Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Pomp and pageantry
"Enjoy the show," the police officer with the dog just said. He was talking about the State of the Union. It is a show, of course, with pomp and pageantry befitting its royal British roots.

A lot of grand statements are made, but rarely it seems do they amount to much. Last year, it was privatizing Social Security. Democrats put the kibosh on that one...We'll see what happens tonight.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 7:32 PM ET
I can't disagree with you in this case, Anderson. A couple of days ago I read an article by Thomas Friedman (The New York Times) and I wish that the article had been written much earlier that, hopefully, the speech writers will catch the notion of Mr. Friedman's assertion. Here is a cut and paste from the article: (quote) " ... The direction in which America needs to go is obvious: toward energy independence. If Mr. Bush steps up to that challenge, this speech could be a new beginning for his presidency. I am here to tell you that if we don't move away from our dependence on oil and shift to renewable fuels, it will change our way of life for the worse and soon much, much more than communism ever could have. Making this transition is the calling of our era.
Why? First, we are in a war with a violent strain of Middle East Islam that is indirectly financed by our consumption of oil. Second, with millions of Indians and Chinese buying cars and homes as they join the great global middle class, we must quickly move away from burning fossil fuels or we're going to create enough global warming to melt the North Pole. Because of that, green cars, homes, offices, appliances, designs and renewable energies will be the biggest growth industry of the 21st century. If we don't dominate that industry, China, India, Japan or Europe surely will." (end of quote).

So, I am curious if Mr. Friedman's vision on our noxious energy issues will be addressed tonight.

Hybrid car, anyone?
Posted By Anonymous Tzarina, Houston, TX : 7:50 PM ET
T minus 1 hour, 8 minutes...here we go, Americans, fasten your seat belts.
Posted By Anonymous Laura; Syracuse, NY : 7:52 PM ET
"America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world," Bush plans to say. "The best way to break this addiction is through technology." Bush really loves to hear himself talk, doesn't he? Though, it would be nice if it made sense. Does he know that this is not the Academy Awards ceremony?
Posted By Anonymous Anais, Denver, CO : 7:56 PM ET
I think that many of the policies discussed tonight will be moderate issues. Healthcare, lack of dependence on foreign oil, and other domestic issues, are topics that both sides of the aisle have been clamoring about.

What I want to see tonight is a bit of reassurance that the failure of the federal government during Katrina is fixed. No more of this talk of putting money in places and fixing it, in vague terms. I want hard evidence of progress and specific goals for the future. It probably won't happen though.
Posted By Anonymous Alex Faust, Brooklyn, NY : 7:59 PM ET
The state of the Union address is another pack of lies from the Bush administration. I voted for the president...twice!! What an idiot I was. I would like to hear the president talk about what he is doing for us who can't find jobs. Where is our heating oil coming from? When will we be able to afford gasoline again? What right do we have to impose our form of government on foreign countries? The president has got to stop hiding behind his lies and allow the real truth to emerge.
Posted By Anonymous Edward Walden, Cheshire, MA : 8:15 PM ET
OMG! Do we actually have to listen to Bush during prime time? The President would be best to serve the American people at around 2 a.m. so those who really care to listen to his performance, can. I for one, would rather go to bed early.
Posted By Anonymous Frank, New York : 8:16 PM ET
I could not agree more with that police officer. This State of the Union is nothing else but a show that Bush will just use to pep up his tarnished image. Hasn't he realized yet that his reputation and image just gets worse as soon as he opens his mouth? But what does that speech really do for the people on the street??? There has been nothing but lies and deception by this administration ~ no need to waste time to listen to even more lies. Just my five cents. But Anderson, if you meet that police officer again, tell him he is dead-on!
Posted By Anonymous Elke, New York : 8:16 PM ET
If we're "Addicted" to oil, then we need to get rid of the dealers... Bush & Cheney.
Posted By Anonymous Terry, Dallas TX : 8:17 PM ET
A sad state of the nation when this important report to the nation becomes a play and theatrical production itself. What do reporters report on when the play is sanitized and a movie itself; a production of platitudes and sound bites for the 5 second audience without any real meaningful content? Maybe that is the reason why in recent decades (notice I don't even say years any more) the bulk of the press had to resort to issuing comments and opinions rather than reporting the news.
And so I too will be watching, hopeful, that more reporters will be adopting your style to ..."let the story reveal itself" and dig behind the scenes to bring us real news.
Posted By Anonymous Alex Hammer, San Jose, CA : 8:18 PM ET
Seeing Republicans again playing the education issue. They want you to believe that they haven't been in control of Congress for the past 12 years. The record shows education for Americans is worse than promised for all those 12 years.
It's even more laughable that the media allows them to continually make those education pronouncements without pointing to the fact that their party continues to underfund or eliminate the money necessary to educate our children.
Posted By Anonymous George Worch, Mentor Ohio : 8:24 PM ET
If its the "state of the union" why doesnt he talk about the real state of the union?

A union involved in war with no sign of a completion, with no clear goals or exit strategy and mounting death tolls and costs.

A union involved in a peace making mission in afghanistan that is only marking time.

A union with no clear strategy to end the war on terror, but rather one that aggrevates moderate muslims and generates a never ending stream of kamakazes in iraq.

