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Photo montage by Adam Connors
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36 Amien Rais

BORN April 26, 1944, in Solo, Central Java
EDUCATION Post-graduate degrees in political science
FAMILY Married to Kusnariyati Sri Rahayu, five children
QUOTE "Religious law teaches a life for a life, an ear for an ear, an eye for an eye."
POWER POINTS When opportunity knocks, Rais answers. The astute Jogjakarta lecturer turned defeat at the polls into a place as the chief of the People's Consultative Assembly, the nation's highest legislative body. Swinging from religious right to moderate center and back, Rais is hard to pin down, except as a political opportunist. Add to that his new status as a powerbroker: witness his naming of cabinet ministers after first maneuvering Abdurrahman Wahid to the presidency. But Rais's cavalier, shoot-from-the-hip approach doesn't sit well with the president, and his ideological switches have confused his public image and shaken his urban intellectual support. His challenge: find the right voter base to buttress his power.

37 Ishihara Shintaro
BORN Sept. 30, 1932, in Kobe, Japan
EDUCATION Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo
FAMILY Married, four sons
QUOTE "There is no political leader who is not a nationalist."
HOBBIES Golf and tennis
POWER POINTS He just can't keep his mouth shut. Author of the controversial The Japan That Can Say No, Ishihara recently slammed his foot into his mouth again, using the derogatory term sangokujin, for foreigners. Still, Tokyo is cheering his decision to tax big banks, thereby improving the city's finances. If only he were more action and less talk.

William West/AFP

38 Li Hongzhi
BORN July 7, 1952, in Jilin province, later changed by Li to May 13, 1951, to coincide with the Buddha's birthday
EDUCATION No. 48 Middle School, Changchun, Jilin
FAMILY Married, with one daughter
HOBBIES Plays the trumpet
POWER POINTS This former government grain clerk is still managing to unnerve China's leaders with his banned Buddhist-inspired religion. Since the 1999 protest at Zhongnanhai, Falungong practitioners have staged sporadic protests in Tiananmen Square, professing devotion to Li's teachings. Not bad for someone apparently in exile in New York.

China News Service
39 Wen Jiabao
BORN September 1942, in Tianjin
EDUCATION Beijing Institute of Geology
FAMILY Married to Zhang Peili
HOBBIES Bridge, classical Chinese painting
POWER POINTS Since taking charge of such high-profile portfolios as financial reform and agriculture, Wen is pleasing both CPC conservatives and liberals. Rumored to be Zhu Rongji's successor, the notoriously media-shy Wen wisely keeps a low profile. The former bridge buddy of late patriarch Deng Xiaoping, Wen probably learned more than a few card tricks. Now he has only to get the right hand.

40 Narayana Murthy
BORN Aug. 20, 1946, in Karnataka, India
EDUCATION Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
FAMILY Married, one daugher, one son
QUOTE "I'm a capitalist in my mind, a socialist in my heart."
POWER POINTS Being labeled a "national icon" can wreak havoc on your ego. But not on Murthy's, despite cofounding the biggest market-cap software firm listed on Nasdaq. The ex-socialist also gives stock options to all employees. Marx would approve. (See interview.)

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