Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Bomb-sniffing dogs
Just arrived at the Capitol to cover President Bush's big speech tonight. The place is buzzing with police. They are about to lockdown the area.

I'm sitting in the Cannon House Office Building rotunda. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is a couple hundred feet away doing an interview. He will be testifying this week about his administration's response to Katrina.

It's always kind of surreal coming to Washington, D.C., for major events like this. It's such a completely different atmosphere than anywhere else....Oops I gotta move. A bomb-sniffing dog needs to sniff my desk. I will blog more later.
Posted By Anderson Cooper: 6:20 PM ET
Please let us know if YOU can find any substance in all the rhetoric tonight. (Dude, you must have some awesome frequent flyer miles by now. When do you sleep?)
Posted By Anonymous Jen, Raleigh NC : 6:34 PM ET
hmm...that is the problem with washington, it has a completely different atmosphere than anywhere else. where do you think that comes from...global warming?
Posted By Anonymous Liz, Beverly, MA : 6:49 PM ET
when the President says we are addicted to oil ,what about his family's profits from selling oil
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 6:57 PM ET
Anderson, this is just the best thing in a long time. I feel like I'm there. Thanks for taking the time.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, Butler, PA : 7:05 PM ET
Be interesting to see what kind of reception Mr Bush gets with an approval rating hovering around 40 percent
Posted By Anonymous Doug, Asheville, NC : 7:06 PM ET
Let's hope that Bush can convince the American people that we can deliver ourselves from foreign oil. We should have been working on this independancy since 1973. Keep up the good work Anderson!
Posted By Anonymous Bill, York, PA : 7:09 PM ET
I love this blog. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us.
Posted By Anonymous Carrie, Columbia, MD : 7:09 PM ET
We are told that Bush will declare that "the US is addicted to oil." Thank you Mr. President. Thank you for stating the obvious and contributing to the addiction. Thank you for opposing CAFE standards. We need real leadership in Washington not the rhetoric from these Republicans. We must support a bold plan like the Apollo Alliance to create jobs, provide clean energy and secure our future.
Posted By Anonymous Spencer Hanes, Winston-Salem, NC : 7:09 PM ET
Ironic that current CNN headline tonight is "bush will urge end to oil addiction" in the same week Exxon announces record oil profit. When does the real change begin?
Posted By Anonymous Marianne, Seattle, WA : 7:14 PM ET
"President Bush's State of the Union speech will focus on the everyday concerns of ordinary Americans" WHO IS HE KIDDING? he has no perception of reality and how the average joe is struggling.
Posted By Anonymous Marisa, Stow, Ohio : 7:15 PM ET
Cindy Sheehan has been offered a gallery seat tonight?
Posted By Anonymous Anonymous : 7:22 PM ET
I absolutely love watching Anderson Cooper, There is just something about the way he reports that to me I feel he is given an honest report on things and he is not afraid to say so either.
Posted By Anonymous susan young : 7:22 PM ET
bomb sniffing dogs aside, how difficult is it for you to maintain a fair and balanced perspective when we are preparing for the delivery of a series of calculated lies and misleading statements from our Commander in Chief tonight? more power to you Mr. Cooper. i love what you do and how you push the envelope whenever possible. keep them running.
Posted By Anonymous Mike, Long Beach, Ca. : 7:23 PM ET
This blog is too cool. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Anderson!
Posted By Anonymous Beth, Sacramento, CA : 7:24 PM ET
Hi Anderson,

Thanks for doing the blog tonight! I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the evening's proceedings.
Posted By Anonymous Jimmy, Providence, RI : 7:25 PM ET
Any chance we might see even the faintest evidence of a PLAN for executing any of these ideas lurking in our President's head?

