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 TIME on politics Congressional Quarterly CNN/AllPolitics CNN/AllPolitics - Storypage, with TIME and Congressional Quarterly

All Volumes: Appendix B

Members of the Select Committee


Elected: 1988

Born: October 16, 1952, St. Paul, MN

Home: Newport Beach, CA

Education: BA 1973 University of Southern California;

MBA, JD 1977 Harvard University

Career: 1986-88 Senior Associate Counsel to the President, the White House;

1984-88 Founder, Context Corporation; 1984-86 Partner,

Latham & Watkins; 1982-83 Lecturer, Harvard Business School;

1978-82 Associate, Latham & Watkins; 1977 Clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals, Judge

Herbert Choy

Committees: Chairman, House Policy Committee; Vice Chairman, Committee on Government Reform and Oversight; Vice Chairman, Subcommittee

on Investigations and Oversight, Committee on Commerce

REP. NORM DICKS (D-WA) Ranking Democrat

Elected: 1976

Born: December 16, 1940, Bremerton, WA

Home: Bremerton, WA

Education: BA 1963 University of Washington; JD 1968 University of Washington

Career: 1973-76 Administrative Assistant, U.S. Senator Warren Magnuson;

1968-73 Legislative Assistant, U.S. Senator Warren Magnuson

Committees: Ranking Member, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Ranking Member, Interior Subcommittee, Committee on Appropriations

REP. PORTER GOSS (R-FL) Vice Chairman

Elected: 1988

Born: November 26, 1938, Waterbury, CT

Home: Sanibel, FL

Education: BA 1960 Yale University

Career: 1960-62 Army Intelligence; 1960-71 Central Intelligence Agency;

1973-78 Businessman, Newspaper publisher; 1974-82 Sanibel City Council; 1974-77, 1980 Sanibel Mayor; 1983-88 Lee County Commissioner

Committees: Chairman, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Chairman, Subcommittee on Legislative and Budget Process, Committee on Rules



Elected: 1978

Born: October 6, 1939, York, NE

Home: Cedar Bluff, NE

Education: BA 1961 University of Nebraska; MCA 1966 Harvard University; MPA 1973 Harvard University

Career: 1963-65 Army; 1965-66 Urban planner, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development; 1967-68 Division Director, Nebraska Economic Development Department; 1968-70 Director, Nebraska Office of Planning and Programming; 1974-78 Member, Nebraska State Legislature

Committees: Vice Chairman, Committee on International Relations; Chairman, Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, International Relations Committee; Committee on Banking and Financial Services


Elected: 1980

Born: August 14, 1932, Salt Lake City, UT

Home: Farmington, UT

Education: BS 1960 University of Utah

Career: 1950-54 U.S. Navy; 1961-80 Insurance agent; 1970-80 Land developer;

1960-72 Farmington City Council; 1972-80 Member, Utah House of Representatives; 1978-80 Speaker, Utah House of Representatives

Committees: Chairman, Committee on Standards of Official Conduct; National Security Committee; Chairman, National Parks and Public Lands Subcommittee, Committee on Resources


Elected: 1982

Born: November 1, 1942, Charlotte, NC

Home: York, SC

Education: AB 1964 Davidson College; MA 1966 Oxford University;

LLB 1969 Yale University

Career: 1969-71 U.S. Department of Defense; 1971-82 Practicing attorney;

1973-82 President, Bank of Fort Mill; 1973-82 President, Spratt

Insurance Agency

Committees: Committee on National Security; Ranking Member, Budget Committee



Elected: 1986

Born: July 22, 1947, Marcus Hook, PA

Home: Aston, PA

Education: BA 1969 West Chester State College

Career: 1969-76 Teacher, Vice Principal; 1976-81 Director of Training and Manpower Development, CIGNA Corp.; 1977-82 Marcus Hook Mayor; 1981-86 Member, Delaware County Council; 1985-86 Chairman, Delaware County Council

