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For years China has been the envy of the world, hailed as the great 'economic miracle' thanks to its sustained double-digit growth.

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Xi Jinping's success so far: Taking control by following Deng Xiaopingupdated Fri Aug 29 2014 02:35:51

The 110th birthday of former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping was celebrated on August 22 with an exhibition, a television biopic, and a series of national events. The "paramount leader" ruled for more than a decade, kick-starting China's market economic reform.

GSK-linked investigator's trial begins in China updated Thu Aug 07 2014 22:33:03

An expatriate corporate detective based in Beijing and Shanghai, who worked with GlaxoSmithKline's under-fire Chinese wing, could soon discover the cost of allegedly falling afoul of China's often hazy corporate law.

China corruption charges no longer shockupdated Wed Jul 30 2014 23:59:05

President Xi Jinping's campaign to punish corrupt Chinese officials has hit its biggest target.

Corruption charges no longer shockupdated Wed Jul 30 2014 22:47:29

President Xi Jinping's campaign to punish corrupt Chinese officials has hit its biggest target.

The Xi Jinping cipher: Reformer or a 'dictator?'updated Tue Jul 15 2014 00:03:02

It's been nearly two years since Xi Jinping assumed paramount leadership in China and the world has mixed feelings about him.

China not at World Cup, but they're still crazy for itupdated Wed Jun 18 2014 01:30:46

Thirty-two of the world's best football teams are now competing for the iconic golden World Cup trophy -- but the planet's most populous nation is not among them.

Reflections from the front line of Tiananmen protests, 25 years onupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 02:20:20

It was 2 a.m. on Sunday April 18, 1989 when the phone rang, jolting me out of bed. I recognized the distinctive voice of the caller Jiang Liren, a student at Peking University, also known in Chinese as Beida.

Xi Jinping's push to add 'chili pepper' to China's anti-corruption driveupdated Fri Mar 21 2014 00:30:25

Xu Caihou, a retired PLA general and former vice-chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission (CMC), was taken from his sick bed at 301 Military Hospital in Beijing on Saturday by dozens of armed policemen, the South China Morning Post reported, quoting unidentified sources.

Big boots to fill: The new U.S. ambassador to Chinaupdated Wed Feb 12 2014 00:22:05

Washington is sending a veteran politician, not a career diplomat, as its new ambassador to China.

China marks muted 120th anniversary of Mao Zedongupdated Thu Dec 26 2013 01:39:29

The mood at the 120th anniversary of Chairman Mao Zedong's birthday is relatively muted, by Chinese standards.

Western journalists' China visa dramas: Don't shoot the messengerupdated Sat Dec 21 2013 20:48:15

Every December, foreign correspondents in China go through the rigmarole of renewing press cards and visas, which typically run out at the end of the year.

Remote classroom illustrates China's education challengesupdated Mon Dec 09 2013 23:35:01

"Stand to attention," barked the class monitor as we walked into the classroom at the Shahe Primary School, an hour's drive from the county seat of Tengchong, a remote region in China's Yunnan Province.

China's reforms: Enlarging but not discarding the cageupdated Wed Nov 20 2013 22:53:48

One year in the job as the Chinese Communist Party supremo, Xi Jinping so far has presided over a relatively smooth transition of leadership. But what is his vision for the next 10 years, when he is expected to serve as paramount leader?

Reading the tea leaves: China's Party plenums past and presentupdated Fri Nov 08 2013 01:32:05

China's new leaders, just one year in their posts, will meet in Beijing this weekend for the Third Plenum of the Chinese Communist Party's central committee.

The good, the bad and the exiled? China's Class of '77updated Mon Oct 07 2013 01:58:28

After walking several blocks through New York's busy streets recently, I finally found Wang Juntao in the middle of Times Square, where the exiled Chinese dissident was holding a sit-down protest.

Online popularity can be perilous as China obsesses about Internet rumorsupdated Fri Sep 13 2013 03:59:31

In China online popularity can sometimes spell trouble.

Is China's corruption crackdown really a political purge?updated Thu Sep 05 2013 01:48:48

When it comes to fighting corruption, virtually all Chinese give the "thumbs up."