A union that is sliding backwards globally and will be a 2nd class superpower behind China both economically and diplomatically within 5 years.

A union that talks about democracy and freedom whilst incarcerating and torturing hundreds, maybe thousands of people without due process or rule of law for years.

A union where spin and doding corruption allegations at any costs is more imporatant that truth and honesty in high office.

A union where the poor and vulnerable can be left to suffer the impact of natural disasters without any reasonable assistantance, and then abandoned and discarded again during the rebuilding process.

Theres your state of the union. No need to hold a big party over it, maybe a wake...
Posted By Anonymous Ross Nelson, Canberra, Australia : 8:24 PM ET
Heh, that cracked me up. It's true, it's basically just a lot of saying a bunch of stuff without really saying anything.
Posted By Anonymous Courtney, Chagrin Falls, OH : 8:35 PM ET

"The voice of the little people"
Love your show man!

It is ironic that our young men and women are dying in IRAQ and you have Saddam in court causing chaos and Terrorist thumbing their nose at us with their "catch me if you can" speech. We spent Billion$ in Iraq and everyday another factory closing in our own country.
This is the reality despite anything thing optimistic George Bush will try to say. By the way "sounding optimistic"? Isn't that what we call SPIN? I am already tired of it.

Keep up the attack on Government Coop!
Posted By Anonymous Errol, Houston , Texas : 8:39 PM ET
As we ease into another State of the Union speech I am always reminded of Frank Capra's movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and the idealistic exploits of Jefferson Smith in Washington DC. Although even in the late 1930s Capra had a clear grasp on corruption, and the level of corruption at the national level with Senators and other politicians. If you haven't seen the movie, then rent it.

In reviewing the news over the past year I would say that we aren't too far from what was portrayed in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, regarding corruption and lobbyists. There is a little of Jefferson Smith in all of us, who upholds the high ideals of the Boy Rangers against the corruption and lies of the corrupt Jim Taylor's of the world? Jim Taylor would probably have headed Haliburton.

So taking on the Boy Ranger's ideals: Why isn't there more discussion of how poverty is growing in this nation and how we can take action, how people can't afford health care and how we can take action, how is it that the average person graduating from high school can read and understand a newspaper. If we are addicted to Foreign Oil, then hasn't our government paved the way for the Multinational Corporations who run the system. Why can't we get rid of lobbyists and their special interests? How is it that so many things haven't changed since Capra's movie? Talk is talk, we want to see actions.

Washington DC seems very grand when you visualize it through pictures or through the eyes of the newscaster's cameras. Once you see it for your self, this grand place that is actually quite small, but there are a lot of shinny buildings. Having toured the White House, one can only be amazed at the smallness (is this a word) of the presidential home. Then the Capital, to a 12 year old it seems to be an immense building and the dome to be such a huge structure that it is awe inspiring, at least for 5 minutes. Awe inspiring because this is where Laws are made, this is where the Presidents talk to our nation; this is where the leaders of our nation make the world a better place. Although at 12 years old is more impressed with the shuttle system under the capital which transports the senators and congressmen to their jobs in the nation's capital.

Of course the first indication that Washington DC is not the PLACE it seemed was when the concierge at the hotel we were staying at told us not to go out side the hotel after dark and our driver literally dropped us off at the Ford Theater and told us to run inside because of the high crime rate in the area.

I couldn't help thinking that unfortunately for the nation not all the crime occurs on the streets of Washington DC, some of the largest crimes occur in the big bright shinny buildings. How I would love to go back to be that 12 year old in awe of the Capital or be Jefferson Smith, instead of the middle aged viewer who sees the dark seemliness of political corruption. Good luck with President Bush and his State of the Union speech.
Posted By Anonymous Ashley in California : 8:39 PM ET
If you want to see real pomp and pageantry in politics, try covering the opening of Canadian parliament...it involves bagpipes and the occassional man-wig.

I guess we just have to cross our fingers that Bush will actually follow through on what he says tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Andrea, Stoney Creek, ON : 8:42 PM ET
Grab a bowl of popcorn America, sit back and relax, we are in for another night of comedy live from Washington D.C. Once a year we get to, or are forced to due to lack of programing, watch the leaders of our nation gather so we can remind ourselves how stupid we were to vote for them. Yes we get to listen to our President, who already has a hard enough time speaking to school children, tell America where we stand and where he wants to take us. It's non-stop laughs as we hear proposal after proposal of ideas we know the President and Congress will never commit themselves to. And most importantly we can laugh at ourselves for somehow always thinking maybe this politician is different, maybe they will actual do what they say when they campaign. Ha!
Posted By Anonymous Christopher MacMahon, Carson City, NV : 8:45 PM ET
Health Savings Account ? or just another tax break for the wealthy !
Think about it who benifits the most ? How much taxes does it save the single working mother with 2 kids ? It is tax free plastic surgury for the millionaires ?
Posted By Anonymous Stefan Klein, Pittsburgh, Pa. : 8:47 PM ET
He he he Terry, Dallas TX... my fellow Texan (are you?), how couldn't we be addicted to oil if the I-45 is most of the time packed with mammoth SUVs, gigantic trucks, and enormous cars? My little cyber green new beetle (cute, though!)is a minority on the highway! Let's go hybrid to start with?
Posted By Anonymous Tzarina, Houston, TX : 8:47 PM ET
Amen to Edward. The State of the Union will be just spin on all the corruption of the Bush-Cheney administration. We will hear no truth, no accountability and if anything is promised it will never happen. Cheney is the real evil. Bush is not intelligent enough to get involved in deep issues. Cheney needs to be removed from office and Bush needs to be impeached and removed from office. The final straw is the wiretapping. It is illegal and Bush went outside the law to do as he pleased. How do we know who was wiretapped? It could have been Democrats. Sounds like Nixon, but this Bush corruption is far worse and is so widespread, there is no fixing this mess. Bush has to go.
Posted By Anonymous Beverly, Charlotte NC : 8:48 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
I like the blog..I have the news on at this moment and already have a headache from all the thoughts the pundits have..I plan on watching the Speech then AC360..Maybe it is just wishful thinking but I hope you have that bomb sniffing dog on your program. It's been a long day and I'd love an upbeat Puppy story..Maybe Democrats and Republicans could call a truce for that..Take Care Bye
Posted By Anonymous Lorie Ann Buellton Calif. : 8:56 PM ET
Pomp n Pagentry or 3 Ring Circus? They arrested Cindy Sheehan about an hour ago. She unfolded a banner illegally! Wow, and Karl Rove still trolls the halls a free man!

