise, Charlotte, NC : 5:09 PM ET
I hope that Mr. Simmons interview does not reinforce the common misperception among the audience that gays are somehow "damaged goods." Mr Simmons being raped as a child is not a cause for him being gay. (a) He was raped. (b) He is gay. (a) does not necessarily cause (b). That logical argument in Latin is called "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc." In English, "After the thing, therefore because of the thing." That is a logical fallacy.
Posted By Anonymous Alex, Alexandria, VA : 5:09 PM ET
You should be handicapped if you think being gay is hard.
Posted By Anonymous Brad, HB, CA : 5:12 PM ET
It is great to hear that big men, like this remarkable man, can come out and say he is gay and had a problem with alcohol and drugs. Not all gay men are excepted in the world, those people I call ignorant. I except gay people. My uncle is gay and am proud to say that he is. I have gay friends and I am not embarrased to say what they are and who they are.

I am proud of him for coming out. God bless
Posted By Anonymous Jo, Oxnard Ca : 5:12 PM ET
The sad part is, there is no real change between 1984 and 2006. Discrimination is still at an all time high. We all beleive, or most of us, that if we was all the same the world would be a boring place, but yet, we are all different, and we are still not accpected. Does not make any sence to me.
Posted By Anonymous Justin Ambrose, Nashua NH : 5:12 PM ET
No where in the New Testament does Jesus himself speak out against homosexuality. It was the church leaders of the day, just like the leaders of the church today taking scripture and molding it to fit their own personal views.
Posted By Anonymous Peter Smith, Los Angeles : 5:13 PM ET
Frank from Scottsdale said that being gay is a lifestyle choice. I would challenge him to think back to the exact point that he "decided" to be straight. Or perhaps it just came naturally, because that is how you were born. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle. It is a life. One that is made particularly difficult by people who can't just let other people be who whey are.
Posted By Anonymous Drew, Birmingham, AL : 5:14 PM ET
I do not know what Bible scholars James is talking about. There is no question that the Bible teaches that the homosexual lifestyle is a sin in God's eyes. The Christian faith calls for a love of people and a hatred of sin. In the case of Mr. Simmons, I wish him the best as he faces the demons that have affected his life, but as a Christian I cannot be accepting of his lifestyle. I hope he can find peace.
Posted By Anonymous Jeremy-- Wisconsin : 5:15 PM ET
Response to Frank, from Scottsdale:

If sexuality is such a choice, and we are not born with it, then why would anyone CHOOSE a life of scruitny? Ask yourself this, when did you decide to be straight? And if you are straight and believe homosexuals can change-could you force YOURSELF to lie with someone of the same sex comfortably? If the answer is no, then don't expect us too either.

The only decision in this lifestyle is to love ourselves and accept ourselves. Realizing that life is to short to live it so that others are comfortable with us is something many people have to do.

Take that fact to heart.

God Bless-for God is not a gay basher.
Posted By Anonymous Dale Austin, TX : 5:15 PM ET
The increasing homophobia in this country is a direct effect from the christian conservatives intervention in our government and belief that they have the right to tell all of us what is right and wrong because "their" God says so. We need to have less intolerance in this country.

Good luck to him and all those tha live in hiding.
Posted By Anonymous Ernie, Hollywood FL : 5:15 PM ET
It is a shame that the people think God created them this way. They should be clearer about which "God" they are talking about. It is a clear teaching of the Church that acting on the homosexual feelings is wrong. It is no different than people acting on the feeling to steal. It would be the same as saying God made these people theives and therefore we should just accept them for who they are. I think there are bigger issues here than just saying it is sad that people can not accept someone for acting on their homosexual feelings.
Posted By Anonymous Chad, Chicago, IL : 5:15 PM ET
The fact of the matter is this: Homosexuality is a sin and it is clearly stated throughout the Bible. Please read Genesis chapters 10-20. Homosexuality was the prevailing sin in Soddom and Gomorrah and it was not pleasing to God and they were destroyed. Now, take a look at the Roman Empire, it too was once dominant and powerful, but homosexuality eventually flooded the cities morals. I don't think Rome is an empire any more. And finally, the End of Times stories throughout the Bible speaks of this very sin becoming a problem. I have my own demons (sins), but all of us CHOOSE to be alcoholics, drug addicts, and yes gay. There are absolutely no facts that support the "I was born with it" answer. The only way out is prayer to the Almighty, Jesus Christ. May God bless You!!
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Dallas : 5:16 PM ET
All I keep hearing is how sad this story is and how brave this guy is for "coming out." Well I'm coming out now. I'M STRAIGHT WORLD AND YOU BETTER LIKE IT! If Simmons wants to be gay that's his choice, and he should be free to live it, but he doesn't have to go on national television to explain it. But I guess that makes a good story now doesn't it? How about doing a feature on the feminization of society? Wait...that might offend your base of viewers.
Posted By Anonymous Zach, Chicago, IL : 5:16 PM ET
In this day of changing values and acceptance of movies about homosexual cowboys, with respect to everyone in this blog, I remain one who longs for the days of the "closet". Thankfully with no apologies.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Rockville, MD : 5:17 PM ET
It's sad people cannot have a discussion about homosexuality w/o someone telling you what they believe God thinks.
Posted By Anonymous David Hartle, Pittsburgh, PA : 5:17 PM ET
This is true journalism at its best! Thank you for reporting about topics that truly matter. Thanks to you, and Anderson, you are the only reason I still watch CNN.
Posted By Anonymous Francisco F. Todd, Washington DC. : 5:17 PM ET
It is sad how society rules who we are and how we should be. Im married with four children and as long as they are healthy i could care less if they are gay or straight i would love them no less. Roy god bless you.
Posted By Anonymous Gregg , New jersey : 5:17 PM ET
Hey Frank from Scottsdale...

If sexuality is a lifestyle you choose, please tell me when you sat up and decided to be straight rather than gay?

I mean, really, when did you look yourself in the mirror and say, "I could have a lifetime of sex with men, or women, and for no reason other than I want to, hereby decide to be with women."

I think you couldn't choose to be attracted to men any more than a gay guy could choose to be attracted to women. BUT you could choose to spend your life hiding it from yourself and others. And that certainly is a choice.

Some of us prefer not to choose to lie.
Posted By Anonymous Adam, Nashville TN : 5:18 PM ET
I do not know the man. His reputation or skill as a pro ball player should not elevate him above anyone. His life and ultimate death is the same as anyone else. Will anyone cry when 'Magic Johnson' dies other than his family?

In my mind, his being homosexual should not be an issue. His abuse should not be a crutch. Too many in the world today have swallowed the "I am a victim" mentality. They tell themselves that being attacked is who they are and how they live their life. Christian scripture makes it clear that through persecution and adversity, man can overcome if they have the spirit. The spirit comes from scripture and a clear relationship with the creator who died as man spit and reviled him.

Think what you would like of this man. He made a choice like all homosexuals do. As a man, he can now accept the results of his actions. Hopefully he will make the right choice before death takes him to his final reward.
Posted By Anonymous Eric, Pleasanton CA : 5:19 PM ET
J. - What does the Bible have to do with anything? That part that contains the word "effeminate"? Have you seen Simmons? He's not exactly an effeminate man.

Chicago - What does being gay have to do with being "all man"? I know plenty of gay men who are more manly than a lot of the straight men i know. Just because a person is gay doesn't make them any less of a man

Frank in Scottsdale - Oh, is a choice, is it? So I guess he chose to be discriminated against and made fun of and treated like a second class citizen. Yeah, that makes sense. While it is technically true that a person can choose to have sexual relations with anyone they want- be it man or woman- that doesn't mean that a person's orientation is of their choosing. This is a medically recognized fact. With your line of reasoning, would you choose to sleep with another man? Probably not, because it wouldn't feel right to you, just as Simmons could sleep with a woman, but it wouldn;t feel right to him.

Look, the point is that the fact that people have to pretend to be something they're not shouldn't be the only option. Granted, this doesn't neccessarily excuse drug and alcohol abuse, but it does show that when a person has no one else to turn to, they sometimes turn to illicit substances as a way of taking away the pain that they have to endure from the outside world. There's so much more I could say on this topic, but I think that covers the basics.
Posted By Anonymous Tyson, St. Louis MO : 5:19 PM ET
this is more of a response to jeff from arlington than about mr. simmons.I cannot understand what it is like to be gay, and i wont insult you by pretending to. that is not the real issue, though, when responding to the christian teaching directly from the bible regarding homosexuality. put in context (people who argue about the bible rarely do that)homosexuality is a sin. sin is sin, and there is no ranking of them, although some try to say some are worse than others, and they are horribly wrong. some may seem more heinous to us, but god does not see it that way. the fact is that God's standard is perfection, and no man or woman can meet it. God provided the way for us to be forgiven, and that is what Christianity teaches. you cannot excuse any sin by saying "it is natural to me" or "I was made that way". My natural proclivity as a heterosexual man would be to have sex with as many female partners as i could. it is natural. the problem with that is that it is wrong, because i am married, and also because god calls that kind of behavior sin. we are called to curb our "natural" desires and aspire to a higher standard. we can't do that on our own. the most important thing to remember about god's love is that he loves you but not what you do, and your choices have consequences, as do mine. we are without excuse.
Posted By Anonymous rick, spokane, wa : 5:20 PM ET
Jeff, since God made everything, why would he make homosexual penguins, monkeys and sea gulls? To them it seems completely natural. Or did the devil make the penguins gay?
Posted By Anonymous Stuart, San Diego CA : 5:20 PM ET
This is an interesting aspect of the homosexual orientation. It's good people are talking about football players, cowboys and others who don't meet the effeminate stereotype. It's difficult for gay men who are in masculine occupations!
Posted By Anonymous Hank Z, Denver, Colorado : 5:20 PM ET
I find it ironic that a story about a man overcoming adversity is followed by an ignorant blog like, "1 Corinthians 6:9." As a gay Christian, I'm appalled. You clearly do not speak for all Christians, so if you have nothing constructive to say, keep it to yourself. You're not winning converts with your zealous and misguided comments. Jesus did not judge, so why are you? And for the record, go back the original Greek texts before you start your Bible thumping, folks - English translations have slaughtered the original context of the book.
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Chicago, IL : 5:20 PM ET
Let me start of by saying that regardingless of what you choose to believe, there is one and only one God. He is the Father of Jesus. His word is true from beginning to end. He condems homosexuality in His word. He does not condem the person. Please do not misconstrude the Word. The word(Jesus) came to give life not take it way. You, all of us have a right to choose. Homosexuality is a demonic spirit and you can only be freed by accepting a putting your trust in Christ. So understand God did not make you homosexual/lesbian, he gave you the right to choose good from evil.
Posted By Anonymous Maria Dockery, Houston, Texas : 5:21 PM ET
Childhood rape is not the only path to homosexuality. The article seems to suggest that Simmons' homosexuality was caused by his having been raped as an 11 year old. There are many gay people who experienced childhood and adolescence as a healthy and happy time in our lives.
Posted By Anonymous Chris in New York : 5:21 PM ET
To Frank from Scottsdale: Homosexuality is NOT a choice. People are born that way.

Why on earth would anyone voluntarily choose a type of lifestyle guaranteed to subject them to the hatred and misunderstanding of others?

It's biology, not a political statement.
Posted By Anonymous Kate, Columbus, OH : 5:21 PM ET
Jeff...unfortunately you are battling against the Bible. It is written many times in the Bible that homosexuality is against God. I know some people use that fact to spew hatred BUT that is also against God. What this country needs is for people to speak the truth but always with love. There are no perfect people, so who can judge?
Posted By Anonymous Dallas, Tx : 5:21 PM ET
It is such a shame that we still have these barriers set up in society -having a certain sexual preference seems to bother people - it doesn't make sense. There is a woman in our office who I recently found out is gay - SO WHAT? She unfortunately is nervous about coming out and subsequently is suffering from stress related illnesses. It just doesn't matter, really. Everyone should just relax.
Posted By Anonymous Gayle Arbeznik, Golden, CO : 5:22 PM ET
It will be a terrific day when 'being out' 'being in' being anything that results in a label is no longer news fodder. I hope it happens in my lifetime - but I am not hopeful!
Posted By Anonymous David, Rockville, MD : 5:22 PM ET
To Joe in Rockville Maryland: Please, when you jump back into the closet, be careful that you don't bump into your son or daughter, brother or sister, coworker or neighbor, or your friend. They may be coming out.
Posted By Anonymous gary, nashville, tn : 5:22 PM ET
Frank in Scottsdale - did you make a decision to be straight (assuming you are)? Or did you just know you are?

Chris, hope you're not wearing any poly-cotton blends. That's a stoneable offence in the bible. Just checking up to make sure you're not a hypocrite.
Posted By Anonymous Wes, Winnipeg, Manitoba : 5:23 PM ET
The more that this Country moves towards the �religious right� the less tolerant we become of others that have different beliefs, different sexual orientations etc. Unfortunately if we continue to allow the �Christian Movement� to make all of our policies in this country we will continue to move backward rather than forward when it comes to Human Rights. We need to be careful because what start out as good intentions can easily become twisted into policies that ARE NOT of the people, by the people, for the people. The individual who just made a reference to I Corinthians 6:9 is a classic example of how the individuals that run this country are pigeon-holing us into a nation seen by other nations as less than democratic and less than tolerant of religions, nationalities, and beliefs other than the white conservative Christian that happen to be the figure heads of this nation. We need to ensure that all of the people of this nation are represented equally and are not discriminated against no matter what their Skin Color, Sexual Orientation, or religious beliefs.
Posted By Anonymous Brian Colorado Springs, Colorado : 5:23 PM ET
Chris in Georgia stated: Sounds like someone looking to blame his problems on someone else. Or maby it is just some PR deal for his new book. Either way, would we be talking about this drug addict, aids victim if he wasn't gay?

Chris, have you been hiding under a rock? Have you not heard about Lawrence Taylor? Brian Bosworth? Bill Romanowski? They have gotten more than their fair share of public discourse because of their drug/steroid abuse and not a single one of them is gay...Oh, let's not forget Magic Johnson, who got sympathetic discussion when he announced he had AIDS, even though his contracting the disease was as much a result of choices that he made as are the choices that Simmons made that led to his contracting AIDS...

Leave you bigotry at home...
Posted By Anonymous Bob, Boston, MA : 5:24 PM ET
Think of all the sad stories about gay people having to hide their orientation for one reason or another - and the sadness it often leads to. At the least, most homosexuals face some type of discrimination on a daily basis. It leads to countless stories like Mr. Simmons. Frank from Scottsdale, do you really think people CHOOSE that for themselves? Frank, when you were very young, were you at some point undecided between men and women? Both seemed pretty nice to you - and then you made the choice for women? Saying it's a lifestyle choice just makes you feel justified for being a biggot.
Posted By Anonymous Scott H, Phoenix, AZ : 5:24 PM ET
John 13:34 No Exceptions, No Conditions
Posted By Anonymous Roger, Thompson, CT : 5:25 PM ET
"Discrimination of any kind is wrong. Regardless of the "reasons". While I disagree with Homosexuality, that does not give me or anyone else a right to discrinate or show any manner of disrespect to someone who may feel differently."

It's called "Freedom of Speech" and I'm not afraid to use it when voicing my opinion on homosexuality, neither should you.

I am not a religious person; however, does it seem natural to have two members of the same sex engaging in these activities? If our one purpose on this planet is to procreate, then doesn't this defy that purpose?
Posted By Anonymous Solly, Washington D.C. : 5:25 PM ET
People who quote bible verses pretending to be superior SHOULD feel
ashamed and insignificant. Those who feel they are above sin are going to be hosting the biggest party in hell. Anyone who can come out and speak of their own tragedies in hopes of helping others find peace are the type people who we should have leading our country, not the kind who are mentally incompetent and morally bankrupt. Remember what you do unto the least of us, you also do unto Jesus.
Posted By Anonymous Stephen Bledsoe columbia, SC : 5:25 PM ET
That's absurd. How can you say you "respect" others yet wish they would disappear?
Posted By Anonymous Stephen, Macon, GA : 5:26 PM ET
Yes we do have a loving and forgiving God, but once you ask for forgiveness you need to turn away from that lifestyle.
Posted By Anonymous Chad, Oshkosh WI : 5:26 PM ET
To Patti in Dallas...If you believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savoir then you also believe that the Laws of the Old Testiment died when He died on the cross, that's why it's OK to eat shrimp
Posted By Anonymous Dallas, Tx : 5:26 PM ET
To Posted By BLH, Dallas, TX : 5:06 PM,

Jesus wouldn't turn away a gay person but he would tell him to turn away from that lifestyle and if you ask and truely mean it you are forgiven.
Posted By Anonymous Chad, Oshkosh WI : 5:27 PM ET
I agree with Chris the Bible says that homosexuality is against Gods will but God does want us to LOVE everyone as we would want them to LOVE us and God DID NOT MAKE someone GAY We all have the choice to follow God or satan
Posted By Anonymous Bill Newport,Tn : 5:27 PM ET
Two things I have learned from the Bible which I try to live by, are Judge not, least ye be judged; and all sins are equal in God's eyes.

We have all sinned, be it even something so simple as abusing our body by overeating, drinking, and/or smoking. We don't beat these people over the head, ostrasize them and deny them respect and rights. At least most people don't. Why the hang up on certain other sins, namely homsexuality. To me, the person casting the stones against these people, are the greater sinners, and the least Christian (and probably hiding something).
Posted By Anonymous Janet, Fort Worth, TX : 5:27 PM ET
The religious right should read their Bibles more thoroughly. There are plenty of no-no's that apply to heterosexuals, yet they conveniently overlook them and focus on the purported sins of homosexuality. They have also turned "Love thy Neighbor" into "Love thy Heterosexual Neighbor Only". Until you are free of sin, don't throw stones at us. And just exactly *who* wrote the Bible? It wasn't God.

I was raised a Christian, but it didn't include demonizing homosexuals and playing God. From what we hear these days from the religious right, none of their behaviors are Christian. Hate is not a family value, yet they feel free to be its messenger.
Posted By Anonymous Barry, Palm Springs, CA : 5:27 PM ET
Proverb 1:7
Posted By Anonymous Abraham, New Beunswick, NJ : 5:27 PM ET
what a sad world wel live in that champions weakness as streangth. drug abuse under any circumstance in both unacceptable and irresponsible. so is the practice of indiscrimant sex. while it is true that it must be hard to be a homosexual in professional sports, that does not justify a wreckless lifestyle.
Posted By Anonymous ben hammond IN : 5:28 PM ET
To anyone who has been down-talking Mr. Simmons and using the Bible as their "shield" to do so: Have you ever once considered that maybe your God put other people here to test YOU and YOUR ability to "Judge not lest ye be judged" and to allow God to do the judging as your Bible says he should do? Seems some are failing his tests, eh?
Posted By Anonymous anon, Omaha NE : 5:28 PM ET
Such a sad story. However, if Melanie from PA is so tolerant, why doesn't she tolerate the people that think differently than her? It sounds to me that she is "bemoaning" people's lifestyles. Tolerance is a two way street. People who disagree with homosexuality should still love those who live that way, and people who have no problem with that lifestyle should have no problem with the people that choose to disagree.
Posted By Anonymous Josh, Birmingham, AL : 5:28 PM ET
As I recall, Paul hated just about everyone who wasn't Paul.

For Joe, in Rockville, I too long for a new day of the closet. A great big closet where homophobes, bigots, and hate-mongers are too afraid to come out of.
Posted By Anonymous Monica Pittsburgh PA : 5:28 PM ET
Kutos to Roy Simmons. This may be a major breakthrough in pro football and make it easier for the likes of Terrell Oewns and Randy Moses to follow suit and come out as well.
Posted By Anonymous bill, phila., pa : 5:28 PM ET
Repent and be saved, it is not too late to change.
Posted By Anonymous William,Birmingham,Al : 5:28 PM ET
I wish the best for Mr. Simmons. As for the gay bashers: This country still isn't a religious state. Please stop acting like it is. Not everyone believes in your beliefs, and you should really practice the whole "love thy neighbor" that is written in bold letters. I swear this country gets smaller and smaller minded.

Blessed be Mr. Simmons. Best of the world to you and yours.
Posted By Anonymous Jaciilyn, Seattle WA : 5:29 PM ET
Being straight doesn't make a person a "better" football player or human being. Hiding your sexual orientation does, however, cause a life of unhappiness and misery. Why must the holier than thous in this country dictate for the rest of the country what is right or wrong. You can be kind, compassionate, religious, highly educated, broad minded, tolerant, and concerned weather you are straight or gay. What makes this zealots and hate-mongers think they are better than everyone else. I am a straight, married, female of 58 and have no time for those who look down on others because they are different. That's why God created so many different hues in nature. Stop saying it's not God's way - do you honestly think God has time to waste on such trivia!
Posted By Anonymous JoAnn, Wynnewood, PA : 5:29 PM ET
Tyler and B., if you really listen to Roy and others like him, you'll see ... being gay is nothing like being a "rapist, murderer or pyromaniac." Rather, it is about *love*. It is a natural expression of the human personality for 3-5% of the population.
So you see, love is the *opposite* of sin. Sin hurts others, love doesn't.
Posted By Anonymous Mary, Arlington Virginia+ : 5:30 PM ET
First of all ; the definiton of Homesexuality is " an attraction for those of the same sex." So,even if I reframe from same sex, sex I am still a homosexual.

