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Investigating The President

Starr report at a glance

WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, Sept. 11) -- When House leaders released Independent Counsel Ken Starr's report Friday, they dumped nearly 500 pages of detail about the investigation on to the press and public, via the Internet.

Here are links to some of the key sections of Starr's report:

Personal details of the Clinton- Monica Lewinsky relationship

In establishing a relationship between President Bill Clinton and the former White House intern, Starr's report relies heavily on Lewinsky's account of her relationship with the president. In addition to the graphic descriptions of their sexual encounters there is information on gifts exchanged, phone messages and physical evidence.

Lewinsky's testimony also provides a human angle to the story. She relates falling in love with Clinton and the steps they took to maintain secrecy, with some help from presidential secretary Betty Currie.

It is the report's more salacious sexual details that have people talking (and cringing). From the initial flirtation, to their first sexual encounter through their break-up, Starr's referral outlines the 10 sexual encounters between the two. On the timeline and number of meetings, there are some contradictions between the href="6cnarrit.htm#L31">president's story and that of the ex-intern.


Starr accuses Clinton of lying under oath twice. The first time was in his deposition in Paula Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit, when he denied a sexual relationship with Lewinsky and said he could not recall being alone with her or exchanging gifts. The second instance of alleged perjury was in his Aug. 17 grand jury testimony in the Lewinsky investigation.

Obstruction of justice

The referral says there is evidence Clinton obstructed justice to conceal evidence regarding his relationship with Lewinsky from the Jones lawyers by concealing gifts and engaging in an understanding with Lewinsky about their intentions to deny their affair under oath.


The report alleges the president attempted to sway the testimony of White House secretary Betty Currie. Currie testified that she believes the president summoned her to the Oval Office after his deposition in the Jones case to convince her "to agree with him" on his false testimony.

Abuse of power

Starr alleges that in several instances the president failed his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws. Misleading his staff -- such as when he told Sidney Blumnethal that Lewinsky had "come on" to him -- was an abuse of power, according to Starr, because Clinton knew they would repeat his lie to the grand jury. Prosecutors also say the president misused his office by refusing to testify for seven months and invoking privileges meant to impede their investigation.


Friday September 11, 1998

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