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Culture on Demand: Black is Beautiful
The American Express black card is the ultimate status symbol

Asia Buzz: Should the Net Be Free?
Web heads want it all -- for nothing

JAPAN: Failed Revolution
Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori clings to power as dissidents in his party finally decide not to back a no-confidence motion

Cover: Endgame?
After Florida's controversial ballot recount, Bush holds a 537-vote lead in the state, which could give him the election

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Lakes, Lattes and Learning to Love Hanoi

The place, believe it or not: Hanoi, the no-longer-stodgy capital of Vietnam.
[ full story ]

December 4: Lakes, Lattes and Learning to Love Hanoi

November 27: Finding Peace in a Himalayan Hideaway
November 20: Visit Tibet, but Go with Low Expectations
November 13: The little things count for a lot in this big city
November6: Who's Got the Best Business Class in Asia?

October 30: Surfing in the Sky: The Net Takes Flight
October 23: Getting Maximum Mileage from Air Miles
October 16: Check into the past at one of Asia's Grand Hotels
October 9: Driving Yourself Around the Bend in Bali
October 2: The Fine Art of Shopping for Fine Art Abroad

September 25: Talk Can Be Cheap for Tech-Savvy Travelers
September 18: Seeking Out Kunming's Hidden Charms
September 11: Hotel Rooms That Let You Get the Job Done
September 4: Tokyo's Chefs Get a Grip on Europe

August 21: Experiencing Asia Strictly by the Book
August 14: Singapore, the United Nations of Food
August 7:Pleasant Perth is Just a Kangaroo Hop Away

July 31: How to See Paradise with the Help of a Paddle
July 24: Imagine: Airline Food You Can Actually Eat
July 17: Finding Rustic Charm Down on the Farm
July 10: Grape Escapes in the Vineyards of Thailand
July 3: Leap Bangkok's Traffic With a Single Bound

June 26: Open the Door to a Cool Summer Escape
June 19: Jetlag? Learn How To Get Time On Your Side
June 12: Own A Piece Of Paradise-For A Few Weeks A Year
June 5: Shanghai Puts On the Ritz... Again and Again

May 29: Spas: Are You Man Enough for a Manicure?
May 22: Laos Unplugged: Living Life in the Slow Lane

May 15: Do-It-Yourself Luxury on Thailand's Railways
May 1: Who Needs Nature? Japan Does It Better

April 24: Ho Chi Minh City: An Intriguing Mix of Past and Present
April 17: The Wright Guy For a Lonely Planet
April 10: Afoot and Afloat, Kerala Is Worth the Journey
April 3: How You Can Get Those Airline Upgrades

March 27: Hong Kong's Palate Pleasers
March 13: Who You Gonna Call When Disaster Strikes?
March 6: Memories and More in Magical Kyoto

Feb. 28: Squeezing the Most Out of Economy Seats
Feb. 21: Micronesian Island Offers Lots to Yap About
Feb. 14: Check Out the Best of Asia's Architecture
Feb. 7: Living the Wild Life in Steamy Singapore

Jan. 31: Getting Down and Dirty with China's Masses
Jan. 24: Watch Japan's Chefs Colonize World Cuisine
Jan. 17: E-Travel Is Still Waiting for Takeoff in Asia
Jan. 1: Delhi Delights with Old and New

Dec. 27: Space Tourism Can't Get Off the Ground
Dec. 20: Where Asia Goes for Glitz (and Gambling)
Dec. 13: Safety Tip: Listen to Those Boring Demos!
Dec. 6: Who's Afraid of the Millennium Bug?

Nov. 22: Go Wild in the Heart of Borneo
Nov. 15: Getting Ready for the Super-Jumbo Era
Nov. 8: Cushy Nepal Adventures
Nov. 1: Epicurean Adventure in Arty Chiang Mai

Oct. 25: Offbeat Onsen Offer Tradition with a Twist
Oct. 18: Love Me Tender, Love Me Suite--Asian Style
Oct. 11: Explore Cambodia's Royal Roots at Angkor
Oct. 4: Seek Enlightenment, Off the Beaten Path

Sept. 27: Enjoying Beijing As It Gets Set to Party
Sept. 20: Seaside Vacations That Don't Get You Wet
Sept. 13: Need to Chill? Head for India's Hill Stations
Sept. 6: Take A Hike (But Don't Get Lost) in Hong Kong

Aug. 23: Fine Food and Fun in Jakarta
Aug. 16: On Top of the World, A New Way to Fly
Aug. 9: All's Fare in the Air: The War for Japan's Flyers
Aug. 2: Manila Great for a Thrill, Or Just to Chill

July 26: A High-Tech Wonder That Helps You Wander
July 19: How Suite It Is: Traveling as a VIP in Asia
July 12: Home Suite Home: Checking In to Condotels
July 5: A Beginner's Guide to Cruising and Carousing in Kuala Lumpur

June 28: Does Your Firm Need Its Own Supersonic Jet?
June 21: Sick of Traveling? Don't Take It Sitting Down
June 14: For Two Showcase Airports, Better Reviews
June 7: Taipei's Treasures Are Good Enough to Eat

May 31: Getting Your Kicks, Without Kidding Around
May 24: Keeping Adventure Travel from Killing You
May 17: Mongolian Marvels: Of Cents and Sensibility
May 10: The Angel of Jakarta Is Pure Grace Under Fire
May 3: Taking a Break With a Whole Lot of Seoul

April 26: You Go, Girls! Women Show the Write Stuff
April 19: Flyer Ire: Different Irks for Different Jerks
April 12: Ready or Not, China: Here Comes Richard Branson
April 5: Macau Awaits Its Fate, but the Good Life Goes On

March 29: I Want My Hotel Room Clean. Really Clean
March 22: Airlines Fight It Out on the World Wild Web
March 15: Goodness, Gracious, Great Wall of China
March 8: China Spices Things Up for Skiers in Asia
March 1: Singapore: The Art and Soul of Asia in 1999

Feb. 22: New Depths: Taking the Plunge in Asia
Feb. 15: Surviving the Asian Marry-Go-Round
Feb. 8: Find Rejuvenation on Vacation
Feb. 1: Australia Rules--and Sydney Rocks

Jan. 25: Over the Top: Underwater Hotels are the Rage
Jan. 18: A New Taste of Istanbul's Turkish Delights
Jan. 11: Bangkok: The City of Angels Beckons


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C I T Y   G U I D E S

Ho Chi Minh City
Chiang Mai
Kuala Lumpur
Ulan Bator
Hong Kong

TIME Asia On The Road
Following the region's back roads, TIME traces the transitions between countries--and from today's Asia to tomorrow's

P H O T O  E S S A Y S
TIME Asia On The Road
Following the region's back roads, TIME traces the transitions between countries--and from today's Asia to tomorrow's

P H O T O  E S S A Y S
From Sapporo to Surabaya
A photographic culmination of TIME Asia's road journey from Japan to Indonesia
Building Their Lives: The men of Yantang must move to Shanghai and go into hard labour to build better lives for their families
The Madurese: While their distinctive culture includes colorful marriage, their riches are from harvesting scrap metal

INDONESIA: Tale of Two Roads
One's a driver's nightmare, the other a rollerblader's dream. The final feature tracking TIME Asia's reporters and photographers trekking from Sapporo in Japan to Surabaya in Indonesia


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