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Transcripts from video deposition of Lewinsky, Jordan, and Blumenthal

Jump to the start of individual depositions: Lewinsky, Jordan, Blumenthal

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her a job and after getting her a lawyer, that there's a report that says that she's been--she's been taped by some person named Linda Tripp, I think just, mother wit, common sense, judgment, would have suggested that you would be interested in what that was about.

Q. And were you trying to provide assistance to the President of the United States in trying to locate Ms. Lewinsky?

A. I was not trying to help the President of the United States. At that point, I was trying to satisfy myself as to what had gone on with this person for whom I had gotten both a job and a lawyer.

Q. Now, subsequent to this, you felt it necessary to make a public statement on January 22 in front of the Park Hyatt Hotel?

A. I did make a public statement on January 22nd at the Park Hyatt Hotel.

Q. And what was the reason that you gave this public statement?

A. I gave the public statement because I was being rebuked and scorned and talked about, sure as you're born, and I felt some need to explain to the public what had happened.

MR. HUTCHINSON: All right. And I have a copy of that public statement that is marked as Grand Jury Exhibit 87, but we will mark it as Exhibit--

SENATOR THOMPSON: Seven, I believe.

SENATOR DODD: We've gone through 9, haven't we? You're marking it. If you're only marking it, I think we--

SENATOR THOMPSON: We have six exhibits, didn't we?

SENATOR DODD: We've done more than that, haven't we?

MR. HUTCHINSON: I have nine.

SENATOR DODD: Nine. Did you enter 9, or did you just note it?

SENATOR THOMPSON: Six were entered, two were sustained, I think.

MS. MILLS: I have seven.

SENATOR DODD: Nine, you have here, but we didn't--I don't know if you--you don't have 9 as an exhibit, or just noted? MR. GRIFFITH: Nine was Grand Jury 44.

MR. HUTCHINSON: We just noted it, I believe.

SENATOR DODD: You didn't ask that it be entered in the record?

MR. HUTCHINSON: I believe that's correct.


SENATOR THOMPSON: How about those we sustained objections to? That doesn't count.

SENATOR DODD: Well, they're still marked.

SENATOR THOMPSON: They were marked?

SENATOR DODD: So which one should this be? Ten?

SENATOR THOMPSON: This will be 10?

SENATOR DODD: This is 10, then.

MR. HUTCHINSON: All right, Number 10. [Jordan Deposition Exhibit No. 10 marked for identification.]


Q. Do you have a copy of that, Mr. Jordan?

A. I have a copy of it. Thank you.

Q. Thank you. Now, prior to making this public statement, did you consult with the President's attorney, Mr. Bob Bennett?

A. I did not, not about this statement.

Q. Did you consult with the President's attorney, Mr. Bob Bennett?

A. I did not consult with him. Mr. Bennett came to my office and met with me and my attorney, Mr. Hundley, in my office.

Q. All right. And that was sometime prior to making this statement?

A. That is correct.

Q. And it would be--and it would have been between the 19th and the 22nd?

A. That is correct.

Q. It would have been after all of the public issues--

A. It was after--

Q. --came up?

A. --I returned from Washington, and it may have been--from New York--and it may have been, I think, Wednesday afternoon.

Q. Now, in this statement, you indicated that you referred Ms. Lewinsky for interviews at American Express and at Revlon.

A. That is correct, and Young & Rubicam.

Q. And in fact, as your testimony today indicates, you did more than refer her for interviews, did you not?

A. Explain what you mean, and I'll be happy to answer.

Q. Well, in fact, when the interview went poorly, according to Ms. Lewinsky, you made calls to get her a second interview and to make it happen.

A. That is safe to say.

Q. All right. And I think you've also described your involvement in the job search as running the job search?

A. Yes.

Q. And so it was a little bit more than simply referring her for interviews. Is that a fair statement?

A. That's a fair statement.

Q. And then, in this statement, you also indicate that "Ms. Lewinsky was referred to me by Ms. Betty Currie"-- --

A. Yes.

Q. --is that correct?

A. That is correct.

Q. And in fact, you were acting, as you stated, at the behest of the President?

A. Through Ms. Currie. I'm satisfied with this statement as correct.

Q. So--but you were acting in the job search at the behest of the President, as you have previously testified?

A. I've testified to that.

MR. HUTCHINSON: Now, we would offer this as Exhibit No. 10.