2nd- the fact that homosexuality or rather "laying with soemone of the same sex" was written about hudnreds of years ago in the bible tells me, homosexuality is natural. Why else were they practicing it so long ago?
Also, be honest when talking about homosexuality in the bible. You'd think there were hundreds of page written abiut it, but in fact it is hardly mentioned at all and probaly not as why one should not eat pork, or slaves obey your amster.
Posted By Anonymous Art Lazar Phoenix AZ : 5:30 PM ET
i'm so disappointed by people who use God/faith to mask their own ignorance and hatered. this is so pathetic.
Posted By Anonymous lm, washington dc : 5:30 PM ET
There is a vacuum in every man.This vacuum makes the man long for safisfaction in life.Only the creator can satisfy that longing through his son Jesus.Many have sort to feel this longing in fame,drugs,sex and violence(e.g serial killers)
Posted By Anonymous Omunu GO Liberty MO : 5:30 PM ET
I think the question on whether Mr. Simmons got HIV from rape or unsafe sex is a very important question--sexuality aside, I'm not sure I support a hoisting someone up as a role model for having unsafe sex and passing a deadly poison to other individuals.
Posted By Anonymous Aaron, Phoenix, AZ : 5:30 PM ET
whether or not it's right for people to belittle him or chastise him for being gay is irrelevant. you hypocrites are putting down people for their beliefs because they put down somebody else because of their beliefs. everybody promotes equality and letting everybody do their own thing until their thing becomes something you don't agree with. Some people are not comfortable with homosexuality. Deal with it. If being gay and accepted is that big to you, then maybe you should play sports. You don't see black people trying to join the KKK.
Posted By Anonymous Justin in Austin, TX : 5:30 PM ET
God this, God that... Bible this, Bible that...

Has it ever occurred to some of you that a lot of people don't believe in what the bible says? That it was written by MAN thousands of years ago?

Get a grip people!
Posted By Anonymous Dustin, Cleveland, OH : 5:30 PM ET
To Frank from Scottsdale: Do you remember exactly when and where you were when you CHOSE your sexual orientation?
Posted By Anonymous Bob Powell, OH : 5:31 PM ET
No the argument isn't weak. Rapists, Murder's, Bigots, etc. are crimes as set by society because they inflict damage on others. Loving someone for who they are like Mr. Simmons is not against the law. As for laws of the Bible, the bible isn't law. It's just some people's belief. And if they value their freedom of religion than they need to understand that everyone gets that right which includes not be forced into someone else's religious beliefs.
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Arizona : 5:31 PM ET
People seems to be too focused on his sexuality, but ignore the more troubling fact that being a sports star and being a rapist, wife-beater or drug dealer is acceptable. I think that is far more troubling than homosexuality.

It seems to me that the Christians have no problem judging other people and condeming them. Perhaps these people should take a look at themselves and see how many of the commandments they break before they get oon their high horse.
Posted By Anonymous elizabeth, lincolnshire, IL : 5:31 PM ET
Has anyone noticed that those who have negative things to say are typically not posting their full name? If you're going to say something and be proud of it, then grow a pair and use your name.
Posted By Anonymous Beth Keenan, Wilmington, DE : 5:32 PM ET
It is one thing to disagree with someone's actions or lifestyle; it is another to treat someone differently because of that. We are called by God to love others, no matter what - even our enemies. Not only is it terrible that homosexuals are stereotyped, it is terrible that Christians are stereotyped for being "gay bashers." Even though I do not agree with Simmons' previous lifestyle (I would like to know if anyone has PROOF that being gay is genetic), it is not my position to judge, but to love.
To James Tola: it would be nice if you could give us some PROOF to what you are saying about the scriptures and homosexuality, like links to various websites. Otherwise, why should we believe you?
Posted By Anonymous HR, CA : 5:32 PM ET
I am a gay man, adopted and raised a loving daughter on my own, have two beautiful grandchildren who adore my partner of 11 years - he is a second granddad. Anyone who thinks that I chose to be gay is insane - why would I do that given all the condemnation. I was born this way - like some heterosexual men and women who knew very early how interesting and exciting the opposite sex was - I had the same feelings for the members of my own gender, only I could not reveal it to anyone. Asking us not to accept how we were born is a denial of the power of God. Comparing this to the tendency to do harmful things to people (such as rapists)is simply unintelligent. How has my life harmed anyone? Ask my daughter, my partner, my family, my friends, my students, and anyone else who has known me. There are millions of us and we will not go away and we will not be silenced. Thank you for airing a story that reveals the harm of not being true to yourself. By the way, for those who think they know how God created everyone, I feel in my heart that God made me in his image and I feel totally embraced by this love.
Posted By Anonymous Richard, Greensboro, NC : 5:32 PM ET
Chris and others,

Being homosexual is not a choice or temptation. You and I did not decide to be straight; its a combination of genetics, development, and culture. I am not religious, but I do think that God would accept anyone who is a good person, reguardless of sexual orientation.
Posted By Anonymous Keith, NY : 5:32 PM ET
I see references to bible passages here. One post listed that scholars are interpreting the bible to say its ok to be homosexual. This is not correct and is just a manipulation of the passages to fit the homosexual lifestyle. God clearly states that he created man and woman and when Jesus was questioned about marriage, he referred back to scripture stating that marriage is between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is immoral and as much as this lifestyle would like to believe that it is ok, the result in the end will be horrible for them.
The bible clearly specifies that it is immoral for a man to lay with another man as he does a woman.
Romans states
Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion
Posted By Anonymous Justin, Seattle WA : 5:32 PM ET
I don't understand the point of people responding with Christian biblical and religious references to condemn Simmons. It's just another example of people on the religious buffet - they pull out the quotes that condemn those they disagree with, while ignoring the quotes that they themselves can be condemned with.

The Bible is full of ridiculous laws and proscriptions that people feel they don't REALLY have to follow. When these so-called 'religious' folk begin to follow ALL of them (Exodus 35:2 states that working on the Sabbath is punishable by death, eating shellfish is an abomination according to Lev 11:10, etc.), then I will take them seriously.

And up until such time as Christianity is declared the official national religion, they can take their Bibles and go home. I choose not to play in their game.
Posted By Anonymous Pete C, Columbus, Ohio : 5:33 PM ET
Jesus died for you and me. That is the only reason we can get to heaven. We are all sinners. Murderers fornicators adulterers, theives, gossips, homosexuals, liars. This covers about the entire human race. We are called to love each other unconditionally. Love the sinner, hate the sin. we have choices
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Phoenix AZ : 5:34 PM ET
Answer to Tyler, Castlegar, CANADA : 4:47 PM -

Comparing being gay to being a rapist or murderer is a completely invalid argument. Regardless of your opinion about being gay, as long as the gay person is only with other consenting adults, there are no victims involved. How does this hurt you or anybody else?
Posted By Anonymous Jeff Conway, Antioch, CA : 5:35 PM ET
I find it amusing when people use the Bible as a reason for denoucing gays as they eat a ham and cheese sandwich. It's in the same book of the Bible that you can't eat ham or eat milk and meat together. Did I miss the part where God said ham and bacon were ok to eat?
Jesus never said anything about homoseuality at all, you would think he would have denounced it if it were a big deal.
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Rockville, MD : 5:35 PM ET
What is it about the South that makes people think they understand the will of God? I mean, seriously, you read the comments and there is an incredible correlation between fire, brimstone, quotations from the Bible, and Southern geography. Maybe the heat drives people nutty?

The Bible is so open to so many interpretations that it would make a lot of sense for "ya'll" to come up with some rational arguments once and a while. God gave you a brain, so do some thinking. I might actually agree with you someday, you never know.

Pop quiz: When were the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John written? How many Gospels are there? Who made the decision as to which Gospels go in the Bible? Finally, which of the Gospels are the "Word." I'm not saying they aren't [the word] but I'm curious to find out how much you quoters of the Bible know about our text.
Posted By Anonymous M, Arlington VA : 5:35 PM ET
Joe, if you long for the closet, why don't you go into it by yourself and let everyone else live their lives peacefully -- that is, let them be the people God made them to be?
Posted By Anonymous Skipford, Tampa, FL : 5:35 PM ET

That is easy for you to say because you are heterosexual. There is no closet for heterosexuals. Your lack of sympathy for those slightly different from you is evidence enough for your ignorance.
Posted By Anonymous David, Athens, OH : 5:35 PM ET
He will not earn the respect he is looking for by riding the fence on his character. He must must make a complete change,through Jesus Christ and admit that gay is wrong in order to earn the respect he looking for.
Posted By Anonymous Ivan, Los Angeles Ca. : 5:36 PM ET
You can have no respect for somebody, on this blog or not, if you wish for the days of "the closest." You might as well hope for the days of "women in the kitchen, negroes shining my shoes."

Feel free to go back to the days of stoning adulterers too, and give us all the technology and civilized advancement our species has SOMEHOW created through your rigorous and pathetic moral crusades.
Posted By Anonymous Ray, Burlington VT : 5:36 PM ET
One does not "choose" to be homosexual, just like one does not "choose" to be heterosexual.
Posted By Anonymous Stanley, Urbana, IL : 5:36 PM ET
Please don't profess to be a christian, a follower of Christ, if you do not accept the truth of the entire Bible, which tells us, in faith, that the whole bible must be accepted as true. In a perfect world, God created man and He created woman from within his very being. In a perfect world, woman compliments man; man does not compliment man. I pray non-christians will come to know God through Jesus' saving work, and wavering "christians" will trust in God's Word and not their ungrounded feelings that God wants peace and acceptance above His own glory.
Posted By Anonymous James, Atlanta, GA : 5:36 PM ET
Good for Mr. Simmons. It was about time for him to come out of the closet. I do not agree with him on the comment regarding Homosexuality being against GOD's will, but if he belives that's the case and it is working for him, I am glad. I do not think you are homosexula because you choose to be. I am always very surprise how straight people make their case about this theory. I wonder where they get so much certainty on something they are not experiencing. I beleive God made me a homo, so I could experience all the obstacles I have experience in life and grow to be the person I am today. Most of us Homosexuals, completely out of the closet, know that it is very hard to come out, but once it happens, life opens to you and you have a great experience in life. I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever change my life for that of a straight man. It was tought while I was a teenager, but know I do really enjoy my life and I feel in heaven. Peaceful, greatful, thankful and very close to God. My God, whom I know adores me and is always with me. I hope Mr. Simmons feels the same. For those who hate/dislike us, I believe there will be a time in their lives when thay realize that love if the main purpose of life and they just wasted their time.
Posted By Anonymous EP Somerville, New jersey : 5:36 PM ET
I don't think any person in the world - gay, straight, doctor, scientist, clergyman, lay person - can say with absolute certainty whether one person's homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle or not. NO TWO PEOPLE ARE ALIKE. Shame on anyone who thinks they have the right to lump us into their pre-chosen baskets.
Posted By Anonymous Becky, Kirksville MO : 5:36 PM ET
Hey J in Dallas: You left out 1 Corinthians 6:10: I hope you're not greedy, or get drunk, or slander people. If you are, you're not going to be inheriting the Kingdom of God either. (The fact that the United States is home to 5 percent of the world�s population but uses 25 percent of its resources doesn't make us greedy, does it?)

I assume you are a pacifist too and do not support the U.S. having a military. Matthew 5:38:45

Also hope you're not sowing fields down there in Texas with 2 different kinds of seed; wearing any kind of cotton/polyester blends; or breeding domestic animals with another species. Lev. 19:19.

If you believe homosexuality is a defect, a splinter, why do you notice it and not the log in your own eye? Matt. 7:4.

I will confess this: The above scriptural references are as much "knee-jerk" reactions as your "knee-jerk" 1 Corinthians 6:9 judgment on Mr. Simmons and gays.

I am so tired of so-called "Christians" throwing out gay-bashing judgments. But, I know, people like me just crucify you for Christ's sake, right?

Obvioiusly, I don't see the face of Jesus in your reference to 1 Cor. 6:9.

"Jesus, save me from (some of) your followers!"

One of the greatest challenges I face as a Christian is the issue of whether I may have to spend eternity in heaven with fundamentalists. I confess too that it is unchristian of me to hope that when J and I get to heaven, we'll be in two separate neighborhoods.

Scott, Seattle
Posted By Anonymous Scott, Seattle, WA : 5:36 PM ET
Say all you want, God loves that man. God doesn't hate us, His creation, but He does hate our sin. My prayers go out to him and it is my prayer that the True and Living God reveals himself to this and all people. None of us are judges, but we can and should be witnesses to the Word. In Jesus name..
Posted By Anonymous Chuck Smith, Florence, Alabama : 5:37 PM ET
Anyone should be free to engage in whatever lifestyle they so choose. However, "IF" they choose to have un-protected sex knowing the percentages of their lifestyle, they are merely putting another bullet into the chamber. And, potentially harming others. And that would be, in my opinion, a crime. Hopefully Mr. Simmons never engaged in that behaviour.
Posted By Anonymous Glen, Syracuse, NY : 5:37 PM ET
A regrettable situation, but one that will persist so long as the United States persists in being a theocracy that hypocritically refuses to come out of its own closet.

Its no secret that the vast bulk of homosexual hatred is based entirely in Christianity in the US. If you really want to help promote a country where stories like this are a thing of the past, then you've got to rattle cages in the voting booths. This mentality that homosexuality is unacceptable in the world will not cease so long as we continue to elect leaders that are more avowed in loyalty to the Bible than the Constitution.

Stop quoting the Bible, start quoting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There's nothing enlightening about embracing a religion that teaches hatred of that which refuses to conform to its unforgivingly rigid worldview.

Some days Republican Congressional leaders and President Bush sound more like the government of Iran than anything the US has ever produced since the Civil War.
Posted By Anonymous James Laurel MD. : 5:37 PM ET
Until Gays and Lesbians can truly be free of their own fears, those who hate will always be given a reason to feel their feelings and beliefs are justified. What a terribily sad story that had an heroic and hopefully happy ending!
Posted By Anonymous Jim, Melbourne FL : 5:38 PM ET
This man is no hero. So he is Gay? So what. It is unfortunate and sad that he was sexually abused when he was young, but this has happened to many others as well. The fact is that he chose to be a drug addict, and many others with the same history don't make that horrible choice. So now he is some hero? I don't care that he was once a NFL player, after all he was a practicing drug addict then as well. He is street scum in disguise, and using his childhood and sexual preference as an excuse for his decisions in life is a tired excuse. Whatever happened to being responsible for yourself?
Posted By Anonymous Richard, Folsom Ca. : 5:38 PM ET
There is no excuse for drug use. It's a choice you make, regardless of your upbringing, past events in your life, or your profession. Are we feeling sorry for this football player because he decided to use drugs then quit? Why not be proud of the thousands who have difficulties in their lives but choose not to use drugs?

Why do we care who Simmons is sleeping with? Does anybody care who I'm sleeping with? Maybe you wouldn't be judged if you didn't advertise it. I noticed of the people who responded to this blog not one said "being a straight man..." what you see is "being a gay man..." Why advertise it? Who cares? Keep your bedroom activities in the bedroom, not out of doors where others have to see it. Don't argue about privacy rights then shout to the world your private life.
Posted By Anonymous S.S., Idaho : 5:38 PM ET
I can not understand why people feel its a right to break the laws of God and nature. Our soft socieity will be the end of Cristanity and Islam will take over. Then people wont have to worry about being brave they will have to worry about staying alive.
Posted By Anonymous FB Dallas TX : 5:38 PM ET
I read his book description on Amazon, hoping it'd be an inspirational memoir. Uh, no thanks. "Simmons recounts how keeping his sexuality tucked tightly under his football pads steered him into a clandestine life filled with sex, drugs, sex, lies and sex. Unlike recently celebrated and bestselling rehab memoirs, Simmons's story has no happy ending. Nor is there a happy beginning or happy middle. And be forewarned: Simmons pulls no punches in speaking directly (read: profanely) about his experiences-the sex is explicit and the drugs are rampant."
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Rochester NY : 5:39 PM ET
One of my best friends from college - I always suspected he was gay. Over the years it became very obvious he was living a gay lifestyle. He was a super achiever in his career - always "no time for women right now" - but yet he'd fly across the world to see his male friends. Honestly, the only thing that bothered me was us not talking about it. It created an uneasy space in our friendship over the years. I was hurt that, knowing how accepting I was of gay people, he didn't confide in me. I would have easily "covered" for him with other people while he was sorting things out. I finally confronted him and we were both relieved to stop the foolishness. Our friendship is now on the mend. . .

Working as a waiter in high school and college, I saw many gay people destroy their lives with drugs, alcohol, and unsafe behavior. Why? Because they'd been rejected by their friends and families. Or made to feel worthless by society. Most were decent human beings with concern for others and respect for my hetero orientation.

I am sick of our hateful culture that doesn't allow people to be who they are. These are all someone's mothers/fathers/sons/daughters/nieces/nephews/ect. It's not about what "you" would or wouldn't do sexually. Their preferences are their's. Regardless of sexual orientation, EVERY person can contribute to the betterment of our communities and society.

And people need to STOP with all this bilical refernce stuff. Most civilized societies accept that slavery is heinous, kings and royalty are inconsistent with democracy and self determination. The bible has no qualms with kings, nor slaves.
Posted By Anonymous Tariq, Atlanta GA : 5:39 PM ET
To Rich - Chicago, IL: Why does it matter how he got HIV? People get it even when they DO practice safer sex. Have YOU ever made a mistake in your life, or something didn't go the way you planned, or something went awry even when you planned in detail or did everything the "right" way? Do you ask how someone got a cold, flu, meningitis, cancer, ALS, etc.? Your statement appears to classify and condemn people according to how they catch a disease. How moronic, judgmental narrow-minded and unintelligent. If you're an alleged Christian, I'd suggest you reread your Bible on what Jesus says about judging others and taking the log out of your own eye before you attempt to remove the speck from your another's eye.
Jeff, Arlington, VA : Do you really think Pat Robertson is telling the truth in what he THINKS he has heard Simmons say? Robertson is known for twisting other people's words, blatant lies, blatant hatred & intolerance of any person who is not an exact carbon copy of himself. Furthermore, people should stop blaming God for being hateful and cruel. The Bible clearly states: "God is Love," and in the book of James that nothing evil comes from God, and finally 1 John 4:7 & 8: "Beloved, let us love one another, because love is of God; everyone who loves is begotten by God and knows God. Whoever is without love does not know God, for God is love."
So all of you hateful, bigoted, narrow-minded people, the Bible clearly tells us that you are NOT of God and that you do not know God.
Hatred, cruelty, lack of understanding and compassion are human traits, not Godly traits. Finally, I applaud and reiterate all of the compassionate, understanding and supportive comments made here. The world needs more of that and people like you. Human beings are not robots, we are not all made from one cookie cutter. If you expect to be allowed to be yourself and the way you want to be, then you MUST grant others that same respect and allow others to be as they wish and who they are. Some day you might just be on the receiving side of the lack of understanding, hatred and bigotry; you might be in the minority and it might be you getting your head bashed in by a person or group of people who are different than you.
Posted By Anonymous Daniel, New York : 5:39 PM ET
Please work on overcoming your sexuality issues. You are not born with it, its a lifestyle you choose.

Posted By Frank, Scottsdale : 4:12 PM


Frank, Please work on overcoming YOUR sexuality issues.
Posted By Anonymous Michael, Palm Springs, CA : 5:39 PM ET
"Please work on overcoming your sexuality issues. You are not born with it, its a lifestyle you choose.

Posted By Frank, Scottsdale : 4:12 PM"

Frank, do you personally know anyone that's gay? Have you ever sat down and really talked with a gay person? The gay people I know, when they hit puberty and began growing up, went through a period where they would have done ANYTHING to just be able to wake up one morning and be "normal" -- i.e., straight. It was a source of torment for them. I knew a person in one of my classes who committed suicide because of the perceived stigma.

