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Supporters rally for hospitalized L.A. sheriff

LOS ANGELES (AllPolitics, October 28) -- Los Angeles County Sheriff Sherman Block is recovering after having a golfball-sized blood clot removed from his brain.

"Sheriff Block is in serious but stable condition, and his level of alertness continues to improve," Sheriff's Department spokeswoman, Deputy Angie Prewett, said.

Block, 74, was hospitalized Saturday after falling in the shower. His neurologist, Dr. Srinath Samudrala suspects the blood clot may have caused the accident.

Incumbent Block is up for re-election and faces Republican opponent Lee Baca in next Tuesday's election. Block's health has been a part of Baca's campaign platform.

As a result of Block's recent surgery, Baca changed his campaign advertisements so that they made no mention of the sheriff and "temporarily suspended campaign appearances out of respect and concern for Mr. Block, his family, and the LA County Sheriff Department."

With Block still hospitalized, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) and Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, among others, demonstrated their support for the sheriff at a fund-raiser Tuesday night.

Feinstein told Block supporters at the fund-raiser that "every big department has problems, and I've seen him overcome those problems. And there's no reason to believe that that won't continue to happen."

The senator commended the sheriff saying that she wanted the people of Los Angeles County "to know that one of the great sheriffs of the United States is the sheriff of Los Angeles. And in many people's book he is the very best."

Riordan told supporters that "Sherm has been with the LA Sheriff's Department for 42 years, 16 years as its leader" and that "he's going to be a great leader for another four years."


Wednesday, October 28, 1998

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