I love the new blog Anderson! Can't wait to hear your take on things after the circus lets out!
Posted By Anonymous Annette, Alpha, NJ : 9:01 PM ET
WHo is not in attendance from the President's cabinet tonight in order to protect the chain of command?
Posted By Anonymous Dawn Rhoden, Reidsville, GA : 9:04 PM ET
Cindy Sheehan arrested for having a banner??? The Neocon warmongers now threaten the end of Freedom of Speech!!!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:07 PM ET
This is the most emabarrassing display of pseudo-democracy that I've ever seen in my life. Cindy Sheehan is arrested and for breathing and this guy is going to stand at the podium and proclaim that the state of our democracy is strong. What a crock.
Posted By Anonymous Darryl Price, Dayton OH : 9:12 PM ET
Who in this blog would want this job? Just curious.
Posted By Anonymous Sherilyn LA,California : 9:23 PM ET
Hey Anderson, now that you have this blog, you should fill us in on what you really do during these loooong speeches. Seems like a good time for a nap to me.
Posted By Anonymous Kendall, Columbia, SC : 9:24 PM ET
The Democrats seem almost embarrased to applaud wheh Bush praises our country or our military. No matter, most of the country is embarrased by the Dems.

Drive On Mr. Prez!!
Posted By Anonymous Rob Baileym Wake Forest, NC : 9:29 PM ET
Hi Anderson,
The blog is a fantastic idea...please keep it going. I also like the use of the word "kibosh". Like kerfuffle, it is not used enough!
Posted By Anonymous Valerie, Montreal, QC : 9:32 PM ET
Hey Sherilyn, I don't think anyone one here on the blog would want to be president, Grand PoBa maybe. But everyone in the room with BUSH wants to be the president, except the lady in the pink dress.
Posted By Anonymous Sam I will not eat green eggs and ham : 9:33 PM ET
"ENJOY THE SHOW"... of course! Anderson, even tonight Bush will defend his failures with lies. Now it seems like even I can tell a whole lot jokes front of billions!
Posted By Anonymous Kamal from New York City : 9:34 PM ET
Pomp and Pagentry, only for big contributors, not the middle class.

The State of the Union lacks ethics and respect for the Constitution. What this State of the Union says is that with enough $$$, you can buy government and stay out of jail.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:34 PM ET
I thought that this was the State of the Union Address....it sounds much like the State of the Middle East Address.
Posted By Anonymous Gilbert, Arizona HDL : 9:36 PM ET
A sad commentary on a day with sad symmetry. Mr. Bush takes only a moment to honor Mrs. King - no moment of silence - no order for flags at half staff. She was a grand, soft voice for social justice - and insured our school libraries are filled with her Award Winner selections. Sad symmetry - the civil rights movement ended today - and today the Supreme Court tipped to strip away the rights for which Dr. and Mrs. King fought. Mr. Bush's legacy: two conservative white males on the Court.

And we are now 20 minutes into the speech and we have yet to hear about this nation.
Posted By Anonymous JH, Amherst MA : 9:36 PM ET
Bush is spreading democracy around the world--and CURTAILING FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN AMERICA!!!

