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Photo montage by Adam Connors
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21 Miyazawa Kiichi
BORN Oct. 8, 1919 in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
EDUCATION University of Tokyo
FAMILY Married, one daughter and one son
QUOTE "The IMF initially took a textbook approach. It could have adopted a more strategic method."
POWER POINTS Blamed by many for failing to prick the bubble economy when he was last at the finance ministry, the former PM is now credited with getting Japan Inc., if not steaming ahead, then at least back on track. The veteran pol's long memory also helped him recognize the real depth of the Asian Crisis. He threw other countries in the region a $30-billion lifeline, too.

22 Lee Hoi Chang
BORN June 2, 1935 in Seoheung, Hwanghae province, Korea
EDUCATION Seoul National University, Harvard University
FAMILY Married with two sons
QUOTE "Our democracy is not for negotiation with North Korea."
POWER POINTS The duty of the opposition is to oppose, and Lee Hoi Chang is not one to shirk an obligation. Lee has showed his political chops by using unemployment and scandals in President Kim Dae Jung's cabinet to generate anti-DJ sentiment across the country. A purge of the GNP old guard leaves him in firm control of key National Assembly committees - ensuring continuing checks on Kim and his reform policies.

23 Lee Kuan Yew
BORN Sept. 16, 1923 in Singapore
EDUCATION Cambridge University, Middle Temple, U.K.
FAMILY Married; one daughter, two sons (deputy PM Lee Hsien Loong and the head of Singapore Telecom, Lee Hsien Yang)
POWER POINTS The Crisis and the Internet-age were supposed to make the "Old Man" irrelevant. Only nobody told him. Instead of grumbling about change, the SM has emerged as a cheerleader for it, proposing a wave of "creative destruction" and "the abandonment of rules which have served us well for 30-plus years." Can be far off?

Edwin Tuyay for Asiaweek
24 Joseph Estrada
BORN April 19, 1937 in Manila
EDUCATION Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology
FAMILY Married, 13 children
POWER POINTS Allegations of cronyism and corruption in government, two major kidnappings and a virtual civil war in the South. These are tough times for the Malacaņang tough-guy - and he has the record-low popularity ratings to prove it. Erap denies all charges of impropriety and has kept the economy on an even keel. But perception is everything in Philippine politics and the champion of the poor has a make-or-break year ahead of him.


25 Pervez Musharraf
BORN Aug. 11, 1943 in New Delhi, India
EDUCATION Command and Staff College, Quetta, Pakistan; Royal College of Defense Studies, U.K.
FAMILY Married with one son and one daughter
HOBBIES Squash, badminton, bridge
POWER POINTS As career moves go, it was a biggie. On Oct. 12, 1999, Gen. Musharraf staged a military coup, ousting PM Nawaz Sharif and a government seen as corrupt and incompetent. Promising efficient, honest rule, the general initially garnered much public support. That has waned. Relations with India stayed sour following an incursion into Kashmir, the economy remains mired in debt and doubt, Sharif escaped the death sentence and elections are three years away. Still, there are no obvious challengers to Musharraf's command of one of Asia's biggest armies - and one of the world's newest nuclear arsenals.

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