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Numbers refer to the month the fiscal year ended:
1 = January
3 = March
5 = May
6 = June
8 = August
9 = September
12= December

L = publicly listed companies

U = unlisted companies

S = state-controlled companies

a Hokkaido Takushoku went bankrupt in Nov. 1997; Chuo Trust took over its operations in Honshu Area in Nov. 1998. Midori will be absorbed by Hanshin in 1999. Kyoto Kyoei planned to transfer its operations to Kofuku in October 1998.

b For Thai banks, % change is not given because changes in accounting rules under the Ministerial Regulation made 1996 and 1997 results incomparable. Under banking reforms announced by the Thai government, Bangkok Bank of Commerce and First Bangkok City Bank will be closed, and their operation will be taken over by Krung Thai. Bangkok Metropolitan and Siam City will be privatized.Laem Thong will be integrated with Radhanasin. Union will be integrated with finance company Krungthai Thanakit.

c St. George Bank acquired Advance Bank on Jan. 29, 1997.

d Hua Nan Commercial Bank was privatized on Jan. 22, 1998 with more than half the stock sold to the public.

e Fukutoku merged with Bank of Naniwa in October 1998.

f Colonial State was formerly State Bank of New South Wales.

g The Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) has taken over the following banks: Danamon, Modern, Umum Nasional, Dagang Nasional Indonesia , PDFCI, Tiara and Bank Central Asia. The operations of Dagang Nasional Indonesia, Umum Nasional and Modern were frozen August 21, 1998. Savings deposits of all banks are guaranteed by the government.

h RHB Capital bought DCB Bank and merged it with Kwong Yik in July 1997 to form RHB Bank.

i China Investment Bank reported pre-tax profit.

j State banks Ekspor Impor Indonesia, Bapindo, Bumi Daya and Dagang Negara are to be merged into one bank. Bank Rakyat Indonesia will be retained to do small credit and retail banking, for small enterprises and cooperatives.

k Singapore banks Tat Lee and Keppel merged on August 17, 1998.

l International Bank of Taipei was formerly Taipei Business Bank.

m Sime bank changed its accounting year-end from January 31 to June 30 last year. Fiscal 1997 results are for the 17 months to June 30, 1997. In March 1998, Sime Bank was acquired by RHB Bank; its branches are being renamed.

n Tokuyo City went bankrupt in November.

o Hanwa ceased operations in January and assigned its business to Kii Yokin Kanri Gingko company.

p On June 7, 1997, United Overseas (M) merged with Chung Khiaw (M). The 1997 results include those of Chung Khiaw (M) operations from June to December.

q Haifa Bank of China was closed by the People's Bank of China on June 21, 1998.

r International Bank Malaysia was formerly Hock Hua Bank (Sabah) Berhad.

s Arab Bangladesh reported pre-tax profit.

t Mashill plans to merge with Jaya International, Artamedia and Ciputra.

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