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Photo montage by Adam Connors
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41 J. Augusto Zobel de Ayala
BORN March 6, 1959, in Manila, Philippines
EDUCATION Harvard University, BA and MBA
FAMILY Married with three children
POWER POINTS By transforming Ayala Corp. into a major player in the Philippines' New Economy, Ayala is spearheading the nation's entry into e-commerce and the Internet revolution. Beyond the Philippines, Ayala is also betting on technology. Now to wait for the pay-off.

42 Rupert Murdoch
BORN March 11, 1931, in Melbourne, Australia
EDUCATION Worcester College, Oxford University
FAMILY Married, two daughters, two sons
QUOTE "I don't think there are too many communists left in China."
POWER POINTS His film studio produced Star Wars: The PhantomMenace, but Murdoch hasn't conquered the dark side just yet. Despite reaching some 130 million Chinese viewers, his STARTVhasn't turned a profit. This might explain Murdoch's shift to the region's other billion-viewer market -- India. With grand intentions to crack the subcontinent's New Economy, the tycoon announced a new investment strategy, plus an IT partnership with Japan's Softbank. Murdoch was also diagnosed with prostate cancer, and while he maintains that his treatment schedule will not affect his work, succession concerns are being raised in his empire -- particularly with his daughter Elisabeth's decision to form her own company. That leaves News Corp. to sons Lachlan and James. May the force be with them.

43 John Dodsworth
BORN Aug. 25, 1947, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K.
EDUCATION University of Stirling
FAMILY Married, four children
POWER POINTS Thanks to President Wahid's lack of interest in economics, his cabinet members have latched onto IMF policies set by Dodsworth, Indonesia's self-appointed financial guardian. He hasn't flinched from criticizing the slowness of Indonesian reform, even wielding the IMF's big stick when necessary. But not everyone agrees with the IMF's prescription -- or even with its involvement.

44 Megawati Sukarnoputri
BORN Jan. 23, 1947, in Jogjakarta, Indonesia
EDUCATION Padjajaran University, Indonesia
FAMILY Married, two sons, one daughter
QUOTE "Logically, the chairperson of the winner of the election becomes president."
POWER POINTS So close, and yet so far. No one understands that better than Megawati, who came within a stroke of winning the presidency. Arrogance and a reluctance to cut deals with Wahid cost her the election. The flower-arranging Megawati has also failed to transform her party from Sukarno-worshippers into a legitimate political force. Nor has she managed to broker a peace between its warring factions. Her awesome personal appeal is not all-powerful, made strikingly apparent in last year's failed campaign to convince East Timor to remain part of Indonesia. Yet she is only a step away from presidential power.

Edwin Tuyay for Asiaweek

45 Eduardo Cojuangco
BORN June 10, 1935, in Manila, Philippines
EDUCATION Degree in agriculture
FAMILY Married with four children
POWER POINTS It's nice to have friends in high places. It seems hardly coincidental, after all, that Cojuangco was installed chairman and CEO of SMCone day after his friend Joseph Estrada took the presidential oath. But Cojuangco has made SMC immensely profitable, transforming it into a lean, mean, conglomerate machine. He is also aggressively leading SMC into the Internet economy. One of Estrada's low-key yet influential economic and political advisers, Cojuangco is still enjoying his happy hour.

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