If Cindy Sheehan had a banner and it's not allowed, just inform her, or confiscate it. Don't arrest & silence her right to FREE SPEECH!!!
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 9:36 PM ET
Listening to St. of the Union...Bush says he hopes to be Iran's best friend?!?. This administration has done more to make the U.S. most hated nation in the Middle East than anyone's worst nightmare could have imagined. More bad intelligence or no intelligence at all?
Posted By Anonymous Ellie, Atlanta, GA : 9:36 PM ET
I could not listen to the president as he continues to only talk about war and terror. That's because he has no idea what the people really need to hear.We need to hear about jobs and healthcare for all.So many things he just does'nt care about.Just keeping his pitiful party in office.
Posted By Anonymous Faye North Chicago IL : 9:40 PM ET
If ever there was a moment that debunks the "Great Man" theory this is it, sad to see what the government has become under the last few adminstrations.
Posted By Anonymous Joe Stafura, PIttsburgh PA : 9:41 PM ET
The President appeared tonight to be rather smug, even more than usual. I think at one point he actually winked at the camera.
Posted By Anonymous Ryan, Camarillo CA : 9:41 PM ET
Didn't he say "No surrender to evil" last year? Can't he come up with something new?
Posted By Anonymous Karen, Brewster, MA : 9:46 PM ET
I am actually not watching the so called speech. I prefer to read it and not watch the dog and pony show with the arrogant ring leader. As a teacher I know how "fantastic" this president's programs are first hand. This is a man who does not have the capability to run a lawn mower let alone a country. I do look forward to all of the commentary that will follow his performance. This does make me look forward to the mid year elections!
Posted By Anonymous Liz, New Hampshire : 9:46 PM ET
Why is bush so paronoid about war?.. he is giving a very wrong impression to the world.He is giving a impression that world is unstable .America is strong as long as its economy is good.People and congress should work towards strenthening .cut the deficit and decrease the business with china and increase production in america
Posted By Anonymous vasa,Minneapolis : 9:48 PM ET
Someone already asked, but does anyone know which Cabinet member was designated to sit out the festivities tonight????
Posted By Anonymous GD, Columbus, OH : 9:48 PM ET
In the pomp of the evening what cabinet member is not in attendance this evening for the speech?

Thank You
Posted By Anonymous Meme Suznavick, Snow Hill, MD : 9:50 PM ET
Tax Cuts and Tax Breaks, that's something new.
Posted By Anonymous Alex, Jackson, TN : 9:53 PM ET
why is it that every initiative that Bush proposes will take ten or twenty years to get off the ground? Why will it take till 2025 to get our fuel dependence down? We will be doomed by then because of that dependence and he won't be around to apologize for screwing it up.....
Posted By Anonymous Peter Mannella, Rensselaer, NY : 9:55 PM ET
So much of what Bush is saying is a lie or a cover-up. I can't believe what he insinuated about 9/11 (that if we'd been wiretapping randomly we would have picked up the hi-jacker's phone calls!! Doesn't he know that he could have a court order to tap suspicious people without a problem??)

Posted By Anonymous Heather, Springfield, MA : 9:55 PM ET
This blog is unbelievable. It is pitiful to see such sore losers cry on and on...

Sorry people, Bush was elected with a higher percentage of the population (both in 2000 and '04) than your hero Clinton...
Posted By Anonymous Rob Bailey Wake Forest, NC : 9:57 PM ET
Mr. Bush has not fulfilled his promise to fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to 40% by the end of the decade. Those costs sky rocket. Federal funds for 40+ education programs have been cut. The rich get tax cut. LOCAL taxpayers are paying the tax burden and they can't afford more. So those Advanced Placement math classes are in the thirties and NCLB continues to push students out of school while standardizing schools and scripting teaching. That is NOT innovation, Mr. President.
Posted By Anonymous JH, Amherst MA : 9:58 PM ET
I am so disgusted with Bush and his cronies. I didn't vote for him, atleast I can say that. For all you people that did vote, we tried to tell you all!! We better use our votes in a smart way this November. Get those corupt Republicans OUT. We have now let a right wing supreme court in. As a woman I am frightened at what could happen. These two judges just appointed are young. They will affect our lives and our childrens lives for years. I just can't believe that Alito got in. Where was the backbone in the Democrats today?
Get our troops home
Posted By Anonymous Jill, Kingwood, TX : 9:58 PM ET
Anderson & Crew,

Thanks for the blog from all of you, and the hard work you do. I love that you report the stories of our time, but include the emotions and not just the facts. It's great to read this side of things!
Posted By Anonymous Suzy, Glendale Heights, IL : 9:59 PM ET
The most recent data on teen pregnancy and abortion rates is from 2002. There's no way he can claim success from his policies that mostly went into effect in 2001 and 2002!!
Posted By Anonymous Heather, Springfield, MA : 9:59 PM ET
Listening to the president is like listening to a broken record. I applaude the democrats for standing up against him in certain cases tonight. thank you for representing people like me who are yelling at the television tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Jonathan Schantz, Beaver Falls, NY : 10:01 PM ET
Katrina? Please. Mr. Bush - you flew over New Orleans. How could you not turn the plane around? Your subsequent "war on poverty" lasted about a week. And you used federal Katrina funds to push your private and parochial school agenda. Shame.
Posted By Anonymous JH , Amherst MA : 10:01 PM ET
Thirty minutes in, and President Bush won't quit talking about war, not war against an actual country that we can win in a military sense but against a slippery noun that won't be over until he says so and that has the uncanny tendency of dominating speeches whenever scandal is in the air. So much for that aircraft carrier landing and Mission Accomplished banner. The most dire war America is fighting right now - the other war that Bush led us into - is a bloodless civil war fueled by wedge issues that keep winning red state elections. I agree that energy independence is the key to our national security in both a military and economic sense. But the only way we'll muster the collective will and resources to achieve energy independence is to unify, and to unify we need to reconcile, and to reconcile we need an Abraham Lincoln, and President Bush sure ain't Abraham Lincoln.
Posted By Anonymous John Hutton Cincinnati, OH : 10:02 PM ET

I'm confused. Just which "science" will Mr. Bush be using in his new initiative?