To those who say sexual orientiation is a "choice," think about whether YOU made a conscious "choice" to be sexually attracted to a particular gender when you hit puberty. Did you weigh the merits and make a considered, rational decision between the genders? I mean, come on. Honestly.
Posted By Anonymous Tom, New York, NY : 5:39 PM ET
Courage? Really? Real courage would have been coming out of the closet while still playing the game -- when he had something to lose. Now that Mr. Simmons is trying to sell his book, he decides to be "courageous"? Bah!
Posted By Anonymous Bill - Aurora, IL : 5:39 PM ET
Roy states that being gay is against Gods will. So is eating shrimp, lobster and anything else from the sea that does not have fins and scales. Sorry folks, but God believes that anything other than fish are an abomination (Leviticus 11.10) and should not be consumed, yet how many shrimp will Christians consume at the buffet table after going to church this Sunday? It's hypocrisy everyone, picking and choosing what to read allowed from the bible and what to ignore. If Pat Robertson and his screwball followers are going to attack a minority group and use God and the bible to do it, then they need to use the ENTIRE bible and abide by EVERYTHING, not just what suits them and their attack of the day. The bible also states that a married woman is property, I think most women would agree that they weren't, and that women who are on their period are unclean and should leave the house during their cycle (Leviticus15.19-24) and live in the fields. It states that daughters can be sold into slavery by the father. Leviticus 25.44 states that we can keep slaves as long as they are from neighboring countries. This means we can keep Canadians and Mexicans (already do)as slaves but we don't, why? because it's insane? But it's in the bible right next to the part about how gays are an abomination, so why not keep some slaves? The bible says it ok. Yet as a human being we know its wrong, just the way I know it's wrong to hate gay people, or anyone for that matter. Quit using the bible to hate, thats what the devil would do and most of you born agains are falling for it, allowing men who speak on behalf of God to get you fired up against your brothers. All these sad laws are in the bible but ignored because they are embarrassing in this day and age. When I was Christian I don't remember anyone asking me to shove my head up my behind and let some loud mouth hate-monger do my thinking for me yet it looks like most todays Christians have. You all have faith in a man who preaches that your brothers are sick and twisted and must be stopped? I have faith in God and he tells me to love my brothers, no matter what. The people who know that God is about love need to rise up and take back Christianity and God and everything else wonderful about religion from these evangelical hi-jackers and teach everyone how to love, trust, appreciate and help our fellow human beings. Pat Robertson is a religious terrorist using Allah, I mean GOD, to attack the things HE doesn't like. It should be illegal and he should be stopped.
Posted By Anonymous John Haxby Seattle Wa. : 5:39 PM ET
Joe... Why would you be so concerned, you being straight, with what I do in my bed. You long for the days of the "closet"? Mind your own business.
Posted By Anonymous New York,NY : 5:40 PM ET
Their have been many groups that have been prejudiced against in our society that the constitution is suppose to protect but it does not.
Chosing to be gay is like chosing to be born black or have no choice. We all want to be accepted and those that do not accept have their own inner issues that need to come out of the closest.
Posted By Anonymous Greg Barnes Ft. Lauderdale Fl : 5:41 PM ET
For anyone to use religion to judge others is ridiculous. Somewhere in your good book, doesn't it say "do not judge, lest he be judged"? While on earth let everyone live a respectful like, and let God judge whenn its over. Mind your own business!!!
Posted By Anonymous Andrew, Oshkosh, WI : 5:41 PM ET
I am gay and I did not choose to be that way. I know it's my nature and not a lifestyle, I won't fight it and I am happy with who I am. I lead a good life and I contribute in a positive way to my environment. I don't believe in God and his flock of Christians who wish to worst for anybody different. To some of you who post hateful and negative comments about gay people: how dare you tell me how I should feel or breathe? I don't tell you how to live your life. You will never extinguish us, no matter how much you want to. I simply believe in being good, no matter what one's nature is.
Posted By Anonymous Michel Patenaude, Montr�al, Qu�bec : 5:41 PM ET
It must be great to know what is on God's mind and speak for him as many of you have. I only wish I had all of the answers and knew why God made us the way he did. Thanks Tyler and B from Davis, CA!!
Posted By Anonymous Kevin St Louis, MO : 5:41 PM ET
Perhaps Oprah should consider this a book club choice. It at least seems factual...and definitely inspiring.
Posted By Anonymous Nate, Las Vegas, NV. : 5:42 PM ET
This sounds like it will be a very insightful interview. I'm sure it has been tough for Simmons, having to face not only drug and alcohol addiction, but hiding his sexuality and his handling of being a minority in today's society, not to mention the tersterone heavy NFL. Clearly, homosexuality is not a choice, but something we're born with. How refreshing and brave for a guy like Simmons to fess up and learn the lesson of "To thine own self be true!"
Posted By Anonymous Dan - Los Angeles, California : 5:42 PM ET
I love the fact that people who know absolutely nothing about being gay can make these ludicris comments. I have been gay since I was a little boy. You can't tell me that I woke up one day when I was 6 years old and decided to be gay!!! I grew up in a very heterosexual family was loved, cared for and nurtured. IT IS JUST THE WAY WE ARE. So don't be stupid people
Posted By Anonymous George - Los Angeles : 5:42 PM ET
Jeff, homosexuality IS NOT that way God made you...

Posted By B, davis, ca : 4:48 PM

And how exactly do you know that? Did he talk to you directly about this?
Posted By Anonymous Michael, Palm Springs, CA : 5:42 PM ET
I just wonder why in every homosexual relationship I have seen there is a dominant and submissive partner. Isn't this akin to masculine feminine? Are we saying in this blog that we can finger point at immoral individuals such as child molestors, rapists, murders etc but not at the immorality of homosexuality? Twist and turn, it is immoral and will receive its punishment. Pointing out that this is immoral is not judging.
Posted By Anonymous Frank, Scottsdale, AZ : 5:43 PM ET
I wish that people like Joe from Rockville and B from Davis would find the nearest closet, lock themselves in it and throw away the key. We don't need people like you and I for one am sick to death of hearing such bigoted balthering.
Posted By Anonymous M, New York, New York : 5:43 PM ET
Thank God for changing values. We have evolved into a better society, and we should continue to try to evolve. For those who long for old fashioned values, do they also long for no tolerance for inter-racial marriage, for separate drinking fountains for the races? Do they think women should vote? What about slavery, that was a cherised institution not all that long ago? What about women who seem to possess intuition, should they be called witches, and maybe burned at the stake?

Gay people are the 21st century lightening rod for hate and intolerance.

Unfortunately, there always have been and probably always will be victims of similar intolerance. Similarly, there will always be those doing the victimizing.

What is ironic is that those people judging and victimizing others do it in the name of religion.

Well they have a different idea of religion than I do.
Posted By Anonymous Troy Wilson, Oak Park IL : 5:43 PM ET
To the knucklehead Frank, from Scottsdale. It seems as if it is YOU that needs to overcome your sexuality issues. First, did YOU ever CHOOSE to be straight? I love women and have a happy and healthy sex life...but I never made a conscious decision to be straight. What century are you living in? Second, could you please provide some characteristics of this so-called "lifestyle" that you mentioned? I highly doubt it...unless you give us a typical ignorant reference to stereotypes. Gay people, just like us straight people, come in all shapes and sizes and colors. They vary just as widely on their politics, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, and anything else. Educate yourself, learn to think critically and for yourself, and stop falling back on pathetically hackneyed catchwords and phrases.
Posted By Anonymous William, Indianapolis, IN : 5:43 PM ET
I totally agree with Chris in Chicago. But it shouldn't matter if I agree. It's in the Bible. God loves all of us in our inperfections. Don't be angry at Christians. But He wants us to not live in our sin. When the world wake up? Just as heterosexual adultery, murder and lying are sins, then so is the imperfection of homosexuality.
Posted By Anonymous Jackie, Houston, Texas : 5:43 PM ET
I find it unfortunate that so many in this country and world choose to judge a person based on a single aspect of his/her character. Just because someone is born gay has nothing to do with the person they are or the person they have the potential to become.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Los Angeles, CA : 5:43 PM ET
I can't believe being gay or openly gay that someone will cause willful harm on you in the NFL. Being openly gay most of my life it seems strange to me if not odd; not one person that knows of my sexuality orientation has every said one word to me. I know they has to be some gay men playing in the NFL.
Posted By Anonymous Steven L, Jersey City, NJ : 5:44 PM ET
God DOES NOT make anyone a homosexual. Its a spirit that comes straight from hell, the devil. God has a plan for everyone, and its for good and not for evil. Mr. Simmons, please turn your life over to the One and Only God, that will deliver you from this torment! He is there, waiting for you to just ask Him for His help. I pray that you will turn to Him today!
God Bless you! He loves you!
Posted By Anonymous T. Dubois, Houston, Texas : 5:44 PM ET
For those who have posted here and said, to varying degrees, that Homosexuality is a choice and is not inborn, or that it is against God's will, I have a few words for you:

1) We live in a country that supposedly embraces individual freedom of choice, so if one "chooses" to be gay or lesbian, they have that right whether you like it or not. Get over it and mind your business.

2) Do everyone a favor, and if God has any issues regarding homosexuality, let God be the judge and jury regarding it. Your thoughts and opinions are pointless, and frankly, make little difference to a God that is more than capable of handling it Himself without your input.

Isn't that what your faith is supposed to be about?

Good luck Roy Simmons. I hope you find happpiness and inner peace whatever your circumstances...
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Scottsdale AZ : 5:44 PM ET
For those that would judge him ala
I Corinthians 6:9 I would see
Matthew 7:2-5
Posted By Anonymous jhl : 5:45 PM ET
Joe (in Rockville), how can you make a comment "with respect" that is so disrespectful in nature? Consider yourself lucky that you've never had to live a closetted life. Consider yourself lucky that you did spend every day hating who you were, wishing you could be different, and considering suicide over and over again. Your comment shows no respect to anyone, just more bigotry and hatred.
Posted By Anonymous Rob, Lake Tahoe, NV : 5:45 PM ET
To Joe from Rockville. Yes, and many still long for the days of slavery and denying women the right to vote. My guess is that you have never, personally, sufferred institutionized discrimination, therefore, you have no ability to empathize with it. You can long for the "closet" days if you wish. I long for the day when hateful thinking and actions are become history.
Posted By Anonymous Marc. San Diego, CA : 5:45 PM ET
Love comes in many forms.

Correction for foul behavior is a form of love.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne, Sacramento, CA : 5:46 PM ET
Tyler from Castlegar, your argument is the one that is weak!! "I should be allowed to be a rapist because God made me that way" is in NO way similar to homosexuality. Can you really not see how the violent crimes you mention -- rape, murder, and pyromania (assuming you mean to say arson here) are different from simply being homosexual? Being gay does not force one's behaviors on another unwilling person as rape, murder, or arson do. What people do in their own private bedrooms, between mutually consenting adults, is completely different from violent crime. Get serious!
Posted By Anonymous Bruce, Madison WI : 5:46 PM ET
A very thought provoking article and comment section.

First I have to agree that Andersons' "surprise" at how big, tough, etc etc this gay man happens to be is telling... even the most open minded of us are still victims of our own preconceived notions. If we still think gay men are slight of build and effeminate, we need to open our eyes. They are all shapes and sizes. And I would argue it takes a REAL man to stand up for himself with the kind of bravery Simmons shows in coming out and showing his true face to the world.

Second, I am so tired of Christians quoting everone except Christ in their condemnations of gay people. You might notice that the closest JC ever came to judging homosexuality was to say "judge not lest you be judged". The Old testament has reference to it, but JC specifically came here to become the NEW testament and present NEW laws to us. None of those laws have anything to say about homosexuality. Stop hiding behind your bibles and start truly loving your neighbor and maybe then you can truly call yourself a Christian instead of a member of some Church.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Chicago, IL : 5:46 PM ET
Well, now. There are some who say that God didn't intend man to be gay--that he was meant to procreate. What about men who are sterile: did God make a mistake? Or perhaps is there more in Heaven and Earth than is dreamt of in the Bible-banger's philosophies? When fools such as Pat Robertson and his narrow-minded, dull-normal ilk claim to be privy to "God's Will" we can be sure it is for their own selfish, cowardly gain. Simmon's homosexuality shouldn't be an issue. If it is, it shouldn't be his burden--it should be the burden of the small-minded people who can't stand the thought of someone who doesn't fall in lock-step with their ridgid world view.
Posted By Anonymous Douglas, NYC : 5:47 PM ET
I think humanity has not learned the vitality of gender identification nor the unidentified hostile actions occuring from birth forward. How many idle or curious caretakers experiment with the bodies of their non-understanding prey? For those who feel they have always been " different," how many were manipulated , groped, misused and abused by those who themselves were so-mistreated? How many family and or close friends are responsible for the developing tragedy that is a gender-puzzled or gender-angry child or teen? We've seen a parade of Catholic church priests exposed for their predations but ar these the only ones? The answer is no, the numbers of sexual predators leap as we include family and friends and baby-sitters and day-care providers. The very best safeguard for most newborns is to avoid all stranger contact, no intimate contact by anyone other than the parents although, even this degree of precaution will not be 100% secure., but this is the very best we can do.
Posted By Anonymous Bob-Va. : 5:47 PM ET
The reason the sodomites of today are wanting people to "accept" their lifestyle or sin is because they can't accept themselves. They know that God doesn't accept it and never will. Why do they think that they were created that way when God created the woman for the man. God will judge each person and each that doesn't have Jesus Christ will spend eternity somewhere other than heaven and it's not cold there. What's next, the pedophiles were born that way?
Posted By Anonymous L, Nashville, Tennessee : 5:47 PM ET
The more that this Country moves towards the �religious right� the less tolerant we become of others that have different beliefs, different sexual orientations etc. Unfortunately if we continue to allow the �Christian Movement� to make all of our policies in this country we will continue to move backward rather than forward when it comes to Human Rights. We need to be careful because what start out as good intentions can easily become twisted into policies that ARE NOT of the people, by the people, for the people. The individual who just made a reference to I Corinthians 6:9 is a classic example of how the individuals that run this country are pigeon-holing us into a nation seen by other nations as less than democratic and less than tolerant of religions, nationalities, and beliefs other than the white conservative Christian that happen to be the figure heads of this nation. We need to ensure that all of the people of this nation are represented equally and are not discriminated against no matter what their Skin Color, Sexual Orientation, or religious beliefs.
Posted By Anonymous BT Colorado Springs, CO : 5:47 PM ET
Why does anyone care what someone else does in their personal life? Really, how does it effect you? People who use the Bible or try to speak for God to condemn gays or any other group of people do not truly know the Bible or God. If they did, they would understand that every person sins every day and guess what, God loves them all anyway. God is about acceptance, forgiveness and love - not about pointing fingers, judging, or hate mongering. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
Posted By Anonymous Portland, OR : 5:47 PM ET
Marketing in its true form...coming out of the closet and writing a book at the same time. INGENIOUS!!!
Posted By Anonymous M, san antonio, tx : 5:48 PM ET
For those using the bible as a source for their argument, don't bother. Just because you still cling to a fairy tale written by primitive men thousands of years ago, don't expect the rest of the world to. The bible is no more fact than a comic book. The FACT is, homosexuality occurs in all of nature, and those who's judgements force men like Simmons to hide their lives should be ashamed.
Posted By Anonymous Clark, Cleveland OHIO : 5:48 PM ET
To Frank and everyone else who believes "get over your sexuality issues, you choose this lifestyle" -- I did NOT choose to have a homosexual orientation. You are absolutely out of your mind to believe that. Did the bigots who believe sexual orientation is a choice choose their heterosexual orientation. No! And they don't think about the logical behind that because growing up as a straight boy or girl is normal. Only boys and girls who begin to question "why do I feel different about Bobby/Suzie" have an understanding of sexuality later on in life.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous - Macomb, Illinois : 5:48 PM ET
While I feel for this man and what he has been through, I always wonder why, after so many years, do these stories come out? Does it help them cope? Does it make their lives better? I don't think it teaches people to be themselves, I think it teaches people to better hide things they don't want others to know about them. If his point was to ease his mind, and forgive himself, I honestly hope that it what he receives from coming out about everything.
Posted By Anonymous TMowder, San Antonio, TX : 5:48 PM ET
Jeff, how can you know that it's a choice to be gay? Every one of my straight friends say they didn't choose to be heterosexual, it's just the way they're wired. If only you could walk in my shoes. I know people who "chose" to be straight because of society and those wanting people to be in the closet like Joe. It creates a lot of unhappiness for many when people finally do come out after many years of marriage and denying who they are. Is that fair to anyone?

Congrats to Roy Simmons. It takes courage to do what he's doing...especially in our American society today. And that's really the sad commentary here.
Posted By Anonymous Gary, Atlanta, GA : 5:49 PM ET
To B in Davis, CA: If you ask Him, God can also deliver you from ignorance. If you repeat a lie often enough, people begin to believe it. It's time to end the lies about homosexuality that began with the primitive Israelites and have infected Christianity ever since.
Posted By Anonymous Stephen, Charleston, WV : 5:49 PM ET
Mr. Simmons story is repeated time and time again among people and particularly youth throughout the United States. In fact, gay teens have one of the highest rates of suicide. Until hate crimes like that which happended in New Bedford, MA last evening end and people realize the value of all human beings - people will continue to live in hiding. I too live each day having to hide my sexual orientation for fear it my adversely impact my work, school and personal relationships. We live in an unfair world, where heterosexuality is always assumed, forcing individuals like myself and Mr. Simmons to have to come out time and time again, each and everyday, with every new person we meet. Sometimes it is easier to live a lie and hide your orientation then have to endure the associated anxiety and potential repercusions each time you do have to come out. Coming out is an on-going, never ending process gay people have to endure all the time. I remain hopeful nonetheless.
Posted By Anonymous Tony B., Manchester, CT : 5:49 PM ET
To the post that stated, "Please work on overcoming your sexuality issues. You are not born with it, its a lifestyle you choose."

I only have to say that being a bigot and using Christianity to justify hate against gay people is a choice. You are not born a bigot, it is a lifestyle that you choose.
Posted By Anonymous Matt, Bakersfield, Ca : 5:49 PM ET
I myself, understand the torment,betrayal,loneliness,lifestyle of prostitution, and control,homosexuality can lead you in. our top class graduate died of aids recently-another close friend of mine has hiv. It really hurted me. But I know God is not cruel-HE IS REAL and a Good God-I cried out to him to set me free from homosexuality and he has! It hasnt been easy because of memories and bad habits, but I feel better and confident. I'm even dating a girl, and I like it! Jesus says I havent come into the world to condemn it, but to save(see John 3:17 bible verse). I want to be an advocate, and friend to my gay friends in the world--that there is hope, and Jesus is the way--
He understands, when people doesnt!
Posted By Anonymous Vince, Baton Rouge, LA : 5:49 PM ET
Please do not answer with "1 Corinthians 6:9" This cursory comment distorts true Christian beliefs. This verse says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God - not just Roy. Fingers should not be pointed. Only by the saving grace of Jesus Christ can we come face to face with God.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, Tampa, FL : 5:50 PM ET
I cannot understand the nonsense on this blog.

If it is a lifestyle choice - IT IS THEIR CHOICE. You have nothing to say to them.

And this pseudo-Christian nonsense? Remember the part about "love thy neighbor"? Don't hide your hate and prejudice behind Christianity.

Yes, I am Christian. A Catholic actually.
Posted By Anonymous Rodolfo, Colorado Springs, Colorado : 5:50 PM ET
To B from Davis California:
I'm glad that God is in your life. I'm sure that is a great source of strength for you. I know it is for me. I'm gay and I know that God loves me for who I am. This is the life that was given to me by God. It was not my choice. Why would I choose being gay over straight when so many people like yourself are so unaccepting of all God's children? Wouldn't it be easier for me to be straight? Sure! Too bad I don't have the choice. Besides, why would I want to wish to be something God didn't intend for me to be? Thanks.
Posted By Anonymous GayandProud, Londonderry, NH : 5:50 PM ET
I applaud Mr. Simmons, if only more athletes had the "guts" to come out and show the world that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Its just a preference. It takes a real man to be honest about his sexuality.
Posted By Anonymous Bill D. Dallas, TX : 5:50 PM ET
Jeff, sorry man but does it get anymore biased than what you just wrote. Why is it ok for a self proclaimed GAY man to speak out, so long as he doesn't say anything negative about the Gay lifestyle?

To come out and speak about ALL of his issues is nothing short of admirable. Did you even hear what he said? The gay aspect is only one issue he is dealing with. It DOES NOT define his whole life.

I have 2 close friends who are struggling with the gay lifestyle, and while I personally perceive the Gay lifestyle as against God's will I don't condone beating or killing anyone for them. In fact, I perceive lots of things as against God's will. But I'm not a vigilante out there trying to punish everyone for it. Quite the opposite...I love my friends, unconditionally. And have been there for them, regardless of the differences.

To Jeff above. Remember it is GOD who said, All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial. God DOES want you to be who you are. But in this life, you have to realize, that no matter what decisions we make in life, there are always going to be benefits and consequences for them all. Choose wisely.
Posted By Anonymous Bill, San Diego, CA : 5:50 PM ET
Why in the name of our Lord would anyone CHOOSE to be gay? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. People are born that way... they don't choose to be gay. Who in their right mind would choose to be hated, discriminated against, called names your whole life through, etc. One day, in the distant future, we WILL find out that people who are gay are BORN that way and they will prove it genetically. Then that would mean that GOD CREATED ME THIS WAY...AND STILL LOVES ME EVEN THOUGH I MAY BE A SINNER. Until that time, read the rest of Scriptures and find out what God has to say about masturbation, ppre-marital sex, adultery, even looking at another person with lustful eyes... these are EQUALLY GRAVE sins also... we are ALL in need of God's mercy...
Posted By Anonymous mike, middletown, new jersey : 5:50 PM ET
I'm confused as to how you can attempt to mix personal religous belief with an individual's sexual identity. We're all each ONE person and have no way of truly understanding what it means to live another person's life from one day to the next. If someone feels a connection to a member of the same sex, be ecstatic to be a citizen of the United States, where you will not be publicly tormented by your identity! Don't allow people who follow ancient creeds and sun gods tell you that who YOU ARE is wrong!! The argument that equates rape and murder to homosexuality is null because homosexuality in principle is unintrusive in the lives of people who don't practice it.
Posted By Anonymous Jonathan, Alabama : 5:50 PM ET
I'll try one more time to get through to this blog.
'Judge not lest you be judged' is better translated: 'condemn not lest you be condemned'.

