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The Hottest Portal

Asiaweek Pictures.
Taiwan-born Yang, 32, has helped turn a search engine into the Web's most-visited portal in Asia too.

So maybe it is the Wal-Mart of the Web. Yahoo has consistently demonstrated that maintaining mass appeal is not an art form to be sniffed at. The U.S.-based portal, which started in 1994 as the Web's first "navigational aid," has expanded into the Internet's master of mass, with 22 international properties visited by more than 145 million people every month. Asia has produced a bumper crop of domestic portals, but local-language and English versions of Yahoo are consistently near the top of country rankings of most-trafficked sites. That popularity adds up. In June, Yahoo's Japanese and South Korean portals ranked one/two for most page views in the entire Asia Pacific region, and the English version ranked fifth, according to market data firm AlexaResearch.

How does Yahoo beat the locals on home turf? Having one of the best-known brands on the Internet helps. So does offering all the services, such as stock quotes by pager and e-mail updates, that users expect. But while keeping up with the latest technology, co-founder and "chief Yahoo" Jerry Yang believes in keeping the site simple, relatively graphics-free — and therefore fast to download. Being quicker than the competition is a proven way to stay at the top of the heap.

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