The science which led him to be called by the BBC in his first campaign for president, "the American candidate who doesn't believe in global warming" or the science which led his administration to neglect the New Orleans dikes or the science which led to No child left behind which tests more than it teaches.

Maybe Mr. Bush should stick to fuzzy math - like the math that led him to the tax cuts which robbed the social security coffers.
Posted By Anonymous Lane, Ann Arbor, MI : 10:02 PM ET
I have found out that Jim Nicholson (Sec. of Veteran's Affairs) was the absent member - maybe lucky for him, huh?!?!?
Posted By Anonymous GD, Columbus, OH : 10:03 PM ET
First, this speech talks more about other countries. Did the president or his speech writers forget that this is the State of the Union for the United States? Second, I have a problem with the president's interference in education. The problems began with the No Child Left Behind failure. I recently completed a degree in education and we were instructed on the implications of the plan. What a joke!
Posted By Anonymous Jana, Coraopolis PA : 10:04 PM ET
He's a liar. He speaks from both sides of his mouth (immigrants good, must stop immigrants). Must stop "nucular" proliferation in other countries, but we need new nucular plants here. Must make America more competetive in the world market, but many manufacturing jobs are outsourced. Yes, a little furniture manufacturer in Gallatin, TN (Cresent Mfg.) has furniture made overseas and shipped back here to the states. The whole speech was full of more lies and false promises.
Posted By Anonymous Peggy Overman, Gallatin, TN : 10:04 PM ET
Pomp and pageantry...I couldn't have said it better myself. There is nothing I want to hear from our so-called "freedom-loving" President of the United States, especially when he is tapping phone lines and screening other modes of correspondence of innocent law-abiding citizens. King George is looking more like the Emperor with no clothes these days, especially when he is telling the public about how great the economy is when millions have lost their jobs due to outsourcing. People here in this country are suffering from extreme poverty, people here in this country need basic needs met. Why is he more concerned about everywhere else. I think he have what I call "Pinky and the Brain" syndrome-a desire to take over the entire world.
Posted By Anonymous Angie, St.Louis, MO : 10:04 PM ET
Watching this State of the Union Address, I feel like I'm watching a "Puppet Show" with the puppeteer on stage pulling the strings of the puppets in the audience as they bounce up and down. And these are the people running our country? shame on us !!!
Posted By Anonymous A. Russell Westville, IL : 10:05 PM ET
Alito would be a good president...he looks remarkably calm for such an amazing day in his life...that is a trait that helps with long term strategy building...but they arent supposed to legilate from the bench...so again we are going to have to dig deep...
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:06 PM ET
I believe the cabinet member left behind is Jim Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
Posted By Anonymous Darryl Price, Dayton OH : 10:06 PM ET
One small paragraph is that all we get? Little news flash everyone New Orleans is not progressing in the fashion that everyone would like to believe. Frankly New Orleans and the Gulf Communities are broke and FEMA has taken all the money people donated and has not given back to the people who need it. The little money they did give people like my family are too afraid to use for fear it will be taken back. I am not a minority and I pay taxes like everyone else so why am I and many people like me being treated like the nation's step child? Sorry Mr. President but those few sentences did not put me at ease because unlike the rest of the country, I know what's really being done and that, in a nutshell, is ditto.
Posted By Anonymous Monique, Houma, LA : 10:08 PM ET
Cindy Sheehan is a disgrace!
Posted By Anonymous Joe, LI, NY : 10:09 PM ET
Norman Minetts is this evenings designated survivor for the state of the union address.
Posted By Anonymous Meme Suznavick, Snow Hill, MD : 10:09 PM ET
How many times did the audience clap
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:11 PM ET
I just wish the CNN press would just shut up and report the facts, I really do not put any weight on their opinion. You're worse than the damn policy makers.
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 10:14 PM ET
Anderson, I hear you! Everytime I watch these State of the Union addresses I can't help but wonder how much of it would he actually fall through with this time. Of course, it all sounds good, the way he packages and sells it. I have to admit, his speach writers are good. But the end result is always the same, how will we fund his circus this time. Our economy is hanging by a thread, and he slices more funds than a samuri. I also love how he always talks so galantly about how we should conserve oil, don't know about you but I have a long commute to work everyday and I need my car to get there. If he wants to conserve oil so much, why doesn't he park a couple of his Surburbans and fly Delta like the rest of us, I hear first class is just as nifty as Air Force One. Later Anderson, take care of yourself and please take a vacation!
Posted By Anonymous Ann M., Lehigh Acres, FL : 10:15 PM ET
'we' are not the only ones addicted to oil...tell Bush to keep Air Force One on the ground.
Let's remember Miss Carroll, Bob Woodruff and all the reporters, cameramen, our soldiers in our prayers.
God Bless All...
Posted By Anonymous N. Seagle, Barefoot Bay, FL : 10:15 PM ET
I'm recording the "show" because I've got some work to do (including writing to this blog!). BTW, I heard the "energy issues" parts. And ... referring to my first posting, I felt like ... geeee, I couldn't believe my ears. Thomas Friedman must be so thrilled and delighted that Mr. Bush was channeling his article (NY Times January 27, 2006)addressing alternative energy, new technology, lower emission, children should learn math in order to master high tech in search of non-oil energy etc....etc.