From Gang of Four to Bo Xilai: Reporting from China's 'show trials'updated Wed Aug 28 2013 00:24:37

Covering the trial of Bo Xilai, a man once tipped to rise to the summit of Chinese politics, reminded me of the time I reported on a similarly explosive story in the early 1980s -- the trial of the so-called "Gang of Four" in China.

China's Bo Xilai trial: A show or serious test of Communist Party reforms? updated Sun Aug 18 2013 19:51:46

Chinese authorities have ended the waiting game over when political pariah Bo Xilai will face court over corruption charges.

Bo Xilai: Source close to family calls charges 'ridiculous'updated Sun Aug 04 2013 22:44:45

It's the Chinese crime story of the century and a major embarrassment for the country's all-powerful Communist Party.

Beijing Airport bomb: A desperate cry for help?updated Wed Jul 24 2013 01:44:45

"I have a bomb!" a wheelchair bound man shouted, holding what looked like a homemade bomb. "Stay away from me."

Jin Xing: China's sex-change pioneerupdated Thu Jul 11 2013 00:02:48

Few people have had so much impact on the Chinese attitude towards sexuality and gender equality than Jin Xing.

Will North Korea's young leader sit up and listen to China?updated Fri Apr 12 2013 01:13:31

If the latest U.S. intelligence reports are true then North Korea is planning to test-fire not one but multiple missiles, the latest provocative act by its unpredictable young leader.

Charm offensive: Peng Liyuan, China's glamorous new First Ladyupdated Sat Mar 23 2013 21:42:07

China's new First Lady is poised to impress--and burnish China's image overseas.

Xi Jinping: China's new boss a man with a dreamupdated Sat Mar 16 2013 04:19:38

Xi Jinping has taken the center stage as China's undisputed paramount leader.

Finger-pointing after Chinese baby murderupdated Fri Mar 08 2013 00:25:23

The public outcry continued in China's cyberspace days after Haobo, a two-month-old boy, was killed by a man who stole his parents' car with the child inside.

Chinese Catholics pine for open-minded pope to heal riftsupdated Fri Mar 01 2013 13:06:25

Many of China's Catholics are awaiting the election of Pope Benedict XVI's successor with high expectations.

Austerity is China's new year resolution -- by orderupdated Mon Feb 11 2013 00:52:38

Hold the shark's fin soup. Cancel the elaborate pre-Chinese New Year parties.

Living with Beijing's 'air-pocalypse'updated Sat Jan 19 2013 01:35:25

"Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in...." my wife Ana blurted into a song this week, as she gazed eastwards through the window of our apartment in downtown Beijing.

Censorship protest a test for Chinaupdated Tue Jan 08 2013 03:25:52

The rundown of recommended stories on some popular Chinese social media sites showed nothing extraordinary this week until users looked a little more closely.

Opinion: Corruption as China's top priorityupdated Sun Jan 06 2013 21:52:55

China's new paramount leader, Xi Jinping, is making the fight against corruption his No. 1 mission.

What Onion saga says about China's sense of humorupdated Fri Nov 30 2012 02:13:05

China's state-run People's Daily newspaper is known for political correctness rather than a sense of humor.

On Xi's to-do list: Fix China's drinking problemupdated Fri Nov 23 2012 05:30:30

When China's new leader Xi Jinping spoke to the media last week, one sound bite struck me as especially noteworthy.

Checkered end-of-term report card for Hu Jintaoupdated Thu Nov 08 2012 02:59:04

When Hu Jintao steps down as leader of China's Communist Party this month, not everyone will view his record over the last 10 years favorably.

Reforming China's controversial labor campsupdated Thu Oct 18 2012 22:48:48

China is a country where the rule of law is selective and often unjust.

LeBron and NBA still slam-dunking rivals in Chinaupdated Fri Oct 12 2012 03:27:38

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James on Thursday led the reigning NBA champions into the first of two pre-season matches staged in China against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Video of autistic child being beaten provokes Internet outrageupdated Fri Oct 05 2012 03:46:23

Even a grainy three-month-old video clip can stir up a controversy.

