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Getting Rid of the Rust: Three years after the Crisis, many in the Asiaweek Financial 500 are in the black. Will profitability last?

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Malaysia: Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
Snapshot: 33 banks in the 500 (1999: 34) Assets: $140.7b. ($134.1b.) Profits: $1.1b. (-$235m.)

Economic recovery is helping Malaysian banks repair balance sheets, but margins are being squeezed as deposit rates have gone up to attract savers. In the short term, rising interest rates at year-end would be another threat.

RESTRUCTURING The tumult of the last year, not unlike a school dance in which boys and girls are ordered to pair off, has produced merger and acquisition contracts that will cut the number of banks from 23 last year to just ten. Still, if you're expecting quick movement on layoffs, branch closures and efficiency savings to improve bottom-line results for the institutions, then you don't know Malaysia.

LENDING Despite scathing criticism from PM Mahathir Mohamad, loan growth remains meager — nowhere near the central bank's 8% target.

REGULATION The nation has tried to improve, but consider that a loan isn't classed as non-performing until it has been in arrears for at least six months. In the rest of Asia (and the world) the standard is 90 days.

LIBERALIZATION Officials plan no easing of rules against foreign ownership.

Performance Topnotchers: 10 Best Performing Banks

   Institution  HQ
$ Mill
$ Mill
Profit as % of



Assets Equity
1 MALAYAN BANKING Kuala Lumpur 30,915 255.2 0.8% 10.5% 75
2 BUMIPUTRA-COMMERCE BANK Kuala Lumpur 16,747 42.8 0.3% 4.5% 126
3 RHB BANK Kuala Lumpur 13,676 71.8 0.5% 6.5% 148
4 PUBLIC BANK Kuala Lumpur 11,378 162.1 1.4% 16.0% 167
5 HONG LEONG BANK Kuala Lumpur 6,458 30.9 0.5% 6.7% 225
6 HSBC BANK MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur 5,927 -125.4 238
7 STANDARD CHARTERED BANK MAL. Kuala Lumpur 4,727 89.0 1.9% 27.5% 270
8 SOUTHERN BANK Kuala Lumpur 4,631 27.0 0.6% 5.3% 271
9 OCBC BANK (MALAYSIA) Kuala Lumpur 4,432 53.0 1.2% 13.0% 275
10 CITIBANK Kuala Lumpur 3,997 90.9 2.3% 27.9% 290

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Rating show the number of banks in each category; "E" is the lowest grade for financial soundness. Souce: Moody's Investors Service

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