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Tuesday March 31, 1998

Jones' Lawyers Willing To Delay Trial
House OKs Disaster, Military Spending
Banking Overhaul Falters In House
Bella Abzug Dies At 77

Tax News

Monday March 30, 1998

McCain Unveils Proposed Tobacco Policy
Clinton Lawyer Responds To Jones Filing
Oliphant Show At Library Of Congress
Gingrich Offers A Wide-Ranging Mea Culpa
Lawmakers Clash Over Campaign Finance Bills
Justices Delay Request For Foster Attorney's Notes
Attorney Says Woman Wants No Part In Jones Case

Erskine Bowles Speaks On Tobacco Legislation

A Big Battle Over Northern California's 3rd District

Bill Mitchell: Talking Heads

Saturday March 28, 1998

Jones' Lawyers Allege Cover-up Of Willey Papers
Gov. Bush Skips GOP Presidential Event

Friday March 27, 1998

Fiscally Conservative Republicans Take Aim At Highway Bill
Landow Not A Clinton Confidant
Justice Department Acts Against Telecommunications Industry
Lott Says No Minimum Wage Hike This Year
Presidential Certification For Mexico Stands

Mike Luckovich: Oscar Night
Bill Mitchell: Year 2000 Bug

Thursday March 26, 1998

California Governor's Race Gets Tougher
Senate Supports IMF; House Ties Abortion To Foreign Policy Bill
Second Set Of First Lady's Billing Records Found
Daschle: Senate GOP Plan For IRS Reform Too Expensive
'Inside Politics' Interview: Stuart Rothenberg, Charles Cook
McCain Prepares To Unveil Tobacco Settlement Proposal
Hyde Names Chicago Lawyer To Key Spot
Senate Panel Ponders Removing Saddam Hussein
California Appeals Prop. 187 Ruling
Reno Urges 'Balanced' Response To Jonesboro Shootings

Wednesday March 25, 1998

Clinton Asks Reno To Probe Arkansas Shootings
Arkansas Shootings Could Spur Congressional Action
NRA Reacts To Arkansas School Shooting
Democrats Assail Gingrich 'Reserve Fund'
House Committee Battles Over Impeachment 'Plot'
Lewinsky's Mother Fails To Quash Subpoena
Disaster Relief, Military Spending Bill Moves Forward In Senate

Bob Lang: African Tour '98
Bill Mitchell: Out Of Africa

Tuesday March 24, 1998

Lewinsky Judge Meets With Lawyers
Clinton Expresses Shock Over Arkansas Shootings
"Inside Politics" Interview: Rep. Bob Livingston
FEC Upholds Excluding Perot From '96 Debates

Anti-Abortion Activist Randall Terry Runs For Congress In N.Y.
Rothenberg's 1998 Senate Ratings

Voter's Voice:
Starr v. Clinton

Monday March 23, 1998

Lewinsky Father: Executive Privilege Will Prolong Daughter's Suffering
State Sanctions Contribute To Dropping Welfare Rolls
Ex-Ron Brown Partner Claims Clintons Backed 'Sale' Of Trade Seats
Pesky Old Reality Intrudes On 'Primary Colors'
Jones Legal Team Says 'Sexual Aversion' Claim Not New

Most Americans Think Their Moral Standards Are Higher Than Clinton's

Bill Mitchell: And The Nominees Are

Sunday March 22, 1998

GOP Leaders: Invoking Executive Privilege A Mistake

Saturday March 21, 1998

Clinton Approval Rating Down Slightly
Clinton Invokes Executive Privilege in Lewinsky Probe

Friday March 20, 1998

Clinton's Lawyer Wants Jones' Lawsuit Thrown Out
Bennett Flip-Flops On Jones' Sexual Past
White House Scandal At A Glance
Washington Lobbying Tops $1.2 Billion A Year
Bennett Says Willey Not Relevant To Jones' Case

Public Divided On Willey's Credibility

Pundits & Prose
Charles Bierbauer: No Easy Answer To Teen Smoking

Bill Mitchell: The Nominees Are...

