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Clinton's videotaped testimony

Here's a sampling of the latest reader e-mail on President Bill Clinton's videotaped testimony in the Monica Lewinsky affair. If you'd like to comment, drop us e-mail and be sure to include your name and home town.

'Take his medicine'

With all respect for the office, I never thought I would see the day that the individual who was elected by the people, which I am not one of, faces the grand jury and appears as if he was hiding the fact that he stole some candy from the jar. Yes he has come out and apologized in public but that was nine months too late.

It is now time for little Billy to take his medicine and let Al take over for a couple of years until we elect a real man with some moral decency among other qualities.

-- D. Winston, Houston, Texas, September 22

'Dump enough Republicans in November'

There is exactly one way to stop the Clinton-Monica agony. Start up a truly bipartisan movement to dump enough Republicans in November to give control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats for exactly two years. After two years Clinton's impeachment would be moot. Then we could go back to healthy partisan politics again. The Republicans keep sanctimoniously saying, "We must execute the constitutional process no matter what the people think." What a bunch of oxymorons. What the people think is always important in a democracy. Voting the rascals out is another "solemn constitutional process," but not too sanctimonious!

-- Ed Ray, Huntsville, Alabama, September 22

'Leave him alone'

I am denouncing myself as a Republican. I can't believe it's come to this. I am in full support of President Clinton after viewing all the materials. Leave him alone. Let him do his job. This has only been an embarrassment to the U.S.A., and the materials should not have been released. I do not care about Clinton's sex life, and wish this terrible nightmare would cease...


-- Gina A. Klein, Houston, Texas, September 22

'Ken Starr and his hired henchmen'

It is so typical that certain people in our government actually get elected by their states to go to Washington and forget that they are there to work for the people "back home."

Instead they spend their time on issues like the president's sex life. It is too bad that all the money, time and energy Ken Starr and his hired henchmen wasn't spent enhancing President Clinton's job rather than attempting to destroy it. We Americans are better off now that we have been for the last 20 years, our economy is prospering, more people than ever are working, our educational system is better. I could go on and on how, under President Clinton, we are so much better off. It is disgraceful how Ken Starr has been allowed to attempt to destroy this. Let's hope President Clinton is stronger than I ever imagined him to be and can continue his work. As far as morality goes, doesn't some of the work he has done for us and other countries show a strong moral side to President Clinton? Isn't his concern for Social Security, health care, education also a reflection of his moral character? A MESSAGE FOR CONGRESS: Show the American people your moral side and get back to business and take care of Social Security, health care -- get with this president while you have a chance -- you've only got two years left under his intelligent leadership.

Make use of it and do your job as the American people elected you to do.

-- Betty Suriano, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, September 22

'Two sets of laws'

How do we write in our history books that there are two sets of laws? One for the president and one for the less powerful? He has placed retention of power before his family and country interests. His refusal to do what is best for the country and resign proves he loves himself more than his country. If he gets his way and our representatives do not remove him from office he will have achieved the position of a monarch which is above the law. In my mind there is no question that he committed perjury and sought to mislead the court.

-- Robert J. Kuniegel, Moscow, Pennsylvania, September 22

'Trying to steal something away from you'

Dear Mr. Clinton:

I have been watching your case over the last few months. I have come to one conclusion and only one. You are one of the greatest presidents God has given us. Please do the required and get on with a job you have been blessed with. I respect your privacy and your private affairs. I respect and admire your wife, after watching your video last night. I have no doubt that people are trying to steal something away from you. Meanwhile in your job at the White House I hope you win back more that you had lost and now to look at the world in a better way. It's people like you that try to make this world a safer place.

-- Rodney Deworsop, Melbourne, Australia, September 22


This scandal is not about sex. This is about perjury and obstruction of justice. So what if he had an affair? Guys do it all the time. Everyone is concentrating on the fact that Clinton had an intimate relationship with Monica and God knows, probably a lot of other women if his track record is taken into consideration.

As a nation we may not like the fact that we have a sex addict for a president, but we can live with the fact if we have to. What we should not have to live with is that he can't tell the truth about it. If the man can't tell the truth about it, how do we know he isn't lying at every single meeting he attends with the heads of other countries? He is representing our nation. He is setting the example for the American people.

Anyone who believes his story that he doesn't believe that oral sex constitutes a sexual relationship is as crazy as he is. He knew what he was doing and he knew it was wrong, but the issue at hand is that he lied and he asked others to lie for him as well. Monica lied in her statement in the Paula Jones case because he told her to. He was buying her silence by providing her with a lawyer and having his staff get her a job in New York. Because Monica lied, the Jones case was thrown out, just as Clinton knew it would be. He had Monica try to convince Linda Tripp not to testify or to lie when she did testify. This is the man who is running our country! This man who asked others to lie when making an official statement in a legal proceeding. What is he telling people to do on behalf of our country? So let's not make this a moral issue regarding a sexual affair. Let's stick to the facts; he criminally perjured himself, asked others to perjure themselves on his behalf and attempted to hide evidence because it would prove that he was a liar. The man does not deserve to run this country and he certainly isn't honest enough to do it properly. He should either resign or we should impeach him before he lies again in some way that could cause major damage to our country.

-- Sandra Keefer, Richland, Pennsylvania, September 22

'Christian fanatics'

We keep seeing these "holier-than-thou" Christian fanatics LEAPING at the chance to stone the best thing that EVER happened to this country, ever. So to all you holier-than-thou fanatics out there let me quote to you what your messiah said to you. "He among you that is without sin, let him cast the first stone." Get a life, get over it!

-- James Paul Schubert, Crossville, Tennessee, September 22

'Nothing to do with running the matters of state'

President Bill Clinton lied! This is true and he was having an affair with another woman and he tried to keep it a secret. Well, if he is the first person to do this then please throw him out of office. I doubt that is the case and if you can say that human nature isn't to protect one's behind then you're full of @#$%. I am not saying that what he did was right but I believe it has nothing to do with running the matters of state. If Congress wants to throw him out of office I feel each member should be investigated by a special prosecutor to make sure they are spotlessly clean and have never told a lie! If there are any of them left after the investigations then begin the Impeachment proceedings! If this is done then the president will finish his term because they won't have enough votes left to impeach.

-- Michael Beeman, Rawlings, Maryland, September 22


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Public views Clinton tape with disgust, sympathy (9-22-98)


Tuesday, September 22, 1998

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