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1998 Primaries

 1998 State Primary Special

Stuart Rothenberg

 1998 Gubernatorial Ratings
8-10, 7-20, 6-30, 6-8, 5-19, 4-29, 4-6, 3-16, 2-24, 2-2

 1998 House Ratings
9-1, 8-5, 7-3, 6-23, 6-2, 5-13, 4-21, 3-30, 2-12

 1998 Senate Ratings
8-26, 7-28, 7-6, 6-15, 5-27, 5-5, 4-13, 3-24, 3-3, 2-9

 GOP Sees Arkansas' 2nd C.D. As An Opportunity (9-1-98)

 A Crowded Field In Massaschusetts's 8th C.D. (8-26-98)

 Republicans Upbeat About Indiana's 10th C.D. (8-10-98)

 'Carpetbagger' Label Could Hurt Maine Challenger (8-5-98)

 GOP Looks For A Beachhead In Massachusetts (7-28-98)

 A Surprising Challenger For Minnesota's Rep. Luther (7-20-98)

 Dems Target Rep. White In Washington's 1st C.D. (7-13-98)

 More Rothenberg reports for 1998
7-6, 6-30, 6-23, 6-15, 6-8, 6-2, 5-27, 5-19, 5-13, 5-7, 5-5, 4-29, 4-21, 4-13, 4-6, 3-30, 3-24, 3-16, 3-3, 2-24, 2-16, 2-9, 2-2, 1-29



Florida Primary Results -- Sept. 1, 1998

By Congressional Quarterly

  Candidate                                         Votes    %
    Hometown         Age Occupation


*Kenneth "Buddy" H. MacKay (D)                       Unopposed
    Tallahassee      65  Lieutenant governor

*Jeb Bush (R)                                        Unopposed
    Coral Gables     45  Real estate developer


*Bob Graham (D)                                      Unopposed
    Miami Lakes      61  Incumbent

*Charlie Crist (R)                               365,567  66.4%
    St. Petersburg   42  State senator
 Andy Martin (R)                                 184,621  33.6%
    West Palm Beach  52  Lawyer

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 1
         (Panhandle -- Pensacola; Fort Walton Beach)

 No Democratic candidate

*Joe Scarborough (R)                                 Unopposed
    Pensacola        35  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 2
       (Panhandle -- Tallahassee; part of Panama City)

*Allen Boyd (D)                                      Unopposed
    Monticello       53  Incumbent

 No Republican candidate

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 3
         (North -- parts of Jacksonville and Orlando)

*Corrine Brown (D)                                   Unopposed
    Jacksonville     51  Incumbent

*Bill Randall (R)                                    Unopposed
    Orange Park      53  Personnel manager

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 4
             (Northeast -- Part of Jacksonville)

 No Democratic candidate

*Tillie Fowler (R)                                   Unopposed
    Jacksonville     55  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 5
(Northern West Coast -- Part of Pasco county; Alachua County;
 Hernando County)

*Karen L. Thurman (D)                                Unopposed
    Dunnellon        47  Incumbent

 No Republican candidate

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 6
(North Central -- Lake and Marion counties; part of Jacksonville)

 No Democratic candidate

*Cliff Stearns (R)                                   Unopposed
    Ocala            57  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 7
(Central -- Southern Seminole and Volusia counties; Deltona;
 Port Orange)

 No Democratic candidate

*John L. Mica (R)                                    Unopposed
    Winter Park      55  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 8
         (Central -- Orange County; part of Orlando)

*Al Krulick (D)                                      Unopposed
    Orlando          46  Entertainer

*Bill McCollum (R)                                   Unopposed
    Longwood         54  Incumbent

                       HOUSE DISTRICT 9
(West -- Northern Pinellas and Hillsborough counties; central Pasco
 County; Clearwater)

 No Democratic candidate

*Michael Bilirakis (R)                               Unopposed
    Palm Harbor      68  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 10
      (West -- Southern Pinellas County; St. Petersburg)

 No Democratic candidate

*C.W. Bill Young (R)                                 Unopposed
    Indian Rocks Beach 67  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 11
        (West -- Southern Hillsborough County; Tampa)

*Jim Davis (D)                                       Unopposed
    Tampa            40  Incumbent

*Joe Chillura (R)                                    Unopposed
    Tampa            58  County commissioner

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 12
(Central -- Polk County; Lakeland; parts of Hillsborough County)

 No Democratic candidate

*Charles T. Canady (R)                               Unopposed
    Lakeland         44  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 13
(Southwest -- Sarasota and Manatee counties; Sarasota; Bradenton)

 No Democratic candidate

*Dan Miller (R)                                      Unopposed
    Bradenton        56  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 14
(Southwest -- Lee and Collier counties; Cape Coral; Fort Myers;

 No Democratic candidate

*Porter J. Goss (R)                                  Unopposed
    Sanibel          59  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 15
(Central -- Brevard, Osceola and Indian River counties; Palm Bay;

*David R. Golding (D)                                Unopposed
    Cocoa            51  Ship captain

*Dave Weldon (R)                                  37,370  79.2%
    Palm Bay         45  Incumbent
 Charles Gregory Talbot (R)                        9,791  20.8%
    Cocoa Beach      46  Telephone services company owner

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 16
(Central -- Coastal Martin, Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties)

 No Democratic candidate

*Mark Foley (R)                                      Unopposed
    West Palm Beach  43  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 17
(Southeast -- Parts of North Dade County; parts of Miami, Carol

*Carrie P. Meek (D)                                  Unopposed
    Miami            72  Incumbent

 No Republican candidate

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 18
      (Southeast -- Parts of Dade County; part of Miami)

 No Democratic candidate

*Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R)                             Unopposed
    Miami            46  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 19
(Southeast -- Parts of Palm Beach and northern Broward counties;
 Boca Raton)

*Robert Wexler (D)                                   Unopposed
    Boca Raton       37  Incumbent

 No Republican candidate

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 20
(South -- Southern and western Broward County; Hollywood; the Keys)

*Peter Deutsch (D)                                   Unopposed
    Ft. Lauderdale   41  Incumbent

 No Republican candidate

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 21
         (Southeast -- Part of Dade County; Hialeah)

*Patrick Cusack (D)                                  Unopposed
    Hialeah          45  Lawyer

*Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R)                             Unopposed
    Miami            44  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 22
(Southeast -- Coastal Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties; Fort

 No Democratic candidate

*E. Clay Shaw Jr. (R)                                Unopposed
    Fort Lauderdale  59  Incumbent

                      HOUSE DISTRICT 23
(Southeast -- Parts of St. Lucie, Martin, Broward and Palm Beach

*Alcee L. Hastings (D)                               Unopposed
    Miramar          61  Incumbent

 No Republican candidate

* = Nominee
# = Will meet in runoff.

In Other News

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