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Investigating The President

Poll: Release of Clinton's testimony creates backlash against GOP

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Sept. 24) -- The release of Bill Clinton's videotaped testimony on Monday may have created a temporary backlash against Republican candidates, according the latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

Fifty-one percent of likely voters now say they would vote for the Democratic candidate in their congressional district if the November elections for Congress were held today, giving the Democrats a six-point lead over Republicans. Last week the two parties were in a dead heat.

Only a third of all Americans now approve of how congressional Republicans are handling the Clinton investigation, a nine-point drop from mid-September.

But it remains to be seen whether the broadcast of the Clinton videotape will still influence voters six weeks from now.

However, Republicans nationwide say they are more motivated to vote this year than Democrats do. Nearly three-quarters of all Americans who call themselves Republicans are extremely or very motivated to vote. That indicates that a low turnout in November's election will help the GOP's chance to retain control of the House.

The poll was conducted via interviews with 1,046 adult Americans, including 539 likely voters, Sept. 23-24.

"If the elections for Congress were being held today, which party's candidate would you vote for in your congressional district: the Democratic Party's candidate or the Republican Party's candidate?"
    Now Sept. 14-15
  Democrat 51% 48%
  Republican 45% 47%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points

"Do you approve or disapprove of the way each of the following has handled the controversy over Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky?"

A. Bill Clinton
B. The Republicans in Congress
C. The Democrats in Congress

    Approve Disapprove
  Democrats 45% 41%
  Republicans 32% 59%
  Clinton 30% 66%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points

How GOP is handling Lewinsky controversy, compared to Sept. 11-12 poll:
    Approve Disapprove
  Now 32% 59%
  Sept. 11-12 43% 48%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points

"How motivated do you feel to get out and vote this year?

Extremely or very motivated
    Yes No
  Republicans 73% 26%
  Democrats 62% 37%
Sampling error: +/- 6% points

"Do you approve or disapprove of the way Bill Clinton is handling his job as President?"
    Yes No
  Now 66% 33%
  Sept. 21 66% 33%
  Sept. 14-15 63% 36%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points

"Based on what you know at this point, do you think that Bill Clinton should or should not be impeached and removed from office?"
    Yes No
  Now 29% 68%
  Sept. 21 32% 66%
  Sept. 13 31% 66%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points

"Do you think Bill Clinton should or should not resign now and turn the presidency over to Al Gore?"
    Yes No
  Now 33% 64%
  Sept. 21 39% 59%
  Sept. 13 36% 62%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points

"Rather than removing President Clinton from office, do you think Congress should or should not resolve this matter by voting to censure Clinton -- that is, pass a formal resolution expressing disapproval of his action?"
  Favor   56%
  Oppose   39%
Sampling error: +/- 4.5% points

"Rather than removing President Clinton from office, do you think Congress should or should not resolve this matter by voting to censure Clinton -- that is, pass a formal resolution expressing disapproval of his actions, as well as require to admit to perjury and pay a heavy fine for the costs of the investigation?"
  Favor   47%
  Oppose   46%
Sampling error: +/- 4.5% points

"In determining what course of action to take in the Clinton investigation, Congress may face three choices in the near future. As I read those choices, please tell me which you would prefer to take:

A. Congress should continue to hold hearings on whether to impeach Clinton;

B. Congress should vote to censure Clinton and allow him to serve out the remaining two years in office, and stop holding hearings; or

C. Congress should not hold hearings or censure Clinton and should drop the matter altogether."

Congress should ...
  Censure   37%
  Hearings   27%
  No action   35%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points

"In order to form your own opinion about the impeachment of President Clinton, do you feel you have all the facts and information you need in order to make up your mind, or do you feel you need more facts and investigation?"
  Yes   72%
  No   20%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points

"Still thinking about the Clinton-Lewinsky investigation, if Bill Clinton's version of events and Ken Starr's version of events appear to conflict, who would you tend to believe more: Bill Clinton or Ken Starr?"
  Starr   47%
  Clinton   37%
Sampling error: +/- 3% points


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