Thursday March 19, 1998

Report: Willey Wanted To Sell Story To Supermarket Tab
Counsel Named For Babbitt Probe
'Primary Colors' A Judgment On A Political Generation
Microsoft Out-Lobbies Key Competitors
Lewinsky High School Classmate Testifies
White House Scandal At A Glance
The One That Got Away?
Illinois Primary Results
Deal Reached To Keep The Internet Tax-Free For Now
Most Of California's Prop. 187 Ruled Unconstitutional
Republicans Say No Decision Yet On How To Proceed With Starr Report

Julie Steele Affidavit

Stuart Rothenberg: Illinois Senate Race Will Be Nasty, Expensive

Bob Lang: Starr Defense System

Wednesday March 18, 1998

Publisher Says Willey Offered 'A Different Story'
Jerry Brown Leaves Democratic Party
House Rejects Attempt To Remove U.S. Troops From Bosnia
Jones Lawyers: Clinton's Testimony Not Credible
Former Espy Aide Gets 27 Months In Prison
Democratic Leader Criticizes GOP Schools Bill
First 'Air Force One' To Be Retired
Ex-Gov. Tucker Goes Before Grand Jury
A Taxpayer-Friendly IRS?
Fitzgerald To Face Moseley-Braun For Illinois Senate Seat

Vice President Al Gore Speaking On IRS Changes

Bill Mitchell: Good Dan, Bad Dan
Mike Luckovich: March Madness

Tuesday March 17, 1998

Gingrich's Impeachment Committee Idea Runs Into Opposition
HIV/AIDS Council Rebukes Clinton Administration
Kennedy Memorabilia Collector Returns Some Disputed Items
White House Scandal At A Glance

The Willey-Clinton Letters

Willey Liked To Hobnob With Politicians

Bob Lang: Is The Breakdown Coming?

Monday March 16, 1998

White House Strikes Back At Willey
Willey v. Clinton: Who's Lying?
Gore Receives First Endorsement Of 2000 Race
Arrest Made In Connection With So-Called Kennedy Papers
Densuk's Grand Jury Appearance Delayed
Clinton Aide Contradicts Willey
White House Scandal At A Glance
Chung Pleads Guilty

Legal Documents Released In The Jones v. Clinton Case

Clinton Approval Rating Up Despite Allegations

An Opening For the Democrats In Pennsylvania
1998 Gubernatorial Ratings

Bill Mitchell: Picture The Future

Sunday March 15, 1998

Willey Says Clinton Lied About Groping Her
Moynihan Offers Plan To Save Social Security
Lawyer: New Witness 'Won't Be Good' For Clinton
Report: Democratic Donor Urged Willey to Change Story

Saturday March 14, 1998

Report: Tripp Didn't Disclose Arrest On Pentagon Job Form
Clinton's Lawyer: Jones Has 'No Case'
Clinton Warns of Possible Veto Over Funding Bill

Friday March 13, 1998

More Of Paula Jones' Case To Go Public
What Do We Know In The Lewinsky Controversy
Joe Kennedy Won't Seek Re-Election
Senator Pushes For Fund-Raising Counsel Again

Legal Documents Released In The Jones v. Clinton Case

Video On Demand
CNN Special: What Do We Know?

Bill Mitchell: Picture The Future

Thursday March 12, 1998

No Immediate Showdown Over Executive Privilege
Republicans Search For Disaster Relief Funds
Ex-DEA Worker Accused Of $6 Million Theft
White House Scandal At A Glance
Texas Primary Results
Clinton Pushes A Bipartisan Tobacco Bill

Transcripts:Clinton Speaking On Tobacco Bill

Bob Lang: St. Peter Wants To Know
Mike Luckovich: Ex-Friends Of Bill

Wednesday March 11, 1998

Prosecutors Interested In Clinton Testimony
Court Reinstates Carollo As Miami's Mayor
House OKs Bill To Spur African Trade
Burton: White House Is 'Keeping Secrets From Congress'
Capps Replaces Her Late Husband In Congress
Texas Voters Narrow The Field
A Historical Tutorial On Impeachment, Censure
White House Scandal At A Glance
Grand Jury Focuses On Tripp Tapes
No Little "Buddies"; First Dog To Be Fixed

