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 Sources: Clinton Admits He Tried To Find Lewinsky A Job (09-03-98)



Clinton's Troubles: More Of Your Reactions

A lot of people may be sick of the Lewinsky saga, but not AllPolitics readers. We're still getting more e-mail than normal, most of it about President Bill Clinton's woes.

Here's some of the latest, and if you'd like to comment on any news of the day, drop us an e-mail, too. Please include your name and home town.

'The Supposed Friend Of Women'

I've been fascinated by the reaction to Mr. Clinton's admission, apology etc. I have noted with sadness and anger that the fact that Mr. Clinton sexually harassed/assaulted a 22-year-old has not been a major focus. Mr. Clinton abused his position of power and authority over Ms. Lewinsky. Many other employees of the government would be fired for such behaviors. Despite the increasing awareness of the abuse of power for sexual purposes, we clearly have a long way to go. I'm afraid Mr. Clinton, the supposed friend of women, has done a grave disservice to the issue of sexual harassment.

-- Carolyn Munro, M.D., Denver, Colo., Sept. 3


Grotesque but not surprising.

I lived in "Dogpatch" for three years, and I say without hesitation that lies, dirty tricks, patronage, cronyism, and similar corruptions are standard tactics in the political and educational arenas.

We need a statesman, not a hillbilly.

-- Dan Lettieri, Baltimore Md., Sept. 3

'Support Democrats In November'

Even as someone who has been a strong supporter of Clinton (look at the only choice we had....Bob Dole, for goodness sake), I have to admit his behavior on the Lewinsky matter has been deplorable.

Like many others, I have had to face up to the fact that my respect for him personally is very low indeed, but I agree with his social/political goals, as do many other Americans.

Therefore, it is very important that all of us who agree with Clinton's goals support Democrats in November. Don't turn against those in Clinton's party who may be able to get some of his good policies enacted. We need those OTHER Democrats more than ever if Clinton is wounded. Ignore the media pundits who keep telling us how we are going to think ("people annoyed with Clinton may take it out on other members of his party...") Let's think for ourselves and keep pursuing the important goals of better and broader health insurance policy, anti-tobacco legislation, better social programs.

-- Maureen Arrigo, Fresno, Calif., Sept. 2


My neighbor's six-year-old son asked his mother, after being punished for lying and told he was to apologize to the offended party, "Why do I get punished for lying when President Clinton lies and doesn't have to apologize?" His mother did not have a response.

Do we ask less of our leaders than six-year-old boys? Aren't our leaders, especially our president supposed to be held accountable for lying under oath, and aren't they supposed to be responsible for integrity and an example what democracy stands for to the rest of the world? Instead we are the laughingstock of the world regarding our morals and law! Don't our future generations count for anything?

-- Jean Grube, Anaheim, Calif., Sept. 2

'Imperial Bill'

Now that Imperial Bill has made his narcissistic pseudo-apology, his spinners are in full swing again.

If Hitler had had this bunch of unscrupulous liars we would all be goose-stepping and speaking German. Joseph Goebbels was a rank amateur.

What scares me is how it works on the American public.

-- Hugh A. Dame, M.D., Camino, Calif., Sept. 2

In Other News

Thursday September 3, 1998

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Former Strip Bar Eyed For New Town Hall
Gore Announces Grants Protect Farmland
Strom Thurmond Casts 15,000th Vote As Senator

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