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Dismiss or proceed with witnesses?

As Bill Clinton's impeachment trial marches on, AllPolitics readers are split over whether the Senate should dismiss the charges or hear from witnesses.

If you'd like to comment on the trial or other events in the news for our next installment of Voter's Voice, drop us an e-mail message, and be sure to include your name and home town.

'Full finality'

The trial must be conducted to its full finality. No short cuts are needed. The Republicans must do their duty and run the process to completion no matter how much time it may take.


-- Randhir Jesrani, Columbus, Ohio, January 25

'Will vote a straight Democratic ticket'

I'm sure if Congress could, they would carry this on through the year. That way they wouldn't have to do any "real" work. I'm so sick of people like Rep. McCollum. Did no one notice that his words of praise were almost the exact words that Vernon Jordan spoke about Monica Lewinsky? And yet when Mr. Jordan used those same adjectives he was called dishonest and out to aid the president in a scheme to pay Monica for services rendered. Is that not what the Republicans are doing by forcing Monica Lewinsky to come and testify if they can do it? Where do the Republicans get off?

By the way, I am a registered Republican and I will vote a straight Democratic ticket in the next election, even if they run someone who is a total idiot. It will be a better use of my vote than a Republican!

-- Dian H. Wright-Buell, Mountlake Terrace, Washington, January 25

'He lied under oath'

Clinton should be impeached. I am or was a strong Clinton backer until now. I do not care whom he had sex with or the fact that he cheated on his wife. That is his business. However, he LIED under oath and that is our business. The fact that he lied made this a very public issue and he did not admit to anything or apologize until his back was up against a wall. That shows me that he has no credibility whatsoever. I am tired of the Democratic party in which I belonged until now ... The Democrats are being partisan and voting based on their party and not the facts. The sad thing is that this Senate trial is a JOKE! No matter what evidence is discovered during the so-called trial the DEMOCRATS have made up their minds not to remove from office. I heard one Democrat make a comment that they did not want to call witnesses and make the Senate look like the Springer show. Well, we have our president to thank for that. I am so upset at this point about our government and what it stands for.

-- Ignacio Rodriguez, Houston, Texas, January 25


After the Republican managers deposed Monica Lewinsky again (23rd time) and she repeated the same testimony, it becomes crystal clear the Republican right has only one motive -- VINDICTIVENESS AND PARTISAN POLITICS! Despite all their claims, they really do not care about the good of their country.

-- Martin Ford, January 25

'Bipartisan fiasco'

I think it's PAST time to dismiss this so-called bipartisan fiasco (trial). The only thing this whole thing has proven to me is there is no longer anything sacred or respected, from the dirty "get 'em" Starr investigation to the grand jury revelations.

(Note that even the grand jury report has been held secret in the Timothy McVeigh investigation but not this attempted Republican lynching.) The only difference I can see in the Starr investigation and the Larry Flynt inquest is Flynt is using his own money. Both of these stink! GET OVER IT AND LET'S MOVE ON!

-- Beverly McClellan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 25

'Disgraced himself'

To quote a posted message: "The majority of the American people do not feel that the president should be impeached. "

The majority of us also feel that we pay too many taxes, and that the methods used by the IRS are regressive and unfairly enforced. Yet our elected officials have seen fit to leave this system in place for many decades, and will be the only source of its replacement under the law which governs us.

We as a nation agree in many other areas as well, but our elected representatives are charged with doing what is best. The Republican majority in the House and Senate is there as a result of our collective public opinion on Election Day, and forms a large part of a series of checks and balances written into our system of government.

If our elected officials decide that impeachment is necessary, they are fully within their rights to proceed, even in the face of public outcry. The majority rules on election day, and until then, the elected rule. If this is unacceptable, there are various alternative forms of government available elsewhere; feel "free" to give one a try in the country of your choosing.

Count me conservative, but in closing I would add that I feel our president has disgraced himself and our mighty country, and a man capable of feeling the appropriate level of shame would salvage a miniscule amount of honor by stepping down. This would truly be the fastest and best way to end this situation. Is he doing what is right, what is popular, or what he wants? Only one of these answers is correct, so choose carefully.

-- Stephen D. Souther, Pound, Virginia, January 25

'Call their witnesses'

I hope the Senate doesn't dismiss the charges. They should call their witnesses and proceed.

-- Deb Kraynak, Puyallup, Washington, January 25

'Sounds like a coup'

When it sounds like a coup, looks like a coup, and acts like a coup, I think it's a coup! Conservative Republicans really do not like democracy.

-- Mike Wrona, Buffalo, New York, January 25


AllPolitics readers aren't shy about speaking out. See what they've said on a wide variety of topics.


Clinton impeachment


Monday, January 25, 1999

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