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GOP finally raises Lewinsky scandal in ads (10-28-98)


Post your opinions on the November races

Clinton: Democratic agenda best bet for voters on election day

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, October 28) -- With midterm elections just six days off, President Bill Clinton Wednesday urged all Americans to vote and said the big issues are the economy and Republican opposition to everything from education reform to saving Social Security.


Asked about new GOP campaign ads alluding to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Clinton said, "The Republicans are free to make the election about whatever they want to make the elections about. How can I object to them exercising their free speech rights?"

The president claimed Republicans are against tobacco restrictions, more money for school renovations, an increase in the minimum wage and Social Security reform.

"The choices in this election are very, very clear," he said. "All these issues plus my continuing efforts to maintain a financial stability, economic stability around the world and keep the economy going make this a very important time."

Clinton noted the $70 billion federal budget surplus is the first since 1969 and applauded the commitment of congressional Democrats to hold onto that money -- rather than spend it on election year tax cuts -- until a plan is enacted to keep the nation's Social Security safety net intact.

"I'm very pleased that attempts to spend that surplus rather than preserve it until we reform the Social Security system to meet the needs of the 21st century were not successful in the last Congress," he said. "It is important we maintain this position until we have saved Social Security."

At a joint news conference with Colombian President Andres Pastrana, Clinton was asked about the strong opposition Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces in his country to the Wye River Peace agreement with the Palestinians.

"I would urge all the onlookers here, including all of us in the press and in public life, not to overreact to every bump and turn in the road," said Clinton.


Wednesday, October 28, 1998

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