We all make judgements every day. Christ simply stated that we, as humans, should not (and cannot) condemn people to the lake of fire. We CAN certainly judge good and evil. The true God commands it!
Posted By Anonymous Wayne, Sacramento CA : 5:51 PM ET
Why are so many people from Texas citing made up or misinterpreted Bible passages? Quite sad. But, funny at the same time.
Posted By Anonymous The Troof, Chicago : 5:52 PM ET
Hate the sin, but LOVE the sinner!!! So says the word of the Lord
Posted By Anonymous Rick , Washington D.C. : 5:52 PM ET
It's great that a former football player is willing to be honest on TV. I wish more closeted gay poeple in sports and in the media (movies AND TELEVISION) would just be honest & Come Out! Then, kids would have more role-models to change the way society thinks & feels.
Posted By Anonymous Andy, San Francisco, CA : 5:52 PM ET
People, he is gay and did drugs and stuff. Big deal. Worry about the victims of Katrina or our troops, not one mans decisions in life!!!
Posted By Anonymous Troy, Bloomington Illinois. : 5:52 PM ET
Enough with the religion crap. This guy chose his path and he made it and now he's fine. You all act like he's dieing in a gutter and there's something wrong with him. I think to bring god into this is ridiculous.
Posted By Anonymous Jill, Trenton,NJ : 5:53 PM ET
The bigots in the comments are seems to be thinking they are some how better than gay people. Somehow, because you have a book to point to, that automatically makes you right. It doesn't, they're only your opinions drawn from a book with many holes in it, not facts. People such as yourselves will not be remembered for your tolerance or understanding, but for your ignorance, primitive mindsets, and spreading of hatred; and history never forgets its fools.
Posted By Anonymous Carl, SF, CA : 5:54 PM ET
I respect Roy Simmons for speaking his mind and the truth about HIS life in and outside of football. Not one person should look down or say negative comments about him and his life especially his sexual orientation. If the man is gay, then he's gay...SO WHAT, he's a human being just like the rest of us, plain and simple. People will bring the topic about God and that he's a sinner. Bottom line, EVERYONE IS A SINNER, straight, gay, whatever, we're all sinners in this mad, crazy world. As long as you live a healthy life, not harm anyone and have morals, you're going to be okay. And good point about the "drug-dealers" or wife-beaters" in football, why don't they come out and speak the truth about them but as soon as someone in NFL says he's gay, everyone flips out? Ironic isn't it. We need to change, the world needs to change. There are other things to worry about such as corrupted politicians / business-men, Iran, Iraq, Oil, our economy, homelessness...need I go on?
Posted By Anonymous Fermin, Dublin, CA : 5:54 PM ET
Many people do not choose to be gay. That's obviously the way God created them. How could anyone who respects God's judgment even suppose to second-guess Him? Or hurt those He loves? Wouldn't someone using God's name to persecute other people be guilty of using His name in vain?
Posted By Anonymous Ruth Kars, Sylmar, Californi : 5:55 PM ET
Oh yea. The good ole days of discrimnation against all minorities.
(That's sarcasm for all you confused, literal minded, conservatives)
Posted By Anonymous Nashville Tn : 5:55 PM ET
God didn't create hatred, people did! So according you people posting hateful, intolerant comments here who arrogantly but erroneously claim to be Christian, according to the Bible, YOU ARE NOT of God. So don't give me your pseudo-Christian hate-filled crap, because after more than 12 years of studying the Bible daily, and it's original manuscripts with professional scholars, not to mention common sense and prayerful consideration, I can drill you and your hate into the ground with theology and scripture. It's time you start opening your minds up to God rather than your preachers' self-serving hateful rhetoric, and begin learning about the real God of which the Bible teaches, the God of Love.
Posted By Anonymous Timothy, White Plains : 5:55 PM ET
"To him that is without sin, cast the first stone."

I think it's funny how people who (mis)quote this scripture always forget the 2nd part to it. After Jesus tells the men that he that is without sin should cast the first stone and they leave, he tells the woman caught in the act of adultery to "go, and sin no more" (John 8:11).

Just pointing out how everyone forgets the "sin no more" part. My $0.02.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Andrews, NC : 5:56 PM ET
Life is short, and can be very hard. Why should we care how a person physically expresses his or her sexuality with another consenting adult?

I saw Brokeback Mountain and came away with a feeling of sadness ... sadness that society often makes it hard for a person to be truthful to themselves and others; and sadness that not being truthful causes so much pain to so many people.
Posted By Anonymous BT, Mississippi : 5:56 PM ET
I agree that the bible says that being gay is a sin and it doesn't mince words either. Although last I checked the US is not a theocracy. I see it like this - you either believe and paractice your faith, and if you're gay, accept that your religion views you as a sinner or just be a regular person trying to live a good life, gay or straight, and the hell (pardon me) with religion. You can't have it both ways.
Posted By Anonymous LG Bronx, NY : 5:56 PM ET
To all the bible beaters in this discussion:

Judge not, lest ye be judged. Love thy neighbor. End of story.

In summation; If you are a hater, then you are not a Christian.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Baltimore MD : 5:57 PM ET
Solly -

If our one purpose on earth is to procreate, does that mean we should kill the sterile heterosexuals because they can't fulfill their one purpose on earth? Is anyone here who is positing that the "Bible told me so" a Greek or Latin scholar who has gone to the source to see what actually was written, rather than relying on English translations? Hmmmm....guessing the answer is no.
Posted By Anonymous bo, Boston, MA : 5:57 PM ET
All of you that thingk being gay is a choice, tell me when it was you sat back and "decided" you were going to be hetero. This would imply there's an equal appeal for both, like we're choosing one like we would steak over seafood. I never chose to be hetero, it's just who I am, just like the gay person that never choses to be gay. All I know if there is a God, he's going to reward the people that are kind and loving, and not those that try to twist his word and use it to hate. As a hetero person, I want to say I love all of you that are good and kind, whether you are straight or gay. As for those of you that are narrow minded and hateful, I have nothing but pity for you.
Posted By Anonymous Dave from MN : 5:57 PM ET
Why does everyone focus on the Bible's supposed condemnation of homosexuality when, in fact, the Bible condemns all sorts of things we do every day? Is it because the virtuous "Christians" need an enemy? Doesn't the Bible say that women are property? Wasn't it used to justify slavery and prejudice against people of color?

Show me ONE "Christian" who TRULY lives by the teachings of the Bible and I will respect his or her opposition to homosexuality. However, I guarantee that every single anti-gay "Christian" person posting to this forum violates some teaching found in the Bible on a regular basis.

And we all know what to call those people: Hypocrites
Posted By Anonymous Rob, Lake Tahoe, NV : 5:58 PM ET
"Our one purpose in life is to procreate"???????????? Who said that or really believes that? How inane! Live and let live. . . the thought of two people of the opposite sex engaging in nameless sex activites isn't the most pleasant thoughts I can imagine, but I live with it and see hetrosexuality "forced" on me in nearly all media, entertainment, etc. I strive to be tolerant of the hetes! The hetes should do the same for us homos. Can't we all just get along?
Posted By Anonymous Orlando : 5:58 PM ET
It is not the fact that someone is attracted to the same sex that is the sin, it is acting on that attraction that is the sin. Along those lines, how many of us struggle with an sinful aspect of our own lives? Do we drink too much? Are we envious of others? Do we use drugs? Are we promiscuous? Do we cheat on our spouses? Do we gamble too much? Are we too proud? Are we too materialistic? Not one of us is without sin of some sort. B, it is true that God CAN heal, but He doesn't promise us that He will. In the end, it is how we battle our sinful nature that matters. We need to rely on Him to help us fight our urges to sin, and we need to ask for forgiveness when we fail. I am not gay, but I am not foolish enough to judge a person because they are gay without first realizing that I am also not perfect.
Posted By Anonymous Christian, St. Louis, Missouri : 5:58 PM ET
I feel for the man but gay people fight this battle everyday. Just because he is a pro athlete, everyone feels sorry for him. Most people don't make the money or don't have a high profile in the media so they are ignored and kicked to the curb when all they want is someone to listen. At least this man can tell his story and people will listen. God loves all his children, and you people who want to quote the bible and throw judgment onto someone else, obviously you are not a true Christian or you wouldn't judge another man in the first place. I think they call you type of people a hypocrites. Let God do the judging and keep your narrow, suppressed and primitive misconceptions to yourselves.
Posted By Anonymous Flip, Salt Lake City Utah : 5:58 PM ET
I find myself irritably amused that the most intolerant views here are the most rabidly religious...

Fascinating for a religion that supposedly espouses tolerance and love.

I could translate some of these into Arabic/Islamic terms and they wouldn't sound out of place in the Taliban's repetoire.
Posted By Anonymous James Laurel, MD : 5:59 PM ET
How much did you pay this guy to interview and come out of the closet during Super Bowl week? It looks like another attempt at grabing ratings for the network. In fact, I'm sorry I ready your article. I feel sorry for the former player that you're victimizing.
Posted By Anonymous Drew, San Diego, CA : 5:59 PM ET
I wish him well. I hope he has no regrets about his life. I will carry him in my prayers, constantly.

Do as Pope John Paul II did, "Be Not Afraid!"...

MajiQ Johnson is a good source of inspiration for dealing with this deadly disease.

I wish you well, and all the blessings. Mr. Simmons!

Posted By Anonymous iQon, St. Louis, Mo. : 5:59 PM ET
Why would someone "choose" to be ostracized? This is something you're born with and we need to be accepting of all good people. Your sexuality does not make the person.
Posted By Anonymous S, Houston, TX : 5:59 PM ET
I argee with J. G.(Richmond, VA), personally watching sports goes as far as that! The players personal lives are not my concern. Mr Simmions, best of luck and enjoyed the highlights!
Posted By Anonymous Corinthian, Flowermond, TX : 5:59 PM ET
We are either all equal under the law, or none of us are. There can be no half measures, no exclusions and no excuses. If your god doesn't allow YOU to tolerate gays, find another. There are many versions to choose from, each the one and true god to someone.
Posted By Anonymous Ed, Harlowtown, Montana : 6:00 PM ET
I beg to differ with anyone who says that I was not born gay. Why on earth would anyone deliberately choose to be a member of the single most despised minority in the world? I know I certainly didn't choose to, and neither did Mr. Simmons.
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Philadelphia, PA : 6:00 PM ET
God doesn't exist. Gays do. Deal with it.
Posted By Anonymous Ed, Barnesville, GA : 6:00 PM ET
To the person that stated --- "My sexuality is part of my personal life - not my career." I wonder how many times they mention their wife/husband at work? Do they ever talk about their kids? Do they have a picture of any of them at their desk? Does this person bring their spouse to the company Christmas Party? If that person does any of these things, their sexuality is part of their career, to believe otherwise is just kidding yourself.
Posted By Anonymous Robert, San Francisco, CA : 6:00 PM ET
Simmons has courage for sharing his story. Everyone has moments in their life that they regret and he has learned from his mistakes and wants to share with others.
Posted By Anonymous Kanidss, Baton Rouge LA : 6:00 PM ET
Sorry, no tears here. He chose a life of sin and sodomy willingly. The Bible is clear, sodomites will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Posted By Anonymous James, Portland, ME : 6:01 PM ET
I actually can see both sides of this story. I have nothing against gay people and have met many of them as they are normal and nice human beings just like the rest of us. They can keep their sexual preferences to themselves just like straight people can do the same.

However, professional male athletes I feel are in a different situation. I wouldn't want a gay man checking me out in the showers / lockeroom nor would I, being a quarterback, would want to hike the ball from a center knowingly he is a gay man. A league like the NFL has 32 teams, approximately 1500 pro players. If 1495 of those players would not accept a gay man to be a teamate, that is the league's choice. Its not hate crime to not accept them.

One last note. Who says we accept wife beaters, murderers, drug dealers & users, and other criminal acts? Certainly not the fans, not the owners, and not the league as they will give out fines, suspensions, or kicked off the team.
Posted By Anonymous Chris S, Colonie NY : 6:02 PM ET
I am so tired of listening to fundamentalist rantings. 19th century fundamentalism has NOT always been the tradition of Christianity. Perhaps if fundamentalists read something other than the KJV once in awhile, they might actually have the tools needed to interpret the Bible in context.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Orlando Florida : 6:02 PM ET
Thanks Jaciilyn! Too bad there are not more people out there like you.
Posted By Anonymous G - Long Beach, CA : 6:02 PM ET
1 Corinthias 6:18 you dimwits. If any of us have sex, we are equally as sinful - gay or straight. So, apparently none of us should have any sex. I mean, the bible says "flee fornication". You who overinterpret the bible are so sad. For god's sakes, let humans be humans. Love one another and get on with your unproductive lives.
Posted By Anonymous Brian, Phoenix, AZ : 6:02 PM ET
Anyone who bothers to really examine scripture will find that in the Old Testament there were over 600 Commandments and people screwed it up. Then there were 40 and people still screwed it up. Then God gave 10 to Moses, but you know what? Yep... people still screwed it up. Christ came and in Matthew 7 told us that if you love God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself, you have found favor with God in heaven.

It amazes me that in an "enlightened" day and age such as today we still find people citing Leviticus for their condemnation of gays. Leviticus also condones the beating/stoning of women, the prohibition of shellfish consumption and the wearing of clothing made from mixed fabrics?

Have we really regressed? Or is it possible that society can see the bigger picture of God's love and realize that its about loving. If you believe in God, leave judgment to God.
Posted By Anonymous John Bauters, Newton, Massachusetts : 6:02 PM ET
I think the biggest issue this brought up for me, is how our society ir raising its boys. yeah, we all are human, boys and girls both have a right to express their emotions. in this country today, boys are expected to be tough, to not cry, to not express their fears, insecurities. before sexual orientation even comes into play, our gender roles define how we are supposed to express ourselves in this world. i believe breaking down these roles will do a lot to bring about a unified vision of what being a person means.
Posted By Anonymous Eli Gay Columbia, MO : 6:02 PM ET
What's the difference between a gay man in the men's locker room and a straight man in the women's locker room? While I don't care what people do with their own lives, I don't want someone looking at me in the locker room as a potential score.
Posted By Anonymous Chuck, Seattle Wa : 6:03 PM ET
I am not gay but I don't think being gay is wrong. People can be whatever they want. If you don't like gay people then just stay away from them and leave them alone. Let them live and love just like everybody else. They're people too...
Posted By Anonymous Justin from Omaha, NE. : 6:04 PM ET
The problem I have with Mr. Simmons is that I believe that he is the one that is actually creating an unfair atmosphere for his teammates. True, his sexual orientation is not a matter of choice. However, his profession is. Regardless of the degree of personal control that you'd hope people have, would most people allow a man to walk openly in a women's locker room? Then why is it okay for a gay man to be in heterosexual men's locker room? Mr. Simmons is the one who is at fault for not revealing his sexual orientation to his teammates. If they are willing to accept it, good for him. If not, find another job. It may not be fair, but guess what, life's not fair.
Posted By Anonymous Greg Richards, Baltimore MD : 6:04 PM ET
It's funny that we're totally overlooking the fact that he was raped by his neighbor. That's messed up. I wonder if that one trauma affected his sexual orientation or not. Childhood molestation or lack of a solid father-figure has been known to impact people's orientation.

The real tragedy is what happened to him as a child that might be affecting his current lifestyle.
Posted By Anonymous John, Wheeling IL : 6:04 PM ET
What did Jesus have to say about homosexuality? Absolutely NOTHING. If it was such a big sin, do ya think maybe he might have mentioned it himself? However, how many of you bible thumpers out there are married for the second time after a divorce? That is in Jesus's own words (with the exception of it being due to adultery) a case of adultery. Adultery was right there on "God's Top Ten No No list". Being a Methodist or a
Baptist (or any other religion) is a choice, yet it is not legal to discriminate against Methodists or Baptist. Homosexuality is not a choice, yet in more than half the states in this country it is perfectly legal to fire someone or evect them from their apartment jsut for being gay. That is just simply not right.
Posted By Anonymous Dirk van Dijk, Dayton Ohio : 6:04 PM ET
HOLY COW! i am amazed that people are still qouting the bible, trying to argue that homosexuality is wrong. this is 2006! any educated individual who has ever traveled further than their own hometown knows that being gay does not mean a thing (although sadly, as evidenced by the recent hate crime in MA, it can still mean danger to many of us)... i really think that those who quote the bible and god to make their arguements, 9 times out of 10 aren't educated or culturally exposed enough to truly understand their own dichotomies and bigotries. amen.
Posted By Anonymous Adrienne H, Pittsburgh, Pa : 6:04 PM ET
Religious Freedom = Freedom from religion if one chooses. It just kills me that people want to throw their own religious beliefs into discussions like this and just expect everyone to go.. "oh, the bible (or any other religious writing. . . ) says this so it must be true. Give me a break. Gay, straight, tri-sexual. . who gives a hoot?????
Posted By Anonymous Buzz, Rollins College : 6:04 PM ET
Dear Chris from Chicago. You offer your hollow words of love to Jeff and then remind him that the bible states that homosexuality is a sin (Leviticus 18.22). So is eating shellfish (Leviticus 11.10) but I'm sure you probably consumed a shrimp or two in the past month and smiled the whole time, knowing full well that God feels anything in the Ocean that does not have fins or scales is an abomination. Did you forget that part Chris? Or does your church choose not to read that part of the bible? I'm sure you are a big fan of how a father has the right to sell his daughters into slavery (Exodus 21.7). No? Just choose not to throw that little factoid in the bible out to your friends because it sounds ridiculous? Or how about the part that says we may own slaves, both men and women, as long as they are from neighboring countries, in this case it would be Canada, Russia and Mexico. Which kind of slave would you like Chris? It says it's cool to own them in the bible (Levitucus 25.44), but you and your type of human being have decided to rise above the rest of us and preach specific selections from the bible and then ignore what would make you all sound like a bunch of slave owning, daughter selling, shrimp eating freaks. THere is so much more in the bible for you to quote Chris, like how women who can't conceive have a demon inside of them and are guilty of practicing witchraft. Or that a woman on her period must leave the house and stay out of the barn because her cycle is so nasty and offensive it sickens God himself, and she must go live in the fields or the woods until her cycle is through. Try telling your mother to go live in the woods Chris, she'd tell you your God was cruel and childlike. But you keep on looking down your nose at people like Jeff and quoting your favorite parts of the bible, we wouldn't expect a Christian incapable of unconditional love of doing anything else.
Posted By Anonymous John Haxby Seattle Wa : 6:05 PM ET
Just by the many, passionate responses on this blog, you can see what an emotional issue this is for just about everyone.

Like someone said before, no one choses his sexuality. Straight people couldn't begin to explain why they are straight any more than a gay man or woman can say why they are gay. We just are.

No one would chose to be gay and endure the ridicule and judgment of others any more than one choses his race.

Hopefully, one day people will understand that. We fear what we don't understand and that breeds hatred.

Hopefully one day everyone will understand what it means to be gay.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Lake Hopatcong, NJ : 6:05 PM ET
Kate from OH made reference to the biological origin of homosexuality. I believe it too, just as I believe that lying, fornicating, stealing, coveting, not believing in the Living GOD, etc... are biological. Now Biology is the natural part of the human being, this is to say that the body is naturally prone to sin and death. The Holy Spirit of GOD revealed this knowledge to King David of Isreal long ago and he spoke saying in Psalm 51:5 "Behold I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me".

I Also believe that sin can be overcome by the power the living GOD, if we repent and confess our biological nature regardless of the type of sin.
Posted By Anonymous Abraham, New Beunswick, NJ : 6:05 PM ET
Two men can not make a child. I hope I made my point. So So SAD!
Posted By Anonymous "Big Easy", New Orleans, La : 6:05 PM ET
I am so tired of religion playing a role in the Human Race! I believe this man deserves 100% unwaivering support. How dare the bible-beater crowd consistantly undermine us with your arrogant interpretations of a BOOK that promotes hate and continues to degrade and install fear in the human spirit. That is my interpretation.

Such a sad planet when we cannot support or love our fellow man for who they are.
Posted By Anonymous Shawn, Las Vegas, NV : 6:05 PM ET
Jesus said three times in the bible to not judge others and that it is a sin to do so, but it seems that judge others is all that certain Christian seems to do. Is it about sin or is it about power and money? Jesus was about love and tolerance of all, shouldn't all Christians practice that.
Posted By Anonymous joe, Houston, Texas : 6:05 PM ET
I feel for him. Why can't people be who they are and we just let everyone be. We are not God and we don't need to judge.
Posted By Anonymous Laurie, New York, NY : 6:05 PM ET
As a Christian, I would like to say the bible is very clear about this issue. However, as a Christian it is not my place to judge Simmons for his behavior and choice, but to show Simmons true Christian love. I believe you do this by sharing with Mr. Simmons that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins, no matter the sin. You to Mr. Simmons can ask for forgiveness, and God into your heart. "For all have sinned."

The world's acceptance of your homosexuality will never bring you comfort like the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Posted By Anonymous Hamlett, Burlington, NC : 6:06 PM ET
For the one who compared homosexuality to rape, murder, pyromaniacs...YOU try to use a stronger argument. All of your 'comparisons' include one aspect that homosexuality does not: A VICTIM! There is no victim in a consenting, loving, homosexual relationship. Even judging has a victim.
Posted By Anonymous Anthony Andricks, Bowling Green, Ohio : 6:06 PM ET
Wes from Winnipeg, cool your Jets. (That was kind of funny, right?)

I would like to clarify for you and everyone else that I am a sinner. Guilty as charged. My sin (all of it) is viewed the same as homosexualtiy in God's eyes. Period. My point in my original post was only pointing out that both homosexuality and lust are both sins and we have to be careful on how we act on our feelings.