The talk is just not that interesting anymore.
Posted By Anonymous Susan Kelly Burkitt, Laguna Beach, CA : 7:25 PM ET
Cindy Sheehan has been offered a gallery seat tonight....
Posted By Anonymous Salminio, Kansas City MO. : 7:27 PM ET
Anderson. First of all, great apperance on "The Colbert Report". Second, do you think the President will address the concern that the government is being run into the ground do to a lack of seperation of powers, which is a fundemental principle in our Constitution?
Posted By Anonymous Justin, Chicago IL : 7:29 PM ET
Anderson, Thank you for everything you do. I saw you on Oprah today and I fall asleep to 360 every night. Your heart is incredible and your hard work and dedication is so deeply appreciated. I wish I could shake your hand and give you a day off.
Posted By Anonymous Melanie Landree, Philadelphia, PA : 7:29 PM ET
Sorry I will miss the 'big' speech. Somehow I think seeing my daughter's basketball game will be more important. What ever Bush has to say won't change how my Wednesday morning will be....work...pay bills...figure how I will be able to afford college for my daughter...etc etc.
Posted By Anonymous Linda, camino, california : 7:30 PM ET
Pres. Carter's book, aptly titled Our Endangered Values, says "..A country will have authority and influence because of moral factors, not its military strength; because it can be humble and not blatant and arrogant; because our people and country want to serve others and not dominate others. A nation without morality will soon lose its influence around the world." We now have a very different President, with a very different outlook. What a stark and disappointing dichotomy.
Posted By Anonymous Jen, Raleigh NC : 7:31 PM ET
Anderson, you sure are all over the place!!
Posted By Anonymous A.J., Carlsbad, CA : 7:31 PM ET
Wake me up when his nonsense is over
Posted By Anonymous Dane, Chicago IL : 7:32 PM ET
I hope that the president apologises to the American people tonight, for squandering America's good name and finances. He is responsible for everything that is wrong in this country and for its poor standing around the world.
Posted By Anonymous Seb D. Northboro, Mass. : 7:32 PM ET

I hope that CNN goes back to the new format and less reality tv. You were just starting to settle in as a solid anchorman. Good luck tonight.

Posted By Anonymous Dave from Houston : 7:33 PM ET
My expectations are so low for this speech it's alarming. Each year I am more amazed by how full of talk and empty of action this administration is. But in the end, over promising and under delivering is the key to this president's success - why change a good thing. I guess my $0.02 is that I'd rather do my laundry - better use of time.
Posted By Anonymous Nate, San Francisco, CA : 7:37 PM ET
I am very interested in learning how the President is going to help us with our "oil addiction". Fortunately I have to work tonight and will miss this wonderful speech, so keep me updated! AND thanks for spotlighting the West Virginia mine situations - truly appreciated by all in WV!
Posted By Anonymous Kelli, Charleston WV : 7:39 PM ET
This blog is great! I feel like I'm right there with you. Thank you for bringing us every step of the way with you.
Posted By Anonymous Carrie Manchester, NH : 7:39 PM ET
How much more rubbish and propaganda could Bush deliver in another State of Union Address? Telling the American people they are addicted to oil, is this a joke. I think I rather watch the paint dry on my wall tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Leon, Torrance, CA : 7:39 PM ET
The president will talk about the rising cost of health care, but I am sure he will not suggest HOW... neither will he have to wait in line at a doctors office, lab, or hospital.
Posted By Anonymous Wendy Montclair, NJ : 7:43 PM ET
Anderson, we know this is an annual event, but does it really make a difference. The speech goes through so many reviews to make sure it is politically correct until it loses it real intended meaning. Further, the spin doctors from each side, in our opinions, do little to add credibility to the message. We will have the TV on, but will get more of the message from the "after coverage".
Posted By Anonymous Roy & Cassandra, Columbia, SC : 7:50 PM ET
i have been watching you since the World News Now days on ABC. I think that you are the best thing that has happened to TV journalism in quite a while, very refreshing. Thank you for your hard work on Katrina, I used to live in New Orleans and it was so comforting to have someone down there who obviously cared so deeply about the people. I watch 360, except for the thirty minutes I have to switch for the Daily Show. Tonight, i look forward to your take on The Speech. I trust it will be honest without succumbing to the trite way this important milestone in our place in history is usually reported. George W. Bush has alot of explaining to do and i would appreciate a journalist who is not afraid to point that out. We are not asking for perfection in a president, but accountability and respect for the people he serves would be welcomed. Thank you again for your dedication to the once noble pursuit for the truth that is professional journalism. You just might give us all hope.
Posted By Anonymous Ann, Ooltewah, TN : 7:56 PM ET
Innovative energy technology, huh? Was it two years ago or three that this joker went on and on about hydrogen power and fuel cells, before comitting a whole $40 MILLION dollars to development? I wonder how much we'll spend this year?
Posted By Anonymous HW, Arlington, VA : 7:59 PM ET
Once again, Anderson has his finger on the pulse of the people with this blog..way to go Anderson!!

