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 Clinton's Attorney Asks To Review Starr Report Before It Goes To Congress(09-07-98)



More Lewinsky E-Mail

Here's some of the latest reader e-mail we've received on the Clinton scandal. If you'd like to comment on the day's news, drop us an e-mail and be sure to include your name and home town.

'Fed Up With This Non-Story'

Despicable. Unconscionable. Self-Satisfying. Unprincipled. Immoral.

I could go on and on, but the list would make one weary.

Oh, did you think I was talking about Bill Clinton? Hardly. I am talking about you, the media. I've been watching CNN and other "sources" for months and have finally reached my saturation point. I am fed up with the drivel you purport to be news. As wrong as Clinton's private sex life may be to you, it pales in comparison to your shameful and blatant exploitation of it.

It is quite obvious that even if Clinton got down on his knees, tearfully pleading for forgiveness for his sins a la Jimmy Swaggart, that the press would NEVER be satisfied. Why? It's quite simple -- you would no longer have a story! You would be terribly upset since you no longer had a juicy piece of news to.... manufacture - because, let's face it you are NOT in the business of reporting the news - you are in the business of making it! You convene panel after panel to discuss, dissect and pass judgment on it. You even have so-called religious leaders as guests, who, if were half as "Christian" as they wanted Clinton to be, would have acknowledged his admission, forgiven it and got on with it. Then you bring in guests who continually portray Lewinsky as an innocent which is blatant editorializing, not because you believe it one or the other, but because it perpetuates the "story." ...

-- John DeMarco, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada., Sept. 7


If this president were Republican the liberals would be calling for his head just like when Clarence Thomas was being mugged seven years ago. Let's be honest; the liberals have an agenda and Bill is their man. They could care less about leadership and integrity. They should change their name from Democrats to hypocrites. This is not about his personal sex life, it is about abuse of power, and the integrity of the office of the president. We have a vacuum of leadership in this country and it is because of attitudes like the Clintonites, who will put integrity and honesty on the back burner to accomplish their agendas. What a bunch of spoiled little brats. I can't even look at the man anymore without feeling revulsion. Is that how I am supposed to feel about my president? Tell your ma, tell your pa, we're gonna send you back to Arkansas.

-- Phil Humphrey, Spokane, Wash., Sept. 7

'A Manipulator'

Bill Clinton's confession that he cheated is not the point! The point is that the man is a manipulator. He has violated the law. That is the point. Under oath he swore that he did not have an affair with Lewinsky but the fact is that he did ... I am also sure that the Starr report will bury Clinton, but he will still continue to fight, because he is a manipulator and has been all of his political life. The world should always remember this man's most famous quotation: "I smoked, but I did not inhale."

-- Donald Lewis, Sept. 7

'Make Them Accountable'

Now, after so many months of vicious attacks to the right-wing by Hillary Clinton and her attack dogs such as James Carville, Bill Clinton's admission to the "guilt" made them cool off at least on surface.

Now, since I was a bit offended by the comment of Mrs. Clinton's "right-wing conspiracy" and James' verbal attack, don't you think that they need to apologize to the people who they attacked including the general public like myself? We shouldn't just forgive nor make no issue out of someone's big mistake. We need to start make them accountable for what they said, if it turns out to be wrong.

-- Ray Jean, Norwalk, Calif., Sept. 6

'We Are All Human'

I am from Northern Ireland -- South Armagh -- and within the last few days we have been honoured by the arrival of your president. The first, may I add, to dedicate such time and effort to our small country.

I think it is an absolute disgrace that the president is being humiliated and hunted out by those operating on different missions. He is hardly the first to have erred and he will certainly not be the last. We are all human and there are none of us who are incapable of making mistakes.

President Clinton has done so much good work both here in N. Ireland and throughout the world. Sadly this is being taken from him. Perhaps Kenneth Starr and whoever is behind him and his motives should concentrate on how much good this man has done and how to help him achieve ever greater good throughout.

This man is being "witch hunted" in America. Is this what democracy is about? Those who are responsible for these investigations should surely channel their energies towards a cause that would benefit from the monies they are wasting -- i.e. take care of the homeless or those living in abject poverty.

The problem here in my opinion is that those seeking President Clinton have selfish interests at heart. How he conducts his private life is only important to himself and those involved in it -- family and friends. It is no concern of ours. Is there not hypocrisy here when we look at the problems that are existing worldwide and then look at the attention that is given to a personal situation that really is of no concern to us.

The Irish for years have been recognised as an race where family values remain intact. Many of us recognise that in Ireland the family is slowly slipping away. I work in a school and many children in my school come from the "dysfunctional family." It is not seen as a problem. Live and let live is our motto. It is time that this becomes the practice in America.

Forget the bad, concentrate on the good.

-- Patricia Heaney, South Armagh, N. Ireland, Sept. 6


Clinton should do the honorable thing and resign. I doubt that he will, though, since he doesn't seem to be very honorable. Nothing he does or says can be trusted now. His legalistic speech was not an apology. His actions bring disgrace upon the office of president and are very bad examples for America's youth.

-- Marc Cornett, Fort Wayne, Ind., Sept. 3

In Other News

Tuesday September 8, 1998

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