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Saturday Feb. 28, 1998

White House Denies New Strategy On Lewinsky
Is Lewinsky A Legal 'Target?'
Clinton, GOP Bemoan Low U.S. Test Scores
Clintons Take A Winter Break

Friday Feb. 27, 1998

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Line-Item Veto Case
Gingrich Takes Steps Toward A Presidential Bid
Southern Republicans Gather For A Straw Poll
Sources: White House Aide Blumenthal Refused To Answer Questions
Clinton To Call For National DUI Standard
First Family's Ski Escape Celebrates Chelsea's 18th Birthday
Clinton Announces Salt Lake City Olympics Grants
Gore Urges Congress To Pass Tobacco Legislation
Pentagon Bosses Let Tripp Work At Home
Clinton Will Urge FEC To Limit 'Soft Money'

Bill Mitchell: Sacred Cow

Thursday Feb. 26, 1998

Resolution Urges Clinton To Consult Congress On Iraq
Clinton Supports Moratorium On Internet Sales Taxes
Barbour May Face Indictment
House GOP Releases Documents On Trie
Clinton Aide Appears Before Grand Jury
Clinton Administration Lifts Colombia Drug Sanctions
Campaign Finance Bill Likely Dead For The Year
White House Scandal At A Glance

Wednesday Feb. 25, 1998

White House Prepares to Assert Executive Privilege
Jones' Lawyers Say Clinton Lawyers Made Settlement Offer
Lott Says Annan Appears 'Bent on Appeasement'
House Limits Profits Of Doctor-Congressmen
Executive Privilege Old As The Union
Trie Documents To Be Released Thursday
White House Scandal At A Glance
Rep. Paxon To Retire From Congress

Most Americans Support U.N.-Iraq Agreement

Bill Mitchell: Dog To Dog

Tuesday Feb. 24, 1998

Senate Divided On Campaign Finance Bill
Jones' Lawyers Get Extension
White House Aide Leaves Without Testifying
NOW Chapter Takes Aim At Clinton
Clinton Says U.S. Will Watch Iraq Closely
White House Scandal At A Glance

Nevada Senate Race A Tossup
Rothenberg's Gubernatorial Ratings

The Town Meeting
Saddam At Home

Monday February 23, 1998

Lawmakers Remain Distrustful Of Saddam Hussein
Hearing Held On Testimony of Lewinsky's Mother
Senate Debates Campaign Finance Reform Again
White House Wants To See Fine Print Of Iraq Deal

Public Still Supports Clinton In Iraq Standoff

Bill Mitchell: Those Who Don't Learn From The History Channel...

Sunday February 22, 1998

Lawyer Floats Idea of Lewinsky Defense Fund

Saturday February 21, 1998

Clinton Plan Would Eliminate Racial, Ethnic Gap In Health
Republican Senator Opposes 'Soft Money' Ban

Friday February 20, 1998

Clinton Establishes Health Care 'Bill Of Rights'
Tucker Pleads Guilty In Whitewater Related Case
Former Jones Lawyers File $800,000 Lien
Lawyer: Reported Jordan Timeline Wrong
White House Scandal At A Glance

Bill Mitchell: But That Would Be Wrong

Voter's Voice:
The Iraqi Crisis

Thursday February 19, 1998

Tapes: Lewinsky Interested In Presidential Travel
Reno Considers 'New Privilege' Request In President-Secret Service Relationship
House Committee Subpoenas Thousands More Tobacco Documents
House Republicans Authorize New Subpoenas For Teamsters And DNC
Gore Creates PAC For Midterm Elections
Hsia Pleads 'Not Guilty,' Vows To Fight Indictment
White House Scandal At A Glance

Pundits & Prose
Charles Bierbauer: The Court And Kathee Lewis' Legacy

Wednesday February 18, 1998

Lindsey Testifies Before Grand Jury
Journalists Assess Early Lewinsky Coverage
Maria Hsia Indicted In Campaign Finance Probe
Jones' Lawyers Respond To Dismissal Motion
Clinton Aides Encouraged By Senate Republican Budget
New Clinton Legal Defense Fund Created
White House Scandal At A Glance
Bill Would Place Strictures on Paparazzi

Bill Mitchell: But That Would Be Wrong

Tuesday February 17, 1998

Sen. Boxer Launches Re-Election Campaign
Clinton's Lawyer Moves To Dismiss Jones' Lawsuit
Fox, Ex-Clinton Aide Appear Before Grand Jury
GOP Hopefuls Visit New Hampshire, Iowa
White House Scandal At A Glance

Text Of Clinton Statement On Iraq

Bob Lang: Not So Secret Service

Monday February 16, 1998

Lewinsky's Attorney Wants Starr To Take Polygraph
Specter Urges No Action In Gulf Before Congress Votes
Democratic Donors Focus On Election, Not Scandal
White House Scandal At A Glance

Support Drops For Military Strikes Against Iraq
Public Remains Uncomfortable With Starr's Inquiry

Bill Mitchell: Top Secret

Sunday February 15, 1998

Sources: Lewinsky Sent Gifts Back To White House
Lewinsky Attorney: 'No Knowledge' Of E-mail Exchange