Committees: Chairman, Subcommittee on Military Research and Development, Committee on National Security; Committee on Science


Elected: 1992

Born: June 12, 1941, Los Angeles, CA

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Education: BA 1965 California State University-Los Angeles

Career: 1986-92 Member, California Assembly

Committees: Committee on Banking and Financial Services; Budget Committee


Elected: 1992

Born: April 30, 1947, Washington, DC

Home: Newport News, VA

Education: BA 1969 Harvard University; JD 1973 Boston College School of Law

Career: 1970-73 Army National Guard; 1973-76 Army Reserves;

1973-91 Practicing attorney; 1977-82 Member, Virginia House of Delegates; 1983-92 Member, Virginia State Senate

Committees: Committee on Education and the Workforce; Ranking Member, Subcommittee on the Constitution, Committee on the Judiciary


Appendix B

Staff of the Select Committee

C. Dean McGrath, Jr. Staff Director

former Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Staff Secretary, the White House; former Associate Counsel to the President, the White House; former Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice

Brent Bahler Director of Communications

former Press Secretary to Senator Robert J. Dole; former Director of Public Affairs, U.S. National Transportation Safety Board

Americo Cinquegrana Chief Investigative Counsel

Deputy Inspector General, Central Intelligence Agency; former Deputy Counsel for Intelligence Policy to the Attorney General of the United States

Michael Davidson Minority Counsel

former U.S. Senate Legal Counsel; former Special Investigation Counsel, U.S. Senate Government Affairs Committee

Dr. Alexander Flax Senior Consultant*

former President of the Institute for Defense Analysis; former Director of the National Reconnaissance Office; former U.S. Delegate to the NATO Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development

Lewis Libby Legal Advisor

former Director of Special Projects, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, U.S. Department of State; former Deputy Undersecretary for Policy, U.S. Department of Defense

Richard Meltzer Chief Minority Counsel

former Chief Minority Counsel, U.S. House International Affairs Subcommittee on Iranian Arms Transfers to Bosnia

Nicholas Rostow Deputy Staff Director and Counsel

former Legal Advisor, National Security Council

Daniel Silver General Counsel

former General Counsel, Central Intelligence Agency; former General Counsel, National Security Agency

Michael Sheehy Special Minority

Counsel Special Minority Counsel, U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; former Professional Staff Member, Iran-Contra Investigating Committee

Linda Algar Investigator

Charles Anderson Investigator

Hugh Brady Professional Staff Member

David Cogdell Investigator

Deborah Cox Committee Secretary

William Craig Director of Security

Eric Desautels Investigator

John Donovan Investigator

Aengus Dowley Staff Assistant

David Dunham Senior Research Analyst

Michael Evans Investigator

Eric Garnett Systems Administrator

Shannon Haralson Deputy Legal Advisor

Delonnie Henry Clerk

Anne Hillegas Investigator

Andrew Hunter Professional Staff Member

Ruby Itchon Staff Counsel

Jay Jakub Professional Staff Member

Kirk McConnell Professional Staff Member

Virginia McDonald Information Manager

Scott McMahon Investigator

Kevin Miller Investigator

Gregory Milonovich Investigator

Carrie Moore Professional Staff Member

Walter Olson Senior Research Analyst

Neil Patel Staff Counsel

Jeffrey Phillips Investigator

Robert Ramsey Professional Staff Member

Maxwell Reynolds Senior Counsel

Ellen Riddleberger Professional Staff Member

Kenneth Schulz Staff Assistant

Robin Berman Schwartzman Counsel

Mark Spaulding Investigator

David Trimble Investigator

Bernard Victory Senior Research Analyst

Walter Wright Investigator

William Yurek Investigator

Briggs Design Associates, Inc.

Arlington, Virginia

Design and production of publication and Web site

* Principal consultant from the Washington Advisory Group (WAG). Other WAG representatives assisting the Select Committee's investigation were Edward E. David, Jr., Gregory DeSantis, Robert Frosch, Eugene Merchant and Robert Todd.

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