SENATOR THOMPSON: Without objection, it will be made a part of the record.

[Jordan Deposition Exhibit No. 10 received in evidence.]

MR. HUNDLEY: The only problem with this line of questioning is I think I wrote that thing. [Laughter.]


Q. After you--after you last testified before the grand jury in June of '98, since then, the President testified before the grand jury in August, and prior to his testimony before the grand jury in August, he made his statement to the Nation in which he--I believe the language was admitted to "an inappropriate relationship with Ms. Lewinsky."

Now, at the time that you testified in June of '98, you did not have this information, did you?

A. He had not made that statement on the 17th of August, that's for sure.

Q. And was he in fact, to your knowledge, still denying the existence of that relationship?

A. I think, as I remember the statement, he said he misled the American people.

Q. And subsequent to this admission, did you talk to your friend, the President of the United States, about his false statements to you?

A. I have not spoken to him about any false statements, one way or the other.

Q. Now, you have testified that you in the job search were acting at the behest of the President of the United States; is that correct?

A. I stand on that.

Q. And there is no question but that Ms. Monica Lewinsky understood that?

A. I have to assume that she understood that.

Q. Okay. And in the law, there is the rule of agency and apparent authority. Is it safe to assume that Ms. Lewinsky believed that you had apparent authority on behalf of the President of the United States?

A. I think I know enough about the law to say that the law of agency is not applicable in this situation where there was a potential romance and not a work situation. I think the law of agency has to do with a work situation and an employment situation and not having to do with some sort of romance. I think that's right.

Q. Well, let me take it out of the legal realm.

A. You raised it--I didn't.

Q. And let's put it in the realm of mother wit. Ms. Lewinsky is looking to you as a friend of the President of the United States, knowing that you're acting at the behest of the President of the United States. Is it not reasonable to assume that when she communicates something to you or she hears something from you, that it's as if she is talking to someone who is acting for the President?

A. No. When she's talking to me, she's talking to me, and I can only speak for me and act for me.

MR. HUTCHINSON: Could I have just a moment?


MR. HUTCHINSON: At this time, Your Honors, the House Managers would reserve the balance of its time.




MR. HUTCHINSON: Thank you, Mr. Jordan.

THE WITNESS: Thank you, Mr. Hutchinson.



Q. Mr. Jordan, is there anything you think it appropriate to add to the record?

A. Mr. Hutchinson, I'd just like to----

MR. HUTCHINSON: I'm going to object to the form of that question. I think that even though--and that's not even a leading question; that's an open-ended question that calls for a narrative response. And I think in fairness to the record that that is just simply too broad for this deposition purpose.

SENATOR THOMPSON: Mr. Kendall, is there any chance of perhaps your rephrasing the question somewhat?

MR. KENDALL: Certainly.


Q. Mr. Jordan, you were asked questions about job assistance. Would you describe the job assistance you have over your career given to people who have come to you requesting help finding a job or finding employment?

A. Well, I've known about job assistance and have for a very long time. I learned about it dramatically when I finished at Howard University Law School, 1960, to return home to Atlanta, Georgia to look for work. In the process of my--during my senior year, it was very clear to me that no law firm in Atlanta would hire me. It was very clear to me that, uh, I could not get a job as a black lawyer in the city government, the county government, the State government or the Federal Government.

And thanks to my high school bandmaster, Mr. Kenneth Days, who called his fraternity brother, Donald L. Hollowell, a civil rights lawyer, and said, "That Jordan boy is a fine boy, and you ought to consider him for a job at your law firm," that's when I learned about job referral, and that job referral by Kenneth Days, now going to Don Hollowell, got me a job as a civil rights lawyer working for Don Hollowell for $35 a week.

I have never forgotten Kenneth Days' generosity. And given the fact that all of the

other doors for employment as a black lawyer graduating from Howard University were open to me, that's always--that's always been etched in my heart and my mind, and as a result, because I stand on Mr. Days' shoulders and Don Hollowell's shoulders, I felt some responsibility to the extent that I could be helpful or got in a position to be helpful, that I would do that.

And there is I think ample evidence, both in the media and by individuals across this country, that at such times that I have been presented with that opportunity that I have taken advantage of that opportunity, and I think that I have been successful at it.

Q. Was your assistance to Ms. Lewinsky which you have described in any way dependent upon her doing anything whatsoever in the Paula Jones case?

A. No.

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Friday, February 5, 1999

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