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The Best Video Game

Final Fantasy VIII was one of the biggest selling games of 1999. The next installment is set to repeat the success.

There are three things that matter in a movie, goes a joke beloved of Hollywood film producers: "The script, the script and the script." Fitting then that Final Fantasy, from Japan's Squaresoft, should be the latest computer game to get the big screen treatment. What sets the series, now in its ninth installment, apart from other games is its storyline.

In Final Fantasy VIII you play Squall Leonhart, a surly ball of 17-year-old angst. Your mission: graduate from your elite military academy, save your land from a warring neighbor and find love with the free-spirited beauty Rinoa Heartilly. Mix in a dozen characters, magic, action and betrayal and you've got a plot that the average gamer can lose themselves in for months. So far 6.6 million have. Episode IX looks set to repeat the feat. In its first month of release in Japan it has sold 2.8 million copies, taking the tally for the entire anthology to over 30 million units. That's a blockbuster in anybody's language.

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