Bo Xilai saga nears the end gameupdated Thu Sep 27 2012 19:56:54

The Bo Xilai saga -- the incredible story of elite politics, murder, intrigue and betrayal -- seems to be winding down with the trial and sentencing of Wang Lijun. And yet one question remains open: What will happen to the man once tipped for the top job in China?

Jockeying for position ahead of China's leadership jamboreeupdated Fri Sep 07 2012 04:01:57

Divining what is going in China's opaque political world is like reading tea leaves: it may be interesting but it's ultimately a futile exercise.

Disgraced Party chief looms large over China's leadershipupdated Fri Aug 31 2012 00:12:44

As China looks to usher in its next generation of leaders, one of the messiest political scandals to hit the ruling Communist Party in years continues to fester.

Who are the next generation of Chinese leaders?updated Thu Aug 16 2012 21:48:39

After much speculation, it is now official: The Communist Party of China (CPC) will convene its 18th Party Congress in Beijing during the "latter half of this year," a party official announced this week without giving specific dates.

Bo and Gu on trial, in different waysupdated Wed Aug 08 2012 21:18:09

In the high-stakes world of Communist Party politics, it sometimes takes a politician only one wrong move to slide from fame to shame.

Is China's lust for Olympic gold fading?updated Fri Aug 03 2012 04:41:34

Eight female badminton players were disqualified from the Olympics this week for apparently trying to throw their matches to secure a favorable draw.

China's best Olympic hopes in Londonupdated Fri Jul 27 2012 02:09:48

When the Olympic torch lights up in London on Friday, hundreds of millions of TV screens, laptops and mobile phones will likewise be turned on in China.

Chinese Catholics keep faith amid Beijing-Vatican spatupdated Fri Jul 13 2012 02:17:44

Beijing and the Vatican are again shadow boxing over the ordination of a new Chinese bishop without the Pope's blessing.

People power a sign of times in China's internet ageupdated Fri Jul 06 2012 03:21:55

Every so often, grassroots activism succeeds in China.

China's capital still getting kick from 2008 Olympic partyupdated Mon Jul 02 2012 02:05:09

Four years after hosting the 2008 Summer Games, Beijing's Olympic legacy appears to be a lasting one.

Drogba joins China's foreign legionupdated Fri Jun 22 2012 23:11:39

The foreign invasion of China's professional football league reached fever pitch this week with the announcement that former Chelsea forward Didier Drogba will play with the Shanghai Shenhua team next season.

Chinese women push for a place in spaceupdated Fri Jun 15 2012 04:13:20

On Saturday at 6:37 p.m. (6:37 a.m. ET), China is scheduled to launch its first female astronaut into space as part of a three-person crew.

School's out: Chinese graduates fight to be heardupdated Tue Jun 12 2012 02:53:15

Some 6.8 million college students will graduate in China this summer, an exhilarating time for students and their families alike.

China's crackdown on foreigners raises specter of xenophobiaupdated Sun Jun 03 2012 01:06:13

"Does this mean I must now carry my passport everyday?" my wife Ana wondered aloud with a mix of bemusement and exasperation.

China's Bob Dylan-inspired pioneer still rockingupdated Fri May 11 2012 04:28:55

Cui Jian burst onto the music scene in China 26 years ago with his signature number, "Nothing To My Name."

China, U.S. searching for 'face-saving' solution to Chen sagaupdated Thu May 03 2012 23:52:31

"Very busy lately, huh?" Lao Liu greets me one morning on my way to work. "What's going on with this Chen Guangcheng guy?"

Daring to speak out about Bo Xilai thrillerupdated Thu Apr 26 2012 04:26:29

Once the ultimate power couple in China, Bo Xilai and his wife Gu Kailai have now vanished.

China enters internet 'battlefield' over Bo updated Sat Apr 21 2012 00:10:42

China is now gripped by one of the most sensational political scandals in decades.

China moves to contain Bo Xilai scandalupdated Thu Apr 12 2012 00:00:45

For hours, China's micro-blogging community was abuzz with anxious tweets: an important announcement would be released at 6:30 or 7 p.m. on the official China Central Television (CCTV).

High expectations for China's presumptive premierupdated Fri Apr 06 2012 01:57:16

If body language is a good gauge of political standing, Li Keqiang is looking very much like China's premier-in-waiting.

