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Clinton's future

Here's some recent reader e-mail on the Lewinsky affair. If you'd like to comment on that or anything in the day's news or the upcoming elections, drop us an e-mail for the next installment of Voter's Voice.


It's embarrassing to be the laughing stock of the world.

Here's how it looks to me:

Clinton hedged under oath concerning sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. If this had been a non-political situation it would probably not be prosecuted, and if it were the chances of the defense would be very good indeed. Starr was on a witch hunt and unable to nail the president after four years and $40 million. Since he could not establish any offense beyond the presidential hedge, he decided to use that and a grand jury platform to create some offenses to trap his quarry.

Most of us feel that Clinton's hedge, while not laudable, was unimportant, and that offenses that are artifacts created by an over-zealous prosecutor are irrelevant ... Perhaps I'm just cynical, but I find politicians' protestation of shock that a fellow politician might lie to the public to be hypocritical in the extreme. ("How can you tell when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving.")

I have never been a member of a political party, and have never voted a party line. In the upcoming elections I shall make an exception. My vote will protest the spectacle of my government indulging its appetite for tabloid amusements at public expense. It will reflect my desire for them to work at government.

If this farce continues on party lines until election day I shall vote a straight Democrat ticket. If it continues as a bipartisan-partisan farce I shall vote against all incumbents.

Well, I got that off my chest.


-- Kimball Robinson, Santa Cruz, California, October 12

'A psychological problem'

This whole matter should be about a man who is an alleged sex offender. Any man who is accused more than one time of placing a female's hands on his genitalia, against her will, has a psychological problem and needs rehabilitation. Because of his position and who he represents, the president of the United States of America should be man enough to step down quietly and hope history ignores the details. American citizens deserve more from their nations leadership. Not only does the president have a responsibility to his nation for upholding the highest standards of decency and honor, the American citizenry also has an inherent responsibility to enforce high standards for its leadership. Why must we Americans mix apples and oranges with the issue of our president's misconduct? This issue is certainly not about our nation's economy or adultery. This issue is about moral dignity surrounding numerous sexual offenses and mistrust. America, please don't turn a blind eye to a president who has lied to our nations people, lied under oath, and disgraced his family.

One final note: if you were an employer and had gained information on a person in your company that involved numerous allegations (many proven) of sexual activity, and these allegations included unwanted sexual advances (both on duty and at company social functions) what would be your responsibility to your company? Would you consider his accomplishments on the job and his status, or would you consider the safety of your personnel, principles and company values and standards. Think about it.

-- Michael Harris, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, October 11

'What a crock!'

This morning on "Evans and Novak" Rep. Henry Hyde was asked if candidates' sex lives were now a legitimate issue. Henry Hyde said no. People are entitled to their private life, including the president. This was not about sex, this was about lying! What a crock! None of the brains on the show then brought up that if people's private sex lives were off limit the president would not have been asked the questions he lied about! Get real!

-- Maja E. Rater, Casey, Iowa, October 11


Tuesday, October 13, 1998

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