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Support for impeachment rises slightly after Judiciary vote

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics) -- The latest CNN/USA TODAY/Gallup poll shows that support for President Clinton's impeachment has risen slightly in the wake of the House Judiciary Committee's approval of four articles of impeachment against him.

However, nearly six in 10 Americans continue to oppose impeachment. And most Americans say that members of Congress have a duty to pay more attention to their constituents than their conscience when it comes to a vote on impeachment.

The public now believes that the House will impeach Clinton but predicts that the Senate will not vote to remove him from office. Most Americans favor censure and do not think that Clinton should resign.

One reason: At 64 percent, the percentage of people who approve of how Clinton is handling his job as president remains high -- significantly higher than Ronald Reagan or Dwight Eisenhower in December of their sixth years in office.

December 12-13

Question 1:Should your U.S. representative vote to impeach Clinton?

  Now Dec. 4-6
Yes 38% 32%
No 59 66
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 2:Clinton should...

  Yes No
Be censured 57% 38%
Be impeached 38 59
Resign 37 62
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 3: Members of Congress should pay more attention to...

Their constituents 70%
Their conscience 27
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 4:Will the House impeach Clinton?

  Now Dec. 8
Yes 54% 37%
No 41 59
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 5:Will the Senate remove Clinton from office?

Yes 37%
No 58
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 6:How Clinton is handling his job as president

Approve 64%
Disapprove 34
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 7:Country will be harmed if Clinton...

Is impeached 44%
Is not impeached 22
No difference 31
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 8:Will foreign policy be harmed during Senate trial?

Yes 55%
No 41
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 9:Will economy be harmed during Senate trial?

Yes 48%
No 48
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 10:Will government operate effectively during Senate trial?

Yes 47%
No 48
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 11:Is impeachment very important to you personally?

Yes 53%
No 46
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 12:Is impeachment very important to country as a whole?

Yes 65%
No 35
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 13:Closely following impeachment proceedings?

Now 77%
Dec. 11 59
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 14:Hearings made you have less respect for...

Republicans in Congress 58%
Democrats in Congress 53
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 15:Favorable opinion of...

Democratic Party 66%
Republican Party 57
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 16:How House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde handled impeachment hearings

Fair 50%
Unfair 32
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 17:How Republicans on committee handled hearings

  Now Dec. 8
Approve 35% 34%
Disapprove 58 49
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Question 18:How Democrats on committee handled hearings

  Now Dec. 8
Approve 44% 36%
Disapprove 46 42
Sampling error: +/-4% pts

Investigating the President


Sunday, December 13, 1998

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