Saturday February 14, 1998

New Witness Says Lewinsky Told Her Of Clinton Affair

Friday February 13, 1998

Agreement Reached For Ex-Secret Service Officer's Testimony
Lieberman Frustrated By Allies' Reluctance To Back Iraq Strike
White House Scandal At A Glance
White House Aides Will Skip Sunday's Talk Shows
Satcher Sworn In As Surgeon General
Babbitt Cheered By Interior Employees
Clinton Pushes For Tobacco Settlement

Bill Schneider: Polls Save Clinton

Bill Mitchell: Valentines Day

Thursday February 12, 1998

Starr's Office Seeks Testimony From Secret Service Agents
Congress Fails To Reach Consensus On Iraq Before Break
U.S. Judge Says Line-item Veto Unconstitutional
Dems Back Clinton Plan To Bolster Social Security With Budget Surplus
Clinton Promotes $1 Minimum Wage Hike
White House Scandal At A Glance

Clinton Talks To Congressional Democrats

Mike Luckovich: Now He's Getting Cocky

Wednesday February 11, 1998

Reno Calls For Independent Counsel In Babbitt Probe
Monica Lewinsky Won't Testify Before Next Week
Starr's Law Firm Begins An Inquiry
Report: Retired Secret Service Guard Saw Clinton, Lewinsky Alone
White House Scandal At A Glance
Reno Meets With Thompson, Glenn

Bob Lang: 1930s Style

Voter's Voice:
The Lewinsky Saga Continues

Tuesday February 10, 1998

Lewinsky's Mother Appears Before Grand Jury
Thompson's Panel Produces Dueling Draft Reports
White House Scandal At A Glance
Democrats Gather To Talk Strategy
GOP Disagreements Delay Campaign Finance Report
Lewinsky Controversy Has Some Conservative Groups Seeing Green
Tipper Gore To Lead U.S. Olympic Delegation
Satcher Confirmed As Surgeon General
Clinton Hails Support Of Canada, Australia In Iraq Confrontation

Monday February 9, 1998

Clinton Lawyers Ask Court To Cite Starr
Justice Staffers Recommend Independent Counsel For Babbitt
White House Scandal At A Glance
Lott Says Americans Reserving Judgment On Clinton
Clinton Announces Town Meetings On Social Security
Senate Says Clinton, Gore Knowingly Broke Law
Wall Street Journal Corrects Clinton Report

That Girl

Voter's Voice:
All Things Lewinsky

Sunday February 8, 1998

As White House Keeps Up Criticism, GOP Defends Starr

Saturday February 7, 1998

Ginsburg Says Starr's Office Source Of Leaks
Clinton's Lawyer May Seek Sanctions Against Starr Monday
Lewinsky Van Rear-Ended By Media Car

Friday February 6, 1998

Clinton Says He'll Never Consider Resigning
With Grand Jury News Leaking, Is Starr's Office Out Of Control?
Clinton's 'Hunker-Down' Strategy Holds
White House Scandal At A Glance
Romer Acknowledges Extramarital Relationship

Military Force Should Be Used In Iraq

Who Is Betty Currie?

Clinton, Blair Joint News Conference

Pundits & Prose
Charles Bierbauer: Don't Ask? Won't Tell!

Bill Mitchell: The Reagan Airport

Thursday Feb. 5, 1998

Sources: Lewinsky Won't Say Clinton Told Her To Lie
Trie Pleads Not Guilty
Rep. Conyers To File Misconduct Complaint Against Starr
David Duke May Run For Congress
Dems Rally As Task Force Finds In Favor Of Sanchez
Koop Refuses Arlington Burial Waiver
White House Scandal At A Glance

Text Of Justice Department Indictment Of Charlie Trie

Whitewater Independent Counsel Ken Starr Speaks To The Press

Wednesday Feb. 4, 1998

Starr Rejects Latest Lewinsky Offer
Sources: Trie Came Back With No Deal
Justice Investigating Lawrence Burial Waiver
Governors Reach Beyond Traditional Agenda
Rep. Jane Harman Joins Calif. Governor's Race
FEC Lawyers Propose Soft Money Ban
Green Formally Jumps Into N.Y. Senate Race
White House Scandal At A Glance
Congress Votes To Rename National Airport After Reagan

San Antonio Dems Ponder Gonzalez's Successor
1998 Gubernatorial Ratings

Bill Mitchell To Reiterate

Tuesday Feb. 3, 1998

Starr Ratchets Up Pressure On White House
Trie Arrested By FBI
GOP Lawmakers Skeptical About Clinton's Budget
White House Scandal At A Glance
Koop Burial Waiver Defended

Public Admires Hillary's Handling Of Controversy

Bob Lang: Budget Financing
Mike Luckovich: Popularity

Monday Feb. 2, 1998

Clinton Unveils His Balanced Budget
The Budget: Nitty-Gritty Details
Republicans Criticize New Spending In Clinton Budget
Starr Subpoenas Stephanopulous
Jones To Appeal Ruling Excluding Lewinsky From Her Case
Clinton Will Visit New Mexico Tuesday
Panetta Won't Run For Governor
Lewinsky's Mother To Marry Media Executive

Sunday Feb. 1, 1998

Clinton's Approval Rating Hits New High
Domenici Accuses President Of Contradictory Budget
Lewinsky Attorney Says 'Media Blitz' Over

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