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 Players, timeline, documents, quick votes, quiz, archives. AllPolitics' in-depth look at the investigation into the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky has it all.


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The Grand Jury Witness List

A parade of witnesses, both high profile and low, have so far told what they may, or may not, know about Monica Lewinsky and her relationship with President Bill Clinton since Jan. 27 when Independent Counsel Ken Starr first began presenting grand jury testimony on the question.

Below is a list of known people who have testified:

Jan. 27: Betty Currie, personal secretary to President Bill Clinton; Bayani Nelvis, White House steward.

Jan. 28: Leon Panetta, former White House Chief of Staff.

Jan. 30: Evelyn Lieberman, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff; Bob Weiner, White House aide.

Feb. 3: George Stephanopolous, former Clinton aide; Caroline Self, former White House intern.

Feb. 4: Bayani Nelvis; Kris Engskov, personal assistant to the president.

Feb. 5: John Podesta, White House Deputy Chief of Staff; Justin Coleman, former White House intern.

Feb. 10: Marcia Lewis, mother of Monica Lewinsky.

Feb. 11: Marcia Lewis.

Feb. 12: Neysa Demann Erbland, friend of Monica Lewinsky.

Feb. 17: Lewis C. Fox, retired Secret Service officer; Stephen Goodin, former assistant to the president.

Feb. 18: Bruce Lindsey, Deputy White House counsel; Charles Duncan, White House personnel aide.

Feb. 19: Bruce Lindsey.

Feb. 20: Bruce Lindsey.

Feb. 24: Jennifer Palmieri, White House scheduling aide; Marsha Scott, White House deputy personnel director; Jocelyn Jolley, former co-worker of Lewinsky in the White House office of legislative affairs; Terry Lenzer, private investigator working for David Kendall.

Feb. 25: Nancy Hernreich, chief of White Oval Office operations; Patsy Thomasson, former deputy assistant to the president deputy director of presidential personnel; Tim Keating, former co-worker of Lewinsky in the White House office of legislative affairs.

Feb. 26: Sidney Blumenthal, White House senior communications aide; Nancy Hernreich.

March 3: Vernon Jordan, friend of Clinton. Before Arkansas grand jury: Bill Mullenax, former Arkansas State Trooper and one time head of then-governor Clinton's security and Tommy Goodwin, former Director of the State Police.

March 5: Vernon Jordan.

March 10: Kathleen Willey, former White House volunteer.

March 12: Bruce Lindsey; Bayani Nelvis.

March 17: Catherine Allday Davis, college friend of Lewinsky; Ellen McCathran, presidential diarist.

March 19: Natalie Ungvari, high school classmate of Lewinsky; Marsha Scott.

March 23: Neysa Demann Erbland; Ashley Raines.

March 25: Jodie Torkelson, former director of the White House Office of Management and Administration.

March 26: Marsha Scott; Nancy Hernreich.

March 31: Nancy Hernreich.

April 2: Erskine Bowles, White House Chief of Staff.

April 7: Harolyn Cardozo, former co-worker of Willey and daughter-in-law of Democratic fund-raiser Nathan Landow; Janis Kearney, who works under Hernreich in Oval Office operations.

April 9: Glen Maes, White House steward.

April 28: Nancy Hernreich

May 5: Vernon Jordan.

May 6: Betty Currie.

May 7: Betty Currie; White House usher, name unknown.

May 12: Rebecca Cameron, who works under Hernreich in Oval Office operations.

May 14: Betty Currie.

May 19: John Hilley, former head of the White House office of legislative affairs.

May 21: Walter Kaye, retired insurance executive and Democratic contributor; Kris Engskov.

May 26: John Hilley; Liz Bailey, former Pentagon co-worker of Lewinsky.

May 28: Vernon Jordan; David O. Cooke, pentagon official involved in the controversy over the Linda Tripp's personnel file, testified before the Alexandria, Va. grand jury.

June 4: Sidney Blumenthal; Nathan Landow, Democratic fund-raiser.

June 9: Vernon Jordan.

June 10: Harold Ickes, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff (appeared before Alexandria, VA grand jury).

June 11: Julie Hiatt Steele, a former friend of Kathleen Willey; Nancy Hernreich.

June 16: Nancy Hernreich; John Podesta.

June 18: Frank Carter, original attorney for Lewinsky.

Week of June 22: Dale Young, friend of the Lewinsky family.

June 23: John Podesta.

June 25: Sidney Blumenthal.

June 30: Linda Tripp, former White House aide and onetime friend of Lewinsky.

July 2: Linda Tripp.

July 7: Linda Tripp.

July 9: Linda Tripp.

July 14: Linda Tripp.

July 16: Linda Tripp.

July 17: Three members of the Secret Service.

July 21: Secret Service personnel.

July 22: Betty Currie.

July 23: Secret Service personnel, including Larry Cockell, the lead agent on the president's security detail; Harold Ickes.

July 28: Linda Tripp; Secret Service personnel.

July 29: Linda Tripp.

July 30: Secret Service personnel.

Aug. 4: Lanny Breuer, White House lawyer.

Aug. 5: Harold Ickes; Lanny Breuer.

Aug. 6: Monica Lewinsky, former White House intern.

Aug. 11: Harry Thomason, friend and image consultant to Clinton; Cheryl Mills, Deputy White House counsel; Secret Service personnel.

Aug. 13: Secret Service personnel.

Aug. 18: Dick Morris, former adviser to Clinton.

Aug. 20: Monica Lewinsky.

Aug. 26: Monica Lewinsky (gives deposition in Starr's office, not before grand jury.)

Aug. 28: Bruce Lindsey.

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