Also, where can I find the poly-cotton blend reference in the Bible?
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Chicago, IL : 6:06 PM ET
wes from Manitoba. God doesn't make mistakes. The bible states that homosexuality is immoral. End of story. You can manipulate and massage the passages all you want to fit your lifestyle, but it cleary states that this is immoral and punishable by death. Not death here on earth, but on judgement day. Telling you what you're doing wrong is not passing judgement. If it were, then so would be telling my kid to quit throwing rocks at his friends.
There is no need for political statements in homo sexuality. I am not implying that in the least bit. God did not make homosexuals. It is a lifestyle choice. God doesn't hate gays or bash them. He hates the sin of the lifestyle.
Posted By Anonymous Frank, Scottsdale : 6:06 PM ET
The "Word of God" says a lot of things. People used to it justify owning slaves, keep blacks for marrying whites, etc... and gays are the last social group the Bible is used against.

I commend Simmons for coming to terms with himself but that doesn't make him hero.

This piece makes me mad, actually...I feel sorry for him if he was raped as a young child. But why do these stories always have to emphasize stuff like that as if that's why he's gay?

Most gays and lesbians come from loving homes and lead normal lives like everyone else. Hiding who you are and suddenly coming out when the climate is right is not courageous.

Try being a gay highschool student in a rural town, or a transexual who can walk down the street with confidence...That's courage, and we need more of it.
Posted By Anonymous A. J., San Francisco, CA : 6:06 PM ET
we should take it easy on the christians who need to stand up and thump their bibles. You must remember that most religions are focused on controlling people (do this, don't do that or be excommunicated) and don't teach people to think rationally or objectively. If religions did encourage to make rational decisions about faith then their parishoners might question by their religious leaders.

The louder someone has to shout that their bible interpretation is RIGHT, the more they are trying convince themselves not others.

Too bad that these "christians" couldn't devote themselves to good and helping more people from going through the drug abuse that Mr. Simmons did. It is easier to say something else is wrong though instead of actually being good.
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Phoenix, Arizona : 6:06 PM ET
Dustin, you said it best: "What they do behind closed doors is no ones business not even our government."

SO why should I care about the pride parades, the marches, the speeches? I don't proclaim my sexual orientation because no one cares. I don't care if Simmons is gay. He obviously does, as he feels the needs to share what should be a private matter with the world. If gays and lesbians want to make a big deal out of it and invite comments, why should those who disagree comment?
Posted By Anonymous Derek, Saylorsburg PA. : 6:06 PM ET
I think it is awesome that you chose to share your story man. There are a lot of gay males out there who struggle so much with themselves and often times fall victim to an addiction as you did. As a young gay male i want to say thanks for sharing because it helps many of us who are also currently in the struggle.
Posted By Anonymous Michael Rivera, Denver Colorado : 6:07 PM ET
As a closeted male myself I know what he has gone through. As much as I tried to be straight when I was younger I went back to being gay. Because I was not being true to my self or to the woman I was with.
I do not wish this life style on any one!
Posted By Anonymous Albuquerque, NM : 6:07 PM ET
Mr Simmons is probably going broke and just decided that coming out of the closet and telling his secrets would earn him some more money. (Especially since he spent most of it being a drug addict~ in his own admittance.)He got HIV from unprotected sex~ stupid. He already had to deal with being a black, gay man in a "macho" profession like football. Who really cares? I don't. It just sounds like Mr Simmons made some really poor decisions in his life. I'm not going to waste my money buying his book.
Posted By Anonymous MaryJane, OKC, OK : 6:07 PM ET
To those who broadcast that we chose to be gay, try to hold your tongue unless you've walked in our moccasins. I remember no time when I woke up one day and said, "I think I will live the rest of my life as a homosexual. Might be trendy and fun-- to be ridiculed, threatened, looked down upon and compared with rapists, child molesters, murderers and other perpetrators of crimes against humanity." As a child I prayed, as a teen I left a long chain of girls' broken hearts, and as an adult after finally getting clean and sober,(admittedly of my own doing, no blame here) I accepted myself for who I am. At 57 years of age now and in a monogamous relationship for 12 years. I am at peace with myself. I wish all the sanctimonious bretheren here peace also. I know God loves you too.
Posted By Anonymous Robert Griffin, Sacramento, CA : 6:08 PM ET
It's amazing to me that especially in the world of male sports that gays are not accepted. It is so contradictory. Where else in open society can you "touch" another man or pat him on the behind than on the field and it be "okay." So, tell me again, "Why isn't it acceptable to be openly gay AND an athlete? Laurie Sacks, Ph.D., Sacramento, CA.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 6:09 PM ET
Over all, it's an excellent story to write about. However, the way the second paragraph is written in regards to the way Roy Simmons shakes your hand followed up in the next paragraph by the fact that he is gay reinforces the whole effeminate stereotype that a man can't be manly if he's gay. Please, if you're going to write a story, please use your media standing better. People read what you write and your words have a lot of power. Don't use that power to reinforce such long standing stereotypes.
Posted By Anonymous Maitreya, Springfield, IL : 6:09 PM ET
A sad story, however hopefully he can be victorious in the end and live a life free of alcohol and drugs! Keep your chin up and be proud of who you are!
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Milwaukee, WI : 6:09 PM ET
Church loudspeakers do not understand their own words. Homosexuality is created by people, not God. Homosexuality do not reproduce. Their gender identifications are solely from within, however they may have been influenced from birth. The Bible says ADAM was first created and after naming the animals, he wanted a mate for himself. He was not created imperfectly so his desire came from his will. God took from him and made a companion for him, allowing the institution of marriage, which is two flesh becoming one; the apostle Paul rendered it correctly when he admitted that rather than suffer, let them marry. Homosexuality then is not God's creation but the fruit of desiring minds, even if one is perverted by another's actions. This said, Homosexuality is man's creation and that is what makes it wrong; by so doing, man elevates himself to rival the creator, equalising himself. Thus the saying from the Garden of Eden is realised; eating of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, man is elevating himself to " be as the Gods."
Posted By Anonymous Bob-Va. : 6:10 PM ET
While it is very commendable for Mr. Simmons to come out now and write a book to help people ... and make money, it would be a thousand times more couragous and life-changing for an athlete to come out while still playing professional sports. Only then will the preconceptions of athletes and fans start to change.
Posted By Anonymous John, Baton Rouge, LA : 6:10 PM ET
Love how the alleged Christians are bashing gay folks. If gays are doomed to Hell, these folks will be right there with them.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Louisville KY : 6:10 PM ET
I am so tired of the word tolerance it is NOT tolerance it is acceptance. You accept people for who they are not what theyare.
Posted By Anonymous Colleen Calgary AB Canada : 6:10 PM ET
to those of you who are commenting to this blog you make a lot of good points. right now though i would ask that you take a few steps backward and consider the fact that roy simmons did not grow up in 90's or even more so the 2000's. it is tragic that a person couldn't be who they were...times have recently (and when i say recently i mean RECENTLY) changed. i do believe it is unfair that people couldn't come out and feel comfortable in there work environment. times and laws have changed since then. i do know that when i accept a position in my employment i think about the Pros and Cons and i decide which is greater. At some point before Mr. Simmons took his position in football he had to know that it wouldnt be easy acting upon what he felt.

It disturbs me further that in the same conversation as his sexuality they have also linked his rape, his H.I.V. status and also drug habit. people put themselves into situations in which they can't deal with and then feel the need to blame something other than the real problem. to me the real problem is the fact that an adult willingly took his position in the NFL for no other reason then it was his job and that is what he was getting paid no point does anyone say you have to like or enjoy the things you get paid for. yes its nice to be happy with your choosen profession but the operative word in this sentence would be CHOOSEN.

At this point I want to say that i am a homosexual male. None of my previous nor my current job are places where you have to agree with my sexuality. i got past that and most of my co-workers did also. this article disturbs me a little bit only because it gives the sense that because you are an opressed being, who is opressed because of his or her choices, you can blame your problems on that opression. I am sorry that he was a drug user/addict but I can almost guarantee he wasn't the only NFL player at the time using. I am sorry that he was raped at a young age but that shouldnt ever be linked to his sexuality... or ever woman or man in the world who has ever been raped would be homosexual. It is terribly unfortunate that he contracted the H.I.V. virus but for americans to stop making assumptions it would have been much more beneficial to all if we had some insight on how he may have contracted it.
Posted By Anonymous jacob, jamestown, new york : 6:10 PM ET
I am a 32 year old gay male and can say happily that I am out. I can't imagine living my life in a closet. Should I have relented to the morale majority i CAN imagine myself being depressed alongside Mr. Simmons. I do have one thing to say about my sexuality. I do not choose to be gay just as most heterosexuals do not choose to be straight. If it were a matter of choice then having sex with someone of the opposite sex should not repulse them. Repulsion is not a matter of choice but a matter of knowing what is and isn't right for you. I don't need to jump of a bridge to know it's bad for me. But not jumping of a bridge is not a choice. I just don't have a need to. I am repulsed at the thought of myself having sex with a woman. I do believe that sex is something beautiful no matter whether it is expressed in a homosexual way or heterosexual way because it is a sign of two peoples love for each other. Upon coming out to my mother, she asked me if I had ever had sex with a woman. I told her "no". She said don't knock it till you try it. I asked her if she was telling me this from her own personal experience of having sex with a woman. She never pushed me again. I think it is about time we all start having some respect for our fellow human beings, because I do care about how I live my life affects you. I just believe that the favor should be returned.
Posted By Anonymous Mike M, St. Louis, MO : 6:11 PM ET
I think JG Richmond's point of view is an oasis of reason in a desert of ignorance. It's not "christian" to judge others, furthermore judging the judgers doesn't wash well either. Tolerance and acceptance are virtues which are conveiently dismissed when lifestyles don't meet "christian" expectations.
Posted By Anonymous Brent Lethbridge: flin Flon Canada : 6:12 PM ET
For Jaciilyn in Seattle.

No this is not a religious state/country, that is evident by what we see on this blog. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah and that they were destroyed for their sins. America's judgment is coming. God is real. Jesus is real whether you and I believe it or not. I guess you believe we came from animals so we should just act like it then? Sin of any kind is not tolerable to a Holy God.
Posted By Anonymous Rob, Nashville, Tn : 6:12 PM ET
People keep referring to "this day and age"; it was 20 years ago. Things are still bad now in professional sports, but not as bad as when Roy had to deal with it.
Posted By Anonymous Jimmy D, New Jersey : 6:12 PM ET
People used to want to save the Christians from the lions, now we need to save the lions from the so-called Christians !
Posted By Anonymous Mike Fountain Valley,Ca : 6:12 PM ET
To Chris, who asked "would we be talking about this drug addict, aids victim if he wasn't gay?":

Isn't that the point? Suppose the issue were that he's black rather than that he's gay. Would we be talking about it? Not likely now, but 40 years ago groundbreaking books were published about people for no other reason than the color of their skin. Female? Not so long ago, that would have been a big deal. Heck, 20 years ago we would have talked about him just because he was a drug addict, let alone HIV-positive and gay.

I agree that we shouldn't be talking about what this man does behind closed doors, but zealots who insist on intruding into other people's lives ensure that we don't have that choice. They don't have to approve, but if they want to be silent and respect their beliefs they're going to have respect mine.
Posted By Anonymous Alan, Atlanta : 6:12 PM ET
"I Corinthians 6:9"

Yes, it's just horrible that errant philosophy from thousands of years ago is still ruining men's lives today.
Posted By Anonymous Joe, Framingham, Ma : 6:13 PM ET
Hey Frank from Scottsdale.....Just an FYI to you...IT IS NOT A "CHOICE"....just like being straight wasn't a choice for you.
Posted By Anonymous Kelly, Iowa : 6:13 PM ET
The more that this Country moves towards the �religious right� the less tolerant we become of others that have different beliefs, different sexual orientations etc. Unfortunately if we continue to allow the �Christian Movement� to make all of our policies in this country we will continue to move backward rather than forward when it comes to Human Rights. We need to be careful because what start out as good intentions can easily become twisted into policies that ARE NOT of the people, by the people, for the people. The individual who just made a reference to I Corinthians 6:9 is a classic example of how the individuals that run this country are pigeon-holing us into a nation seen by other nations as less than democratic and less than tolerant of religions, nationalities, and beliefs other than the white conservative Christian that happen to be the figure heads of this nation. We need to ensure that all of the people of this nation are represented equally and are not discriminated against no matter what their Skin Color, Sexual Orientation, or religious beliefs.
Posted By Anonymous Brian Tilson, Colorado Springs, CO : 6:13 PM ET
Jesus DID NOT practice or teach hatred! To judge this man is against all teachings of Christ. Stop being so ignorant and read the bible correctly! Jesus spoke more of divorce! No one ever talks about that being a sin anymore.
Posted By Anonymous A. Ennui, Cape Girardeau, MO : 6:13 PM ET
Why do those who preach tolerance become the most intolerant when someone disagrees with them?

They don't want others to force their beliefs on them yet they turn around and do exactly that. They don't like those who commit "hate" crimes, but if you look at their comments you usually can see the hate they have.
Posted By Anonymous Joe R, Schaumburg, IL : 6:15 PM ET
We should be thankful that he is being so brave, and educating everyone about how hurtful having to keep your identity is. Don't we all like to live and show our likes?

It is completely unfair to have people hiding their likes just to fit in, who is perfect enough to say what's accepted and what's not?

He is a person with preferences, just like me and everyone else in the world. What justifies punishing anyone when they have not done anything wrong?

We're being educated, let's listen to avoid living in ignorance forever....
Posted By Anonymous Sandra, Washington DC : 6:15 PM ET
How boring the world would be if we all were the same. Believed in the same thing, looked the same and did the same thing. What difference does it make what someone's sexuality is? What difference does it make if someone looks different than you whether it be the color of their skin or what clothers they wear? Fear of the unknown. Fear of someone thinking and/or believing differently than you. Gay rights is no different than civil rights. You don't choose to be a person of color just like you don't choose to be gay. The art of acceptance is one that needs to be learned and practiced. Live with compassion!
Posted By Anonymous Tracy, WLA, CA : 6:15 PM ET
Posted By Anonymous JOHN- SAN FRANCISCO, CA : 6:15 PM ET
To those who "know" for certain EXACTLY how God feels about homosexuality, based upon words written by man, or that homosexuality is simply an immoral choice: please seek an education for yourself. As we learn more & more in the field of neurobiology, we are beginning to understand much about about the role that hormones play in structuring our brains in utero, and later activiting these structures with the onset of puberty. Gender differences have been identified, and preliminary research is finding differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals in areas of the hypothalumus associated with sexual orientation, motivation, and performance. I do not pretend that I know all the answers, but I do believe that God gave us a brain for a purpose, and wants us to use it to improve our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Please do not be so quick to judgement, especially without first putting in the effort to study biological explanations for human development.
Posted By Anonymous St. Louis, MO : 6:16 PM ET
Not everyone believes in your beliefs, and you should really practice the whole "love thy neighbor". this is from an obove mentioned quote. the person whom spoke this was a very religious individual. You may know him as Jesus Christ. Think before you write people.
Posted By Anonymous William Hoonan, Orange California : 6:16 PM ET
It's amazing in this supposedly enlightened world that the people above are still using the Bible as an excuse to look down their noses at homosexuals. It sounds preposterous today, but a couple generations ago the Bible was used to justify laws preventing interracial marriage. Perfectly God-fearing Christians saw no incongruency in that the Bible supposedly taught that women should be kept "in their place", and of course not even think about voting! And, a couple generations before that, God-fearing Christians in the South certainly didn't see anything wrong, from a religious standpoint or otherwise, with owning slaves - mere property, not human beings! And, over the 1400 years that the Bible has been in existence, how many times has it been used to justify wars, killing, etc.? "I am going to kill YOU and God is going to love me for it!" (quote from Whoopi Goldberg)

The basic teachings of the Bible are perfectly valid; people just get hung up on the details and use them to support their own agendas.

In another couple of generations, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will wonder what all the fuss is about now - because they will not view homosexuals as any different or less valid, than themselves. The world becomes more enlightened with each generation, and this is the hurdle we face today.

Posted By Anonymous Mike, Flower Mound, TX : 6:16 PM ET
I feel sorry for the big guy. Of course, I do not advocate Homosexuality and everone has his or her own right to be what they want tobe, but it is a shame he kept this searing pain in his mind so long. It amazes me that he is still alive to tell his story. Come on now, a 1-K a day habit I cannot fathom that much pain he felt. And his statment on his fellow players if they found out I could see how it would have tanked his life.
Posted By Anonymous Jerry N. Smith Roanoke, Va : 6:17 PM ET
To the ridiculous comment on shellfish. The bible states that you shouldn't eat these because they can cause disease. You surely won't go to hell for eating these animals or foods. However the bible is like an owners manual for your life, and soul. It tells you not to eat these scavengers becasue it'd be like eating a seagull, full of toxins and not quite healthy for you. Eat away, but it may result in sub par health, cancers etc, which distract from the happy, purposeful life God wants you to live. When you start deviating from the bible and the laws put forth, you invite trouble.
Posted By Anonymous Frank Scottsdale : 6:18 PM ET
Everyone has an opinion,but if it's an erroneous opinion,
nobody has a right to it.
Ask God,He'll tell you the
Posted By Anonymous Bob,Dublin,Va. : 6:20 PM ET
keep accepting this deviant behavior. It's sick but I hope this poor guy gets his life on track..
Posted By Anonymous dario, dallas, tx : 6:22 PM ET
Why do we have to identify a person by their sexual orientation as if no other quality about that person is as important? Is it the same as identifying a person by their race, or education, or religion that is the esential qualification as to whether or not you will be satisfied with them.

GOD creates - and only GOD can judge what HE creates. It is our duty to do unto each other as we would have others do unto us. Nothing else matters.
Posted By Anonymous John MacDaniel: Huntsville AL : 6:22 PM ET
Scripture and theory are flying around like crazy. Here is the truth: Jesus would dine w/a gay person in their home tonite--like He did w/Matthew the "Tax Collector". He would mingle among w/the vilest of people--for He came to cure the sick--not the healthy. BUT--He never left a place the same way it was when He came--and He ALWAYS said, "Go and sin no more". He LOVES everyone--For God so loved the world----but a Holy God can not be in the presence of sin--which homosexuality is regardless of what is portrayed in movies or the media. Why is a population of less than 8% of our country able to rule the masses? I am a Red Sox fan--does that mean everyone should do/like/watch every game that I want? That is my choice--and regardless of what people say--homosexuality is a choice. I chose my wife--so yes I do remember when I chose my heterosexuality. Why has it never been brought up or studied about the number of victims of rape/sodomy when their young that "decide" their homosexuals? Because they constantly believe that the incident "was brought on by something they did--or way they acted". Think about it--I would venture to say the amount of people who claim to be homosexuals that were raped/molested as youngsters is double if not triple the percentage of people who in the average society claim to be homosexual vs. heterosexual. What is the average 8% of the population? I bet out of that 8% at least half--50--75% had some traumatic experience when they were younger that led them to their "choice". Do that study on your show.
Posted By Anonymous rick chesapeake va : 6:23 PM ET
Politicians worldwide use the bible, the koran and many other religious documents to justify whatever their own ideals are and not to make a better world.

Liberty and equality for all IS a higher doctrine than whatever has been written before, but if you consider ancient man-made philosophies more imortant, you deserve no liberty and no freedom.

Oh and if God, or something like a god, created all of this, then he created gay people as well. So the bible-bangers can just go stuff them selves! Who was it that said "judge not lest ye be judged"?
Posted By Anonymous Steve, San Jose, CA : 6:23 PM ET
(Quote) Please work on overcoming your sexuality issues. You are not born with it, its a lifestyle you choose.
Posted By Frank, Scottsdale : 4:12 PM

Well, Frank ... how can you so sure that it's a lifetyle by choice? I don't think there is a firm conclusion about homosexual issues as yet. Even if it IS a lifestyle, everybody has rights to choose a lifetyle to subscribe to.
Posted By Anonymous Georgiana, Spring, TX : 6:24 PM ET
there is a clear connection between being a victim of sexual abuse/rape as a child and sexual problems as an adult. with roy simmons and greg louganis, has anyone ever suggested that perhaps their childhood abuse is related in some way to their adult homosexuality? i don't ask this as a moral or religious question, but a medical/scientific one.
Posted By Anonymous anon, washington,dc : 6:25 PM ET
I agree with the comments that homosexuality is immoral. Man and woman are meant to marry and lay together anything else is debauched. Live as you want that is free will. If, in the end you are met with punishment of hell, then you chose that for yourself. It is a choice and you can blame it on genetics, cybernetics, whatevernetics, but its immoral and wrong. For the sake of discussion. Even if it were genetic, knowing what is right shouldn't you do everything in your power to steer away from it?
Posted By Anonymous Brian Juneau : 6:25 PM ET
I find it sad that in the 21st century, after decades of fighting hatred based on race, descrimination based on gender, and tolerance based on cultural origin, that those who have carried the banner for these barbaric and hateful philosophies have still not figured that they are not welcome in an enlightened society.

How wonderful it is to see good Christians beholden to their longstanding traditions of oppression through mindless adherence to dogma, and intimidation through fear of spiritual damnation.

Some of these comments I see about homosexuality being the result of demonic forces harkens back to the days when schizophrenia was handled through exorcism, and spiritual evidence was allowed in courts of law. Every major advance our society has managed to eek out of legislative action, has come at the shedding of some facet of our ancient reliance on religion as a moral compass. Its a tragedy for this country that we're still fighting the most primitive amongst us for every inch of progress towards true personal freedom and understanding.
Posted By Anonymous James Buchanan Laurel, MD : 6:26 PM ET
Stop with the Bible/God rantings! It's preposperous! Those bastards who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center thought their God Allah was going to give them 73 virgins. You see how ridiculous religion is. Stop the killings and accept everyone.
Posted By Anonymous Maria, Pomona CA : 6:26 PM ET
There has been much pain in this man's life. To be raped is traumatic! How did he deal with that pain? How interesting to choose a sport so "masculine" in nature and violent. A place where he knew he would have to hide who he was. Then to cover it all with alchohol and drugs (more hiding). The choices we make based on the lies we believe have grave consequences.
Posted By Anonymous Shirley, Panama, Panama : 6:26 PM ET
Everyone calm down.

