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Clinton's acquittal

Most of the e-mail we're getting is about President Bill Clinton's acquittal by the Senate on perjury and obstruction of justice charges.

Here's some of the latest, and if you'd like to comment on the verdict or other events in the news for our next installment of Voter's Voice, drop us an e-mail message. Be sure to include your name and home town.

'Pathological obsession'

If the forefathers of this country could come back, they would ask in sorrow, revolt and disbelief, how shortsighted can U.S. judges be? Why was the Supreme Court so wrong? How come an "independent counsel" has so much power? Could any president, from George Washington on, come out with his reputation better than President Clinton's, had they encountered a Ken Starr, investigating their lives with the same pathological obsession?

The forefathers might conclude and accuse many people both in Congress and in the Judiciary of having flirted with high treason. How? By wounding the very heart of THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

By their failure to promote and uphold the balance of power among the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. By trying to force this president to resign, overthrowing a popular and highly successful government -- a government twice elected and once again ratified by the people. By giving a new shape and face to the age-old "coup d'etat." While banana republics use their armed forces to carry their "coup d'etat," "the right wing" in the United States has been using, or rather, misusing the legislative and the judiciary.

Janet Reno, or any attorney general appointed by the president obviously, cannot protect the presidency from this "coup."

The attorney general is checkmated. To say that President Clinton could have avoided this show of force one year ago is nonsense. Other investigations would simply follow in efforts to stagnate this government. And, to have expected Bill Clinton to be candid to "Ken Starr's grand jury" would be equivalent to expect Robin Hood not to deceive the Sheriff of Nottingham! ... The day this trial ends should be remembered as "America's National Day of Repentance."

-- Eliane Meadows, Memphis, Tennessee, February 14

'His sick behavior'

I was saddened and angry to hear that Mr. Clinton was acquitted for his actions. He desecrated the office which he holds; he morally affected the youth of this country with his sick behavior! He lied from start to finish. The fact that he got away with what he's done has taught our youth and future generations that morals are unimportant as long as you do a good job! I'm not as proud as I used to be as an American citizen. I find it hard to believe that the public credits him with having a good economy. I believe President Reagan started the ball rolling and helped bring the economy where it's at today.

-- Byron Smalley, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, February 14

'Nothing has changed'

After reading in The New York Times that the majority leader does not trust the president, it appears obvious that nothing has changed. First the Republican right spent enormous amounts of time and money chasing the president and now they say they can't trust him to work with him!

As usual, the American people are screwed by the politicians.

I wonder if Trent Lott or the Republican right could come out unscathed from the pervasive type of investigation the president was subjected to?

Maybe we should impeach all the Republicans and something can get done?

-- Martin Ford, February 14

'An exercise in hypocrisy'

I certainly hope that all politicians, from local to federal, realize what this entire ordeal has done to their reputation. In my view, it has been nothing but an exercise in hypocrisy. I hope that all party lines will be erased and that they will return to doing business for the good of the country. Perhaps now the idea of the polarization of political parties will be abandoned. Where have all the moderates gone? Am I alone in my belief that there is middle ground between Democrats and Republicans? Let's hope not.

-- Angela Startz, Norman, Oklahoma, February 13

'A total lack of honesty'

Along with the rest of the world, I waited to see justice done. Whether I am a Democrat or Republican is of little importance in how I feel now that the last vote has been cast. What does matter is that I witnessed a total lack of honesty in the response of nearly all representatives of both parties during the past proceedings. Special interest? Obviously! We were literally sold down the river throughout the entire impeachment proceedings.

Am I alone in my beliefs at this time or do others see the intensification of unrest among the natives? Can it possibly now be the time for a third party to enter the arena if it can be believed they will offer honesty in government? Most certainly the current representatives of our two party system are not worth voting into an office of any kind, let alone an office that gives them a decision in the futures of their fellow Americans.

Though I never thought I would say this, I would consider third-party candidates very seriously in upcoming elections. Our nation needs an improvement if we are to continue as a free nation of and by the people.

-- Chuck Jessup, Ventura, California, February 13

'A felon in the White House'

The Senate trial was a sham. The man is guilty. So now we are stuck with a felon in the White House. Why not just open all of the prison doors and empty them out? There are people in prison that are better people than this man.

The Senate needs backbones.

-- Phyllis Brown, Johnson City, Tennessee, February 13

'A very frightening day'

It is now cruelly apparent that the status of character, courage, ethics and integrity have "bottomed out" in Washington, D.C. Not only have we had to put up with the "Commander in Chief of the Billy's Boys will be Boys Club" in the White House but, now we know for sure which senators are "card-carrying members" of Billy's Club!

If the senators were "truly" concerned about returning to "going about the work of the nation," they would have called a liar a liar. By affirming that simple fact, that we all recognize as true, with a guilty verdict, they COULD have returned to the work of our nation with a demonstrated example that character DOES COUNT!

The excuse for lying (it was ONLY about sex and that is personal so it's none of your business) and the attempted cover-up was NEVER the REAL issue. It was always about a basic concept -- TRUTH. History will now record for all time that the United States Senate does not consider a president who will LIE to be a risk to the security of our nation, its people and the world! Today is indeed a sad and very frightening day in our nation's history!

"....One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all." There was NO justice today in the Senate chamber. God help us all! The U.S. Senate has failed us; I sincerely hope and pray that God doesn't!

Thank you for the opportunity to say what is in my heart about this matter.


-- Donna K. Schenewerk, St. Louis, Missouri, February 12

'Many little Clintons'

This acquittal will give rise to many little Clintons in the years to come. The Barbara Boxers and Chuck Schumers of the Senate will bloom into Clinton clones in the years to come. People only hungry for power and hypocritical. Self above the national interest.

The Lewinsky scandal/affair will also undermine the judicial system in a bad way. In this sue-happy country of ours there will be umpteen litigators tearing to shreds the various harassment, perjury and obstruction of justice laws and cases that will follow in the weeks, months and years to come.

Then the majority and the minority leaders of the Senate should come forward and settle those disputes with "justification."

The Democrats, weasels all, especially the Moynihans, Leibermans, Byrds, Feinsteins and others who babbled on but didn't have the guts to do well by this nation, and just died without a whimper.

Thank you.

-- Randhir Jesrani, Columbus, Ohio, February 12

'Starr's alleged crimes'

It's time for the impeachaholics and the news media to move on to another story. Kenneth Starr's alleged crimes would be a good start.

-- Becky Bunch, February 12


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Clinton impeachment


Monday, February 15, 1999

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