Mike Luckovich: Ken Starr Microwaving Popcorn
Bill Mitchell: Linda & Buddy

Tuesday March 10, 1998

Willey Appears Before Grand Jury
Reno Gets 60-Day Extension For Herman Probe
Rep. McCollum Ripped For Ties To Banking Industry
White House Scandal At A Glance
Reporter Apologizes For Clinton Sex Article
McDougal Collapsed While In Detention

Stuart Rothenberg: Illinois' Fitzgerald Comes On Strong In Senate GOP Primary

Bob Lang: Puerto Rico
Bill Mitchell: God And Man

Voter's Voice:
Starr's Investigation

Monday March 9, 1998

Congressional Races Draw Interest In Texas
Rep. Kim, Wife Sentenced In Campaign Money Scandal
Clinton Pushes Health Legislation, Election-Year Politics
Court Rejects Affirmative Action Cases

Chris Weyant: The Weeble President

Sunday March 8, 1998

Whitewater Figure James McDougal Dies In Prison
GOP Airs Differences Over Lewinsky Probe

Saturday March 7, 1998

Lott, Gingrich Differ Over Starr Probe
Reno's Staff To Recommend Against Herman Special Prosecutor

Friday March 6, 1998

McDougal Attends Pre-Trial Hearing
Chung To Implicate Chinese State Business In Moneytrail
Gore Presses The Flesh In New Hampshire
Sources Confirm Aspects of Clinton Deposition
Affirmative Action Program Preserved In Highway Bill
Hawking Offers New Age Science View
Lawmakers Criticize Internet Salary
New Medicare Commission Begins Work
Town Election Decided By Poker Hand
Speaking Tour To Launch White House Tobacco Push
Shaken Miami To Remain Mayor-Less Until Next Week
Ambassador's Widow Sues Arianna Huffington, National Enquirer
Reno Gives Daley Drug-Fighting Idea Warm Reception

Pundits & Prose
Charles Bierbauer: Sex And Power And The Law

Bill Mitchell: Lost In Space
Bob Lang: The Psychic

Thursday March 5, 1998

Lewinsky Lawyers, Starr Argue Over Immunity Agreement
Thompson Committee Wraps Up Its Work
Democratic Fund-Raiser Johnny Chung Agrees To Plead Guilty
Clinton Codefendant Says Jones Has No Case
Democratic Fund-Raiser Arrested
White House Scandal At A Glance
Judges To Hear Ethics Complaints Against Starr
New Details Of Clinton's Jones Deposition Leaked

Wednesday March 4, 1998

House Approves Ballot On Puerto Rico's Status
Rep. Coburn Can Continue To Practice Medicine
Smear Polling Draws Criticism From Lawmakers
Lewinsky's First Lawyer Challenges Starr Subpoena
Kemp Gets A Wake-Up Call At Southern GOP Meeting
Republicans Take Credit For Projected Budget Surplus
Judge Orders New Miami Mayoral Election
White House Scandal At A Glance
Senate Passes Drunken Driving Amendment

Bob Lang: The Iraq Agreement
Mike Luckovich: Ken Starr's New Job
Bill Mitchell: Mystery Date

Tuesday March 3, 1998

Vernon Jordan Under Grand Jury Microscope
Party Lines Determine Views On Campaign Finance Inquiry
Clinton Endorses Uniform Drunken Driving Limit
Presidential Advisers To Be Deposed In Filegate Flap
White House Scandal At A Glance

Northern New Mexico House Race Could Be Hot
Rothenberg's 1988 Senate Ratings

Monday March 2, 1998

Sources: Kathleen Willey Changes Sworn Statement
Coalition Fights Against Tobacco Settlement
Vote Set Thursday On Final Fund-Raising Report
Lott Believes Hussein Should Be Viewed As War Criminal
Starr Grand Jury In Arkansas To Hear From Former State Trooper
Clinton: Plan To Scrap Tax Code Reckless, Irresponsible
Bill Mitchell: Par The Course

Sunday March 1, 1998

Clinton Allies Attack Starr Again
Texas Governor Bush Wins Presidential Straw Poll
Vacation Over, Clintons Head Home

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