China works hard to project soft powerupdated Fri Mar 30 2012 02:39:47

China conjures various images.

Heavy hand of China's censors fuels online frenzyupdated Fri Mar 23 2012 03:11:07

Earlier this week, I got an email from a nephew who lives in Japan.

The rise and fall of China's Bo Xilaiupdated Fri Mar 16 2012 00:16:09

"Those who win become emperors, those who lose become bandits."

China rockets forward in race to moonupdated Thu Mar 08 2012 21:47:40

Watch out, America. China is steadily catching up in space.

Cashing in on Jeremy Lin showupdated Fri Feb 24 2012 03:22:14

Entrepreneurs of all stripes are cashing in on the Lin-sanity phenomenon as swiftly as the NBA sensation can pull off his furious fast breaks.

Jeremy 'Lin-demand' in Chinaupdated Fri Feb 17 2012 00:24:18

Jeremy Lin's improbable success in the NBA has prompted a spate of "gee-whiz" stories and added "Linsanity" into everyday lexicon.

Why China didn't back U.N. plan for Syriaupdated Thu Feb 09 2012 11:13:26

China will sometimes say "no" and the world should get used to it.

Who is Xi: China's next leaderupdated Thu Feb 02 2012 22:49:49

Anyone interested in world affairs, Chinese diplomacy and China's future should know more about Xi Jinping.

Beijing's New Year surprise: PM 2.5 readingsupdated Fri Jan 27 2012 00:13:16

Beijing ushered in the Year of the Dragon with a bold move.

China's urban explosion: A 21st century challengeupdated Fri Jan 20 2012 03:29:20

Until about four years ago, farmer Zhou Jie and his family had been living in rural Anhui province, growing grain and other staples on a small plot of land.

Taiwan votes: Why it mattersupdated Fri Jan 13 2012 02:13:50

Jobs and money, national identity and political stability.

China, Myanmar reaffirm ties amid U.S. diplomatic moveupdated Thu Dec 01 2011 22:07:25

On a typical day, China's border with Myanmar is quite porous and vibrant. Often from the same ethnic groups, traders from both sides share much in common and do brisk business.

Labor woes send shudder through Beijingupdated Thu Nov 24 2011 23:36:35

China's recent economic downturn is spurring a new wave of worker strikes, which experts say are the only effective channel for them to air their grievances.

China air pollution: 'Slightly polluted' or 'hazardous'?updated Thu Nov 17 2011 21:31:29

As I type this week's column, I look out of my office window and stare at a depressing sight. A heavy blanket of smog and dust hangs over the sky. Buildings nearby are barely visible. Air is barely breathable.

As China's rich grow in numbers, so do their mobile aspirations updated Fri Nov 11 2011 03:32:42

Despite the global financial crisis, China's rich are getting richer.

Blind lawyer makes Chinese officials jitteryupdated Fri Nov 04 2011 22:38:03

I first interviewed blind activist Chen Guangcheng for CNN in 2004. We drove five hours from Beijing to visit him in Dongshigu, a rural hamlet in Shandong province.

China copes with promise and perils of one-child policyupdated Fri Oct 28 2011 22:44:01

The world's population is expected to hit 7 billion around October 31 and one Chinese demographer says that number would have come a lot sooner had it not been for China's "one-child policy."

China soul-searching after toddler's deathupdated Sat Oct 22 2011 00:03:19

Wang Yue, the two-year-old girl who was left for dead on a narrow street in southern China after a hit-and-run accident, has died.

Tensions rise between doctors and patients in Chinaupdated Fri Oct 14 2011 08:15:17

In China, it is sometimes the doctors who call for medical help.

U.S. tensions rise over China's currency policy updated Fri Oct 07 2011 01:20:40

Since China adopted a "managed float" of the renminbi (RMB) in 2005, the RMB has appreciated in real terms by over 20 per cent against the U.S. dollar.

China's space ambition soarsupdated Thu Sep 29 2011 23:14:21

China on Thursday launched its first space laboratory module, marking another step upward for its space program.