The ultimate question is, as usual, are they going to be implemented? Wait, hold on, Anderson, are you saying because this is just a 'show', thus, we are not supposed to expect any further follow up? Just kidding!
Posted By Anonymous Tzarina, Houston, TX : 10:16 PM ET
Looks like I disagree with a majority of the postings on this page. I would definitely say that the war on terror ranks as a very high concern. To me that seems obvious. I believe Iraq is about as good a place as any to establish a foothold in the area.

The reliance on oil is also concerning. Making me rethink my ownership of a SUV.

As a father, education is definitely key to me. I think there are parts of the education system that has greatly increased over the years. And please no one respond with the bogus statement that our core scores fall well below other countries. That's the biggest farce since someone came up with the absurd idea that we destroying all the forests in america.
No other country educates every child. Go out into the jungles of India and test those kids and then get back to me.
Posted By Anonymous Ken, St. Louis, MO : 10:18 PM ET
I strongly believe that the President cannot and will not be able to fulfill the proposed projects. He does not have the capital nor the support from the citizens of the United States. Frankly, he would do us a favor by just stepping down today!
Posted By Anonymous florida : 10:18 PM ET
What about the actual "STATES" in the union??? We in the gulf coast, (New Orleans here) want to know why or how you screwed us and how you will take measures to not have the 06' hurricane season be as devastating as 05'... Mr. Bush; Do you or your speech staff really care about us red states????
Posted By Anonymous Bob Mitchell, Metairie, La : 10:18 PM ET
I thought it was the "State of the Union" not the "State of the Middle East"!
Posted By Anonymous Germaine Kearney,Waveland, MS : 10:21 PM ET

Where is the hue & cry for impeachment.
Our media has been cheerleading this guy since 9/11. He has lied to people, the congress & is responsible for an unjust war which has caused countless deaths, spied on his own people & ignored Hurrican Katrina until it was almost too late.

This man has never deserved to be president. He does deserve to be removed from office.
Posted By Anonymous Russell, Washington, NJ : 10:23 PM ET
Anderson, I am working desperately fast to train one of my Labradors to be an attack dog. I will need that protection in case I am heard speaking my opinion in public, or at the dog park.
You see, I am an Army mom. I may be overheard discussing the mismanagement of our military, and the outright lies by this administration.
I am the mother of a US Army soldier.
I too could be arrested, detained, or harrassed by the whim of Rove, or our great Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld.
All of you can sleep well tonight knowing Army moms like me will be arrested for freedom of speech.
This country is much safer now.
Good Job Donald! Atleast you are consistant in your decisions about our the defense of our country. Forget the real terrorists entering our open borders daily.
Lock up all the military moms against this senseless war. That will fix everything. I was not an activist before this incident. Cindy Sheehan has just gained thousands of followers by this planned arrest. This incident will backfire on those who planned the arrest.
Here we come. We are the parents and families of soldiers who love and support them. We demand the best for them, and our country.
We will not be silenced.
Posted By Anonymous No name out of fear, fm South Jersey : 10:23 PM ET
President Bush's address wasn't anything that we haven't heard before. The one thing I have always liked about Bush is that he isn't a polished speaker.

The Democratic Response from Governor Kaine sounded too much like an infomercial.
Posted By Anonymous Debi, Haverhill, NH : 10:26 PM ET
November 2006 the whole world will see
what the poor people think.
Posted By Anonymous Bennett Lilesville,NC : 10:27 PM ET
Hopefully the president will also address the current situation in Iran. Based on their relations with the Russians I would like to know if our government is serious about the potential problem that intervention in Iran could create.
Posted By Anonymous Matt Brooks, Chilliwack British Columbia : 10:28 PM ET
I read a few of the comments on your blog concerning
the speech tonight. More than one stated how stupid
they were to vote for this administration. Twice. Where
were these people's brains when it counted? Before all
the dead soldiers and innocent civilians. I have little hope
for this country or true democracy in this world anymore.
It seems the majority of voters in this country are living
in some fantasy world. If they really feel bad about voting
for Bush , vote for a Democrat next time. Be smart.
Posted By Anonymous Mike , L.A. California : 10:28 PM ET
Being a victim of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita I must say thank you to our president! Mr. Bush you are the President of the United States! Worry about your own people who still have no place to live who live in cars, tents, sheds until we finally get a FEMA trailer. Has the rest of the country forgotten LA, MS & AL??? I think all vitcims of first Hurricane Katrina then Rita and now FEMA deserve more than a 5 second P.S. in your speech! Has the rest of the country forgotten us???
Posted By Anonymous Rhonda, St. Bernard, LA : 10:28 PM ET
I think I am the only one who has posted anything remotely positive about Bush tonight. You don't suppose that this network/website attracts those that are biased against this Administration do you??

NOOO!! Not a chance!! You'll find the heartbeat of America, right here on this blog!! Yeah! Right!!

