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Photo montage by Adam Connors
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26 Zhang Wannian
BORN Aug. 1, 1928, in Longkou, Shandong province, China
EDUCATION Nanjing Military Institute, China
QUOTE "Any form of 'Taiwan independence' is absolutely unacceptable."
POWER POINTS The election of Chen Shui-bian in Taiwan has given this hawk back his wings. Zhang has been frustrated in his attempts to join the Politburo standing committee and was leap-frogged in the CMC by the militarily naive Hu Jintao. But the general's hard line on Taiwan is back in vogue. China's reported military build-up along the Strait bears witness to the level of influence that the PLA's point man now commands in Beijing.

27 Hun Sen
BORN April 4, 1952 in Kompong Cham, Cambodia
EDUCATION Lycee Indra Dhevi, Phnom Penh
FAMILY Married; six children, one grandchild
HOBBIES Playing chess, composing songs
QUOTE "Ask whether it's us or other groups of people who changed their ideas about justice for the Cambodian people."
POWER POINTS Hun Sen's year began with the delivery of his first grandchild, but the PM has had little time to play happy families. A scandal that blew up late last year, when a French magazine ran a story claiming Hun Sen's wife had ordered the shooting of his alleged mistress, still hangs over him. The PM is reserving his legal position on that one, but on the issue of a trial for former Khmer Rouge leaders he has taken a tougher line - refusing to let the U.N. dominate any tribunal. A little-loved man in a thankless job, Hun Sen has won both respect and power by bringing surviving Khmer Rouge leaders to their knees. His place in history will rest on what he does with them next.

28 Lee Teng-hui
BORN Jan. 15, 1923 in Tamsui, Taiwan
EDUCATION Kyoto Imperial University; National Taiwan University; Iowa State and Cornell (U.S.)
FAMILY Married with two daughters
POWER POINTS He was never going to go quietly, but Lee's last year as president was marked by his noisiest China-baiting yet. Declaring Taiwan and the PRC "equals" that deserve a "state-to-state" relationship, Lee sent a ripple of apoplexy through Beijing's corridors of power. But it was his quieter moves that had most impact. Lee is seen as having helped Chen Shui-bian to win the presidential election. If China's leaders thought an opposition victory would at least mean the end of the wily Lee, they were sorely mistaken.

29 Daim Zainuddin
BORN April 29, 1938, in Kedah State, Malaysia
EDUCATION Barrister-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, London
FAMILY Two wives; children by both
POWER POINTS They did it his way. PM Mahathir may have been the one to invoke the Sinatra principle of financial management, but it was Daim who was tasked with saving the economy. That he did, without a cent from the IMF. The appointment of a new economic adviser to Mahathir raises questions as to how much longer Daim, his job perhaps done, will keep hold of the tiller. But as finance minister and long-time treasurer of the dominant UMNO party, Daim remains the most influential figure in the Malaysian economy. His own business interests are prospering, too.

Chan Looi Tat for Asiaweek

30 Abd. Hadi Awang
BORN Oct. 20, 1947, in Trengganu state, Malaysia
EDUCATION Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia; Al-Azhar University, Egypt
FAMILY Two wives; thirteen children
HOBBIES Fishing, shooting, hunting, reading
POWER POINTS For a decade in parliament the fiery orator has espoused his dream of an Islamic state. As chief minister of Trengganu, he now has a chance to promote Islam as a way of life. Since his November election, Hadi has closed down many of the state's liquor shops, karaoke joints, massage parlors and gambling outlets, and Muslim women have been told to wear veils. But Hadi's biggest impact has been on a national scale, putting the issue of Islamization high on the political agenda - and forcing UMNO to re-evaluate its own position.

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