Let the man speak for himself.

You may be surprised at what he has to say.
Posted By Anonymous John - Nashville, TN : 6:27 PM ET
i cannot believe that we live in this country where being gay is considered different. we cannot discriminate against those people who are gay or not, nor can we discriminate by race. i am proud of simmons that he managed to play football.
Posted By Anonymous Krish, Baltimore MD : 6:27 PM ET
It is against the will of God to loan money for profit.(the son of God said so!!!) I guess I'm waiting for all my fellow christians to rise up and shut down the banking or investment industries!
Posted By Anonymous Sam, WI : 6:27 PM ET
Perhaps in addition to his efforts to sell his book, Mr. Simmons is trying to help people understand our differences. As people, we need to understand each other. In the United States, we live in a country of religious freedom. Rather than accepting everything at face value, and rather than attacking those who may have different views, it seems that we should all try to understand and question things. We are all people deserving of dignity, regardless of our differences in sexual orientation, religion, gender, race, etc. And, just because we believe something about one of those areas, how did we come to believe it. Do we know for sure or did someone just tell us? Study and understanding may help us all to better understand each other.
Posted By Anonymous RL, Atlanta, GA : 6:27 PM ET
Exodus 35:2

Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a sabbath of rest to the LORD: whosoever doeth work therein shall be put to death.

Ooops. So I guess if we take a truly literal translation of the bible, then all NFL players, not just Roy Simmons will be going to hell...

Can't cherry-pick from your King James, folks. That's not fair.
Posted By Anonymous Todd S., Kingsburg, CA : 6:28 PM ET
Roy claims that keeping his homosexuality a secret tortured him for his entire professional career. Why didn't he just quit playing football? Was playing football really worth him being tortured? Or was it the MONEY that kept him there? You chose that career, so please stop complaining.
Posted By Anonymous GM, Houston, TX : 6:28 PM ET
Christian fanatics seem to ignore the fact that Jesus spent most of his time with other men, and that one of his disciples is referred to as "the one Jesus loved." Well, if you assume Jesus loved all of his followers as people, why does the Bible make this specific reference to the man he loved?
Just wondering.
The Jesus I like to believe in was consistently tolerant of all--a role model for the rest of us.
Posted By Anonymous FB, Chicago IL : 6:29 PM ET
Here, here to freedom of speach and freedom to have ideas that are different from others. It is what the US is built on and what has made it great. Trying to impose our beliefs on others is wrong.

Solly in DC - so you only ever have sex when you want to have a baby? Chill out. Sex can be lots of fun and so like other things (taking walk, riding a rollercoaster) can be enjoyed just for the sake of it. It would be terrible if every sex act was just for procreation - I think we probably do not need any more children in this world, there are already too many that are starving.
Posted By Anonymous chris, NY, NY : 6:30 PM ET
First of all...WHO CARES!?
I'm short...we all have a cross to what?

Professional football is a disgrace.
Somebody posted "football brings out the best of men on a strategic level..."
Please,'s's not Omaha Beach.

Thirdly, when has football ever been an arena where freethinkers exchange elevated opinions on morality and ideology as if they were all members of the Illuminati?
For the most part they are all overweight and oversized, possessed of double-digit IQs and crammed through the American public school system (and then through College) because they are able to throw (or to catch and hold) an ovoid-shaped object.
What do you expect of such a group of individuals? Enlightenment?
I expect them to grunt.
And that's what they do.
And Americans pay them ridiculously exhorbitant sums of cash to do so, and then you all post your comments as though your shocked when they oust a homosexual.
Perspective, people, perspective.

But that rape thing...yeah that sucks.

Posted By Anonymous Stirring The Pot : 6:31 PM ET
To clarify 1 Corinthians 6.9-10:

Scholarly research based on an understanding of the original texts (i.e. not translations used for specific purposes) would render the lines something like:

Do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, masturbators, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, revilers, robbers - none of these will inherit the kingdom of God.

Homosexuality is not specifically targeted. It should be kept in mind, too, that Paul clearly writes with the belief that the end of the world was on the verge of happening and that everyone should very quickly get "right with God".
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 6:31 PM ET
The bible states 2 things when it comes to sex: is confined to marriage is between a man and woman

Posted By Anonymous FRED,Los Angeles,California : 6:31 PM ET
I certainly agree that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but no one is entitled to make statements that are untrue to further his own position. Here are just a couple of references to scientific literature concerning the biologic/physiologic differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals:
Savic, et al. Brain response to putative pheromones in homosexual men. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol 102, no 20 (2005 May 17). p7356-61

Swaab. Sexual differentiation of the human brain: relevance for gender identitiy, transsexualism and sexual orientation. Gynecological endocrinology: the official journal of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology. Vol 19, no 6 (2004 Dec) p301-12

Kruijver, et al. Sex hormone receptors are present in the human suprachiasmatic nucleus. Neuroendocrinology. Vol 75, no 5 (2002 May) p296-305

Swaab, et al. Structural and functional sex differences in the human hypothalamus. Hormones and behavior. Vol 40, no 2 (2001 Sep) p93-8

I'd be curious to see the peer-reviewed scientific research that several posters here have used to so assertively claim that sexual orientation is a choice. In medical school I was taught, on the basis of research as above, that the brains of men and women are different and that on this spectrum of differences, homosexuals tend to lie somewhere in between. So, while anyone certainly has the right to believe this is not a biologic entity, I think it is clear that this a belief based in ignorance.
Posted By Anonymous Dave, Toledo, Ohio : 6:32 PM ET
Why is it that Christians (and our society in general) are so quick to persecute the homosexual, but have no issue with the greedy? Does not I Corinthians 6:10, immediately after the verse in question, also say that the greedy won't inherit the Kingdom of God, either?

Yet the religious right of our nation continues to blindly follow a political party (the Republicans) whose actions again and again favor the greedy. They speak out against abortion when greedy politicians accept money from Big Industry in exchange for not implementing better pollution controls. In turn, it allows so much mercury in our water that mothers who DO want their children lose them to spontaneous abortion.

The only time I recall Jesus losing his temper in the Bible was in response to greed, not homosexuality. Christianity today has a credibility gap.
Posted By Anonymous C Griffing, San Antonio TX : 6:33 PM ET
Homosexuality IS wrong, and Jeremy's comments were right on.
Posted By Anonymous Lynn, Bible Belt, Tenn. : 6:34 PM ET
Boo hoo! I don't feel one bit sorry for the guy, no one forced him to play football. If anything, I feel sorry for his teamates who had to be around him without knowing he was gay. Do you really think they would have willingly shared a locker room and taken showers with a gay man? If there's nothing wrong with that, then why can't I play on the women's volleyball team and take showers with them? It's the same thing right? Oh wait, since I'm straight that would make me a pervert. And since he's gay, he's a hero. Funny how that works, isn't it?
Posted By Anonymous Jarod, IN : 6:34 PM ET
Our views divide us, but the truth unites. Reading the previous views shows that the majority of man, has no sense of accountability to his creator. Instead, the convenience of sin is again, the first crutch we use. The truth is, we all will give an account for our deeds, thoughts and actions (good and evil) that are not repented for. Whether you accept it or not, the TRUTH of the Holy Scriptures of the Bible have been the foundation of mankind and are inspired by God...Himself (2Timothy 3:16).
Our fore-fathers founded the U.S. upon the Bible and it's truths -(check the White House historical records if you doubt me). You might not accept it, however there is endless evidence that proves these Truths. God's word is the only word that heals, delivers and sets people free. Nevertheless, most of us as people seek others who accept/approve of our sins and push away from God, who challenges us to change and live according to HIS plan. Through faith in God's word, this man will find the strength to change...for nothing is impossible with God.
Posted By Anonymous Believer, Texas : 6:35 PM ET
"Its sad that he had to hide something like that for so long. I think what is worse is the fact that we, as Americans, are a little too accepting of something (homosexuality) that is completely wrong in the eyes of God."

That's only a problem if you 1) belive in "God" and 2) are the kind of intolerant "believer" that the writer appears to be.

Not every "American" believes in "God" and even some of those who do are tolerant enough not to believe that you should take literally everything that is written in an allegory.
Posted By Anonymous Shawn, Phoenix, AZ : 6:35 PM ET
Just a very sad situation. No matter the cause, it is humiliating to struggle with something that seems to overwhelming. We should all pray for him and others who would prefer to not have the struggle in the first place.
Posted By Anonymous Chris, Ventura, CA : 6:35 PM ET
Just because ancient Near Eastern savages, in their ignorance, issued various edicts, does not mean that they were the stenographers for an invisible skygod, despite what evangelicals would suggest.

Religion is dying in the rest of the western world, Americans. Get over it.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Kamloops, B.C. : 6:36 PM ET
To all of you who jave chosen to judge others. judge yourself first ! It is not your right or duty to judge others in such fashion.
Posted By Anonymous Randy Creasy , wesminster MD : 6:36 PM ET
I don't think that all people are judging when they qoute a verse from the Bible to someone Some people are actually showing a great Love by trying to help point others to Jesus because he is the Way the Truth and the Life I myself try to Love everyone I meet along life's road and it brings great saddeness to my heart that this world has drifted away from God the way it has the Bible which was written by man but given of God does condemn homosexuality but as someone has also stated it does not say that Jesus will turn his back on anyone Jesus gave his Life so that we may Live If anyone wants peace with themselves they have to be reborn and put off the old man and put on the new this can happen by accepting Jesue as their personal Savior and looking to to him and the Holy Spirit For guidance I am not a perfect man and neither is anyone else for the Bible clearly states that all have sinned and fall short of God's glory but we should all live a life that acceptable to God
Posted By Anonymous bill newport ,tn : 6:36 PM ET
Let's put this into perspective here people -- we're talking about a minority population of human society who define themselves based on a physiologically abnormal sexual practice. We're not talking about a physical handicap or racial discrimination. Choices always have consequences. Although I appreciate Mr. Simmons' plight and his rape at an early age, ultimately he made a choice to follow a particular path. He wasn't born with HIV and he wasn't born homosexual. The good news is that God loves him and there are lots of folks out there poised and prepared to help him live the life God intended. The choice is his.
Posted By Anonymous Clover Jones, NYC : 6:37 PM ET
To J in Texas:

matthew 7: 1-5
Posted By Anonymous randall raleigh, n.c. : 6:37 PM ET
OK about one from the big J "Let He (or she) who is without sin, cast the first stone"... by the way, I find it ironic and disgusting that we as a society think that two men together is gross but hey, two women together and watch the men flock to pay big bucks for it. I will pray for all and hope the same is said for me. Standing tall in a society that wants nothing more than to knock you down is impressive. Peace out...
Posted By Anonymous Laurie Allen, Orangevale, CA : 6:37 PM ET
I'm sorry, I just dont understand how somebody can disagree with homosexuality. What is there to disagree with, it is a natural occurance. It happens throughout the animal kingdom. Does that mean that all of the animals that show these traits are going against God? Animals that do not think as humans, do not have reason as we do, who's sole purpose is to procreate, who do not choose but just do by instinct, that they are all wrong and an abomination against God. I just don't believe it and I just dont believe homosexuality in humans is something that should be judged.
Posted By Anonymous Joe New York, NY : 6:37 PM ET
Pete before you start giving christians quotes from the old testament the old covenant, brush up on christianity, we do not fall under the old covenant, we fall under the new covenant that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ brought to all of mankind. The old covenant was for the jewish people not the gentiles. Being religious vs. having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ makes all the difference in the world. Most religious people are hyprocrites, but those who truely have a personal relationship with God and his son are the ones most loving, but not loving the sin. I think Romans 1:18-32 sums up why sinners do what they do, and I mean all sinners who refuse to repent and turn to God. I agree no one should judge another I believe God's Judgement has fallen upon the homosexuals and all those who chose to willfully sin and will continue until they repent and follow God's laws and not mens. I have a gay cousin whom I love and a lesbian friend, but I pray for them both because I know God's judgment is righteous and I don't want to see them fall under his judgement.
Posted By Anonymous Kerri C, Twin Lakes, WI : 6:38 PM ET
What's up with all these "Christians" posting hateful, oppressive messages in here? They're hardly Christ-like. No wonder the Evolution theory is so controversial--some people haven't evolved.

While you're tossing around your's one for you to absorb:
"Beware those who display their righteousness to be noticed by men." Matthew 6:1
Posted By Anonymous Steve Smithson, Salt Lake City, Utah : 6:39 PM ET
Even if Mr. Simmons is promoting his book, don't forget that this is America. Our Bill of Rights guarantees his right to tell his story. Should we forget that he is also standing up for those countless others who have been subjected to finger pointing, bigotry, and hate.

Whether homosexuality is a product of nature or an individual choice is irrelevant. The God that I love - and the Bible that I read - tells me that my job as a Christian is to love and support my fellow man as my Brother. There is only One who is qualified to judge the sins of man - it is not me, it is not you, and it is certainly not a government that begins it's own sessions with prayer, yet forbids that others do the same before a high school football game.
Posted By Anonymous Q - Tyler, TX : 6:39 PM ET
The bible thumpers who quote "I Corinthians 6:9" against homosexuality, need to then follow some the bible's other silly rules literally - God doesn't like pork or shellfish, he likes fish on Friday. God doesn't like men triming hair around their temples, he would have women cover their heads or prefereably the whole of their bodies. These are the same guys who ask God to listen to their prayers so their favorite football team wins on Sunday, yet ignores the prayers of millions of dying childeren in Africa.
Posted By Anonymous Pete, Fort Lauderdale, FL. : 6:39 PM ET
I am a KJV Bible believing Baptist and just because you were raped doesn't give you the right to be gay. Sodomites were destroyed by God in the book of Genesis and it is still wrong to be a Sodomite and God is judging this crowd today. Just because a majority believes it is alright to live an alternative life style doesn't make it right.
Posted By Anonymous Dustin, Landis, NC. : 6:39 PM ET
There are many different views and that's ok, that is what free speech is about. I have seen so many comments from homosexuality supporters who are accusing people with religious convictions of beeing hate-filled, intolerant, and judgemental. According to your own arguments, if someone disagrees with someone elses lifestyle in a kind and respectful way, that should be ok. Then why are you bashing people who simply belief in a way of life that is different from your own. Tolerance is a TWO-WAY street, but people with agendas tend to forget that. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." - Unknown
Posted By Anonymous Michael, Cookeville, TN : 6:39 PM ET
Could someone expand on Corinthians 6:9? Is "effeminate" to be interpreted as "gay?" Because I'm betting Roy Simmons could kick "J. from Dallas, TX"'s butt any day of the week.
Posted By Anonymous Eduardo, Fort Worth, TX : 6:40 PM ET
1st Corinthians 6:9
How about the next line:

nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

So if you ever stole anything, or have been greedy, or ever drunk, or said somthing bad about anyone, then you are in the same pergatory as the gays.

Oh, I forgot .. don't eat Pork either.. that is one of God's worse Sins! A sure road to HELL!
Posted By Anonymous Jim Piere, Simi Valley CA : 6:41 PM ET
We probably wouldn't be talking about him if he weren't gay. It's a terrible crime for anyone to be molested. To be wronged in such a way, has tremendous effect on a person for the rest of his/her life. I definately do not think what occurs in your life therefore forces you to make right or wrong choices. I am not a victim to my past - I make my own decisions, free from past occurences.
Posted By Anonymous Renee Kailua-Kona, HI : 6:42 PM ET
Good for Mr. Simmons for coming out with his difficult story. It is bravery such as his that saves the lives of struggling teens everywhere by encouraging them to make good choices in life without being held to false standards enforced by biggots and so called "christians" who wouuldn't know god's love if it kicked them.
The profound polarization of our country as it grows up and comes to grips with human sexuality in all it's variations is represented in the comments posted here.
Wouldn't it be a nice change if we could all be respectful and mind our own business about bedroom behavior between consenting adults.
VALUE DIVERSITY and let those who are without sin cast the first stone.
Posted By Anonymous Greg, San Francisco, CA : 6:42 PM ET
I am waiting for the day when they determine the gene that causes homosexuality. So that there will finally be proof that people don't choose this - they are born with it.

I never had to "make" myself like men - even when I was young they just looked good. Why should a homosexual deny what looks good to them.

To me it's like asking someone what their favorite color is. They answer Red and then society decides that Red is horrible - that you should be hated because you like Red. We don't determine our likes and dislikes, they just happen because of many factors. Try disliking something that you like.

What I really pray for is for people to live their own lives and quit trying to live other people's lives.

What business is it of mine what someone does on their own time? I have too many things going on in my own life to try living someone else's life.

Did you ever notice that when people are being judgemental and hateful - they never quote Jesus?
Posted By Anonymous Margaret J, Alexandria, VA : 6:42 PM ET
This country better wake up and realize there is a real God who will judge everyone for their sin. From gays to liars. I believe being gay is wrong but I also am for people. I have enough problems in my life that I cant go around judging others but also people who are gay must accept that I have a belief too and should not be ashamed of it. Just as many of you are stating your opinion people against gays should be able to voice theirs. We do not have any right to hurt anyone. But this world should realize that there are more crimes against our children than gays and maybe we should be more concerned about them.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Plattsmouth, NE : 6:43 PM ET
Micheal Irvin-drug dealer/user, O.J. Simpson-murderer, Kobe Bryant-rapist, Barry Bonds-drug user/dealer, Bode Miller-alcoholic, Warren Moon-wife beater, John Daly-alcoholic. And you want to bash someone who is homosexual? Where did we go wrong in society? The end is near....
Posted By Anonymous Big Slippery, Arlington, Tx : 6:43 PM ET
My fellow brother and sistes the word "homosexual" did not exists in the days that the Bible was written "Period" . IT JUST IS NOT THERE. Try man sleeping with man.
Posted By Anonymous luv you'll : 6:43 PM ET
It amazes me how many people still believe in the mythology of the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc. I mean REALLY. Use your brains, people. Quoting these religious sources is ridiculous and have zero basis in fact. You might as well quote Zeus!?! Do yourselves a favor - read Sam Harris' book: The End of Faith. Hopefully you'll wake up before it's too late.
Posted By Anonymous CJ, San Francisco CA : 6:44 PM ET
Hey "J" from Dallas, Texas... since you're all into the bible (which has been translated many times over) can you explain a few things to me?

When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odour for the Lord (Lev. 1:9). The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odour is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness (Lev. 15:19-24). The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?

I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?

A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination (Lev. 11:10), it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this?
Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev.19:27. How should they die?

I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? (Lev.24:10-16) Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev.20:14)
Posted By Anonymous Tim A, Lafayette Hill, PA : 6:45 PM ET
Maybe the people in this blog can help me. I face a choice between attraction to blondes and an attraction to brunettes. I am tortured by this choice as I know my friends will ridicule me and my family will ostracize me if I choose brunettes. Heck, I'm going for the brunettes. It's my choice, and I really do like those brunettes out there.
Posted By Anonymous scott, phoenix : 6:45 PM ET
Why are people always deemed hateful for believing there religion and not believing in being gay?
Posted By Anonymous Rich, Chicago IL : 6:45 PM ET
Being gay is wrong.

No it doesn't make you lower

It' doesn't make you a target of hate

Yes, Jesus loves all people.

But Being gay is a sin, dead on. Don't tell me your chrisitan and then try to say that being gay is fine and alright, because it's not. It's a sin. I understand the struggle and the fight, but don't defy the Bible.

