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Transcript provided by FDCH

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Transcript: Questioning By Representative Barney Frank (D-MA)

House Judiciary Committee hearing, December 8, 1998

SENSENBRENNER: The gentleman's time has expired.

JACKSON LEE (?): Parliamentary inquiry, Mr. Chairman.

FRANK: Mr. Chairman. Now it's my time, and I would ask Mr. Craig if he would...

SENSENBRENNER: It's not your time until I recognize you. The gentleman from Massachusetts, Mr. Frank.

FRANK: Oh, thank you, Mr. Chairman. That was very important.


Mr. Craig, I wonder if you might like to answer the accusations. I must say with Mr. McCollum, I had trouble because it seemed to me there was a mixture of grand jury and deposition. And it wasn't clear which was which, and while Mr. McCollum obviously did not want you to respond to that -- understandably -- I would like you to respond.

CRAIG: I will try to be very quick, Congressman Frank...

FRANK: Why? He wasn't.

CRAIG: And thank you. First let me say, Congressman McCollum, that we are going to file with the committee today a written response that I think will address every single one of those allegations that you just went through. You can find them consolidated on pages 18 and 19 of Mr. Starr's presentation before this committee. And there are two things that I think are very important to get straight.

One is that the characterization of the president's testimony in each one of those incidents is inaccurate. And the second thing is that you've mixed up grand jury testimony with civil deposition testimony in very dangerous and misleading ways.

And I hope -- I heard you answer questions over the weekend, and I was very pleased with your response on the issue of separating allegations of perjury on the civil deposition from allegations of perjury having to do with the grand jury.

Investigating the President


Tuesday, December 8, 1998

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