I saw that Rex the dog, one of the military heroes of Iraq war is in the gallery as a guest of Laura Bush. Anderson, I think you should interview Rex, because he'll tell you the truth compared to all of those politicians.
Posted By Anonymous J Jones, Chicago, IL : 8:17 PM ET
I really don't want to hear about terrorism tonight. Because the Bush administration has confronted terrorism in a histrionic, ineffective way, the problem is only more dangerous.

But I really hope that the nation will confront Mr. Bush on all the other issues he's misadressing with his "too little too late" and "play now pay later approach.
Posted By Anonymous Lane in Ann Arbor, Michigan : 8:26 PM ET
Thanks for all the hard work and honest journalism. I began following you after Hurrican Katrina, and now Tivo 360. Thank you so much for everything you do, you bring a sense of intergrity and human interest to every story you cover. I can't wait to see your coverage of speech tonight.
Posted By Anonymous Brittney, Austin, TX : 8:39 PM ET
ADDICTED TO OIL! It sounds like the American people are being setup again for another subsidy to the big oil companies. The 8 Billion subsidy oil companies got for Alaska wild life refuge was not enough. Exxon's record breaking profit in this past quarter is not enough either. Is borrowing more from the chinese to subsidize companies like Exxon good for current and future generations of Americans? Most Americans are already living beyond their means in debt. Being ripped off at the gas pump is already bad enough. Mr. Bush, please call off the sharks, we cannot take it anymore.
Posted By Anonymous Amei, Torrance, CA : 8:47 PM ET
I'll watch the speech tonight, but I don't know how well I'll take it in. Somewhere along the line Bush has started to sound like the teacher from the Charlie Brown cartoons to me. I think it was around the time he stated, "We do not torture." Lies don't get more blatant than that. Anderson please give it to us straight tonight. You always to a great job.
Posted By Anonymous Stacy, St. Louis, Missouri : 9:03 PM ET

One quick question..can you tell us how long this State of the Union Address usually lasts- because we are missing the real Commander-in-Chief: Geena Davis..
Posted By Anonymous Along Comes Jones, Midwest : 9:22 PM ET
AC Be glad the dog is just sniffing. The security must be incredible. Let's see what Mr. Bush can come up with tonight. I like this site also!
Posted By Anonymous Kathy, Chicago Il : 9:33 PM ET
I am missing re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond because of this! Can you suggest the president that the best time for his speech is 3 am in the morning?

By the way, love your blog.
Posted By Anonymous Denna, Spokane, Washington : 9:49 PM ET
Wow! Anderson, you are quite the mover and shaker! Can't wait to see your remarks after the Prez is done giving the Public his idea of the "State of The Union".(Anonymous- that was a good point about the Bush famly profitting from oil!)
Posted By Anonymous Beverly, Richmond VA : 9:57 PM ET
Anderson, I think the Bush Administration has proven themselves very crafty adversaries to the environment and americans like me (a green builder & architect), and i have found you must read between the lines with anything Bush or his administration says, as anything he does is for the gain of personal proffit to he and his financial backers. The section where he preached on independence from foreign oil is nothing but a veil to drill ANWR. He also is covering his tracks in his "addiction to oil" comment because just a few days ago at the Sundance Film festival, Al Gore unveiled his documentary on the environment, and called our countries dependence on oil an "addiction to oil". This movie will be released to 800 theaters and I beleive Bush is trying to lesson the shock value of what his policies have touted for so long. Dick Cheney said, "Americans deserve a life style that depends on oil", especially when a constant state of war and burning/drilling for oil makes Cheney & Bush rich at the environment & the average american's expense.
Posted By Anonymous Josh, Seattle, WA : 2:42 PM ET
Anderson, thanks for speaking a language we understand. But really I need to ask, why are you letting them change your hair colour. Is botox next????
Posted By Anonymous John Grouchy Toronto, Ontario : 4:35 PM ET
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