Reading of the much weeping and nashing of teeth has been fun!! You guys sound miserable!!
Posted By Anonymous Rob Bailey Wake Forest, NC : 10:29 PM ET
If you prefer less commentary, watch C-Span. I like to listen to fellow political observers as long as they're being candid and not just repeating party lines.
Posted By Anonymous Wayne Eusanio, Camarillo, CA : 10:30 PM ET
Bush did a pretty good job. It was not the best speach of his carear, but it at least made him look intelligent. He proved he is not a lame duck president.
Posted By Anonymous caswell, Westerly RI : 10:31 PM ET
Some one needs to remind JC Watts that, despite his statements, it isn't a Democratic Congress. It's a Republican Congress that is, amazingly, getting even lower poll ratings than the Republican President.
Posted By Anonymous Jill, Charleston, WV : 10:32 PM ET
We won't accomplish anything by pointing fingers and making slanderous remarks. Let's focus on solutions to our issues. Both parties voted to enter war after 9/11. Both parties are scared with corruption. Both parties have deep seeded internal issues. Both parties want more money to spend and aren't providing any solutions on where to get it. As a taxpayer, I can tell you it isn't a bottomless purse. Like them or not, they are our elected officials. Make a difference with your vote. The pomp and circumstance is a product of the American viewers demand to be entertained. A President that stands up there and just covers the facts plainly - would never be elected in the first place... By the way - it's okay to be proud to be an American... Go USA!
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Philadelphia (the next great city in the US) PA : 10:35 PM ET
Peace activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Tuesday in the House gallery after refusing to cover up a T-shirt bearing an anti-war slogan before President Bush's State of the Union address.
Does our President dictate what kind of clothing we can wear in our so-called "Free country"?
Posted By Anonymous Chrissy, St. Peters, Missouri : 10:37 PM ET
Surprise no real comments on the real state of the union, just smug spin, empty promises, and altered stats.
Oil dependance concerns from an "oil man" Who embraces all the glossy slime oil has with it....please.
One one really expects the nation to completely become revived from one speech especially after his dismal overall performance, but to ingnore domestic policy issues in a discussion of the state of the union is bizzare.
Posted By Anonymous Paige , Boca Raton FL : 10:40 PM ET
We heard this pledge of energy reform before. I believe we spent 10 billion a few years ago on hydrogen energy. Did it produce anything? We really need to push this. I believe the US will be left behind as other countries push for these technolgy. Look at the 60 Minutes piece on Iceland. If we have to lets subsidize Bush's oil buddies and force them to have hydrogen at every service station. This would setup a distribution system. Once this is in place there would be more hydrogen cars produced quickly. Solving two problems pollution and oil reliance.
Posted By Anonymous David, White Plains NY : 10:44 PM ET
We need to be safe, at this time it is the most important thing our President needs to do. Without our safty nothing else will matter.

I am so tired of the medias secound quesssing and trying to change our minds with their own personal opinions. I am a Democrat who has voted twice for The President.

The Democrats are not helping they need to join The President in securing Americas future and stop being bitter.

This President did not expect 9/11 nor all the huricans disssaters and it has taken first place as it well should. Safty should overide GAS Prices.

The media does not speak for America, certainly you do not speak for me. I agree with the need to tap phone conversations, you can't make an omelet if you don't break some eggs.

The problem with the war is that we follow the laws of war and our hands are tied.
Posted By Anonymous Vicki, fl. : 11:11 PM ET
You know? I just read every one of these blog comments and feel so good about not having bothered watching that speech tonight. I bought a keychain instead at a specialty shop that has a "countdown ticker" to how many days we actually have left to endure W. I listen to the news every day from many sources and knew this speech was going to be just another sad attempt to salvage a lame duck presidency in the eyes of a polarized constituency. I'm sure George spends more time practicing how to read the teleprompter than understanding the words that are written for him. He'll talk about plans and ideas with no idea of how they will impact us---all of us. It just sounds so darn backwoods homey and simple for those folks glued to the tube who believe in his lies--not to mention how well those words often work like a charm to throw up smoke and divert pundit attention for days from the real fires at hand. Aside from Anderson Cooper's leveraged voice and a handful of journalists brave enough to question this administration in various outlets, the media is owned and operated under the same corporate players that control the White House. W. has never been able to stand on his own feet as a president or as an average citizen. He has been and continues to be propped up by far more dangerously intelligent, corrupt and self-serving masterminds, his oil family money and Saudi connections, personal friends and corporate bedfellows. It's all about the spin folks. Saudis were in those planes, not Iraqis. This administration wins hands down with deceiving the public. I don't believe it even compares with Nixon's. We have a deceitful war driven by corporate lust for oil wealth, disguised by a false pretense to save the Iraqi people from a dictator who happened to have been put into place by our own operatives to stave off Iran back when (remember Noriega anyone?), an economy that is destroying the middle class and seniors, a horrible deficit, delusional and unequitable education options, out of control federal spending, illegal wire tapping, prisoner abuse, terrorists mobilizing all over the world against us for the reasons they started in the first place, "Condi" getting caught unawares of the possibility that Palestine would actually vote democratically for Hamas to be their chosen government (that's what happens George when you push democracy in the mid-east), North Korea and Iran drawing lines in the sand, Rove, Abramoff, Delay, Katrina.......on and on and on. This administration tries to put up the deflectors on every issue and anyone who voices a different view is lumped conveniently into the buzzword camp with terrorists, anarchists, evil-doers, against democracy, unpatriotic, even dare I say--not supporting the troops if you don't support the war. What crock. A 38 year old father of two and naval reservist just got an "email" at my work office last week that he has less than 10 days to ready himself for a 1 year deployment to IRAQ and to prepare for combat training. He's a supply administrator. Hmmm. Pulling naval reservists in their late 30's with families to be deployed for a year into a desert? WAKE UP. Why is it that the people of this country allow W. to take our country into this downward spiral right before the entire human race; yet see no problem spending millions of dollars and wasted energy impeaching the previous president for having a cliche personal marital affair? Cindy Sheehan is standing up for her fallen son, her civil rights and what this country stands for. Thank gosh there is still one real fighting American standing up for what's real.
Posted By Anonymous Cat Brunson, Charlotte NC : 11:56 PM ET
Regards the Army mom...I am an Air Force mom. Three of my four children have served or are serving and I have lived in the Middle East, Vietnam and other places for an extended period of time. I am a moderate, I am open to other cultures and religions. I did not vote for George II as I was uncomfortable about his radicalism, his lack of understanding of foreign affairs and his invisible sense of history. I was disappointed once again in his speech regards the State of the Union in that he did not talk about the civil war in Iraq which he began on bad advice, lack of proper armour for our troops, lack of troops (numbers) from the beginning of this ill fated adventure, and no plan to get out once we got in. No mention of raising the dollar amount on Social Security to include ALL income instead of the $90,000 limit that we have today so that the system would be far from bankrupt in 2020 or whenever. I think it would be nice if the CEOs and their executive teams had to pay Social Security on their millions in salary and stock options. I believe in national health -- just take out the 67 age limit on Medicare and let the private insurance companies go insure something else; get them out of the health business or let them provide supplemental insurance for the rich. I don't think we need another panel to resolve the baby boomers benefits, we just need someone who thinks in Congress.
Posted By Anonymous Linda Moyse, Monument, Colorado : 2:30 PM ET
Three cheers for Cindy for NOT covering her shirt's slogan. Maybe the "fashion police" didn't like it, but did they forget "freedom of speech"? OR, Maybe that freedom is only available outside of DC?

