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Investigating The
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 Clinton Reaches Out To Congressional Leaders (9-8-98)

 Clinton's Attorney Asks To Review Starr Report Before It Goes To Congress (9-7-98)

 Clinton's Democratic Support Slips Further (9-6-98)

 House Leaders Will Discuss Starr Report (9-4-98)

 Sen. Lieberman Says Clinton's Behavior 'Immoral' (9-3-98)

 Clinton Defends His Lewinsky Speech (9-2-98)

 Clinton's Team Will Attempt To Counter Starr Report (9-1-98)

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 Players, timeline, documents, quick votes, quiz, archives. AllPolitics' in-depth look at the investigation into the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky has it all.


 People In Other Countries Say Clinton Doing Fine (8-27-98)

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 Sen. Joseph Lieberman Speaks On Clinton (9-3-98)

 Text Of Clinton-Yeltsin News Conference (9-2-98)


 Senator Lieberman calls Clinton's behavior 'immoral and harmful (9-3-98)
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 Bob Lang: Our New Secret Weapon(8-27-98)

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Monica Lewinsky: A Child Of Affluence Caught In Scandal

Everyone knows her face, but very few people can claim to know Monica Lewinsky. We know she was born in San Francisco on July 23, 1973, into an affluent family. Her father, Bernard, owned a chain of cancer therapy clinics in suburban Los Angeles.

Ken Starr: A Man With A Mission

Starr, the Republican attorney who took over the Whitewater probe in August 1994, possesses an all-star Washington resume that includes stints as solicitor general under George Bush, a U.S. Court of Appeals judge and clerk to former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger.

Linda Tripp: No Stranger To Controversy

The woman who has become one of the key figures in the Lewinsky investigation grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in Whippany, N.J. Going to school she was considered one of the pack, known more for her height than for gossip.

Vernon Jordan: A Quintessential 'FOB'

A lawyer, prominent Democrat, a Washington power broker and a presidential golfing buddy, Vernon Jordan has extraordinary access to the leader of the free world.

Bruce Lindsey: The Ubiquitous Mr. Fix-It

Lindsey came to Washington as a Clinton insider. The slightly built, bookish Little Rock lawyer has a corporate middle manager's taste in clothing and a recluse's allergy to the media. But his dry job title and self-effacing manner have largely obscured the pivotal role he has played in the White House for the past six years.

Plato Cacheris: The Courtroom Impressario

As a child, Plato Cacheris clung to a second-generation immigrant's dream of becoming ambassador to his father's Greek homeland. But the influence he has amassed over the past four decades as a Washington defense attorney exceeds that of most mere government appointees.

Jacob Stein: A Washington Insider's Washington Insider

In a town where lawyers are pressed from cookie cutters, stuffed into gray suits and sent off to work in colorless law factories, Jacob Stein is a rarity. He's a character.

David P. Schippers: The Democrat Who Would Pursue Clinton

The lawyer hired by the House to help lead possible impeachment hearings against the president is a lifelong Democrat who voted for Bill Clinton twice. That's not the only surprising thing about his appointment as lead counsel by Judiciary Committee chairman Henry Hyde.

Harry Thomason: The Hollywood Image Maker

One of President Bill Clinton's closest friends, Thomason has a lot in common with the commander-in-chief. Both men came from small towns in Arkansas and both men made names for themselves. Thomason did it in Hollywood, where he and his wife, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, created such hits as "Designing Women."

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