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Web-only Exclusives
November 30, 2000

From Our Correspondent: Hirohito and the War
A conversation with biographer Herbert Bix

From Our Correspondent: A Rough Road Ahead
Bad news for the Philippines - and some others

From Our Correspondent: Making Enemies
Indonesia needs friends. So why is it picking fights?

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DECEMBER 31, 1999 - JANUARY 7, 2000, VOLUME 25 NUMBER 52

From the Web
Have a Naughty New Year

If you're reading this with a hangover then it's probably January 1. Happy New Millennium. Now what decade are you in? There seems to be no official consensus on what the first ten years of the new millennium should be called. So there's still time to lobby for your own favorite before "They" make up your mind for you. At, vote for your pick and see if it catches on. The Millies? The two-thousands? The choice is yours.

One person with his mind already made up is Guru Adrian (, the childlike figurehead of Project Naughtie who is leading the charge to call the decade with two zeros the Naughties by making designs for stencils, stickers and publicity posters, left, available online. (Parental advisory: don't worry, the site is naughtie but that doesn't mean it's pornographic.)

Final Countdown
Asia is hoping for the best but bracing for the worst as the Y2K computer bug prepares to pounce

What you can do to get ready for the millennium

Air travel should be safe but delays are likely

From the Web
Life's a Riot with eBay

There is plenty of millennial fun to be had on the Web. Singapore has an official feel-good song, Moments of Magic that "Singaporeans can sing in unison to at the dawn of the new millennium." Or you can just watch the Eric Khoo-directed promo at For something a little more funky, download the new MP3-only album Christmas for the Millennium and Forever by the Godfather of Soul James Brown, from

But if it's soul you are after, try where every click becomes a link in a "millennium cyber human chain" joining the divided Korean peninsula. Or why not send e-mail greetings using the light from the third millennium's dawn? Greenpeace will be sailing a solar-powered ship into the first sunrise of the new year. Type a greeting to a friend at and the environmental group will e-mail it along with a photo of the scene using nothing but the power of the sun.

There's no need to feel left out if you're stuck at the office, either. There's a party for those on desk duty with music and prizes at Just be careful not to spill champagne on your keyboard. Happy New Year.

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