The best part of the speech was... (drumroll)... Governor Kaine's response.
Posted By Anonymous Deb, Richmond VA : 2:31 PM ET
Hey, Anderson - was great to see Michael Ware holding down the fort at the 360 studios in NY; he's awesome, a truly powerful voice. I'd like to hear a lot more from him on the situation in Iraq; he knows his stuff and isn't buying anyone's company line.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, : 3:14 PM ET



Posted By Anonymous Tina -Chicago, IL : 3:14 PM ET
"A lot of grand statements are made, but rarely it seems do they amount to much." I felt that way about the Democratic reply.

Posted By Anonymous Marla Gaspard, Kenner, LA : 3:24 PM ET
Off topic, I saw you on Oprah yesterday discussing the Sago Mine. I live in Weston about 15 minutes from Buckhannon. I want to thank you for the professional, yet very caring manner you used with covering the mine. You touched me with your ability to calm others and remain the best in media crisis.
Posted By Anonymous Shawn, Weston WV : 3:47 PM ET
note to Tina: shouting to make your point obscures it. Just FYI.
Posted By Anonymous Arachnae, Sterling VA : 4:32 PM ET
The Democrats put the kibosh on Social Security? Everyone in America put the kibosh on it, primarily Mr. Bush when he admitted and could not deny that Privatizing Social Security would do nothing to help it's long-term solvency when confronted with the costs of such a program. I don't think calling U.S. Treasury Bonds 'worthless IOU's' helped his cause either, when weeks later he said his program would offer secure investment choices such as U.S. Treasurey Bonds. If we are placing blame, lets put it squarely where due.
Posted By Anonymous Paul, Minneapolis, MN : 5:06 PM ET
Ever notice that those who speak of the war in Iraq in grandeloquent terms sound like they're standing on the ramparts of the Alamo, trying to keeping the foreigners out?
Posted By Anonymous cc, san jose, ca : 5:51 PM ET
It was such a show. All the formal introductions. And that red tie of Cheney's???? What was up with that?
Such brown nosing...
It sent my husband out of the room laughing.
It is really sad. And people-- the way they were cheering and shaking hands.
Posted By Anonymous Christy from Ga : 5:56 PM ET
I keep hearing, "They [the soldiers] are fighting for OUR freedom!". Ironic... we must be losing that battle as well. The current Administration that sends our sons and daughters to fight in foreign lands is same Administration that is stripping our freedoms away. Think about it and open your eyes.
Posted By Anonymous GM. Desert, AZ : 6:22 PM ET
I applaud your use of the word "kibosh". It's a favorite around my circle of friends.
Posted By Anonymous Jon, Eugene Oregon : 6:51 PM ET
I think we all know why the President speaks at 9:00 rather than 8:00. Some people say it is because they don't want the speech to air too early on the West Coast but we all know the real truth, if he speaks at 8:00 on a Tuesday night that conflicts with American Idol and if you want to spark a real uprising in this country just take American Idol off in favor of the president. It's sad but American Idol probably got higher ratings than the presidnt on Tuesday.
Posted By Anonymous Magan, Buffalo, NY : 9:26 AM ET
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