Independent candidates test China's election experimentupdated Fri Sep 23 2011 02:53:42

Elections are underway in China. Not for the country's presidency but for "Renmin Daibiao," or the National People's Representatives Congress.

Growing pains hit mental health in Chinaupdated Fri Sep 16 2011 03:23:27

When an ax-wielding man attacked people on the street in Henan Province on Wednesday, the terse media reports created headlines and public panic. Wang Hongbin, 30, killed six people, including two children, and is said to be mentally ill.

Rising to the Great Wall's challengesupdated Fri Sep 09 2011 09:28:33

"He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a real man," the Chinese like to say.

Proposed legal changes in China cause jittersupdated Sat Sep 03 2011 00:06:51

Obsessed with keeping social order, China is now pushing to revise its laws in ways that will broaden police powers.

China's Apple fans lament cult figure Jobs' resignationupdated Thu Aug 25 2011 08:52:57

Liu Jinhua says she almost choked when she heard the news that Steve Jobs has resigned. "I couldn't believe what I heard," says the private entrepreneur. "Then I chose to not to believe it."

U.S., China's road from bitter foes to wary rivalsupdated Thu Aug 18 2011 22:17:51

As we watch U.S. Vice President Joe Biden hold talks with his Chinese hosts this week, it is apt to look back at the precarious state of China-U.S. relations four decades ago and how far they have come along.

In Beijing's Yabaolu, 'good friends' come to tradeupdated Fri Aug 12 2011 01:46:13

Sasha drags bulging shopping bags onto a trishaw as he heads back to his hotel, ending another hectic day in Beijing. It's hectic but lucrative.

Yao Ming: NBA's towering presence looks to his futureupdated Sat Jul 16 2011 02:23:06

It was the most neck-breaking assignment I've ever covered.

Yao Ming: NBA's towering presence looks to his futureupdated Sat Jul 16 2011 02:21:49

It was the most neck-breaking assignment I've ever covered.

Death rumors spur reflections on Jiang legacyupdated Thu Jul 07 2011 23:34:30

How will Jiang Zemin be remembered?

'Red' culture campaign sweeps Chinaupdated Thu Jun 30 2011 20:55:52

Walking down the streets of Beijing, it's hard to avoid seeing red slogans lining the sidewalks. Switching on a TV at home, almost every channel hosts a gala show performed on a red-colored stage.

Chinese Communists, 90 years later, still fighting corruptionupdated Sat Jun 25 2011 01:29:09

As the Communist Party of China (CPC) celebrates the 90th anniversary of its founding, party officials are pledging to continue the fight against corruption.

China's military modernization a cause for concern?updated Fri Jun 17 2011 23:27:13

"Aircraft carriers are tools of imperialism, and they're like sitting ducks waiting to be shot," a senior Beijing official told a group of overseas visitors. "China will never build an aircraft carrier."

Wanna learn English, anyone?updated Fri Jun 10 2011 07:02:05

One of my first jobs in China was teaching English through songs on CCTV, China's national television station.

Inner Mongolia beset by ethnic conflictupdated Thu Jun 02 2011 23:59:45

There is high tension in Inner Mongolia, China's strategic frontier region, where the death of a Mongolian has triggered rare street protests.

Kim's secretive visit to China a vital oneupdated Thu May 26 2011 23:21:21

North Korean strongman Kim Jong Il rarely travels overseas.

Mining fuels Mongolia's 'wolf economy'updated Fri May 20 2011 00:28:36

Mongolia has always conjured a mix of exotic appeal and isolation. Sandwiched between Russia and China, the remote nation has for decades endured severe economic stagnation and political repression.

China yields to protests when stability mattersupdated Sun May 01 2011 00:18:22

When hundreds of truckers went on a slowdown strike in Shanghai several days ago, the impact was immediately palpable: The movement of goods in one of China's largest container ports was virtually paralyzed. China watchers wondered how authorities would react. Will they send in the anti-riot troops? How soon will the heavy hand of the state come down?

China's Premier Wen: 'Speak the truth'updated Thu Apr 21 2011 22:56:52

In a round-table meeting with government advisers and researchers of a government-run think tank on April 14, Premier Wen Jiabao enjoined them to listen to people's voices and relay these truthfully to top leaders.