Yes Gay people are people too

But the sin they commit is wrong, period.
Posted By Anonymous Cesar Ruales, Greensboro, NC : 6:45 PM ET
It is ironic to me that a country that is founded on freedom of religion has so many people in it who do not tolerate anyone believing in a god other than there own, Do you condemn buddhists for not living the why your bible says, what about jews who believe the many of the same teachings as you but do not believe that the messiah has come yet? Should those people live in a closet of their own because the do not conform to your idea of the world.
you live in a country of different sexualities , religions, colors and creeds it is that fabric that makes the world we live in so vital and colorful.
Just 40 years ago black athletes were not allowed to play with whites. hopefully one day we will judge athletes by ability and not anything else.
Posted By Anonymous Robert Birnbach, San Francisco Ca : 6:46 PM ET
Why isn't Anderson Cooper conducting this interview himself?
Posted By Anonymous Los Angeles, ca. : 6:46 PM ET
That's an interesting statement Mr. Arlington, "(1) I had no choice in this, it was the way God created me;" I would like to clarify to all those Gay, Handicapped, Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, Women who have abortions, Dictators, etc... God creates nothing but perfect things; it is by our own choices that we are in the situations we are in... My baby has a handicap that is NOT the way God created him, that is the way I and my wonderful wife's genes happened to mix and cause a deformity. Something in your life or genetic history made you choose to be gay, not God. You still have a choice to be straight or gay although the choice may be difficult just as it is for alcoholics or drug addicts. Just as the choice is still there for abortions and murderers... you have a choice and so does Mr. Simmons. I do feel sad about the obstacles our decisions create, but because my wife and I created a beautiful child with a handicap in no way prevents him and us from choosing to overcome that obstacle placed in from of him, you and Mr. Simmons.
Posted By Anonymous Aaron, UT : 6:47 PM ET
How sad, that in the year 2006, homosexuality remains a socially acceptable form of bigotry and discrimination.
Why is a gay couple not afforded the same rights and freedoms as a heterosexual couple? In some parts of this country and even some parts of our major American cities, they cannot walk down the street arm in arm, for fear of vile comments, hateful stares and even physical violence.
One does not "wake up" one day and decide they are gay. It is a slow painful realization that you are different, you don't feel the way the other boys/girls feel and you are left with a sense of isolation.
As a straight woman, with gay friends, I can say they are some of the most "self-actualized" people I have the honor to call my friends.
The gay-haters need to seek some of the enlightenment that the gays in this world have.
Posted By Anonymous Allyson Chicago, Il. : 6:47 PM ET
I thought only the military imposed the don't ask, don't tell policy against gays. Obviously that is not the case . . . .as I see that those who pose as Christians require the same self-denying silence. It is too bad that it is not understood that being homosexual does not automatically mean one leads a risky lifestyle . . . any more than being a married heterosexual means the achivement of perfect happiness. I applaud Simmons for his honesty in sharing his pain, and hope that during the remainder of his life he is rewarded for his kindness and his caring.
Posted By Anonymous D. Seattle, WA : 6:47 PM ET
Who you have relations with has absolutely no place at work, gay, straight, or indifferent. "Coming out" is such a peculiar notion. I understand having to "come out" to friends and family, but why is it anyone else's business? Should we all declare who we choose to have sex with? Gays must realize that everyone is not feeling you, and that is their right. People don't have to like, appreciate, or even respect what you do. But if you are not being violated, then why do you care what others think? Let your personal issues remain personal, and quit acting like everyone must accept what you do in order for you to have good self-esteem. Everyone is NOT going to accept you, gay or not.
Posted By Anonymous Tam , Columbus, OH : 6:48 PM ET
"I Corinthians 6:9"

"Yes, it's just horrible that errant philosophy from thousands of years ago is still ruining men's lives today."

Well said Joe. I grew up extremely religious and intolerant, now I can't stand it. I haven't read all the posts, but whoever said they were right in the first place when they wrote it? Who gave them authority to be the authority??
Posted By Anonymous Doug, Phoenix, AZ : 6:48 PM ET
Dear all,
Many of you have kind words and some have negative. Unfortunately it is true, many still have to hide who they are as a result of society and nasty lessons learned. It saddens me to hear someone mocking this man's story as a method of advertisement. He is fortunate that he is now able to be himself (on a professional level and private).

Leagally, company's can't fire you for orientation. They can, however, treat you poorly (after they find out), and dismiss you saying, "I'm sorry, it's just not working out." This kind of stuff happens all the time. I know. I have to pretend every single day.

I was honest about everything for years. Then I got tired of losing jobs, difficulty finding apartments, and constant change. I then started to pretend. Only then did I find some stability.
Posted By Anonymous unlisted, LA, CA : 6:49 PM ET
I applaud Roy for his bravery. I am a 44-year old male and am just learning (after 30 years) to live with my sexuality. And, I can personally tell you, it is/was NOT easy. I also went down the path of drugs and loss my job, my car and everything I had worked so hard to access. I am still trying to pull myself back from the abyss and I look forward to watching Mr. Simmons. It is stories like yours that inspire the rest of us who are stuggling. Never stop trying and never, ever stop encouraging others - believe your story will saves some lives. God bless you and know that I am on your side all the way !!!!
Posted By Anonymous Martin, Forrest City, AR : 6:49 PM ET
there is nothing errant about any scripture ---ask Jesus into your life and you'll see--He loves everyone and not willing that any should perish, but come to repentance--I'ts our lifestyles that he hates --
Posted By Anonymous ron--east hartford ct : 6:49 PM ET
I am confused here. There are apparently 3-10% of humanity that is gay, according to the comments I am reading in here and what I have read elsewhere in reputable publications.

Gay activity is even seen in some animal groups and in pre- and non-Christian societies in India, Africa and Polynesia some homosexual behavior has been accepted. Yes we sit here and judge! I guess it's ok for animals to be gay, or non- Christian societies, and if God made the animals then I guess he made some of them gay too....I really don't think that other gay animals are trying to convince those of the same sex to well you know what...
Before the Bible was written, and most of it compiled years after the writers lived, or in Catholic councils years after Jesus lived, with omissions, translation mistakes, and I am sure people inserting their own interpretations and comments, humans lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and I don't know for sure, but I think that there were probably gays back then before Judeo-Christian society decided one day that it was wrong to be what that society considered to be abnormal.
Instead of sitting here condemning people who may think or act differently than we do, shouldn't we be more worried about helping people?
There are much more pressing issues in our world than if somebody is gay or not, or if they are in a closet or not.
"Judge not lest ye be not judged," the Lord said! And "he who is without sin let him cast the first stone."
So I guess you can quote the Bible any way you want, as for me and my family, if somebody is gay, then that is their life, if it's wrong then God will sort it out when they are in front of him.
I am sure that Mr. Simmons has gone through a lot of personal torment because he could not be who he was.
Good luck to him in his stuggle and god bless him as he should bless all of his children.
Posted By Anonymous Dave, Port Richey, FL : 6:50 PM ET
I know Big Roy from High School. I don't care if he is gay or green or has purple eyes. He was and still is a great guy. Nice to everyone and repectful to all. I hope he beats his demoms. May G-d Bless him!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Bubba Rosenthal Savannah, Ga : 6:50 PM ET
And BRAVO SIR to Roy Simmons. I can't even imagine how hard it was for him through all these years and I won't even pretend to. I can only learn from it, and pass that knowledge of tolerance to others.
Posted By Anonymous Doug, Phoenix, AZ : 6:50 PM ET
With Bush still in office this is news? I won't be watching.
Posted By Anonymous J. in NYC : 6:51 PM ET
Whether one feels homosexuality is immoral that is just fine with this gay guy.

What troubles me is when those that hold that view attempt to continue institutionalized discrimination. I'm no constitutionalist but it seems to me that freedom in the constitution did not come with an asterisk.

You can think I'm immoral, lead an immoral lifestyle is immoral til your little hearts content. When you try to legislate to make my life more difficult then it is you whom is immoral.

Meanwhile, good-luck to Roy. Most of us just want to be happy and left alone. Too bad the religious fundamentalist hypocrites try to make that as difficult as possible.
Posted By Anonymous Tim, Lakewood CO : 6:52 PM ET
Joe R. apparently is confused by what is a hate crime and what is a natural defense against this kind of intolerance. My gay friends have a right to respond with anger to a hate crime. That's NOT a hate criem. A hate crime is an act of violence by frightened, ignorant people. And to the time visitor from 1954, who said you have to be "all man (no excpetions)" to play football (so help me God, that's what he said), I hope the rest of the 21st Century doesn't rattle his monkey cage too much. A lot of progress has been made (tho not enough, it would seem) in the past 50 years that he won't like. (He must be pretty annoyed that women have the right to drive and to vote!)
Posted By Anonymous Bob C., Bound Brook, NJ : 6:52 PM ET
I bet Simmons was not infected with HIV at eleven. Sexual promiscuity, drug addiction, and alcohol abuse are signs of weakness and irresponsibilty. It has nothing to do with being an homosexual in a closet.We are a part of a society, and our individual actions contribute to the changes in societal norms. Own up, then change your ways Simmons.
Posted By Anonymous Jack, O , San Jose California : 6:52 PM ET
I remember Simmons and with the Redskins being my favorite football team, this story stands out more. Say what you want about having to hide about being gay or whatever. It seems the only people who have trouble with being gay are the gay people. I'm straight but don't have to go around every day talking about it. Why do the homosexuals have the need to?
Posted By Anonymous Patrick, Anaheim, CA : 6:53 PM ET
I moved away from the USA to avoid having to deal with such stupid issues as: Is he Gay, Is she black, Is he a Jew, Is she a Catholic. The beauty of now living in Europe is that you can be who you are without anyone trying to attach all of these labels.
If every gay athelete, judge, minister, shoe salesman, etc were to wake up tomorrow with a blue dot on his/her forehead, maybe we could move on to more important issues such as healtcare, the elderly, world peace, etc....
Patt Howard, formerly of Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Posted By Anonymous Munich, Germany : 6:53 PM ET
Interesting how everyone that replied to this Frank from Scottsdale said the same exact thing... 'Did you choose?', 'When did you choose?' etc. Is this the only argument anyone has for being gay? It's like no one has anything to say, how pathetic is this. I agree with this Frank guy. At least he has something to say. God didn't accept guys then or now.. that was all the devels area and he's real proud.
Posted By Anonymous Mandy, Las Angeles, CA : 6:54 PM ET
it's not errant philosophy thats ruining peoples lives --it's the things we do that are contrary to Jesus teachings
Posted By Anonymous charles--ellington --ct. : 6:54 PM ET
I am gay and not ashamed. Even though our current president considers us second class citizens, as do all you religious zealots, this man is proud and real. This is in contrast to all of you fundamentalist Texan and southern state Christians who hide behind their bible. Divorce is at an all-time high and domestic spousal and child abuse are up. You bigots need to clean your house before judging my gay brothers and sisters!
Posted By Anonymous Lou, San Diego, CA : 6:54 PM ET
Be strong, courageous and free! Congratulations for being who you are. I only hope more public figures in every sector and industry be true to who they really are. Thank you to CNN and Anderson Cooper for continuting to bring social issues like this to the forefront and hopefully help open the eyes, minds and hearts of all fellow Americans to accept each and every one of its citizens.
Posted By Anonymous Ian, Orlando, FL : 6:55 PM ET
Where did all the responsible adults go? His homosexual orientation is not ethically correct and will never will be. There is no need to tolerate the life style. Unfortunately, he is now paying for the bad decision he made. He is only a victim of his rape. This blog would like you to believe that the majority of America is in support of this gay agenda. The fact is the majority is not, and the fact that this controversial is what "sells news papers". I am sure that many have written and expressed the same views as myself, but the blog has silence these objections. The fact of the matter is, with out Fox, we would have had to live with this slanted point of view.
Posted By Anonymous Olathe, Kansas : 6:55 PM ET
The question from Rich in Chicago asks how he acquired AIDS. Rich asked if it was from the rape or practicing unsafe sex. This implies that if he contracted it from unsafe sex, then he is to blame. That is the mentality that keeps people in the closet in the first place!
Posted By Anonymous Michelle, Orange, California : 6:55 PM ET
It's unfortunate that he was raped as a child, but as for the rest of the story... Did someone make him play football? Did someone force him to do drugs. I agree with the person who said he chose his path! "Whoa is me"... WEAK
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Allentown, Pa : 6:55 PM ET
Mr. Simmons is to be pitied for being a victim of rape and drug addiction. Rape is terrible in all ways, but especially when perpetrated on children. Drug addiction, however acquired, is tragic and daunting to overcome. As a Christian, I refer him to prayer, for God's strength, and also to the love and support of family and friends.

Homosexuality is a difficult subject. As a Christian, I know from years of Bible study that it is unacceptable to God (James Tola of Dunwoody, GA you are incorrect, I commend you to further study). I have struggled to understand how a loving God could permit many things (war, famine, disease) including homosexuality.

My belief is that God created this world for us to be able to make the choice to love Him or not. To love Him is to follow his guidance as set forth in the Bible. Many previous posts have cited sections or commonly known aphorisms to "prove" a point. Few display a deep understanding of Christianity and God's will. Loving your neighbor doesn't mean tolerating sin or accepting vice or evil.

For the post on Leviticus 11:10: It is part of a dietary plan that works quite well with modern science: fish are good for you, shellfish and bottom-feeders are not. Your argument is silly.

Returning to homosexuality, Dale in Austin, TX says "God is not a gay basher". God loves those who choice to love Him and obey his laws. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for deviant sexual practices, including homosexuality. John 13:34 is where Jesus tells his disciples to love another as he loved them, so that others might now that they were his disciples. But, again, love does not mean passivity in the face of sin or evil.

Matthew 7:1 "Judge not lest ye be judged" is perhaps the most oftenly misquoted verse in the Bible. It most certainly does not mean that Christians should not make judgments. The Bible is replete with specific guidance for Christians on how to make judgments in accordance with God. If more people knew 7:2-7:5 they would understand that the verse means to not judge hypocritically.

Getting back to homosexuality, I do not believe it is a choice. It is not a lifestyle or an orientation. It is, unfortunately, a disease. I'm certain that if they are any readers, some of them are groaning in disbelief. However, whether you are an evolutionist or a creationist, you must admit that the male and female bodies are complementary. Sexual desire for a member of the same gender seems symptomatic of a mental health problem, and indeed up until the early 1970s, homosexuality was considered such. Only due to the increasing power of secular liberals did the American Psychiatric Association strike it from its list of mental disorders.

Regardless, in our country, civil liberties are important. Although, as a Christian, I say that practicing homosexuals are hurting themselves spiritually, as a citizen I believe in their right to live their lives without discrimination or harassment. I struggle with gay marriage, but that is another topic.

To all, please read the Bible and see if you find things that might help you in your everyday life. May God bless you.
Posted By Anonymous Morgan, Reynoldsburg OH : 6:55 PM ET
Message to "frank" from Scottsdale, Az, and others who agree with him - I didn't CHOOSE to be gay - I didn't wake up one morning and say "hmmm... I think I'll go out and sleep with a man today since there's nothing good on TV.." Get over it - Learn to accept the world around you. You don't have to like it - you don't have to even discuss it. But you DO have to understand - we're here. We (the gay community) don't go around complaining that you are kissing your wife or girlfriend in public; we don't get offended to the point of rioting when a man and a woman are depicted during an intimate moment in a movie, television show, or magazine ad. We don't complain that you are allowed to hold hands in the street with your "better half" while walking down the street without fear of being beaten or shot. I accept "straight" people without prejudice, and I feel I should be accepted as well - I can only respect those who show the same respect to me. You are afforded many more rights and priveledges than I am, and honestly, it is time that the gay community stood up and said to the government "if I can't have my rights, then I don't have to pay taxes or live by your rules". It's all or nothing; for everyone, not just the straight, bible toting religious fanatics. I believe in God, but I don't force my religion, or sexuality, on anyone. I am not out there recruiting people to convert to homosexuality. I have no "sign-up" sheets in the trunk of my car. I am not giving away a free toaster with every completed application. This is not a political or social "group" that you join because your bible study class has decided not to meet every single day, or your knitting group has disolved. Put down your bible, close your mouth, and stop worrying about what I do in my bedroom. I don't look in your windows, so get out of my closet!
Posted By Anonymous Sean Salzarulo, San Diego, CA : 6:56 PM ET
The problem with being gay in a professional sport that has 50 men showering and changing clothes in an open atmosphere is that all of the straight men are on display for the gay men. Would women professional athletes open thier locker room while they are changing to men? I think not. What about men opening the lockerroom to women? Some guys would like the last question, but most of people have some sense of privacy and would want to maintain it.
To be ogled everytime you are changing into and out of your uniform would be a bit unsettling.
You are right about your sexual orientation being your own private business, but heterosexuals also have the same rights and expectations of privacy.
Posted By Anonymous Randy, New Mexico : 6:58 PM ET
From the age of 10 until I was 18 I prayed for God to make me straight. I received death threats in my locker every day at school. I was teased, I was beaten, and yet I felt I deserved every insult because everyone around me thought homosexuality was wrong. Ten more years later and I have come out and have a great relationship with most of the people whom I thought would hate me.
I admire anyone in a position of influence to stand up and tell the truth. I wish more people in influential or powerful people would stand up and come out, or denounce those who would tell you that homosexuality is wrong.
After years of searching I know the God whose word I read in the Bible would never hate me for being who I am. The God I see in the Bible created me the way I am and is proud of all my successes and forgives me all my trespasses.
Posted By Anonymous Kris, Seattle, WA : 7:00 PM ET
John 15:17
Posted By Anonymous Mars Greenville SC : 7:00 PM ET
Pete C from Ohio,

Excellent points.
Posted By Anonymous kg : 7:01 PM ET
Don't you think being raped at 11 caused his homosexuality; a twisted state of mind due to a traumatic experience, like so many other "Gays" experienced. A "choice"? I think not.
Posted By Anonymous Bobby Lee, San Francisco, CA : 7:01 PM ET
How can the USA tries to spread freedom & democracy in other nations when there is a great amount of hate, discrimination, greed and mostly ignorance. Mr Simmons behavior is the result of many Mr Simmons around the USA. Hopefully this will change so that we can live as really civilized human beings.
Posted By Anonymous Marco Dallas,texas : 7:02 PM ET
No sympathy for this guy.
Posted By Anonymous Houston, TX : 7:02 PM ET
Professional sports should not be a public platform for expressing ones sexuality. Why is it relevant what someones preferances are? There are always always going to be boorish people who make innapropriate remarks that are hurtful. These kind of incidents are not limited to homosexuals, however.
Posted By Anonymous Scott Wilhelm Des Plaines, Il. : 7:02 PM ET
As a straight male, I can't shower in a women's locker room, so I don't want a gay man in mine. When gays have their own showers and bathrooms, they can play sports and be out of the closet.
Posted By Anonymous Rodney, OKC, OK : 7:03 PM ET
To everyone, especially Frank in Scottsdale: homosexuality is NOT a mental disease, a "lifestyle" or any kind of "choice." Ask a psychiatrist, if you don't believe it. Scientific research has shown that many ARE born that way. The theory is that it is due to hormone levels, which affect the development of the brain. (Most men "think" more with the left side of the brain, while women tend to use the Right.) Others, like Mr. Simmons, are victims of repeated sexual assaults by a same sex adult, when they are children. This causes "sexual confusion" in the child; the brain is 'trained' into thinking that sex is an act between two people of the same sex.
Posted By Anonymous Dan, Edison NJ : 7:04 PM ET
I find it to be particularly telling that most of the comments here are either neutral, sympathetic or empathetic towards the person in question. However, one comment stuck out more than the others. So, "J. from Dallas," if you feel that it is your obligation to come here and insult this man at least say what you mean instead of hiding behind a biblical passage.
Posted By Anonymous JDF, Erie Pa : 7:04 PM ET
Thank you to Joe of Framingham, MA. I am always amazed when one verse is plucked from the bible as though that is all there is to be said on an issue. 2000 years later and some still cannot think for themselves.
Posted By Anonymous Tim Tulsa, OK : 7:04 PM ET
Love comes in many forms.

Correction for foul behavior is a form of love.
Posted By Anonymous Steve Abilene Tx : 7:04 PM ET
Intolerance is a big problem, but so are some forms of tolerance.

The secret violation of children is rephrehensible and our justice system, and even some families don't do enough to protect the young.

Abusers shouldn't be tolerated.
Posted By Anonymous David, Santa Barbara, CA : 7:06 PM ET
When I read the hate and self-righteousness written by Christians, I am reminded again of why I gave up Christianity. My experience is that Christians preach love, tolerance, treat your fellow man . . . while Buddhists, Aetheists, Humanists and Agnostics are much more likely to actually practice those qualities. Actions, not words, reveal the truth.
Posted By Anonymous David Hare, Monroe, Louisiana : 7:06 PM ET
I applaud Mr. Simmons on his strength and integrity. Why are there posts about GOD's beliefs on this BLOG? I didn't know we could speak for him.
Posted By Anonymous Alice, Pittsburgh PA : 7:06 PM ET
Being gay is not normal. If you look at our physical make up a man and a womens body come together as one. A man and man do not or a women and a women. It is not an accepted behavior and that is why gays are rejected. These people need help just like a junkie or some with anger management needs help. Society needs to stop accepting every behavior in life as normal.
Posted By Anonymous Mike Vasquez, Richmond VA : 7:08 PM ET
Leave the poor man alone.
Posted By Anonymous Alphonse Geks, Sydney, Australia : 7:12 PM ET
"Two men went up to the temple to pray," Jesus said. "The Pharisee stood up and prayed about himself: 'God, I thank you that I am not like other men--robbers, evildoers, adulterers--or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.'

"But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, 'God, have mercy on me, a sinner.'

"I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted" (Luke 18:9-14)
Posted By Anonymous Stan, Odessa, TX : 7:12 PM ET
To the guy who says:

'Two men can not make a child. I hope I made my point. So So SAD!'

All I have to say is:

'Gays and lesbians, just like heterosexuals, come from a unity of MAN and WOMAN'.

In other words, it is in part that I am created from men who are just like you. You and men and women like you (heterosexual) create men and women like me (gay and lesbian).
Posted By Anonymous Jake, NY NY : 7:12 PM ET
Thats great he's gay - now shutup about it - I do not want it forced down my throat either. I don't care if he is a homosexual or not and I do not want to know about it either.
Posted By Anonymous Tom - Richmond, Texas : 7:13 PM ET
When did respectful disagreement become considered judging someone?

I respectfully disagree that homosexuality is not a choice. Based on my belief in the Word of God, homosexuality is a sin. Just as heterosexual relations outside of marriage are a sin. One is not worse than the other. When I give into desires that are outside the will of God I sin. I choose to sin. Period. Gay or straight it doesn't matter. We all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory.

The great thing is that God loves us all the same. He sent Jesus to die on the cross for the worst of us, even as we turn our backs on Him! Even the Apostle Paul says that he is the "chief of sinners" and Christianity triumphs him as one of the greatest leaders in our history. Who am I to judge anyone else? My disagreement is in love knowing that I too am in need of a savior.

God's love isn't for some, it's for all. Accepting that my desires, or the things I want or the things I know, are not the truth has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. The source of truth does not come from inside me, or in our culture, or anywhere in the world. It comes through the Word of God.

To quote Levitical law is going outside of the realm of Christian beliefs and back into Judaism. Once Jesus died for our sins, we no longer fall under those rules and regulations. We are under grace or unmerited favor. I can eat what I want, say what I want, sleep with who I want, and I am still in a state of grace, having accepted Jesus as my savior. However, Jesus says that those who love Him will obey Him. Not obedience to a God who I make up according to my desires, but a God who is the truth, and I can know His perfect will through His Word.

Thanks for letting me voice my two cents! Love YA'LL!!
Posted By Anonymous Sarah Jones, Fort Walton Beach, FL : 7:15 PM ET
Mr. Simmon's sexuality is perfectly fine. As is mine and yours. The notion that his former career as an athelete is of any consequence, relative to his personal life style is shallow in thinking. Are we now suggesting that athelete's using illegal performance drugs are better persons because they are heterosexuals? I think not.
Posted By Anonymous jason Keston, Los Angeles, CA. : 7:16 PM ET
I am really confused, How did this story turn into a religous arguement. Does anyone remeber that when our forefathers came to this country that it was for freedom. To have your own faith, not soemone else's. I personally belive in God, but I am always amazed at the ignorance of most religous people. In world religion studies (which most of you need to take some classes) it is a fact about the translation issues. God does not require me to judge anyone, I love all including homosexuals. After years of seeing the world and studying religion, I really feel sorry for those that are so judgemental and undereducated. Do you actually believe everything that you read. Faith is not a religion. Factually, Man manipulated words to fit his needs. Please get an education and study your facts before just reciting the bible. Also, how about sticking to what the story is about - the story is not about who is going to be sent to your Hell. I hope and pray for the undereducatecd the most. Once again
Posted By Anonymous Bill, Palos Verdes, CA : 7:17 PM ET
All of you keep saying that everyone has a right to their own opinions and lifestyles, but when someone spoke out against accepting homosexuality, you all attack him. So, essentially, you are doing the same thing by judging him because he disagrees with you. So, not only are you sanctioning an unnatural act (its own punishment is that most homosexuals die of HIV/Aids), but you are hypocrites, too. If you are going to have a firm opinion, at least live up to it.
Posted By Anonymous D.D. Las Vegas, NV : 7:18 PM ET
Astonishing to see so many rightous folks hiding behind the bible...a book of ancient myths and superstitions.

These are probably the same people who are sure of "intelligent design". Let me just ask, what kind of genius would design a gay man (or any other supposed sinner) if it is so abominable???

C'mon! Christianity is about loving thy neighbor. If you are so sure of your beliefs, why do you take it as your person mission in life to hate gay men and women? You will probably say you actually "love" gay people and only hate their sin. Well, if I remember my Sunday school classes from way back when, there was a certain phrase...

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Christians, I don't hate you. I love you. I am only trying to steer you toward the truth and the light.
Posted By Anonymous DB, Ashland, OR : 7:18 PM ET
God is not a member of any political party. To claim otherwise, to
suggest otherwise, to infer otherwise truly is blasphemous. Those
who would use religion to gain an advantage in debates over public
policy cheapen our national heritage as a land founded by those
fleeing religious intolerance.
Posted By Anonymous Dave- Redwood City, CA : 7:18 PM ET
To Sean Salzarulo.. keep thinging you didn't choose to be gay. and we REALLY don't want to know what you do behind doors.
Posted By Anonymous Mandy, Orlando, FL : 7:18 PM ET
If, if, being homosexual is something that someone is 'born' with, or 'natural', then it is only so in the same way that being born with down-syndrom, lazy-eye, cleft palette, and other mutations are 'natural'.

Homosexuality goes against nature. It's a negative mutation that results in the termination of that genetic line. Nature's self-pruning tree of life.

Unfortunately, in modern western culture we have this fear of offending anyone. Guess what being part of a democracy means? Majority rules. Majority is NOT homosexual, even though if you were to watch the media, it seems that 50% or more of people are. In fact, no, it's a small minority who are trying to impose their will upon the majority. This goes against the very heart of democracy.

It is my RIGHT to discriminate. The government can not, and public businesses can not, but as a private citizen, or as a private business/entity, it is fully within my rights to refuse service to anyone I want based on whatever I want. I do not have to accept you or your choices. I do not have to respect you or your choices. I do not have to accomidate you or your choices.

Secondly, Simmons is/was a drug addict and alchoholic. Just because he claims he was only doing that because he is gay and was repressing it makes it okay? No. Whether or not you think that he choose to be gay, he did make those choices. He doesn't deserve any sympathy. He most certainly does not deserve to be rewarded for his terrible choices by having a book be bought by those who are suckered enough by this huge PR/sympathy ploy. He didn't write the book to finally 'come out' to everyone. He wrote it to make money. If you don't believe that, then he would have made it available for free. He didn't. He found a publisher, editor, and writer to package it up and sell it to people.
Posted By Anonymous Troy Williams, NY, NY : 7:19 PM ET
Why is it that whenever someone talks about being gay that it has to turn into a religous discussion? Look at what was said about him and wonder why he suffered a life of addiction, intolerance, etc. Speaking from a religous persepective is supposed to always be a welcoming, wonderful thing. When it's EXCLUSIVE and JUSDGEMENTAL, it's not religon, it's hate.

Another thing I'd like to share. I was teased a lot when I was younger for being gay. What is funny about that a few years later is that I have run into so many of those who used to tease me at gay bars. That just goes to show that people who have a problem with being gay are probably gay themselves.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan, Washington D.C. : 7:19 PM ET
I consider myself quite tolerant. It is a free country. The fundamentalist Christians can believe anything they like. However, I will point out that the vast majority of them are NOT Biblical scholars and lack the training and experience to properly interpret The Bible. So I don't think it is in our best interests to let them tell us how to write law or to adversely affect our chances to have a tolerant, civilized society. That is one in which are children can discover who they are and live complete matter whether fundamentalists approve or not. Achieving this sort of society will make all of us healthier and happier.
Posted By Anonymous Matt Kelly, San Francisco, CA : 7:19 PM ET
What's the whole point of coming out in the open? I don't care. I don't want to know another person's sexual orientation. What they do behind doors should stay behind doors, the same goes for me. I'm one of those people who don't care for the flamboyant behavior that comes out of all that. I understand gays and lesbians are people. I respect that but respect me too by keeping your sex life at home. Now, as for his using drugs as an excuse to escape from hiding... get a freaking grip. Nothing excuses a person for running to drugs. I can completely relate. But I don't blame anything on my past drug history.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 7:20 PM ET
Roy knew going in, long before he became a professional athlete, there were unpassable hurdles. Only a very small percentage of football players make into the upper echelon in a world he knew all too well. Why is it he lasted so long in a world so negative towards him that he turned to drugs and alcohol? I acknowledge his depression. I don't acknowledge his recent marketing stragety. Look at where he has placed himself recently within the New York media. I know sooooo many people hiding a lie. They don't do drugs, they don't have unprotected sex, and they don't write books and hire a publicist. I won't be looking for this intervue of a whining self indulgent fool sucking up for profit. What a jerk. Tell the real truth. The real truth to the kids, especially the young gay American. Be a stand up man so you can deserve some respect from a very forgiving public. And stay away from Pete Rose!
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ : 7:21 PM ET
Why does everything come down to religion in America?

Religion is NOTHING to me. Therefore your baseless religous rants mean NOTHING to me. NOTHING!
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Vancouver, British Columbia : 7:22 PM ET
To Dan from NJ. The important word here is 'THEORY'. People thought the world was round.. Doesn't mean it is.
Posted By Anonymous Mandy, Orlando, FL : 7:22 PM ET
All human beings deserve acceptance
Some human beings are homosexual

Criminality hurts society
Homosexuality is not a crime

Draw your own conclusions
Posted By Anonymous J, Toronto : 7:22 PM ET
I do not hate homosexuals or anyone else. according to my christian beliefs I cannot condone their lifestyle anymore than I can condone any other sin. This does not make me a bigot or a hatemonger. This makes me someone who is free to believe as I choose just like homosexuals are free to embrace their lifestyle. The hatred that is expressed in this blog against religion is unbelievable. We are all free to choose. i choose to have my choices be influenced by what I consider to be the word of God. This is my choice. Mr. Simmons has also made choices which he must now live by.
Posted By Anonymous Karen Phoenix AZ : 7:22 PM ET

Leviticus 19:19

"Do not wear clothing woven of two different kinds of material."

and Deuteronomy 22:11

"Do not wear clothes of wool and linen woven together."

To anyone who would judge someone based upon Biblical law, please read and know the entire Bible before doing so.
Posted By Anonymous Julie, Tucson, AZ : 7:23 PM ET
These close-minded morons who say it's a choice or that they will pray he can give up his life of sodomy. Who do these people think they are? Jesus never spoke one word about homosexuality. Only the brainwashed think that being gay is a choice. That guy from Seattle...he chose to be tortured like that? Get real. It's no more a choice than if I can choose to be a diabetic or straight even. I didn't choose to be straight. I didn't come from a solid home. When I looked at girl, I saw I was attracted to them. It wasn't a big deal.
Jesus speaks of acceptance and letting God make whatever judgements that are to be made. Yet these fanatics want to presume to speak for God. Of that he will take note and Jesus DID say something about that.
Posted By Anonymous Dave, Gainesville, FL : 7:23 PM ET
Homosexuality is a mental illness and moral perversion. People who are afflicted with this illness should seek spiritual deliverance and counseling. Its a shame that he accepted the lie he could not live a morally straight life.
Posted By Anonymous Pierce, Germantown, MD : 7:23 PM ET
I worked in an NFL locker room for three years, and I empathize with Mr. Simmons. Although I am straight, I was sensitive to how a gay player or even staff might feel. There is no atmosphere in which masculinity is more heightened. It is not hard for me at all to imagine why gay players would grow to hate themselves, especially given how players, coaches and staff extol traditional notions of masculinity and sexuality.

Does Mr. Simmons see any hope for gay players in the NFL today?
Posted By Anonymous Tomas, San Diego, CA : 7:23 PM ET
"To all the bible beaters in this discussion:

Judge not, lest ye be judged. Love thy neighbor. End of story.

In summation; If you are a hater, then you are not a Christian."

Why does people always think that thinking homosexuality is wrong means that you hate homosexuals? I think homosexuality is wrong, but I don't hate them. In my personal experience, the gay people I've met have been some of the nicest, most pleasant people I've ever met. And violence and discrimination against homosexuals is unacceptable whether you're a Christian or not.

"Show me ONE "Christian" who TRULY lives by the teachings of the Bible and I will respect his or her opposition to homosexuality. However, I guarantee that every single anti-gay "Christian" person posting to this forum violates some teaching found in the Bible on a regular basis.

And we all know what to call those people: Hypocrites"

You're right, you've got us. But you're forgetting we're human, not perfect. Name one perfect person, Christian or non-Christian. There was one perfect person who loved the sinner but hated sin: Jesus.

"I am so tired of listening to fundamentalist rantings. 19th century fundamentalism has NOT always been the tradition of Christianity. Perhaps if fundamentalists read something other than the KJV once in awhile, they might actually have the tools needed to interpret the Bible in context."

Can you name a version of the Bible that doesn't condemn homosexuality? I'd be very curious to know. I actually read the NIV more than the KJV, and it says just as clear, if not clearer, that God does not approve of homosexuality.
Posted By Anonymous Jeff, Andrews, NC : 7:23 PM ET
Philipians 2:10

I just pray that some are able to do so before its too late...
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Olympia, Wa : 7:24 PM ET
Very well said "Kerri C, Twin Lakes, WI"

Most sensible thing anyone has said on the subject. In my opinion, life is not suppost to be lived and/or judged by the judgements of other, but on the outlook we have in life.
Posted By Anonymous Andres, Gainesville, FL : 7:25 PM ET
>They can keep their sexual preferences
> to themselves just like straight people
> can do the same.

Ah, but straight people don't keep it to themselves. Just look at all the images in popular culture and advertising. Everywhere you look, there are heterosexual couples with their arms around each other, or hand-in-hand walking down the beach at sunset, kissing and, sometimes, even having sex. What about the Viagra ads where the women have that little smile on their faces and the men look so proud of themselves? You know, I've even discovered that the ring on the third finger of the left hand is a signal that the wearer is in a heterosexual relationship -- like I care!! as if I need to know that!!

Heterosexuals -- they're everywhere!!! I don't care what they do in private, but why do they have to flaunt it all the time?

Anyway, the Bible says that pigs are unclean, and as a football player, Simmons would have touched pigskin on a regular basis. Does God hate him for that, too?
Posted By Anonymous Robin, Olympia, Washington : 7:26 PM ET
To Aaron of Utah,
If your genes have made you black, can you choose to not be black? Similarly, if your genes have made you gay, how can you choose to not be gay?
Also, kudos to Tim A. of Lafayette Hill, you made the most relevant point about people using the Bible as a basis for judging others...the Bible has all sorts of crazy stuff in it...much of which is irrelevant to today's society...
Posted By Anonymous Karl, Philadelphia, PA : 7:27 PM ET
He chose the lifestyle - deal with it. Each time you took drugs, you made a "choice", each time you had sex with another man you made a "choice". God gives us the ability to make "choices" and the free will to do so. Whatever you chose it is God you have to answer to not man.
Posted By Anonymous AM, Boston, MA : 7:28 PM ET
Shame on those of you who hide behind God's (supposed) word to peddle bigotry and hatred. If God exists, he, she, them or it will one day judge you rather harshly for being so unloving and intolerant. Amen.
Posted By Anonymous Jorge, Atlanta GA : 7:28 PM ET
It's sad to see the bigotry that has been voiced in some of these comments. Especially those comments made in the name of religion. But unfortunately that is the state of our country, the christian religous zealots have made this a land where being and individual is not allowed. I wish Mr. Simmons the best.
Posted By Anonymous Dale San Angelo, Texas : 7:28 PM ET
I think we need to check this story. I don't believe it one bit. People that are afraid of not being accepted always come up with excuses as to why they are the way they are. I doubt this man was raped. It is more likely that he is simply ashamed of being gay and is using this as an excuse as he comes out. Shame on him!!!!
Posted By Anonymous Marvin Phoenix, AZ. : 7:29 PM ET
I respectfully think homosexuals shouldn't hide their sexual orientation. It doesn't matter if you're a guy who likes guys or a girls who likes girls. We really should be treated equal.
Posted By Anonymous Jen : 7:30 PM ET
To Troy Williams:
We live in a republic that was specifically set up to prevent a tyranny of the majority. This is why it takes 60 votes to pass anything in the Senate and why we have a system of checks and balances to be sure that the laws of the land are followed. For example, the laws that prohibit segregation. See, you do not have a right to refuse service to anyone based on whatever you want.
Posted By Anonymous Dave, Toledo, Ohio : 7:33 PM ET
I noticed, Tim A., that you ONLY use Old Testament scripture. Most people who read the bible know that Jesus came to fullfill the law (the old testament) with his final teachings of living free from sin, a clean, holy life, which is why he died for us. He proclaimed rather than an eye for an eye (old testament)... instead mercy and love (new testament), and so on. However he repeatedly condemned any form of sin. And there are NEW Testament scriptures that clearly condemn homosexuality (as well as old testament scriptures).

This scripture is SO CLEAR that if you dont see it, it's probably because you dont want to.

Romans Chapter 1:

Verse 24: Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

25: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

26: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

27: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet(deserved).

28: And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind

I think the examples you give (from the old testament) are obviously not applicable. In the old testament they sacrificed animals for a sin offering... but you don't see this practice today because Jesus was the FINAL sacrifice for our sin. My point is... the examples you gave in the old testament are not qualified and you need to include new testament scriptures if you are to give a -complete- representation of christian beliefs (but I suspect this was not your intention anyway).
Posted By Anonymous Belle, VA : 7:34 PM ET
I'm so saddened to see people hide behind the words of their so-called compassionate God to peddle hate of lifestyles they disagree with.
Posted By Anonymous Glenn, Denver, Colorado : 7:37 PM ET
You have to ask yourself one question. What would Jesus do. Would he be gay. I dont think so. So why would God force people to be Gay. Its a choice. I thought I was Gay for a while but then I gave my life to God. I am very happy that I did this and I realized being gay was a sin. The same as doing drugs, smoking, murder. Its a sin. I am very happy now and I love God. And I am now straight.
Posted By Anonymous Steve, Buffalo, NY : 7:38 PM ET
For starters, let me say that this player attributing his addiction to drugs because he had to hide his sexual deviation is nothing short than a lame excuse, Imagine if I become and addict because I am a heterosexual and I can not go to work everyday and tell my coworkers my sexual inclination. Or you are going to tell me that because you have to keep that "information" to yourself which is clearly the normal thing you are depress? Get a life. Grow up.
Posted By Anonymous Ramiro, Providence Rhode Island : 7:39 PM ET
It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. He chooses to be Gay. Its not a dissorder. He is happy being gay. Would you be happy with a tumor. Thats a dissorder.
Posted By Anonymous Frank, Detroit, Michigan : 7:40 PM ET
I am a fan of professional sports. Though I am not interested in personal lives of any athlete. They make way too much money and too many bad choices because of it. (Drugs, wife beating, etc.) I hope that telling his story to the world will help someone other than himself. Someone who may not have had all of the great opportunities that Mr. Simmons snorted away. Publicity stunts to sell books aren't made to help others.
Posted By Anonymous jenn, indy, IN : 7:43 PM ET
Someone say Gay people are not safe in this country! what and absurd that is...if gays don't go around trying to endoctrinate children and trying to change normal values of family like marriage no one and I mean no one will mess with them. Should they have the same legal rights as couples, maybe yes however with out changing what is sacred for us heterosexuals. That there is divorce, and that undermines divorce? true, however that does not represents me or many Americans who are commited to life long marriages.
Posted By Anonymous Ramiro, Providence Rhode Island : 7:43 PM ET
Al Qaeda is still plotting and preparing attacks on the United States, though great strides have been made to degrade the terror organization, National Intelligence Director John Negroponte told a Senate panel on Thursday. They are doing this because they have a book that teaches them hate. To repress women. So sad that many "christians" also use the bible as a tool of hate. Jesus never once spoke out against the gay lifestyle. The leaders of the church did. The bible also says that women should be silent in the church, and it is better for a man not to marry. Just some food for thought.
Posted By Anonymous D. Smith CA : 7:44 PM ET
Leviticus 19:18 enough said
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 7:44 PM ET
I understand that there have not been (m)any openly gay athletes, but a story like this does that distinct minority no justice whatsoever. This is especially true when you couple the timing of the story with Mr. Simmons' book release and the biggest week in professional sports. Seriously, does anyone think this is going to make it any easier for professional athletes, or any humans for that matter, to feel better about coming out of the closet? I understand that the media has a responsibility to report on relevant and interesting stories, but the intent of this interview has to be called into question. Regardless of whomever extends their support for athletes coming out of the closet, it is because of stories like this that we will never, as a general public, be able to maturely accept the fact that there are gay men and women in professional sports and we may even look up to them.
Posted By Anonymous john, Hartford and CT : 7:46 PM ET
Roy Simmons is just blaming his drug and alcohol issues on his homesexuality. The real problem could be the fact that he wasn't truely happy with who he was as a person.
Posted By Anonymous Jonathan Bender, Los Angeles, CA : 7:49 PM ET
I'm gay, I didn't have a choice. When I was young I was terrified of that truth and would have given anything to be "normal", to be attracted to the opposite sex. I learned in time that my fears were not based in reality. They were founded by dogma bent on control and domination. I have no love for Christianity because it affords me none in return. I have no mercy for tools. Some of us don't waste time on fairy tales, some of us are actually doing something good.
Posted By Anonymous William, San Jose, CA : 7:51 PM ET
bible = fiction
fiction + conditioned minds = fanatics.

You can't reason with the so-called Christians who come here to judge or proclaim their own non-existent righteousness; their ability to apply reason to their beliefs has either been amputated or twisted to reinforce their fictional doctrines.

God = Love
or nothing at all.
Posted By Anonymous David, St. Louis, MO. : 7:51 PM ET
My late father had a favorite saying: "There's so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that there's hardly room for any of us to talk about the rest of us." It seems that many of the negative comments from the religious zealouts reflect more about what they practice than they preach.
Posted By Anonymous Greg, Wynne, AR : 3:33 AM ET
It's disappointing to see that even today people feel that being gay is a "lifestyle choice". No sane person would choose to be persecuted their entire lives for how they choose to love someone else. The fact that the religious right wing uses homosexuality to spearhead a campaign of hatred against people that are different then they are is also disappointing. Perhaps these people should read their bible again and realize the message throughout the book is not about hatred but about love and compassion for your fellow man.

Kudos to Mr. Simmons. He's had a tough life and I hope he can find some love and comfort.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Taylor, Fairfax, VA : 7:25 AM ET
It is funny/sad/amazing, but mostly hypocritical how the homosexual community thinks we should be accepting of those who decide to be gay, but when a gay decides to become straight, it's an outrage and betrayal to the "gay community", or a "repression" of who they really are. What happened to accepting folks for who THEY decide to be?
Posted By Anonymous Edward, Dayton OH : 9:19 AM ET
Opposites attract
Posted By Anonymous julian,laredo,tx : 12:16 PM ET
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